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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  October 28, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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trey songz, a very close friend of chris brown. earlier this all started saturday night. the park on 14th street, chris brown was there as the host, the emcee of an event that was very uneventful according to the owner mark barnes. it went quite well. it was sometime after that chris brown back at the w hotel 15th and pennsylvania avenue got into this confrontation. now according to the victim, chris brown was taking a picture with a fan. the victim tried to get into the picture, at which time chris brown again according to the victim uttered some kind of gay slur and then punches him in the face. he says chris brown's bodyguard also punched him. the victim said he was treated at the hospital. chris brown and his bodyguard were arrested. they've been here at central cell block separated from the rest of the population since early sunday morning. again that arraignment expected to take place at any time now
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here at d.c. superior court. you know the back story here. chris brown came to washington. he's still on probation as a result of that assault against his girl friend at the time back in 2009, rihanna. had this not been dropped to a misdemeanor we might not be seeing chris brown walk out of superior court at some point in time. that's about all we have for now. around back is where a lot of people are gathered waiting for the convoy of black vehicles assembled and a police escort to take chris brown out of here either back to the hotel or perhaps to a tour bus and certainly out of washington. back to you guys. >> story has developed, thank you. former redskins great dexter manly in the news today for something he said on wtop radio this morning when he was asked about troy aikman who is a commentator colorman for yesterday's redskins game. he used a gay slur to describe the former quarterback.
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darrell green told me why he's now apologizing. >> i have those brain surgeries, sometimes went over my head. i didn't really know what i said until i left the set. i talked to my wife lydia and she kind of told me what i said. i think it was kind of ignorant for me not to apologize. >> we need to note both dexter and darrell both contributors on our game on sports program. today prince george's county police announced the arrest of three suspects in the murder of a man trying to protect a pregnant colleague. >> reporter: i'm scott broom at the clarion hotel in oxon hill, maryland. the three suspects arrested for a murder that occurred here last week may also be suspects in armed robberies throughout the region. seen on tape, a suspect police now say is 20-year-old deandre weems leaping the hotel front desk and holding a gun on the terrorized clerk. on his way out food and beverage manager jesse chavez tried to stop the robber and was shot and killed. >> the murder weapon has been recovered. the torched get away car has
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been recovered. >> reporter: today prince george's county police announced arrests. weems, the alleged trigger man, 18-year-old rinaldo washington accused of being a lookout and 23-year-old kimfrey williams accused as the get-away driver all from southeast washington. >> williams is driving the vehicle. washington and weems are in it. >> it was a brave tipster who broke this case wide open. >> reporter: julie parker speaks for prince george's county police. >> we believe this trio is responsible for other armed robberies in prince george's county and in washington d.c. >> reporter: scott broom, wusa9. this has been a pivotal day in the sean taylor murder trial. prosecutors rested their case against rivera and then the defense began to present its case. rivera is accused of shooting sean taylor in a botched home robbery. we've all had those moments when a neighbor's barking dog
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with interrupt an afternoon outside, but in phoenix barking dogs apparently pushed one neighbor over the edge. police say 56-year-old michael guzzo shot himself after killing his neighbors, their son, a fourth family member and their two dogs. other neighbors say they do believe the confrontation began over the dogs and their barking. just a week left in campaign 2013 in the state of virginia and a few hundred supporters came out today to see tea party favorite senator rand paul as he was stumping for ken cuccinelli this afternoon. as peggy fox tells us, the campaign is pushing its base to come out in force next tuesday. >> i had to stop to go to bingo because i heard nanny bloomberg wanted to buy a governor seat down here. after figured after he got my bingo he was coming for my gun.
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>> reporter: senator rand paul started with a slam to mcauliffe's ties to new york. the packed crowd ate it up. >> he'll be defending virginia against an overzealous government, i g you the next governor of virginia -- i give you the next governor of virginia. >> reporter: this is cuccinelli's former home base where supporters first sent him to the state senate and then the attorney general's office. while some in the nearly all white crowd had nra signs and anti-abortion stickers many just slipped out from work to show their support. >> we are not tea party people. we simply don't want our state to fall into the same fiscal mess that we see maryland where you basically have to turn the state over to the gambling industry. >> reporter: ken cuccinelli has seized on the failures of the affordable care act and it has given him a significant new line of attack against terry mcauliffe. >> i'm for less government and he's for more government.
