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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 13, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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heading northbound at the bw parkway at route 450. let's take a look at our maps. i don't think it caused too much of a delay on the northbound side. here on route 50 you're in great shame through cheverly. no problems from annapolis to the northeast corridor. coming from the west, dulles toll road looks great from sterling. inbound 66 from gainesville you're going to hit the brakes closer to centreville, on and off as you head inbound. you can see a little bit of slow traffic through the fairfax area and then eight fine in toward vienna. let's take another live look, this time on the northbound side of i-95. it's filling up in woodbridge. a little more in springfield. no big delays yet on 395 to the 14th street bridge. more and more critics of the affordable care act, one you might not expect though. president clinton is now weighing in. >> the former president says president obama should keep his word and allow people to keep their health insurance policies if they like them. delia goncalves is live on capitol hill where lawmakers will spend part of this day
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holding hearings about the affordable care act and all the problems with its website. good morning, delia. >> good morning, andrea. that's right, congress trying to get to the bottom of this botched rollout and this flawed website. the man responsible for health care.governor will be in the hot seat today. 40-year-old todd park, he is the white house chief technology officer responsible for the website. they tried to delay his appearance before the house oversight committee but the white house did not have success. he will likely have to answer why security flaws were not addressed before the rollout. the administration trying to tamper enrollment expectations now with an initial goal of 800,000 pacts by the end of -- participants by the end of november. many estimate the first month figures barely scratch the surface at 50,000. now president bill clinton is even calling on president obama to keep his promise, that folks
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who like their insurance can keep their policy. an estimated five million americans are due to lose their policies january 1. >> i personally believe, even if it takes changing the law, the president should honor the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they've got. >> the. has asked his team with looking at a range of options as he says to make sure that nobody is put in a position where their plans have been canceled and they can't afford a better plan even though they'd like to have a better plan. >> i think we need to look at the political reality. we need to be open to destructive changes to make -- constructive changes to make the law look better. >> i'll have detail on what congress members are proposing to potentially make this law better. i'll see you again at 6:30. back to you in the studio. >> delia goncalves reporting live from capitol hill. a deadly wrong-way crash shut down the northbound lanes
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of i-270 overnight in gaithersburg near the i-370 overpass. troopers say the 25-year-old driver of a 2011 honda accord was driving south in the northbound lanes when she struck a mercedes suv. the honda driver died at the scene. the mercedes driver was taken to the hospital. we're waiting for an update on that woman's condition. alexandria police are searching for clues in a murder of a local official, a very prominent one. ronald kirby, a prominent attorney also worked for the metropolitan washington council of governments. kirby was the director of the department of transportation for the planning council. police say the 69-year-old was shot and killed inside his alexandria home on monday morning. investigators say they have no suspects at this point. police have arrested a man in the attempted rape of a smoothie king worker in rockville. police say yera basnueva went into a store on monday asking
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to use the bathroom. he came out with his pants down and pushed a female employee on to the counter. he tried to assault her but she fought back and he ran away. time for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is here with some leadership changes regarding -- she's here. she's around town. she's in the newsroom. >> good morning to everybody at home. we're starting with a very important job. the president has nominated the next head of the commodity futures trading commission. the regulator plays a crucial role in using new rules under the 2010 wall street reform law to try to prevent a repeat of the financial crisis. timothy masad is his name. a senior treasury department official who ran tarp for the last three years. he's replacing outgoing chairman gary gensler. if confirmed by the senate, he will be charged with reining in the uncontrolled trading of
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complex derivatives. this is a $630 trillion global market. the merger of u.s. airways and american airlines has been cleared for takeoff. it will create the world's largest airline but they must give up some landing slots at a few airports, including reagan national. the merger cap as series of deals that have already eliminated four big u.s. airlines and stoked fear about higher travel prices. and as those two carriers combine, some of its competitors are planning big changes of their own. after february 1, united and delta will charge frequent flyers more points for airline tickets. for example, on united a first class oneway ticket to europe will go for 110,000 miles. right now it's about 67,000. rivals american and southwest say they don't plan to make any changes to their program. that's a pretty big jump to go from 67,000 to 110,000 just for one way. >> that's a lot of miles.
