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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 4, 2016 5:00am-5:54am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.oxm >> right now at 5:00, the:00, morning commute starting off a a tiny bit fog lifting in some areas but it was really heavy overnight.h. really tricky so be careful.aref gary, this was a big problem for people driving in this
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morning. morn >> earl, early,. the dense fog advisory goesisy until 7:00 a.m.until of course we have been tracking these visibilities v and when i got here the h visibilities were much lowerti and i think in the next half h an hour to an hour all these visibilities -- you can seeliti there's no problems right now. we've -- over towards theards t eastern shore, annapolis is basically, western shore forrnrf annapolis less than a mile but l everybody else is coming upomin and coming up quickly so this ts drier air and slightly cooler c air, too, is under cutting all a this and just a little bit ofito wind. you know, just a little bit of i wind and then we equalize someao of the temperatures and it changes those thingss those this dramatically and quickly.ical ad it's getting better. b melanie is outside and shend knows it's probably gettingbablt better. >> yes, she's driving in it. >> she's seen a difference diffe over the last half hour. h >> it definitely is getting a lot better than what it hashat been. it's still a little damp outtlet here so i think one of the things drivers are having tors deal with this morning, too,, t
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for some reason is a lot oft road spray as well.ays i'm not sure where all that allt moisture is coming from. f but maybe it's some of that melt is still coming down here on the roads but yeah we'reeah ' still seeing -- occasionallynall you'll come up on a little aittl pocket of fog here and there the but i would say thingsi definitely going much, much better than they were thiser tty morning. still a good idea, though, toug just be careful. cef just to watch out for what for w we're seeing. we went -- we are up on thep river road area and there were a few more patches there.ches te where you'll find a lot of sit i is where you still have a lotavl of snow pack. but gary like you said it is sd moving off to the off t that is the direction we're headed in now.he so everyone moving pretty goodpg here this morning but again i would say definitely goinginitey have to just be careful outut here and be prepared in cased in you do come across a little lit patchy pocket here and there
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and be ready to have to slowlow down and watch for on the other folks. >> all right, mel, thank youl,hy for that. meanwhile a follow-up this morning on a shooting thaton ain happened last night in nig southeast d.c.heast several people were shot andt a the shooter is still on the on h loose. >> fox5's annie yu is liveoxs an in southeast now with the n wit details.ta good morning, annie. ann >> reporter: hey, good, od morning. as you mentioned, several, seral we're talking four people shote late last night around aro 9 o'clock at the 1500 block oflo butler street right in frontht n of the cedar apartments rightrtn in anacostia. acost d.c. police still out hereere processing the z. yoprocessing s last night police had k-9's k out scouring the area fora evidence and officers wereffic w actually out here carrying car rifles. pretty intense scene forsene people who live around police say four people were peol shot. the victims are two adults one t male and one female and two
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teenagers. we're also told by police thato one of the victims, a 15-year-old was actually shot in the thigh. they were all transported toall the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuriesth and expected to when we were out here late lat last night when this happenedhtw sources told our marina marraco that high caliber calibr rifle rounds were found at the t scene and they also believelsoel that is shooting potentially pei stemmed from a gun battle that happened earlier in the in evening in anacostia here. again, four people shot on on butler street southeast last night, all expected to make aoak full recovery but police still out here processing the scene te and waiting on detectives toetec make their way out here. h still no word on any suspects ae at this point.s p that's the very latest nearest a southeast.heas back do you in thback to you inu >> a funeral service will be held for 13-year-old nicoleicol lovell. authorities say she wasths stabbed to death by two by virginia tech students from our area. last night the blacksburglacksbr virginia community held awakeom for lovell. lovel a bail hearing is scheduledea for today for one of the one
