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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> right now at 5:00 a deadly workplace shooting in this morning the gun debate inai our area, the new law about to t go he into effect and why some virginia residents object to ab new gun shop. s >> another attack on ahead at 5:00 the changes theest agency is making in an effort e to keep people safe.people s >> it is friday february 26thruh and we think you're going toe gt like the weekend forecast.oras weather and traffic coming up on the five.on f good morning everyone, i'm i'm maureen umeh alongside hollydeol morris and wisdom >> thank you for waking up you w with us on this friday fda morning. >> developing overnight fourg people including the g
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dead in a workplace shootingho in kansas. kan more than a dozen others were hurt. hurt the sheriff says a man drove a d through town shooting attownhoot random people and then went inside the excel industries inds building and killed three a k others.ot the company makes lawnmowernmow products. right now authorities haveau surrounded the man's home where a t roommate is inside ini and a nearby medical center isci on lockdown. low investigators have ruled out o terrorism. >> a concealed gun permit bill headed to governor terry mcauliffe's desk today.od once it's signed it will allow a more concealed weapon permitn rm holders to legally carry guns lg in the state. state it will prohibit people subject to a protective orderter from carrying guns and requireeq police presence at gun showsseng for background checks. michael bloomberg's gunomberg'sn control group has blastedl mcauliffe over the dealgrffe saying it makeovser virginiansin less s >> metro is dealing withetros dn another attack.another for the past couple of monthsf there have been a series of bn them and now metro is increasing security in an surita effort to keep people safe. fox5's annie yu is live at l'enfant plaza on more
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the efforts to keep peoplepe safe. annie, what are they doing.he >> reporter: good morning, good wisdom. metro is listening toningo everyone's concerns and theys ad are responding to those those concerns. they're going to be beefing upbg you'll see more patrole officers on those buses trainsra and stations and this is in is light of all the safety concerns that have been thahave happening as well as the violence.vice just this week we had ahad shooting on the the green linen where a man waths shot.s s he was later found at the anacostia station platform. police did make an arrest.nrr they arrested two teens inns in connection with that many w shooting. on wednesday a 17-year-old7-ye girl who was robbed by a group of attackers who used a stun stu gun on they stole her cash and left lt her barefoot in thatotn that torrential rainfall. the idea of stepping upin security welcome news for many passengers. during a meeting yesterday metro gm paul wiedefeld saidfeli metro is responding to those too concerns from its riders andider says every passenger deservesere to be able to travel withoutho fear. in an of the to ease people'so mind and e pre
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police chief says hundreds ofdro officers will be added todd patrol and keep thosep those passengers take a listen to what he has to s >> the first thing is we're we' outsourcing our revenueev protection operation.tion ope right now we have a large contingent of police officerscef that protect or safeguard ourur revenue operation over in alexandria we're outsourcing that to a a private security firmsurit providing the same level of lel security but obviously notious using police officers to dos t d that. this will free up 17 officers. 11 would be freed upup immediately.imdi and the following six in the next 60 days. d >> reporter: so, in an in effort to make this all ts a happen, the police chief saidhid he's going to be reassigning about two dozen officers thatff are working elsewhere in the i t department at this moment and as we'll see those changese ces immediately.diat that's the very latest here in southwest.southwest. back to you in the studio. >> ♪ >> gary mcgrady, hello.el happy
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we're like school kids here like on friday passing notes to each other. yeah, we didn't want to get >> erin is the teacher.. she's waiting over there. she's going to take my notes.ot >> we're talking about weekendkg plans. you're saying save it forave sunday because it's going tos be gorgeous.ou >> it will be great.t wi wind chills this morning are moa in the 20's. in a couple places bouncing around in the teens from time to time. so layer up today. the winds are going to staygota with us. the reason why we still have stl this windy condition in place,le we did yesterday, again today,a, big area of low pressure. pre this is a strong broad area ofda low pressure. pss it's moving on out slowly andutl it's kind of getting kicked kke along by this high pressure pur building in. that's the big blue h comingom in from the south and the westes and that's the reason why theso weekend is going to be so b nice. so, given time as this high ts builds in, the winds willindsil finally give up and move on off to the northeast but theeast wind gusts today will be 20l b plus. we could have some gustingti winds of 30 at times today. t other
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fashioned windy and breezy for f us but again as the high the builds in this is weekend, itth really is going to bring some good stuff. here's deal for today. deal toda 35 degrees this morning it t will feel like it's in the 20's. 40 degrees at lunchtime it will feel like it's in theits 30's and it will feel likeee lie it's in the 20's and 30'sn th pretty much all afternoon withfh the winds 10 to 20 and to 20 occasional gusts higher thaal that. g here's erin como. friday morning, erin.rin. >> on-time traffic brought torog you by toyota.u by visit buy a for special offers.ers. >> always patiently waitings pal for friday morning.orning right now in prince georges g county you can see traffic isana moving along just fine.fine. plenty of green on our map.ap. no problems new carrolton. i want to show you how 50 isow shaping up. past 202 none of that inbound congestion yet.estion. traffic is flowing just fine.lon once you get inside thensid t beltway new york avenue by by bladensburg still looking good o and our secondaries in the district moving along withoutg l any normal congestion. northwest portion wisconsinn and connecticut just fine. f a look back at our maps o m r
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aside from a quiet commute inte new carrolton and bowie this morning. mornin in silver spring late clearing construction work top of the beltway inner loop and outerr loop affected as you make your way through new hampshire andhid that was the scene of anor t sce earlier crash and they'red t working on lane work rightk now. have some patience. pat that should be cleared byho about our ul5 o'clock h now that we hit 5:06 it should u be cleared by 5:30. we'll let you know if that changes this morning but right now it is adding a little additional time to your morning commute n alexandria traffic is flowing.s flong in virginia 95 northbound still a quiet just fine commute.commut 270 south in fled rick looking good in maryland rider now and if you have an early morningan m flight to catch traffic on therc way to bwi reagan national andln dulles is moving along andg ang metro is on time. t i'll let you know if that changes but gary so far soo far good forecast-wise and traffic-wise.
