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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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have breaking news on the scene of a shooting at a local hospital in rest tin coming up what police are talk saying about this investigation now. >> and donald trump and bernie standers easily winning vote in new hampshire. let's turn the focus to south carolina. >> all righty. before we do that a live look outside in dmv. wednesday morning. february 10. weather and traffic on the fives at 6:0 5. beautiful shot there. good morning to you. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> concern over slick roads leaving several school delays this morning. one closing in maryland out to west garrett country schools are closed. in the meantime frederick and calvert and washington country schools washington county maryland schools opening two hour late today and in maryland delays on eastern shoreen including tap bet and dorchester counties all delayed two hours. >> and in virginia now spotsylvania and west more land county schools you're on a hour delay and there's a few private
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schools delayed as well you can see the most up to date list scroll ago long the bottom of your screen also on and on the "fox 5 news" and weather app. >> all right. we're also following breaking news out of fairfax country. police are investigating a shooting at restin hospital center. >> "fox5" annie yu joins uing with the latest. >> good morning. >> hey, good morning, allison, steve, that's right we got done speaking with the public information officer here at fairfax country and but officers on scene here it's wrapping up here at this location at restin town center and a 53-year-old man from loudoun county showed up here around 1:30 this morning with self inflicted gun shot wound to upper air and he parked out front here when you see this cruiser and he parked right in this area and trade to get
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inside they convinced him to put the weapon down. he d he complied and then was transported to another area hospital to receive treatment. we understand he's being questioned now and the investigation continues but what a scary, scary situation for the staff early this morning. and we're told that they took heroic actions to present something even fwrors happening doctor prevent something worse from happening and it turned out worse than what happened here. scary situation early this morning. 53-year-old man now receiving treatment at another hospital and investigation here restin town center wrapping up now. back to you in the studio. >> frightening story annie, thank you very much. this morning d.c. police are
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investigating a homicide again this is in the disstrkt a man was shot last night in northwest and the victim taken to the hospital. where he later died. the shooting happened along m street in north capital street. no word yet on a motive nor a suspect. >> on to south carolina this morning for the race to the white house after a big night in new hampshire for bernie sanders and donald trump. >> thank you new hampshire and now on to nevada, south carolina and beyond. >> senator sanders beat hillary clinton by more than 20 points to win state's democratic primary. before heading south sanders is expected to make a stop in new york to meet with reverend al sharp ton. >> clinton admitted she has a lot of work to do especially with young voters. >> trump said he will be the greatest jobs president every created and promised to take on isis. >> ohio governor john kasich
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finished second place in republican field. his campaign manager says he expects increased flow of money to kasich's campaign after the strong showing there. and third place still too close to call betweecruz, bush and rubio. and not a good primary for chris christie instead of heading to south carolina to campaign new jersey governor said he will return home to take a deep breath he finished in sixth place and told suppor supporters he'll wait to see final results before making a decision what is next. ben carson finished last place and skipped primary party last night to get a head start in south carolina carly fiorina has no perhaps of dropping out of the race and finished ahead the carson and hillary clinton headquarters in alexandria opens tonight. she's not expected to be there and senator time kaine will thereby the primary in virginia is march first. . >> well said, steve, well said. >> dramatic pause. >> i have to leave you hanging on that one.
