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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  February 28, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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s >> right now at 7 a domestic incident that left a prince william police officer dead and we're with you every stecht way to the white house. the latest on the win by hillary clinton and gop candidates as they try to keep one donald trump and you want to get outside today. it will be a sun-filled sunday ahead. look at that sunrise. we'll have the full forecast coming up with caityln roth in a minute. first good morning and welcome to "fox 5 news morning" i'm annie yu we begin this morning with developing story outch prince william county where a police officer was shot and killed last night in woodbridge. the shooting happened as three officers responded to domestic incident at a home there and officials say officer ashley gwen done died
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injuries. we have a reporter liver at the scene and we'll bring you a live update as soon as we good. >> to maryland thousand three people lost lives in dpaedly car crash in bethesda taken happened on river road. two cars collided near pile road and we're told along with three people killed, two others were hurt in this crash and one of the victims is in critical condition now and the crash is under investigation. >> and also in maryland there was another accident on river road. this happened yesterday in potomac. two people were hurt when van and suv collided and the driver of the van was trapped before being freed by firefighters. river road was shut down between 7 locks and bradley boulevard for a couple hours and cause of this crash is under investigation as well. and next week will mark a solemn an verse question in the district, two years since relisha rudd disawires. yesterday members of the community sponsored an event in northeast, too remember the 8-year-old and celebrate her life request song, dance and prayer. those that turned out yesterday
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relisha. >> we want the community right now to know and remember that relisha is still out there and we cannot stop and rest until relisha is found. i don't care whether she's found in the physical sensor spirit sense but we need closure and we won't threat rest until we get it. >> relisha was last seen march 1, 2014 and was living d.c. general homeless shelter and last seen with a janitor at the facility named ka li l tatum. his body was found kenilworth park. >> let's get a check warm forecast. caityln it was beautiful yesterday and today, even better. >> warmer today annie. and it's hard to believe because it's chilly outside this morning. i had the winter coat driving in. you will need it for the next couple hours. temperatures outside now in the 20s and 3
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spring like day. you start off chilly and get nice sunshine going and warm up quickly. even though temperatures are in the 20s and 30s now across the board we're seeing mainly temperatures above freezing looking out west, 37 pittsburgh and 39 columbus and 30 detroit and direction of wind out of southwest that's a nice warming wind which helps push temperatures to the 60s later today and satellite and radar here's what we're looking at clouds west. lot of sunshine yesterday. really it was a beautiful day. even though it was chilly we'll keep to sunshine as we go through. here's setup. weekend outlook. high pressure down towards south and east. southwesterly flow bringing in mild temperatures and all the sunshine. let's take a look at planning forecast for sunday. you want to be outdoors for this one trust me. it's beautiful. 50 by 11 a.m. we jump out of 30s. breezy this afternoon. that being said that breeze helps warm us up.
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58 by 2 p.m. hitting hive 6 2. those 6 0s stick around as we head to workweek. i'll have the 7 day forecast ahead, annie. . >> all right. thank you so much caityln. workers are still repairing a broken water neighbor high atvillech the pipe broke causing part of hamilton street to buckle. look at the sinkhole that developed. it's 10 feet long and 15 foot wide and crews respond totd scene hamilton 38 and 39 street will remain shut down until further notice. it's a nasty business this world of politics. i'll till what the lies, the deception i used to think real estate in manatan that's peanuts compared to this. >> we have you covered from trump ongoing war of words and the
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lead to super tuesday. >> prayer in school it's a big debate in maryland and new controversial law would allow prayer back in schools. those details and more coming up
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>> welcome back, 7:07 "fox5" is on the campaign trail where hillary clinton won big. it gives her a solid lead against bernie sanders. here's the latest on the road to the white house. >> thank you so much south carolina. >> hillary, hillary. >> all polls had hillary projected to do well in the palmetto states and it's welcomed news for her campaign after losing this primary to barack obama in 2008. >> we stand together, there is no barrier
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and tomorrow this campaign goes national. >> the clinton cam spain now looking to harness this momentum that started with win in nevada caucuses last saturday. senator bernie sanders meanwhile did not hold any rallys in south carolina today focusing instead on key states ahead of super tuesday. >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your co-workers, we are going to win here in texas. >> on the republican side, jab from all camps are turning down right nasty as donald trump holds on to his lead and cruz and rubio jockey for second place. >> this is a bad spray tan he needs sue quhou did that to his fashion. >> i call him light weight rubio i never seen any human being sweat like this guy. thank god he has large
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biggest i've ever seen because they were protecting him --. >> that was caroline reporting and up until last night the campaigns could focus on individual states but with super tuesday when voteers in 11 states will cast their ballots in the primary electio election. >> in other news three people stabbed at a ku klux klan game gamering in southern california yesterday and amateur video caught violent attack on camer camera. a fight broke out between kkk and counter protesters and three protesters were stabbed and one is in critical condition. police have one person in custody and the violent incident is now under investigation. and all eyes are on apple and fbi as we battle over unlocking terrorist iphone rage is on now both will be able to argue cases face to face when they testify at encryption hearing in front of coming gress next week. fox has the late sgleingt timer side it backing douping in the case over debate of privacy and
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court he's to silicone valley and now potentially to congres congress. and it was all cheers for apple ceo tim cook yesterday at the company stockholder meeting where he received a stand ovation and reiterated some arguments apple made in court filing thursday asking the judge to throw out her order which would force the tech giant to require them to make software to hack if thir homes. they accused government of seeking dpaivrping russ power through courts and trampling constitutional rights. james comby pushed back on some of that before the house intelligence committee thursday though where he called on congress to settle the debate. something apple asked for as well. >> to make sure folks understand this world people imagine where nobody can look at your steph is a world with public safety kotion xing we may decide it's worth it but should not go there without people understanding it. >> back in silicone
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of the tech industry's biggest names are rallying behind appl apple, facebook, google, twitter and microsoft are filing friend of the court briefs supporting apple stand. with three weeks until the next court hearing we are sure to see more happening on both side in the case. washington, i'm gary tenny, fox news. >> a data breach against irs is bigger than first thought the irs says number of taxpayer's whose tax information may have been stolen by computer hackers exceeds 700,000 and the breach was discovered last may 2015 and at the time, it estimate add around 334,000 accounts may have been compromised and the thieves accessed access in a system called get transcript where taxpayers can get filing from previous years and they're notifying taxpayers and offering theft identity protection services. >> time 7:11 checking in with caityln
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ahead. >> beautiful shot of the sky line behind you and we have more sunshine on tap today. into this afternoon feeling like spring. as advertised we'll see temperatures well into the 60s this afternoon and probably for the next couple days. and so even though we're ending february and beginning march early with spring preview headed our way. 33 degrees in washington and 33 baltimore and 36 annapolis now and it's cold in spots and 23 mannasas and 24 culpeper and 30 dulles. if you're good to awk walk th thing to or head out for morning run it's about winter and you need to bundle up. south west winds light. we expect them to increase later on. we could have gust over 20 miles an hour and where the winds it boosts temperatures into the 60s. satellite and radar clouds out to the west. 'few high clouds and generally very, very quiet taken remains that way. a lot of sunshine today. really a beautiful looking