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beltway >> yes, yesterday this morning they were able to get thatabo flooding cleared. >> thanks erin. the respect candidates did not hold back. ahead why ted cruz thinksruz th donald trump isn't fit for fit washington and why trumpgton thinks cruz should beks c embarrassed.embaasse 5:07 is the time right now.
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>> three people died includingeo a toddler after apl twisterwist ripped through a mobile eight others were wee the tornado is being cog rised r as an ef1.f1. it left a 9-mile path of pat destruction and at peakt pe strength was as wide as three a football fields. virginia governor terryinr mcauliffe declared a state s of emergency and deployed the national guard. g wednesday's storm causedormd widespread flooding in the flo district and across maryland. mr skyfox cap heard this damage h on route 27 inea damascus yesterday.y. powerful winds knocked downckedd dozens of trees while snappingpp others in half. hal louie borja was home and was looking out his bedroom window n when he saw what he describesecb as a wall of swirling winds w known as straight line >> seemed like a wall come through and as soon as i seenas the wall i knew, i was l sike oh, no, going right to theht basement. >> reporter: you mean like a wall of clouds.ll >> like clouds, rain, it
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heavy rain.y in. >> fortunately the number of damaged homes could be countedot on just one hand. >> ♪ >> the five remaining republican presidential p candidates squared off ines s their final debate before befor super tuesday of the debatee took place in ted cruz's homez'h state of texas and it was a w brawl right from the start.t fra marco rubio and ted cruz cru pounced on donald trump. trump there were rounds of insults. i. they were hurled back and b forth as the candidates candidae shouted over each other ond er e issues like immigration. trump's privileged background and questioning the frontrunner's conservativerviv credentials and donald trump you know he didn't hold >> you get along with nobody.lod you don't have thesement of one republican senator andnet you work with these people.eopl. you should be ashamed ofam o yourself. >> donald if you wand to beand liked in washington that's notas ahi good attribute for ae president. >> first of all this guy's aal joke artist and this guy's a liar. li you have a combination -- you have a combination of factors.
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you he can't do it for the for obvious reasons and he can't h c do it because he doesn't know how to tell the truth. tru other than that i rest my i resy case. >> mr. trump. m >> speak about the polls i'm beating him awfully badly 2349ly polls. >> but you're not beatingou'r hillary.hill >> well then -- hey, if i h, can't beat her, you're reallyera going get killed, aren't you? yu >> the race moves on to next week's super tuesday contest where a dozen states includenc having a have a will hold h presidential primaries. >> 5:11 is our time right now. taking down the islamic new overnight how the how t government hopes to keep thees t terrorists from recruitingecruin americans.ans. >> but first we're going havest a check of your friday w commutm and forecast, gary mcgrady, mcgy man of the hour. >> hey -- why, thank you, at yoa least the next ten minutes orte so. here's to where we are in terms of the gusts thisusts it's gusting a little bit b stronger wind north and we're going to stay breezy today, an occasional gust out o there ascc well. wel gets better for the weekend,terk though. we'll talk more about that forecast coming up.