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>> i liked it. >> what's up tucker. >> you look nice this morning. >> thank you. >> i love the look. >> thank you very much. >> let's get to it freezing temperatures overnight. we've had a couple -- did you see snow flurries driving in. >> yes. >> and coating of fresh snow. >> yes. >> exactly. >> you might encounter that this morning. we had a last bend of snow showers i'll show it to new a second coming up and that will in addition to you know few extra seconds to dust off your car you may encounter slick spot or two early here. 32 washington. notice everybody at or below freezing. 28 leonardtown and 28 baltimore and 30 frederick and there's leftover snow showers pushing across the bay. looking at leftover snow shower there in extreme western howard country and we'll get it all out of here and be in for a mix of sun and clouds. and should be in for a decent day today although a cool day. look at the -- upper level energy look at lake effect snow and organized chaos. across the eastern third of
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country. little bit of snow everywhere. we have a few flurries in the forecast today. high temperatures 40. if you like cold weather you see nothing yet. wait until you see the 7 day forecast vl i think you'll love it. >> if you like cold weather that is. 40 today. winds out of west 10 to 15. if you don't like wold weather. >> vacation time. >> let's talk about vacation spots. >> oh, boy thank you tucker. >> erin, good morning erin how are you. >> good morning i'm good even though it's cold at least it's valentine's day sunday. >> something to look forward t to. >> very true. >> if you're in queen anne dealing with problems on 50 and kent narrows bridge eastbound side reopened and closed because of icy conditions and over the westbound side earlier crash two accidents cleared out kept narrows bridge and salt trucks are out there. good news is once those salt trucks get acrouse the bridge the kenlts narrows bridge should be clear. aside from that we're seeing a
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lot of congestion pick up earlier than usual. ongoing issues in the district. police activity m street remains shut down north capitol and outbound sutland parkway tree removal following stanton roadblocking a lane and as you make your way out another crash cleared madwoman beaten town road and typical slow moving traffic. and slow moving traffic on 270 south. outer loop looking good. speeds touching about 50 miles an hour and as that congestion increases we should start to see slow downs 95 southern to upper loop and typical slow down outer loop and bottle of beltway wilson bridge metro on or close to schedule. coop you updated. steve and allison. >> chilling new information about a school volunteer in prince george county. >> deonta caraway is accused of forcing nearly a dozen kids to
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perform sex acts while he videotaped them. >> the latest on this story, mel. >> that's right, we're learning that deonta caraway was director of the glenarden boys youth choir that practiced at the municipal center friday night and police say this is where some aft bus occurred. along with the aquatic center in this communicate tich the woods elementary school and also in private homes. 22-year-old deonta caraway is charged with felony child pornography and sexual abuse involving at least ten childre children. families of victims tell "fox5" caraway would often play kick ball at gleparden apartments and encourage them to join the youth choir it was after practices inappropriate behavior happened. somewhere videotaped in the school during the school day and some families are speaking to "fox5" about the abuse hoping other get the courage to come forward. >> i want to ask him why.
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first of all, and why did you betray me. if there are any other children out please notify somebody. >> did he tell you not to tell? what did he say to you? >> hey, don't tell your parents. >> prince george country public school september a letter to the woods elementary school community saying that they are shocked by the recent allegations telling parents it's important to note that every employee goes throughp proper screening before hired and safetive students is top priority for prince george county public schools the letter went on to say counselors are being made available. now, caraway was apparently a paid assistant at the school in the 2014-2015 school year and lost job due to budget cuts and came back as school volunteer. prince george country schools planning on holding a meeting for parents at woods elementary school tomorrow night 6:30 and
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fbi also is now getting involved in this investigation. >> live in glenarden i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> let me thank you. another first for pope francis what he plans top do during his visit to mex dho week and why some people in one texas town will be able to see the pontiff. >> big time soccer star speaking out about the zika virus and the upcoming olympics in rio and basically if she will be there or not. in rio and basically if she will be there or not. 6
