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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 15, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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that's great. no problems on the toll road towards annandale and springfield. let's take a live look outside and here's springfield on the northbound side of 95. so it's you know it's 6:00. that mean it's going to be slow dale city to woodbridge. we can handle that. route 644 to the beltway no big deals though. and route 1 looks good as well through this area alreaditon, newington, spring -- lorton, newington and springfield. back over to the maps, this time. route 29 slowing down just a bit into columbia. bw parkway from 3 # and jessup looks good into greenbelt. one last live look this time on 95 near route 100. all of your lanes are open. back to you guys. thank you monika. president obama is trying to make good on a promise he made while selling his healthcare plan to americans. >> but republicans are saying it's not enough and insurance executives are saying it won't work. what's the truth? how do we get this thing fixed? delia goncalves is live on capitol hill and boy that's not an easy answer is it? >> reporter: boy it's sure not. not in this minute and a half
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at least. the president we first heard an apology by the president and yesterday, we heard his proposal for a possible fix. and he was trying to repair the damage to the millions of americans who were receiving notices of cancellations effective january 1st. but know there are several several congress members here who believe they have they are own solution to the affordable care act. president obama yesterday took the blame for the botched rollout. but there's a catch to his plan. folks can keep their scan selled policies until 2015 but that'ser intoly up to the insurance companies -- that's entirely up to the insurance companies. the democrat senator of louisiana has introduced legislation that would permanently reinstate canceled policies, house republicans say the only fix is repeal. today though the house will vote on a measure allowing insurers to keep selling plans that would otherwise be banned under the law.
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>> that's on me. i mean -- we fumbled the rollout on this healthcare law. i completely get how upsetting this can be for a lot of americans. particularly after assurances they heard from me that if they had a plan that they liked they could keep it. >> when it comes to obamacare, it's -- clear that the american people simply can't trust this white house. >> reporter: however, in regards to the president's trustworthiness, and that press conference he held yesterday at the white house, president obama said listen i'm not a perfect man and i'm not a perfect president. we'll have more on the political fallout coming up at 6:30. mike, jessica back to you. >> all right, thank you delia live on the hill. relief efforts have picked up in the philippines over the last 24 hours. foreign governments are dispatching food, water medical supplies and medical staff to the region. trucks with generators are also arriving. a week after typhoon haiyan struck, the philippine government is defending its
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relief effort. some regions have not been supplied -- not received supplies rather because of the rough terrain. the obama administration is starting a program to help communities impacted by droughts. the national drought reliance partnership is being formed in response to the 2012 drought. that drought was the worst to affect the u.s. in 70 years. agricultural secretary tim vilsack says it will allow communities to respond more effectively when droughts happen. prince george's county fire crews are searching for the cause of an early morning fire along pennsylvania avenue in forestville. two fire companies got to the scene about 3:50 this morning. at one point, flames were seen going out of the third floor of the building. they were able to get it under control in about a half hour around 4:30. no injuries reported but some residents that live there are now in temporary shelters. the case of road rage ended with two people being stabbed
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at montgomery mall in bethesda. it started at a nearby intersection police say. two drivers trying the get right of way. it escalated at the mall where one car chased the other and one driver got out. stabbed a man and a woman in the second car. the suspect hit another vehicle while he was trying to get away. he was eventually arrested and the stabbing victims are expected to recover. two day care workers in prince william county have been fired after abuse allegations, the virginia department of social services says the teachers allegedly stepped on kids' toes, blasted them with water hoses, and encouraged them to fight. the teachers worked at the mini land academy at the glen which was in woodbridge. police are investigating to determine the criminal charges needs to be filed -- need to be filed. i am watching your money. bethesda based lockheed martin is pretearing to cut 4,000 jobs. they are closing plants in arizona, ohio, pennsylvania, and texas.