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>> ♪ >> police in frederick areic investigating the death of a man found in park yesterday. a passerby noticed the man's m body lying in a creek at willow dale park. p it's unclear how long the body e may have been there.y haee police have not identified theif victim as of as yet. the body was taken to theas takt medical examiner's office in i baltimore for an autopsy ton au determine how the man died. die friends and familyfrie gathered last night inasnigh alexandria for a candlelightdl vigilt
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35-year-old found tuesday at the skyline towers apartmentstmn on seminary road in falls he had been shot. bsho police do not believe it was aei random they are asking anyone withe information to please contact them. >> ♪ >> here we are friday morning.g. looking at the jefferson jfe distance. the camera is shaking just akins little bit this morningmor because the winds are prettys ap strong out there.. stronger north and west butt we're all get something gustyty winds. we'll continue to get some gusty winds throughout the dayt i think because of this bigecau area of low pressure to thessur northeast of us.of u okay, let's start with thelet' weekend. all right, here's the deal for d tomorrow. high pressure is still prettyur far away tomorrow, okay, so we're note om going to get intot real warmup. war but the area of low pressuref le is moving on.ov so, the winds are going to relax we'll be mostly sunny. sun some clouds in the afternoon, a a few clouds in the afternoon. . i don't think the clouds are going to completely take overe the sun but it does look lk
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temperatures tomorrow willuresor mainly be in the 40's.maine in there could be somebody close sc to 50 late tomorrow afternoon ar down to the south but again, agn most of us will stay in the 40's.'s as we progress into tomorrowo tm night, warm air will start toll come in because this area ofrea high pressure scoots to the south of us. that will bring in what we w call return flow which means whh winds winds can coming in fromgm the south and southwest so allwo this warmth that's beent' bee collecting down to the south s will stream in on sunday sonun we're talking upper 50's to low to mid 60's out there and it -- i can't see why onhy sunday we're not just goingng have tons of sun so it reallyea looks like it's going to be it' great. not bad tomorrow, 46 but6 b perfect on sunday with a high h temperature here in the cityn c of about 61. about again some of you may push the mid 60's sunday afternoon, aernn couple of places north and west cop possibly be staying p in the upper 5os0's.pper but i think this is a broadis ia 60's for just about everybody. y and we're going to stay that tot way, too. stick around for the seven-day v forecast in just a minute. min reagan national 35.
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dulles 35. bwi marshall is 32 degrees. 32 e big broad area of low pressure in the upper levels. cold air aloft creating cloudinu cover and driving snow. some of the snow being kicked kc off the the a lot of these lakes are stillhe partially unfrozen so we arere getting some streamers comingeac down from there. t i don't suspect we have to we ht worry about anything like that.e maybe you get a flurry way outfy to the north and west and then t western facing mountains outouni into west virginia they'rehe under a winter weatherunde advisory so they're going tory get someth snow. today it is to 42.o wind chills in the 20'snd c and 30's with these gustyh th winds all day long. 42 today. again, doesn't feel that way. wy 46 tomorrow.orrow. we get to 61 on sunday. suny. we stay around 60 on monday.non that's the last day of o february. we're back up into the lowerhe to mid 60's on tuesday.ue wednesday we're trackingwe'rtra another storm.r s it will bring us some rain and thunderstorms. temperatures will be mild ond on wednesday.wednesday. temperatures lower 60's againesl and then we he cool off.e coo o we don't get cold b
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off after the storm on storm thursday with breezysday here's erin como with a lookn co at your friday morningyor traffic. >> 5:17 right now. 5:18 actually this is in virginia, 66 westbound trafficoc quiet. eastbound traffic stillffic s flowing freely past gallows asts you make your way from thaty fr manassas through centrevilleentv heading inside the beltwayhe bew you're in great shape. sha i'll let you know when the usual morning congestion picksks up.up. asteroid a quiet commute on 66 q you can see average speedsuierag checking in 54 miles per hour, 29 is stillly in really nicey shape through fairfax. fai no problems on the inner loop through tyson.rougtys we'll show you a look inow you i montgomery county thisounty morning.morn things in montgomery county are starting to move along ae ao little bit we had been dealing with an earlier crash on the top of on h the beltway outer loop that that cleared off to theared shoulder. was in a construction zone soont just make sure you give yourself a little bit ofak extre time with those lanes that lanet were blocked again in theed agae process of clearing inner looprl and outer loop between newoutero hampshire and georgia avenue. secod
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and bethesda looking just fine s this morning. morni we're also off for a quiet for a commute in bowie.mmute in bow i'll let you know if anythingf a changes.chges. metro is on time if that's howtw you want to start your friday f morning and hopefully get outuly in time to have a nice fridaye a night and that's where my mind n is already. alr >> i hear you. y d.c. streetcars will finally fiy begin passenger servicenger s owmorrow. this comes after more than aes decade of planningdepla construction and testing. t the streetcars will travel t along h street and benning benng road. it will run on rails that were a first installed almost sevent years ago. the service will begin after a brief ceremony later today. >> d.c. regulators society vote on major merger betweenetwe power companies exelon and a the vote represents the finalep hurdle for that proposed pro merger creating one of the t largest electric and gaslectrics companies in the region.s in in august d.c. public servicelir commission rejected the dealhe saying it would not benefit bent customers. customer that's when d.c. mayor murielurl bowser stepped in to negotiate t a $78 million settlement thatemt protects customers andto guarantees jobs
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>> ♪ >> 5:19 is the time.>>:19 the pentagon hoping a cold war era nuclear missile will be the key to determining northminn korea to -- deterring northerrih korea from a potential futureute attack. now while you were sleepingng military officials conducted afn test launch of a minute man three nuclear missile overar o hawaiian waters.waiian water the test was the second thisec month and the latest in a series of designed to confirm cn the reliability of the missile. it was first deployed in 1970.97 also this morning thealso pentagon is working to combatba online threats.ts u.s. officials say the the pentagon has launched a newly ny aggressive campaign of cyber attacks against terrorists. it's a targeted effort to diminish the ability for isisor to use social media to recruiteu followers. >> apple's new friend. ahead another tech giant backsec the company in its fight against the fbi.e fbi plus, doctors perform the first ever uterus transplantpl here in the u.s. in the it is 5:20 right now. now we're going to have more on hav this promising procedure after the break.
