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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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happened yet? >> reporter: well, we've got elections workers inside all day going over these numbers. apparently it boils down to human error where someone failed to transfer and record a whole tape of votes from one machine. >> we got to get to the bottom of this and resolve it because an election hangs in the balance. >> reporter: an emergency meeting was called after serious questions arose about absentee ballot totals that didn't make sense. >> plus 29. >> reporter: the discrepancies were first noticed by a staff member at congressman gerry connolly's office. >> we think there could be as many as 3,000 ballots that are not accounted for in the eighth congressional district. >> reporter: 3,000 ballots could swing the outcome of the close attorney general's race which has republican mark obenshain leading over democrat
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mark herring by 700 votes. >> basically human error which is what happens sometimes, but there's potentially a few thousand votes at stake. so it could impact the election because the election is so close. >> reporter: here's what connolly's staffer noticed. he knew when people go to the trouble of asking for an absentee ballot, they almost always fill it out and send it in. the return rate is usually close to 90%, but in the 8th congressional district only 50% of the absentee ballots were counted. >> it appears that there was a tape from a machine that was not counted and included in the results that night. we are trying to make sure that's the only tape and that that tape doesn't reflect any double counting. >> this year because of the close race between the attorney general candidates we're double checking everything. so we're trying to get it right. i think ultimately i'm very confident that we will get it right. >> reporter: to make sure they get it right they'll be back saturday and sunday. they hope to finish up by sunday and have their totals to send to the state board of
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elections. the deadline from the counties is tuesday. peggy fox reporting live, back to you. right now montgomery county prosecutors fear a popular voice coach may still be giving lessons despite being found guilty yesterday of molesting an 8th grade student. scott broom has the disturbing details of this case from gaithersburg. >> reporter: dr. timothy ballard is a well known private voice coach who has worked out of townhomes in gaithersburg. he was convicted yesterday of felony child sex abuse, but he remains out on bail before his sentencing with no restrictions on continuing to teach kids. >> this is a music teacher in this community who would not stop teaching. >> reporter: there was a hung jury the first time around. the prosecutor is jessica hall. >> he befriended this child. they had a close relationship.
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he's befriended other students in the 12 to 14-year-old man despite the fact he's a 35-year- old man. >> reporter: here's ballard on youtube at a summer recital for students of his ballard vocal studio, a private coaching business run over the years from two separate townhomes in gaithersburg. >> i've seen students come in and go. >> reporter: prosecution photos show where twice in 2008 ballard molested a 13-year-old boy. ballard's website and phones are still active. >> leave your name, telephone number and a message. >> reporter: three loyal students testified in his unsuccessful defense. prosecutors now want to know if there have been other victims. >> if there are any members of the public that dealt with mr. ballard in the past as a student or parent of a student and they feel they've been victimized, they need to come forward of. >> reporter: ballard faces up to 25 years in prison, but he's free on bail and free to be in contact with his students other than the boy he's convicted of molesting. his sentencing is not until
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december 5th. in gaithersburg scott broom, wusa9. a deadly night on area streets has detectives investigating three homicides, happened in a matter of hours. we begin in district heights, maryland where police responded to a shooting before midnight on addison road south. detectives say the victim, 20- year-old curtis smith was walking alone when somebody approached him, pulled out a gun and shot him. that person is on the loose tonight. then before 3:30 this morning d.c. police were called out to the 5000 block of bass place southeast and they found another man out there on the ground, 27-year-old tyree miller who died at the hospital a short time later, again another killer still out there and then back to prince george's county at about 7:30 this morning a neighbor warming up his car discovered a man lying on the ground on bell brook court in temple hills. officers turned up. the victim was pronounced dead as well and detectives are still trying to figure out a
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motive for the hooter and who was behind it in that -- shooter and who was behind it in this case, too. an apology tonight from president obama to the millions of americans who lost their insurance as a result of the affordable care act. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. we've got to make hard to make sure they know we'll hear them. >> that was the president speaking to nbc news. he said his administration is looking at range of options to help people whose insurance has been canceled. the labor department says private employers added more than 200,000 positions last month. however, the unemployment rate rose a 10th of a percent.