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>> thank you. later today, hawaii is expected to become the latest state to officially recognize same-sex marriages. >> and the internet is all abuzz about pope benedict. >> francis. >> pope francis, thank you. wusa9 will be [ male announcer ] want to upgrade your entertainment?
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staying ahead in a constantly evolving world. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. 10 after 6:00 on this wednesday morning. it's cold outside but a beautiful looking sky right now. we've got a sky which is just indicative of the type of day we're going to have. nice and clear, lots of sunshine and a chilly one. temperatures will struggle to get to about 45 or so for the high this afternoon. only 43 for lunch time. some of the winds will gust over 20 so wind chills will generally be in the 30s. i'm coming back in the next five minutes with a warmer seven-day forecast. some good news there. let's go over to monika samtani.
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hopefully not too much in the negative news department. >> no. i think traffic is just building right now basically on the beltway as well. outer loop side as you travel into silver spring. here on the inner loop at route 210, looking good through oxon hill to the wilson bridge. there are no issues on 295 to the 11th street bridge or 395 to the 14th. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. 6:116789 here are some of the other stories happening now. philippine officials are working very hard to speed relief areas to the hardest hit areas by typhoon haiyan. more shipments of food, water and medical supplies can make it to people in need after two more airports opened. as many as 2500 people may have died in the storm but the numbers keep changing. 11 million people have been impacted. israel has authorized the building of more than 20,000 housing units in the west bank of east jerusalem. palestinian officials oppose
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the move. israeli officials say, however, the down-- are down playing the situation saying the decision is bureaucratic. good news for tourism in hawaii says the governor. he is expected to sign a bill legalizing same-sex marriage today. the state senate approved it yesterday. they believe hawaii will be a popular destination for same- sex couples soon. who's talking? they're all talking about this guy. pope francis, the most talked about person on the internet. the pontiff outranks obama care, edward snowden, even kate middleton in online chatter. that's according to the 14th annual survey from the global language monitor which tracks top talkers on the web. the pope's twitter account also scored high. his handle at pontiff x was the fourth most talked about word. >> interesting. we all hear about people getting married on cool newer her cal days. yesterday was -- numerical days. yesterday was 11/12/13.
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a missouri family, their son was born at exactly 9:10 a.m., so that means 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. >> there were people who did military time so they were married on 11/12/13 at 14:15. >> and 16 seconds. >> that's right. >> howard is here with the blustery forecast. >> it's not going to be as bad as yesterday because at least the sun will be shining today. >> i'm glad you were on the terrace at noon yesterday. >> it was a lot colder at noon. yesterday at 5:00 in the morning we were still in the 50s. by 6:00 the cold air started coming in and by noon it wasn't fun to be outside. let's talk about the chill this morning. at least the sun is going to be out and winds while will be blustery won't be as strong as they were on tuesday. here's a look outside. beautiful looking sky this morning over washington. blue skies. we'll have plenty of sunshine today with temperatures by 1:00
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44. not getting much above that. then this evening we're down to 40 by 7:00. 38 by 9:00. closer to freezing if not 30 degrees by tomorrow morning in washington with some low 20s, even some upper teens not out of the question in the coldest suburbs. temperatures right now, 22 degrees colder in manassas than at this time yesterday. we're down to again here in d.c. and gaiptersburg. only down 8 in hagerstown as the colder air was already filtering into our north and west with readings this morning in the 20s and low 30s with 30 in hagerstown and leesburg this morning. it's 31 over joint base andrews in fredricksburg. mid-30s across the bay in cambridge and eastton. one more look outside on our michael & son weather camera. going to show you another pretty view ever the horizon this morning. just a couple of clouds. 33 officially at reagan national. feeling like 25 thanks to a northwesterly wind at 10 miles an hour and the dew point down to 17 degrees. that's a sign of how dry the air is, more so than the