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they'll also be closing four buildings at a campus in california. lock heed officials blame the cuts on reduced government spending. since 2008, lock heed has eliminated 30,000 jobs. here in our region, med star washington hospital center is laying off hundreds of its workers. a "washington post" report says med star has laid off 300 employees roughly 5% of its work force. a hospital official says 60 of the poxes were in -- positions were in management. more people are applying nowadays -- flying nowadays according to the department of transportation. the total number of passengers for the first nine months of the year is up 3% at most airlines. in the same time passenger complaints have dropped by 14%. the biggest improvement came from a drop in complaints about reservation and ticketing problems. out of the 16 major airlines, southwest had the lowest rate of complaints while frontier has the most. and we've been talking a lot lately about all of the stores that are opening up even earlier this year on thanksgiving to kick off the start of the holiday season.
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this year k-mart will be the. iest starting at 6:00 a.m. thanksgiving morning and staying open for 41 hours straight. door buster king wal-mart will open two hours earlier at 6:00 p.m. the list goes on and on except for costco. bj's nordstrom and a couple of others, costco tells the "huffington post" quote our employees work especially hard during the holiday season and we simply believe they deceive the opportunity to spend thanksgiving with their families. many stores are staying closed for the benefit of their workers also some shoppers are upset companies are forcing their employees to cut thanksgiving short. those staying closed appear to be embracing the spirit of the season. we like that. >> very nice of them to do that. okay. still ahead, first woman to be the u.s. ambassador to japan is going to potentially assume her duties today. >> a new report on teen smoking is both bad and good. and it's all because of e- cigarettes. we'll explain that coming up. wusa9 is back after this.
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6:11. told you we were going to have some sunny skies with the high clouds and here's proof of that. oh beautiful out there this morning. just some high thin clouds. it is a little chilly though we're in the 20s and 30s. so you'll need a heavier coat now. but looks like a pretty good day ahead with the high clouds. they'll be thickening some later this afternoon into the evening hours. as temperatures rise toward you know normal levels for the middle of november. highs upper 50s and even a couple of spots south and southwest of town flirting with that 60-degree mark. back in few with the weekend outlook. here's monika though with timesaver traffic. this is when it starts to get heavy on the northbound side of i-95. you're in springfield though the lanes are open. 395 is fine to the 14th street bridge. once into downtown northbound new hampshire after is closed -- after is closed after -- avenue is closed after georgia avenue northwest a crash at
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shepherd street. back to you guys. residents of the town of millford, texas hope to get back into their homes late tonight or tomorrow. the town evacuated yesterday after a liquid petroleum gas pipeline erupted into flames. you can see that right there on your screen. the explosion happened at a drill site when crews punctured the pipeline. deputies rushed door to door to make sure everybody got out. u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy arrives in japan today to begin her new life representing the president. the 55-year-old is facing some issues there including transpacific partnership trade talks, the relocation of the military base in okinawa. kennedy is the first woman to serve as u.s. ambassador to japan. got some good news some bad news here. fewer u.s. teens are smoking cigarettes. but they're still smoking. the centers for disease control and prevention say teenagers in six through 12th grades are using hookahs and e-cigarettes.
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in 2012 roughly 5.4% of high school students say they used hookahs at least once a month. 2.8% tried e-cigarettes. e-cigarettes currently have no age restriction. minors are free to buy them in the store and online. very controversial. >> hookah, what's a hookah? i'm out of touch. >> it's a water pipe. >> i didn't know what it was. sorry. i know. >> there are restaurants and bars dedicated to them. >> yep. yep. hey weather-wise, let's just take a look outside. it's beautiful out there. you know you don't need a hookah or anything to appreciate that. check this sky shot out here, absolutely gorgeous, the high then clouds just re flaking some of the refracting some of the light this morning, i posted them on facebook fake twitter. from like three minutes apart. so dramatically different with the light changing so quickly this time of morning. it's a great time of the among to be up. -- morning to be up.
