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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 9, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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look at this some places getting it pretty heavy right now. we'll check in with tuck are in a second. and new hampshire primary and voteers in the granite state cast their ballots. we'll take to you new hampshire liver. >> also developing overnight emergency crews on scene of deadly train crash overseas this in germany and rising death toll there and authorities had a hard time reaching people trapped in the wreckage. >> as this hour elementary school volunteer arrested for child pornography what we learned about the suspect and popular phone app police are linking to the case. just something every parent will need hear. >> good tuesday morning to you it's tuesday, february 9, 2016 i'm allison see more. >> welcome to fox news morning. the snow is fall ago cross the hours. may not stick to the roads in place it's has been enough to cause school closings and delays. let's look at major ones.
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in virginia loudoun country schools are closed. prince william in fauquier countsy schools are on eye two hour delay. >> to maryland now montgomery frederick and anne arrundel and howard and alleghany schools are all on a two hour delay and there are a few other delays involving private schools you can see all those sdrol ago long the bottle of screen and federal government is on on time today with option for unscheduled leave or telework. >> some of the heaviest snow is falling in areas of maryland and north of district. >> those areas include areas being pretreated and making sure they have plenty of salt and plows all ready to go. melanie alnwick is live in montgomery county with the latest on conditions there. mel, it seems like every team i see you you're standing outside in the snow lately what's going on. >> well, you know, this is kind of part of my job these days isn't. it look at this. you can see these really big fault flakes coming down here. we're just off 118 here in germantown and it's not like
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this just i would say maybe 10, 20 minutes ago and we drove through part that really there was no precip coming down and i got on the phone with gary mcgrady and he said hey you know what head to the western part of germantown on other side of 270 i think you'll hit a little pocket there and indeed, yeah, that's what we found. we definitely seen crews out here keeping roads going. if you look on 118 parts of the roads are getting a little slush on them. and we also see what is kind of a dangerous situation here. he's people walking down middle of road as well and we saw somebody even a little earlier running across the street where the snow is coming down and snowplow coming quickly down the road. pretty dangerous situation out there. i would please warn pedestrians to be very, very careful and for drivers to look out for them as well. visibility really is major issue right now.
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and especially when you run through these little snow squalls you're traveling and snow is moving and it does get tricky and you have headlights on as well. so road conditions looking pretty sdeebts. but not great. you have to be very careful. back to you guys. >> mel thank you very much we appreciate. it presidential primary voting underway if new hampshire it's a race that could significantly shift the feel for both parties and "fox5" doug luzader joins us now with how things are shaping up. doug, good morning. >> good morning, well, for starters they're expecting a pretty significant turnout today even though they had decent snowfall yesterday and maybe more in the forecast today. but they're expecting north of 500,000 in voters and maybe more than 60% and that's something else.
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and that can change anything. . >> and doug it looks like there's a significant amount of snow on the ground behind you. it has not hampered the turnout at least in three areas already right? . >> well you know part of the tradition here, three tiny, tiny little towns in new hampshire began voting at midnight and most female us of them dixville notch. and we know from count there john kasich won republican side of thing by just a vote over donald trump but blow out for bernie sanders all four democrats there for him. now is that going to be his ticket of what happened statewide we'll see. it's always fun part of covering new hampshire can that set a statement in itself doug? >> yeah i think it's probably it will. the clinton campaign realizes
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they're probably not going to win today but they wants to come in as strong as possible. there was a report that the campaign is going to undergo a staff shakeup because of recent problems. campaign itself denies that. there's no question hillary clinton is bracing for a loss here. and with the marming ins --. >> and doug luzader and tker barnes in snowy montgomery county yes, ma'am. >> i feel like we need to reference what we saw. dramatic video i i don't know if that was supporter of bernie sanders if you were watch anticipating not listening we'll get the story what that was. >> luckily, rain, snow overnight and transitioned for snow much of the area and will be with us much of the day. >> it's a pretty one -- there are delays so it is definitely aepingt infecting --. >> this is one of the storms frederick county double check
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that. winter weather advisory fairfax country but it is for montgomery country and howard country and loudoun country heaviest of snow here is early and northern tier of maryland and continues to be where the story will unfolded over the next couple hours there's storm rack tracker radar i mentioned it's a mess and we have a little bit of everything out there this morning and rain snow mix in annapolis and snow in northwest d.c. starting to stick on some of the cars. and in the grass. not on the pavement at all. 6 inside the beltway you're in good shape. north an west different story and we're getting reports i think melanie may be up on that and pretty good snow rate as this hour. the big scene it's not well
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organized area low pressure off the coast now and it will throw moisture back on much of the day today and we'll have periods of light snow although as far as accumulations we're really not going to get a whole lot of anything locally and note temperatures above freezing for just about everybody that is really helping to keep the roadways clear and that's great news. we have total snow ak lakes in a minute. here's forbe cat through day. light rain and snow throughout the day temperatures in the 30 30s. >> i have an answer. this is second time in a week somebody faipted at a bernie sanders rally. she's okay. . >> okay. >> all right. >> erin i feel like i have to tell the complete story i don't know. >> i don't know i wanted to know too. . >> she's fib. >> thank you for that update now. >> right now, crash and closure in charles county, 301 at the nice bridge and closed now because of crash let's take a look at camera now you can see the line of red and stopped traffic either side and this
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could slow things down you see trafficking is just not moving and bridges, overpasses, they tend to ice first you see this completely shut down. we don't have actual visual of the crash it's pretty big but on maryland side we can confirm that i would avoid the nice break this morning. let's look other issues wet and rainy things are. light snow coming down. we'll take a look at maps and show what you you are up against this morning. metro updates for you if you want to avoid the roads some delays you need to be aware of delays largo on the blue line and branch avenue green line from earlier problem that can set you back a side from that 395 north very slow traffic now, 27 miles an hour. 25 inbound backed up and frederick 270 southbound a whole lot of slow traffic 80 to 109 and again to the spur and outer loop top of beltway a lot of congestion. luckily aside from what we're dealing with in charles couldn'ty not ooing a lot of
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crashes it's slow moving traffic because of those conditions. here's a look at the outer loop. bwi reagan national or dulles, typical congestion leading to the airport and i suggest calling your carrier ahead of the flight. >> new details about a deadly train crash that happened in germany overnight and investigators trying to figure out what went wrong. >> volunteer at a local elementary school under arrest for child pornography and how he used a popular messaging app in the news to target children. he used a popular messaging app in the news to target children. stay with us
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and stemming from the elementary school where he volunteered. >> "fox5" bob sbob liver in glenarden outside of the school where the alleged incident happened. bob, good morning. >> allison, steve, good morning to you, school administrators here at judge sylvania woods elementary school expecting questions from children today and that's why they'll have counselors available to speak to them about the school volunteer deonta caloway, 22
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years old charged with ten counts of sext crimes for children for allegedly recording on video children doing things they should not have been doing with each other and by themselves and at least 40 videos that authorities know about now. these recordings made here at woods elementary school glen add earn municipal center and theresa banks memorial aquatic saernt some of the children's homes according to prince george county police. 40 videos in all. prince george country police telling us how they uncovered these alleged crimes first appearance reacting. >> he was very friendly with the kids. so this is kind of wake-up cal call. you never know with people and individuals. i'm very dispointed. >> on thursday a victim's relative diskvrd a nude photo on the cellphone of judge sylvania woods elementary --
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and through the kikk messenger app. . >> and we heard of that one before. bob thank you very much. coming up talking more about this form of --. >> maybe you heard of kikk messenger april gotta tension during the virginia tech murder recently and of course now with this case. we'll talk with an expert trying his best to educate people about the dangers of these sgleingts also coming up district in charge of shutting down. >> more snow falling out there. but not necessarily at the white house. still breezy out there this morning. "weather and traffic on the 5s" morning. "weather and traffic on the 5s" next at 7
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>> 7:15 right now. that is silver spring, maryland right now. getting ready for snow preps there. >> okay. >> we'll let you know about a couple changes to the school systems out. there some delays are now closures. >> they are? >> frederick country. >> and howard county. >> there you go. >> that's a gift i'm sure to the students watching. not to the parents perhaps. but better safe than sorry out there. >> yes. >> shout out to the super swan.
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>> i like that, tuck. >> the super swan, love it. >> notice numbers above freezing. and and it's flying now north and west and it's not really sick on the roadways. temperatures everywhere remain above freezing. rain, snow mix inside the beltway for most of the night. and transitioned to snow event and other than grassy surfaces in the car that kind of thing it's not sticking on the roadway and we go southern maryland to fredericksburg. mixing with snow there. no accumulation. accumulation north and west here to 270. demaskus and germantown and frederick and western howard
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county. leesburg getting good snow in loudoun country as well. that's where the heaviest of snow has been. that's where he's happening out for much of the day. all right. in fact, let's talk heavy snow. let's talk to gary mcgrady who is outside in north west d.c.. a live report of what gary -- what's happening out there. >> in the city light rain. that's what it is. and the gassy areas some of the soil and whatnot, dirt, it's getting a little bit light and i noticed a couple cars coming by with district plates. it had a little snow on them they kind of knocked around and look it's just wet right now. this is good. this is all indicative of temperatures too. where the heaviest snow is -- we don't want to get outrageous but minor to heavy snow and tucker is talking about that and montgomery county to the north frederick and howard country places like that you can see that indicate bid the areas of red here. and these are all kind of moving up to the north. and then that basically is just to the north and we get these
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snow bursts from time to time. temperatures will continue to warm just a little bit more in some spots. most spots will stay basically above freezing so that's got news. just wet out here in frobts of studio northwest tucker i don't suspect -- we may get a gusting up to inch possible that's it for now. all right. thanks, gary. >> love the jacket and hat. lots of complements. here we go how much are we getting. slushy inch in the city. off to the north and west an inch or two and then as you get up to northern -- this is where jackpot will be where you get cancel laces frederick and howard county 2 to 4" and snowing good as gary mentioned here off north and west. south of town, slushy mix. i don't think you'll get accumulations at all. you're hidden under banner. do you have a big story. there you go. the cold. once cold settles in, thursday, friday, sdarks sunday, monday, might be coldest stretch of weather so far this wipt erin daytime highs saturday and sunday in 20s. >> what. >> on valentine's day erin you.