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humidity. humidity is relative to the temperature. if you watch the dew point, that number is independent. when it's in the teens, the air is really dried out. so we have an enhanced fire threat for anybody that will do any burning. the cold is not just us. there are spots in north carolina that have snow on the ground. we're down to 29 in atlanta. asheville 23 this morning. they're wearing heavy coats in charleston at 35. there goes the front racing quickly to the east. behind it the north, northwesterly winds continue. the cold air is pouring in but not as strong on the lake effect machine this morning as it was let's say yesterday. we're seeing that. as you look at the futurecast, cold northerly winds. just a couple of lake snow showers here and there. nothing too major here at lunch time. we'll still be breezy this afternoon but tonight high pressure builds in. we're going to see the winds go light. that will allow for radiational cooling. that's why we're talking 20s, upper teens to the cold spots to 30 or so downtown. tomorrow the winds turn more
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south and southwesterly. so the milder air starts to return. we'll be in the 50s on thursday. by friday a few more clouds, especially in the afternoon as we're going to make a run toward 60. with the southwesterly flow, we're going to bring that threat for a shower toward the region also as we head into the weekend. 45 today, cold, breezy. tonight 32 with low 20s in the suburbs and lighter winds. winds today by the way could gust again 20, 25. thursday a milder day, 56. not as cold tomorrow night but still 20s in the burbs, mid-30s in town. 60's on friday. a few more clouds in the afternoon. the weekend, while it will be mild, also the threat of a shoulder. early saturday and later suntsdz mid-60s -- sunday, mid- 60s sunday, monday. clearing tuesday in the 50s. here's monika with timesaver traffic. there were a couple of issues around town. one was a three-vehicle crash that happened on the northbound side of the bw parkway at route
6:16 am
450 in cheverly. it was moved to the shoulder pretty quickly but that's why you're seeing the tiny bit of slow traffic heading outbound out of the northeast corridor there. let's take a look on the west side of town on the inbound side of the dulles toll road. you're beginning to see a tiny bit of slow traffic as you come in from sterling and 66 as usual out of gainesville, centreville and a little more in fairfax. let's go outside live and show what you it looks like here on the west side of town on the beltway. this is great. no issues between 270 and tysons corner on 495. back to the maps. this time over to the other side of town. southbound 270 over here at route 80, it's 26 miles an hour. do you know the name for route 80? it's finger board road and i just tell what you it is. i did not make up that name. on the southbound side of i- 270, at least the lanes are open at finger board road. no irks there. this is northbound i-95 in spring field, always slow frup 644 to the beltway.
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395 is fine to the 14th street bridge. as you know, more and more drivers are surfing the web when they're behind the wheel. the state farm study found that one in four drivers are going online while they drive. in 2009, 13% of drivers admitted to surfing while driving and this year the number doubled to 24%. the number is even higher among younger drivers ages 18 to 29. according to the study, 49% of all drivers ages 18 to 29 admit to surfing the web behind the wheel and researchers say the increase can be directly attributed to more people of course buying smartphones. annual dray ya and mike, you -- andrea and mike, you want to bet what they're doing? probably on facebook. >> for sure. 6:18. question of the morning time now. according to a survey, what is more important for men when they buy new clothes? do they care about a, style, b,
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the designer, or c, price? >> facebook friend sue wrote a, style but for my husband it's all about comfort. >> more of your responses coming up in 30 minutes. we'll have the correct answer, ready?
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happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in!
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this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we've got a chilly start out there, 6:22. we're looking at sunshine. most areas today. maybe some early flurries in the mountains. as we go through the day, temperatures are going to be slow to rise. only the low 40s at noon. this afternoon all is quiet. look at that. not a cloud around. maybe one or two but on our modeling we're not seeing much of anything. highs today only the mid-40s. windchills holding in the 30s. good morning, everybody.
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i'm kristen berset. the washington wizards were coming off a heartbreaking overtime loss to oklahoma city, a game in which we saw bradley beale have a career night with 44 points. the wiz hoping he could stay hot last night and they could build off a positive from that game. wizards were in dallas where the mavericks are undefeated this season and they would stay that way. ellis had 19 and four other mavericks shot double digits as well. bradley beale with just 9 points. wizards drop another one on the road, this one by 10. washington capitals hosting the columbus blue jackets. we had some extra hockey last night. the fourth time in the last six games the caps have needed overtime. the game goes to alex ovechkin who tucked it in. college hoops. magic johnson in the house to see second ranked spartans take on top ranked kentucky. the wildcats trail by 13 in the second half but roar back within two with seconds left.
