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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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h is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, we're in for a messing tuesday. rain will saturate the entire region and it's starting earlyly enough to impact your morningng commute. more than a year after a brother and sister vanished without a trace, their mother is back in a maryland court. why a judge isn't making her give information on why they can be found.nd. plus a head turning announcement from metro. the transit agency reveals train operators have been running redg lights. what the agency is doing to fix the problem, right now at 10. thanks for joining us tonight,it i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. we are in for a wet couple of days across the d.c. area. rain is moving in early tomorrow morning. sue palka is here with your first look at the forecast. >> hi, sue.i, s >> hi, tony and sean. we're going to be dealing with g couple of different storms this week. one of them is tomorrow and that rain will be around for the morning commutement and then we have a second storm on wednesdan
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wetter, warmer and windier.dier we'll start with tuesday so you know what to expect for your morning commute. we think it is going to be somethingier, but by the time you get your commute going tomorrow morning, especially esp south of d.c. there will be some rain showers. very little showing up now. we'll see clouds increasingreas overnight. you can see a couple of little t showers around the share lots area.s that is it for now, but there's definitely more coming. this is an area of low pressurep that will attract to the south and over to the coast. it doesn't have a lot of l strength with it, but you mightg have some questions about is iti going to be cold in the morning do we have anything frozen to worry about? we think the impact is going to be low because this is mainly going to be however, there will be some ofoe you especially if you live north along the maryland/pennsylvanian line or along some hire elevations you can see some snoe and sleet mixed in. eventually
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everybody is going to see all rain.ra some snow flakes may be mixingig in for a few of you. by 6:00 a.m. you can see the rain is moving up from south to north. getting to the belt kay by 6:00 a.m. you can also see out towardard garret county and some of the hire elevations a little bit ofn snow and that area shrinks as the rainn starts to move by 8:00 a.m. and it's gone by noon.on. we scatter out to showers bywers tomorrow night and we only picko up about a half inch. inc a different story for wednesday. that's a much bigger deal. we'll talk about that in detailn coming up in just a few minutes. thank you, sue. >> fox5 is in arlington countyy now. three men are under arrestest accused of attacking their uber driver. justin already rack, lance alr incorporate gram and roughry row were all riding in the uber wher they turned on the driver andivr beat him
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that ride started with six passengers inside that vehicle a and eventually, according to application the uber driver hadb had enough of their antics. he dropped them off before the ride was even done. one of them allegedly reached for the ignition and that's whes things quickly escalated. three woodbridge men are behind bars after an uber driver's fac' was cut by a beer bottle latee l saturday a group of six were acting belligerent and smelled oflled alcohol when the driver cut thet ride short on south washington boulevard. police say justin norcross and jeffrey incorporate gram left belongings in a car and allegedly smashed the back window before throwing a beer bottle in the driver's face. this late night attack anothertc one in the string of highly publicized assaults questioning some uber driver's safety.ety. >> i hear too many things about uber drivers, they beat them up, things like
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the alexandria uber driver says after watching a californiaalif driver's attack on tape he decided to record his rides with his own. >> the taco bell, that guy beat up. he decided to record himself so he can be protected so he can prove it. > now, uber put out a statement which reads, uber expects everyone in our community to treat everybody with respect anr common courtesy.on we have a zero tolerance policyy for all forms of harass many and abuse. we've been in touch and stand ready with the authorities totis assist in the investigation.nves two of the account holders who requested the ride and split the ride, their accounts on uber have been suspended. all three men arrested remain behind bars on no bond. we're reporting life in arlington county, marinain maracco, fox5 local new. > a high ranking d.c. police official has been ared and and charged with dwi. d paul shelton rear-ended a us go