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just gorgeous, noose day. high clouds around and they'll thicken up some into the afternoon and evening hours with highs in the mid- to upper 50s. then tonight we'll drop off to the low 50s by 9:00 and by 9:00 the intermittent showers will start to show up especially west of d.c. and southwest of d.c.. looks like our best chance of rain her in town will be probably after midnight into tomorrow morning. here the high clouds that are coming in just giving us a spectacular sky this morning. they're in the really going to thicken -- not really going to thicken up until much later in the day. light winds and temperatures are in the 20s and 30s in many areas east of the appalachians. cleveland though that's one of the warm spots on the board now at 44. but ocean city -- yesterday morning if you recall they were in the low to mid-20s. they are in the low to mid-40s now. water temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s just offshore. not that nebraska is going the a dip -- anybody is going for a dip in the atlantic right now. 33 rockville and 28 also up in cross junction. thanks for steve for checking
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in with that. alexandria at 29 and centreville and fairfax this morning 28. and joint based andrews at 35. another look as we scan the skies here for you and we're coming around from east to south here as we're going on the -- michael & son weather cam. and you see the more clouds here but into the breaks closer forward where the sun is going to come up, the sky gets a lot more interest. 36 officially mostly cloudy. calm on the winds so no winds to speak of. the humidity at 73%. with those high clouds around. and in some spots you're seeing stars and in other spots you have the spectacular looking clouds this morning. weather heed lains a mild -- headlines a mild weekend ahead. 50s and even 60s around especially on sunday. supped will be the warm day. -- sunday will be the warm day. showers at times though starting tonight into tomorrow morning. again tomorrow night and later sunday, so i don't think either day is a washout. but we will have those showers at times and again, sunday the warmer day than saturday with
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mid 60s on sunday and mid- to upper 50s on saturday. and a strong conference will be arrive -- cold front will be arriving monday. monday could be a day like we had this week when it started out warm in the 50s and we dropped into the 30s and 40s. well monday will start in the 60s and i think dropping into the 50s in the afternoon. there's some cold air this morning or this afternoon i should say in the northern rockies. but late november there's no really cold arctic air. dallas 77 on saturday. nashville 68. we don't see the really cold stuff. some 30s in great falls and starts to get a little colder here in montana and north dakota by sunday but a good check of the country will see temperatures above average. even into the lower 80s in dallas by sunday. clouds continue to stream in from the west this morning. there are the showers approaching the mississippi river. and st. louis and memphis, knocking on the doorstep. for us those showers won't be
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knocking on our doorstep until tonight. they'll ticken up towards sunset and by 9:00, potentially some showers into western loudoun and better chance 81 south and west. and othenvernight, is when we see some showers into saturday morning and i think saturday we'll see some peeks of sunshine. but may see a shower linger east and southeast of d.c. as well. 59 today with increasing clouds late. 45 tonight with some showers. tomorrow the early shower then potentially shower lingering east. 57. more of the easterly wind tomorrow but southerly winds push us to the mid 60s on sunday. with late showers sunday night into the first part of monday. clearing monday afternoon. turning colder after a warm 67. and i think 50s for the drive home and then a chilly start to tuesday wednesday and thursday. those days' highs mainly in the 40s. here's monika now. timesaver traffic for you this friday. randolph road west of veirs mill road in rockville -- there's a crash there and it's waiting on a tow truck? it should be cleared shortly i hope. it is a crash on the inbound
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side of the 11th street bridge just after 295. watch out for the activity there. sousa bridge is is a good option for you coming in on pennsylvania avenue. in fact, let's take a live look outside and here's the inbound side of 66 heading for the roosevelt bridge just fine this morning. really no big deals. back over to the maps, this time we're heading over to the north side of town. really no delays yet on the outer loop college park into silver spring. it's all green. we're in good shape on 95. i want to let you know about one crash in the district, new hampshire avenue northbound is closed after georgia avenue at shepherd street with a crash there. and we're going to take a look now on 95 southbound at route 100. no problems to report live on our chart camera looking good to the beltway. back to you guys. thank you monika. 6:18 is the time and here's another look at the question of the morning --
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>> good morning peggy holmes coe. she weighed in a. b. and c.. >> we're beginning of the more -- going to have more of your responses and the correct answer in 30 minutes. happy friday. we'll be right back. ♪
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6:22 on this friday morning. high thin clouds making some pretty skies and temps in the 20s and 30s to start. we'll have a decent day still chilly by 9:00. a few clouds around. 42 in town. upper 30s for the shenandoah valley. low to mid-50s here by lunchtime. maybe even near 60 culpeper. with some high clouds thickening up a little bit north and west and they canner clouds in the afternoon -- thicker clouds as the afternoon wears on. want to just take you to 9:00 p.m. because by then that's when we'll have a better chance of showers moving in into the western suburbs. well, good morning everybody. you know yesterday redskins' defensive coordinator told reporters this -- quote we played pretty well against the vikings except on third downs. really jim?
