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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10 right now at 10 a horrific child porn scandal at a local school stunned the community.ommu tonight, the changes in the works to keep children safe.hi a suicide hotline for veterans in need of help. only on of those calls were going to voice male. so how could this happen? and a terrify helicopter crash caughto onpt camera.a. new details about what went wrong. your news starts
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thanks so much for joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm gym low kay in for tony and off the top, the aftermath of the terrible child porn. day anti carraway is accused of filming 17 children.ldre tonight the schools made somesoe changes and tightened security. marina maracco is life at the a school board of education withih the latest. >>reporter: it's the first am many steps.. it was a very short portion of this meeting that addressed volunteers in prince george's county.coun among the recommendations that the prince george's countyce school board made was that there be a task form to look into whether, in fact, volunteers should be let into schools with just simply a background check. does that suffice? should there be a more thorough check. che also looking into best practices in other school district. now, as far asho
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the board and how members will be on that board, as far as today, the school board did nott answer a those questions. they also did not say when this task force would begin to make any sort of recommendations and what they're looking toking accomplish in all of this. but they do want to see whether, in fact, the school board and prince george's county failed by allowing deonte carraway to be a volunteer at this school. thi one of the general questions abouted volunteers like deonte carraway was what exactly can volunteers do or whatnot do and what does the work of a volunteer truly entail. now, the school board chair said volunteers are an important part that the schools do and typically eight teachers help chaperone and mentor students. in a recorded jail house interview with carraway,rawa carraway told fox5 he was onlyy scheduled to work twice a week, but went to judge sylvania woods elementary s
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day of the week. i did ask the school board chaia if any superior was aware ofre that and would that superiorerio have to approve carraway coming to school the full week and if that information was, in fact, school. the school board said that still remains under an investigationan and did not have an answer. but he did answer as to whetherr volunteers are allowed to be alone with students at any point during the school day. take a listen. volunteer would not walk a student t a bathroom? >> so again, i cannot -- i don't want start getting into detailsi of this particular case and of what happens in schools andls whether or not a volunteer -- because there are a whole lot of cases -- again in many cases --- >> there is no rule saying thatn a volunteer cannot be alone with a student? >> so there is not an explicit administrative procedure that io know of that says police italyty that no volunteer can ever be
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alone with a student. i can tell you when we finish this investigation and if the system failed i will stand up and say explicitly whether wethr did and how we did and what we're going to do fix it. clearly, based on what happened, something failed. what that failure was, we neede to find out. but it is abundantly clear thatr something failed in a major way. mow, the school's principal remains on paid administrative leave pending the culmination of a criminal and internalna investigation. as to the findings of this task force, no doubt has been set to see that report.ort. we're now reporting life in prince george's county, marinae maracco, fox5 local news. > the search is on tonight forg the man suspected of willing two people in the district.le the i victims were shot thiss afternoon on 58th street northeast. police tell us one victim was found inside a house. the other victim was found nearby and taken to hospitalital where he later died. so far police have not release a
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motive for the shooting, but sho they are asking anyone withone information to give them a call. now to prince george's county county police made an arrest in a bizarre murder in upper marlboro. osama ellie tarry was shot too deaths in his pickup truck. his rolex watch and other items were missing. police have since arrested eric gary and tack wall muhammad. they are charged with first degree murder. the victim was a former jail informant. fox5 news in the district.tric that's where the department oftf veterans affairs is under fire. this time a new report by the v.a.'s own watchdog reported its suicide hotline calls go to voice male and much more.e. teisha lewis is here with the story. this is amazing. reporter roar that's right. this is a report that is reallyl going to make your blood boil. veterans who defense our country coming home and being left with no support at a time when they need it the most. the department of veterans
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general release their findings last in it case after case vets calling for help and getting none. some of these claims were not substantiated but enough of them, including the assertion that calls into the suicide line were actually being forwarded to voice male.e ma it says it received several complaints citing more training and when staff are busy calls are forwarded to volunteer backup call centers that lackha training at all. now, we spoke with wellness center owner rabbi jeffrey conwho says am of his patients suffer from pstd and they are not receiving the help they neee from the veterans administration. >> their needs aren't being met and the tremendous pain they'ree dealing with from ptsd is not being helped. they're turned away. they're not responded to and they're suffering.they when you don't get a return calr from the hotline or nobody picks it up, that's saying we justt really don't care.on't now
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critical. nearly 20 percent of allof a suicides nationwide are veterans. about one in six of these callse are reportedly redirected to backup centers during an in flux. now, there are seven recommendations that have been made to fix these problems, including addressing hold times, providing ongoing training and establishing a quality assurancn program. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > very frustrating to hear all of that. tire a, thank you.ank tonight there is some debate in southeast zc over the name of ballou high school. they recommended changing the school's name to honor the former mayor, barry. lauren demarco is life with theh very latest. >>reporter: sean, there arere some strong feelings on both b sides of this, a large part of marion barry's legacy was his support for the youth in this city and the coalition of alumni and students of ballou who met here tonight they strongly str support memorializing himiali
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think changing the name of what look senior high school wouldool cause more harm than good. others feel very different limid one woman showed up, some of her children graduated from what look and she tried to expresso her opinions.nion take a look. >> this school should be named after barry burns. not only that, the white house should be named after him. i know of he helped to secure funds over here to build this structure. i don't care what he did, but he was for the people.eopl that woman was not permittedtted inside for the meeting becauseng it was a private meeting of the alumni and students. but the former mayor's support for the funding and major renovations that ballou recentll underwent is part of the barryry memorial commission decided to include renaming it in their also on the list, renaming a r student center at u d.c., creating a statue at the wilsonn building and renaming a road for barry possibly good hope road.