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chain reaction crash on i295 last night. he was off duty and in his i personal car at the time. no one was hurt, but shelton was taken into custody. cus his blood alcohol content was slightly over the legal limit. shelton is a captain in the seventh district and has been on the force since the early 1990ss. his police powers have now been revoked. > a charles county judge ruledu on a heart breaking case today. are michigan a syms was found not criminally responsible inna the death ofll her three year od son. she was found pushing little lhg jay air's dead body in a park swing for two days. doctors say syms suffers from schizophrenia. the grandmother spoke with sarah simmons this evening about the o ruling and how the family is moving >>reporter: are michigan a syms is home given conditionally release by a judge. she has to follow doctor'sr' orders and continue with psychiatric treatment. something her mother says she tried to do before the death of
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little jay air, but consistent help was difficult to come by. i spoke with her tonight at her waldorf home.wa she says mental health assistance was difficult to attain for her daughter and hern case was essentially falling through the cracks. prosecutors remain her mother didn't revenge rant and hisant death was avoidable. a judge ruled into her favor. tash yeah is trying to move forward focusing on what she can do in light of the death.eath >> he's not going to be forgotten. that's my goal in life. i'm going to make sure this doesn't happen to another family, to another child, to another one who is suffering in darkness, alone through mental illness.lnes tasha is now taking her fight to the maryland general assembly. she's pushing what she calls jay air's law. it is addressing what is lacking in the mental health
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resources that may be needed, funding that maybe provided, ways to prevent this type of thing from happening again. she also wants people to know and understand that meant l al illness is a disease of the brain. it is serious, even though it'ss not something you can see like other physical ailments. tasha also trying to set up a charity in jar a's name called the funds. sean, thank you. > fox5 is in montgomery countyy now, a mother suspected in the disappearance of her two young children, 18 monthsing a appeared in court today. a psychiatric deemed catherinehi hoggle mentally unfit to stand trial. prosecutors want a secondors opinion, though, which the court went ahead and granted them. relatives of little sarah and jacob hoggle are frustrated and angry. i've aid the same thing each time. this is the
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situation for the olderer siblings. that is where my heart breaks. so as a mother and i'm her mother, this needs to end. we need to e solve this mystery, whatever the mystery is. catherine hoggle is currently charged with neglect and obstructing she is due back in court again i at the end of april. to prince george's county, theor public school beard has announced the creation of a student safety task force. this comes in the wake of a child pornography scandal involving an elementary schooll volunteer and alleged victims. deonte carraway is behind bars for the crimes. cri the task force will conduct a thorough review of the school district's current policies that are meant to keep children safen face one of the plan goes into effect on march 1. it will include reviewing the background, screening andnd clearance processes for all school employees, vendors and contractors. > still ahead tonight, moreonig than a dozen bald
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justly found dead in maryland. what could have happened tod t them. > a major lumbar company linked to increased risks to developing cancer. the retailer has several stores in our area. also coming up tonight, a major city is banning k cup coffee pods. the reason behind the move coming up right here on fox5 local news at 10. we'll be right back.
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> welcome back, fox5 is inox5 publicity tonight where one of three area lumber liquidators is located. the chain best known for its i hardwood bargains is doingg damage control after the centers for disease control and prevention report. the certain type of laminatingan flooring sold at lumber liquidators has a greater cans of causing cancer than previously indicated. teisha lewis is life with the investor. what does this mean for consumers? >>reporter: it means that if if you have this in your home you are risking exposure to formaldehyde.rmal we're here at one of threee lumber liquidators in the area.a i did speak with a company republican he's what he tells me. he says they don't t necessarili agree with the cdcs estimates, but they are
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changing quality assurance programs, including suspending the laminate wood that is sourced from china. you know what, spoke people wepl spoke with say that's just not enough. we purchased this particular flooring last april and nine days later there was a warning about the formaldehyde issue. i >> we face timed with kelly all ton who lives in new lenox, illinois. we immediately wanted to returnn the flooring, even if they didn't give us a full refund, exchange it for a product that they knew didn't have any significant worry as far as health concerns.rns. >> they wouldn't do that. so alter done tweeted us. she say the flooring she purchased is the same flooring the cdc now says could lead to an increased risk of cancer three times hire than the the previous estimate.imat the cdc recommends people with problematic laminate reduced exposure. >> i am mort think phid. obviously i don't want a product