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>> practice sports of mersy. pontiff arrives in mexico city friday for a six day visit and we will hold mass at u.s. bored 90 years from rio grande texas to show solidarity with my
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grants crossing across the border. >> a man accused of throwing live alligator through a wend wendy's drive-thru window after placing an order and this happened in october and u.s. marshalls took 23-year-old joshua james into dust di just in week. he had a 3 naev foot alligator on the side of the road. he found it. and his mother says her sop was playing a prank. no one was injured airport gator was released back to the wild and he faces several charges including a salt with a deadly weapon. >> i should think so. >> okay. >> and la clippers star blake griffin us is spended without pay for punching a staff member. griffin broke shooting hand however in incident and because of that will be find another game pay. the suspension will start once he recovers from hand injury and is healthy to play. he'll donate money from suspension to charity. >> still ahead, wizards and caps both won lasts night. we'll check in with sports jvrpingyes later good night for
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d.c. sports. >> and live look outside as we take to you this break on wednesday morning halfway through this week folks weather and traffic on fives coming through this week folks weather and traffic on fives coming your way next 6:136789
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>> good morning there's a live shot of the we have cold temperatures. what you can't see in the live shot that cold temperatures another round of light flurries and snow come through early this morning. that left a bit of coating on some of the local roadways and certainly on car that kind ever
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thing in some spots. not everybody has seen it early this morning. good morning, back to school for those of you offer to the north and west. there's delays. i'll let steve and allison tell about you this. cold temperatures for everybod everybody. everybody this morning below freezing. it will be enough snow toe coatet ground. hagerstown 28. martinsburg 28 as well. satellite and radar there's a match of snowy mentioned pushing east now and look like out towards cambridge and oxford we'llet light snow showers east and again that's making nice progress to the east and we should be in for
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partial sunshine today and decent day we'll get the high temperatures up above freeze khing is good news and those of you that have fresh snow pack off north and west we get a chance to soften it up and move around a little bridge the theme the next couple days generally very cold conditions and wait until we get a bitter blast for weekend. it will be really cold around here and our wind chills by late saturday night and early sunday morning perhaps minus five or minus ten or minus 15 and we're talking about real serious cold and polar vortex. there's a chunk for the weekend. here's the forecast today. spotty flurry. no issues. and then high pressure builds in tomorrow and that gives us sunshine and chile take and wednesday or thursday losing track of days expect to be a little below normal temperature wise. wind out of west 10 to 15 and cold winter day and there's 7 day. 30 tomorrow, breezy and cold. we'll pump temperatures a little friday. don't get used to it. saturday and sunday, deep freeze.
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daytime highs on sunday. even with beating of heart 25 degrees and holiday monday, 35. so we may do another round of rain and/or snow monday and tuesday of next week. you know what if we get that snow tuesday we can extend the holiday and make it a four or five-day holiday weekend still dark and roads are clear and if you take a look at bridges and overpasses just a heads up to slow down, use caution and because they tend to ice first. let's switch it over. give yourself extra time 50 to the beltway as usual. taking a look at maps, 50 westbound, delays 202 to kenilworth that's what we showed from you chopper. aside from that delay metro red
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line users delays blen mont and -- norm and queen anne country now dealing with problems kent narrows bridge. it has not shut down because of icy conditions. two earlier crashes on westbound side cleared and salt trucks are out there. we're hoping conditions are improving quickly we'll let you know. i advice using a lot of caution if you head offer the kenlts narrows bridge. and m street shut down north capital. that should be out there all morning. please use caution. sutland parkway out band near stanton tree removal. back to you. >> thanks so much. erin, coming up next hope solo speaking out about competing in summer olympic games in rio. >> apple ceo blasted on social media for taking this blurry super bowl picture presumably with his iphone. >> ut, oh. >> we'll talk about that after
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the break. >> i see arctictic vision and beauty. >> i see arctictic vision and beauty. >> i see mrury picture.