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yesterday was really nice. yes, chilly but we lost the winds. today will be breezy and also warmer. fox future cast as we head into this evening just really clear skies. so bright sunshine today and clear skies front and during the storm system well off north will break a weak cold front tomorrow morning and stopping clock 7 a.m. in west virginia you see a couple showers and clouds. and that might bring isolated vinkle straight through the metro 9 a.m. honestly throw you won't see much of anything if you do. cloud in the morning and isolated shower and that quickly moves out and might turn breezier and cooler into the afternoon and monday looks mild. so here's your forecast for today, 62 degrees. south west winds could be over 20 miles an hour at times and just a nice warm afternoon. so i bet we'll see a lot of people outside taking advantage of the warmer teming turz. and that will continue for the next few days. let's break it down in the 7 day forecast. much warmer today. we hit 47 yesterday and 62 today. and 60 tomorrow and despite early
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i think we see a decent amount of sunshine in the afternoon and that mild stretch continues tuesday, 63, sunny, gorgeous day. showers are likely on wednesday as cold front comes by. it might be kind of gloomy throughout the morning and afternoon i think 52 is it and back to winter and colder change on thursday, 46. still watching friday model 5 50/50 on whether we'll have winter storm impacting area and if we do looks to bring a minimum of rain and yes probably snow friday. watching that quickly. even though it feels like spring winter not over yet. that's your 7 day forecast, annie. . >> thank you so much. caityln. there's a push in the maryland state capital toll allow voluntary prayer in public schools. fox's john ridele has details from reporters who stress prayer would not be required. >> lord be with you. >> also with you. >> let us pray. >> and heavenly father are you source of all life and love. >> reverend matthew firman deliveries invocation in maryland
7:15 am
>> we ask messing to be with the men and women of the chamber. >> for generation this is how maryland lawmakers begun their day. for decades state sanctionsed prayer is banned public school schools. baltimore country delegate wants to see student led voluntary prayer return. >> it encourages young people to pray and athletic exercises, commencement exercises, any time they want to have a sporting event or anything like that, it's all volunteer. >> these students who stopped to pray during their visit to the state house see nothing wrong with the idea. >> students should have the option. there should be a moment of silence if you would so nip of any religion has the opportunity to pray. >> delegates bill to bring back prayer in schools faces opposition not only from some colleagues but from aclu of maryland. >> we have taught our students triingts express their religio religion
7:16 am
compelling students listen to a religious message and government compelling them. >> snob forcing one relimbon or another. it's just expressing of faith. >> met ger says if prayer is good enough for public officals to should be good enough for sglunts in your most holy name we pray, amen. >> in annapolis, john ridell, fox news. >> still ahead caityln jenner teaming up with huge makeup company to pack a big difference what you can buy and from that we'll go towards traps gender communities to make a big difference and update on yoko ono condition rushed to the hospital friday night and made a full -- or has she made a full recovery yet? and caityln back with a check of weather and all-important workweek preview. stay with us. we'll be back.
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>> we begin with developing story out of prince william county are a police officer is shot and killed in wood bridge. police say the shooting happened as three officers responded domestic incident at a home. officials say officer ashley gwen done died for injuries and "fox5" megan dpis is live in prince william county with the latest. megan we're speechless this morning it's a sad, sad situation. >> it really is annie and of course
7:20 am
together. i looked on their facebook page and tons and tons of comments today for people praying for the department we're awaiting update on the two other officers flown inova fairfax hospital and of course ashley gwen done died from her injuries she received while responding to domestic incident near the lake ridge neighborhood near 5:30 p.m. and two other officers were injured. we put in a call to see how they're doing. and they tell us officers were responding to this call 5:30 it's unclear how the altercation began. >> he was not injured and they did not release his name but they're expected to make first court appearance in the mornin morning. officer gwen d
7:21 am
county few years back and just moved back into the county friday. . >> sending it back to you, annie. >> all right. megan, thank you so much for that report. you are watching "fox 5 news" on this sunday. we'll be right back in a few
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>> welcome back time now 7:23 and 33 degrees outside now. beautiful live shot there. >> it is chilly. >> but it
7:24 am
say, right? >> i know yesterday was beautiful but definitely crisp all day long. >> and i feel like it was wind windy, too. >> still breezy and horribly gusty. it's like winter taken is. by this afternoon i think it's like spring. >> i know, 60s in the forecast. let's get to it. temperatures outside now indicative of the 60s headed our way and it feels chilly and 20s and 30s and 23 mannasas and 30 in dulles and 33 in washington and the power of south westerly winds help temperatures rise quickly into the morning and afternoon and 32 binghamton right now and 3 7 pittsburgh and 35 beckly, west virginia and 40 lexington and 40 detroit and 46 in chicago record highs across the central plains. and lot of sunshine out there. this is our setup for a
7:25 am
sunday. high pressure down towards south and east a lot of 60s. warm temperature. sunshine. this is how it will all play out just very, very spring like and beautiful. that's all to say. temperatures later today what we're expecting into the mid 6 60s to west. that's where you get the best down sloping off the moup taps and nice warming with southwesterly wind. 66 culpeper and 62 gaithersburg and 60 hagerstown and 60 washington cooler by the water these types of days 57 annapolis. low temperatures tonight not as chilly. looks like we'll fall back into the 40s, mid 40s, 46 washington and 47 leonardtown and dulles that would be later tonight. 7 day forecast, 62, much, much warmer for today. and then we got early shower in the forecast monday. but it's really, really brief. if anything towards west you see isolated showers. partly cloudy skies we'll get more sunshine into the afternoon. 60 degrees and 63 on tuesday and beautiful spring like
7:26 am
kind of comes to end by midwee midweek. we're watching a front that comes through and wednesday and temperatures into the 50s and colder change on thursday. and 46 degrees. back to winter like temperatures. watching chance for winter storm on friday and models over the baingt week or so and right now 50/50 shot and we'll be dealing with something taken does look cold enough to produce snow? some parts of area and certainly watching that on friday and then clear back out it remains chilly there on saturday. 44. so spring like temperatures right now enjoy it and we'll be back to winter like temperatures before you know it as we head to march. that's a look at the 7 day forecast and let's get back to top news stories and thanks so much prince william county in vir vr a police officer was shot and killed last night in woodbridge and police say shooting happened as three officers responded to domestic incident at a home and officers say ashley
7:27 am
her injuries. good morning, megan. >> hey, good morning morning, annie, i looked on facebook page prince william county police department over 1800 people giving prayers for department as they recover from this tragic loss. we're waiting for update on the other two officers injured in this incident that happened. the call came in 5:30 last night and officer ashley gwendon tying from her injuries she received after respopding to a domestic incident one day after she was sworn back into the department. she had been with the county a few years ago and left and then returned. and two other officers injured and taken airlifted to inova fairfax hospital again and we're waiting for update on the officers. they're responding to that call 5:30 it's unclear out the altercation gap and there's a us is snekt custody. he was a military serviceman. he was
7:28 am
they have not released his i.d. but he will make first court appearance tomorrow morning. and of course we'll give you the latest and be here all morning. back to you, annie. . >> thank you so much. in other local news d.c. police say they caught final suspect in barbershop shooting that injured a man and 2-year-old son anthony chambers charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and chambers was one of three masked men responsible for the shooting on 8th street northwest earlier this month and the other two suspects have also been apreingted and both of the victims have been released from the hospital. . >> and staying in the disstripingt police need your help identifying a person of interest in a brutal beating caught on camera and it happened around 11:30 tuesday night 17 street and columbia road northwest. surveillance shows a person wearing a football jersey dragging and beating and kicking the victim and the victim was taken to the hospital and if you have any information police want to hear from you. and an arrest
7:29 am
in a terrifying sexual assault investigation into fairfax county pontz martinez is in custody facing rain and burglary. last saturday he broke into a woman's apartment in mount vernon and threatened the victim and assaulted her. social media helped make the arrest. >> high fashioned for disabled. what famous design ser breaking barriers and rocker elton john hitting stage to belt out tune tunes. find out what mega star joined him for the huge surprise concert. we'll be right back.
