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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. >> ahead at 5:00 new development there is thatpmen horrific child porn child investigation had a has rockedd prince george's county. geo this morning details about a lawsuit and a school principalri put on administrative leave. >> plus, an infant found deadinu inside a d.c. home.
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what police are saying aboutou this we'll also hear from aalso h neighbor. >> live look outside right nowun on this thursday, february 11th. weather and traffic coming uptri on the 5s at 5:05. >> we're starting this morningir at 5:00 in prince george's geoe' county where there's growing g outrage in that child porn child investigation at judgeudge sylvania woods elementaryntar school a lawsuit has been filed against the school boardn and principal. parents of the victims nd victid other students say there was a a serious g in the time itin t took to get information out to the community.. deonte carraway was arrestedrr last weekend but parents say they weren't notified until monday with a robo call andh a l then a letter was center home w on tuesday. tuesday the school's principal is also on paid administrative leave amid allegations she may haveayh been warned about carraway w before law >> as soon as the allegations were confirmed and the arrests a rrwas made he immediately took o steps to assist students ands families.families. >> police say carraway made dozens of pornographic videos featuring 11 children some asg 1 young as nine years tonight the school is holding hl a meeting for parents.
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further address the safety ofaft the school is having a hotline h available to support any families.families a lawsuit filed on thislaws case.s familiesamvictim's has filed a civil lawsuitsu against deonte carraway princere george's county board ofnty bo o education ceo kevin maxwell.ll. the lawsuit claims thelauit clae nine-year-old's victim's uncle u first met with the school lastt monday afterwi discovering disve inappropriate messages on the victim's cell phone. p >> what we're finding out o about where within the school sh some of these activities wereivt occurring, it was certainly ag,e case where the principal should have known and been aware. >> the school has not commented on the lawsuits. law >> flags will fly in half-staff in maryland.yl police say david evans shot evas one of the deputi i
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head inside a crowded restaurant then took off.aura th evans and exchanged gununaugt shots. shot the suspect was killed but noteb before shooting the deputy who later died.ied. >> today the investigationtion continues into the death of athf seven month old boy in then the district. a sibling found the infantg fo unresponsive in a house on van o buren street.buren stree he was later pronounced dead at a hospital.os police say there were five were other children under the agendea of 10 inside the home with no adult supervision. super neighbors told fox5 theors ld f children's grandmother usuallytu takes care of them. them. >> i'm in a state of shock.ho i'm hearing that no one waso on there and the kids were there alone.alon and this is not the grandmother that i know. kno she's very hands-on with her grandchildren. >> so far no charges have been filed. >> tonight d.c. mayor murielht bowser will hold meetings toting discuss her plans to end homelessness. the mayor announced this weeked
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troubled d.c. general homeless m send in southeast and open o eight smaller shorter term shelters. the shelters are cost morere coe than $5 million than d.c.ion th general costs. cos mayor bowser says the facilities will be modern and safe. sa a log cabin destroyed by adt raging fire. this is in green county. c fire officials say a family a am was inside the cabin. thankfully they made it outade t safely. the fire was so large it couldt be seen for miles away. the crews decided to let theet fire burn itself out.itse o no word though on a cause. >> ♪ >> well, welcome back. back. weather is just cold this we have fair skies. s temperatures are really downllyd because of the wind and wed andw have the clear skies and this colds air is coming in from the north and the west.north that's was need worry aboutorry this morning. it's kind of what you need tot d think about all weekends long. . as we get into the weekend
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wind speeds, ugg see how it's blowing around the area now, 13 miles per hour here in town, gaithersburg at 12 milesbu per hour.rg down to manassas it's 12 miles per hour so you add all thatll t up and you have the wind and it gives you a real feell fl temperature much colder than the actual temperature.actu so, i'll show you what the syou temperature is here. her we're 23 degrees here in theeehe city, teens out to the northhe and to the west. martinsburg you're down to 19. . there in the western suburbsteur dulles upper teens, low 20's. when factoring in the wind f look where we stand thisac morning. a lot of single digits out there. as a matter of facte. this is the lowest number i've a seen for gaithersburlog and hagerstown this morning.or it feels like easily down into the low, low single digits. again, we're going to have ao he loot of sunshinalot of sunshinet we're not going warm up a heck a of a lot. lot. bus stop forecast for the kids, i don't believe there are any delays orar cancellations so it's all back at normal at least for now. we may hear something but wehiut haven't heard anything yet.