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washington redskins are 3-6 after coughing up a 13-point lead in the 3rd quarter against the minnesota vikings, three straight incompletions from the 4-yard line in the closing seconds seal the victory for the vikings. washington had an identical record last year when they won seven straight to capture the nfc east title. before the game last night in minnesota protesters demonstrated against the redskins name. hundreds of people including native americans dressed up in traditional garb demanded the team change what they call a racist nickname. former minnesota governor jesse ventura and the mayor elect of minneapolis were among the demonstrators and now loudoun county is jumping into the debate. the county board of supervisors wants the redskins to keep its name while the d.c. council is
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pushing for a change. as surae chinn reports, neither group does anything but cause friction. >> reporter: the loudoun county board of supervisors unanimously vote to keep the redskins name. it comes a day after d.c. city council voted just the opposite. >> i'm pleased that the council will vote to rename the washington football team. >> why is it the d.c. city council's business? washington redskins do not play in washington. >> reporter: d.c. city council says the name is offensive to native americans and a name change is required if they want to play in washington again as there have been talks of building a multi-use stadium to replace the outdated rfk stadium. >> it's just time to change the name. i think the whole country is starting to get around it. >> i think people just got to get over themselves and a lot of us can get offended about this and about that. >> reporter: loudoun county board of supervisors say the
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team is headquartered in their county right here in ashburn and they play in maryland. they also say d.c. is not doing themselves any favors by calling for a name change if they're trying to lure the washington redskins back to the district. the votes on either side of the debate are essentially symbolic. it's up to the team's owner, dan snyder, to make a change and he vehemently opposes that decision. >> we need to take care of the businesses in our county. >> i don't think there should be a name change. >> i didn't even know the redskins was a racist name till this was brought to attention. >> they're not winning many games and neither city was going to change the name, so maybe it's time to change the name. >> reporter: besides the team's 3-6 record. >> don't get me started. >> reporter: loudoun county and dan snyder see a name change as a losing battle. in loudoun county surae chinn, wusa9. two new candidate have thrown their names into the d.c. mayor's race but incumbent
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mayor vincent gray not one of them. councilman vincent orange picked up a nominating petition today. so did busboy's owner andy shalall. tommy wells is also running. the democratic primary is april 1st. there's startling new figures out about tax refund fraud. the irs paid out $3.6 billion in fraudulent tax returns to identity thieves last year. the numbers are down from the more than $5 billion paid out the year before. those scammers typically use stolen names and social security numbers to file false electronic tax forms for refunds. >> plenty of stories about that. it is not fun at all. it is friday night. kids across the country are suiting up for those football games, but parents' decisions to allow them to play aren't always easy. our bruce leshan brings us the story at 5:30. >> if you happen to be headed to a football game tonight, i
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would bundle up. temps at the surface not bad, 50 downtown, mid-40s at gaithersburg and leesburg, but it's breezy and temps will fall like a stone tonight. we'll talk about that, have your weekend forecast and look ahead to a taste of winter next week. >> also ahead we're talking politics with cbs news political director john dickerson. >> plus our panda cub at the national zoo is getting bigger by the day. we'll update you on her progress coming up.
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we're continuing to follow breaking news out of montgomery county where a school service worker is accused of watching girls change their clothes inside a locker room. our debra alfarone is live with more details.
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>> reporter: montgomery county police say there is actually a staff office with a window with blinds that looks into the girls locker room in the school behind me and apparently that was the perfect place for a peeping tom. let's show you this picture because you'll see the man that montgomery county police arrested, 28-year-old josh andrew greenberg of gaithersburg. apparently police say it was surveillance video that helped id that building service worker who was peeping in on those middle school aged girls in the locker room on october 1st and then this week on november 6th. greenberg is charged with two counts of visual surveillance with prurient intent. we asked montgomery county police officer rebecca innocente to help us understand what that means. >> officers were called to the school yesterday when personnel first found out the female victims came forward and let them know. they immediately contacted police. we were able to speak with mr. greenberg at the school.