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students charged in lovell's death. natalie keeper is charged with w ah accessory before and after a the fact as well as illegally ig disposing of lovell's body. keeper's classmate 18-year-old e david eisenhauer is chargedr rg with kidnapping and firstg and r both defendants are being heldse without bond. >> ♪>> >> all right. fog starting to lift just ang tt little bit 'cause it wase it treacherous out there >> you would drive along you w and i live in the boonies,ou drive along and then roadn r would just disappear. disappear. >> that's right and we're note t being overly it was really sketchy thisis morning. if you run into any of that t fog and it looks like most of it is out of here except force the eastern areas, quanticoas, u you're still down toyo sti three-quarters of a mile,f mil fredericksburg two and a half. h look, just slow down.ow d i don't even need to say put your low beams on.yo do i need to say that anymore? e 4-mile visibility for4-mi culpeper. the front is starting to come through cleaning things upg t quite a bit. it's a bit of a broom, bit of
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an atmospheric broom. b it will whisk everything away. a we'll have some sunshine.un it will take a little while to bring the sunshine in.brthe look how mild it is right now.o. we're 54.were 54. we're dropping a little bitop here in the fredericksburg is 59 now. is 59n you guys were 60 last hour. hou 61 for leonardtown and noticeot temperatures to the north andes west are coming down now. hagerstown 44.wn frederick 45.k 4 that's the frontal system t coming through and bringheing in the cooler air. so, temperatures honestly, i'myi just being honest here very tricky tod like yesterday the mild air stayed as just to the east and southeast s of us. we got locked in the cold air cl in the 40's and basicallyas southern maryland, easternaste shore were in the 60's yesterday so it was tricky w yesterday. it's tricky again today withodaw temperatures warming up aar little bit and then coolmi offff again in the afternoon. so, we'll get some sunshine.e. it lib dry. we're watching a couple things overnight. maybe a snowflake or twoa
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around. i'll talk about that.ll t right now erin como is in withh your look at traffic. tra what do we call this, thursday u eve? eve? >> on-time traffic brought to tt you by t visit buy a special >> this is friday eve.ia fridave wednesday would be thursday thuy eve. >> i never get it right. r how come i never get this one tn right? 'cause i'm an idiot. idi >> you said it . >> [laughter] >> her eyes just alluded.ed. flooding closure.lo piper lane closed between 28 and the railroad tracks.d that is out in prince williamth from the rain from yesterday yee so steer clear of that. also just a good time togood tet remind people turn aroundun don't drown if you encounternc any kind of floodingloodg conditions never try to drive t through it.through good to remind people advertisements 395 road work. w caution as you head throughoutto that area.that reduce your speed. s that active construction soapct shop wrapped wrapped overnight crash an sdoverght investigation has cleared and right now westbound c street cte northeast between 13th and3t 14th has reopened to traffic t t so we should start to see thatot
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red line dissipate on our map. aside from that the inner loop i looking good and again if you i encounter any dense patches of y fog slow it down, take yourake time this morning. metro right now on or close tog schedule.on that's your traffic. back to you.o you. >> ♪ >> just ahead a man chargedt eaa with killing his two-year-old-ya daughter and her mother. mhe the programs in place to help prevent similar crimes. >> plus, vincent gray making ain move to get backce into d.c. politics. we'll have that story. 5:08 right now. back in a minute.
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>> ♪ >> fox5 in prince george's p county where a pedestrian was struck and killed in clinton. police say a car was trav peline westbound on piscataway road near old branch drive when the driver struck a man. m it happened last night just j after 9:00. 9 prince george's countyince geor' officials say the driverri stayed on the scene is that cooperating with them. >> the gunman who carried outwhr a double murder in princer iprin george's county is being heldd without bond this morning.. yesterday 25-year-old daronldar boswell johnson confessed to t the crime. neshante davis andsh d two-year-old daughter chloeaughe were shot and killed tuesdayllsd morning in front of their fortir washington home just days just before the murder, a dna test confirmed that boswell johnsonbo was the father of were-year-old chloe. prince george's county statesta attorney brooks says herrney office continues to see domestic violence prevention pre as a top priority.ri >> it's not enough to bet' s angry. we have to take action.ctio
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we trained over 100 individuals in local churches how to recognize the signs ofnso domestic violence when it'shent' possible to kill your own children, it says that these t are people who are unhealthy uea people and we have to do more d in our mental health system tom help them. we have to do more to support tp these families who are w stressed out.ut >> more training is in fact ahead. ahead. also brooks tells us her office is conducting training on how the community can recognize red flags.ize red flas >> happening today a political t comeback appears to be in the works for former d.c. mayor. mor vincent gray. a source tells fox5 gray will run for the ward seven councilsu z former mayor is expected toect make the announcement today.od gray spoke first to fox5 following the news that thes att u.s. attorney's office was closing its investigation into gray's last campaign for mayor. mayo also happening today, theay montgomery county board ofrynty education is expected to maketok a big announcement in rockville. they'll appoint a new schoolnt l superintendent. the appointment will beill effective in j the new superintendent willin hold the p asian for fourhesian