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pickup 18 to 25 and with theh breeze outer there, ooh,here o bitterly cold. after school a little bithool al warmer but not much 'cause 'ca consider the winds will still be 10 to 20 gusting up to 20 to 25 so just keep that that in mind. bundle up the kiddos this kid morning. they're going to need to beto ne bundled up this morning and thi this afternoon, we're talking cold air comingaig for the weekend.we that's in the full forecastthe f coming up in just a bit. right now it's update time ande let's see what's going on withoo the traffic.e t erin como is in with that on what we call friday >> visit buy a fora.m special offers. >> friday eve is almost my favorite day of the year, gary;, day of the week.e >> the week.>> t week. >> clearly somebody needs morels coffee this morning. morng right now 95 on the northbound side as you head up towardsad uw newington some heavier volumeerl increasing but speeds aren't very much reduced as you headreu to the beltway as you can see just a lot of cars on all ofonll those lanes right now. n leave the house a touch earlyly in virginia as you led towardsas
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95 on the top of the beltway looking good. let's look at our maps. we have construction out theokrn that is clearing right now. n outer loop at new hampshireamhi getting back to normal. if you're avoiding the roadse and taking metro right now metro, metrobus on or close toro schedule. no delays reported for vre or ve marc. beltway road work in both directions near braddock roadddc should be clear now that wehat hit that 5 o'clock hour amount u wind warning you need to beng y aware of as gary mentioned mentd very cold, very windy start tort the day. e and in effect across the bay and nice bridges a use caution n reduce those speeds.redu we'll let you know if any any crashes or delays pick up for this morning's ride.this back to you >> ♪ >> still ahead, the republicann field of presidentialpr candidates down two more thiso m morning. who's out as the fight for south carolina heats up. >> plus, terrified cruise ship p passengers back on dry o happened this morning after their vacation was cut short. next, who they are blaming for a their nightmare trip out to sea.
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>> new details this morning inei there deadly twin suicide bombbo attacks in northeast nigeria. na officials say the death tollth from tuesday's attack hask risen 58.ri nearly 80 others were injured. police blame the attack on boko haram. har the terrorist a third woman failed to f detonate her bomb is that being a fishing crew rescued after their boat caught firet in the south pass suck. ps suck. coast guard officials say thear 42 member crew safely escaped e the burning boat in two life boats two work boats an the captain and some of the andf crew were able to reboard thehe boat extinguish the fire.. terrifying moments foren passengers. it was forced to return home
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winter storm.winter s some on board are blame thela t ship's capitol taken for not fr correctly looking at the weather forecast steering there ship right into thoseip hurricane force winds. r the slip was carrying 4500 passengers when it departed depr new jersey for the bahamas last weekend.last weekend. four passengers suffered minorrd injuries. >> you see the crew praying on rosary beads and crying, iting, was -- it was so scary. sca it was terrible.e and the captain knew aboutneabou this four days prior.ayio and he still took us out. o >> royal caribbean sayss passengers will get a full refund and 50 percent off a a future cruise.tu that same ship is fully booked e for this weekend and so far isni still expected to depart on time. five weeks after a groupve w of armed ranchers took over aoka wildlife refuge in oregon theren standoff may finally be over. oe the four remaining protestorsro say they'll turn themselves ints this morning at 8:00 a.m..m. the fbi has the men surrounded.surrounded these protests started officer a jail sentence
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a ranchers who were ordered back to prison to serve foy more years forrve setting fire on a federal fed grazing land.. recently u.s. women's soccer player hope solo saido she would not go to brazilo b over the zika virus. v the committee is hiring twointw infectious disease specialistsps to advise potential olympiansal about the virus.out >> why some metrobus driverssve gathered in the district to dtrt protest last night. >> plus, do you have plans? s, it's valentine's d day.ay >> silence. sence. >> the romantic holiday isc lidi apparently getting more andngore more expensive.xpensive we're going to break down the t numbers.mb first, though, let's check inetk with gary. with g >> here you go.go. listen, well, what we'll do isoi we'll issue a couple alert for -- cuddle alert for valentine's last time i checked that's free.s >> right. >> for some people.>> f >> not really. >> not always. >> not really.y ain't nothing free.t noth looking at me like i'm crazy i over there, just so you know. wind
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in the single digits and the v teens for everybody. bundlegl up. up layer up and stay that way alltl weekend long. colds air is coming. full forecast, too and traffic on the other side. stay with us. pass passe
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>> all right, gary, it's, hey,r, thursday, or as we like to call it around here fridayer eve. it's a cold one. getting ready for valentine's day. you issued a cuddle alert. a folks want to know what that'so all >> it's going to be
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>> valentine's day no matterat the temperature.emperature. >> amen sister.>> >> if you're celebrating it is. >> arctic air invasion thisc aia weekend.weekend. it's going get cold. goi it's cold now.ow it's cold today but it's going to be even colder that it is weekend. toronto is 5 minneapolis is at 1 degree and fargo -- minneapolis five,ol f fargo the leading edge of the true te arctic air is just settinget into the up right now, northern sections of michigan.ia not that it really matters because that's super cold. cold. the super cold air is up to i u the north and that's going to gi be kind of settling in heretlinh and it starts to make a rune for us late friday into saturday and once it gets hereet it will stick around for a couple of days. here's the deal. saturday -- there's the'she boundary right there, the beginnings of the coldestgs arctic air. saturday we're going to be goine in -- as this boundary comesy ms through and it looks like it starts coming through prettyomih early in the day so we'll probably warm up into the 20'she