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that can different us any of us cancer. i'm really upset.. i feel like once again that they pulled kind of the wood over my eyes. on the website, lumber liquidators says it's donated tons of flooring to places, including ronald mcdonald house. we did make lumber liquidators aware of kelly alter done's situation and they tell me that they'll followup with her and h tell me exactly what happenedpee and if something went wrong they'll also followup with her on thissen. they e-mailed me a statement saying they do offer customer's free air quality testing kits that provide scientificfic information. that's one thing that they are providing for customers and thet also say it's subjective. we have the complete statementpt on our website. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. i would be a little
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home. > an organization committed to eliminating ma layer a by handing out medications got a surprise from the whether it house, nothing but nets held a champion senate in the district. it provided 10 million mosquito nets to those in need. dr. baldwin formally of the bachelor and susan rise explains how easy it is to become involved and why it's important. >> i personally have come in contact with a child who had ma layer ten dollars, send a net, it's as simple as that. president obama declared a moral al outrage that am children are just one mosquito away from death. they told the summit an additional $200 million to fundi the president's malaria initiative, allowing for
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and medicines in ma layer a half prone countries. tonight more than a dozen bald eagles were found dead on a farm. now there is a $10,000 reward for information on what happened to those birds. police were called after someone walking in the area noticed four dead birds. investigators looked around. they found nine more of the balb eagles bringing the total to 13, the largest number of bald eagles lost in the last 30 years. a wildlife official says poisoning is the leading theory at this point. today, the united states andates russia a announced a cease fire will begin in syria this coming saturday.rday that will give hew man container workers an opportunity to provide supplies.uppl the united patients says it will put its aid
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ground as son as possible. russia is focused on rebel targets, while the us is conducting razor on isis compounds. > d.c. mayor muriel bowser metr with cuba's minister of foreign trade and investment to promote the city's businesses and investment firms. fir they discussed areas of mutual interest including the eventual exchange of goods and services, transportation, infra structurer and information technology. mayor bowser is in cuba as partt of a regional delegation with other government officials fromf the region. > gop ted cruz has fired his campaign communications director. the move comes after a spokesman promoted a video as mark row rube owe as trash talking the bible. > coming up at 10, why k cup coffee pods are now on a band items list in one major
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city. > one employee at a starbucks is going the extra mile to help hearing impaired customers. we'll be right back.
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> two people are under arreste following this scene at a beer and wine store in gaithersburg. police say a car crashed into the front of the store
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say was driving the car when it crashed is now charged with dui. a 27 year old passenger iss charged with hit and run. police say he drove the car away from the scene after the crash.. officers arrested the two nearby after tracking them down based on a car part left at the scene. > heads up all you coffee lovers out there. k cups are under fire in germany, the country's secondd largest city is now banning thet use of coffee pods from all government-run cities. the reason, k cups are made from plastic and aluminum which makes them non biodegradable. the amount of coffee pods buried in landfills could circle l the globe ten times. they also banned from buying bottled water and plastic cut letter i to environmental concerns. > the kindness of a coffee barista has gone viral. the barista at hista
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wrote him a note said she had been learning how to do american sign language so he could have h the same experience at starbucks that everyone else has. he was overwhelmed and showed how much the gesture meant tont him with fox5's ronica clear i. >>reporter: the note made me happy. he then said to me basically that i felt happy she learned to sign asl to speak to me. i felt happy that she wrote me the note. > how incredible is that.. we canned starbucks to actually interview that bar wrist a to wrote the note but they.lit eye denied. the company says she loved hearing meaningful stories with customers.cust even though you couldn't talk tt us we're giving you all kinds of shoutouts and praise because yoe did that on your own without anybody telling you. > the transit system says some metro rail operators are in a
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in fact, metro is bringing in neuroscience experts to look at the problem. details are ahead. also coming up tonight, a michigan uber driver allegedly confessed to a deadly shooting spree that happened yesterday. what happened when that man appear before a judge today. the details still ahead.