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to sign off on the the recommendations and then theyan would be sent to the city council. the group that gathered heree tonight, however, has collected more than 3500 signatures in paper and online in petitions. they say changing the name of ballou senior high would diminish the weight of the school's legacy between its renowned marching band, thearch number of successful alumni and the supports programs. there's also the issue of money. tonight they were running a cost-benefit analysis. it's really fiscally i'm responsible of them to go back into a new constructive building and rip apart all of the logo and paintings and artwork that t was commissioned from the community because it was really a true community effort when it comes to the design of the school. but you really would be going in and ripping up a lot of things, putting the kids back through construction. we have students here that are student athletes that can't have colleges come see them play their
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had a contract fall through. is this really about the kids? i don't think so. mayor barry son's christopher barry was recently taken to social media he made some racist claims against the who the school was named for. they say this is not aboutut raise, it's more about the namet of the school, what it has become and not the man behindan the name of the school. so, of course they do not want a to see it changed. they say they will not rest until that is taken off the table. a spokesperson for mayor bowsere told me she will look into all of this when she reviews the it does need to be approved by the city council. that's the latest at what look, lauren demarco. > a lot of debate on this one still to come. still to come tonight a viciouss attack caught on camera.amer a group of teens brutally b
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decorated marine knocking him out.out. meantime, sarah what's going on. world wars between donald trumpt and the pope. the wholly father criticizes the presidential candidate. you'll hear trump's firery response coming up.resp i'm going to say this right now. zip it. hi, guy, we've got some exciting stuff coming up in weather. for starters two seasons insons seven days. a little bit of spring, you may have have a little l hint of spring fever and a little bit of winter to talk about. it's all ahead with your seven day forecast. come on back. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. > wealth come back, a former af marine is assaulted at a mcdonald. the entire incident was caught on camera and it could be hard r to watch.. chris fer mar questions won a bronze star. here is the blow that takes down the former marine, a bronze star recipient hit from behind as he was walking out of
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christopher mar questions showed us his bruises yesterday. keep watching the video you can see him he is on the ground and someone appears to approach himm and remove something from his pocket. he said his wallet had $400 cash inside. it was taken.aken then it all gets more disturbing. watch this, he's kicked once and then again as he tries to get up marqise says it all started whe a group of young people approached him and asked himked about this.ab they were asking me if i believe that black lives matter. they asked me that a few times. i was ignoring them at first because i felt they were intimidating they were being hostile, in how they approached me and how they were talking to me. and then they started calling mg a racist. we asked mayor muriel bowser about this violence. do crimes like this anger you
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>> any crime angers me againstit anybody. you may be able to recognize three persons of interest. the story has made nationalnal headlines and we asked the mayor if she's concerned about the impact this could have on visitors.sito >> people know that about our city, the wonderful neighborhoods and the wonderful people here and they're not scared away by a few violentiole people. matt ackland, fox5 local news. > matt talked christopher marqise again on the phone.ain he was at the doctor's havinging additional tests done. he said that video is extremely hard for him to much what. tonight the highest court inhest maryland will consider a key issue surrounding the trials ofi six baltimore police officers all charged in freddie gray's death and that in turn will delay any future prosecutions. they will decide whether officee william porter can be forced to testify against other officersir charged in gray's death.