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>> apple fighting back overle fg the feds request to have the re company hack into a phoneto a p owned by the san bernadino attackers. lawyers for apple asked a askeda federal judge to vacate the toae order that apple help the fbi.he apple ceo tim cook says thek sas government is seekings seeking dangerous power through theous g courts. apple says forcing the companyce to help the fbi would violatete its constitutional rights and a it warns if it is forced to if help the government this timeen it will open the door to other
5:24 am
situation that is cook sayss cok could potentially violate thela privacy rights of its users. urs apple is getting majorng support from unlikely allies microsoft google facebook and fc twitter. they all announce they'll fileyf friend of the court briefs on apple's behalf.ape's google makes its android software that powers most smartphones in the world andhosn like apple it fears creating ag precedent that authorities aho could use. use >> maryland's comptrollerer peter franchot is blockings blon more tax returns from private pi preprayerers throughout theyere state. he plans to stop processing returns of 22 more returns.urns officials say those returnshoser from questionable activity andi faults statements designed to increase refunds.incr the tax preparationpa companies are in 25 locations5oc throughout maryland.throughout r >> it is not uncommon to hear ha about a heart or lungr transplant but what about a wo
5:25 am
cleveland surgeons say they performed the nation's firstioni uterus transplant.t. the surgery was performed on a r 26-year-old woman at thean cleveland clinic. a other countries have had successful womb transplants but some doctors question ifoc f the surgery is a realisticlistic option for enough women. zika lab declared a globalla health emergency emergency butry some medical experts are exp questioning if the virus is linked to a spike with babies born with rare birth defects in brazil. some say it's too soon to say.ny the world health organizationan says the zika crisis may get worse before it gets >> all right, 5:25 i is our time. gary mcgrady saddling up to the desk with our forecast.or >> cold, gary.>> cd, >> it is cold outside. >> windy. >> it is cold and cold it's going to stay that way, too.o. shot of jefferson off in the distant winds sticks, it's breezy, some spots wind windy. w we're all going have gustse from time to time today. here's the forecast for thehe kiddos out there at the bus f s ttop this morning.orni pickup time sunshine, breezy,ez well, if you're out at the bus b stop after the sun c
5:26 am
25 to 34 degrees.4 degrees. after school 38 to 42.8 t today is going to be one of toe those days where we're goingherg to have some sunshine, somein s more clouds north and west,h anw okay, those communities andniti then the 30's and the 40's 4 today but it never really feels that way with the wind gusting so wind chill values will be in the 20's and 30's t all day. still talking great for the f weekend, though.weekend, though. >> yeah, that's what we'reh, t looking forward to. >> always some good news whenew you talk about good weekends.utk >> and it's -- it's >> always good news were wee talk about the weekend period. r >> that's what i was trying to say. >> yup. >> let's go ahead and talk go traffic now with erin como. >> hey, erin. >>wi good morning. 5:26 right now if you'reow i y headed out in urbana 80 att urbana parkway right now isig n closed with a pole down sole definitely want to give to giv yourself some time to detouro d around that area. t good news,ha though, 270 still7i looking really nice as you ne make your way from frederickre through urbana making your wayor down towards the spur. top of the beltway saw ap little bit of leftoverof congestionle in silver if you're making your wayg r out in northwest keep in mindp i yesterday we had a
5:27 am
structural compromise whichural means a building was unsafe onae q street both directionsecti between first and florida soso avoid that area. it caused traffic headaches yesterday during the evening and morning rush.d morning rush. we'll let you know when thatt yo section gets back to normal,mal, northwest section of thectn of district.dist in prince georges countyrinc things looking good. no problems on 50.0. traffic in new carrolton quiet, bw parkway lookingayoo good. good. traffic on the way to bwi ison y just fine right now. bw parkway northbound andbod southbound reopened ineopened in baltimore and 95 looking good.dg we're problem free on the way oe to reagan things also looking good onng the way to dulles. dul metro on i got you covered. cover i've good vibes this friday morning, i'm hoping it's aoping' nice quiet commute.mute back to you guys. >> ♪ >> coming up next at 5:30 a a growing petition to keep a gun a shop from opening in arlingtonin and we're going to tell you telu why residents want to keep the e doors from opening straightfromo ahead. we'll be back.