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> this is fox5 local news at 0. recapping tonight's top stories, grab your umbrella as you head out the door tomorrow morning,n, give yourself some extra timera for the commute as well. rain is moving into the d.c. region by sunrise. it will stick around throughoutn the day tomorrow.orro sue has your full forecast coming up in the next 20 minutes. > no criminal charges for the mother found pushing her dead toddler on a swing last year. syms suffers from schizophrenia which prevented her fr
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understanding what she was doing. > arlington county three menou have beentn charged after they allegedly beat their uber driveu with a beer bottle. police say that justin nor congress, last incorporate grama and jeffrey row were riding in the uber when they turned on tur their driver. the attack happened last saturday in arlington. the men are charged with malicious moving and assault by mob. the michigan uber driver charged in a deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo. microtoxin has the latest. >>reporter: 45 year old uber driver jason dalton making his first court appearance monday showing little emotion and saying very little.tle. are you jason brian dalton. >> yes. one word answers, yes, when asked to confirm his name and whether he understands the 16 criminal offenses he is charged with, including six counts of murder and two counts of attempt
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are you guilty of this offense, p felony punishable by a sentence to life in prison. dalton a former adjustor with no prior criminal record is accused of carrying out a deadly shooting rampage beginning on saturday around 6:00 p.m. firin. at an apartment complex, four hours later at a car dealership and then 15 minutes after thatr more shooting at a restaurant parking lot. police say dalton targeted seemingly random victims fatally shooting at least six people. no word yet on a possible motive. meantime dalton continued toic p up and drop off uber passengers in between shootings, including this couple. i would never expect someoneomeo that had just been out killing people to come pick me up. u i said you're not the shooter, are you. >> he said,, i say, are you sure. >> he said, no, i'm just ally dalton did pass their background check. the county prosecutor says the
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search order was ordered at his house and significant weapons were recovered.ed > a stunning revelation today by metro much the transit agency says the regent rash of red light violations may have been caused by daydreaming. there have been 47 red light violations on metro since 2012. the agency hired a team of neurological experts to figure out why. operators fail to see the lighth that are clearly in front of them. understandably, metro riders are concerned. does it concern you? >> yeah. it doesn't make me very frightened. first of all i thought that's pretty dangerous. we all daydream at one time or another, but not here, not on metro, not when you have so many lives in your hands. have to do something. i don't know what the options may be, but they've got to do something. it's too
10:32 pm
system to have am more accidents. the transit agency issued ad statement that says in part, with the goal of reducing red signal violations to zero, weer, have engaged outside experts develop the first of its kind k close call reporting system adjusted schedules and enhancedd procedures. we have recently put in place reduced risk of missed communication. the leaders were in an all day meeting today and could not comment on the report. fox5 is in prince george'sn pr county where a sting operation caught two criminals read handed. they were arrested following a series of transactions on theon app offer up much that's where people can advertise to sell goods. they posted to sell a dirt bike. when two teenager buyers pulled out they pulled out guns and robbed them. these types
10:33 pm
the rice. > fairfax county police need the public's help tracking down a man who they say broke into a woman's home while she was w sleeping and sexually assaulted her. take a look at this sketch. the description is vague, but police say he was last seen wearing a black jacket and a backpack. he broke into the woman's apartment in the mount vernon area of virginia on saturday. police say he threatened the victim, assaulted her and then took of on.took if you recognize this man, police want to hear from you.ou. apple and the fbi are still at odds over an order to help unlock an iphone used by one ofo the san bernadine owe shooters. last night fbi director james cone i issued a blog the threat doesn't issue a threat to personal safety. > the san bernadine owe victim's families are now filinn a brief on behalf of the government. >>reporter: apple is refusing to budge, the tech giant still
10:34 pm
fighting a court order to help the fbi help recover data from f an iphone. james comb i firing back at critics who say forcing apple to preserve the data is a slipperyy quote, the san bernadine owe litigation isn't about trying to set a precedent or sending any kind of message much it is about the victims and justice. and those victims and their families are now jumping into i the legal battle, filing a brief on behalf of the government. i feel personally very upset that apple is not cooperatingrai with the bi. the bigger picture is there might be some information inn that apple is digging in for a long fight and it won't be easy for the government to get everything it wants in this case. if apple had in its possession, evidence the government wants it would have to turn it over. the government is asking appleg to create something that doesn'd exist against its
10:35 pm
its own expense. both sides are sticking to their guns.ns. most apple fans still divided on their own response. they need to assist the fbi witw national security matters. invading this privacy is a about it wrong. this morning apple floated thelt idea of creating a government panel encryption to help resolve h this legal stand off and others like it in the future. in loss rangless, jonathan hunt, fox news. > a 106 d.c. woman danced her way into our hearts this weekend when this video went viral. take a look at her right there,, virginia mack klehr on met o president obamna and she couldnt contain we're going to talk to her about the experience coming up next. and the netflix original series house cards held itself a he ' season seer cease 4 in
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kevin spacy was there and so was judy hurts and she's joining usg in the ohio with the highlights. it looks like cellphone users are held up on trust issues. seven out of ten say they do not trust mobile service providers to protect their privacy. and the reward comes as the sams day that apple ceo e-mailed his employees of protecting privacyy he's fighting fbi to break the t encryption codes on the phone used by the san bernadine owe terrorist. lumber like wait doors getting floored. the government warning peopleple exposed to certain types of the company's laminate flooring havr a hire risk of getting cancer than previously believed. more americans are putting the pedal to the metal as pump
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prices keep plunging. motorists driving a recordord 3.1 trillion miles last year, m that is theil equivalent of takg nearly 17,000 trips to the sun and back. in case you were planning that.t drive safely. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.