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michigan state just had more experience and it showed. the spartans hold on to win by four. closer to home 25th ranked virginia hosting 14th ranked bcu. the cavaliers led to most of the second half. with just six seconds left, a big three-pointer to lift bcu over virginia on the road, 59- 56 the final. the maryland terrapins are back in action tonight against abilene christian at home. that will do it for your morning sports. i'm kristen berset. have a great wednesday. 270 southbound slowing down basically right now 109 to 121 here at route 118 most of the way through gaithersburg before the pace picks up in rockville. no issues on the beltway north of town, just slow traffic now on the outer loop 95 into silver spring. more news, weather and traffic after the
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good morning. welcome back to wusa9 at 6:30. this is a live look at the capitol dome and the beautiful sky behind it. the sun is starting to rise. it's wednesday, november 13. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. thanks so much for joining us. monika has traffic momentarily. howard is on the weather terrace. if you have not found your gloves in the house yet, today is the day to make sure you do. >> not just the gloves but ear muffs. it's cold outside. barely in the 30s northwest. some of you are in the 20s this morning. looks like we'll be colder tomorrow but the difference
6:28 am
today the wind. not as strong as yesterday but still a breezy day expected with gusts 20, 25 miles an hour so windchills holding in the 30s. here's a look at the -- another look outside on our michael & son weather camera. a beautiful looking sky with just a few clouds on the horizon. we'll have a sunny day today. only 43 by noon with a northwest wind at 14. it will feel like the mid- to upper 30s. high today 45 and back to 43 by 5:00. sun is up at 6:49. setting at 4:56. winds generally west, northwesterly this morning. not too gusty although laurie 20 miles an hour. up to 18 in -- although laurel 20 miles an hour. up to 18 in winchester. culpeper and eastern are 36. it's only 28 in manassas and 29 for fredricksburg and tappahannock. 34 in reedville. still waiting for their first frost of the year on the bay. so far 33. we may have our first freeze of the year at reagan national. 45 this afternoon in
6:29 am
washington. hagerstown 41. 48 fredricksburg. good morning, monika samtani. take it away. good morning, howard. come inside. it's cold out there. outside right now, we're getting word of a situation at watkins regional park in kettering outside the beltway at 202 and 193. potentially several vehicles on fire in a parking lot but our sky 9 is headed out there as we speak to check it all out for us and we'll give that you information as soon as it comes in. the beltway itself, 202, 193, none of that is affected in case you're just heading out the door through that area. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like here on the beltway in oxon hill. no problems 219 to the wilson bridge. all of your lanes are open on the south side of town. let's go back to the maps and this time out to the northbound side of i-95. you've got the slow traffic trying to get into triangle. a little more right here in woodbridge across the occoquan river. one more time live outside on the northbound side of i-95. it's just slow in spring feementd but no big --
6:30 am
springfield but no big deals. >> thanks, monika. 6:31. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are working on good let's check in live with the lovely gayle king from new york. good morning, gayle. >> we are here, partners, at cbs this morning. hi, mike and annual dray ya. -- mike and andrea. a 29-year-old missouri man is free after spending nearly a decade behind bars for a crime he maintains he did not commit. we'll talk to ryan ferguson and aaron moriarty who reportedly played a major role in this release and we'll go along with a man on a desperate search to find his family after monster typhoon and you'll see their emotional reunion. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you, gayle. we'll be watching. today the house oversight committee plans to ask questions about security and technical issues surrounding
6:31 am
the troubled website for obamacare. >> todd park is the chief technical officer in charge of he is going to be answering lots of tough questions today. delia goncalves is live on capitol hill previewing that hearing and more on the latest high profile critic of this affordable care act. delia? >> reporter: that's right. the latest critic may surprise you. president bill clinton came out with a little suggestion for president obama in regards to possibly fixing the problems with and this affordable care act law. in regards to the hearing that's happening today here on capitol hill, the white house tried to actually delay the hearing until at least december saying their chief tech responsible for was simply too busy fbiing the website to come here and testify but congress is not buying that. so 40-year-old todd park is heading to capitol hill today. he was subpoenaed and will
6:32 am