6:22 am
really? i guess the wizards played pretty well against their opponent except for their defense. or obamacare was rolled out pretty well except for the computer program. really jim haslett, did you really say that to reporters yesterday? wow. i guess rationale like that reeks of delusion. i can't believe he said that. the redskins have plenty other proving to do before sunday on offense and defense. i promise you during this sportscast i will not subject you to the musings of the defensive coordinator jim haslett. instead, hear from the players before the big game. >> definitely want to get a win. we need it. we need to -- you know start playing better and we have to just you know get in the win column. >> especially how we finished last week, get this taste out of our mouths and what better way to do that than to get a division win. >> everybody wants to talk about a 7-0 run and win the division and we know we have to take care of sunday. all right, yesterday a big prep news day. natalie randolph who made national headlines in 2010 for
6:23 am
being one of the first female varsity football coaches stepped down. she led the coolidge colts to the city championship game in 2011. randolph saying she stepped down to spend more time with her family and wanted to take a little break. all right, and finally, we have a new record for our game of the week poll. 980,000 votes were cast. and t.c. williams will be at south county, playoff action in high school football. almost a million votes in our game of the week poll. going to have those highlights for you tonight. wow. almost a million votes. have a great friday everybody. dave, on the outer loop of the beltway you want to be aware we're just getting word of a crash in the left lane at the 95 interchange in college park. again that's the inner loop at the 95 interchange and reportedly, up to seven vehicles involved. i will keep you posted on this situation coming up in my next report. you're watching wusa9. stay with us.
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well, good morning and happy friday. 36 degrees. a little bit brisk. but guess what? it's going to be beautiful later today. this is a live look of course at the beautiful sunrise from the u.s. capitol building this morning. thank you for joining us, friday, november 15th. i'm mike hydeck. >> and not only is it friday but we've had the most beautiful sunrises all morning. i'm jessica doyle, monika samtani has your timesaver traffic.