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kasich >> we're in the kitchen and meet james phazer founders of the local. >> thank you for having me. >> milton's local connects beef and raising pork farmers with raising restaurants and his product are grown on farms and and what are you cook cooking up. >> we have thick cut all natural bacon and we take some of that and combine to sausage and make bacon sausage. >> that's interesting. you know what i found interesting was your background. you're a young man. we won't give
7:33 am
you're harvard law student or grad and you've inherited your grand father's farm. >> that's right. >> you have a lot of farm as cross the dmv and also down south. tell us a background to your story. >> right, so basically i'm fourth generation family farmer and company is named to millton phase and practicing law in florida when my grandparents pass away and left the family farm to us. and from there, just came back and started to work with other farmers would were raising animals are hormone and antibiotic free. >> indicate a career change. >> yes, it is. >> wonderful seems like more this is your passion. let's get back to what you said about the animals that you're raising on farm. you said no hormones and antibiotics. >> exactly. >> the that bacon looks good. >> this is signature hickory thick cut bacon and we'll use this for pasta
7:34 am
>> my favorite. >> look at the product there. >> exactly. >> cut three sixteenth s of inch and don't use any traits or any trits and hickory smoke for over eight hours. >> are they available stores ar linked to restaurants. >> they're available in both. we're available mom's organic market, relay foods yes organic market and [ inaudible ]. >> do you want to asem billion the carbonara now. >> you start with the thick cut bacon and brown that. and while we're browning it we will also cook pasta. so, basically after we brown our bacon and cook our pasta we'll add the pasta to the bacon so we'll get all that great rendering in there. >> you're leaving all of the bacon juice in there. >> exactly, exactly. >> you want that juice in ther there. >> the juice is flavor
7:35 am
yep and we combine these two together. >> this is super easy dish. >> it's a very, very friendly dish to make. not a lot of ingredients. we have bacon and pasta and now we're going to add some cheese to it. >> okay. >> and right here. . >> is that mozarella. >> this is apartment sawn cheese. >> parmesan. >> i'll sprinkle that on it and the next step is plenty of black pepper. so, ken, you can pass me the black pepper shaker? . >> black pepper. >> let's pretend. >> do we not have it here. >> okay we'll add black pepper and then we magically pretend to add the black pepper and we want to make sure we get this really nice mixed in good. >> smells dreamy. >> and we'll turn off the heat is very important to turn offer the heat because next step will be to add a little bit of water fr t
7:36 am
>> pasta. >> pasta. yes. thank you so very much >> yeah. >> what does that do i wondered adding pasta water instead of regular water. >> you salt it and it helps give flavor to it. >> we'll but that back. >> actually more than a thought. >> yes. >> and then we'll take two egg eggs. >> this is where i always end up screwing up the dish. >> because of the egg part. >> because of the heat mine ends up scrambled. >> you have to turn off the heat. >> exactly you have to turn off the heat. >> we cracked two eggs over it. >> that's right. >> and then we're just going to make sure to stir it up. >> okay. >> whoops. >> uh-huh. >> and see tooking egg in there you make the pasta sauce. >> that is what gives the text tour to the sauce. >> yes. >> awesome. >> and then that's finished product there. >> that is finish product. >> you're encouraged to try it. >> caityln you can pass us
7:37 am
fork. >> tell us before we go what is the final --. >> parsely. >> parsely. >> okay. >> final ingredient. >> nice parsely for beautiful garnish. >> thank you so much for coming in again all products he mentioned available in local stores and thank you for sharing the family recipe. >> thanks for having me. >> annie, final word? . >> so good. >> awesome. >> well, coming up, high fashion clothing for people with disabilities. tommy hill finger ser breaking barriers after coming out with clothing line adapted for children with disabilities and how it impacted one pennsylvania girl tommy hill figure tommy mill
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
>> heading into the oscars there are some sure pets. kevin mccarthy shares his predecisions forecast gori whys ahead of tonight's big show. . >> we are officially here. the super bowl of movies, academy awards are happening this weekend. i'm very, very excited as a malasia flighty fan i saw over 150 films last year. i had a problem with at academy awards for so many years yet i still tune in to see what will happen on that show tonight. but listen i think academy awards have been out of touch for decades i specifically lost a
7:41 am
gave shakespeare love over saving private ryan. . >> he won last year bird man. this film was shot with all natural lighting and beautifu beautifully photographed by mr mr. emmanuel lubesky for gravity and bird man and might win again next year for resonance a beautiful film and shot in elements and very, very tough shoot and i really want george noah to win for mad max. that was incredible action film of all time. this film blew my mind. i would love to see george miller win. moving on to soup porting acto actor. stall loan may take it home this year. he did
7:42 am
for original rocky and lost peter finch for movie network and there's a couple things against stall loan he won the golden globe and critics choice and not nominated for sag and elba won that for sag award. accord my voters actors are largest part of voters. we'll see what happens. i think stall loan has steam to win. he was phenomenal in this film and moment he finds out he is sick and michael b. jordan finds him in locker room that blew my mind. best performance of his career so far. i have to say best supporting actress the category up in the airy think alicia will take home the award and kate winslet deserves the award. kate winslet took home the golden nrob. it's split. i think vi
7:43 am
award for supporting actor on the night. >> supporting actor this is stone cold leonardo dicaprio will finally win for best acto actor. he's been nominated four times in past for act ago wards and received first nomination in ' '93 for what is eating gilbert grace. this sin credible performance. i think hi should have won for wolf of wall street. i think he will take home his first golden statue on oscar night. moving to best actress. bree larson is fantastic. she stayed in her apartment for a month to prepare for the role to get her skin to look pale n a movie she's in a room 7 years raising her son. she won golden globe, sag and critic's choice. keep eye out for possible surprise. and finally everyone has been waiting for best picture.