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comes through it's going to gngt squeeze out a little bit of moisture and it usuallyally squeezes out a little bit ofe bo moisture in the form of snowor showers. sh there could be some snowulbe s flying around saturday afternoon and more of that will be north and west, okay, oa but saturday night, sunday morning, single digitsingle d possible for lows as this super cold air comes in. ces and then we're going to be sunny on sunday but on sundayuny with all the sunshineunsh temperatures about 25 degrees5 e and it may be even a little a ll colder than that. now, not quite as breezy. b i think it will be breezier onn saturday, so saturday probably a lack of sunshine, a little bit of snow shower activity and temperatures only reachingures about 26 degrees for a high but then tumbling in the afternoon.ternoon. saturday probably feels like lik the coldest day of the t weekend, okay, 'cause you gotusg to factor in a little bit ofit wind, too, but sunday morningori is bitterly, bitterly cold. col so, there you go. g few snow showers up to the up north of us coming in on somenn of that real cold air. a the lakes are not frozen yet,, so it's
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reisture and dragging ittu across in the form of lakeorm of effect snow.ef we don't have to worry abouttooy that. there will be snow out to the west, the western facing mountains, higher elevations.lei there's some winter weathereath advisories out there.sori that's west of i-81.est of i there could be a few inches. ine cold this morning,, breezy all day long.on even some gusty winds late wds l this afternoon. aft temperatures will make it upke u into the upper 20's to right around 30 degrees but listen bul it's not going to really feel f that way.that way. what we'll end up will be the wind chill values in the teenst and 20's. notice this degrees here, that is pretty good and then yougood got blustery conditions hereditn so i think we're talking about a temperatures all day long lon basically in the singl single digits.di a lot of sunshine, too. too notice how cold it's going to be as we head through theough t weekend. temperatures will be in the wil mid-20's or so.'s oso. 20 degrees saturday morning but 10 in the city sunday sun morning and single digitsng easily out in the suburbs. subu. storm system next week. w we'll keep an eye on monday
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possibly a little rain mixing mx into that storm as w here's erin with a look atith a your traffic. >> i guess that's why youuess issued a cuddle alert for saturday, gary. >> cuddle alert.le i'll issue the cuddle alertdl a all weekend.nd >> good one, gary.ooe, g >> how about that. aut tha >> in light of valentine's dayal i think it's perfect.erfect really cold, bundle up beforep e you head out today.u head out t right now really good shape onso 270. the snow still on the side ofllo the interstate but all lanesll n clear now. n southbound traffic movingound tm along just fine as you head f towards thine spur.e spu headlights right now coming rigg towards us on that southboundt s side you're not seeing anyein delays just yet even in frederick from 70 to the truck scales. sc i'll keep you updated. k i know onceee we hit that 5:30:3 half hour we start to see more r traffic develop. develop let's look at our maps. aour map a lot of overnight orn construction zones havetruc cleared. things back to normal on theor inner loop amat braddock. braoc speeds in the upper 60's0' between the springfield interchange and an day 395 on the inbound side frome the beltway all the way through the 14th street bridge4i no problems. secondaries in the district moving along without any congestion right now.
5:19 am
quiet and looking clear. you can see a closer look at 270 south all the green comingrm from frederick. frederi top of the beltway this road work cleared at new hampshire a avenue. no problems to report thet re as there a you can see traffic flowing.lo and if you happen to have an a early morning flight, traffic on the way to bwi reaganga national and dulles is looking really nice on your way down d to the thepo that's your look at traffic. back to you.back to you. >> no justice, no peace.oeace >> a couple dozen metrobus met operators gathered along 14thlo1 street northwest last night protesting what they'ret calling unsafe and unfairnfai working conditions.di their union leaders say the transit bus drivers routinely get harassed including being bei hit and spit on during thet on course of their work day. worda fox5 reached out to metro whoeto told us they have taken a number of steps to protectro their employees including inclui dramatically expanding theng t number of metro transit policeoe officers on buses. bus >> some relief on the way for w drivers in northern virginia. vir
5:20 am
mcauliffe announced a deal tol o widen a 4-mile stretch of i-66-6 between the dulles connectorconn road and the deal will allow mcauliffe ml to put tolls in place for solool drivers who travel parts during the rush rush ho. the widening project is i expected to be finished byy 200020. >> in the race for the white house republicans are down twooo more candidates this morningtesi less than 24 hours after the afe new hampshire primary. prima new jersey governor chrisvernr i christie has suspended hised h he finished sixth in in state. s on his facebook page christiege says he leaves the race without an ounce of regret.unceg also out of the runningun carly fiorina.i the only female contender for the gop nomination. she won just 2 percent of herceh party's vote in new hampshire.he fiorina had promoted her h business expertise but struggled build support in the crowded primary field.y fie now it's ton south carolina for the otherroli contenders, donald trump whors,o easily won in new hampshire held a rallyly in clemson last i night.