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he admitted to the two incidents and was later arrested at his home on an arrest warrant for those two incidents. >> reporter: cops say greenberg did admit to looking in on those two girls. he's basketball placed on administrative leave and arrested -- he's been placed on administrative leave and was arrested. the school did put out a letter to the parents. we'll have more on that at 6:00. airports across the country held a moment of silence today to honor the tsa officer killed last friday. gerardo hernandez was shot to death at los angeles international airport at 9:20 pacific time in the morning. today security checkpoint operations stopped at hundreds of airports in his honor. the 39-year-old father of two was the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty. from the affordable care act to this week's election, a lot going on in politics. joining us now with some insight is cbs news political
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director john dickerson. welcome. let's start with the affordable care act because the president touring the country selling his healthcare plan. a new report from politico claims today only five people in d.c. signed up for the insurance. what do you make of this? >> that's not good news. that's based on analysis by republicans in the senate in the finance committee that that few have signed up. this is the big problem both from a political and policy perspective. politically it's another sign that this website has been a disaster, but also as a policy matter the president needs to get the website going so that the entire experiment can work. there need to be young people signing up for these exchanges so that there doesn't become what they call the death spiral which is too many older people signing up and not enough younger americans. >> speaking of which a new gallup poll shows 20% of uninsured americans plan on signing up for the affordable care act. what happens if only 20% sign up?
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>> well, at first it could be okay. in other words, the system would work depending on the mix of those uninsured americans and that's the crucial question. if it's just older and sicker patients, that's a problem. you need the younger more healthy folks to sign up. so it's not the percentage so much, but then over time over the years the administration bra would have to keep bringing in new people -- administration would have to keep bringing in new people and decrease the number of people who don't have insurance. let's talk about the elections this past week. i know you're going to have chris christie on the show. what do you think his chances are on the republican side if he tries to make a run for the white house? >> the challenge for governor christie if he were to decide to run would be the republican primaries. in that the question is really
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is he conservative enough? in new jersey he cut taxes. he took on the unions. he's pro life, but what conservatives worry about are things like his support for gun control, that he didn't fight hard enough against same sex marriage and that he took medicaid money as part of the affordable care act. so there will be a lot of questions and poking and prodding of him in the primary process and then we'll also see whether his personality wears as well in the country as in new jersey. >> cbs political director john dickerson, great talking to you. have a good weekend. forget pandora and spotify, 63% of music lovers still rely on regular old radio when it comes to finding their new songs, but streaming is more popular. 68% of u.s. listeners say they have streamed music in the last year. that's up 40% from last year. our new panda is learning about the outside world. officials say that the mom mei xiang carried the cub out of
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its den for the first time this week into a larger exhibit area and the little cub is getting bigger now tipping the scales at 8.14 pounds. zookeepers predict it won't be too long before she takes her first steps, but before we get to see already in public they have to get her used to their voices and their presence and some noise. so it's going to take a little bit before we can actually go and see her with our own eyes. >> it's fascinating to watch that video, too. did you see that? she was giving her a hug. >> that was very cute. >> for big bears they're delicate flowers for a while, but they're cute. we like them. we love them. look at that. >> that's just precious. >> that is the cutest thing. >> not as cute as when the panda was being prodded. next weekend a little below average in terms of temps but a dry weekend. if you go to any games you over there, bundle up.