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december. prosecutors plan to retry him. he should not be forced to testify against other since he's still in legal jeopardy and itt will violate his fifth amendment rights. we are following some breakingrk news right now.ow. the physician school board decided to close schools on super turk march 1.r more than 150 schools will be used as poling sites because the turnout in iowa and new hampshire hit record levels they were concerned about creating jambs. meantime some folks in loudondon county want their schools closed on super tuesday. right now schools are planned to open on a two-hour hour delay. social media is buzzing about the freud between donald trump and pope francis. tonight he questioned pope's p christianity and it's allt's between the plan to build a wall between mexico than a the us.
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this war of words. >>reporter: these are not theo two people you'd expect in a heated debate. it happened today.d they were not face to face for i. the pope was on a plain freshlan off of a visit to mexico. donald trump on the campaign trail. the pope was surrounded by reporters. when he was asked about donald trump and his pledged to build a wall within the mexico border, here's what the pope had to say. a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they ma be and not building bridges is not christian. a very pointed comment there the coming from the moment. itm t didn't take long for trump to fire back. he got the news while on thehe campaign trail and in typicalal trump fashion he did not minutes words. no leader, especially a religious leader should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. especially when they feed all sorts of fal
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them. they're using the pope as a pawa and they should be ashamed of themselves. that's the mexican government. given immigration is such a who the political topic some of trump's gop rivals chimed in but very carefully. general bush says he doesn'tsn't question trump's christianity. saying that's a relationship you have with your creator.reat mark rub owe just like the vatican,. he would give the businessman theth benefit of the doubt. > all right. sarah. we will be watching this one. the body of late justice antonin scalia will lie in repose.epos thousands of mourners are expected to pay their last respects including the president and firshet lady michelle obama. the viewing is from 8:30:00 a.m: to 8:00 p.m. the 79 year old justice diedtice last saturday while on a hunting trip in texas. his funeral will take place next
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saturday. > after years and millions of dollars we now know when d.c. street cars will be opening uppi to the public. take a look at this video. this is a chopper going down in pearl harbor. we'll tell you what happen after the break.e also as we head to break tonight, just a reminder that today is throw back thursday. you know what that means, right dig into your memory test, pull out those favorite pictures ofte your babies, of yourselves, tweet them to us, but you said hashtag didn't and explain what's going on in the picture. this is jose. he sent this one of us as a baby. he's now 18. you have certainly grown up, jose. we're going toshier more of your pictures coming up on the news at # 1. remember, use the hashtag, fox5 didn't.
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welcome back, a teenager is in critical condition after a private helicopter crashed in hi
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was all caught on video. you would.ould the teen was one of five passengers on board the private helicopter. it crashed off 20 feet offshore. federal investigators are now examining what exactly went wrong. d.c. police need your helpe ne finding one of the men suspected in shooting in a a barber shot. anthony cames is one of the five men accused of shooting into the barber shop. they need your help finding chambers. they say if you see him he is considered armed and dangerous. the father and son who were shoe were expected to be okay. oka > after more than a decade of planning construction and nevern ending testing it was announced today d.c. street cars will finally open for service. it could happen soon, saturday, february 27 at 10:00 a.m. it's after a brief ceremony in northeast. they will run from 6:00 a.m. monday to thursday
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a.m. on mondays and saturdays. it will be a ride for a short time t at it's been 54 years since street cars were last operating in the district. >> that's a long time. > i see those and i think riser aown i. >> the san francisco treat.. > i didn't want to continue it. >> it doesn't really fit with d.c. > i just see the street cars and it's usually where my mind goes. > he is our nations first black president. >> tonight georgetown universitw president michael eric die sonis is here talking about his new book on barrack obama's legacy and the politics of raise in america. that's coming up after the break
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. black lives matter. white lives matter.