appear before the government oversight committee. technical failures have botched the health carrollout and the administration says the first month enrollment will be low. official numbers are expected this week but some estimate the figures are as low as 550,000. now -- as 50,000. now two congressional plans to possibly fix the bill. senate democrats are working on a bill to force insurance companies to reinstate the estimated five million canceled policies and house republicans, well, they're scheduled to vote friday on a measure allowing insurers to sell plans otherwise banned by the current law. supporters, even a big one, former president bill clinton think president obama now needs to keep his promise that people who like their insurance can keep it. >> president clinton in that interview also said and i quote, the big lesson is that we are better off with this law than without it. and he said, quote, the enrollment period did not come off well because the national
6:33 am
website wasn't ready but this happened once before. it happened when president bush budget in the medicare drug program for seniors which was not as complicated but had exactly same problem with the rollout. it was a disaster. >> this is a serious problem that the congressional democrats need to do something about. the obvious answer is repeal. >> reporter: regardless of the white house's reasons for the flawed rollout, president obama is taking a hit because of it. the latest quinnipiac poll shows 44% of americans find the president to be trustworthy and honest. mike, andrea, back to you. >> delia, thank you. with or without the controversy surrounding the affordable care act, americans are not happy with their elected officials. a gallop poll released yesterday shows only 9% approve of the job congress is doing. that's the lowest approval rating in the 39 years gallop has been asking the question. the previous low for
6:34 am
congressional approval according to gallop was 10% in 2012. the low rating is blamed on the constant gridlock, bipartisan bickering and the fact that congress simply is not getting anything done. the gap is dental floss thin in the virginia attorney general's race. provisional ballots from fairfax county were approved yesterday and when those votes were added to the statewide totals, the democrat mike herring now has just a 163-vote lead over republican mark obenshain. the amount of ballots cast is amazing so 163 is very tiny. officials had till midnight last night to make the decisions on whether or not to accept or reject the provisional ballots. the date for the state to certify the election will be november 25. after that the candidate who has lost by less than 1% can ask for a recount. the owner of busboys and poets restaurant chain is in the running to be d.c.'s next
6:35 am
mayor. as we reported yesterday morning the 58-year-old democrat made his announcement official yesterday. he is one of several candidates in the race including four d.c. council members. andy shallal has support the mayor vincent gray in previous races. 6:36. time for the final your money segment of the morning. >> jessica is here with a huge fine for starbucks. this is interesting, jess. >> sometimes relationships don't work out. it happens but in this case a bad relationship is going to cost starbucks $2.8 billion. an arbitrator has concluded that starbucks must pay to settle the dispute with kraft over coffee distributions. the two companies have been fighting for three years after starbucks fired kraft as its distributor to grocery stores. starbucks disagrees with the conclusion because says kraft simply didn't deliver on its responsibility to the brand. microsoft -- [ inaudible ] the software giant will no longer require managers to
6:36 am
grade employees against one another and then rank them on a scale of one to five. those seen as underperformers could be encouraged to leave the company. some have criticize the system for creating unhealthy competition. microsoft is the latest to eliminate the so-called forced rankings that were modeled after general electric under former chief executive jack walsh. and we told you earlier this year wal-mart will open early this thanksgiving at 6:00 p.m. with megadeals for the holidays. to given you a flavor, here are a couple that -- to give you a flair, here are a couple that will be available when the doors open. an hdtv for 98 bucks. the apple ipad mini wi-fi 16 gig model regular price of 299 but you're also going to get a $100 wal-mart gift card. for the gamers call of duty goes for $39.96 which is $20 off. this year wal-mart is also upping its supplies. the thought of course is it will be less likely to run out of stock on hot items.
6:37 am
tvs are always a big seller for wal-mart for these door busters. >> i wonder if they'll continue to be that too because so many people now have their tvs. could you have as many as you want? >> and they have their laptops and iphones. all of that takes the bloom off the rose. the american health association issuing some new guide lines for those of you who suffer from high chest recall. >> gw -- cholesterol. >> "gq" announces the cover of the men of the year issue. >> dc jobs trying to get you hired. this is the shot from sky 9, eight vehicles. you can see the charring afternoon nine vehicles were on fire. >> police are trying to investigate it. if you look closely, a lot of those are vans.