6:28 am
howard bernstein has your weather first. a little bit chilly out there on the weather porch? >> got the gloves and jackets on. no need for the 180s this morning, the ear muffs. high thin clouds and sunrise isn't until about 6:51. and such wonderful color. not only in the sky but are reflecting on the potomac. with our camera just north of the reagan national airport there. around crystal city. looking off toward the east northeast this morning. so we've got high thin clouds around now and that's going to be the case much of the day and at times we'll have a lot of sunshine and other tames it may -- times it may even appear overcast. 54 by noon is comfortable with a high towards 58, 59. back to 54 by 5:00 and we'll be nearly as cold tonight with some showers around. we have the high thin clouds coming across the region with definite breaks in there. they will thicken up later this afternoon and tonight. temps though they're down in the 20s in a lot of spots like culpeper and leesburg and frederick all at 27. look at martinsburg now the cold spot at 22 this morning though elkins in the mountains
6:29 am
is 19 and it's 39 on the other side of the equation and near 40. 41 at the pax river naval air station. going into the 50s. some showers tonight. back in a few mince. right now monika's got another look at timesaver traffic. not good on the inner loop of the beltway at the 95 interchange. you see the backup behind me. this is at new hampshire avenue. the inner loop barely moving trying to get to the crash right now at the 95 interchange in college park. apparently seven vehicles involved. left side of the roadway is blocked. you can see the camera moving around they're trying to find the incident and seeing the flashing lights right here again. the left lane is blocked with the accident. now let's go over to a map so i can show you what to expect. after planning to head on the eastbound side of the beltway and then head south. that's where the crash scene is and i of course will keep you posted on this situation. now if you're coming from the best, it's just -- west, it's just slow on 66. no big deals. it's been all right this morning on the dulles toll road as well in from sterling and no problems on the beltway west
6:30 am
side of town between the american legion bridge tysons and springfield. outside live one more time and many springfield it's just the brake lights here heading for the beltway. back to you guys. see what the partners over ott "cbs this morning" are covering. >> that's why norah o'donnell is standing by live in new york city, good morning. >> good friday morning to you mike and andrea. ahead insurers and lawmakers are not happy about the president's fix to obamacare. political director john dickerson is here and break it down and talk about the new complications now. plus, mitt and ann romney will be in studio 57 and term us how their lives have changed one year after stepping out of the spotlight. and chief washington correspondent bob schieffer was in dallas the day an assassin's bullet killed john f. kennedy. he will have an insider's look at the moment that changed history. the news is back here on "cbs this morning." so we'll see you guys at 7:00. >> now that sounds like a great
6:31 am
show. thanks have a good weekend. well,fulling home for the holidays is going to be a little easier this year for members of the military. by the end of the year, service members going through airport security will be able to leave their shoes, belt and jacket on. they will also be able to leave their laptops in the bags it's pa rt of the transportation security -- part of the transportation security administration's preexpedited screening program. by december 20th the program will expand from just ten airports to 100 airports. president obama is promising to veto a healthcare bill which is expected to pass the house today. >> the republican backed measure would allow insurance companies to continue selling policies which do not meet the standards laid out in the affordable care act. delia goncalves is live on capitol hill, a perch with which she is very familiar. >> good morning mike jessica,. >> the house bill that you just talked about? that's called keep your health
6:32 am
manage. and in fact -- plan act. and in fact it had support of a number of house democrats that is until yesterday. that was when the president announced his own plan to allow millions of americans to keep canceled insurance policies for another year. the republican bill would ail lou insurers to continue selling plans that would otherwise be banned under the law. insurance companies say the president's fix may end up costing consumers more in the end, in higher premiums. the president's chief of staff met with anxious house democrats yesterday to dissuade them from voting for today's republican bill. >> this isn't about elections, this is about making sure people have affordable health care. >> there's no doubt that our failure to roll out the aca smoothly has put a burden on democrats, whether they're running or not. because they stood up and
6:33 am
supported this -- this effort through thick and thin. >> reporter: the president's guidance was welcomed and well received. we still may have to fashion some legislation. >> reporter: and that was democrat senator mary ran drew of virginia who has crafted some legislation of her own proposing a bill that would permanently reinstate those canceled policies. now a lot of political analysts say there's a whole lot of fallout because of this botched rollout of obamacare. some democrats they sayen for re-election, cupper re-election -- up for re-election could take a hit at the polls and they say the president's legacy could be at risk. however during the long press conference with reporters yesterday when the president made this announcement. he said quote i am confident by the time we look back on this next year, people are going to say this is working out well. jessica, mike? back to you in the studio. >> thank you, delia goncalves live on capitol hill this
6:34 am
morning. the union representing the u.s. capitol police wants -- congress to look into the way the police department responded to the shooting at the washington navy yard. a tactical squad tried to respond but was told to stand down early on in the investigation. the internal review determined that officers could not reach the navy yard quickly because of traffic snarls. and they might better serve the capitol building itself in the case of possible threats there. police officers' union says internal review appears biased to protecting the department from scrutiny. time right now is 6:35 and i am watching your money. it seems more people prefer to work for a man over a woman. that's according to a new gallup survey. the survey asked more than 2,000 americans which gender they preferred working for. 35% say they prefer a male boss. less than a quarter said they would prefer a female boss. but it's not all bad news for women in leadership positions.