7:44 am
toss up. it could be "revenant" or "spotlight" "revenant" has the steam they won the director guild award. they have a love with best picture eight of the last ten years. i think safe bet for best picture is "revenant" but spotlight won the sag award and actors are largest bransch of oscars. we'll see what happens oscar night best picture will win and my shoo should twin mad max fury road there's no chance of a win. i really do think it was best film of 2015. those are my oscar predictions tweet me yours at kevin mccarpaly tv. i'll tweet all night long. i'm kevin mccarthy. fox news. >> all right. thanks, kevin. meanwhile vice-president joe biden joins lady gaga on the oscar stage later tonight
7:45 am
assault on college campuses and he'll introduce the performance of till it happens to you. it's featured in documentary hunting ground which deals with issue of campus rapes. biden will also promote the its on us campaign launched by white house this year to stop sexual assault and in this morning's fox beat 83-year-old yoko ono is home from the hospital. and ono was treated for flu and went to hospital on friday night. there were some reports that she had a stroke. in the end that was not so. yoke owe is widow of john lennon of beatls and still lives in the luxury apartment building where he was killed. >> caityln jenner teening up with max makeup to raise money for the transgender community. she created a lipstick the rosy nude shade called timely free is available $17 and will hit store shelves in april. >> and 11-year-old girl in
7:46 am
live out her dream on the run way. katie hassle took part in run way of dreams fashion show in new york city and the experience was all part of launch for a new kloming line by fashion diner and icon tommy hilfiger called adaptative wear clothing tail tailored for children with special needs pour disabilities and katie's mom is thrilled with the new line and says it helps her daughter who suffers from rare disorder who suffers from and rare disorders says it will help to have something without zipper and buttons. >> for her to be able to do things that kids are 11 can do i cannot express my gratitude. >> it will give kids with disabilities new independence without them having to compromise on style aunt collection is veil online and prices range from 18.50 to $42
7:47 am
prices range from 18.50 to $42.50. >> all right. time to check in about weather today. >> yes. beautiful. you know feeling more like spring later this afternoon. i know it's chilly out there now. >> nice break. >> it will feel great. as we take a live look outside -- i hate when do i this. i brought my phone and not my actual clicker. i always do that. excuse me one second. >> it's okay one of those sundays. >> i know. >> too many device. >> it will feel like spring outside. right now wintry. temperatures cold. we'll see a jump quickly i think through the morning hours as we see temperatures go from the 30s very quickly up towards about 50 and then into the 6 0 0s. feels like spring or it will at least this afternoon. it doesn't right this second as you're about to step outside. these are the temperatures that are greeting you here on this early sunday morning. 33 baltimore and 33 washington and 30 gaithersburg and 28 mannasas and 26 culpeper. it is still bundle up type of we
7:48 am
they subside aid bit overnight. we expect wind to pickp a little bit this afternoon. it's all out of the southwest. that's a warming wind. and when you get the good breeze this time of year coming off the mountains that's how you really get those temperatures to jump. and satellite and radar showing couple clouds off north and west and for the most part we'll see sunshine today and it will be beautiful. a lot like yesterday with bright sunny skies and i know i was out briefly. it was nice. you saw a lot of people walking a round even more so this afternoon. dog parks will be packed and golf courses overloaded next couple days as we get a spring preview early workweek forecast low pressure stays off north. spreads showers into the ohio valley and this really fades quickly by monday morning and the southwesterly flow ahead of it will be reinforced. even though there's a cold front passing by late tonight into early tomorrow morning it's not going to actually cool things down. it might be breezy and we could see isolated shower and it remains warm with temperatures 6
7:49 am
tuesday. and here's how it plays out. fox future cast a lot of sunshine today. clear skies tonight. here's that front making its way in towards 81 by early tomorrow morning notice rain showers in and out parts of west virginia and this is not even umbrella weather i don't even think we'll see much in terms of rain. notice it losses steam as it crosses mountains and then just sprinkle or two monday morning. we might start off cloudy. and you could see a few ryan drops. that quickly passes and givers way to sunshine monday afternoon. should be another nice day honestly. 62 sunny and breezy and nice afternoon wind gusts over 20 miles an hour. here's the 7 day forecast for you. staying around 60 tomorrow afternoon and still mild. that stretch of nice warm weather continues through tuesday. 63. cold front comes through wednesday. it's going to bring showers possibly a decent amount of showers. 52 and cooler and we turn back to winter a much colder change starting thursday, breezy
7:50 am
that's it signs of potential winter storm on friday. rain and snow. it's all up for grabs at this point. it's a little too far out to really tell if it's going to happen and how much precipitation and what form we're talking about. we'll watch that all week long obviously. winter is not over yet. clearing out and staying chilly for next saturday. 44. colder weekend next weekend. that's a look at 7 day forecast. annie. >> thanks, caityln. joining me now is psychologist andrea bonner. >> thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> you emailed me about this significant study that involves kids with adhd and the fact that fridge ilting may have a health benefit. >> yeah, yeah, so they actually might be fidgeting in order to improve their working memory. there's been a series of experiment and this is first one coming out this week that shows cause and effect relationship that kids with adhd tend to fidget when trying to concentrate on
7:51 am
complicated tasks and that in turn can help increase their performance. it's a shift in the way we think about fidgeting usual we we think about it as kids with adhd it's a problem and symptom to be clamped down on and taken care of and this may get their juices flowing as the experimenter said and be able to improve cognition. >> it's a significant finding as i feel and kids with adhd or typically the parents try to keep them still or to really work on that. whereas this is now telling us it's actually great for memory and then mostly likely doing better in school. >> yes, exactly. and the more complicated the task the more they might fidget and more it might help them and specifically with working memory i mean that's everything you need when you are solving complex tasks. it's really important study. >> okay so how do you think that this finding will actually apply for students
7:52 am
classrooms. >> well i know how i want it to apply it's for us to give more move nment general and kids are fidgeting and disrupting other kids and we need a way to have them in the classroom and not disrupt kids and maybe things at their desk that can make it more acceptable. some kids are good giving them kush balls and tennis balls on bottom of seat to bons a little bit and i want to see outside the box thinking in terms of how we help the kids. >> moving to another study this is interesting. it talks about how i guess the more someone moves locations and affect it has on their relationships or friendships. >> yes. >> what is it saying. >> there's a chain of events herech the more somebody moves around
7:53 am
around. >> i was think about calling those it could be good and productive. you wonder now that we're moving along around so much over time is that having more of sort protecting ourselves and not getting into relationships. we're thinking of them as i might have to let this go. it's hard to imagine where that right balance is there. >> i think in a lot of ways that makes sense. the more you move to think there's a sense of you know commitment level that you're shying away from. >> it's tricky with social media we're texted to hoard
7:54 am
the same across the country we keep collecting and you have to crawl some and whether it damages us from getting emotionally close to people. >> it could. >> thank you so much as always. of course you can find dr. andrea bonner on twitter are dr. andrea been bonner. >> that's me. >> you're watching "fox 5 news" sunday on this sunday morning. we'll be back after the
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
yes, elton john surprised fans in west hollywood with a surprise concert last night and surprise guest. lady gaga, john performed several hits saturday nights all right and large parking lot off famous sunset strip and the show was to thank west hollywood and residents for continued support of elton john aids foundation and in a very special moment lady gaga came on stage to join john for rendition of don't let the sun go down on me and she's slated to perform oscar ceremony today and best original song. cannot wait for that. . >> that does it for us at 7. hope you come back for another hour of news. "fox5 news morning" sunday continues at 8:00.