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all lives matter. i spent 50 years of my life fighting for civil rights. if you don't want me to be here, that's okay. > find some common ground on agendas that can make a difference right here and now in people's lives. looking at the world, where do we go? i make -- to quote doctor king, the time is always right to do right. america's first black president's time in office hase been punctated by discussionssso about raisin also racial conflict. those are some of the images thatou
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right there. tonight we are taking a closer look. he will end his second term of president. how he will be remembered. noted author and georgetown professor michael and due die d son is hereue to talk about his new book, barrack obama. > good to have you. >> it's good to be here. h > why did you choose to do this particular book. i know you about the the chancee to sit down and talk with the president when you wrote it. why his book. >> we wanted to take stock off what he did well, maybe what hew could have done better, what the obstacles were and how raise hai been used from the very beginning to shape his perception, to talk about what he's doing and also to keep h him from fulfilling his obligation as president of the f united states of america. so raise is a complicated forcem and feature in his life and i wanted to examine that as well as his own legacy in regard too raise. as historic as it was when he was elected, you know,
10:31 pm
fringe out there that said we elected african-american. a racism is over. we've achieved equality. we certainly have not reached that point. >> no. > where does that narrative come from.. >> it comes from fantasy, from hope, from dilution. i comes from a fears belief that if we can just elect this one particular black man that we'll be done with and have our handsh washed of everything else. does hillary clinton is elected does that mean rain raise goes g awhat, does that title 9 is necessary, no it doesn't.oesn in the same regard with raise, barrack obama was a sympathomimetic objection to the form of raise. the progress that has bee token in his election is there, but at the same time black lives matter movement in the street proves that there is so much more workm to be done and the kind of answer id racist reactio
10:32 pm
in south carolina or trayvon martin show us we have a long thing to go. > what things did the president get right, what things don't you think he got right. >> obviously he's one of the brightest men in public office and certainly one of the greatest presidents we've hatched i think he'll go down as one of the greatest presidents in history.. what he did i think was problematic is he learned a wrong lesson after the henry gates affair, who was trying to get into his house, jimmied his door, he was arrested. barrack obama said the police acted stupidly.y. because there was so much controversy he kind of laid out. this was in his first team. >> really in his first year. i think that from there he was racially reticent. he procrastinated. he puts things off. had he addressed them more forthrightly. he was in a very difficult position, and in incredibledibl odds, but at the same time when
10:33 pm
that your responsibility is to speak of serious issues thats american people may not want tow deal with, but it is your responsibility to address. let me ask you, though, had he come out and spoken in thosese issues the way we heard somerd people who were critical of himh do you think he would have made it to a second term? there were people who said he should have been more vocal when it came to blackishes, but he's not the t president of black america, he's the president of all america. so when he pushed for gay marriage, was he the president of gay america? when he talked about the environment, was he the president of only environmentalists? everyy constituency has to be addressed. black people do themselves a great disservice and obama said this. i'm not the president of black america. but you are the president of black americans. it is a false positive to suggest that if you address issues of black people you're ie the addressing ires of america.a when black unemployment is double that of white unemployment
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problem and it must be addressed by the american president whosie happens to be black and those people who are most vulnerable happen to be black as well. as we look towards 2016 judging towards the polls, the next president will not be dr. benicar son.beni polls are polls.. what happens next? well, itll will be interesting. int i think we'll all miss him all number one. i think david brooks of the new york times as a conservative says i disagree with a lot of lt his policies his decorum, his h sense of balance, his graciousness, we're going tog miss all of that. it's pretty, pretty nasty out there. tough sledding. in the answer ofto obama the president will be forced to not rely on identification of a black person to another black person. they will have to speak about public policy when it comes to fulfilling the civil rights movement or our experiment that says
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to all people. they have could tomorrow forwaro with it, whether it's berniee sanders or hillary clinton or perhaps hillary clinton and bernie sanders.ande what happens next? what do youy think it's going to mean for raise in america during his presidency? we showed you somew of the images there. people were upset after beyonce 's entitle we'vlee had the black lives matr movement. the lack of diversity in oscars movement. how is that going to change once he's out of office? it opens up even more space. barrack obama's evoked a lot of negative viewpoints that peoplee had thought was swept under the garment. beyonce was brave. taylor swift isn't talked aboute that she's a femme nice as well as a great artist. beyonce was it a revelation too america that she is a black
10:36 pm
woman. my lord. she is a black woman who is an african-american who therefore should phellem pat think for fo those black people who are nott rich like her. kendrick lauren demarco mar has cut his teeth on dealing with controversial issues. they were missed because we were so upset with the fact these black people were talking about racism. i like my baby here, we don't d have time to break down for baby's hair because people were talked about her baby's nappy hair on social media. those are things that people missed when they dealt with them because they narrowly looked ata them. there are so many things we could talk we certainly appreciate you y coming in to. you have a book signing. >> on politics and pros on the 5000 block. saturday.
