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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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their home schedule begins march 20th. >> thank you, jim. >> fox 5 local news at 11:00 starts right now. >> a fox 5 exclusive. >> i normally don't trust people with my children and he seemed like an okay guy. >> the mother of a child who was victimized in an alleged child pornography case shares her disturbing story. new details about the case. >> plus as the temperatures take a dive overnight, get ready for black ice and a difficult wednesday morning commute. fox 5 local news at 11:00 starts right now. >> and we begin tonight with that winter weather alert. thanks for joining us.
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i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. the snow that fell earlier today was not enough to stick in most places, but it is raising concerns for slippery roads tonight. >> let's get to sue palka who's standing by with the latest on the forecast. >> the bigger problems will be where you had the more substantial snow and that is most of our northern counties where we had 2 to 6 inches earlier today. very wet, heavy snow and not all of it melted during the day. a little bit of that moisture may be around as caitlin was just out in front of northwest dc a little bit ago, it looked pretty dry there. we do think that it will be a lot colder tonight and ice and that refreeze will be the concern. not to mention there's still a few flurries out there tonight. i'll show you those on radar in a moment. we are down to 28 in gaithersburg, 31 for dulles. martins burg you're at 28. hagerstown 27. a lot of those places to the north have some snow pack around and here in dc 33 degrees we've been maintaining that for the last few hours.
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i do think we'll head down to 28 tonight and maybe mid 20s in the suburbs. just want to show you there are still a couple of light snow showers around. light flurries, this could add a coating here and there and that coating will stick tonight unlike last night. i'm especially watching these areas. much more on where that is tracking and a very cold 7-day forecast is all just ahead. tony? >> new hampshire i want to thank you. we love you. we're going to be back a lot. we're not going to forget you. you started it. remember, you started it. >> our volunteers work night and day, made phone calls and knocked on a heck of a lot of doors. and we won because of your energy. thank you all. >> tonight donald trump and bernie sanders emerged as the winners of the republican and democratic primaries in new
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hampshire. both won their respective races by a mile. but the political season has really just begun. sarah simmons looks at the significance of tonight and what's next. sarah? >> tony, professor allan lichtman lichtman -- is here. on the republican side with 70% of the vote reporting, donald trump holding a commanding lead here, 35% of the vote followed by john kasich at 16%. that second place everybody was battling for. ted cruz with 12%. taking a look the athe democratic side with 66% of the vote and bernie sanders holds a 60 to 38% lead over hillary clinton. of course both races being called the winners here. we are just learning as well, dr. lichtman, that chris christie is heading back to reassess his campaign.
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what does that say to you as we look at the outcome of new hampshire here? >> i'm kind of sad because chris christie is a lot of fun. he's a great debatetor. he was never going anywhere. his campaign from the start was gridlocked in a big traffic jam on the way to the george washington bridge. >> was it that or that we had how many candidates? >> until the bridge scandal, he was a big favorite. >> i know. okay. >> now he's down. >> let's take a look at also the other factors perhaps looking at this race and looking at even specifically at new hampshire. you said gender has really played a role here. specifically tell me what you're talking about that we're looking at. >> i've been shocked at how little the issue of gender has been analyzed in this campaign. look at bernie sanders. sanders is always yelling, but that's considered passionate on the part of sanders. he's really committed to issues. if hillary clinton tries to
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raise her voice, she's shrill, she's loud, she's unfeminine. if you look at the debates, he's able to shout her down and she can't compete with that. we heard donald trump he called h her a [ bleep ]. this campaign is loaded with misogyny, loaded with gender issues and nobody but nobody is talking about it. >> why do you think that is? >> because i think they're afraid and because quite frankly the pundits just give you the conventional wisdom. they're not looking deeply. >> speaking of hillary clinton, we listened to her speech. she was lively looking ahead. a candidate who knows that new hampshire is not the end-all, be-all. >> no. she won new hampshire in 2008
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and that didn't get her the nomination. john mccain won in 2000 and that didn't get him the nomination. the big question now for sanders and clinton is can clinton hold on to her minority base, hispanics and african-americans who are going to be very important in upcoming primaries. trump doesn't have to worry about that because there is no african-american or hispanic base except hispanics in florida for the republican party. >> looking back at 2008, 2012, how has the mindset of the voter changed. >> voters are always looking for change. they're never satisfied. they're the ultimate folks who are always discontent. now it's anger. it's not just a desire for change. >> you think sanders really has a chance in this? >> i actually don't think sanders has much of a chance. but he has been surprisingly successful. he's kind of caught fire. i think that fire will be banked a bit when he gets to places