7:58 am
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>> the good news spring like temperatures on the way. caityln will have all the details on the warmer weather and when it will arrive and how long it will stick around. and we're looking forward to that. high today will be actually 62 and sunny. be sure to get out there and enjoy. first we continue t
8:01 am
at prince william county where a police department is mourning death of rookie police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. it was officer ashley gwendon first evening phone the force. it reallycy looked on facebook page 1800 people sent thoughts and prayers. just got off the phone who we some to public information officer for county and he tells me they're asking for thoughts and prayers. i asked him about the two other officers who were injured. he tells me they were seriously injured and that they are expected to survive from their injuries. they were airlifted to inova fairfax hospital last night and this all start around 5:30 last night in lake ridge neighborhood of woodbridge and now "washington post" is reporting that officer ashley gw
8:02 am
veteran. we have not confirmed that but "washington post" is reporting that. two other officers injured during this incident they were responding to this call around 5:30. suspect is in custody at this point. now take a listen to what they were saying yesterday. >> obviously this was not the news we were expecting and hopeful for. we just learned this a short time ago she passed. we're trying to do everything we can for our officers that worked with her even though it was for a short time and insuring her family has everything they need. >> we're trying to learn more what led up to this and timeline that led to the shooting. unfortunately news of her passing has been hard and been something difficult to deal with. >> now, i want to you take a look behind me some of the administration has stepped out. they have a blac
8:03 am
no word what they'll do with that. we'll be here all morning. ap is reporting the suspect was military serviceman. he was not injured in incident. they have not released his i.d.. he's expected to make first court appearance tomorrow. county officials say gwendon was with the county a few years ago she left and returned i asked about that today if she was taking time off they said they're not going to be speaking about that yet and we're waiting here for update from them this afternoon. we'll send it back to you anni annie. >> all right. megan, thank you. in maryland we are learning more about a deadly crash in bethesda. montgomery county police say three family members railroad killed when their car collided with another vehicle along pile and river roads around:00 last night and police say the victims include a husband, his wife and thirteen age son. a fourth person in the car the couple's daughter was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. and the driver of the other car was got seriously
8:04 am
>> and all righting, for us here good news. >> yes. >> it will be nice. >> good morning to you. >> yet was nice. just still pretty chilly right. >> it was nice but had to wear my coat. >> hi to put on my winter coat with the gloves. it is chilly now and as we're talking about it feels like spring later this afternoon temperatures into the 6 0s. awesome. live look outside now. beautiful, beautiful start. great sunrise, nothing but chris call clear blue skies out there and temperatures jumping the last hour 33 in washington and now we're 38. you can see 20s out there. 28 mannasas and 29 culpeper and 40 annapolis and should be really, really nice day. and around the area most of us above freezing all across the northeast. big warming trend moving across the mid west. that's into our area by this afternoon. all thanks to strong southwesterly flow. satellite and radar not much to show. just a couple clouds back towards west.
8:05 am
very mild. we have high pressure down toward the south and east. south westerly flow pushing temperatures into 60s later this afternoon. so, here is planning forecast for today. yes we're in the 30s now. by 11 a.m. we jump to 50. 58 by 2:00 and we hit high temperature of 6. it will be breezy at times. and gusts occasionally over 20 miles an hour. and you know besides breeze it's still really nice out. temperatures 62 washington cool area long the chesapeake and 55 annapolis and 59 leonardtown and warmer towards west. 64 culpeper and 64 in winchester avenue looks good. 7 day forecast much warmer today. 62. we keep 60s around for couple days and isolated shower possible monday morning otherwise beautiful afternoon great tuesday and showers arrive on wednesday and that will knock temperatures back through thursday. still watching chance for winter or
8:06 am
kind of 50/50 call now. if we get one here which looks like we could, we'll probably have snow mixed into the forecast. stay tuned for that. and then it stays cold really back to winter for rest of the weekend. that's the 7 day forecast, annie. >> thank you, caityln. meanwhile repair work continues on broken water neighbor high atville 16" pipe broke late monday night gushing water caused part of hamilton street to buckle and crews are at the scene and tell "fox5" the biggest challenge they face was shutting off the water. right now hamilton closed between 38 and 39 streets. >> turning now to race for white house ahead of super tuesday. republican candidate marco rubio making campaign stop in virginia today. florida senator is set to rally supporters at patrick henry college this afternoon. and he'll then head to virginia beach this evening and on democratic side a major victory for mill hillary clinton front runner winning
8:07 am
caroline a beat sand rz by 77 margin and win highly predicted by analysts suggesting she owe would carry on the state of black voters. >> voters in south carolina handed hillary clinton a solid victory as the first in the south democratic primary wraps up. >> thank you so much south carolina. . >> hillary. hillary. >> all polls had hillary clinton projected to do well in the palmetto states and it's welcomed news for her campaign after losing this primary to barack obama in 2008. >> we stand together, there is no barrier too big to break. and tomorrow, this campaign goes national. >> the clinton campaign is now looking to harness this momentum that started with heroin in the nevada caucuses last saturday. senator bernie sanders meanwhile didn't hold any rallys in south caroline today focusing instead on key states ahead of super tuesday. >> if all of you come out
8:08 am
vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and co-workers we'll win here in texas. >> on republican side jabs from all camps turning down right nasty as donald trump hold solidly ton lead and senators cruz and rubio jockey for second place. >> he has a terrible spray time not even a spray time it's the worst i've seen he can afford. he is a letigious guy he needs sue. >> i have never soon a human being sweat like this guy. thank goodness he has big ears the biggest i've ever seen. they were protecting him. >> also ahead of super tuesday the state department expected to release another batch of clinton email from private server and department has now released 93% of emails on that server but the final 7% which is scheduled to be released tomorrow may
8:09 am
complex. since emails are from multiple intelligence agencies and each agency had to weigh in on what was classified and what's not. so, how are the republicans preparing for super tuesday. we'll take a closer look ahead in a preview of fox news sunday with of course, host, chris wallace and first ranking that has many, many metro riders scratching head. d.c. transit system coming in first for best in entire county and we'll have reaction from riders coming up next and caityln back with another look at today's forecast and week ahead. stay with us, "fox5 news morning" sunday will be right
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> back now here at 8:12 fairfax county middle schooler facing criminal charges after police say she threatened her school with a message on social media using gun bomb and knife emogis she spoingt the mess allege on instagram in dech the girl reportedly admits she wroteet message on another student's name. she's charged with threatening the cool and computer harrah m. >> police are crediting tracking down this man. poups martinez is accused of break into a apartment and assaulting her. she's facing several changes including rain and burlingry. in the district police need your help identifying a pep of interest in brutal beating caught on camera around 11:30 tuesday night 17 street and column be aroad
8:13 am
the person wearing a football jersey dragen and kiinging the victim and the victim was taken to the hospital. if you have any information police want to hear from you. >> all right. get a check on weather. first we need cuteness factor in our life now. >> a lot of heavy stuff here this morning. let's look at "fox5" first fiv five, she is so cute. i love those big smiles every morning. she's 10 months old and loves music. my kind of dirl. >> she's fwot spirit. >> we love featuring these little ones. accepted us your child's picture on our facebook page "fox5" d.c.. >> do we have construction going on in the studio. >> i have no idea what that is. >> i love your picture so much. feels like spring. that is our headline. >> doesn't feel like spring break this second but it will late
8:14 am
it's chilly now. temperatures warm up into the 60s later today and it's a nice little spring preview. honestly spring is a few weeks away as we move to early march here. we'll see temperatures more indicative of mid april. outside right now 38 reagan national and 36 dulles and bwi marshall 38. it's still chilly just about every wrxt we're seeing temperatures in 20s and 30s. some 40s. 40 annapolis and 38 quantico and 28 down in mannasas and 36 in frederick. so we've got the chilly temperatures and with a nice southwesterly wind increasing throughout the day that helps temperatures jump quickly. if you're about to head outdoors to walk the dog or get kids ready for sunday it's chilly. you need a wepter jacket. you won't need it by noon. satellite and radar clouds out west. a lot of sunshine for today. future cast shows that. there's really not much to see here as we have high pressure in control. that deliveries sunshine through most of today.