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years. we will of course keep youoursey posted as soon as thatsoon as tt decision is announced. >> tomato, tomato, the term that has the democraticemra candidates sparring justidat ahead. >> first another check of ather traffic and weather with gary mcgrady.mcgrady. >> hey, guys. the traffic and weather really l linked this morning because of the dense fog advisory.nse it goes officially until 7:00 a.m. this morning but we're we' already seeing some prettye pr good signs out there the fogns o is beginning to get pushed out and lift in most places.laces. complete forecast is coming comg up.up. complete forecast is coming comg up.up. erin will be back with a look at your traffic as well. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> hey, welcome back.ey visibility has gotten a lot better over the last, houasr,t hour and a half or so and i s ad can look back over one of our tower cameras and see that the t moon is shining, too, so we're ' seeing through the clouds.loud frontal system is coming in so n these visibilities are coming up and they're coming upg quicking this morning so that is good. where we were seeing zeroeeinze visibility just an hour ago in frederick it's up to 10-mile visibility. dulles has come all the way upe to 10-mile visibility andility a that's as good as it gets atet a least with us tracking it. quantico is still down below a mile.mile. fredericksburg you're wellicks above a mile so really noo problems. problems maybe a little bit of problemsrl still going down 95 to the south. so not up 95 to the north andnd then over to the east t eas annapolis is still below a below mile.mile so, this is where the problemheo is now. n basically i-95 to the east visibilities are still compromised just a little bitju
5:16 am
but that front is coming istnngi quickly. culpeper you're 4 miles butou'r you're coming up, okay.y. here's the's i think we're going get upng get into the lower to mid-50's. technically we've already beende at 56, 57 for the high today.igd that's an early high. h woo we're going to trend downgoo a little bit and then we'll tn w come up some for the earlyar afternoon and then drop off in f the afternoon.the after i'll show that you near just a second with the manner. tomorrow though breezy,ow c tooler, 46 degrees.deee there could be a few showers overnight tonight, maybe, maybe mixing with a little bitle of snow and it looks like that t would primarily be off to the east and the z southern maryland, saint mary's county. . maybe charles county and overs towards calvert county i'mty i'm talking about you guys. we're 54 now. boston 54 degrees. look at wilmington,ilmingto 65 and then you jump the front,he t right, and you start getting g into the 30's and the 20's.0' teens and single digits inigit places through the nation's nio midsection.mids denver right now is atow i a 11 degrees. so, the cold air has come down d out of canada all the way down w through into parts of northernen
5:17 am
texas.tes. amarillo right now is 19. we are go together trend colder but we're not going toe'e trend cold, not until nextntil x week, okay., o there's some really cold air coa we see in the long rangeonra modeling coming in late nextnext week into next weekend. weend clouds in place now.ceow fog is getting pushed away by ab the frontal system.ys some of these clouds have someam breaks in them so when the sunun comes up maybe we'll see all see little bit of sunshine. technically speaking at spein 8 o'clock this morning i havethm us in the low 50's. 50' may actually have to trendo that down just a little bite bit depending on how fast some of this cooler air comes in.ler so, mostly cloudy at 8:00 a.m.aa some sunshine at noon. n i think with the sunshine thatsa we get temperatures will comewie up a little lower to mid-50's.-5 and then in the afternoon aftero we'll come off that a bit. offt so, by 3, 4, 5 o'clock we're w in the lower 50's and thend upper 40's.upper it will be a little breezy,reez too.too. early shower possible tomorrow. i think most of that will be off to the east of us. 46 tomorrow.w. looks great for the weekend. wke mostly sunny, 50 saturday and sunday.nd
5:18 am