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>> 6:22 now back with why apple ce oxt catching a lot of heat on social immediate joining us with the fox business network. lauren simonetti. hi, lauren. >> hello it will be a great day today i'm channeling the right color green, small setback yesterday which actually was not terrible because we were
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down substantially yesterday. so, looking to get our groove back today. i want to point out nasdaq down 15% thisier and seeing nice 56 point pop one and a half% for the nasdaq now is nice news as it is getting us out of falling closer to the bare market territory as far as storkz are concerned. >> anything we may see from stocks. >> janet fed chief testifies on capital hill 10 a.m. today before the house encore performance before the senate and what can she say about central bank and their plans to push interest rates up more. that's very tough sell this type of key and with this rough going in the stock market as well. >> it's not been a good start to the year you have hope solo
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and this is a quote "i personally reserve my right to have a healthy baby that ft. rio olympic games were right now she would likely boycott them because of those reasons" we have zika spreading it's in china now and countries in europe and in at least five states including pennsylvania and delaware. the cdc says there are 35 travel associated zika cases in u.s. as of last week that number is probably higher. >> we'll have to wait and see what happens between few and when rosters have to be set for the games. >> august. >> yeah. >> let's talk about apple right now. and those iphones. they're so if i canle sometime sometimes. sometimes they're beautiful photos and sometimes not so good. >> i always feel bad for ceo tim cook of apple because he's watching super bowl and so excited broncos win and takes this picture right here. presumably with his iphone i hope that was iphone from app. ceo. it's a terrible picture not
6:25 am
clear he probably didn't notice sense he is ceo of apple he has to be careful. he puts it on twitter and gets blasted that's the best photo your device can take tim cook he takes it down and replaces with this beautiful crystal clear sharp picture instead. >> i mean it had to be like you know you're looking at -- like little snapshot photo things he hit the wrong one or something how could you put that up willingly. >> he posted it i know he was excited i guess. >> well. >> big mistake. >> if i'm ever on the field for postgame super bowl celebration i promise you i will post a good picture the first time. >> thank you you're not ceo of apple post any picture you want. >> fair enough. >> i still won't post a mrury one. see you tomorrow. >> 6:25 now. >> that's the new weekend --. >> he posted wrong one. >> that's the weekend soft lens look. >> get a new filter on iphone
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7. >> it will cost you more but maybe if you're lucky you got. it that's pretty funny. >> the one i need. >> by the way good to be c. eo of apple see his seats good seats there. >> 32 washington. >> sure did. >> a last little around ever snow overnight. enough for dusting in places. lisa thank you for tweeting me colonial beach virginia she has a dusting overnight and you may have to dust off your car a little bit. look for icy spots. everybody is below freezing. bwi marshall 29. mix of sawn and clouds might be mrur write in afternoon high upper 30s to 40 and there's 7 day forecast. we'll talk about the weekend. man it will be cold. highs in 20s. lows single digits many spots sunday morning.
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. >> what are you doing for valentine's day. >> married folk stuff i suppos suppose. >> that's exciting. >> right now sky fox not so exciting inarea and utter loop by new hampshire avenue slow moving traffic outer loop new hampshire to georgia that is low as usual aside from that switch it over for a look at maps. we'll show what you we're up against. delays prince george county slow kenilworth and upper loop slow approaching wilson bridge and use extra caution. brims overpasses and on and off ramps because of icy condition conditions. typical delays around this morning. back to you guys. . >> erin thank you so much. still ahead a push today to change dui laws nationwide following the death of local police officer. >> and also check in with sports junkyes we'll talk cam newton and explanation for walking out on reporters and also good night for d.c. sports walking out on reporters and also good night for d.c. sports it's all coming up 6:27.
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uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. . >> that is a song on the radio and it had a little flute in front of it. >> tucker barnes enjoys a good flute jam. welcome back to "fox5 news morning" "weather and traffic on the 5s" with tucker and erin 6:35. first at 6:30 scary scene inside restin hospital center.
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they responded shooting after a man opened fire inside. police say the 53-year-old man showed up at the hospital around 1:30 this morning withself inflict gunshot wound and shot in the glass and need add teption to get help and shot glass there and once inside fired again aiming at the ground. thankfully no one else was hurt and himself and the man was taken to a hospital to receive treatment. >> student: in a resignation let to d.c. mayor muirial bowser d.c. fire and ems medical director calls department toxic. this follows months of ambulance short amounts and delayed response times in the city. juliet vawsy plans to -- points to culture in the department and refusal to measure performance and lack of accountability as man issues. fire sovl says the letter has inaccuracies and department is committed to ems reform as
6:32 am
proven by actions the chief has taken they say. >> the parents of montgomery country police officer killed by suspected drunk driver want tougher dui laws in all 50 states. officer noah liota was killed december rockville pike and liota's parents and montgomery county officials are holding a meeting today in annapolis and wanted to pass noah's law which requires convicted drunk drivers to install ignition inter lock devices in their cars steve. >> cam newton depending himself walking out on reporters sailing he didn't want to be there. let's check in with the junkyes 106.7 fm the fan. >> better for marshawn livrpch so say i'm there i deposit want to get find or cam newton to say i just doesn't want to be there. >> it would be bet to be mature shawn lynch than be a bad example for the kids.