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>> know what that means. >> no tell me what does it mea mean. >> it's a ge tweaked snuggle up and watch a movie together. >> it's a great weekend for that. >> right now you look kind of nervous us you didn't know what i was going to say. 7:19 snow coming down along 27 0. as you make your way to pred rick and montgomery county. traffic is moving much slower an you can see visibility is affected once you hit middle brook road it turns from snow like conditions to heavier rain coming down like a sleet mix. not loving what i'm seeing. factor in mrentstive extra tim time. that will slow you done. speeds are reduced even though traffic is lighter towards the spur. let's go check in with maps right now a side from that stretch of 270 outer loop completely jammed new hampshire and connecticut down to 16 miles an hour and charles country big heads up here. we have a crash and closure 301 at the nice bridge on maryland
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side please use caution and good time to remind you bridge bridges, overpasses, on and off ramps, reduce the speeds. aside from that we'll take a live look at that before we get to the crash on route one. we have a look in charles country. that actual crash scene on the back of traffic. some folks stuck on the bridge leading up to that scene they need to get it cleared out of the way. a big scene with a lot of first responders and back to the maps with crash on route one now you need to be aware of as well. joplin road intersection lanes blocked if both directions prince william and if you wanted to avoid the rooms delays to blue line and green line and all other lines on or close to schedule and metro bus operating on normal schedule right now. we'll keep you you updated if you have questions@erin "fox5" d.c. on twitter. >> and d.c. muirial bowser discusses replacing d.c.
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general. it was the large elingt family homeless shelter in city. last year council voted in support of mayor's plan to replace that center with short term housing across the disstrekt. >> developing overseas now at 7:21. at least nine people are dead and 150 others hurt after two trains collide in southern germany this happened in the state of bovaa 35 miles out munich and it took hours for rescuers to reach survivors and police state crash happened in accessible reeming don't of the area of germany there and helicopters were brought in to carry victims across the river and ambulance on other side. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> developing in taiwan an arrest warrants is -- 41 people were killed and most victims found in toppled highrise and witnesses reported seeing cans of cooking oil packed inside the walls possibly used as support in that building.
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coming up president barack obama asking for funding to stop the zika virus. the money is critical to fight it. >> and super bowl champs getting ready to celebrate are for the people denver. those stories and more coming for the people denver. those stories and more coming up next
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it.
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curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. >> president obama will ask for
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funding to stave off the zika virus and vaccine development is already underway with phase one trial expected to start by end of summer. but, it will take years for a widely available vaccine to be ready. >> well, today is big parade day in denver honoring super bowl win in downtown denver at noon and they came back home yesterday and there they are. broncos of course defeated 2 24-10 on sunday. that's a big celebration day today. >> what's the for cast in denver today. >> any idea. >> i know they've having a heat wave in california. maybe 90 in loss ankle less. 80s bay area and san francisco yesterday. amazing, i turn on heavy snow tracker there's heavy snow up 270 here up 70 as you get to frederick and northern montgomery country and parts of loudoun county and looks like a batch developing in glen bernie
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and anne arrundel and closer to the city a spot to two getting reports of snow bands. for the most part snow flying out there is light that hour and if south and south and east of town it's plain old rain. snow with us throughout the day today. generally accumulations light. inside the beltway around inch and that will be slushy inch on grassy surfaces and cars and that kind of thing. i don't think there's much on the roads. north and west the jackpot will be and two to four inches late this afternoon. get it all out tonight. look at the cold. cold around here, saturday, surprised, daytime highs in the 20s. coldest air of year. that's me. now let's see if erin is back. >> i am i'm coming into the studio. sorry, guys, busy right now because there's a lot of that rain mix turn into snow tucker you know what that means? . >> trouble on the roadways. >> crash activity prince william route 1 joplin road intersection and lanes blocked in both directions and heads newspaper charles koptsy crash and closure 301 knights bridge
7:27 am
maryland side completely shut down. let's show you a live look. first responders at the location and there's a live look at the camera and traffic now at a stand still leading to that point to folks unfortunately stuck on the stretch until they can get a lane moving. we'll keep up update odden that one. let's show you what we're up against on cameras. first this crash aside from that one in montgomery douptsy you're taking metro on or close to schedule. 395 north. 27 miles an hour. seminary road and outer loop as you make your way in montgomery country all backed up new hampshire to connecticut give yourself tops of extra time there. back to you guys. >> in denver this week temps in 50s and 60s. >> wow. >> doesn't that seem weird. >> yes. >> super celebration out there. >> why do we say de plane when we don't say planeing there are great mind out there that may have a better answer. >> something to think about today. >> major milestone for drones why there's more drone
7:28 am
operators than licensed pilots. >> first though --. >> it's easier i guess. >> first, though, in other news this morning a local elementary school volunteer uses a popular this morning a local elementary school volunteer uses a popular app to target children.
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♪ 7:30 right now on this on t tuesday morning. morning that is silver spring, maryland, right now. you can see a few moree a fe m snowflakes are start to go fallf there.e. we're seeing the heaviest snowes up to the north in frederick fde county out to the west loudoun o county and scattered amounts ofs accumulation in between. bwe other news this morning,orni elementary school volunteerol accused of of abusing students e in prince george's county.nty. 22-year-old deonte car away facing felon nearing childring i pornography and sexual abuse.. investigators say he targeted several children by using a popular messenger cap called cae kick. if that sounds familiar it's th second time in a few weeks we've heard about this app.ard about . it was used by a 13-year-oldld girl in blacksburg tobu t communicate with man now accused of killing her. her. these are fighting headlines fos parents to say the least. to talk more about this app andp messaging and internet safety we'll bringing cyber experter reginald corbett the founder ofd safe cyber g to see you thisou i morning.g. >> thank you for having me. for >> you found out about these out dangers first happened, didn'tn' you?
7:32 am
yo >> absolutely my 13-year-oldmy 1 daughter was havingaving conversations online and sociall media and so it concerned me greatly because they were strangers. it was people she did not know o and people die not know.. so i found safe cyber in order o to educate her and myself and oo the families in the community ay well. >> you've been going across theg area talked to youngsters,ounger talked to parents which i think is probably most important thini at this point to get that g message what do you tell them.u tehe >> i talk to them about being proactive and also being -- you- want to monitor your child's activity online. onle we want them to embrace the the technology but we also want them to manage the technology as we well. so they should be aware ofld bar certain apps that are out there. that have ill intentioningsin being all things social but at t the same time there aree individuals online who are outut to harm our children. >> is there anythingthe a specifically that parents shoult look for certain apps that are t more dangerous than others? >> correct. as we mentioned the kick avenueu
7:33 am
is one that's been in the news.. >> what is it that makes thatak more dangerous? >> you can have converations with anyone anywhere online.ywhe it allows you to an adult to adu have a conversation with a young child, that young child may notn be aware that person is an adu adult. so it engaging conversations and you can also manipulate childrei through those apps as well because they having having conversations on a regulartion basis.basi then there are apps out theres e that will hide conversationsveat particularly calculator app.. it functions as normalio as calculator but it also acts a as messenger app as well. >> then you mentioned of coursee snap chat as well which is veryr popular app out there, but thist falls under the category of cato having to be used the properror way, right? rig >> correct.>> c correct. absolutely. you know, again, the internet ir all things social. we want our children to behildre social. we want them to embrace the to c technology, but there are risksr and threats that are involvedve that comes with that.ith th. and so as parents job -- they -t need to be able to have the tecc talk as we say the other talk ol when it comes to young
7:34 am
>> that's what i was going to i ask you. you had this chat with yourh y 13-year-old daughter.ghte your kids tour young at thiss point really they have a few moreint years,t at what age, you know, kids aree on i pads when they're barelyy'r walking these days.thes days. so at what age do you start y talking to kids about these dangers? >> well, whenever they're ablene to communicateve with you about the technology, um, that's thes time that you shall have thealle conversation with them about and again monitoring, monitoring,onn monitoring is is key. you know, you want to be ableble to, you know, treat it like it's a regular landscape out in the i world when you see your childhi outside for the first time youre give them instructions andnstrun directions on how where to gon o and you tell them about the boundaries. same thing when it comes to thee digital landscape you shouldn have tsche same stance.. >> you did i guess we'll calle'l non cyber old-fashioned physicai security for a long time.on t what was that it made you wanttd to cross over to cyber securityr >> i feel like i didn't have the knowledge at the time to be able to help keep her secure. sece. and i felt like i failed her in a
7:35 am