5:21 am
more intense he doesn't plan pla on making any significantfint changes to his campaign straitpr giants ahead of virginia'sirgi march first primary supporterstm of hillary clinton opened a clio field office in alexandriale this week. this will serve as thes northern virginia vgi headquarters.. clinton herself was not onwat hand for the event. t she is in south carolina. >> all right, next we'ree' talking dinner, flowers, chocolate, valentine's day, day right? so, how much do you, hod plan to spend?pe >> plus, forget that hamburge hamburger, a popular fast food f chain is going to hot dogs. thwart. we'vthat's right.we've got detae break.
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>> we are just days away nowe jt from valentine's day. d do you have there special gift picked out? maybe dinnerin turns out the cost of making your true love happy on v day v keeps getting more expensive.ene the national retail federationan says 55 percent of americansf a will celebrate on average, age they will spend about $147. >>owow. >> flowers, jewelry, candy ofy, course, the most popular. pop and nearly a quarter ofer valentine's day spending willill go towards more experience exper type gifts, such as romantic
5:25 am
dinner, tickets to movie or mie concerts. >> okay. >> hot dog fit for a king. for n that's right. right. burger king, that is, the fast f food chain will not only be flipping burgers but they'reuthe grilling hot h >> okay. >> the new item hits the menu february 23rd. customers will be able to getllb the classic hot dog or ther chili cheese dog.og the cost, two dollars. man they should have done this before valentine's day. twofer. four dollars. >> i don't think that's the nktwofer most people are lookine for on valentine's day. >> what kind of twofer are they looking for let's get toets the weather now before ourr w be kids get themselves in in trouble. tr >> temperatures are cold thisrer morning.rn >> cuddle up. >> the old tower camera there t but just believe us.el us. >> that's why you intoed a hot >> maureen stop now.p now >> what? i'm >> 23 degrees here in the gaithersburg it's 18,
5:26 am
annapolis 23 degrees.3 deee watch what happens when i push p the button and we end up getting the wind chill value on here and how cold it isd hoct when you factor in the wind. win five for gaithersburg. >> whoa.>> whoa. >> that's actually warmer than what -- gaithersburg felt likeue three earlier.three now they're up to five. 3 degrees feels-like temperature for fredericksrick town.wn. leonardtown feels like 14, annapolis 12.anna how about the bus stop for theep kiddos this morning.dd it is going to be breezy, it is going to be cold so wind chill values -os-be now, this ni represents air temperature, 18 e to 25 but you just saw there the wind chill values single c digits and teens.hi after school still breezy, stilldigi gusty, sunshine thougo drd dry. temperatures are in the upper 20 to 34 30' 30's. 3 some places will feel like fl le it's in the teens all day long. >> all day. >> yeah. >> goodness. that won't be good. won >> okay.
5:27 am
right now and say good morning and get an update on theate roads. >> good morning.d mo 5:26. 5:26 we'll start you off way lookf wl in virginia on 66.n 66. eastbound traffic from thisrom point at 234 all way through thh the beltway moving along without that usual volume justts yet. by nutley street here you can see it does increase a little al bit but speeds still good andnd we're delay free. f i can happily rt. that 95 northbound volumenorthbl picking up as you make youre way through newington headingea towards the beltway. beltw let's check in with our maps.ap. if you're skipping the roads and taking public transportation metro is on orroi close to schedule. road work right now silver hill road eastbound betweennd b saint barnabas road int suitland parkway watch nor wch n slowing you down.g yo d let's show you a look in montgomery county right now.oun road work the outer loop thisooi cleared things back to normal tr top of the beltway so you'rehe ng d going deal with that b usual congestion picking up this morning. aside from that 270 southboundoo still in the clear.ille got you covered if and whenif aw that changes. check with me on twitter at erin fox5 d.c. holly.hoy. >> ♪ >> coming up, that dtu
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case of child pornography allegedly filmed inside adly fii maryland school keeps getting gg worse.wo we are live with new detrsails s from a recently filed lawsuit.ds that's coming up after the break.