6:38 am
we're trying to get more information on it. we'll bring it you to
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very pretty wednesday morning. it's chilly out there. look at the sky. boy, it's going to be a beautiful day today. sunshine. upper 30s by 9:00. 44 at 1:00 on our way to 45, maybe 46. that's it. with the winds we'll have a tough time getting wind chills out of the 30s. back to 43 by 5:00 and winds much lighter tonight. temperatures this morning up across the region mid-20s to mid-30s by the coastal areas, although atlantic city down to 26. they're down to 29 in new york. 26 providence so a cold start across much of the area. locally we have freezing in annapolis. still holding just above freezing at reagan national. it's 28 fairfax and dulles. rockville 29. so is dumfries and 30 warrenton. outside on our michael & son weather camera, pretty skies. reagan national right down there at the potomac looking to the east, southeast this morning. 33 officially with a windchill of 25 thanks to a northwest wind at 10 and the humidity
6:43 am
52%. the air has dried out. as far as the windchill today, forecast windchills as we go throughout the morning toward lunch time. windchills will hold in the 30s midday. some of you, especially south of town, could see some of the wind chills actually get into the low 40s. we may not make it this afternoon with our 3:00 forecast. windchill of 39 feeling more like 32 mid afternoon in hagerstown and then this evening, yes, windchills back in the 30s. as far as the day, sunshine, high pressure to the west. so stiff northerly wind. lots of showers to the east. we'll stay with this quiet weather pattern the next couple of days. tonight with high pressure building in, the winds are going to die down so we're talking 20s give or take a couple in the outer suburbs. tomorrow's winds turn more south, southwesterly so we begin a warm-up. temps in the 50s on thursday and by friday although we'll have a few more clouds in the afternoon, we're looking at temperatures getting into the 60-degree range. so 45 today. then tonight we're back in the
6:44 am
low 20s to low 30s. a few may even see the upper teens. forecast today 45, cold and breezy. 32 tonight with lighter winds. tomorrow winds turn southerly 5 to 10, 56. we're up to 60 on friday with a few more clouds in the afternoon. by the weekend, well, we're going to be in the 60s. looks like an early shower possible saturday, a late shower possible sunday. sunday 66 and a better chance of showers on monday 68 before more cool weather tuesday, back in the upper 50s. we'll go back to monika now. she has timesaver traffic. good morning, monika. kind of a weird situation here and developing. here in watkins regional park, this is just outside the beltway near route 202 and 193. a live picture from our sky 9. the charred remains of multiple vehicles. some of them look like commuter advance. again all of them were on fire. it's all about put out but now the investigation begins here in watkins regional park. in fact, let's take a look at our maps and i'll show you
6:45 am
where it is. it's not affecting traffic but it's something you probably want to know about. around that area the roads remain open at watkins regional park outside the beltway. on the beltway itself you're in good shape heading past an dues air force base and down -- andrews air force base and down into oxon hill. now a crash on the northbound side of 395 before seminary road. a live look from our trafficland camera. you'll just be able to see the two left lanes blocked here. guess where delays begin? let's take a look at our next camera shot. in springfield. solid backup barely moving across the beltway all the way to the crash scene before seminary road. you've got to the stay to the right to get around it. it's been 14 years since the film "the best man" debuted in theaters. now the college friends played by the original cast are reunited for the holidays. joining us this morning is the writing and director malcolm d. lee and monika calhoun who played mia in fact in the original. reviews coming out say this,
6:46 am
the original cast, is just wonderful, that it's a great movie, and malcolm, monika, thank you very much. we had a director's peek showing us what happens when you deal with a large ensemble cast. monika was always the good girl. >> always. >> teacher's pet. >> very true character in the film as well. >> this was 1999. were you thinking sequel back then or step away and decided 2011. >> yes, 2011 that's the year. no. here's the thing. "the best man" was my first movie and i said -- there was talk of a sequel then and i just didn't want to do that. i wanted to explore the story. i wanted to grow as a director and grow as a story teller. i said if i ever was going to revisit these characters it would be ten years later once they had a chance to live some life and gain experience. the same thing with me, that i would have a different story to tell. around 1011, i called up everybody and i said i have an
6:47 am