we get into next week.xt w monday night, tuesday, there's a chance of a storm so we wante to watch that. that. it's a clipper that ma may becom a coastal so a lot still needstn to be answered there. t on tuesday rain or then or t possibility some of snow, too. t too many questions, not enoughi answers yet.en here's erin como with a look at your friday eve traffic. tff. >> good job, gary. good b, g >> yeah, i got it right.ig friday eve. >> it's a good day. it' >> the question -- just sayust s friday, that's the thing.he any time you say friday peopledl get b >> i was ready for fridayri since monday and i was offnday w monday so i'm just confused. coe right now road work as youoras make your way out on 395 -- 395 first i want to show you this. overnight crash investigationnv had things shut down fordown f awhile northeast.le noreast. right now westbound c streettret northeast has reopened. reone traffic moving between 13th and 14th. here's a look at that roadt road work. work closures in both directions.n r traffic still gets by between bt duke and seminary but it could slow you down we'll let you letu know as soon as things getso back to normal there.he take metro. metro is on or close tor close o schedule. here is some information fororma you out in prince
5:19 am
we are dealing with someome flooding.fl you need to turn around androd find an alternate. prince william pipe are laneilli between 28 and the railroad a tracks and then in annendinnne arrundel as well 450 betweenetwe hunt wood drive and rutve r happened road steer clear of those areas where there'sre flooding conditions.onti we'll have more traffic in a few. few. >> an irs computer problemro could delay your tax returnsr this year. yesterday the agency said it experienced a hardware failure r affecting its e file system and the where is my refunde ere service. it says some systems willtemsi remain out of service at least l until today.until today. you can continue sending yourour electronic returns but returnsur will be on hold until the irs systems are running again. the i.r.s. says 90 percent ofpe taxpayers will receive refunds n within three weeks.thin thr president obama wants to help young people prepare for fr the workforce as part of his of budget recommendations nextat week, he will propose spending e 6 billion on programs that tha
5:20 am
help them land their jobs,rob maureen. ma >> yes, holly. h >> would you like to continue.oi >> yes. >> y >> the white house says much h of the money will coveour up top half of their wages.irages the president wants -- here we go, 2 billion to go towardsow community partnerships that tha help at risk youth.k yoh. maureen. ureen. >> okay, here we go. maybe. [laughter]ter] yeah. good morning, everyone.ning hillary clinton and bernie ander sanders set to debate tonight t in new this will be the first of four additional debates that two tt have agreed on much last nightdn they took part in the samehe s town hall event in deary newew hampshire. clinton came into this town hall reacting to a charge from g sanders she's a progressivegrese "some days." day >> i'm a progressive who likeshl to get things done and i was somewhat a.m. plowed todayplow t that senator sanders has set himself up to be thehe gatekeeper on who is a
5:21 am
progressive.progress >> for his part sanders didn'trs back down from his war of words. >> secretary clinton said somedm people call me a -- i'm- paraphrasing, some people callng me a, moderate and i proudly, y you know, say that i am a moderate.moderate. that's what she said. so, all i said you can't go cang and say you're a moderate onate one day and be a progressiverose on the other day.he other day >> in the meantime, one new poll released yesterday release suggests sanders could have over double the voter supporttep that clinton does in new hampshire. new hampshire primary takes place this tuesday februar february 9th. >> 5:21 is the time. another republican candidatere has dropped out of the racepu e r the white house.d ou former pennsylvania senator sen rick santorum made the the announcement yesterday and y immediately threw his supportup behind florida senator marcoenom rubio.ruo. santorum is the thirdtorum is ti republican to end the campaignea since the iowa caucusesa ca joining former arkansas governor mike huckabee ande huca kentucky senator rand paul.or rp nine candidates now remain on rn the republican side compared
5:22 am
to only two democrats. >> fox5 is teaming up with the for an in depth lookk at all the twists all thes l turns and into new hampshireew m as to what might happen as thehe race moves to the south thisou i sunday at 8:30 a.m. 80 a.m. >> we know the sexual assaultlt case against comedian bill cosby will move forward. cosby's lawyers argued a dealeda made way former prosecutor aec decade ago should still bell b valid. the judge denied a test to a tes disqualify the newly electeded district attorney.or cosby was arrested in december and charged with drugging and ad violating a former temple university employee at hismpe at suburban philadelphia nomean p 2004. the next step for cosby a preliminary hearing next monthyn to determine whetherhether prosecutors even have enoughorou evidence to put him on trial. >> well, imagine sitting on
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>> millions of dollars, thaton could be the case for ones lott theery participant iny pa california. officials say the owner of a $63 million super lotto plustolu ticket has until today to come forward and claim those big winnings.wiings if no one comes forward the
5:26 am