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let's start with a look back in time about two or three hours. you can see a lot of sunshine. a few clouds went through today especially in the early morning hours as we get back to the 11:00 hour, but for the most part a pretty nice day, a little blustery, yes. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam looking across wisconsin avenue northeast. it's 50, dew point's very low, relative humidity low as well 31%. winds are still at 14 miles an hour, but they'll die down tonight and with dry air and clear skies temps will fall quickly. 45 in bethesda already, 46 in reston, 45 in fairfax, upper 40s in college park and down in waldorf. except for downtown everybody else is in the mid- to upper 40s already. chilly for high school football. plan on the 40s, okay? bright but brisk tomorrow, perfectly nice day. in fact, breezy all weekend. southwest winds tomorrow, northwest winds on sunday and then sunday a tad milder, but we are kind of slicing hairs.
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for tonight clear skies, cold, winds diminish, lows 28 to 38 and the good news is winds become light, so there will be no wind chills, but when the winds die down, temps fall quickly. by morning mostly sunny, breezy, chilly, need a jacket, 30s and 40s and by afternoon a nice day, partly cloudy, breezy, pleasant, maybe a tad cool, high temperatures 55 to about 60. so we'll break it down. 30s to start, even downtown upper 30s early in the morning. by 9:00 it's 45. you should be out at the mall by 9:00 and join mr. bernstein for the heart walk at 10:00, 501 by 11:00, 53 with sunshine by -- 51 by 11:00, 53 with sunshine by 3:00. next three days, 57 tomorrow, 59 on sunday, ravens in town, watch that here on channel 9 and then 59 monday, a nice start to the week. however, the next seven days we've tamed the storm a bit
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down. the cold air is coming. that has not changed. maybe a snow shower or snow flurry on tuesday, low 40s, clouds wednesday, mountain snow showers no doubt, 48, then back in the 50s thursday and friday. so at one time it looked kind of promising, now not so much. >> just put on your coat and deal with it tomorrow. >> i think next week tuesday, wednesday will be byrne time coat for a while. >> you -- wintertime coat for a while. >> you ready for that? still ahead investigative reporter russ ptacek chase down health code violators in his restaurant alert. >> right after the break a use for bacon you have never thought of. we're back aft
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what's your healthy? woman: for our daughter, emily, it's going home. it's seeing her friends. [ dog barks ] it's just being a kid again. with aetna, we have the tools to find the right specialist, save money on our hospital bills, even call a nurse anytime. no matter what your healthy is, aetna can help you get there. what's your healthy?
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it's a battle of the tall buildings, the trade center in new york versus the willis tower which used to be the sears tower. technically one world trade center is more than 300 feet taller from the ground up, but the willis tower's observation deck is actually farther from the ground than the highest occupied floor of the trade center if that makes any sense to you.
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okay. i'm confused now. hold the lettuce and holded mayo. >> but rub on the bacon. if you just can't get enough of all things bacon, you might want to try the new power bacon stick deodorant. you're going to make a lot of friends, aren't you? comes from the same people who brought us bacon flavored season and bacon lip balm. >> some people say common sense is like deodorant. people who need it most don't use it. power bacon is designed for people who sweat like pigs. >> oh, boy. >> really? keep you from sweating like a pig. >> your new friends will be doggies following you around. >> power bacon comes from seattle based j and d foods. you can buy a stick online for 9.99. would you? i know you like to eat bacon, but would you want to smell like it? >> my dog probably would like that if i did. >> you wouldn't be able to get your dog off you. we have an amazing good samaritan story involving a
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maryland woman who lost a fortune. a bag with more than 13,000, a purse and other items washed up on daytona beach. fortunately it was discovered by a very honest tourist from tennessee. instead of finders keepers 44- year-old darlene curly contacted police right away. >> there are good people out there. we're happy about that. she's fortunate that somebody found it and returned it. >> i'm glad that she got her money back and her belongings and that she was safe. that was more our worry than anything that she was okay. >> so may south was the person who lost that big stash of cash. she's from harwood, maryland. curly said south called her and asked to meet her in person and thanked her. i think she should give her a reward of some kind. >> she just might do that. that's a great story. >> i think we should also find out how in the heck it ended up in the ocean and washed ashore. still ahead why a deal to
5:27 pm
get iran to knock off its nukes program is now in jeopardy. >> plus toronto's crack smoking mayor is in trouble for another damaging video. >> then right after the break local parents weigh the risks and rewards of letting presents...