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♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> all right, we are back at 5:30 on this friday morning. mog looking outside, it is a cold one. well, yeah, windy, so that'sha making it it a little colder.ol. >> you seemed like you weren'tou sure it was cold outside. wwas o >> it ilds cold but as gary s was saying the wind is makingak it feel much colder. col good morning everyone, some ofeo our top stories this morning aa heated republican debate as we head into super tuesday. marco rubio and ted cruz cz pounced on donald trump and he pounced right back.ced right rounds of insults hurled backd c and forth as the candidatesh asc shouted over each otheran on
5:31 am
issues like immigration.igraon a lot going on last night at nht the debate. deb we'll talk more about thate ou this half hour. h developing overnight fourpig people including a gunman deadmd in a workplace shooting inhoin kansas. more than a dozen others alsozes hurt. the sheriff says a man drove m d through town shooting at random people and then went inside the excel industries building and killed three a people. the comndpan y makes lawnmower products. right now authorities haveritiav surrounded the man's homeom where a roommate is inside andna a nearby medical center is locked down. once a bill signed it will allow more concealed weapon wea permit holders to legally hde carry guns in the state and it will prohibit people subjectpe to a protective orderop from carrying guns and requirendequi police presence at gun shows for voluntary backgroundvo former new york mayo r michael bloomberg's gun control groups u has blasted mcauliffe overd mcae the deal saying it makes virginians less safe. s
5:32 am
reactions from residents. resids melanie alnwick is live with >> reporter: good morningter: guys. i want you to check out this door here.door this little tiny sticker here is the only indication at this point of what business is wbu coming to this retail complex. m the owners of nova armory are promising a "new and uniqueniqu way to shop for a firearm" and" pretty soon people are going to be able to find out exactly t what that means.wh tha yesterday arlington county didy approve the shop's permit and a the shop owners say they are going to open in just a fewt fw weeks.weeks. now, the shop's web site says nova armory was founded withit two guiding principals in min mind: but community members mem say that this kind of retailfet just doesn't fit in with the neighborhood. there are yoga shops here. sps h everything is changing. cha they have got a natural marketat and
5:33 am
care and preschool just down d the corner.orr. so, they have started thised petition on part of it is saying in an era of ever increasing gun violence, it is unconscionableoa to locate a gun shop anywhere ah in the vicinity of schools vic both private and public with young children in close proximity. they have about 1200e abo 1 signatures so far.signat some of those people writing in saying "a gun shop is i inappropriate so near a day care facility elementary. another person writes gun stores helper pep wait the wait fiction that firearms are aatirm normal acceptable part of o civil society.l society. the second amendment is not an excuse to vend lethal weaponry next to a child care send. s the front base of fort meyert me military base so it's not likeok these
5:34 am
any experience or closelose proximity to people with wh firearms.arms just out on a base as opposedppd to in a shop.ho worth noting that arlington county in approving says you can't treat gun shops different than other retailersth and also you may remember rememr there was a similar incident iti guess it was last fall, therel,e was another firearms shopearmsh wanted to open in arlington ain much the only recourse thatcourt the community members had was w to convince the landlord to cancel the lease which it did wi and that shop which is nots affiliated with this one ts on instead relocated back in mclean so legally there really isn't anything that thein residents here can do. do. again except to try to affect tc change through the land ownerouh here. live in arlington, i'm melanie'm alnwick, fox5 local news. ns. >> after several violent severao attacks on metro the transit tns system plans to do something sot to help stop them. >> fox5's annie yu is liveiv a
5:35 am
metro's plans to help keep hp people safe. good morning, annie. >> reporter: hey, goodepr: h morning, maureen and holly. h that's's a lot of passengers will now see stepped up security onep those buses, trainpes and platform areas. as you mentioned in light ofn lo all the recent crimes and safety concerns over therns ov e years, metro has listening to t those concerns and responding. . just this week on wednesday wne during that storm, a 17-year-old girl leaving the potomac avenue metro stationrota was robbed by five attackers ats who used a stun gun on her. her they stole her money and leftt her barefoot in that inha torrential rainfall that weth had on wednesday and also andls earlier this week a man wasan slot on the green line trainther who was later found at the anacostia station platform. pla police did make an arrest in arn that case. they arrested two teens in tns connection with that shooting. n both will be charged withh assault with intender to killinr but the idea of stepping upin u security of course welcomeel news for many passengers andassg during a meeting yesterday metro gm paul we'd he if he he h would said metro i
5:36 am
to. to. concerns from its riders androi says every passenger deserveser to feel safe when they're whe traveling and in an of the tohe ease people's minds andmi prevent crime the police chiefei ron pavlik says that hundreds hd of officers will be on patrol ot to keep passengers safe. they'll be beefing up patrolsp l and reassigning about two aut dozen officers who had other jobs within the department andta he says we'll start to seert to those changes coming in the next six weeks to 60 days. ds. so, hopefully soon we'll start'a to see more of those officers on the platforms, buses and, bua trains. that's the very latest here inn southwest.ut back to you in the studio. >> ♪ >> all right, time now talkig weather and we'reht talking cold we're talking winds. win you can see the trees going back and forth, you can hearr the noise. it was rough. >> and listen it's going to be breezy all day so even thoughhoh we're going to get more sunshine than yesterday some yee areas will still have a littleet bit -- you know, pretty good cloudiness north and n >> are the winds going to beng as strong as yesterday.esrday. >> well, yeah, i think so inea general. ge >> okay.