ticket will become the largestar unclaimed jackpot inot in california history. his the money will go to themo school sysnetem. >> right. >> that's what they always say. >> our schools should be thels s best in the world with all the unclaimed lottery tickets i tici swear to god.swear >> somehow they never haveer h enough money.ey >> 'cause wasn't it theuse wa lottery was for education,duca that's what we always heard.rd our schools should be bar nonehb the best on the planet. pla >> not only the lottery andte a all the gambling that goes on gn it's all for education. educaon. >> oh, yes. >> yet it's never enoughnoug money. money. >> we need more time. moreim >> pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. >> visibilities are gettingitie better. even though this dense fog is advisory goes until 7:00 a.m., m they may cancel it a little early. they may not cancel it al it little early.little early. i have no idea what's going ontn out there at the weatherhe wea service. they may or may not but what i want you to see is that thes last hour or so visibilitiesilie have really started to comertedc up. everybody -- just aboutody -- j everybody is sitting at sitng 10 miles or better.etter. antico up to 3 miles. fredericksburg has come down a n little bit but that's kind of an outliar right now and so iss
5:27 am
annapolis.anna front is coming through. throu i think they should at leastho trim this back a little bitul for our sake and then look,back here's the forecast for today. d temperatures at 11 o'clock 52. 2 o'clock 52 and then we coole off into the upper 40' 40' it will be a little bit breezy z this afternoon.fterno again, kind of sun and clouds. o not perfectly sunny but stilluti not a bad day. >> cloudy.>>loudy. >> exactly. >> there you go.>> t >> glass half full. half ful >> erin como what's it looking like on the roads? i know the t fog has got to be wreaking wrean havoc in some areas. are. >> flooding causing problemsrobl right now.ght n heads up in prince william, piper slain shut down betweensh 28 and the railroadut i talked to a woman named done in on twitter. twitter she said that's an important ima spot for vre.. use goodwin drive to wake maniv drive to get arounde thatdha closure on piper lane.iper l i tweeter out the if you don't know any vre
5:28 am
riders.ders if you h395 road work southboune closures between seminary andemn duke. good news is northbound construction has wrapped sotion all lanes opened us a head out and again dense patches ofd fog. it's a morning to leave earlyvey and take it slow.ta it that's your traffic.our trfic. back to you.o >> thanks erin. thas police on the scene of ace o shooting in d.c.shooting four people were injured. fox5's annie yu joins usns u live from the scene with an update next. >> ♪
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♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> live look outside on thisok thursday morning, 5:30 is ourngs time right now and everybodyve is waking up in a little bittleb of a fog today.ay. no, literally. lit it is foggy out there but itre b is clearing as we go. and things should be back tobe c normal pretty soonly we'llrey sn check in with gary a littleit bit later about how quicklyui the fog will dissipate. dsipa we are following up in thenn news, though, this morning, on n a shooting that happened lastnga night in southeast >> d.c. police say four people were shot including two incdi juveniles. >> fox5's annie yu is live from the scene with an updateh u on the victims' conditions. annie. anni >> reporter: hey, goodeporteey,o morning. we're told that all fourour victims are expected to expecte recover just fine. meanwhile, police are stillolic looking for the suspect thispe morning.morn folks here obviously waking upg to an unsettling scene as theys still have the crime tape up here at the 1500 block of butler southeast in anacostia.
5:32 am
d.c. police out here gathering e up the evidence.vide a lot of liquor bottles and beer cans is part of thes is pt evidence here but we're toldcee that also they found high caliber rifle rounds as wells a on the roadway.oa last night police were outht pwe here with k-9s, they werey scouring the area for more evidence. officers carrying some riflesomr as well. it was a very intense scenene around 9 o'clock last g four people shot.ur people we understand two of them arefm adults, one male, one female and two are teens.are we're told by police that onee of the victims is a 15-year-old who was shot inin the thigh.the thigh. tain, they're all at then, hospital expected to recover toe just fine. you know, this morning they're t still looking for the we don't have a suspecte lookout or any additional information. they're still investigatingstiln and we're told this is goingl to be the scene for another f a couple of hours here and we've e been seeing a number of people o being walked in and out of and this crime taped areaaped a obviously because they don'ty d want them to be tampering withpg
5:33 am
the evidence out here but they are still waiting on o detectives to make it out to out the scene. that's the latest in southeast. annie yu fox5 news. new >> authorities say nicoleayic lovell was stabbed to death by two virginia tech students from our area. last night the blacksburg virginia community held awake for lovell. meanwhile a bail hearing ise a a scheduled for today for one ofof the students charged in her death, natalie keepers is keers charged with accessory beforesoy and after the fact as well as wl with illegally disposing ofng o lovell's body. keepers' classmate 18-year-old - david eisenhower is charged is with kidnapping and firstg a f degree murde both defendants are being held g without bond. the gunman who carried outao a double murder in prince ipr georges county held without w bond. 25-year-old daron boswell-johnson confessed tojoho the crime. neshante davis and her