sense.sense. being i was considered theiderdt safety sam. sam i would talk to her abouter a physical dangers out there inre the world but not being able tot get her the information sheon s needed to be safe in cyber world that concerned me and so i feltf like there were other parentsern that needed to know about thiswb and other youth as well that t needed to be educated. >> the message that parentstar obviously to make sure you s monitor everything that youreveg kids are doing onlin te as uncomfortable as they may be yo have to do it.have what's the message for kids k though because even if they aree not knowing about the dangers or maybe they just want to havetoav these coverings, they knowth k they're a stranger but they feel they're harmless because inhalen these cases we just illustrat it the kids are responding whethere they're stepping pictures tost onmeone they don't know orepey d conversing with someone theynehe don't know. what's the message to the kids d here. here >> the message to them should bb you have to understand thatand there are people out there thatt have ill intentions were itntenn comes to social media. again, we want you to embracece the technology but you want toan keep yourself safe.f saf so when you're having these havn
7:36 am
conversations or someone contacts you, you want to make sure that person's informationnr is correct, that they areth actually the person that, youha, know, you think that they are. but also, the general is don't d talk to strangers. stran the same thing when it comes tos being online.g line if anything comes up in relation to to that you should go to you parents and talk to them about that as >> interesting. you would never talk to someboda on the street but yet online yoy feel the comfort fact of being f in your room and do you care it. right. >> the kick app extra dangerouso because not only is it anonymous based out country it's littles l tougher for investigators to tro to track down who it is its communicating with you after tht fact. keep that in mind if yourd if yo talking with your kids aboutbo reginald, thanks for joining us. reginald is the founder of savee find. >> how we looking outside now, n tuck. >> snow totals in, steve.teve thank you very much.u very m damascus look at that 2.6-inches. about half inch in germantown an hour ago.go i suspect your number is higherh now. west minster in carol county 2.8-inches that's where the rear accumulations have been here ofe
7:37 am
to our north and our north andor west. you can see that heavy band ofab darker purple that's where these heavy band of snow has been i he mentioned on the roadways it'sor not sticking.oai it is sticking for you north anr west where you're gettinge getti heavier snow and temperatures are closer to freezing.ezing so here in d.c., just light snos at this hour.sou not really sticking on theckg roadways we might get a slushyy inch by late this afternoon afto we'll have bands of snow or snoo rain mix in the forecast forast much of the our day today.od but with the exception of thoset of you off to the north and wesw i don't think it will amount toa whole lot when all is said andd done here by late this afternoon and during the evening.rihe there's a bigger look.k. secondary low right about here.r it will try to throw moistureste back on us later this afternoonr but we're not talking about aut major snow particularly afterlay what we put up with a couple ofo weeks ago much this one will beb more of a nuisance variety theye exception again off to the nortr and west winter wet advisory yoy guys get up to 4-inches as you y get up towards frederick andnd again that northern tear carol county, northern loudoun countyu parts of montgomery countyy 4-inches. more like a slushy inch or two
7:38 am
here locally by the rental of rf the day and southern maryland you guys are getting rain maybee mix with snow for period of ti time. i don't think you'll get much il the way of accumulation, quickaq look at the forecast.focast mid 30, it mid to upper 30s. 30s keeping those temperatures warmw that's great news.that with temperatures above freezebe we can will not be dealing with problems on the roadways insidee the beltway. the beltwa that's weather. erin is back with your roads. >> they're not lookin looking sg t conduct are i want to show i was leave look at 301. 3 nice bridge shut down on theowhe maryland side dealing with big h crash they need to get cleared out of the way.he w several police officers andffica first responders at that location.. traffic backed up behind thatedi point. so avoid the nice bridge ine i charles county and make sure you fine an alternate around thatara one. let's show you right now look aa that snow coming down along 2700 at 109. 109 a lot heavier what we wereer seeing. i just got a picture on twitteri from urbana and we're seeing see about an inch there i would say, tucker, right now.ow yeah. you can see it's a littleit lit heavier causing visibility problems. traffic is really slow. really o even though it's a little bit bt lighter as you get closer to the
7:39 am
spur, moving along really slowlo speeds. spee you want to be careful, watchulw for slick spots.foick sp watch for visibility problems. l top of the beltway outer looputp jams up as well out by new by ne hampshire.hamp. we'll switch it over for look at our maps right now and show youw what else you're up against this morning. morning. snow in the center median theree average speeds on the outer loor 16 miles per hour.16 miles p and then in prince george's the inner loop right now local lanel speed to the wilson bridge unded 30 miles per hou slightly faster in the throughhe lanes but again you still wantll to be extra careful this this as we take look some crashrash activity in prince william as well.well. route 1 at joplin road the intersection right there lanesor are block as well.el i would say slow it down thisowi morning. all metro rails back to normall schedule.schedu metro bus operatin operating on germ but i'd anticipate somee s slow downs as well.ow dow back to you guys.bao coming up -- >> thanks erin costs snow daysoy soon become a thing of the past? why one local school district is considering having students tell commute when school is can. is c >> it's not a bad idea.a bad i >> not at all. a >> important milestone inilestoi aviation history.
7:40 am
why drone registration is dare r we say soaring? >> oh, steve.
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♪ coast guard says fuel oil i what spilled into the potomacthp river near reagan nationaln n airport last week.aiort the oil was spotted in the watee last wednesday and the coastandc guard is calling the spillhe fairly minor but says there'ss e work to be done to minimize the environmental impact..
7:43 am
about 30 birds have been pulledp from the water to be cleaned and rehabbed. the source of the spill though has not. not >> the use of drones reaching oa milestone as faa says they areee now more registered droned dne operators in the united states i than there are licensed pilots. because drone operators oftenft own more than one drone. dro fa official officials launch ado registration program just beforr christmas it would help themm track down operator who'srato violate air space regulation.egt >> gas is getting close to undeu a dollar a gallon in eightgh ates.stat. >> pretty according gas buddy at the pombt the average price of gas ringsfi in at 1.73 a gallon.lo down 25 cents from this timeim last month. mon 45 cents from this time last year. cheapest gas in the districtas selling for $1.59 in northeast d.c.c. >> got a tweet this morning froo a viewer who used the grocery points.poin. >> yeah.ea >> take some off.>> >> plenty or what have you.t ha >> made that under a dollar andl gallon. >> love that. >> go fill up. coming up snow days couldou potentially be spent doing funnn
7:44 am
things like homework.or tele commuting for students. sde good idea? we'll talk about itt in our tuesday talkers. >> i think it's a pretty good pg idea. >> you're a mom, of course.e a o >> later we'll tell which youf l local city has been naml ed onee the most romantic destinationsen in the country.ountry stay with us.s >> in time for valentine's day.d >> go figure. >> in time for valentine's day.d >> go figure. ♪
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♪ ♪ there is your live look at bourbon street, new orleans,rlea louisiana.
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>> one of these years.ea >> fat tuesday. >> would you want to be there aa 7:46 a.m.?.m >> i'm kind of a coward in somem ways. so maybe -- maybe i can't hamanh the real partying later tonight. >> more middle of the day.f they >> any time to be in new orleanl down there doing that is a good time.time i just love that city. >> we'll have mardi grasi gra celebration coming up on goodd day today. tod nothing like being right there in the heart of the >> i can close my eyes and a breathe in the history. hisry. >> you can pretty much smellhme something. that's for (laughter).gh >> what was that weird laugh.rd. >> are you talking about the bie yeas and cafe oles, cafe dumontm >> i'm sure those are the smelle steve was referring to. >> let's get right to it.o i wint weather advisory continues prince george's county annenn arundel county north central cen maryland all under that winter weather advisory.. loudoun county, to you., to you not here in the city.t re i the problem spot all morning moi long has been developing to theo north and west of the city.f thc snowing here, yes, inside the te
7:48 am
beltway sticking on some of the grassy surfaces some of the carc that kind of thing are gettinget light coating.ti but as far as the roads we're ii good shape. shape south south and east of townstft it's been just rain you might yg get a little bit of snowflake sa activity mixing in the problemro spots to the north and north anr west. see the darker purple towardse frederick and urbana that's tha where the heavy snow has beenase early and we have reports atorts least a couple of inches on then ground. please tucker fox fox5 tweet mey snow totals.otals. i'm seeing reports of anywhere between an inch to about 2.5-inches up in northern in nor montgomery county parts of par o loudoun county, frederick coun county, carol county in marylanm at this hour.ats h all right there's a bigger looko and it's not very well organizea off to our south and east areaaa of low pressure developing righg in here. and that will kind of enhance en the moisture know today.od but this is not going to be a gt repeat of what we dealt with aah few weeks ago with snowmageddono this event even if it snows mucw of the day our snow totals willw be very light. temperatures very marginal out a there. currently in the mid 30s.0s and this is really going to holl down on those snow totals.e snot 36 right now in washington.hito
7:49 am
37 in annapolis.nnapolis 36 in leonardtown.rdto again i want to emphasize ifhaze you're north and west where wehe now have freezing temperatures in germantown flirting withrt w freezing temperatures alltures l morning long in frederick you ic guys will continue to haveill in problems today perhaps two to tt 4-inches for you to the north tr and west.est. there's future cast put it in motion.ti. 1:00 o'clock still snow showerss around. not terribly heavy at any pointp here this afternoon but we willl keep snow in the forecastnow in through the evening rush hour.ou perhaps five, 6:00 o'clock we'l' get another band that will seta up here south and east may mix m with rain but again we'll keepe' the possibility of some snow showers in the forecast with w temperatures in the upper 30s right through about midnight.idt maybe leftover flurry and clearr it out out tomorro much colder tomorrow. cder how much snow? slushy inchnc maybe 2-inches if you're up u towards bethesda get up intointo southern montgomery county andna parts of loudoun county there,he but again, jackpot here.oter north and west two to 4-inches.. we've seen two.. so it will be more like four in places where it's currently cret snowing good and heavy. heavy. all right. here's a look at your seven dayn forecast.