8:15 am
one small thing cold front coming through tomorrow morning. showers off west of 81. and but maybe just a sprinkle or two making it into washington. we start early monday morning with quite a bit of clouds and just isolated shower and then that's passing through and breezy again tomorrow afternoon behind that cold front and we stay mild. forecast for today, 62 degrees. sunny and breezy and nice warm afternoon and 7 day forecast. 60s stick around. three days. 60 after early shower monday and 63 tuesday and cold front that will actually knock temperatures down comes on wednesday. rain is likely wednesday. and then possibly rain or even mixing with know snow as we see another winter storm there next weekend if we do. yeah, winter is not over yet. looks like we're at very least back to colder temperatures by next thursday. . >> all right that's 7 day forecast. annie. >> thanks, caityln. this next story raised a lot of eyebrows last week. metro was ranked number one transit system in the entire co
8:16 am
reserveers at text firm smart asset considered things such as commuter time and number of riders and income of riders and to come to their conclusion. but many riders we spoke with are not buying it. take a listen. >> not new york. not chicago. washington d.c. was ranked as number one city in america for public transportation. now study was conducted by a text firm and they looked at factors like commuter time and number of commuters that use public transportation and income of those riders. in light of study findings i wanted to hear from you. >> d.c. was ranked numbering one in country for public transportation. >> with the read line th
8:17 am
>> one word you use to describe the d.c. metro. >> timely. >> stressful. >> it's not what i expect from top level metro system. >> improving. >> convene my first day overwhelming. >> new to me. >> oh. . >> this is my metro. >> clean, clean. >> compared to new york amazingly clean. >> slow. >> that's a good question. >> i guess i can pick and choose. >> you have to be patient. >> one word used to describe the metro. >> certain hours, impossible to fine aid train. >> non active. >> temperamental. >> broken escalators. >> i like this it's sufficient. sometimes slow but hey i get where i need go. >> delayed. >> savior of city. >> not as good as london. >> functional. >> easy. >> really important that the metro is predictable. >> describe metro
8:18 am
i can't understand the -- i think they hired these guys for having peblees in their mouth. >> general management doesn't want expectations and ridership is terrible look at philadelphia and new york. >> you never know what can happen. >> shocking. my one word would be iffy or unreliable♪ all right well if you missed your chance to hop on the new street cars you have to wait until tomorrow because there will nobody service on sundays. and yesterday was a much different story. dozens of people waited to catch a ride including mayor muirial bowser mopping the first to take a ride, of course, it's been 54 years since street cars were last operating in district. . >> wife been waiting for this for years and years and years.
8:19 am
>> the street cars will run monday through thursday 6 a.m. to midnight friday and 6 to 2 and saturdays running 8 to 2 a.m. . >> well straight ahead we'll talk with fox news sunday host chris wallace for a preview of today's show as candidates prepare for super tuesday crucial votes and why single women have a influence on campaign trail this election season. we'll be right back.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
well another gop deseparate in the bag and super tuesday is right around the corner. gop candidates taking i'm at each other to hillary clinton's big win in south carolina, chris wallace, tackling all topics and much more joining us now to talk all things electio election. good morning, chris. >> good morning to you annie. >> chris you have a jam packed show. super tuesday could be a day that makes or breaks campaigns and seeing some of the most vicious and personal attacks of the campaign. we heard sound bytes from trump making fun of rubio characteristics and trump making fun of rubio -- and rubio making fun of trump's tan. you have all three signature one-on-one to talk about campaign strategy. >> we talk to trump live at the top of the hour and marco rubio and ted cruz. if you wonder why things are getting
8:23 am
biggest voting day of prime areay season 595 delegates up for grabs on the republican side. that's half of what you need to actually win the nomination. trump is in such commanding position and if he were to -- not sweet run the table but if he has a good night and wins 3 300 of those. and he basically will have strangle hold on nomination which is why you're seeing cruz and rubio going after him in very personal terms. >> yeah, and for senator ted cruz super strong super tuesday performances absolutely critical for him. >> i agree with you. first of all, he's got to defend his home state of texas. he's only one who has home state up on super tuesday. if he doesn't win there yes he can stay in the race but would have lost in correct and according to some polls he and trump are running close in texas and he also talked a few months ago about the entire south being a firewall
8:24 am
almost all southern states like georgia and alabama and trump is leading not cruz. . >> were you surprised chris christie endorsed trump. >> i don't think it means much. but i think christie endorsement is a big deal. here's why. for a lot of people the question is i'm intrigued by trump and may like his message do i trust him to be commandner chief? and to have somebody like chris christie serious man, governor of new jersey saying he could be great commandner chief and best person to take on hillary clinton, that is kind of lidge mizeing statement. >> yeah. >> and democratic side most polls had
8:25 am
south carolina and she won big giving her a solid lead now. >> that's right. . >>. >> and why that's so sporn because she swamped bernie sanders when it came to african-american votes and a lot of southern states where african mrernz big vote more than 50% of democratic primary in those states if bernie sanders had to turn that around he'll sweep to big delegate margins in those states me two days. . >> thank you annie. >> it's a busy week we have super tuesday in between all of that. >> get sleep chris you're going need it. >> all right thank you so mu
8:26 am
>> you bet. >> okay. >> of course fox news sunday airs 9:00 after our show. do not miss it meanwhile in midst of campaign season one is no longer loneliest number. single women are having a big impact on race for white house. >> we is seen they are critical voting block in last several elections and i think we can expect the same in 2016. >> the number ever unmarried women in the u.s. is on the rise and for the first time this fall the majority of wome womenel sdwroybl vote will be single. and back in 2012 they favored him over gop nominee mit mit by 36 percentage points. >> there's no short aming of resources on the left geared towards attracting and appea appealing towards women. >> and. >> unmarried women voters site making sure jobs pay enough to live on and followed by helping working families and middle class fa
8:27 am
>> more and more we're seeing where the bottom line really comes down to how is your pocketbook being affected. >> and among democrats, unmarried women have consistently chosen bernie sanders who made no secret of plans to tax the wealthy understood to pay for things like free college and welfare. they need appeal to single women voters. >> speaking to them as professional adults. people out in the workplace dealing with issues that relate to their taxes, that relate to paying their bills. their mortgages and having a better future. >> conservatives acknowledge it will be electronicy conversation for them. balancing compassion with trying to convince unmarried female voters that left policies won't be a good things for them in the long one. >> are we actually talking to them in terms that resonate with them on a personal level. if you do that you can go a long way with women voters. >> you may remember the direct appeal 20
8:28 am
to unmarried women voters in form of cartoon named julia educated with career in child and no discern i believe spous spouse. it showed how women can make it on own with some help from government and right noted that very dependent was the problem. in washington, shannon breem, fox news. . >> and ahead at 8:30 all eyes are on apple and fbi this week as battle over unlocking terrorist eye joan ranges on an latest on prince william county rookie police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. megan dice is live with how the department is remembering her we'll be right back
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> actually annie it looks like we get a few days out of this. that's nice. but full sunshineing on the white house and begining a new month on tuesday, march begins and before you know it it will be beginning of spring and it will be feeling like spring later on this afternoon. and better days ahead. 38 at reagan national. 36 dulles, bwi 38. it's still chilly throughout early this morning and when we first wept on 7
8:32 am
20s out there. temperatures are rising pretty quickly. 38 washington and 40 annapolis and 41 leonardtown and we have 45 as we head to winchester avenue 39 martinsburg. couple clouds off west. high pressure in place. beautiful sunny afternoon. feel like golf courses will be busy today. this is time of year you get nice often or two and everyone wants to be outdoors and taking advantage of nice weather. this is planning forecast as we go through today. lot of sunshine. it will be a bit breezier and into the afternoon you kind of need that nice southwest wind to warm things up. 58 by 2 p.m. and we should hit a high of 6 2 degrees. here's ray look at temperatures rests of area later today. keeler by the water. 55 annapolis and 59 leonardtown and 62 in washington and west of us giving that window the mountains you get to mid 6 0s. we'll see highest read fringz dulles over to the mountains where you get to mid 60s. tonight not as cold. temperatures fall back to mid 40s. 46