6:33 am
cam newton has been great to children, but to be a poor sport is horrible. >> both are annoying with the way they handled it. at the end of the day cam sat there i deposit like the posture and attitude. but had you appsed how many questions he was there five or six minutes he answered majority of the questions. and then he got frustrated and walked away. i'm okay with it. i think that's better than marshawn refusing to answer --. >> you have to get used to the fact that's the way cam is and probably the way he is for rest of career. >> the worst part about that he was like material thaty in his career and you saw a growth in the last three years and he seemed to move past it and hit adversity granted biggest game of life he loss it's and reverts right back to the way he was early in career. >> what about his defense yesterday you know what if you show me good loser i'm showing you a loser you know he's proud to be a sore losers. >> there's countless other guys that go to that podium and
6:34 am
don't act the way he did and sulk. >> i don't think luke was happy to lose the game but he didn't look like a sore loser. >> he said i'm a professional athlete. then act professional. that's all you have to do particularly quarterbacks they're the guys that have to step up there as well ahead coaches after tough losses and just act professionally and apps questions. that's all he had to do. if he actually acted on sunday after the super bowl like he did yesterday i think it would not be a big issue. you know he was more forthright yesterday. but, he did not. he acted like a brat. >> i guess it just comes down to this goes back to any time any professional annual let's get in trouble and it's whole, hey, i'm a.j. mccarron least not a role model cam made it clear this is who he is and the way he wants to act and has acted in the past and chooses to act so he kind of has the right to act that way and everybody has a right to respond how they feel. >> yeah he says who is to say that our way is right you know what i mean?
6:35 am
and you know what he's a grown man. he can handle himself how he wants. at the end of the day i know what matters most is not how you handle a press conference but how you handle a football game winning or losing, he's under the microscope because they lost. i get that but if you're coaching kids we've all coached kids before and they lose a tough game and then refuse to go into the line to shake hands afterwards you could wall them out. that's basically what he's doing. ironically he aapproached payton mapping and payton praised him for being humble. >> set he was gracious. >> then ten minutes later sitting there with the press in front of him and they're asking him tough questions. >> well, he's --. >> i mean. >> with may ton he's on a 350er level two it's easier for him to associate with peers than microphones in his face. i getty hate to lose media softball games. nobody like to lose any game when out playing i hate to lose
6:36 am
playing golf whatever it is. i think on that stage you have the opportunity to reach the entire world and you know create a whole great fan base not for yourself but for carolina panthers. that opportunity was missed. hey he handled how he felt was appropriate. >> and russel wilson year prior handled it totally differently and he had thrown interception on essentially the last play of game that cost them the super bowl. and yet, he sat there and took the questions and apingted professionally. >> seattle did not get back to super bowl either. like you said prove it on the field maybe carolina gets back. okay, i wants to talk about wizards and caps they both won last night let's safe that discussion for another day and we'll focus on the good there. >> talk to you soon. >> okay. >> 106.7 fm the fan. >> 6:35ish and here's tuck. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> kind of coating out there. >> little winter surprise. >> absolutely overnight fresh very light amounts of snow.
6:37 am
enough to just kind of dust off quickly. but could cause slippery roads. icy conditions. >> nobody has time for that on wednesday morning trying to get to work. >> do not. be very, very careful sidewalks slippery too. 30 annapolis and 30 leonardtown and let's see notice everybody locally here it below freeing this morning and so if you got snow yesterday it could be ice this morning. do be on the lookout for that. wind chills want to mention those headed to the bus stop. temperatures combined with winds out of the west 10 to 15 and making it feel like teens and 20s out there chile morning and honestly chile afternoon high temperatures in upper 30s to 40 with partial sunshine. there might be a flurry this afternoon we're not concerned with additional accumulating snow. that last batch of snow pshing across the bay pushing to del a.m. and out to sea and again that brought in some spots a dusting here in the last couple hours. 40 today. early clouds. few nrur is late this afternoon. 7 day featuring lots and lots of cold. you'll love.