7:50 am
want to talk about the cold. th. look at those cold temperaturese fry today, saturday, sundayy, sa monday we'll struggle to theug freezing mark. mar. intact we won't get close g c saturday and sunday withundaith temperatures in the 20's.aturesh that's weather. be back in a minute. mine. erin has traffic. >> 7:50 snow coming down heaviei and we do have some updates forf you. this is 301 over the nice bridgg it's been shut down because of o crash on the maryland side.and you can see a ton of firf responders at that location loc backed up traffic. ura they were let something trafficf through but right now it looksks like they halted all traffic keep you posted oh and that onee let's switch it over for look a the inner loop. we have a crash blocking theovti shoulder out by little rivertle turnpike and you can see the c e outer loop dealing with someome slow-moving traffic as well.l. wet conditions as you get closeo to the district but not the case on 270 as you head out inn frederick and montgomery countyy this is 270 southbound out by 109 significant amount of snowuo laying on the ground right now.n you can see all that whitehi visibility problems, slicks,li conditions, traffic is actuallys pretty light on the southboundbo side not seeing that normalor congestion right now.. but again speeds still reduced.d
7:51 am
you need to be prepared forpa that. let's take look at our mapsook right now.t aside from all the snow coming m down slowing us down and the t rain closer insider the district outer loop down to 17 miles an1l hour. let's see if we can forward ourw maps and show i arwas look inasn prince george's county.ceeorge'o as cidar from that, e innerm thh loop right now local lane speeds to the wilson bridge under 30. through lanes moving little bitb better but still congested.geed and finally we'll move over forr look in prince william asideside from that crash activity rightht now, route 1 at joplin road it'd in the middle of thee intersection some lanes aree es block there. th we got you covered on this snows and rainy tuesday morning.orng back to you guys. thank you very much. much well it is tuesday and thata means beside it being fat tuesday, let the party roll on,r it's time to talk about some of the most buzz worthy stories ous there.ere >> can't do it without our o friend sarah fraser.ah fra how you doing fraser? f >> i'm great.>> i gre >> so do you want to throw theme out there or should i?hod >> i always like to serve them e up to you. y very opinionated group here. her i like. le. arlington public schools in then
7:52 am
area and some other localer schools are thinking about having students they're testingy it with high schoolers tele t commute for snow days much youru snow days would be a thing oful the past.the do we like it? not like it? it? >> i think -- >> what does it mean exactly. i >> is this one of the district c that is everybody has like a laptop or like does the districc give them computers or wers or e assuming that everybody hashat them. >> yes. beu would be assigned ad computer. so let's say like today, right w we know coming up it could be ae iffy day.iffy day. you'd be assigned a computer.ome >> okay. okay. >> and then of course you'dhen f either be getting a hot spot ifs you don't have wi-fi at your y house or for those people who dorking.g. >> taking care of all the acce access. no more snow m wouldn't that be a bummer? a as person who loved snow days you d look forward to it.orwao i >> i don't think you should do s seven hours of instruction orho ythihing like that.of i don't know if i like the ideae of -- flying they got to they g point they were doing likeoi l virtual classrooms or thing buti i don't have a problem with likl here's some busy work.or >> i feel like, i agree withgret steve. i'm like you. you yeah, i'm a mom. mom
7:53 am
i'm of a certain age when age w there's snow day i feel likeee that's awesome for the studentse to just sort of day to just just whatever.wh. but if there is a limited amouno an hour horses worth of work oro check in i don't mind that.ha somewhere in the middle.. >> somewhere in the middle. mdl. >> especially it's a day you d don't have to make up at the att rental of the school year for yf the student it's a win/winin/w you're staying home, still doini >> you're still at home.meou >> you don't'r have to get thata extra day at the rental of the e year. year. >> come june you don't want to be the >> if you're given extraen e homework and still adds anotherr day, no buono. b >> right. we do love the snow days. d we're not that old.thatld >> i agree. i this would get rid of -- you of- wouldn't be extending yourng yor school year.scho >> yeah.eah. >> keeping on time.>> k >> i think that's great idea.ha >> it's good. i love that snow day. day. >> you're still in your jammiesa or whatever you're doing.u're d >> that's true. you check in, do some work orek whatever and then you keep iteei moving. s still a break.>> >> i think alts break, >> i think it's a good idea.a ga how do you feel about this this story has me fired up but in north carolina uber drivers aree
7:54 am
actually testing puttingng children's toys in the back of o their car in order to distractis drunk passengers from attackingc the driver.ver. >> what? wha >> is that a problem? >> yes.>> y. >> a lot of drunk uber attacks?? you remember the doctor, the very really cute that doctor inn florida who like wept ba nanep mass on the uber driver througho his papers like destroyed thede car and then you remember theemt taco bell executive right who rt physical al tacked.lac >> i do remember that. io re >> attacks are up on uber drivers and they're thinkingan about putting thd e kids toy bob it in the back so when drunk passengers get in they'll be distracted.cted >> okay. bob it is a fun bob it is fun. >> but isn't it crazy? >> i don't think that's going to do it. >> i'm not familiar with bob itb >> it's cool. ittle -- you hit you h the thing and then it says -- i don't know, like one bob it.bob you got to do the hand up.d u you have to like -- >> so we're countering violence by smacking things?ngs? >> yes.>> >> that makes sense. t >> using your mind. usi first of all, i ngthink ifi tnk somebody is going to attackac
7:55 am
somebody, bob sit not going to o fix it. it. >> probably going to do it to either way.either they might throw bob it at the driver if they're pre destined s to that. if you get a passenger -- if yoy get one bad -- one starry viewrv nobody will pick you up any youa more, right? >> isn't that kind of what workw against you if you are crazy and do something bad to the driverri you're just done with your ubere >> what about the one time t before that?fo t >> do you know what i mean?kn wa >> i understand that. that just being an idiot at thishis point. i don't know if a toy is goingtg to save you. you. >> i don't think so.>> i have they tried >> they're testing it right now in north carolina. they're considering tng doing it nationwide if it goes well there because they have seen arise inn passengers.. >> they'll be a surcharge forche the bob it. >> they'll always a surcharge on uber.. >> maybe they shall invest inhe those barriers that the taxis have.have >> see that's what i feel like f it's coming to f you're aou drunken mess and you'll attacklc drivers this is on-going thinggt then guess what, you're getting the plexiglass thing..
7:56 am
>> that takes away from >> you want to be in a town carr and all of that.and al got to protect the drivers too.s >> it's so crazy. czy >> such good topic. >> get wasted in a taxi pool.l >> isn't that the same.t e same. i've been a mess before.ef come on. >> don't hurt others.on hur >> i'll bring our bob it forbrio you.yo >> okay. >> tucker barnes is standing by with a look at what's happeningi outside.ts >> all right. thank you allison.u alli live shot i suspect that's tha montgomery county where the heaviest of the snow has beenw s this morning. of the area seeing snowflakes.n. notice the roadways are nice ana dry. let's go to our radar.r rad i want to show you where therehe heaviest of the snow has beenw b much it's accumulating on the t roadways, look at that, up 270 0 there up towards frederick urbana, damascus, germantown yon guys getting heavy band of snowo down to leesburg pretty goodtty snow rates at this hour.. again it is accumulating on thee row wade where the heaviest of the snow will be.the ow w let's go to the seven daythe n y forecast.recast. upwards of 4-inches maybe in aai few spots.w four plus inches north and west. here a slushy inch expected byxe late this afternoon.ftno not expecting it to stick on tht roadways with a temperature off
7:57 am
40 degrees.40 d notice a cold temperatures nextt weekend.eken that will be the next story.hees very very chilly temperaturestu for the weekend.en >> all right.ight more weather in just a moment. n let's do more traffic with erin. >> right now we are tracking a big crash. crash this is on the nice bridge bridg maryland side. 301 completely shut down by that big accident scene. you can see all the flashing fsh lights some backed up trafficra leading towards that scene avoie the nice bridge right now.rightn you can see that kind of gloomyy rainy condition right there in e charles county. heavier snow coming down alongng 270 stretch in frederick andnd mount county.ou right now inner loop at braddocc seeing some delays we hadlayse h earlier crash by little river rr turnpike.. blocking the shoulder.ho metro is on or close to schedu schedule. keim it to fox5 news morning. we got you covered today. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.ewo right now at 8:00, rain andr snow hitting our area thiss you are looking live ate montgomery county where ourherer crews are heading to damascus. u we have much more coming up inpn weather and traffic on the 5'sfh at 8:05.05. good tuesday morning to yout i'm allison seymour. smo it's february 9th, 2016. 2 >> i'm steve chenevey.y great to be here. be welcome to fox5 news morning.or lot of school closings and delays. they are updating at the bottomb of your screen. s we had some changes in the lastt hour or so.ho o >> let's go over those now.r ose in maryland, frederick andderick howard county schools are now
8:01 am
closed for the day.ay that's a change. ang they had been delayed but againa frederick county and -- marylann howard county maryland schoolsyl are closed today.ancloseday elsewhere in maryland montgomerm and anne arundel county schoolso you are delayed two hours.ou >> in virginia, loudoun countyou schools are closed today.dod prince william and if a inquiryi county schools opening on a twoo hour delay.hourel those are the biggies so far.esr closer to the city we're doingog okay.ok the snowy wet weather causingeru though messy driving conditionsi especially when you get north o the city in parts of the o maryland suburbs. our melanie alnwick has been roaming all morning lows.or how are conditions where you coi are? >> reporter: they're veryter: t' slushy and the roads here definitely snow covered. c part of the reason we're goinge' slow here on route 27 bridge7 b road heading into the town ofowf damascus prop is because there is -- there is assault truckau t just maybe about five, six carsc ahead of us, so that's goodd news. we need those out here for sures no surprise to me that frederice
8:02 am
county decided to go ahead and close based on what we saw up there when we were there earlyar this morning with that wet heavh snow coming down. >> losing a little communicati communication. >> reporter: that wide shot.r: >> she's back. >> reporter: i'm back hereere yea. if you look along the side youk can see how heavy the snow isws there on these tree barges asars well. this is the kind of snow it's so thick and it's heavy, and it's i definitely building up and a sticking.sticking so we're seeing some tree barger that are starting to pull wayl w down and people just have to beo careful out here. her it is passible.ble but everyone who needs to geto g somewhere can get somewhere sew today but you just got to lookok out because it's probably goingg to be people on the roads that are not doing very smart things and someone is bound to run inti some trouble out here. h >> back to you guys.>> back to >> all right, mel, thanks lot.. we'll check back in with melanil a little later on. conditions are quite bad out are there in some some area closer to the city we're okay. o stick with us all morning longoi continuing coverage on the snown and road conditions and ofonditf
8:03 am
course you can stay up to dateap throughout the day online on fox5 d.c. on facebook and a twitter and on the fox5 d.c. weather app and if you do haveoo snow totals in your area, makee sure to tweet tucker stepped hie pictures let us know what'sw w happening in your neck of theece woods.woods in prince george's county,rc in other news, this elementary t school volunteer accused of of abusing students. >> 22-year-old deonte car awayy facing 10 counts of felony child pornography.phy. sexual abuse of a minor anda mor second degree sexual offense. fox5's bob barnard has more nowr on this disturbing story.tory. bob?bo >> reporter: allison, steve, some of these alleged recordingr took place here at the school.l judge sylvania woods elementary school in glenn arden, maryland, the 22-year-old teacher's aidid classroom aid charged with wit recording on video at least 10 children ages nine to 13 not to3 only here at school but deonte
8:04 am
caraway also accused of recording children at the glenn arden municipal center, at the theresa banks memorial aquatic center and also having recordings of children in theirn own homes.omes. these are children doing thingst that they should not have beenab doing as many as 40 videos vid according to prince george's ge' county police. p prince george's county schools s officials say they are shocked o by these allegations. the fact that some of this could have gone on at school. g they have no explanation foron n that. they say they are working withy police and the fbi in this investigation. mr. caraway was always youth y choir director in this area. prince george's county policey l telling us how they uncovered these alleged crimes, but first, reaction from a parent in thisin community. >> he was very friendly with the kids, so this is kind of awake-up call but you never know with people, individuals.ndiv i'm very disappointed. >> on thursday, victim'ss relative discovered a nude photp
8:05 am
on the cell phone of a judge sylvania woods elementary school student. that photo had been electronically sent to caraway c through the kick messenger app.. >> again, we hear of this kick k messier app.pp currently car away being hell il the prince george's county jailj guys on $1 million bond. bon >> all right, bob, thank you very much.ry m starting to see fewngsee snowflakes falling where bob is. reports though tucker still parts of virginia right outsidei of the city no snow just rain jr out there this morning.or so i guess, you know, life l you've been saying north andg nd west seems to be the hot spots.e >> these are the toughest t because just really depends deps reere you're watching from.u' parts of the area are gettingeti three, 4-inches of snow and it's southern maryland it's been jusn rain. all over the place.he p >> that's why we got to watchwet you. >> that's why we love it here.ot >> that's true.>> >> so much weather to talkch about. here's snow totals and they aree starting to add upy . sykesville thanks for sendingnkd these 1.7-inches. 1.7-inc round hill, virginia,ni 1.5-inch's.'s.