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>> more now on those new developmendevelopments on the cr
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you need to bundle up iff you're heading out we want to talk about the caseae that is headlining the newsng tn and it has to do with the pornography, child pornographyyi case in prince george's iin county. >> principal at judge sylvania a elementary school is on paidai administrative leave and a victim's family has filed aha lawsuit. >> melanie alnwick is lie with the latest. >> reporter: goo good morning.oi we learned yesterday from yestey prince george's county police there are 11 confirmed victims, seven of whom werere directly abused by deonte carraway but lawyers believe bul there could be as many as 30. 3 the big question, just how did deonte carraway get so much g so time alone with these children d and how was he able to gete t g them to participate in his i h sick games. ges school officials had no clear c answers on that just yet butst y they are trying to calm angry families.fami >> as soon as the allegationstht were confirmed and if theed a arrest was made, we immediately to
5:32 am
assist the students and families.falies first, there was a meetingeeti with parents at judge sylvaniayi woods elementary school and wel have provided counseling and psychological support forgicasur students and families uponspo request.rees we will continue to keep this support in place as long as itnt is >> reporter: lawyers for one victim's family claimed carraway told students they were participating in a club c as a temp's assistant carraway a would pull students from classms and then escort them to them school auditorium, the school sl bathroom and other open areas a of the school where he wouldre h record them performing sexfoingx acts on his cell phone.. the lawsuit says his behaviorsab continued because of a "complete absence of supervision or any oversight ors and carraway's abuse allegedly d was common knowledge amongon students. fu krther the lawsuit says thats when parents took their took her concerns to school principal michelle williams they were wil put off.
5:33 am
investigation that we've heard h so much about and that the fbitf is working with as well princepn george's county itself is undertaking an internal investigation. don't forget there is afo meeting at the school tonightrgn at 6:30 p.m. live in princepr george's county, i'm melanie'mae alnwick, fox5 local news. n >> so disturbing.isturbin local leaders in princes in george's county are also speaking out on this case t cas vowing to do all they can toheca bring justice to the victimssttt and families and ensurens students throughout the county c are protected.tected >> that's a very sacred sac obligation to the children ofhie this community to protect commuy them, to t educate them, to do everything that we can to make sure that they have lives that t are productive.roductiv >> we're going to do we' everything in our power to make sure that this type of situation doesn't happen again. >> carraway's family is also expressing their heartacheir hee releasing a statement sayingg a in part we would like towe lik express our extreme shock and deepest sorrow over the actions of deonte c
5:34 am
that have been reported overepte the last few days.the la d s a family who loves himoves h dearly we must stress that we do not condone the behaviors that has brought sadness to a community as whole. w >> in the district now, policedi are still investigating thestigg death of a seven month oldon baby boy. boy a sibling found the babyy unresponsive yesterday andrday a called 911.11 the little boy wasttoy w pronounced dead at children'shie national medical center.en police say there were fiveer other children all under the uer age of 10 inside the home on o van buren street with no adult supervision. neighbors tell fox5 thell fthe children's grandmother usuallyel takes care of them. them. so far no charges have been he filed. >> today flags in marylanday will fly at half-staff in f honor of two horford countyrforo deputies shot and killed on kle duty. it happened a shopping centerngc in abington. ang police say 67-year-old david evans shot one of the suspects. su >> i'm not familiar with whataml a gun sound s somebody somebody
5:35 am
>> i believe certainly theie cer first officer -- the first deputy who went to respond totoo the call for service i thinkhi the suspect took that action act because he was wearing ahe w police uniform. >> investigators say the gunman had arrest warrants inrrn florida where he was accused of assaulting a police officer. governor larry hogan says l flags will remain atar rem half-staff until after funeral n services are held for deputie deputies. >> ♪ >> we have a few schoolveoo updates for you. y these from western maryland.estn garrett county schools areoore closed today. it's a code orange from fore frm employees there and ins there ad allegany county the mountain moi ridge school district ise scho closed dan the cumberland areabl district is on a two-hourwoou delay so not all of allegany county, just mountain ridgeairi district. come lands on a two-hour dela delay. >> they're going to get snowoi flying around and under ar a wi
5:36 am
that's way out west and higherr elevation center city.ion centec nothing like that for us. tfor really our story is story temperatures.temperat 23 here in town. 18 for gaithersburg.therur 21 for dulles. dle doesn't tale tell the tale.le t because the winds are blowinglo this morning so you have too yoe consider the wind chill value w out there and how cold it is. the feels like temperaturepe this morning is coming in -- well, it's coming in in the single digit in places in thecen teens, too, so we're going to gg keep an eye on that.n on t let me see if i can get those go move for some f i don't know why it's notn't kn going. how about that? we'll justat? l trick the machine and do itchin that way.ay. it's 11 degrees the feels-like e temperature for gaithersburgthsb now. annapolis feels like 12.poli the wind is going to be up andid at times gusty all day long so our wind chill value out thereut this morning is going to remain really cold and then through the day it's going tooit remain cold as well.sel temperatures will only get up into the 20's to right around 30 degrees. the breeze will keep iteeze feeling a lot colder t that it is going to be sunnye s today so that's one nice thinget about where we're going today.od and temperatures will be in the upper 20's to 30 degrees 3de
5:37 am
value teens to low 20's the0'she feels-like temperature most of t the day.em erin como is in with a look a loo all right thursday morning traffic.traf >> friday eve traffic, gary.ary. 5:37 right now and as you make m your way out if you're takey taking marc, prunes wick trainwa 8070 run weighing delay of 20el minutes. mi plan ahead if that is your normal form of good news with no alerts to report across any n of the railings or buses rightli aside from that road work tha silver hill road eastboundtbou between saint barnabas road inrs suitland parkway to watch for. h good news is outer looput loop construction has cleared attiond new ha ampshire as well as a beltway construction out byiout braddock road.dock r aside from that let's take a look 270 southbound gettingboune reports of some oftt that usual delay picking up from 70 to 80 in urbana. uan let's take a live look outside o in prince george's county.nt beltway right now typical volume increasing on the inner i and outer loop from four torom o about the wilson bridge you'll'l hit a lot of volume out theree on the inner loop.on t outer loop not doing too terr
5:38 am
thursday look at >> coming up we all know it's way too earl to think about ear christmas. >> a little early. aittle ea >> the white house actuallyhite has something you might wantg yi to get your lands on today. t >> plus a warning about someg as seafood from local rivers.d frol the fish that experts say you sy should avoid eating. >> but first when before we go to break a check on the stock markets. hong kong opened. european stocks down angnd u.s.u futures are down this morning as well. we're back after this.