6:38 am
it. >> no? >> no. >> i love you but i won't love that so much. >> okay. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> okay. >> thank you, though. >> maybe you have better news. >> 6:38 typical slow downs now. 270 frederick 80 to truck scales down to 32 miles an hou hour. let's look outside 270 near 109 all those brake lights as you pass the hyattstown exits making your way past the spur we hit a lot of stop and go traffic. we'll take a wide look of district commute now at maps and show you what else is slowing down this morning. 295 between eastern and pennsylvania. typical slow roll. bottom of beltway inner loop across wilson bridge a lot of congestion picking up and 395 inbound once you hit the beltway slow from beltway to 14 street bridge and 95 northbound stafford and as you make your way dale city woodbridge you hit a lot of stop and go towards the district. 66 inbound towards the beltway backed up as well. other delays in prings george country now.
6:39 am
50 west slow to ken ill work and inner loop slow approaching wilson bridge. give yourself extra time there. as you make your way into the district heads up commute in northwest. this could cause big delays as more folks hit the roads and n street remains closed in police investigation and h and new york gets you around that and outbound sutland and free removal one lane blocked back to you steve and allison. >> thank you very much erin. if we can get the prompter that would be great thank you so much coming up next update to the district proposed paid family leave bill. >> and original "american idol" out with new project kelly clark sont author how her daughter helped with new book that's coming up in the fox daughter helped with new book that's coming up in the fox beat
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>> 6:4 2 welcome back. d.c. mayor muirial bowser having dinner tonight with families at the d.c. general homeless shelter in southeast this comes after the mayor announced plans to help the city homeless and the mayor want to close the city's homeless helter by 20 18 and on eight smaller shelt areas cross the city and meanwhile mayor bowser will attend a ribbon cutting for a new homeless shelt are for women and patricia handy place for women will accommodate 200 women and shelter is slokted 5th streets northwest near gally place metro system. >> change to district proposed paid family leave bill instead of 16 weeks it's been reduced to twelve weeks and maximum
6:43 am
weekly benefit is cut to 15 0 0 and still most generous including paid time off for medical conditions or caring for sick relative and mayor says she'll consider approving bill if city council will approve itself to payroll tax. third hearing is set for tomorrow. >> still ahead we'll hear from actor jeff gold jp blum about independence day sequel. >> i thought it was epic george and wheezingy. >> that was a good one. >> before the break if you have a news tip share with us 2028 2028553000 or email tip to "fox5" tip or back in a moment. "fox5" tip or back in a moment. kling paing
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals.
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so you can love cereal... again! >> there it is. nothing like some snowy roads and a good flute jam. >> can't beat the flute jam. >> it gets me every sglim that's sweet. >> and i don't know why i like the flute jam you. >> know why i like the pied piper you're more like a rat with the flute. >> i saw a gentleman with one ever largest gentleman i've ever seen in my life play a flute jam in college and from that moment i was sold. >> shout-out to that yeah gentleman. >> bitter cold ahead. maybe we should talk about that instead of flute jams. cold around here. and get ready for coldest day of year and make sure house is ready and make sure pipes will not be frozen we want to leave
6:47 am
them dripping. talking about this morning 32 washington and 2 the bolt more and 30 leonardtown. and short wave energies brought us light coating of snow for parts of the area and particularly western shore bay and now pushing east here and there will be icy spots particularly picked up two or three coats off to the west. we'll get sunshine today and tem tears upper 30s to. not feel trair ily warm. it makes it feel cooler than actual air temperature. and we're sort of stuck under a big upper level low for time being. blake effect snow mooving north and west.