8:06 am
gaithersburg 1.2.ithersrg 1 generally up that corridor asri you get up into north centraltr maryland we're starting to getst records of a couple inches ofouc snow as melanie showed you theht roadways with temperatures righs around freezing are gettingng covered there to the north andee west.west so again a live shot of melanie i think she's still in's still n montgomery county.montgomery cou look at the roadways.look they're getting snow covereded there. that's where travel has beenve most difficult. i'll let erin tell you about tht roadways you can see what you'ru dealing with in northern montgomery county. the reason why heavy snow set up that in the last couple of hou hours. dark consider purples towardswds damascus, germantown, frederickk mt. airy and western howard county that's where the heaviest of the snow has been early and that trails back towardsils ba columbia and even down towardsds annapolis and glenn bernie nownw starting to see nice little snow band set up. so once again we'll have roundsd of snow perhaps a rain/snow mix locally for much of the day. won't be particularly heavy atla any time. this is not going to be anothera round of sno snowmageddon like a
8:07 am
weeks ago.week when all is said and done we'lln get a couple inches of snow juss north and west of town mayben four plus inches in some of theo sweet spots north and west andds maybe a slushy inch here inere i washington.ington. really hasn't been able to stics on the roadways inside thensid beltway that's good news.. there's our future snow cast ana again two to 4-inch as good as change north and west. west. south of town, we're just expe expecting a rain/snow mix but nn accumulation at all. >> all right. all okay? >> this is a tricky little thin thing. >> yeah, we typically get this t we get a rain/snow line rightinr through the city.roh the it gets gtricky. >> thanks tucker.>> thank >> let's check in with erin geti a look at the roads they're kind of messy in some places.ce >> pretty dicey we're not seeine great conditions. cs. this is charles county where 303 the nice bridge closed on these maryland side because of a brig crash. police and first responders outr stthere. you can see it's really blurryry because of some sleet, snow, s rain mix coming down.own. let's switch it over for look ii fredericksburg.rg 95 northbound has an accident involving a stalled semitaed blocking the shouter and look ao how heavy that northbound north
8:08 am
traffic is as you come up through fredericksburg trying t get towards dale city. dal you're just going to hit a tonon of congestion this morning. right now, we'll take look ate k our maps aside from that along g 270 we're seeing a lot of snow o coming down through urbana and frederick so give yourselfrs plenty of extra time there.he 395 north down to 27 miles ano l hour more of a rain mick here at seminary road.minary roa tons of congestion and inio a montgomery county more of a snoc mix you sawou where melanie was we're seeing dicey conditions oc the roads. you definitely want to slow itlo down. new hampshire to georgia.e to ga checking in average speeds s 17 miles per hour. 295 inbound very backed up metrp update if you're trying to avoia those roads heads up for youou problem outside on the yellowelo line and also problem on thebl n green line. so give yourself plenty of extre time all other rail lines on or closr to schedule.chede metro bus is so far operating op a normal schedule. we'll let you know if that changes same story with vre and >> a nightmare vacation foracio thousands of people on cruiseis
8:09 am
ship after it sales into theohe storm. we'll show you the damage. >> a shocking confessing fromin the ex-girlfriend of quarterback johnny menzel. those stories and more when we back in just one minute. it's 8:09.
8:10 am
♪ welcome back it is 8:10.e live look at the executive the white house on this snowywy and/or rainy tuesday depending on where you are. w >> more rain at the white house >> more rain at the white houseu welcome back to fox5 news5 new morning.rning today is primary day in neww hampshire polls opened at a midnight and three tiny townseen there. the first to report its primary results dixville knowledge population just 12. just on the democratic side senatorar barney sanders got four votesr v and this town of 12. hillary clinton no votes. votes. governor john kasich received re thee votes for the gop. g while donald trump got two.wo. the other two towns with results this morning hearts location lat where sanders and kasich got the win and mills field the winnersn were clinton and cruz. cru
8:11 am
kind of all over the place withe the results here.ults rest of new hampshire starts srt voting later this morning. there could soon be a new name in the race.e. former new york city michaelha bloomberg says he's considerings launching an independentepde campaign for he told a financial times he was quote looking at all op shops when it comes to a bid. b bloom burg has to make aak decision soon if he wants hise h name on the ballot at theat beginning of march. do those exit polls in new hampshire when he only have 15 1 people.op >> donald trump stirring the pot this time coming under fire forr profanity used yesterday at a at recall toll describe his rival r ted cruz. >> she just said a terrible thing. you know what she said? shoutds it out because i don't want to bleep.p okay. you're not allowed to say and ii never expect to hear that from you she said i never expect to hearr that from you again. ain. she said he's a bleep. ble that's terrible.ribl terrible.. >> spokesman for cruz respondedd via e-mail saying let's not's nt
8:12 am
forgot who whipped who in iowa. .>> okay. coming up inside d.c.'s old old defendant african-american dance school. how students are reaching new nw heights 75 years after the a school started. >> your school. schoo >> it might be.>> it t be. >> i had nothing to do with nhig this. >> i can't wait. i >> live look outside on thisde s tuesday morning.tues you know i love history and ind love allison seymour history you know that.hat. >> aww steve.>> aww ste >> weather and traffic on the aa 5's coming up next. >> weather and traffic on the aa 5's coming up next. that's northern mop county. because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract.
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switch to better. switch to fios.
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♪ that's pretty. p >> it is pretty.>>t is p >> it looks pretty dicey on thet road right there. there doesn't it. >> sure does.>>e do >> this is up in leesburg.. >> yup. >> a lot of that snow looks likk it has still been around fromunf the last blizzard maybe. >> i haven't been to certainly a possibility.ibil i'm sure they still have pilese of snow from the blizzard fromzd two weeks ago. ago. >> yeah, but i mean, we're notot getting reports of fresh coupleu of inches in spots.nches pots so it's certainly possible posse that's fresh snow cover. cov all right.t. we'll talk all about weather buh first we got to do cuteness.s. >> right. r >> you going sit.oing s >> very special cuteness factorf so before we get to it, we haveh have been saying because peopleo have asked can i send a video oo a photo. photo. we said we would love to seeove more videos.. so let me show you how it's dond much this is one of co-workerss little girls and it's a video.i. >> big day, right.