6:35 am
turns out that's the highest number ever recorded in favor of women bosses. since gallup started asking the question back in 1953. back then 5% preferred female bosses. next year's joint service open house otherwise known as the andrews air show it's been canceled. the decision was based oen a defense department plan to cut 45% from its outreach activities budget. the andrews air show costs approximately $2.1 million the last time it was held in 2012. that show drew a 200,000 person crowd. andrews says a decision on the future open houses will be made at a later date. sony's playstation 4 goes on sale today. it's going to cost you about $399. later this month, on the 22nd, microsoft's xbox 1 will hit shelves. it's about $500 and people are
6:36 am
very excited to get they are hand on these consoles. >> you will see the lines like everything else. going to be pretty empressive. 6:37. bad news good news sort of. hundreds are arrested in a worldwide child pornography sting. >> and singer chris brown is out of rehab but he is not close to being done with treatment. we'll explain. >> and don't forget we're always on and the wusa9 app. stay with us. we'll be right back. happy birthday!
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what are you tracking and what are you watching? >> i'm watching those most amazing pictures outside. these stunning high thin cirrus clouds which at the right time and right thickness with the right light boy it's beautiful out there. hbwx on twitter or facebook. i've been putting a bunch of these out there this morning. the light changes so quickly you grab one now and three -later it's a -- means later it's a -- minutes later it's a completely different scene out there. and reflecting off the potomac this morning which is fairly mono. yes, it's really going to be a nice morning out there. don't let this fool you. need a jacket though. it's going to be in the 20s and 30s it's cold in spite of beauty out there. nice though we're going to warm up pretty quickly. still 39 at 8:00 but by noon we're in the 50s already. the high thin clouds at times will be letting a lot of light through like this morning and
6:41 am
other times they'll be almost mostly cloudy. eventually thickening up to overcast this evening in advance of the showers that will be moving through tonight but the highs today upper 50s to near 60. from the west to the east with the clouds. a little bit thicker up in pennsylvania. but just thin enough and broken enough to give thus beautiful skies -- us the beautiful skies this morning. it's 23 manassas and martinsburg 22. so certainly a cold start. down south fredericksburg is 30 with mid 30s from la plata to joint based andrews. 27 in frederick. locally we're looking at 30 in upper marlboro right now. north beach is 34. out in centreville and fairfax, they're in the upper 20s the morning. so -- this morning. so likely a little scraping of the witness stand shields if you park -- windshields if you parked outside and i have to show this to you within more time here on the -- one more time here on the michael & son weather cam. temperature at reagan national 36 degrees officially this is considered mostly cloudy. and the dew point at 28. slowly inching up and as our
6:42 am
winds go more southerly today, they'll inch up even more. the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. i'm showing you the national temps to point out that there's nothing really horribly arctic or frigid on the map. that's a good sign. in a pretty good place for the weekend. there's some gathering of showers out here as you log down to the mississippi river. memphis sighing the reap about to move -- seeing the rain about to move in. the showers will get here but not until tonight. so if you have friday night plans like high school football games, you know there's some playoff games, you should be dry in most areas and even west of town. i mean i-81 west and south down the shenandoah valley. areas to jmu perhaps are going to run into a couple of showers late. here's the futurecast, quiet this morning except for the high thin clouds coming across the region through midday. thicken up in the afternoon. there are the showers and watch them between 4:30 and i'm going to advance the clock now to 9:00. you see some of the showers are getting in toward northern
6:43 am