idea for the movie. let's get together in the same room. if we like it, i'll pursue it. if we don't, at least we caught up. fortunately they all decided to do the movie with me. >> do you have any misgivings. now the characters are 15 years older and gone through different experiences. did you keep up with most of the cast over that time? >> life, you know, took a different -- went a different direction. i have a beautiful 13-year-old and continued working. i've seen some of my cast participates often on in different areas but the opportunity to reunite under this circumstance, it was absolutely wonderful and it was kind of like a family reunion more so than just a cast reunion. does that make sense? >> how is your character different? you personally have a 13-year- old. in the movie you're married and
6:48 am
your life seems just perfect. >> mia's life is extremely perfect, unflawed. well, she's got a few flaws. >> a few. she's got four children now, living in a very big mansion, a very good life together. there's some things there that are amiss in her life and in lance's life right now. >> every holiday movie that comes out, it's always what goes wrong during the holidays. it's never that perfect charles dickens kind of ending. >> when you get all these characters back together, you know, and there were still length gearing tensions from the first movie, they're still there. between harper and lance and robert and jordan and shelby and candice. so that makes for great comedy and a lot of great drama and conflict. >> do we need to see "the best man" because you talked about the tensions between harper and lance and it was over monika or mia what they did.
6:49 am
>> that's right. the good girl gone bad. >> i need to see that movie before this one? >> it's not necessary. >> it's on tv all the time. >> that's the mark after timeless classic. that's what i want to do the first time out. i am glad fans like the movie like they do. the movie stands on its own. i think the fans of the first movie will enjoy this more by seeing the other one but those who haven't can still enjoy this film. >> one reviewer said it's not just -- even though there's a large ensemble black cast, it's not just for black audiences and that's the joyousness of the best man holiday. >> it's the truth. i always made universal movies. you put any face on this movie, and anyone can understand and relate to this film. >> malcolm, monika, thank you very much for being here. great success on the movies. the reviewers are loving it. i know the fans will love it. it opens friday. we'll be right back.
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in the the news right now, the american heart association has released new guidelines for the popular cholesterol fighting drug staten. they're a class of drugs designed to lower cholesterol. the guidelines mean twice as many americans could soon find themselves on this drug. "gq" releasing the 18th annual men of the year issue. robert lamar and matthew mcconaughey all going to be featured. it is time to answer the question of the morning. it was according to a survey, what is more important to men when buying new clothes? is it a, style, b, designer or c price? >> our facebook friend steve wrote whatever his significant other says. >> as long as they got the suit and tie, the answer yñ w
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nine vehicles on fire at watkins regional park in kettering. an investigation is ongoing. who did it? >> the maryland capital park police say a stolen vehicle was dumped there and set on fire about 5:00 this morning and that fire spread to the other vehicles which are for park employees. they believe the fire was deliberately set. a cold day today. breezy, not as windy as yesterday. still chilly, 45. 50s tomorrow and friday. 60s this weekend with a slight chance of showers moving in by then. there's a crash on the northbound side of 395 right here before seminary roadblocking off two lanes. it is solid right now from springfield on 95. >> cbs this morning is next. >> and howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and wept are. >> you know you can always get
6:58 am
your news, weather and traffic a whole lot more 24/7 don't forget, wusa9's facebook page. >> and on cbs this morning, they have a story they've been working on eight years on 48 hours. aaron moriarty helped set a free man -- a man free. you don't want to miss n. we'll see you at noon and tomorrow morning at 4:25. take care, everybody.
6:59 am
good morning. it is wednesday, november 134th 20 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." his conviction is tossed out. he and his dad for his first sit-down interview since being freed. >> typhoon survivors barely holding on, but some joy in the disaster. you'll see a family's reunion. plus, cardinal timothy dolan. but we begin thoday's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> what's the first thing you wanted to eat when you got out of prison? >> i don't know. kind of want dairy queen. >> ryan ferguson tastes freedom


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