8:16 am
>> that's right.>> >> let's do it. >> aww. >> ut-oh. >> yes! >> who needs a fork and 95. 95. >> nobody.>>obody. >> not on your birthday.n yourih >> this is autumn, everybody.ryo >> hey, beautiful.eaiful >> today is her great big firstt birthday! >> yay! happy birthday!! >> video we're watching is fromm her party which took place over the weekend. >> okay.>>ka >> love it.>> lovit >> that's the sweetest thing. >> that's adorable.. (laughter).(lau >> to send us your child'ss ur c picture go -- picture or video.o >> or video, yeah let's see it. >> go to our facebook page fox55 d.c. d.c. send them inform we love yourinm pictures and videos and love tot wish you happy birthday autumn.. >> what a sweetie p >> it helps when your dad is professional videographer, doesn't it? >> you get the best shots ever.o >> you know what a lot of great
8:17 am
amateur videographers out theret as well.. >> dad got himself in trouble ie don't remember getting an invi invite. >> how can you miss with thoseom pretty big brown eyes.rown you can't. happy birthday.happrt >> let's do some weather.o someh we got lots to talk budge here'' snow totals adding up here nortr and west. you guys mentioned leesburg. damascus 2.6-inches. 2.6-inc melanie up in damascus, and no doubt about it.bout i snow covered roads as you get up into lop counsel county,ou montgomery county, howard countu we're seeing snow accumulate.uml germantown from a few hours agos half west minster 2.8-inches up in carol county.l cou all right. al i'm showing you heavy snow andw again it's up 270 there. tre frederick county northerny nortr montgomery county, northwesternr howard county. trailing back down in parts of o loudoun county.nty band of significant snow that'sa been set up here for a couple ol hours and it's responsible forne the accumulations we're now wren getting reports of.g report please tucker fox5. fox5 you have snow accumulation onn your back porch, get a chance tc
8:18 am
send it to me and we'll add itea to our list much here's a big look. look we'll keep snow in the forecastt throughout the day.thro maybe more avenue rain/snow mix dc points south and south and ad east. ea not expecting significantnifi accumulations anywhere south ofe town. here in washington, snow couldnc get really get going enough tong give us a coat to go about an at inch although i think roadways a will be in were shape.n were sha not the case again north off town. wn north central maryland up toandt about 4-inches of snow expectede as the snow system wraps up s later tonightys.. so again travel not going to bet easy at any point later today.e. north and north and west let met mention temperatures there arere now about freezing.reez here in the city we're in theciy upper 30s. 30s. we're expecting a high of 40 but north, north and west where thee problem spots will continuewille throughout the day. day >> all righty.ig complicated forecast. f not everybody is getting theybot same thing this t >> i know. >> thanks so much, tuck. >> check in with erin see howthw the roads are doing at 8:18.:18 >> that can definitely d complicate travel when your kida are changing so much around thee area. right now keep in mind karl mkal county this ban of the nice nic bridge shut down 301 northboundo and southbound police out theree
8:19 am
so avoid that area.tre you're going to need to detourer around it. i also 95 in fredericksburg on tht northbound side we'll show i wah look at a different camera.nt you can see it's blocking theint right shoulder there and traffid is really heavy as you come up from fredericksburg toward the objection quon and toward the bell way a lot of congestion. more rain mix hitting thisti ths portion of your ride in have a e show you our maps now.ow aside from that, gw parkway a crash on the northbound sidebodd right near the memorial bridge.i watch for delays in arlington and then in alexandria 395 northbound edsall to seminary 27 miles per hour. 295 inbound does jam by easterns avenue as usual and then 270 ono the southbound side snowy conditions through urbana,rb gaithersburg a lot of extra timt as you make your way in way i frederick and montgomery countym this morning to battle the snowy randolph road a cross at billini top road in montgomery county aa well and delays both waysbothays because of a signal problem prom outside of archives that is onve the yellow and green so heads up there. the you may end count delays on the
8:20 am
metro lines as well.l weep keal you updated that'st' your look at traffic. tra steve. >> disturbing details coming ouo about johnny menzel's ex-girlfriend.-g >> she now claims when theow browns quarterback attacked herd it caused temporary hearing lo loss. >> according to her the woman's name a colleheen crowley accordr to her affidavit theffit confrontation happened lastppens month.nth. menzel currently being investigated on allegations ofeo domestic violence.iole the quarterback had a history os off the field issues much he's c expected to be cut by the browno next month. city of denver in better iet news now is getting ready toeadt party like it's 1999. 1 that was the last time the teamt won the soup mr. bowl.. parade honoring the broncosncos super bowl win will take placeap in downtown denver today. cheering crowds greeted thero broncos as they returned home to denver yesterday. thankfully prince rosette's song quite the scene.he >> the rest of the broncosof t o prepare for their city parade.a. peyton manning fresh off of hiss own. he was the guest of honor at tht disneyland parade in california
8:21 am he was joined by his kids peytoo is happy to celebrate his big win with his kids at one of the happiest places on earth and heh also said he's going to enjoy a budweiser lig i i'm sure he will.>> >> that's the mt. rushmoree . ru disney characters.ha mini, mickey, goofy and pluto.. >> it's the rock. r t is. is. >> on which disney land was founded or world whichever onehh was the first one.was thrst one. >> land was first.>> lfi >> land was first and world thet made it bigger. >> okay. >> random, i know. >> love it. >> coming up speaking of love ov it's in the's it is valentine's week.k. we'll tell which you local city has been named one of the mostet romantic destinations in thein t entire great united states ofteo america.erica all right. any guesses folks? takes yourou vol tynes flowers to the next tt level. >> i do have a guess as a matter of fact. >> would you like to share.ou >> i'm going to say near a lnd d the water.. >> i'll tell you during the break but just so you know.o yo. >> what you need to know beforee you place an order withed yourr florist. ♪ ♪
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ all righty. you are absolutely right, stevee steve told me what he thought ho was the most romantic city in c the break and you werend y wer absolutely the city of alexandria has beenn voted the most romantic city ini the that's huge. >> it is. >> am month son mild rankings bn looking at what people are ordering. orde >> you know what else i remembem this story -- >> continue to read. >> okay. the people of alexandriandri
8:25 am
apparently by plenty of romantic novels, romantic comedies, and romantic music.ic >> okay.>>y. >> alexandria was also rankeds n number one on this list in 2010 and 2011. >> i gotcha. >> that's maybe where we her it before.befo >> maybe. >> it does well. it do it's very cool that we have -- h >> what's going on today.g tod >> a treasure like that here in our area.area >> tucker working overtime or they taking this shot toos quickly. >> he does want want to sit byiy >> normally there's an outsidey' shot to get you over who are.veo >> we didn't want that.e didnan sleeping on the job.the jo >> never mind. m >> okay. >> it happens occasionally.happ i'm just kidding.eni' trying get the snow updates.w ut let's get right it to.rig i thank you everybody has beeneen tweeting now we're getting g people up in on their back porco in we're getting lots of measurements. 1.8-inches. blue montgomery, virginiaon 2-inchestg.2-ch gaithersburg 1.2. this particular event is reallyr have and have nots. n i just got a tweet from somebodb in front royal who said they have not seen a flake.n fla so it really depends whereds whe you're watching from this wchin morning. mo >> there's a joke in there
8:26 am
somewhere. >> go ahead. >> i don't have -- my mind can' do it. >> work on that a little bit. snow, heavy north and urbana, frederick, mt. airy, get up into carol county, frederick county reports of upwards ofpwdo 3-inches on the ground. g and freezing temperatures theree so roadways have become snowome covered as you get up into northern montgomery county. loudoun county just got a tweett from loudoun county pretty goodg snows and that's where the worsr will be throughout the day tod today. we'll see the continued conti possibility of snow in the forecast and maybe a rain/snowai mix depending where you'ree watching from. for instance right here inan northwest d.c. right now we'reow kind of getting a rain/snow mix. so we'll continue to have thatnu in the forecast through the late afternoon. the good news, look at your higr temperature.atur. 40 degrees today. with the exception of ourxceptir viewers north and west most ofwo the day even if it's snowing iti won't be sticking on the stickgn roadways. >> tucker, this saturday dealea seeing the sun but i'm seeingeen snow showers.howe >> very quick moving clipper mop
8:27 am
could give us a brief bout ofou snow flurries or maybe lightaybl snow. >> what in the be jesus is going on with those temperatures.empee >> you like those.>> >> no! >> trying to get snuggle weather for the weekend.ek >> you don't have to drag us alu down with you. y >> all right. allight. >> it's going to be cold, erin. >> i'm not looking forward tokfo it. >> 20. i don't think i remember like on the 5-day or seven day it beingi like 20. >> it doesn't happen very often. >> i don't like that.>> oh, boyoy. i >> i'll wear my snuggie to workt the rest of the week in protest. >> okay. >> i'll. right now charles county 301 3 shut down on the nice bridgee stretch because of a big crash.c we've been working with this foi quite sometime make sure youso detour aromeund that firsthafi responders at that location. 95 in fredericksburg on the northbound side dealing with a stalled semi from earlier crash. really heavy flow of trafficraff northbound towards dale city.e c and then 270 still seeing a lota of snow coming down by 109 looko at that white on either side ofo the interstate. use caution watch for slick sli spots, bridges and overpasses op and off-ramps.-ramps
8:28 am