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so delicious, they won't even know it's chicken. 50% less fat... 100% johnsonville taste. friday night lights, high school football tonight across the country and the latest news on the risks of concussions in
5:30 pm
football have left some parents wondering if they made the right decision to let their sons play. among them our bruce leshan out at walter johnson high school in bethesda. loves to see his son noah play, but it's got to be a little squeamish from time to time, right, bruce? >> reporter: absolutely, lesli, like a whole lot of parents. i think i'm relieved tonight is the last game and like just about everybody else i'm going to watch real closely hoping that no one gets hurt. >> it's a freight train hitting a volkswagen. >> reporter: the latest news that cowboys running back tony dorsett has been diagnosed with degenerative brain disease. >> i've been taking my daughters to practice to years and all of a sudden i forget how to get there. >> reporter: only gives parents more reason for concern. >> it's scary, especially when he gets hit hard. he's a running back. >> reporter: from peewee on up most young players are now taught to keep their heads up.
5:31 pm
>> guys, take a seat. >> reporter: many counties across our region now require baseline concussion testing for athletes. the test offers coaches and students a way to evaluate whether players are ready to return to practice after an injury. >> a slow return to play, they work out without the pads. then initially we'll get them into maybe half pads and then full pads and it's usually a five to seven day process. >> reporter: there is no evidence that helmets reduce the risk of concussion. >> just from a personal standpoint it's definitely something that hits home. you want to make sure these kids go on to be valuable parts of society down the way and you don't want to see them suffer long term for something like this. >> reporter: experts say second impact syndrome, repeated injuries before the first ones heal, multiplies the risks of permanent damage. athletes and their coaches can
5:32 pm
no longer play hurt when the hurt is a concussion. if i said to you noah, i'm too scared. you can't play anymore. what would you say to me? >> i'd have to just turn you down on that one. i've got one more game left. >> reporter: sometimes teens just do not listen to their dads, but even joe camarato, personal lawyer and president of the d.c. brain injury association, says parents do not need to pull their kids out of football. they just need to make themselves aware of the symptoms of concussions, things like headaches, sensitivity to light, overly fatigued kids, outbursts, those kinds of things. once they are completely free of those symptoms for about 24 hours, then they can slowly start to return to play over the course of about seven days. >> i'm still remembering little noah. i'm just struck by how big he is.
5:33 pm
he's a man child now. all right. be safe out there and hang in there, dad. >> so hard being a parent, right? cbs news admits it made a major mistake in a report on the deadly attack against the u.s. consulate in benghazi. at issue is a british contractor who said he was at the diplomatic outpost the night four americans including ambassador chris stevens were killed. the published reports indicate the contractors told investigators something completely different. correspondent lara logan appeared on cbs this morning and apologized for the error and there will be a correction on this sunday's 60 minutes. the u.s. is joining major world powers in skits land to try to help iron -- switzerland to try to help iron hammer out a deal on their nuclear program. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in geneva trying to broker a deal to end the nuclear standoff with iran.