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>> it's apollo 11 like you'veliu never seen before.veseen bef the air and space museum mus completed a 3-d scan of the scaf module giving as you never before seen look at how life atl may have been for astronauts ass neil armstrong buzz aldrin andnd michael collins.ol the museum will unveil the new n image. apollo 11 was the firstir spacecraft to land other moon om back in 1969. in >> the legendary jackiee robinson is remembered for is breaking the color barrier in baseball and today his h daughter slash is keeping hispig spirit alive with the breaking k barriers educational program. po this afternoon slash robinson will play a visit to the national youth baseball academy the program is designed to teach young y students about the obstacles faced a player. p
5:42 am
>> white house getting into hou the christmas spirit early. this morning themay unveiled their 2016 white house2016 w christmas ornament its a fire f truck design that commemoratesem the 1929 christmas eve whitehi house fire.ire. 130 firefighters battled thatt blaze. this design was created by an by art student and the winner of we the white house's ornamentse'srt design competition. you can buy it starting today on the white house gift shop sp web site.e. >> still ahead as valentine's day approaches a zoo ises a z letting people name their cockroaches after their exes.ire we'll still you in. >> oh, wow. >> can you do that.t. >> but first let's check in fir with gary. hey, gary.y, >> hey, guys.>> h winds out there this morningt are up a bit so that makes theee overall temperature a lot cooler. temperatures are reflective of v this and again, the wind chill d is based on the wind speed not d necessarily the gusts. gus this is pretty much set and where we feel like thisl morning. you ca
5:43 am
going to be getting colderting c because of winds gusting up up over 10, 15 miles per hour andnd occasional gusts higher thanus that. full forecast comes up, a lotp, of cold air in place going to feel like february for they r next several sever we'll talk about that. talk abot stay with us.ith us erin just walked in. she's going have traffic, too.
5:44 am
services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
5:45 am
>> okay, i'll start talking.'ll here we go we're on the tower camera. what is that? that's lincoln lo in the distance there? yeah,nce that's what it.that you can see across there.
5:46 am
listen, it's cold this morning. winds are blowing.are temperatures are -- the wind thn chill values are down and it's e going to pretty much stay likem that all day long.on here are temperatures outpe there we're stuck at 23 here inere in town.wn. gaithersburg you're 18, frederick 19, manassas 21.s the temperature -- the air- e temperatures are not bitterlyitl cold but man when you factorou c in the wind it feels real cold r out there.. five for gaithersburg.erurg. frederick you're still in the single digits. digit hagerstown has been sitting at 3 degrees feel-like temperature all morning longl and then martinsburg iss 5 degrees feel-like temperature. fredericksburg not that bad. the winds aren't quite as highih down here to the south as whatsa they are here in the central parts of the region and up ton d the north and northwest.orst want to show you satellite toele give you an idea. ide we're starting off with generally clear skies this s morning. there may be a few cloudsbes north and west and that could tl be the trend as well for the t at 11:00 a.m. we're cold,old, breezy, gusty it's a times.a t the winds will be blowing. blowi notice how temperatures don'teme move a whole heck of a lot. a l by 11:00 a.m. or so we'reoe' sitting at 28 degrees withgrwit some sun and -- mostly sunny
5:47 am
breezy here, too, and check cck out wind speed at 2 o'clock at about 25 miles per p ho. wind chill, you see what we'resh talking about howl at 2 o'clock this afternoon theis t wind chills will still berell sb around 16 degrees or so and ind think that's basically goingicay to be the trend all day longay n as well.ell. so, just so you know. as we get into friday, as we as get into saturday, this is the leading edge of the cold front f that's going to bring arctic arc air conditions to us as weons move into the weekend so as weds get into saturday, the front t o comes through.s h. ahead of the front there mayre m be a snow shower or two as the e cold air comes in, it kind oft o squeezes out the moisture and that provides a little bit oftli snow shower activity. sho there will also be some snowbees streamers coming down off lake l erie to our northwesternn areas. single digits possible early sunday morning. bitterly cold here with clearayt skies. we do warm up a little bit.eit at least we warm up into the 20's on sunday and i do believe saturday is going toturd be the mostay uncomfortable dayd because the winds will be upe u more on saturday than
5:48 am