5:37 am
winds won't be as strong as yesterday butter we're still going to be breezy, we'll haveee gusty conditions. condition we'll have wind gusts 20, 25, 2 30 miles an hour occasionally today and general wind speedinds out there right now is aboves 10 miles per hour, so you so factor in that with thet th t temperatures and it makes it it feel pretty cold out this morning.morning. how does it feel? feels likefes 26 degrees in town. t a lot of lower to mid-20's out0' in the suburbs north and west a and it's just going to be with i the breeze kicking up all day ad long and some gusty conditions it's going to feel pretty coldry out there today.e day so, breezy this morning. mor i think at -- sometime lateetim morning, early afternoonno there's going to be a littlea tl period there where the windsre t get a little bit stronger sotron i'll say windy there midday.da then we're breezy again this afternoon. but just wind gusts on and offnf all day long. lg. again northwesternthwestern neighborhoods not quite asho much sunshine but still a goodi amount of sunshine for most ofse us,, we get into the weekend.nto the. things are going to start s warming up nicely, too. here's
5:38 am
friday morning commute how is hs it >> 5:37 right now and we'llw a start you off with a look at lka our cameras. cam this is top of the beltways to outer loop by new hampshire.y since that overnightatrnig construction zone clearedtion zn traffic is flowing.lowi. same story on the inner loopnner between georgia and neworgi hampshire, no problems there.eme i'll let you know when thingsn start to slow slo speaking of slowdowns 270 from f 85 to the truck scales iss dealing with heavy traffic. traf let's move it over for a look ir at our maps right now and show o you what else you're upe yp against for your morning ride. r 95 in virginia still lookingll g good through stafford as youou make your way to quantighco butt keep in mind we have a littlee e bit of typical congestion conget we'll start to see a red zone rz on our map as you make your you way past dale city. cit that's just a usual slow down so there. 95 in maryland is still is still looking good and as you make m your way out in montgomerymontme county college park tok to university boulevard the beltway's at 55 miles per hour. that's exactly what we want to t see there.e the we don't have any problems one b our secondaries either inithe montgomery county right now.y to 66 eastbound same story. s traffic picking up but still b moving along without anyho a issues through thrghi metro is on o t we'll let you know if any of iao that got you covered with yourthou
5:39 am
back to you guys.uuy >> spring training under way. >> plus, more controversy overor the burgundy and gold's name.e how it could imp andact a big gm this year. year. that's coming up.
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> ♪ >> back now with a check onw the stock market. asian stocks and european stocks opened higher thiswie ks morning and u.s. futures are also up.p. 5:41 right n w
5:42 am
today. there will be a ribbon cuttingut fort benning ridge service s center in z it will open toz it the public w on tuesday. tuesd this service center ister i replacing the agency's penns p branch service center which cenw will close tomorrow.omrow. there is a debate brewingatr over the name of an elementary t school in family members and mbers firefighters want the school to honor fallen fighter kylehtel wilson whose death was these det only in the line of duty deathyd in the county's history.isry while others want a long time community member and philanthropist dr. george hampton to have the honor.onor one residents says it's a tough discussion becausesi really there's no wrong or badrs decision. >> straight ahead we'll tell you why the burgundy and goldol game acros across the pond coule in jeopardy. jpa >> carrie underwood.uwood. >> it feels cold out there t this morning with the wind the w chill value.lalue. it feels like it's in thels l 20's. couple places in the teensce this morning. let me tell you this. there's
5:43 am
to the west, way out tbao theo t west.. garrett county public schoolsoo opening three hours later thiseo morning and mountain ridgeain re district of allegany county on a two-hour delay this morning. r again that snow he is way back c out to the west. we don't need to worry about wor it around the metro orr northwestern suburbs.ub full forecast into the weekendao and i think you're going to like it. it's all coming up. stay with us.