10:37 pm
don't quote me on that address. > it's very close to here. >> right up the street, 5050. somewhere on connecticut.e but it'son at 3:30. > thanks for coming in.ming we appreciate it. thank you so kindly. > coming up tonight, the changes that could be coming to your favorite tood in a grocery store near you to help fight the obesity epidemic. robot room service. we're going to show you how it works coming up next. fasten up drivers we've got a major car retailer to tell you about. toyota is calling back nearlyrl 3 million paragraph 4suvs. apparently seat belts can fail during a crash. vehicles made over the past 11 t # years. meantime more travelers are getting to their destinations oa time at least for now. eight of nine schedule flights arriving on time. that is up in the past month. hawaiian airlines is doing
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at this at 93 percent. the do you stopping a 3 cession. you are probably hunting for a bonus. four out of ten millenials theyy want a lot of rewards from a new credit card and a lot more things like low interest rates and where you can use the card. that's business. i'll neil cavuto.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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> the fbi is investigating a i hack attack at as california hospital. they ceased computer records at hollywood presbyterian. hospital services were not disrupted. they demanded a ransom and the hospital gave him n by 40 bit coins. nearly impossible to
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that's equal to nearly 17,000 bucks. the feds are still looking for those hackers. not all technology is bad. a hotel in los angeles is trying something a little new when guests call for room service. when you order, wall i -- there's a knock on the door.oor. wall i will greet you at the door. this robot is getting a lot of attention at this residence in. guests, as you can knowledge, really like the idea. i loved it. i it was like being in star wars. it's like r2d2 coming to your door. this new employee is so much fun to have around here.e. the hotel's general manager says wally has been good business. more guests are ordering rooming service just so they can check out the wally in action. in case you're wondering how wally makes his deliveries. he doesn't knock on the door. he makes a phone call. there's a
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container in there with the fooo you order. if you're expecting champagne on a tray, you can forget it, that's the not what they're serving. very cool for the kids. > coming up tonight on fox5 local news at 11, yea west claiming that he's 15 in the hole. > bill cosby firing back f against one of the women who accused him of sexual asought. we'll tell you about the lawsuit the canadian just filed. the prince george's county g school board met tonight to discuss procedures following the horrific child porn scandal. the news at 11 1 # coming up in just about 20 minutes.
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right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. > you know those nutritionw labels on food they may soonth t a makeover. m
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the fda is proposing a redesignn to make shopping easier and healthier for consumers. fox's linda schmidt more with wt what they say could help with the country >> what do you check for. >> i check for sugar and allar kind of stuff.. i'm looking for how healthy thet stuff that we're getting is. like how much it would benefit myself. the idea behind nutrition labeln is to make you an educated consumer so that you know what you're buying and ultimately what you're eating. so how helpful are the labels detailing the amount of calories, fought, protein, sugar, et cetera in your food? i know what i'm looking for so how much sodium, how many carbohydrates, how much sugar,ug how much fiber, all those things are very important. do you think they're easy to understand when you do look at them. >> they are not. i would say they're con fusing. they're contradicting half off the time i think. the fda wants to revise the nutrition labels, including redesigning them.em. among the changes, making the calorie information more
10:48 pm
prominent as well as changing c what is considered a single serving size. the fda is considering line for added sugar and i thin this ias really helpful because on the food label we just seesee one numb for total sugar, but it doesn't distinguish between sugar that are naturally present in food like sugar and thosesuga that are added during processing nutritionist lisa dare is hoping that label changes will help make people smart choices abouta what they eat especially sincesc the country is facing an obesity problem. people don't know how much they're actually consuming whenn it comes to calories and foods and the food labels don't seem to make it any easier for us. so any help we can get in termst of interpreting food labels intn our own diets will go a long way in terms of improving overall health. > you had a good theory about. >> what? you said that those labels should say.
10:49 pm
>> if you eat servings of this you will gain five pounds. > that's totally motivating. if i read that, i would be like -- and don't exercise, youy will gain five pounds. >> it's time for our daily recommended allowance of sue palka. >> there is no daily recommended allowance. we want sue all the time. > we've got a little bit of something for everybody. we got a hint of spring for people who would like to have aa nice weekend and get on outside and enjoy. and we have something for the snow lovers.ow in the middle of next week wee still have the possibility of a little bit more snow. we're still tracking that one closely. it's going to be a fun run up to wednesday. here are the headlines, though,, it's going to be a cold night. you probably already noticed that and we won't have quite asa much sun tomorrow.row. our temperatures will get into the mid 40s. saturday sunny and warm. and mild on sunday.