5:34 am
daughter chloe were >> it's not enough to be angry. we have to take action. act we trained over 100 individuals in local churchess how to recognize the signs ofnig domestic violence.domestic v when it's possible to killsie your own children it saysn it these are people who are unhealthy people and we have to do more in our mental m health system to help them andpa we have to do more to support s these families who are w stressed out. >> more training is ahead. a brooks tells us her office is conducting train on how the h community can recognize redog flags. >> happening today, a hapning political come back appears toka be in the works for formermer d.c. mayor vincent gray. gra a source tells fox5 gray will run for the ward seven councilse seat. the former mayor is expectedxpee to make the announcement today.t gray spoke first to fox5 firstf5 following the news that thethatt u.s. attorney's office was off closing its investigation intoso gray's former campaign manager -- former lastme las campaign, rather.,athe also today happening todayag the montgomery county board of d education is expected to maked a big announcement inncement rockville. they're going to appointment apt
5:35 am
new the appointment will be b effective in july. j the new superintendent will hold that position for four years. we'll keep you posted as soon ps as a decision is made. >> ♪ >> if you're just waking up jusn this morning, little bit ofornib fog to contend with though tho it's quickly going away. awa >> getting so much better. br. >> it's just kind of heavyof hea outside do you know what i mean. i right.>> >> and moist. >> yes. but the drier air is comingaiism in. i'm not going to listen tois you. not going to listen to you. 10-degree -- 10 degrees --0 de 10-mile visibility.10-msi i keep showing this and we keep seeing these fifty six going up and up and up. that was a little insideupe i baseball by the way.sey th annapolis is up to 6 miles of 6s visibility so things are good there. leonardtown you're seven. don't worry about it.n't fredericksburg is a mile and ase half. so, that's the last spot, at least on this side of the bay, where there really is a couple l of spots where the visibility vt might be reduced, that you'rethu going to need to slow down and w you'll notice the fog.
5:36 am
everybody else it's getting a lot better. fredericksburg i happen have to believe over the next half o hour or so we'll continueve to e see your visibility go back inac the right direction.direction across the bay outearn shore s visibilities are still prettytil reduced down a frontal system comes through t the entire area and that's tha going to maybe things a lot better this morning it willhis kick in the breeze a little a ll bit. bit. cooler and drier air coming cin in.. we still have warm air aloft aia so that will create a few few clouds.clouds it's not like we'll bewe'lle completely sunny out there. we'll go sun and clouds pretty much all day long. d l it does get a little breezye this afternoon.thisfter temperatures will peek out --ut- well, actually temperatures t will come down from where theywh are then they'll get back up into u the mid-50's, low to mid 50o m and then they'll drop off in o the afternoon.aftnoon so kind of an up and down an upn thermometer here is erin como, youromr thursday morning com >> that's right, gary, 5:36. still watch for some densee de patches of fog causingf problems. flooding issues in princence william. piper lane is shut downown between 28 and the railroadai
5:37 am
tracks. that is also a vre parking lot area. broad run riders should used goodwin drive to wake man man drive to get around that.t. in anne arrundel 450 between 45b hunt wood drive and rutlandndut road shut down. also in prince william typical volume from dale city out too 123.3. you can see that little blipliti of yellow, it's justw, is jus congestion. all lanes are opened.need no crashes to report at that location.caon 395 northbound lanes all all opened.opened. southbound still shut down.t just a few of the lanesf the l traffic getting by betweeny bet seminary road and duke street. s live look outside. o we'll see how 270 is shapings up. traffic is picking up on thep oe southbound side but thehbou sid earlier fog we were seeing has s dissipated. good news for your morning commute watch for slick conditions.onti melanie as she has been bee cruising around checking outingt the fog has had road spray road coming off. i'm guessing it's from thefrom melting snow combination withomn the rain from yesterday.mes still in good shape from frederick to the spur.ederick tt metro right now is on or closeol
5:38 am