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> ♪ >
5:46 am
maryland recycling center wentln up in flames.n fla here's a live look at the aftermath. the fire broke out at reliable recycling center operation. it was pretty significant no one was no word on a cause.ause. that blaze is under investigation. >> ♪ >> you're looking down on northwest there.he we're dry.'r dry nothing falling from the skyfafr at least not in the city. cit way out west there's snow's s falling under a winter weatherr advisory.advi that's extreme western's e maryland and over into western virginia and mainly theainlth western facing slopes because the winds are coming so strongeo from the west to northwest riding up the slopes andng causing a little bit of snow u out there. reagan national 35tt.l 35. dulles 35.ll5. bwi marshall is 32 degrees outgs this morning. doesn't necessarily tell theel whole tale because with the becw winds gusty this morning the t feels like temps in the 20's te and 30's, som20e places in thecn teens the way it
5:47 am
coldest air mass is up to thep e north. it's getting pushed off to theoe north and northeast.orea nothing too terribly coldy col across the lots of 20's, lots of 30's but s we'll be building warmth downmtw to the south and southwestthwest that will get here thisl gehere weekend. some snow showers coming downomn you see the flow here comingeom down from the north and west.rtd that's why there's some snowomew flying out into westernte maryland and west virginia.est i here's the deal. teal. big area of low pressure is slowly moving out to the northot and to the northeast. noreast as it kind of gets pusheds pushd along by the high pressurereur building in from the the southwest, so that will changee things for the weekend as theeee high comes in our temperaturesra will warm up.p. today, though, winds will be breezy, gusty in some spotse s with the wind gusts up over o 20 miles per hour.r even in the sunshine todayine t it's going to feel prettytt temperatures will only be wl on making it into the lower 40's t' for highs.for h some of you will stay in thein t up are 30's but with the wh winds, it's going to feel likeel it's in the 20's and the 30's0' all day long with this gustyh ty wind out of the northwest at of about 10 t20
5:48 am
again 42 degrees the actualual air temperature but it's nevers going to feel that way today.od weekend still setting up to be super nice. nic 46 tomorrow.orro few clouds but not so much wind.nd. sunday looks darn near perfectae for february 28th with a temperature of 61 degrees.1 gre. some of you will be in thee in middle 60's on sunday. sda how nice will that be? b seven-day forecast will show wil you that the 60's once they oe t get here on sunday, they wanthen to stick around for a while. monday 60, tuesday 61.uesd wednesday with rain and thunderstorms, back up into up n the lower 60' the middle part of next weeknexw and into thursday, friday,day, a looks like we'll cool off all co little bit. not saying cold just cooler coo than the 60's.thanhe 6 nice little run there. here's erin como with yourit y friday morning commute. commute. >> i can't follow that. can'tlo that's a great forecast. for >> you got problems. pblems. >> things are starting to picka up. take a look here 270, 85 to 109, down to 51 miles periles p hour. long lines increase volume,e vu, gary. ga >> yes. >> i like this.>> i you look like a professor in a
5:49 am
plaid jacket with you're grading my report right now. let's show you a look in the northwest portion of the district. my clicker doesn't want tosn't work right now. problems, i'm failing my test.i northwest part of the district r q street northwest shut down n between first and florida.or it's closed because of ae of structural compromise gary and s that's just basically meansic ms the building isn't safe soo traffic isn't passing by right now. you'll need to detour around aro that one.that we'll see if we can forward for our maps to fairfax and show s you what else is going on inn virginia right now.ow. we'll see how things are shaping up there.he 66 picking up, 95 is definitely starting to seego increased volume as you makeak your way up through dale stein booed woodbridge this you'll need extra time. time. metro is on time. t >> don't jinx it.'t >> i wish you could see garyulde tapping his foot standing justns off camera.a. watching traffic. back to you guys. >> loudoun county family in the middle of a nasty battle over their home.over t h state officials want to buildt i a new fou
5:50 am
going to go right through the family's 11-acre property. ppe vdot says they worked with the homeowners.homers at one point the road washe rd scheduled to go through home's m living room. now it will be a hundred feetdrf to the right but still on thattl family's property. >> i'm trying to protect my home and i've been unsuccessful.ccessful. >> the family has lawyered upy a and they he do hope to get aet law declared unconstitutionalita that allows the state of virginia to take homeownersomwn property without having to h tell that owner.wn >> to sports now.>> it's day two of the nationals na full squad workouts. manager dusty baker is back in a the dugout after sitting out out the last two springs. it was a windy day for fans fan and the new manager in spring training.. the first spring game is scheduled for next wednesday, we so question is how is the new tn skipper getting ready with hisis new team.e >> ask a lot of questions off them and they've told me some things in a short period ofer
5:51 am
listen to them when they wantyan to so, if they start talking, i just let them just go.o. so, you know, people let youet y know at their pace. >> burgundy and gold we'rey and talking about football now thelw schedule will be released in re april but we already knowlrdy k they're going the play a game gm on the road october 30th and 30a we really mean on the road because they're playing inying wembley stadium against the cincinnati bengals but someutom members of the britishti parliament are putting up auttiu fight against this game.ainsthis two members wrote a letter to to commissioner roger goodell andoa their target was the team'setase name. here's what thread to say the exportation of this racial slur to the uk this autumnut when the park team is due to d t play directly contravenes theavt values that many in britainnrita have worked so hard to instil instill: interesting top pick t because i read that letter andnd basically they control theol t facility where they would play this >> oh. o >> , so if they wanted