8:33 am
and here's 7 day forecast. and to answer annie's question yes the 60s stick around for three afternoons and beautiful stretch of weather here. and early showers possible monday. but this is just a very weak cold front coming through. majority of us don't see any rain whatsoever and maybe a few more clouds to start off the morning and turns to a nice afternoon. beautiful tuesday, 63 degrees and then showers are likely along a cold front wednesday. it turns cold were temperatures in 40s. chance of rain and possibly even snow on friday if a winter storm stays far enough south to bring cold air and snow. we're watching that as we head into next weekend. looks chilly though no matter what. that's your 7 day forecast, annie. >> thanks, caityln. in the news this morning the prince william county police department is mourning loss of one of its own. officer ashley gwendon was shot and killed after responding to a domestic incident. it was her first weekend on the force. live in mannasas with more is
8:34 am
megan. good morning. >> good morning, annie. and good morning to you all of you. i want to take you behind me here where they putp a black drape symbolizeing a lot as these police officers return to work this morning. we've already seen a couple of them coming in. the update on two other officers that were seriously injured in this altercation are expected to survive and the police department is expected to release more information this afternoon here and now one day after being sworn in officer gwendon died from injuries he received after responding to parents domestic indense that happened near lake ridge of woodbridge and two other officers injured and they were air-lifted to fairfax inova hospital. they were responding to the call around 5:30 and it's unclear how the altercation began. take a listen. . >>
8:35 am
>> we are trying to do everything we can for our officers and assuring her family has what they need. >> we're trying to work with the timeline and unfortunately news of her passing has been hard and kind of been something difficult to deal with. >> and that suspect is in custody this morning. they have not released his i.d.. he will mack a court appearance tomorrow morning and county officials say gwendon was with the police department a few years ago and left and returned. sending it back to you. >> thanks, megan. checking our other top stories we're learning more about a deadly crash in besz. montgomery country police say three family members were quhild their car collided with another vehicle around pile and river roads 7:00 last night. police say the victims include a husband, his wife, and thirteen age son.
8:36 am
and a fourth person in the car the couple's daughter was also taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and the driver of the other car was not seriously injured. and repair work continues this morning on broken water neighbor high atville. 16" pipe broke late friday night and caused part of hamilton to buckle and caused a 16 foot wide sink hol e crews are at the scene and tell fox5 the biggest challenge they faced was shutting off the water. right now hamilton street is closed between 38 and 39 streets. >> ahead this week all eyes are on apple as we battle over unlocking terrorist iphone raimings on. both argue cases face to face when they testify at inscription hearing in front of coming gress. the latest. >> neither side is backing down in the case on the debate over privacy and security is expanding from courts to silicone valley and potentially to congress. it was all cheers though for apple ceo tim cook at the company's stockholder meet writing
8:37 am
ovation and reiterated some of the arguments apple made court filing on thursday. and asking the judge to throw out her order which would force the tech giant create software to nook phones. >> in filing appal caused government of seeking dangerous power through the courts and trampling constitutional rights. fbi director pushed back on some of that during a hearing before the house intelligence committee thursday where he called on congress to settle debate. something apple asked for as well. >> this world people math ipd where nobody can look at stuff is a world that will have public safety costs and we may decide okay it's worth it and like we should not go there without people understanding it. >> back in silicone valley though tech industries biggest names are rallying behind appl apple. facebook, google, twitter and microsoft defending friend of the
8:38 am
apple stance. and the next court hearing we'll see a lot more happening on both sides in this case. in washington, i'm gary teny, fox news. >> and all right if you're planning a trip to disney any time soon get ready to dig deeper into pockets. just ahead details of amusement park new pricing system and later you may recognize sounds from movie "enterage "but they join us live in the loft and we tell you where you can catch them live. we'll be right back
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> welcome back. your flying experience could get roomier. new york senator charles shumer wants to require faa to instoou sti tut minimum seat size rule for airlines and he claims too fightly packed in passengers and he claims airlines are shrinking size of seat to and reducing leg room. afternoon distance between rose of seats dropped from 35 no, i 1970 to 16" and a half today. well parents get ready to pay for to see mickey mouse and gang. disney announcings amusement park tickets going up. beginning today the park is using seasonal tiered pricing system for one day tickets. that means that customers will now pay more during the buzzest times of year like peak seasons during late september and cost for late day ticket will go up and price of annual pass remains the same
8:42 am
>> annie, now to a look at stories making headlines in the year ahead and leap year babies getting their day. and fox patricia stark has these stories and more in the week ahead. >> monday is leap day. the extra day on february 29 only happens once every four years. tuesday, it's the biggest events of the primary season so far. march first is super tuesday. a dozen states and one u.s. territory will hold primaries and caucuses and wednesday the supreme court can be in for the first time since justin antonin scalia's death. and the first abortion case toss before the supreme dmort 20 years and thursday expect fireworks when gop presidential candidates face off for 11 primary debate in detroit, michigan. it will be moderated and
8:43 am
the political show down on the fox news channel. i'm patricia stark, fox news. . >> all right. well the clock is ticking we're just hours away from this year's academy awards. and from the potential winners to fashion we'll take a look at what we can expect coming up next. first we have a real special treat for you this morning. you may recognize sounds from the "enter range "movie and before that the quartet is stopping bit loft and we'll chat with them coming up. we'll be right back
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> if are you looking for something to do today do we have a special treat for you. calleder quartet you heard there performing right here in d.c. this afternoon nope for reaching fans across all aim groups and music again res and performed at carnegie hall and walt disney concert hall and their songs can be heard in "the enter range" movie. and they're in the loft. thank you so much for coming in it's been a busy time, right, a lot of exciting things happening. let's start with you all. give us a sense of the background of the quartet. i know you played decades together and traveled everywhere based out of la right. >> correct. >> where have you all been and how did this begin four guys. >> we started playing together as friends in 1998. sox under the circumst
8:47 am
that. and -- some of us have known each other before that. and we are from los angeles and perform all over the country. we've been doing this 20 years few. >> when did you start playing. >> i started when i was six. >> we were all pretty young individually, four, six, some new each other as young as 12, 13. >> oh, my goodness. >> eric played cello and was given a violin and was little kid and ran with it. >> started playing cello. >> and friend first. that must be a lot of fun traveling on road with friends and playing at big venue. >> it's really, really super fun and fun to be at the kennedy center the biggest thing ever. >> there's no bad seat in the house at the kennedy center. big performance is today. 2:00. the big question are tickets available. >> there's tickets available you can get them through kennedy center box office. >> excellent. so today's show is it different from any other shows you've done before. >> we do a wide range of music. today is a really great example of our recital
8:48 am
it will start with short work by andrew norman one of america's leading young living composers and we do a 20th september ray classic the second string quart test based on series of letters and very impassioned between a much older man and much younger woman and love was unrequiteed you get a gradual builds building of tension and craziness and he's rejected continuously by letters and the final program is beethoven and some of the greatest works of western art. >> when you guys are doing these shows you're so inteps and passion alley playing. do you ever glimpse to the audience and see reaction and faces lighting up. >> i know i myself am a little nervous about looking out ther there. at individual faces. and i know andrew catches face faces. >> do you? . >> sometimes i look yeah.