to schedule. i'll let you know if and when ad that changes.thha back to you guys. >> coming up is the zika virus linked to a birth d health officials say theyy don't have enough informationorn to prove it. >> most asian stocks surgedas today as oil prices bouncediaile back. u.s. futures are up thisre uth morning. we're back right after this break. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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>> ♪ >> back now 5:40. bac new developments in the battle t against the zika virus. vus international health officials say brazil has not shared s enough samples and data to and o determine if the mosquito mos borne borne illness isrnrne responsible for the increase in number of babies born with abnormally small heads. scientists say having so say h little to work with is hurting their want to track the virus' evolution.ut under brazilian law it is illegal to share. could we get on the cusp of a cure for type one diabetes? johnson and johnsonoh and a bio tech company areany a teaming up to help find a f cure. cu the companies have begun beg testing a stem cell treatment on diabetic patients. dia if it works as well inwork patients as it has in animalsn a it would a amount to a cure ending the need for frequent f insulin injections and blood a sugar testing.. today is world cancer daycey and the goal is to unite iso people across the world in thec fight against c on its web sites tweets are
5:42 am
being featured to raiseaise awareness. there are more than 600 tha60 activity planned to honor the day. day. earlier vice president joeie biden held his first meetingr about the white house's h goal g to if you understand a cancer moon shot in search of a biden lost his son beau toea brain cancer. >> 5:42 right now.>>2 righ a beautiful beast caught ongh camera known as the boss.he we're going to tell you whyto tw this video is pretty pre incredible. >> a popular ice cream brand b widening its we're going to tell you how itow hopes to attract customerstome with special dietary needs butre first we've got some trafficomrc and we've got some weather.eath let's start with gary.har >> hey, listen, i want to showtt you what's going on out there. t we'll talk more about thisabou coming up in the full forecastlr but there's an area of lowa o pressure tonight and tomorrowndt it's going to get real closel and it may have a few impacts ip on some of us.ome u we'll talk more about full forecast is coming up. stay with us.
5:43 am
5:44 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly...
5:45 am
it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. >> we're back on this thursday morning. the fog has lifted across the entire area. are technically speaking a dense a fog advisory is in place for pce just about everybody.stbout eve it runs until 7:00 a.m. but.m b what we've noticed the lasthe l hour, hour and a half is thatf s the visibilities have come upilt to 10 miles for just aboutust a everybody. listen, overnight tonight, tight tomorrow morning we have to mor watch an area of low pressurew p along the coast. c as a matter of fact, we'rema going have several of thesef the come along the next severalex sv days here.e. so, this area of low pressure pe gets dangerously close to usse t and the question is will thiss
5:46 am
be rain for southern marylandr and some of our southeasterneasr counties or will this be snowhi or a little bit of both or a wet snow? i think primarilyk it's going to be rain, okay,o , 'cause i just don't thinknk temperatures are going to be a cold enough to change all this i over to some snow. southern maryland could thisar be a little wet snow, a little t sloppy snow on the grass? the yes, it could.s, it co but it does not look like the le way things are looking now this area of low pressure press passes by to the east of ushe ef that we have much to worryh toor about and as we progress into the morning tomorrow morningngor and then into the latehe lat morning, this will be fars willr enough off to the east and toe d the northeast that we'll actually begin get into a lot g of sunshine here but loco b l close we this represents about eight orbr 9 o'clock tomorrow morning andmr so there's where the rain-snowow line basically it's well off to the e shore here but again if this area of low pressure doesn't don cooperate with what we'ret 'r seeing with the modeling andit it's a little bith closer toto us, some of this snow tomorrow r morning could be a little bit le farther to the west.he wes so, it's one to watch. wch but again, i think that the
5:47 am
consensus on the modeling is that it stays fairly far off o to the east and keeps us outps u of anything that we have to whae worry too much about. abo southern maryland you're rightyt on the edge there. the here's the weekend looks pretty nice.lookty n lots of sunshine.unsh temperatures will manage up to about 50 degrees saturday and s sunday.ay. so, really we'll continue the melting.meltg. temperatures will be down wil close to freezing bothot mornings but a lot of surgeon sr it really look likes it'sok lik going to be a nice weekend. w clouds are breaking up withgp the fog moving we'll have clouds to contend c with this morning so we'll be sl mostly cloudy to start theta the day. temperatures will cool off aes little bit. we're talking upper 40's at0' 8:00 a.m.00 a we get up to about 52 degrees2 e for lunchtime with some wit sunshine and then in the late lt afternoon temperatures willill start cooling off winds will kick up out of the northwest 15, 20 miles per 20 hour late today.ho it will stay with us tomorrow.s notice we put the early shower e in tomorrow we could see that and then we get into a sunny week.un week. next week is interesting too.oo.