5:52 am
they could make this an issuen i where they could have to --o the nfl could have to pick p another team if they wanted to because they control thattr tha facility. >> we'll see how it plays out. >> also this morning, vice mor president joe biden will joinn j lady gaga on stage at theaga oscars sunday night to speak on the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. cam >> biden will introduce gaga's performance of until itt happens you to which is nominated for best original song it is featured in theea documentary the hunting groundnn which deals with the issue of of campus rape.campus rap biden will promote the it's on us campaign launched by the white house last year to stopeap sexual assault. assault it was a night oneight military family will never forget. >> carnival cruise line teamedlr up with operation home front and music super star carrietaca underwood for a meet and greet. >> the bond family met bon underwood as parter of her storyteller tour. underwood surprised them wayd trip to new york this comingsuro november for a private concerton court side aboard carnival's cas newest shi
5:53 am
>> seemed like a great opportunity when we started tott talk to carnival about thingst n they could done they talkedone t about operation home front andf how near and dear there was tota their heart. i just get to show up and hearr cool stories and get to say to s thank you, so it's -- it's it' just a no-brainer.o-ainer. >> the program is designed to raise awareness and friendsds for military today on good day the bonday thn family is going to join uss ingo live to talk about their t special surprise. sprise. >> good for them. the >> sounds like fun. like >> i know and i get to talk to >> hollywood's big of the b night is this sunday buthis ay t before the academy awards are handed out the aka gang has aana few thoughts to share. join cef mcannie yu and alex holly y
5:54 am
>> time now for our facebookno fan of thew day. meet the burke hawkins family.ui they say they like starting stan and ending their day with fox5. >> we sure do appreciate you. d we appreciate you watching. wchn love that you sent your y picture in. to be our next facebook fan of o the day post your picturect right underneath this one. >> ♪ >> gary mcgrady, what'sgrhat' going on? go >> little breezy.>> little breezy this morning.y thr bundle up for that especially ey with the kids at the bus stop bo this morning, prepare and then d it's going the stay kind ofki of breezy all day long. l some gusty winds.inds 25 to 34, that's the air excuse you. going to have a wind chilld values colder than.der t that after school 38 to 42.42 you moved your computer --ompu >> thanks for clearing that up professor. >> 38 t
5:55 am
breezy conditions for us all u a day long. it will be less breezy goingy g into the weekend so tomorrowro 46 degrees, a few clouds, 61los, on sunday.on sy. it's hard to believe even foror .e. not the last day of februaryeb but february 28th.ar28th. >> three other years it wouldth be the last davere february. >> exactly. that's why i'm so confused. con. i don't know. had it been march first no bigso deal. we stay in the 60's for the several days looks like. l another chance for rain and thunderstorms.understorms. that will be one to watch onne wednesday to see is there a potential again on wednesdayedsd for maybe some strong stormse sr or severe thunderstorms.erst >> yikes. >> too far away to tell righty now. >> yeah, let's just enjoy thetoo next few days. d >> yup. >> like march is coming inin like a lamb though.ho >> yes. >> thank goodness. >> nice and docile. n >> and thank you gary.nd t >> erin como with your traffic a upday.da hey, erin. >> i don't know why but on friday's i feel extra relaxed.e. >> of course. of cose. >> it's just that feel. f >> you look super cute. that
5:56 am
>> i got it yesterday on game. >> where. >> white house black-market. did i say that right or rig backwards. >> i know what you're talking y about. i got to check that out. that's a beautiful dress. >> we'll timeshare it.ll timesh. >> y-i'll pass it on over, the traveling dress.elg dress 95 in virginia dale city to cit the occoquan 28 miles per hour so give yourself extra time.ime. typical volume increasing there. in montgomery county outery co loop, inner loop back to normal.normal earlier truck constructionuck co cleared. outer loop volume should start to pick up shortly. sho inner loop looking really niceie across the wilson bridge.son br. plenty of green towards the springfield interchange through annandale right now and then frederick county 270out on the southbound side movingeon along just fine as you makes yok your way down to the t s i got you covered if anything changes.chges. metro is on time. t we're track congress closurere on q street between first andbe florida. you'll need to detour aroundrro that. that's your look at traffic. trc back to you >> thanks erin.>> ahead at 6:00 we'll head h back to the scene of that of t recycling plant fire in frederick maryland.
5:57 am
>> plus tom brady is showingto off his new pm uppy in a video that has gone >> kevin mccarthy is comingthy n up with his oscar predictionsres ahead of sunday's big show. that's ahead on fox beat.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead at 6:00 6:0 taking action. metro stepping up its police pol presence. coming up what else thep transit agency is doingwh to
6:00 am
violent crimes targetingting riders. >> a verbal smack down. did marco rubio steal therubio headline from donald trump.onalu >> first though before we gete w to that news a live lookk outside on this friday. f did i mention it's friday, february 26. weather and traffic on theand 5s at 6:05. good morning, i'm allison i'mll seymour. seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. s welcome to fox5 news morning.or first up we have a couple ofplof school delays in western maryland. allegany county mountain ridgeug district on a two-hour delayla all other allegany countyany schools are on time. while in garrett countytt cou schools will open three hoursrer to late this morning. l again delays out in westernat maryland. a recycling center inenter maryland went up in flamesnd w picture of the aftermath.ft this was just after midnight on writes ford road r in frederick. frederick. so far no injuries have been reported.poed >> ♪ >> developing overnight newopin details about that deadlythat d workplace shooting in a small kansas town.


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