10:50 pm
we still have questions on next week's storm but i wanted to lee you know several days out the weathese give you the idea of whether there's a possibility of aty within the storm o and they have us in a slight risk and just as of tonight enhanced risk out ino the hire elevations and that would be mainly for wednesday oy next week. we're going to enjoy this th weekend. saturday looking fantastic, sunny and warm. we are going to see am place he getting pretty close to 60, if i not above it. i and then a little cooler on monday with a couple showers as mentioned. today 42-degrees.y 4 it's going to be on the cold side tonight. already many places down into the low 20s. gaithersburg 21.ithe if you thought this morning was cold, maybe even in some spots you're going to be a little bit kohl'ser.'ser we're at 32 already in the the district heading on down to the mid 20s tonight.ight a few clouds around. we'll have more clouds later
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tonight, but definitely a colde start for you on your friday. overnight expect to see a few teens, upper teens, 19 fredericks 18 for martinsburg and about 21 p down in ited should be a gorgeous sunshs with a few pictures coming in. we want to thank carl for sending in the gorgeous picture. the sun up at 7:25. it's going to be a cold start for our friday. if you're going out friday nighy you may notice it's not quite as chilly because a warm front is f in the process of coming on through and it will change our wind direction. winds will start coming in from the south. it's certainly going to be a lot warmer on our saturday. we'll track a few cloudss through. you can see them on futurecast. mostly everything coming througt dry tomorrow. not as much sunshine as we had today.
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i didn't want that to take youke by surprise.pris and onward to fees our eyes on the weekend as winter is going to take a little spring break and we see a lot of warmth > we should get to about 61 on saturday and sunday, 59-degrees5 again with a couple showers in the afternoon. i'm going to wrap it up and also talk about our fox5 seven day f forecast forecast, the storm protension next week. we push it mostly onto wednesday now. there could be a little bit of late rain or snow on tuesday.. wednesday, again, looking more like it may be a small amount of snow, but it's really got to beo watched closely. we can't particularly say at this point whether it's going to be rain or snow. i did a little bit of a discussion on my facebook page, sue palka fox5 d.c. and i showed the euro and the american model
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and what they're projecting, bub it basically ranges from one inch to a few inches and it looks like a better chance out to the west, but i would say i i don't take that > what model is looking like nicer weather, the american model. >> the american, of course. > you called it again. thank you, sue. let's talk sports, the wizards active today before the nba n trade deadline, the team acquiring marque morris from the phonic sun sending chris hum fridays. he was married to somebody, i forget who.rget morris played well for the sundays, but this year he struggled. his shooting percentage dropped. and then mr. was a little skull on the bench that got a little attention. he was also angry with the suns trading away his twin brother. no word on when what he'll actually play. he'll be in town most likely start,, the mystics will have a new home.
10:54 pm
today mayor muriel bowser was on hand with other city leaders to watch the demolition of two buildings at st. eli hospital. it will make way for a new state and entertainment center in
10:55 pm
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10:58 pm
anacostia. it is expected to open in 2018.. the wizards get a place of their own. it's about time. we'll be right back. > more former american idol hit the stable tonight to performigt with the remaining contestants. among them season seven winner josh cook. the question is what is it like to work with the big stars like dotry or carry underwood. more on what the contestants think about all that guidance. change it up a about it. okay. you got it. after working alongside american idol winners and finalists. they shared some of the advice they got from their mentors. men be confident in who you are anda just know that you're here for a reason. i'm going home.
10:59 pm
just connect with the audience and find something that you and at least one audience member have in common. when you're true to you and a you're true to your you're being who you are and your style and who you are as an artist, that shows and america sees that. you have to give them a show, but you have to be generalal within.thin i'm glad that you said that because they can recognize fake. you have to breathe. take a moment for yourself andfa think things over and if you take a big deep breath, you'll be fine. mentors david cook, constantine morales and crystal try agree that there is no substitute fort hard work.ha you just have to work hard period, no matter what number you come in. i you can't compare it -- if i come in fourth i'll be like jennifer hudson. if i infrastructure i'm be like carry underwood or kelly clark let all the ancillary stuff do what it's going to do. work really starts now.
11:00 pm
you sort of made it, people know who you are, but it really is about the next 5, 0, 20 years. let's try to long run and relevance over a longer period of time than having a big hit and going away. > in hollywood, michelle polino, fox newses. > this is fox5 local news at at 11. right now at 11, security cameras were rolling as a groupa of teenagers attacked in a vetet right outside a mcdonald's in d.c. take a look, police need your h help tracking them down. clearly based on what happened, something did.meth still looking for answers, the prince george's county schoole' board trying to helps parents d kids feel safe after an elementary school child porn scandal. what school offerings are doingo right now. plus how bill cosby is turning the tables on one of the women e


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