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like south carolina where minorities are half or more of the electorate, but i think it is a sign of anger that he has caught fire. same thing with donald trump. you know, six months ago nobody could have imagined that these guys would win a single primary. >> on to the next one. we of course will be following it. dr. allan lichtman. >> it's all nonlinear. you're only as good as your last primary. >> that's so true, especially this year. developing tonight, the fbi is now involved in the investigation of a maryland elementary school volunteer who is charged with producing child pornography with students. fox 5's megan dice spoke exclusively with one of the victim's parents. she joins us live. >> reporter: good evening to all of you. this is where dionte lived and this is where the victim told us that he would often play soccer and kickball on this court right
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here. in fact one of the neighbors we spoke to say she had would often see him with kids here but very rarely with his own peers. the family moved here to the glenarden woods apartments back in 2014. a few weeks later, a neighbor came calling. >> he came up to the patio saying that my son wanted to join his choir, is it okay. so he gave me a permission slip and i did. and i was like okay. i normally don't trust people with my children and he seemed like an okay guy. i always see him with the kids. like a big brother. >> then she says he asked her to become a parent liaison to help with the youth choir practicing up at the municipal center every friday. >> was he ever alone with the kids? >> yes. sometimes i wasn't feeling well he would be at choir practice with the children by himself. >> we played hide and go seek. >> reporter: the victim told us that's when the appropriate behavior would happen.
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>> what do you want to say to him? >> i want to ask him why. first of all. and why did you betray me. if there are any other children out, please notify somebody so you'll be better off later on and get that counseling. >> did he tell you not to tell? what did he say to you? >> hey, don't tell your parents. >> in fact the victim was so afraid he told us he did not tell his parents but as the family begins their healing process, they wanted to make sure they spoke out so if there are other victims here that they will have the courage to speak out as well. >> following months of ambulance shortages and delayed response times in the district, the medical drikttor of the dc fire department presented mayor muriel bowser with a scathing
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resignation letter. marina marraco spoke with the outgoing director tonight. i understand she was only on the job for seven months. >> reporter: that's right. only seven months and what a letter it was. four pages long it was extremely direct around she boldfaces what she believes is plaguing the department in that letter saying that it is, quote, the culture as well as the refusal to measure performance as well as a lack of accountability. the main issues that are dragging the department down and she says the situation is, quote, grim. and that's how she describes the situation at dc fire and ems. and then she continues on the letter with extremely scathing quotes, quote, people are dying needlessly because we are moving too slow. the latest example is a young man stabbed to the chest wednesday around 10:00 a.m. he suffered a potentially survivable injury but it took more than 18 minutes for an ambulance to reach the 35-year-old man on 37th street
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southeast. we failed that young man. and towards the end of the letter she says quote, when i see something that can make a difference between life and death and yet is ignored, i must distance myself from that system. complicity kills and i will not be a party to that behavior. of course in this last year fox 5 has reported exclusively on multiple occasions where dc fire has had issues with response times that ultimately led to death in those cases. we brought that up with dr. saussy and asked her a couple of questions. here are her responses. >> reporter: what's the number one thing that needs to change? >> leadership. leadership. and when i say "leadership," i don't mean anything personal. this is not personal. this is about doing the right thing. >> reporter: is there one suggestion that you could offer chief dean? >> let medicine and science
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drive decisions and not nfpa 1610 fire standards that aren't based in any sort of medicines or science about response times. >> reporter: we did reach out to mayor bouser's office and a spokesperson issued a statement saying the mayor has accepted dr. saussy's resignation and there's been progress and improvements for the department. we are committing to improving patient outcomes and delivering the change that residents expect and deserve. we will announce an interim director later this week. for the department we reached out to fire and ems and i spoke with a fire official who says they've been prohibiting from speaking on the record and using their name but did say that quote, they are full of inaccuracy in that letter and that the department is committed to ems reform as is proven by actions the chief has taken. live tonight in northwest dc, marina marraco, fox 5 local news. >> still ahead at 11:00 tonight, why dc's mayor says she can't fully support a bill that would
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give 12 weeks of paid medical leave to people who work in the district. >> plus if you've been enjoying those low gas prices you might not have to kiss them good-bye any time soon.