virginia especially blue ridge west. i-81 and maybe even sneaking up to green castle and carlisle near and over to breezewood and hancock. then through the overnight some showers with us here. heavier showers though look -- northern neck. potentially maybe clipping southern maryland. and the delmarva. by tomorrow morning a few showers and better chance of that is going to be south and east of us. by midday still some clouds and look at the breaks to the west. i think some breaks in the afternoon but partly to mostly cloudy day. we'll see temperatures holding in the 50s tomorrow because of more of the easterly wind. but on sunday winds turn more southerly so couple of showers possible saturday night. and sunday we're going to see temperatures going into the 60s and then a strong cold front gets here sunday night, monday really monday with more showers and possibly some thunder. so monday may be a yellow alert day. 59 today. increasing clouds. you're going to be down towards culpeper and fredericksburg, you know 61, 62. tonight we're into the middle 40s in town. low 40s north and west with some showers. tomorrow an early shower and may see a couple of showers
6:44 am
lidger south and east of d.c.. by sunday mid 60s with some late showers. and then as we head toward next week, monika samtani wants to come in for some reason. >> i want to help you out. >> my jacket's been like that the whole time? >> i was trying to tell you. you can finish now. i tried and i didn't want -- >> you don't have to wait next time all right? monday 67. well i'm not completely embarrassed just yet. 67 with some showers possible thunder in the morning. and then turning colder later monday into tuesday. monika samtani come in now. thank you for -- fixing my jacket. >> i'm trying to -- >> about three minutes too late. >> not laugh too much. georgia avenue between ingram and kennedy, northwest, there's police activity and georgia avenue is blocked there. follow police direction. no laughing matter at all on the inner loop of the beltway. it's very heavy from college park right over through to the 95 interchange from at least new hampshire avenue. i should say. where there was a multivehicle accident. everything was moved to the
6:45 am
shoulder and we'll take a live look and see if we can check out that delay. and again it's the inner loop that's mostly affected from at least new hampshire avenue into college park with the lanes now open. back over to the maps, this time and this time we're going to head over to 270 where it's pretty normal. 31 miles an hour 109 to 121 before it picks up into rockville. in problems on route 355 right now or river road and we're going to end with a live look on the west side of town at the american legion bridge. and all of your corridors coming in from the west to the beltway are fine as well. and no issues once you get there between bethesda and tysons corner. mike back to you. thank you monika. we've had temperatures right near the freezing mark a few times already this year. and normally this time of year you're being told to cover your plants put something over them. the chill in the air though is actually perfect to plant some other plants. perennials and quite a few others. we're joined this morning by jr peter and the stone and design in fairfax. and thanks for coming first of all and foremost. >> you're welcome. >> second of all for a novice, you know, we have a home we try
6:46 am
to plant things but i'm not always very successful. there are some things that you can actually plant this time of year. >> absolutely the ground is still warm. we haven't had that sustained period of cold weather yet. you know that week of 30-degree weather. >> so the ground starts getting really hard then? >> typically a rule of thumb is up until thanksgiving we'll plant and the last couple of years we've been able to plant a couple of weeks into december. >> this is the most -- eye catching thing that you have here. the little berries are something but that's not the way the plant originally looks when it's in full season right? >> no it has leaves you know during the year. >> what's it called? >> this is called a went berry holly -- winter berry holly. it drops etc. leaves and forms the berries that last all winter. >> you actually have some color and a little bit of depth to it. >> exactly. used with amex of other plantings, this is great and gives you color during the winter when you don't have a lot of color. >> you can see this actually -- in went mode but some of the --
6:47 am
winter mode but some of the leafy things you can plant them too? >> they're just different shades of color, it gives nice red color all year-round so you don't have to always have flowers and they last pretty late into the fall actually. before they -- you know they die out. >> now as we were talking, while we were talking here. this is always fun. you put bulbs in right and one of the concerns is when you put bulbs in deer eat them. what are you supposed to do? let's grab one of those, we all have about 30 seconds left. >> these are daffodils, deer typically don't like these. just dig the hole real quick about five to six inches deep. put the bulb in. add a little organics. and cover it back up. >> well, if you'd like to find out more about what you can plant in the wintertime or they even do stone walls. you can call or find coleo stone and design it's in