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you are here. we are happy to have you. that's me. d.c. resident virginia mackk
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week, the 106 year old was welcomed to the white house for a black history month reaccepting. as you can see, she was very excited. she even danced her way to a photograph with the president and first lady. > today we caught up with hercg and asked her about the experience. she is still beam from the big day. >> i was so excited. did you ever think you'd be standing in the white house dancing with the president. >> i saw that. somebody is going to give me a video of that. i was really shocked and i'm so happy, really happy. > mclean was born in south carolina in 1909. to this day she still volunteers at the roots public charter school five days a week. > she's also spent more than 20 years helping students with mental and physical disabilities. she will turn 107 next month. mn she's working. she's volunteering. >> lives on her own,
10:42 pm
> almost 107 years old. good for her. it warms your heart to see that. > i want to be like her when ie grow up. u > still ahead tonight, soon selfies will be good for more than just capturing the moment. tonight at 11 1 # a major credit card company is allow to snap selfies instead of passing in passwords. that's not the only thing in thn works to protect your credit. c also at 11 what lawmakers did in virginia that will soon make it easier for some people to carry concealed weapons in the state.
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> screen four of the networkss original series house of cards is set to premier march 4 and tonight the stars showed upwed right here in d.c. at the natural portrait gallery for thr big
10:46 pm
the judy curt was there and is getting us in the no from the details of the big event.. it must have been an exciting night. >> i dashed over from it.d who was there. >> they were actually i heard filming a scene from house the cards. a little bit of art imitating life, imitating art. who was there. >> kevin spacy. the one person who wasn't there, robin she was not there.. word on the street is in this upcoming season there might be a little marital friction betweenn them. all the other stars were there. matt campbell, a new addition to the castellani there. t > so the reason for this obviously was the unveiling of a port trait of president underwood. they kind of tied this portrait unveiling to the season 4n 4 premier of house of cards which was tonigh
10:47 pm
interviewed kevin spacy twice today. this morning you could see the portrait.po this is by a british artist, jonathan why you own.ou he did a painting of defense caf in spacy as frank underwood. he verieses very frank underwood. you kind of get sense that he might kick you in the face. and as a viewer of this portrait he looks down at you.. frank underwood is not the nicest of guys. she is kind of castellaniing this spell on you. y it was interesting talking to spacy today. one thing all the d.c. reporterr want to ask about is the reel life 2016 presidential raisin that's the one thing that he really doesn't want to talk t about is real life politics. he depleted questions like the 2016 raise. like a
10:48 pm
he doesn't really want to weigh in. the big premier is march 4, but a lot of people are hoping are maybe you can give us a little tidbit. what did you find out? what did you find out besides possible marital discourse. the castellani of the show is ss tight lipped. they did show some clips from the upcoming season. i am not allow to say. but they've been -- it's interesting, when the whole season goes up on netflixflix they've been not to say a word about it. it's difficult when you can't giveaway any sort of pointsf about it. i'm ' just curious, i don't know about you guys, but i will binge watch this. do you sit and watch maybe a a couple episodes at time. >> i have a two year old at home. any binge watching has to do
10:49 pm
between nap time. i binge watch as much as possible between naps. b pretty exciting to have the castellani here and the big prematter on netflix on march 4. do you know how long it's going to be there.. >> it's open to the publicc starting on wednesday. anyone can go to the natural portrait gallery. if you had the fictional president next to the reel life president -- i told you he was really the president. > yod dicots, in the know. > let's find out what's fin happening with the forecast. >> judy, fun segment over there. we have some interesting weather the next couple of days that's going to keep us on our toes in the weather center. today comparatively quiet. we got up to 50-degrees. it was wonderful to see the season sunshine. it went like a hint of spring. tomorrow only about 44
10:50 pm
we'll be able to warm things ups again on wednesday.sday but it is rain that we are anticipating for tomorrow morning's commute. there could be a little bit of mix far to the north and west. it won't last long and the ground is warm so we don't d expect anything to accumulate. a stronger storm is going to t approach on wednesday, though and that one may have somal ofe to it president.t. it may be able to produce one to three inches of rain and perhaps some thunder storms. we are looking for the possibility of some of those storms to be stronger. wednesday looks like it's going to be busy as well and we'll probably get a bigger wallop from that one. it will also warm us up a about it to 68-degrees. > the heavier rain will be inni the morning and then it will bel kind of a drizzle and a gray g evening as we head on into the overnight hours. wednesday a nice warmup at 58 with those thunderstorms expected. i wanted to show you what these two separate storm systems, the