8:49 am
. >> what's everyone doing? . >> and certain intense. >> i'll number the first row. >> it will be hard to find you. >> is that one of the best parts playing live performances just the faces and people getting so into it. >> yeah, yeah i think there's something to live performance which is one level you get more nervous and actually reward is so much greater we do a lot of recording work and film and television and it's a very meticulous pros whes you do that work. everything is about detail. great things when you get live setting you get to really be in the moment. you have two hours to finish it all for better or worse but at the same time you goat give of yourself and also to receive something back from the audience in a really special and spontaneous way. >> that's right and you all have done so much travel and again lot of venues throughout the time. and is there a favorite moment that you guys kind of hang on to? . >> oh, wow. >> including the film work? . >> yeah. >> well i mean, i
8:50 am
time we perform live sharing that experience with audience is really special. it's something you cannot replace with recording or you know something video on your phone or whatever it is. it's like being around people and really communicating that is special. >> jeepy before we let you go i'm sure the kennedy center thrilled to have them perfor performing there today? . >> yeah, washington performing arts presented them couple years ago and loved having them they're great american quartet and do fantastic projects and we have a great audience in washington d.c.. >> we do. bet best wishes to you guys and have a great show. we're looking forward to it. 2:00 at the kennedy center. tickets available and be sure to log on to kennedy-center horing and there's a number you can call there to get the tickets. over to you indicates lynn. >> thank you. the wait is almost over we're hours away from hollywood's biggest night. 858 academy award
8:51 am
tonight but who will win is still anyone's guess. fox's adam hously has more. >> as academy awards make final preps on coveted red carpet and inside hollywood dolely theater the oscars will be a night to sell fwlait year's best and also touch on a hot button issue. >> this oscar night people will remember because of diversity issue oscar so white hash tag that has been trending since knowledge takings came out and that dominated this award season. let's do this. >> expect chris rock to express the lack diversity in fill. >> it will be biting humor. >> do you think he's got something. >> in the best picture category it's a three film race between catholic priest cover-up spotlight and greety adventure ref napt and housing market collapse story of the big shore. >> we have to act now. >>
8:52 am
so split out because of the guild nominations nobody knows. this is a nail biter this year. >> best acting category expect "revenant" star leonardo dicaprio to take home gold. >> and in supporting road stall loan and alish akikander to have a good night and what most people may remember come monday morning is what the stars wore to the show as many will be dress toymd press. >> the red carpet is a huge part of the oscars because you want to see how your favorite stars are dressed and that's one of the big as spend people tune into even if they don't watch the whole show some watch just the red carpet. >> in hollywood, adam hously, fox news. >> i think so many people watch for the red carpet. all about the fashion. well also be sure to tune into "fox5" tomorrow morning kevin mccarthy will have oscar highlight beginning at
8:53 am
a.m. >> can't wait. all right. other films getting recognizeded this weekend but film stars likely don't want to brag b we're talking about razzy award. >> they were a spoof of hollywood award season and every year they go through tha that. coming out on top are what they deem the worst films of year. so on top or bottom you call, "fifty shades of grey" the film adaptation of he rotic novel has bee inked five awarth. it tied with superhero flop fantastic 4 as year's worst film. "fifty shades of grey" won worst screen play and worst actor for jamie dondin and worst actress for dakota john sglon i have not seen it. >> i haven't either but i have fans that read the book and saw the movie. >> i rae the book and thought it
8:54 am
acting level in the movie. >> i need to bar owe that book ship it over. >> okay. >> when it comes to taking out the trash, most parents would probably agree it can be a hassle to get their kids toe do it right? for one little girl it's a dream come true. we'll have hear heart-warming story and how the khunty rallied behind her next.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> rk back to a heart-warming story that may inspire to you take out the trash.
8:57 am
kansas had her dream come true by cleaning up trash outside. >> amelia is battling cancer and make a wish foundation made this possible and hundred of community members. amelia's mom says as strange as it may sound it was a dream come true. >> well doesn't look nice and another reason they can just stay dirty and it doesn't look nice and gets into food. >> last night i asked her i said are you excited about tomorrow she said i'm so excited. and i said why. she said because i get to pick up trash. >> and more than 100 volunteers came out to help little amelia. remarkable little girl. >> yes. >> wonderful i love that. all right. let's get one final check of weather. >> beautiful today. temperatures into 60s by this afternoon. nice warm weather ticks sticks around through tuesday. winter is back making another appearance potential winter storm towards end of 7 day forecast. >> get out there and enjoy. caityln and i will be out there as well.
8:58 am
great day. . >> bye. >> i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds.
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i'm chris wallace, as we head to super tuesday, the biggest day of the republican campaign, we'll sit down with donald trump, ted cruz, and marco rubio on fox news sunday. >> trump gets a big endorsement. >> the best foern beat hillary clinton is donald trump. >> donald trump joins us tloif explain how he intends to cement his standing as the front-runner. marco rubio and ted cruz finally team up. >> donald, relax. relax. >> i'm relaxed. >> you're a basket case. >> there's a statute of limitation onz lies. >> we'll talk live with senator cruz who has more riding on super tuesday than any other candidate as he defends his home state of texas. and marco rubio ashe


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