wind chill values on saturdayon will be in the single digits to lower teens all day longns d and of course we'll have a little bit of snow shower activity flying out won't amount to anything. bitterly cold sunday t morning starting off in the single digits and teens in town. today's forecast glut tea all day long with the wind. w other than that we'll bethan mostly temperature will only top out ol at about 30 degrees briefly today. toda but it's not going the feeloingf like because the wind chill winl values obviously will be in the teens and the low 20'she lo2 most of the day.the d here's your seven-day forecast. right on through thisough thi valentine's day and into president's day, next week monday, tuesday -- look likelook we'll have some snow around ondo monday. then we get into tuesday withith this next storm system and theyd way it's looking right now, half of the area gets some snow, the other half kind of a a mixy rain.ain. here's erin como to answer the e questions on the morningorni commute. >> of course gary keeping a close eye on right now vre no alerts.s. but if you're
5:49 am
brunswick line 870 a 20 minute t delay so factor in that time this morning so you're in theyoh late for work.elate w aside from that no alerts that t across metrobus or metro railetl this in prince george's county weor have road work on silver hillil eastbound side between saintweet barnabas road and suitlandand parkway little bit of cautionf c through that area.thro be prepared to slow it downto and s in frederick typical slows traffic picking up. u delays from 70 to urbana. urb let's take a live look outsidekt so you what you're up againstin this morning.orni traffic flowing freel as youow make your way out on theinwa beltway right now.way ri not seeing inner loop or outer loop, inner loop bottom of thep beltway through annandale also nice and quiet this morning. moi we'll keep you posted ifd if anything else pops up orpo u changes that you need to be aware of for your friday everide commute. back to you, wisdom. wis >> for the first time ever eve rock fish caught in theh ught ih district's water is on the do d not eat list in d.c. d.c now, eel and carp are also ono n that list and has to do with wit high levels of toxic chemicals found in the fish. f the results justis in
5:50 am
confirm the finding from threefi years ago.nd thisye advisory applies to d.c.c waters only from the potomacac and anacostia rivers where youiv can only fish for personal per use. there is no commercial fishingfh in d.c. any local rockfish you see for f sale or on a menu is likely aenk from the chesapeake.sapeak >> happening today, annengoday, arrundel high school studentsscu will face the consequence of breaking the lum fortunatelyum r for them though it will be it wl someone else's consequence.quene over 100 students will go toillo court and watch people chargedec with offenses like drunkke driving go through the legal process.proc this is part of a program toam help them learn about choices. it's aimed at helping them at hh understand the legal andeg financial burdens that come with breaking the law. mothers against drunk driving teaming up with theing parents of fallen montgomeryry county police officer noah leotta. he was killed while on dutye ont last year by a suspected drunk madd released its first everrs e report on the number of times t drunk drivers are stopped by ignition locks. a
5:51 am
to blow into it. leotta's father spoke about aut the proposed legislation thatona would require more convicted cot drunk drivers to have this device installed.vice >> in all the human misery that goes on that i'm that suffering to today and will w continue to suffer for theuffe rest of my life, imagine just saving one family from that tha heartache. saving your family from thatha heartache.ta >> the legischlation willil require all drunk drivers in dru maryland with a blood alcohol ah level of .08 or greater togreato have an ignition interlockoc installed.inst the measure being called noah's law in honor of officer noah leotta. leott last month we told you howow archaeologists found a ship and other architect facts while conducting an excavation for a new hotel. h the ship is believed to date t t back to the revolutionary last night the city of alexandria's archaeologists's a talked about what these
5:52 am
findings mean. mean. >> the discoveries are incredibly important.mporta they go back to the very very beginnings of the founding of our town and as a result, we are getting tangible evidencevie of what it was like here in alexandria at that time in thetm 18th century. century >> as for the ship, sp, archaeologists say they are just at the beginning of the process of trying to figure figr out exactly what it was used for. >> ♪ >> during the oscars insteadstd of hearing i want to thank my manager, first grade teacher parent oscar winners will havelv their list of thank yous you scrolling on the screen during r their acceptance speech.peec nominees will be able to fill out a card with the names ofthe the people they want the want te thank. producers hope it will lead toed better speeches and keep stars from being cut off by the music. >> that's interesting.t'tere >> yeah. >> time or
5:53 am
away right now special becauseec it is fun for the entirer thent family and also because youecau can only enter on our facebook page. pa >> all right. all r enter a wormed of disney's worls animated treasures.reasur you could win tickets disneyisne on ice treasure trove live at the verizon center on february 13th, 14th, 15th or or 2016. >> go to our facebook pagekage fox5 d.c. and enter for aer a chance to win. win you can enter one per hour h until 11:59. 11: one winner will be selectede s tomorrow. see the complete rules at d.c. >> valentine's day isentine typically all about the love l bug in your life but have you b ever considered giving c something for ona former flame? if so the bronx zoo has justoo s the answer.e an how about a hissing cockroach.o. for just $10, you can name one of the insects in your former fr lover's name.lover's nam the zoo will then send them a certificate a