10:51 pm
will produce under a half inch of rain for some areas and it may be lighter as you get up to the mason-dixon line and that ii good because that's where temperatures will have to be watched. nothing showing up on radar right now, but it is definitely just to the south. s i see a lot of rain around the hamilton roads area.ds and again, a good expect of moisture as this storm is going to travel over to the coast. normally you would think there would be some cold air present but we're going to struggle to find any cold air. unlike last week when we thought this storm had a potential it looks completely unlikely withky the exception of some high spots out to the west. this rain moving up from south to north it may not get to maryland until a little bitt liter, maybe the 8 or 9:00 hour. by 10:00 it's around the region. there might be a couple of spots, especially closer to the beaches to get some moderatee rain. as the afternoon goes on it breaks up
10:52 pm
eventually drizzle. tomorrow night i want to keep ap eye out in some of the hire elevations.evat we're seeing a little of that showing up even wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m.a.m. we're not going to get much down time between the two systems. and then it starts picking up.. but watch the futurecast as i take you into wednesdaysday afternoon. we start to see some brightt lines of storms showing up. some moderate rain possible in i the rain afternoon.on. the wednesday evening commutete will be a little bit problematic and then look at this line of storm coming that will be watching through our area.a. watch this one. it might have a lot of gusty winds with it and the ground its saturated so we may have a flooding concern wednesday night as well. we're watching temperatures as a well. frederick we're. w most places will stay above freezing and if they are closele to freezing i think
10:53 pm
pretty quickly as well.l. we're forecasting 32. gaithersburg 40, and quantico 40-degrees with rain coming in by sunshine. for tomorrow, again, 44-degrees, morning rain likely, more showers for the afternoon and we p wrap it up with your fox5 accuweather seven day forecasten and again, a good amount of rain coming. thursday looks it could be a rather windy day. lots of gusts over 30 miles an hour on thursday.n you know what, it looks good for the weekend. saturday 46-degrees and thens an sunday it looks like we're going to warm up again to 54-degrees. it won't be long before people seeing correct uses in their 54 for monday with a couple ofeo possible > the warmup will be a nice thing. >> it will. it i think wednesday is going to be the rougher
10:54 pm
you know, any time we have rain it kind of causes some issues on the beltway. > yes. >> plan extra time, folks. > good advice, thank you, sue. last year bryce harper stole the shows a the national league mvp. today he met the media for the first time talking to pam one and his future with the nats. jim lokay has that next in sports. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
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there's no such thing as a do over in sports. s spring training is the closest thing to it. tomorrow the dusty led took to florida for the first time. t on the minds of many, the choke. after the papelbon's choking incident led to suspension and discord in the team clubhouse.oe both are back. both are still teammates. papelbon says it was behind then on thursday for the last time. today harper was also weighing in for what he called the last time. it got blown up out of proportion with the media and whatnot. that's what it's going to be like for the rest of the year. things that happen during theg t year, it's just part of baseball and part of sports and life.ife. you try to build from that andha do everything you can to not let it happen again and go about
10:59 pm
the right way this year and do everything we can to come together as a team and as a family. that's all that matters. > harper is the national raining mvp. harper signed through the 2018 season. what about 2019 and beyond? on harper could be baseball's first $400 million player. am believe the yankees really want him. the phenom wants to talk short term. >> i want to talk the next three years, i'm very happy to put the w on my chest.. i love the capital, i love d.c. it's a monumental town, a beautiful town.tifu i look forward to playing there every single day for the next three years.. that's what's on my mind right now. >> that's a smart answer. >> that's the most diplomatic answer you can give. maybe they'll have it here. who knows. kno let's look at the next threet years becaus
11:00 pm
greatness.eatn > fingers crossed. > a lot of changes fox5 local news at # # starts right now.ow this is fox5 local news at 11. now 11 1 #, here comes the rain. be prepared for a wet start to your tuesday. and political dirty tricks caused a major shake up for one of the gop presidential hopefuli and say cheese, a major creditri card company will soon require cell selfies instead of passwords to make online purchase pes. your news starts now. n and it is good to have you with us i'm tony perkins and i'm hundreds. right off the top tonight at # 1 an uber driver is recovering after a violent attack in virginia. police say three men, these t three men were passengers when w necessity attacked and beat the driver with a beer bottle. tonight other uber drivers sayvs this is an example w


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