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>> it was an homage. i i'm sure he's a fan of steven spielberg'. >> that movie opened up jun june 24th.ju big sequel opening up thisphi summer big fox movie and more ar from the stars including liamia hemsworth coming up at 7:47. i went one-on-one with him onh h the set in new members coach itc was very very cool to be there.e >> what d.c. landmark will theyt
6:53 am
destroy this time.y tim >> the white house they blew up, miniature.atur very very cool how they pulled it off and blew it up. obviously it was fake.y it was f very very cool how they did it.d >> kanye west known very well for twitter rants from this point last night a lot of people talking about a tweet he sent out. ou he tweeted "bill cosby innocent". that was it. he didn't offer up anyr u a explanation as to why he decided to give his 2 cents.s 2 cosby as we know is involved ine an on-going sexual assault casec and accused by dozens more womew of similar charges.. kanye also mentions cosby in his song fax do anybody feel bad for bill cosby d he forget the namen just like steve harvey? question is why would he tweetet that? probably for attentiontti his new album is coming out.. >> he's got a line on bill cosbs in his song. sg. >> the album comes out this weee f you tweet that you'll get a ton of articles --le >> and 24 house sand >> kelly clarkson announc annouu
6:54 am
she's already written as alwrit children's book inspired by her 19 month old daughter river r rose. clarkson says the idea came about from the adventures she shared with her daughter on tour. she wrote a lull la bee to accompany the book. b river rose and the magical lullaby comes out in october.ob >> sweet legacy for her.or h >> her album break away wasy w amazing. since you've been gone is a masterpiece.ster >> thanks kevin. thanks kevi >> our facebook fan of the day ellen erby.rb she watches fox5 every morning.. watches online to keep up to u t date as well.s well. >> all right. >> she recently celebrate addeba birthday. >> so happy belated birthday --- yes. >> she's paying attention toayio tucker, too., to keeping an eye on that forecast. >> although snow and shortho sleeves --eeve >> yeah. >> pretty impressive, right? >> our next facebook fan of the
6:55 am
day post a picture under 19 ella' and wish her a happy happy birthday.hday >> i read some of the commentsnt underneath can way's tweetet they were hilarious.e hilarious so funny.un >> clearly a marketing tool. every article promoting his new album coming out this week. w >> i got it. >> i got work to do. do. birthday forecast to get ino get here. . reagan national 32. natl 3 dulles a be lated birthdayy forecast. bi. marshall 29. ll last little batch of snow comet through a little piece of shortwave energy won't get too technical fading off to the eas and out of here but it's left l behind a light dusting in spotss just even places like colonial beach, annapolis, parts of the o world didn't get much snoww yesterday you might have a light coating to deal with early thisi morning.rnin eventually mix of sun and clouds temperatures about 40 this afternoon wind chills keephill k temperatures or real feel for fl you in low to mid 30s make sures you're prepared for cold day.oly
6:56 am
notice the cold temperaturespers here to stage thursday andstag friday chilly and look out thisi weekend bottom drops out our o o wind chill values by sundayyun morning will be below zero. z so real air moving in thisnhi weekend maybe snow next week. ne all right much that is -- i do erin is doing traffic. >> it's wednesday. wed we've gotten to the mid point ot the eve before friday eve.beforeday so it's good stuff.od s right now we do have problems aa you make your way out in carol county debris fuel spill closuro big mess tractor trailer outil o there.. 70 west shut down from 27 to 75. they're diverting traffic at exit 68 so please try to plan alternate this morning that mora detour route is going to back up again you can see the redyon already leading towards that tha location.caon aside from that delays in prince george's county.. 50 west to the kenilworth innern loop approaching the wilsonng to bridge and then again the inner loop slows from annandale to the springfield interchange. 270 slow 85 to the truck scalesa 32 miles per hour and you geter really slow in gaithersburg aseg well. keep it to fox5 news morning.neg
6:57 am
back in just a few nor your keep it to fox5 news morning.neg back in just a few nor your 7:00 o'clock hour.
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>> and we are hearing from thehe family of one of the victims. >> live look this is wednesday morningning february 10th, 2016. 201 we'll have weather and trafficet coming up on the 5's at 7:05. 7 happy hump day. good wednesday morning. m i'm allison seymour.eymo >> i'm instead of cheneveyad of welcome to fox5 news concern over slick roads leadinn to several school delays even e one closing today. today. let's look in maryland right ina now. closing out to the west in the n garrett county in the meantime delays in frederick calvert and washington county maryland.ylan those schools delayed two hourss also delays on the eastern shoro including talbot, kent andt dorchester county schoolsy sch delayed two hours. >> spotsylvania and westmoreland county schools on two hourou delay. there are a few private schoolsh delayed as well.delayed as w you can see the most up to dated list scrolling along the bottomt of your screen. also, on fox5 and the


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