5:54 am
creepy crawly gift.y g the zoo also offered chocolatela to be sent way certificate but t unfortunately that option hasn s already sold out. out. which means it's popular. popul i think that's hysterical.terica >> but i wouldn't want thetant t person to know that i'm evenve thinking about you enough toug t name anything after you andter a then send you a certificateficae saying this is for you. this is you know -- fkn >> i think it's funny. fun >> it is funny. funny. >> all right.>> all rig i'll withdraw my application,lin maureen. [laughter] >> time now for our facebookbook fan of the day.ay it's laniske scott beau.ea she says she watches fox5 every day. d >> is that you >> she lovers her some wisdom. s >> who does.ho looks like you made her day, d wisdom, when you m took thatoo t picture with her.with her. look at it. i seas like. >> a lot warmer when thatn t picture was taken.pie >> you look a lot younger. you what happened. >> yeah, he's all skinny. s >> happen thursday.rsy. >> you beef up through the winter.. >> that's
5:55 am
>> if you want to be the next facebook page.e. just post your picture rightre t below laniss photo.s pho >> you were probably on a zip zp trip. >> it looks familiar. >> so long ago. >> well, listen, it's coming s back around just by nature. natr >> it wasn't raining so itning s wasn't any of the zip trips if was >> everyone you went on it rained, right. >> exactly right. exa >> what does that mean? hm.ea h >> doesn't mean anything? n any what does it mean if it rainsea on your wedding day.ay. that's luck. luc >> that's luck.s >> same thing.l 13 degrees the current wind ther chill factor here in town. h try make something out of nothing. >> i am.>> i >> winchester feels like nine, , gaithersburg it feels like 5 degrees. real quick look at your radar. r a lot of clear skies out there s this i'll tell you what, we'rethat w' going to end up with a high a hh temperature today getting upda to about 30 degrees or 34 tomorrow, then the bottom bot drops out for the weekend withr this arctithc air invasionnvas coming through.ough le
5:56 am
monday, tuesday, the next the n storm system comes.omes. >> isn't valentine's dayenne's y always cold. c >> in your house.n yo hou >> i was going to say maybe in that vortex of martin world. >> good loving in our house.oure >> steamy in our household.ouseo >> i feel things heating up on o valentine's day.ntins day. let's switch it over to a look at our cameras now.eras now we have some traffic on 50 inbound out by 202 backed upck because of a crash aftersh after columbia park road reallyroad rl close to the d.c. line there.c.e so give yourself extra time. t new york inbound also slow by bladensburg as usual.ssu we'll switch it over for achov look at our maps.t ous. outer loop you can see typical p congestion picking up there.kine now silver hill road eastboundau still construction at saintctio barnabas road. give yourself a few extraf a fe minutes there. we'll take a look at metro aseta we continue.e. back to you guys.u guys. >> all right.>> a coming up, goolld news for newsr frequent flyers.frequent f we're going to tell you whyou w airfare is finally getting cheaper. cheaper. >> d.c.'s popular 930 club 930 about to get its own tv show.ho the idea behind it and where you can see it. >> and the hollywood a-lister-le playing donald trump.g
5:57 am
allison, steve and tucker joining us with more next at 6:00.
5:58 am
♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share.
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a runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead at 6:00, thehe investigation into child pornography at a princeraphy george's county school systemou is growing.ntis gwing a lawsuit has been filed and as principal removed frombe duty. t we're live with the details oneo the latest developments.evme >> a shocking discovery insideos a d.c. home a
6:00 am
five children without adultlt supervision.rv what police are now saying sayin about this case.ase. >> 6 o'clock on a thursdayda morning. mornin giving that you live look outside, first of the 6:00e, f a.m., it's thursday morning, february 11th, 2016.ry 1 we'll have weather and trafficic coming up on the 5s. chilly out there, though., t tucker is along at 6:05. 6 good morning, i'm allison'm a seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. ste welcome to fox5 news morning.5 g before we get to the newshe ns headlines we have a few school o updates to share from westernesn maryland this morning. thi >> garrett county schools arecho closed today. it's a code orange for cod employees there.oyee and in allegany county the mountain ridge school districtid is closed today and thege cumberland area district is ondo a two-hour delay. d >> all right, let's get the g our top story.. growing outrage in princein p george's county amid a disturbing child pornographyng investigation. c >> the principal at the school that's involved is now on administrative leave while w parents claim that warning signs may have been missed.ha fox5's melanie alnwick is live this morning at theveaningt county board of education withcn the latest


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