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>> the proposal will grant up to 12 weeks paid leave for new parents, it also includes the same amount of leave for caring for a sick relative. mayor bouser says she supports the part of the bill that offers paid leave for parents but she is concerned it's too broad. she is considering approving the bill as it stands if the city council can prove it will pay for itself through a payroll tax. >> some of you saw some snow this morning. >> they did. especially north. you may have seen some flakes but nothing stuck here in the district we got up to 40 degrees. what we saw overnight didn't do much sticking either unless you were cold enough north. that leaves to tonight's issue which is the possibility of a refreeds in areas where you had more considerable accumulation earlier today. we thank you for thinking of us
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when you're taking your pictures. this is a nice one from lloyd ferguson. he's a regular here on fox 5. we love his photography. south county wasn't as bad as the north part of the county. in uniontown, maryland got about 7 inches. damascus picked up 4.1. dulles less than an inch, reagan national only picking up a trace out there. so tonight is the concern with falling temperatures and where you had that more significant can't snow maybe some refreezing and icy spots in the morning. we may see a flurry overnight
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and a few more tomorrow. the bigger one though will be an arctic front. that comes through on saturday. a very cold weekend coming with that. and when it comes through there could be some snow showers with it on saturday. so we'll watch those closely. the coldest air of the winter coming in for the weekend. meanwhile we'll drop in to the upper 20s. we're still seeing a few stush orn areas that don't want to give up the ghost here with passing snow flurries and showers especially up to the north. it is already in the upper 20s here. and some of these may be passing by, especially across northern suburbs later tonight. watch this area too. this is around the fredricksburg region and that has been persistent all night long. there's a little bit more energy in the pipeline because of this trough that's going to be moving through later tonight. it will keep the preezs going
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which does a good job of drying things up. but already with temperatures heading into the subfreezing territory, we know there will be areas that get refreeze. one of our high resolution models still see some flurries moving through between about 4:00 and 6:00 in the morning. mostly gone by the time the sun comes up. but could that put down another small coating in a few areas? it's doable. we are, by the way, beginning a real cold stretch. tomorrow only 38. thursday about 30 and then our arctic air is going to be making its presence felt all the way through the weekend and into the president's day holiday. and as i take you to our 7-day forecast we will have to watch another time period. it's kind of quiet in the run-up to the weekend. very cold weekend. 29 on saturday, 24 for valentine's day. 33 for president's day and is there something else that's going to try to develop monday night into tuesday? right now we're going to say chance of rain or snow. but we're watching it closely for you here in the weather center. that's the latest with weather.
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what's going on in your department? >> barry trots is making it one for the record books but he's also made the books of the national predators. he returned to the music city to face his old team. tom wilson on the steal. he's going to escape to the zone, he puts it on nets. the caps win it 5-3. they are rolling! let's go to the hard wood. the wiz had it working from
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behind sinking 17 of 25. bradley beal hits one of his five three-pointers. and wall left all by himself. final seconds the lead down to 3. chance to tie at the buzzer. the wiz holds on 111-108. college park tonight the battle of the deuces. he goes all the way down what does he do, he slams.
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darius thompson leading the break, he weaves, toby with the dunks. they get the fouls. the hokeys go inside. no. hangs on the rim going after the rebound. he was called for a technical. buzz william rubs his head. tough night for the hokies and for that baby. >> ooh. >> the baby is okay. >> no babies were harmed. we love kids. >> >> yes, we do. >> still ahead tonight, are gas prices below $2 a gallon here to
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stay? we're going to tell you why that's not so farfetched. stick around.
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how would you like to fill up your gas tank for less than $2 a gallon for an entire year? if it sounds like a contest prize, it's not. it's actually the government's prediction for 2016. >> like that. the u.s. energy information administration says regular gasoline will average $1.98 a gallon nationwide this year. drivers haven't seen a prices hit a plateau this low in 12 years. we will take it. >> bring it on. i have no problem with that. >> it's half what it was not that long ago. >> it's very nice. >> a little refreeze overnight? >> we've got to watch that in areas that have substantial snow cover earlier today. you may have some slick spots in the morning and the rest of the time it's cold. >> bundle up, everybody!
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> meek mill, who has just been ordered to go under house arrest, caught up in the middle of a bar fight. >> shouldn't meek not even have been there? >> if you have something around your leg for a minimum of three months, i would want to go out as much as possible too. >> that's with nicki minaj. >> it doesn't matter who you have. it's still the same ass. >> that's depressing. happy valentine's day, everyone. >> kanye west in new york city. we go, what's going on with the clothing line? >> we're making dope, soulful product for people, trying to get the prices together. harvey: they're insanely expensive now. >> that's the thing. they're expensive. they only make 15 pairs. harvey: why not make more so you don't have this black market mentality. [laughter] no, i didn't mean that. >> they had the oscar nominees luncheon at the beverly hilton.


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