5:48 am
monday night into tuesday there's a chipper system thatte will form a coastal system.ys a lot of unanswered questions.ut we'll keep an eye on it.keeye we have to put a chance in foren some rain or snow possible onsie tuesday depending on just how that storm system evolves.volve. but right now it's time foreor traffic. things have gotten a lot better with the fog thise f morning, thank goodness gd because it was awful, awful early, early this morning. mni >> yeah the fog has seeing typical congestion andgea other problems right now gary. g in prince george's county 50 cnt on the inbound side volumeeolume from columbia park drive to dri kenilworth avenue.nilw a lot of folks heading indi towards the district. dtr also crash bw parkway par southbound at 50, another areana where you want to use one lane is blocked at that location. bw northbound looking good ifloo you're heading to bwi thishis morning.morning. 95 north typical volume fromole dale city to 123. 1 you're down to about 30 miles 3i per hour just because ofus congestion as you head throughdg woodbridge and aside from thatha we are dealing with someng w flooding. practice turn around don't't drown.dr anne arrundel 450 between homewh wood drive and rutland road.oad.
5:49 am
prince william big problem onrom piper lane shut down between 28 and the railroad tracks.ra if you're trying to access the vre broad run riders they need to use goodwin drive to wake wae man drive. i66 is definitelyefinel picking up as you head inea in towards centreville thisen morning.moin 234 to centreville congestionge has us at a crawl at some points. points it's a lot of stop-and-goot traffic. leave early. not looking good as o you get y closer to the beltway. that's your's back to you. >> thank you erin.ou en. new evidence may give the man te who was the subject of the popular podcast serial a new trial. adnan syed was in court cou yesterday 16 years after hey 16 was convicted of murdering his former girlfriend. he was sentenced to life in prison but now a new alibi witness testified that she wasde with syed in the library when the murder happened. h a ruling on whether sayyadther a gets a new trial could come as m early as tomorrow.w. now if approved the state willtl likely appeal.pp
5:50 am
a montgomery county highntgo school principal is outragedutre after learning parents are are planning a spring break trip a s to mexicpro he and allowing allg under aged drinking. now the legal drinking age in ai mexico is 18.8. the mother is asking parentsar to sign a form that wouldat wou protect her if a child is injured. injured. the parents behind this trips tr are the same ones who hosted a e party just months ago whenshe several students got into aotnt car two of those students weres wer killed. killed. the father paid a fine for for providing alcohol to minors att that event. event >> when you get your mailet youl today, be sure to give yoursure mailman a big thank you.nk that's because today is thank t a mailman day.ilman . they work pretty hard all yearda long getting our mail to us mais six days a week. thank a mailman day is observed every year onrved e yea february 4th.ry just a small reminder of how important mail men are to ourur every day lives. liv if you capture the moment postt your picture on social mediaed using #thank a mailman d as education weekti w continues here in theinuehere i district, today the mayor willti announce a really cool new program for small children. clde
5:51 am
it's called books from birth.m . every child in the district disc under the age of five wille receive a free book each month. for newborns, that's more than t 50 free books by the time they t turn five. turn >> that's a great idea.t's grea >> great program. pro >> ben and jerry's guess what? w going vegan.going the ice cream maker is offering nondairy ice cream c for vegans and the lactose intolerant.rant. four flavors are being made ared using a certified vegan almond milk, the class kick chunky chuk monkey plus coffee caramelar fudge and pb and >> iowa that tastes. taste >> okay pretty good. o >> it doesn't taste the samet but probably tastes pretty good. >> nice caught on camera the onlynl known wild jaguar in america ime roaming around the mountainsouas in arizona. in arizona >> check it out. out this is el jessie.l j >> ihre of
5:52 am
58 degrees. because of those warmer days, d fleas and ticks are causing more problems in what used to ue be considered colder months.on for pet owners that means worrying about fleece ticks and heart worm year round whenrd they used to just be seasonal concerns.ns. >> what's next el hefe? we'llel find out who made top.op >> local idol contestant sarasta sturm wowed the judges since auditions were held. >> ♪ >> the centerville teenille teen impressed them so much she is moving on. tonight we'll find out whoinou else will continue their dreamhe of becoming the next americanamc idol. ol sara will join us in the loft tf today on good day at 10:00 a to share every nail-biting


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