5:34 pm
he says they're making progress, but there's still work to be done. >> we hope to try to narrow those differences, but i don't think anybody should mistake that there are some important gaps that have to be closed. >> reporter: kerry and other world leaders from france, before i dawn and germany want to limit eye -- britain and germany want to limit iran's nuclear ability with sanctions that are damaging iran's economy, but israel is worried about its security and says iran can't be trusted. >> i urge secretary kerry not to rush to sign, to wait to, reconsider, to get a good deal, that this is a bad deal, a very, very bad deal. >> reporter: kerry says he's willing to try anything to overcome differences, but iran also needs to step up. >> it seems to me that we have an obligation to the world before you use military force, you need to exhaust every possibility of diplomacy. >> reporter: the secretary
5:35 pm
says if iran doesn't meet its obligations, it could face even more sanctions. tina kraus, cbs news. >> the potential accord is a decade in the making. it comes after the recent election of a more moderate president in iran. the news just keeps getting worse for front toe's embattled mayor rob -- toronto's embattled mayor rob ford. after he admitted using crack some new video emerged showing him using threatening words kill and murder. it's not clear who was the object of his wrath. the release of this video has him apologizing again. >> [ bleep ]. >> i was very, very inebriated. it's extremely embarrassing. the whole world is going to see it. you know what? i don't have a problem with that, but it is extremely embarrassing. >> despite growing calls for his resignation mayor ford is
5:36 pm
refusing to step down from office. did jimmy kimmel's halloween candy prank go too far? >> and would you let a stranger sleep on your shoulder
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5:38 pm
5:39 pm
back on 9 most of us are a little protective about our personal space, but a commute other a new york subway did something nice for his fellow man. someone snapped this picture of one stranger allowing another to sleep on his shoulder and the picture has really become an internet sensation. the kind commuter told the reporter hey, this guy is exhausted and he let him sleep for about half an hour which not everybody would do, but it's good to actually see nice kind stuff. i know you're kind of like -- >> would you allow that? >> i don't know. it would depend. i think it would depend. part of me says i would, but i guess i don't know. >> really? it's really tough when you're on a plane and you have nowhere to go. >> you're stuck. >> that's happened to me before. for three years now talk show host jimmy kimmel has been asking parents to upload videos of them telling their kids that they ate all their candy. >> the results are hilarious, but there's a little back story
5:40 pm
here. >> last night we ate of bit of your halloween candy. >> no! >> no! i hate you! >> now you can't do that to your baby. >> would your daughter throw a temper tantrum or just cry? >> i don't think she'd throw a temper tantrum, but she'd be sad. >> my daughter would get mad and start yelling. at least one psychiatrist says pranking your kids never a good idea obviously. it is cruel and potentially damaging. >> leave the babies alone. then we have some outrage over some names of lipstick shades made by kat von d ee's lipstick line. the one that drew the problem
5:41 pm
from activists, celebutard, a slang term for a celebrity who isn't that smart. after complaints it was pulled off the market. >> people on twitter think it's a disparaging word. if you have someone who has a disability in your life, it's a very hurtful word. good for them for finally pulling it off the shelve
5:42 pm
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5:44 pm
in tonight's restaurant alert ever wonder where your favorite food truck buys all that fancy grub? well, our wusa9 camera spotted some d.c. food trucks loading up at a virginia kitchen that health inspectors suspended for rodent violations. >> you've heard the gross stuff investigative reporter russ ptacek finds on the floors. wait until you hear what he found on the wall. >> reporter: we start here in arlington, virginia at when from the outside looks like adorn, but when we were here, those -- a diner, but when we were here, those doors weren't even open. what was open, what looks like a large d.c. food truck operation. >> sir, please don't touch the camera. >> reporter: inspectors closed arlington's nell's carryout citing rodent droppings on the slicer. this man said they fixed all
5:45 pm
the violations, but to see we'd have to wait a bit. so we did. hey, guys, guys, you said we could take a look in about an hour. it's been an hour. that fine with you? >> we don't have no comment at this point and this is private property. >> reporter: they did not allow us inside. on macarthur boulevard northwest inspectors cited palisades pizza and clam bar with 24 violations including failing to minimize vermin and for not staffing a certified food manager. the man i spoke with was by phone. it doesn't seem like they've been cleared up because there's no certified food manager here right now. hello? i think he hung up on me. the l'enfant plaza metro on maryland avenue southwest inspectors closed starbucks citing 3 violations including a refrigerator and milk above the 41-degree maximum and no one
5:46 pm
certified in food safety. >> again, we're not allowed to answer questions. >> reporter: in foggy bottom on i street northwest inspectors closed lindy's bon appetit and red lion citing five violations including rat droppings in the kitchen. in silver spring on bonifant street inspectors closed roger miller restaurant citing 19 violations including roaches and roach excrement on the kitchen walls. >> no comment. >> reporter: the owner said he'd let me in but not my camera and while there we saw lots of dead roaches in traps set by exterminators, but the good news? no live bugs. on lost knife road in gaithersburg inspectors closed wok express citing an infestation observing five roaches running out of the dishwasher and when they let us look -- that's a roach right there. that's not dead.