volume is light thon southboundt side right now but still going s to take you extra time because you have to reduce your speeds. kind of seeing visible problemso put your windshield wipers onero use your headlights as well ashw you driveway run. let's switch it over right nowin and show i was look at our mapsp much other problems gw parkway y northbound near the memorialndeh bridge a crash see if we caneefe forward our maps and show i wass look out in alexandria. 395 it's actually below 27 mile per hour right now edsall too seminary.seminary. you can see that long line of speeds checking in 10 miles ani hour.ho that's your back to you guys.'syou ys. >> erin, thanks. it is 8:28 right still to come this morning --org >> coming up in honor of blacklk history month we are taking youg inside of dc's oldestes african-american school ofl of ballet. ball how these young dancers aredance using their training to excel on and off the stage. ♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
♪ welcome back, everybody.ryb. 8:31 right now. now you're looking live at leesburg, virginia. rg coming down pretty, pretty goodt out there.out ere tucker will be along in aboutnga four minutes or so.ur min o he's got latest on what you can expect.expect all depends on where you are foe this snow event on this tuesday morning. 8:31 now.ow and in honor of black historyisy month we're highlighting aight series of d.c. institutions anda people who are living the dreamm this morning, we bring you to
8:32 am
the jones hayward dance school.o this year the school celebrates 75 years of excellence and it ai all started at a time when african-american dancers had no options to study classical clasl ballet today the school is still thriving. it continues to provide a high-quality education to to students of all ethnicities. >> all right. a i want to you look like you've o had some dance training.inin >> these dancers are on pointn inside d.c.'s old defendantennt african-american dance school. >> facing the bar first first position.po that's good. no fidgeting take your hands ofo the bar.the >> in their high buns, black leotards and well worn pointornn shoes these young girls aren't e just doing drills.oing dri they're reaching new heights and stretching their full potentialn >> it's not only about dance. d like i said, we are rais raising children through dance.hrgh d ♪ >> jones hayward was built from the ground up founded in 1941
8:33 am
under the leadership of dance pioneers doris jones and clairee heywood.ywoo. early years were formed in thist same basement in the same home m on the same corner of georgia g avenue in northwest d.c. >> pull your legs up.s pull up your legs. okay.. >> green' love of dance, connections to jones heywood and passion for her students shinesh through. >> give it here. he you need to pull your act together.toth >> miss fortune has been likefot another mother.another mo she always just watches over us. there's people i want to make me proud. not even my mom but it's reallya just misfortune like i never i want to disappoint >> stretch up. >> because even though she may y get under my skin sometimes, iom know it's love. >> jones heywood alum andes heya professional dance injury brandr lee says all those years at
8:34 am
jones hayward helped her prepare for this moment and beyond. beyn >> it has made me a stronger stn person.person. a disciplined woman.di it has made me a woman of principal and character, and a it's made me into a an artist.. >> jones hayward is celebratingg its 75th anniversary this yea year. renowned ballerina mistyed balli copeland visit the the schoolch for the honor she talked to theo young dancers about channelingnn the discipline from dance to excel far past the stage. something jones hayward adviceaa to instill in its students.tude >> you'll start to grow andw and you'll start to learn things let about yourself that you wouldu have never otherwise learned. ln >> i learned lots of discipline and i've learned how to expressr myself more. more. >> i could go to another dance r school but it would never be the same. >> this is my family. it's, um -- i have a lot of of people that care for me. i would never want them to likel
8:35 am
leave my life because i care foe them.. >> and finish. >> take your hands off the bar.. finish.finish >> in addition -- - >> i actually -- my in fulll disclosure this is somethingsom that we worked in coordinationot with one of our producers who io doing a series on black history, but my two daughter goss to thit school and when i was like five i went.i wen i couldn't cut it.i codn't i couldn't cut it. my girls do. so, um -- misfortune green, g you're amazing and all of the ao parents and all of that good g stuff in the rich history andtoy they started with ballet but inn addition to ballet and point jones hayward offers tap and t jazz. you can start four years oldears goes all the way up to 18 and many of the students have danced of members of alba ailly and on broadway.dw others produced higher educatiou and achieved success in.. >> good job ladies.adie 8:35. we're looking for inspiration ta deal with the snow as you see ae
8:36 am
the white house rain this t morning, tuck. >> kind of rain/snow mix down there. allison, am i too old for that a dance school.ool. i definitely needless sons it.ys >> stops at 18.>> >> also a flexibility issue.exi (laughter). >> you got that right.. dulles here your snow totals.wo. trying to get them out virginiai only fifth of an inch about an a hour ago. probably add totter that. addote chantilly about third of an hamp to maryland, send me your o totals for the most part they've been off to the west and to thet north. north. loudoun county, montgomeryunty,g county, frederick county, that't where the heaviest of the snow o has been all morning long andon continues to be so early this t morning. seen a little band of heaviertl snow set up on the western sides of the beltway perhaps towards t tysons corner and we may see see pretty good snow move through mh the immediate washington area wa but with temperatures in the mid 30s i don't think the snow willl have a lot of success sticking i to the roadways might get aet a slushy inch here by late this li afternoon.te heaviest of the snow wille continue to be off to the northe and north and west up to 70 t there are reports about 3-inche3 of snow on the ground you couldu add a few inches of snow beforew
8:37 am
late this afternoon out to the o west along a not much of anything early but we are starting to get reportsep of snowflakes thank you i got aa report in winchester of snow flying.fl so keep them coming. kp th there's the big look and we're ' sort of transitioning.itio we had clipper system comeys through. now we're watching area of low f pressure develop off to our devf south and east trying to kind of enhance the moisture around herr and we'll keep snow in the snow forecast although generally on the lighte side of things with the of thinh exception of those of you off to the north and west.d rather complicated forecast. for parts of the area will get four, 5-inches of snow much of the muf area not going to get anything n but rain later this here's or expected snow totals.. it mentioned the slushy inchsh i here locally 2-inches just nortt and west of town. then more like two to four.o fou there might be a bonus spot or o two with more than 4-inches as a you get up into northern north montgomery, western howardgory, county towards frederick andderk carol county very heavy snowvy s there early this morning. mor plenty more coming up.g u you'll want to see the seven day forecast if you like coldu li weather you'll love this weekens i know erin does. >> i only like it because it's
8:38 am
valentine's day on sundayy on sa tucker. >> all right. >> all right. well, right now, traffic once oc again moving into charles counts across the nice bridge. 301ing see very much backed updu because closure for quite sometime. cleared the th use caution.e cau it looks to be kind of a rainy r mix come down for that portion a of your commute. ymmut let's switch it over and take at look at some other cameras righs now. aside from that one, you can see a small semi from earlier crashh fredericksburg in virginia 95 northbound backed um and sawum s earlier looks in leesburg heavier snow there.wre heavier snow coming down along 270 stretch by 109. use caution. may cause visibility problems aa well slick spots. sli i can tell you it doesn't seem m that we have that normal flow of traffic much lighter than usualn a look at our maps right now. n aside from that, right now the inner loop alked up throughp th annandale.ndale. 395 really jammed up towards thr 14th street bridge. bdg crash northbound on the memorial bridge on gw parkway. pkw so watch out for that one thente in alexandria here's a closer look at seminary some of thatt
8:39 am
heavier dissipat dissipated it a slow by the beltway. by e be that's your look at traffic. ata back to you guys. >> still to come this morning ao vacation how a powerful storm left one of the biggest cruise ships damageg and passengers shane.s sha >> plus, a cure for jetlag. j what a new study says will helpl travelers to avoid it. aid what a new study says will helpl travelers to avoid it. aid back in a moment.n
8:40 am
8:41 am
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8:42 am
changing course after dealingrs with hurricane force winds overnight.e this was off the coast of the carolinas. instead of heading to theofeadi bahamas, it's heading back tok new jersey.newer on board furniture tumbled overo ceilings fell down, table topsat crash to the floor. fortunately no one was seriously injured here. h i'm sure they'll give some kindk of voucher or something.r sohin. >> right. >> but i mean if that's your th' vacation time not the way youe want to spend it, right. >> no.>> no. those moments were horrifying ai well. >> from the sea to the sky nows when it comes to long distancegt flights, jetlag may be one ofman the biggest down falls. fls >> scientists say it can be prevented.prev researchers at stanford saynfd exposing your brain to shorto so flashes of light while you slees and before you fly might helpigh you adjust to the different timt zones.s. experts say the light helps to reset your body rhythm whichhi regulates your sleep cycle.leepc >> i say we take trip and tryria it. >> i say let's go.ay let hawaii.waii >> deal. >> coming up a look at the poshs pad that beyonce' rented for her trip to the super bowl.uper bow >> she did a little air bnb act.
8:43 am
>> just like us in some ways.e e >> except they go for the fivehf stars. >> right. >> with less than a week until valentine's day flowerss dalowe obviously in high demand.em how do you get the best deal dea without putting a big hole in i your valentine's wallet? we have an expert giving adviceivid coming up. it's 8:43. ♪ find f when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity.