6:48 am
fairfax. thank you for joining us this morning. we'll be right back after this. >> thank you. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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it's been a great build up to the sunrise which is rap happening root now with the -- happening right now with the high thin clouds on the horizon. beautiful sky this morning. the clouds around today. at times a milky sky if not overcast sky. comfortable though. the upper 50s to around 60. jessica? thank you howard. right now at 6:52 in the news, canadian police say they busted a worldwide child porn ring and arrested 386 children. the operation dubbed project spade led to the arrests of hundreds including 76 people in
6:52 am
america. the suspects include school employees, attorneys, police officers, and registered sex offenders. toronto police say the ring leader told people how to create the videos featuring children ranging in age from 5 to 12. well, if you're chris brown fan you'll be happy to know he's out of rehab. he is expected to continue outpatient treatment for hanger issues at a clinic in los angeles. he voluntarily checked himself in after he was arrested here in d.c. last month. he was charged with misdemeanor assault for a fight outside the d.c. hotel. he remains on probation for a 2009 assault on his then- girlfriend rihanna. miami dolphin lineman richie incognito has filed a non-injury grievance against his team. he wants an expedited hearing on his suspension from the team so he can return to the playing field. he -- incognito was suspended for allegedly bullying teammate jonathan martin. martin eventually left the team, incognito is losing more than $235,000 for each game he is suspended.
6:53 am
it is 6:54. time to answer the question of the morning. to refresh your memory -- >> or d. anything. for our facebook friend joseph wrote doesn't trust me with the bills but i say most guys probably can't iron like i can. so i say c.. iron. >> turns out the answer is a., pay the bills. we'll be right back. ♪
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:56. high clouds around and they'll thicken up later today and upper 50s to near 60. some showers tonight early saturday. 57. a couple of more showers possible saturday night and later sunday. but temperatures a warm through monday. on the notch beltway at the -- inner loop of the beltway at the 95 interchange at college park but guess what? it's solid from university boulevard. >> oh man. >> happy friday. >> well, "cbs this morning" is next, they're going to preview
6:57 am
the show time sports documentary against the tide. >> it chronicles the historic 1970 college football game with alabama then all white team against usc which was integrated the trojans at the time and alabama lost 42-21. and then coach bear bryant decided you know what? we need to recruit some black players. >> good on him. howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> if you get your news, weather and traffic beautiful sun shots at >> have a great weekend everybody. see you and howard back here at noon. take care. ♪ >> we say thank you to all service members for their service in the military. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck. thanks for waking up with us. >> nothing like bombs flying to make you fall in love. the little sparks in the sky right? >> quite romantic. >> the newest member of the wusa9 family. just turn your head to the side. that's jackson conner phillips. >> does pg-13 mean anything to you? >> not really.
6:58 am
>> time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> bless you jessica doyle. [ laughter ] >> get the hook, that was brutal. >> i shouldn't say it but i'm deaf and i couldn't hear a thing. >> there's an old saying that goes some people are singers and some people are listeners. ♪ [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] good morning.
6:59 am
it is friday, november 15th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning" president obama concedes he fumbled the rollout of the health care law and they're skeptical of his solution. are they letting their guard down with iran. we'll ask ambassador samantha power. >> mitt romney and his wife anne return to studio 57. but we begin today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> i'm not a perfect man and i will not be a perfect president. we fumbled the rollout on this health care law. you know, that's on me. >> the president offers an obama care fix. >> saying that millions of americans can keep their canceled coverage but only for a year. >> but th


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