5:47 pm
is that another roach there? >> yes of. >> reporter: the manager showed us pest control documents and said they are working on improvements. at mazza gallerie on wisconsin avenue northwest inspectors closed west wing cafe for no licenses. it was still ordered closed when we visited, but we couldn't find the required health hazard closure poster anywhere, a possible $500 violation, but d.c. health records don't indicate any action taken and didn't respond to our questions. there's no placard here either on the outside of mazza gallerie even though health inspectors require that imminent health hazard sign to stay there until it passes reinspection and they believe it's safe for you to eat there. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. >> all the restaurants passed reinspection and are back in business. if you would like to be the first to know which food establishments in our area are being cited, you can follow russ at o twitter at russ
5:48 pm
ptacek. we are keeping a close eye on that typhoon that's battling the philippines and how it stacks up to some of the worst storms we've seen in recent times. >> plus good news, gas prices down all over, in fact, three local stations with prices under three bucks a gallon. we'll show you where they are and a forklift runs over a propane tank and let's just say the results are explosive and it's all caught on tape. you'll see it at 6:00. let's get a check of our weather now because we're seeing some flakes, your favorite thing to talk about. >> we had a couple flakes in the forecast, not a storm anymore, but a nice weekend, a little below average with temps but plenty of sunshine. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. that is the institute of peace there to the left.
5:49 pm
temperatures, well, 50 downtown. tell you what. they're the only place reading 50. everybody else is in the 40s, relative humidity 31%, winds still northwest at 14 but will die down tonight and when they do so with clear skies and low humidity and calm wind temps will fall very quickly, already 43 in germantown, 44 in fairfax, bethesda, 47 in college park, 46 in waldorf. to the west it's 43 in warrenton. temps will fall quickly. chilly for high school football, temps in the 40s, winds die down, bright but brisk tomorrow, breezy all weekend, southwest winds tomorrow, northwest winds sunday and sunday just a little milder, a tad. we're kind of splitting hairs of tonight clear skies, cold, 28 to 38, winds become light which will do a couple things, allow the temperatures to fall a bit. it will take the wind chill out of the equation. tomorrow mostly sunny, breezy, chilly, 30s and 40s, by
5:50 pm
afternoon very nice, partly cloudy, breezy, pleasant, highs 55 to 60. we'll break it down. 30s to start, 45 by 9:00, want to see you on the mall with mr. bernstein for the heart walk, okay? walk is at 10:00. get there at 9:00, 45 degrees, 51 by 11:00, 53 with sunshine by 1:00. next three days 57 tomorrow and then a little warmer, seasonable sunday, 59 and 59 on monday, a few clouds monday night. next seven days here are the flakes jan was talking about, 42 on tuesday, maybe a snow shower, mountain snow showers no doubt, clouds wednesday, blustery, 48, a little taste of march and then back to almost average temperatures, mid-50s thursday and friday with sunshine. in this week's high school sport report a physics teacher uses basketball to teach students, but diane roberts reports that class got bumped up a notch when a famous
5:51 pm
hoopster hit the room. >> so remember how we were talking about newton's law? >> reporter: this is what david hovan's a.p. physics class normally looks like at st. johns high school. this is how it looks thursday. harlem globetrotter handles franklin popped in to support hovan's methods using basketball to teach physics. he learned about the teacher's lesson plan on youtube. >> when i saw that on the internet, it was so unique how he was using that message to teach kids and the harlem globetrotters, we speak to hundreds of schools all over the world trying to use a basketball to convey a positive message. >> the idea is if it's spinning around in one direction, it's very difficult to change the axis rotation. >> reporter: students couldn't get enough of his antics. it was especially fun for mr. h ovan who grew up a globetrotters fan. >> to recognize some of the
5:52 pm