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8:46 am
good coating here. here. in fact several inches beingei reported in london county. cnt montgomery county.ry cnt howard county. frederick county and really rll coming down. mi much of the area not much ofea n anything. let's get to it. it. main points here rain/snow,aisn rain/snow mix depend wrackep you're watching from and for thr most part areas to the north ana west dealing with the impacts oo the system. i mentioned the totals therealst north and north and west. w temperatures overnight earlyur this morning generall generally. rain overnight for most of thet area. that's holding down our snow s totals and we'll talk about tk a temperatures here in a second.e to night we'll have a flasinhsh freeze. free it will get very cold very quickly as our arctic boundary d comes through late tonight andig that is going to allow all temperatures to plummet.o p look out for icy spots tomorrowo morning. mo all right.l ri here's snow totals.ot point of rock 1.8-inches..8nc blue montgomery 2-inches.nche gaithersburg 1.2..2 i've seen upwards of 3-inches of snow in northern montgomeryermo county. parts of frederick county andckc this is where the snow continuec to really come down pretty goodg clip there.clip t the darker purple you seeure you although i'm starting to see a a little band develop here on thee
8:47 am
northwest side of dc and kind of pushing out towards -- excuse me tysons corner on the west sidees of the beltway and starting tor see snow re-emerge along 81 ang towards winchester, front royal, martinsburg. so this will be the story all sl day today.y to not particularly heavy snow wita the exception of those of you ou across the northern tear ofn teo maryland.ryla but we'll have persistent bandst of snow on and off throughoutouh the day. y. big picture clipper system nowtm transition to go an area of lowf pressure off the southeast coast that will kind of enhance thekid moisture around here. temperatures are very marginal. so up towards frederick nowckow gaithersburg we're at there at freezing mark but right here in the city mid mid 3 i think even with snow falling out there it's going to be goine really tough for it to overcome the warm pave many temperaturesa and stick on the roadways.. so look at the 36. the 3 36 in manassas.anass 39 right now in quantico.. 36 in annapolis. so it's going to have tough timt sticking on the roadways.aay the exception again north andnd west.west frederick, martinsburg,tiburg gaithersburg now 32 degrees ande we do have snow covered roadwaya loudoun county, montgomeryonom
8:48 am
county, those are the issues tht areas that are having the travee issues early this morning. mni future cast notice the snowe ths sticks around here on and offn d not terribly heavy. heavy there we are at 2:00 o'clock.2: it wants to hang out mostly mtl across the northern third ofird maryland although we might havev a few showers or snow showers ss across the region then maybe a last little band develops herelh at five but notice future castus trying to mix that with rainithr washington and points south. psh so even if it is snowing out there i don't think it will ben sticking with temperatures about 40 later this afternoon get itti out of here late tonight. arctic boundary moves in. i icy conditions tomorrow morningg 28 in the city in the areas gett the snow pack you guys will wakl up with low to mid 20s north anr west tomorrow morning.ning notice the cold temperaturesempe right in the weekend saturday wd and sunday just brutally cold.yl highs only in the 20s. 2 look at sunday afternoon. 25 degrees.rees. hmm. yeah. valentine's day.valee's all right.l r plenty more weather in just a minute. i'm going to toss it to, steve. >> tucker, thank you very much.u this is where we just pass
8:49 am
the baton because i took from ii tucker here and i'll take it i over here and send it over thert to wisdom with what look at loo what's coming up on good day and holdly. >> i'll take the baton and handd it to you to >> i'll just read. read. tucker just talked about thea snow totals will vary all over e the dc region.the dc reg >> all throughout the next twoex hours of good day we'll go lifei and get updates from the roads r and talk more about this aut t changing forecast. >> plus, we're live in marylandd one of the areas getting there g most snow. most >> also at 9a still developingg elementary school volunteerol accused of of abusing students.e the disturbing details about abo what police said he did inside d that prince george's countyorgeu school. >> plus we take a closer look at the apps authorities say he useu to target children.hire parents you won't want to miss m one. on >> it's on. first presidential primary pma underway in new hampshire thingg could change things up for bothb republicans and democrats. dem we'll get a report from the granite state.e stte. >> sarah fraser is back to talkt about one woman's dilemma afterr she tried to trick her boyfriend
8:50 am
using social medial that's justt the beginning g day d.c. justd.t minutes away. ♪ >> and it's time for the foxhe x beat. kevin back with us right now. n as we take a look in time. >> steven chenevey how are you,e sir. >> i'm doing very well. d >> good to see you this morningg >> i like the tie a lot.ot. looks fantastic.ta i like the shirt and everythingh hard to forget 1992 super bowlol commercial for pepsi cindy cin crawford in shorts an white tank top with two boys looking on in amazement this was an ad for pepsi's new look at the time ono of the boys can be heard sayingy is that a great new pepsi can or what? this is a great ad. 1992.19 now, fast forward to post superr bowl 50 on sunday, the late latl show with james corden crawfordr who this month announced she'ses retiring from modeling at the age of 49 reenacted that same s pepsi ad from decades ago but this time the soda machine getst stuck and in comes corden pot
8:51 am
rescue. >> absolutely amazing.maing. >> i love it.e >> he is such a refreshing partp of late night television. if you haven't seen his karaokeo he did one with elton john, j justin beiber, adele, jon, jon stewart. stewar >> he has no problem making funf of himself.. >> he's very talented, too.d, t >> he's super talented. ten >> great stuff. g beyonce' making had he linesd this morning as well for rentinn lucks serious home during superr bowl 50 weekend but get this her air bnb stay was $10,000 a night take look.oo yesterday beyonce' posted thisdi picture of herself chilling byly the fire outside the home in california. according air bnb it offerstff sweeping views of san franciscoo bay area, features fiveiv bedrooms, and more than eight the home sits on 11 acres and is located about 30 minutes from f levi stadium.
8:52 am
i was 10, 15 minutes away her place.e. beyonce' never gave me a jay-z never gave me a call. c blue ivy never gave me a call. >> with good reason. >> there's no good reason.od i should have been there r hav partying with them before the super bowl.per bow >> i wonder if the owner knows o it was bee i don't know sane't jay-z hanging at theirs house. u >> they're paying that muchin money they have to find outey hv who's staying there.whs st i'm sewelling so. >> do you think so.o yo >> maybe the managers book it.t. >> i forgot something. look whose here. h >> we'll see you again soon onea good day.go day let's head back over to theto te loft.lo. here's al.'s al. >> thank you so much.uch the clock is ticking to get theg best deals on valentine's day'sy flowers. fl so how do you please your sweetheart without putting toott big of a hole in your ownou wallet? joining us now kevin, executive editor of checkbook ck had the com.d theom >> good to see you. see you. >> good to see you. goo >> happy early valentine's day.d >> to you. >> where do you get yourre do flowers.ower >> where do i get them? i geteg them at the >> do you? >> yeah.>>h.
8:53 am
>> okay. >> it's actually less trouble lo for me.for you pick up some other things ig get them at the supermarket.ermk actual whole we did our pricerie survey of local florists areasre stores for buying flowersinglo supermarket prices are about 35% less than they are at flour rifl prices. >> they come from the same place. >> pretty much. p they're all comingre through the same kind of distribution routet i think a lot ofri consumers doo find when they buy flowers fromf a florist they tend to last a ts little longer.onr the buying standards may be better.bett. but the florist i use which is i in my supermarket they do prette good job the flowers seem towe e last a long time. t really what you're looking for make make sure flowers have beee kept refrigerated if you're y buying roses they're, energy, eg other flowers certain things tot check. you can check to make sure thehe bud is real tight hasn't kind oi blossomed. and water is kept it's nice and clean and flourishes smell likee flours.flours. and not >> that's what i say. >> fractures don't smell gross d that's not a good thingon.
8:54 am
>> look for good smelling goo flowers. >> pretty wide gamut.ut there's the florist, high pricei nor rift and grocery store. you can find them other places.. >> get them from street cornerto vendors also.ndalso which are often, you know, staffed and supplied by flour b rift nearby. t ices at street corners thoughe vendors are about half of whatf it is at the florists. flori but even among the florist really big price differences.ife so especially this time of theif year when they're getting mosttg of their business right. r it's like a department storetto christmastime for florist. fri most of their business comesines from valentine's day anday and mother's day.. so price do's up.o's u shop around.un when we did our shopping for a dozen long stemmed red roses res prices ranged from $15 for the dozen to $90 and that's justt among local florists.lorst >> okay. >> this time of the year pricesi you know, some florist double or triple their prices some holde h thirst same. it may be worth making a few a calls to make sure you're getting a fair price.g a fa pri >> other big thing you have you mom in a different state or your
8:55 am
boyfriend or girlfriend,irlfen whatever. what are the rules to buying oug of state? >> one thing that checkbook really highly recommends isrecom contact a florist in that areata and deal directly with that local florist for, you know, k deciding what it is you're goini to buy. to what's going into the's arr gangements and delivery. consumers have a lot of probleml with the big national wireiowi services and they have even more problems with what are calledal order takers f you go on to internet search for chicago florist unfortunately a lot of the companies that show up thert not only are they not in chicaga but they're not even florists ft they're just companies that takt in orders and then try to get local florists to fulfill thosei orders. >> right. >> consumers have tons ofmers hf problems with these placeses because what happens a lot of hp time they'll take on order foror arrangement that -- at a costos that that florist they're trying to get to fulfill the deliveryer it's too much of an order forn the cost and so that floristlo will reject it and they go toyo the next florist they go to the next one.
8:56 am
>> often we go right down the rd google listing or the whateverha >> yeah. a week later, the flowers havewe been delivered or flour riftflot fills the order with lousy l flowers or makes a smaller sll arrangement than what she boug bought. >> got to let you go.t you . i want folks to look at the t screen try another flour notlo roses provide your own vase by v single stem rather than a bouquet. don't try that if you're a i rookie. pick up your flowers yourselfrs instead of paying for delivery r great tips checkbook is writingr about this. >> ratings of.orgs florists out >> kevin is the executive editor with great resource.esrc i suggest you use e thanks for coming to visit itg t were us. were tucker barnes, tucker, i don'tkd know if you notice -- kevin'sevs legs are long he can do that. dt my legs have been floating thist whole thing i apologize if they were distracting.istracting over to you, tucker.u, tucke >> i don't think anybody will ty complain about that. about that. >> well thank you. wel >> it looks good. >> this is not look so goodsooo trying to get out the roads asoa you get dc north and west, we w, have snow flying and i just went outside northwest changed back c to snow and coming down. down.
8:57 am
lots of covered roadways you get into montgomery counsel county,, london, frederick county upwardw of 4-inches of snowshoes aho report out of mt. airy 4-inchese of snow on the ground. gro we'll talk lots mr. about thebot weather in good day d.c. comingn up in just couple of minutes.len but they're another look at youu storm tracker radar.ckad let's do traffic now with erin.. >> you're extra top lar today. t not that you're not alwaysot popular.popula keep it to good day. >> if you are taking metro, thit morning alternating inboundertig trains will end service atvice a pentagon keep that in mind. m if you're taking metro this morning. you can check in with me at erii fox5 dc for the latest on that.t nice bridge traffic is moving o the maryland side. s it had been shut down because ou large crash scene. sce watch out for slick conditions.i more on your traffic as weic asw continue. keep it to fox5.keep od day at 9a coming right up. ♪
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♪ straight ahead, a slow start for the d.c. region. r thanks to a mix of rain and snoo falling around the area.a from the school delays to the snow totals to the slushy roads, we'll have live team coverage. a maryland man busted.d. accused of making child porn inside a local school. why the arrest is raising moreor questions about a popular smarts phone app and what parents needd to know about it. >> she said he's a bleep. bleep that's terrible.errie. terrible.


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