things they do are because of physics, it's great for them to come in and provide a little more enthusiasm for science. >> i'm so glad did he get the recommendation because i know he loved the harlem globetrotters when he was a child and he's a good teacher. >> it's easier to get a visual representation of the problems and the creations that we're learning, so he makes it more engaging and makes the class more fun. >> reporter: and extra fun for a group of students used to a little levity in their lessons, diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> how can you not love class with a basketball star there. handles franklin and the globetrotters remember so impressed by david hovan's skills they invited him to join them. they'll be here in march for their 2014 world tour. amount 6:00 he may be the city's -- at 6:00 he may be the city's favorite son after the world series, but did david ortiz really make a run for
5:53 pm
mayor? >> one new traffic report is giving us some hope. >> where you live could play a role in your child's chances of getting seasonal allergies.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
in tonight's health alert fog can be miserable for the people suffering from hay fever in this country and where you live could play a role in your child's risk. >> reporter: 9-year-old spencer levin sees his
5:56 pm
allergist once a month to gets shots for his hey fever. >> sometimes i -- hay fever. >> iams i get swollen eyes. >> reporter: -- sometimes i get swollen eyes of. >> reporter: where children live would could increase their chances for allergies. >> living in the south and southeast correlated with high degrees of allergies felt to be related to high temperature, high pollen and mold. >> reporter: wetter regions with average humidity have lower numbers of allergic children. people usually suffer with hay fever in the spring and fall months, but some suffer year- round. dr. jonathan field suggests kids stay indoors during peak hours of pollen season like late morning. >> once you're in for the day we tell parents to have their children shower, bathe, get rid of all the pollen, change clothing and keep the windows closed. >> we spend a lot of time inside unfortunately but we do try to balance it. >> reporter: the shots were
5:57 pm
helping spencer, but he couldn't get one this time since he had a slight fever and sore throat. >> alaska, montana and vermont have the lowest population of children with seasonal allergies. this new study is being presented at the annual meeting for the american college of allergy, asthma and immunology. tonight a typhoon could prove to be the most powerful storm to ever hit land. >> and the end of that virginia attorney general's race could now be in sight. we'll get you started with a look at your world in 90 seconds. >> all of a sudden i forget how to get there. >> the latest news that cowboys hall of fame running back tony dorsett has been diagnosed with dejan ranch brain disease only gives parent -- degenerative brain disease only gives parents more concern. >> loudoun county board of supervisors unanimously vote to keep the redskins name.
5:58 pm
this comes a day after d.c. city council voted the opposite. >> it's time to change the name. >> a lot of us can get offended about this and about that. >> the partial government shutdown did not stop employers from hiring last month. >> the people doing business continue to do business. >> the economy added 204,000 jobs, better than analysts expected. >> stocks enter record breaking territory, the dow jones industrial average closing at an all time high. >> many young job seekers are still struggling. the unemployment rate for 18 to 29-year-olds known as millennials is nearly 16%. >> my son called me and told me they took his breakfast from him. >> her son, a 6th grader, eats off an account that was empty. >> i said i'm on my way. >> the breakfast only cost 30 cents, but the cafeteria server went ahead and threw his breakfast a we and sent him to class -- away and sent him to
5:59 pm
class. >> a facebook user selling gently used clothes had a spunoff where one mom wrote you cannot fix ugly. >> they can make fun of disabled and premature little girls. one of the strongest storms in recorded history swept ashore today and first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is in the weather center tracking this monstrosity tracking this monstrous typhoon highian -- monstrous typhoon haiyan. >> it's killed at least four people and forced hundreds out of their homes purchases the storm roared ashore from east to west forcing nearly 750,000 people to flee their homes. this man says i saw those big waves and i immediately told my neighbors to flee. we thought it was a tsunami.


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