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and we've seen more people get knocked off their insurance since october 1st than have gotten insurance since october 1st. why would we expand failure? >> reporter: while his opponent mcauliffe is leading in the polls cuccinelli supporters are hoping the 10% who say they'll vote libertarian will instead choose republican. in fairfax peggy fox, wusa9. >> democratic candidate terry mcauliffe scheduled to campaign with bill clinton about 30 minutes from now. the pair appeared in herndon this morning. >> when people sneeringly say awe of you is a dealmaker -- say mcauliffe is a dealmaker, i say only if we would have had one of them in washington when we had the shutdown. >> the election is next tuesday. minimum wage is an issue that's once again front and center with the d.c. council.
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this week the council is expected to review at least four different proposals. the least generous would raise minimum wage to 10.55 an hour. the most generous plan would push the minimum to 12.50, higher than any place in the country. the d.c.'s current minimum wage is 8.25. the farm bill and immigration on the agenda as congress heads back to work this week, but there are new deadlines looming for the budget and debt ceiling and those were both pushed back to early next year as part of the deal that ended the government shutdown earlier this month. congress is up in our second round of frustration madness on and facing off against local political corruption. you might have noted we've had a bit of it in the last couple years. log on to tellwusa9. share your comments. another weekend brings more glitches for folks hoping to learn more about their options under the affordable care act. >> i'm meterologist erica grow on the weather terrace. it was a pleasant day, but we
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have warmer temperatures in the forecast. unfortunately it comes with a price. i'll tell you about it coming up in the first alert seven- day. >> plus a quick cut-through getting a makeover, what you need to know gun without a background check.. ithe dangerously mentally ill. criminals. endangering our families. ken cuccinelli opposed closing the gun show loophole - against comprehensive background checks at gun shows for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. siding with the
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nra and undermining law enforcement. no wonder the washington post calls cuccinelli polarizing, provocative and partisan. cuccinelli. too extreme for virginia independence usa pac sponsored this ad. back on wusa9 with a travel alert. you can expect calmia road to be closed tomorrow near rock
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creek in northwest d.c. crews will be doing more construction work to replace a damaged culvert. another heads up, this involving the cno canal in d.c. the national park service is temporarily closing the small bridge that leads to fletcher's boathouse by the canal. an inspection turned up corrosion on several steel beams. the bridge will be closed three weeks while temporary repairs are made. two big losses in the entertainment world over the weekend, marsha wallace's career, best remembered for her voice of bart simpson's teacher, 70 years old. she passed away. lou reed lost his battle with liver problems yesterday, 71 years old, had a transplant in april. rolling stone called his debut as a part of the velvet
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underground one of the most influential albums ever. ♪ do what you got to do you do what you can ♪ do what
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." "i'm very troubled by ken cuccinelli." "he tried to change virginia's divorce laws" "to prevent women from getting out of a bad marriage." "ken cuccinelli denies climate change exists" "and he used taxpayer dollars to investigate a uva professor doing research." "and cuccinelli tried to ban common forms of birth control." "even the pill." "even the pill." "ken cuccinelli is just way too extreme" "way too extreme" "way too extreme" "way too extreme for virginia." happy birthday, lady
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liberty. on this day back in 1886 the statue of liberty was dedicated by glover cleveland. she doesn't look a day over 25. >> had quite a few makeovers. >> been under the knife as they say. liberty island like a lot of new york and the new jersey area took a beating from superstorm sandy last year. >> and as we hear the report, it took 364 days since that storm for ellis island to reopen to the public. >> reporter: boats filled with tourists returned to ellis island for the first time since superstorm sandy slammed the historic site last october. jace and lisa chenko came from cleveland. >> my father passed away about a month ago. it's kind of nice to trace the roots about where he came through and see where he first stepped foot on this country. >> reporter: vincent courtier brought his daughters from france. >> it's a big part of new york. >> reporter: rob lure brings
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groups of students from wales every year. >> last year the children of gutted they couldn't see it. it's great to bring these guys today. >> reporter: ellis island and liberty island needed about $77 million in repairs after the storm sent a wall of water slamming into the new york harbor. the national landmark was flooded left without power for months. here in registry hall as many as 5,000 immigrants entered the u.s. every day. now about that many tourists visit. some of the benches are nearly 100 years old. more than 1 million photographs and artifacts are stored in temperature controlled vaults in maryland while buildings are fixed and upgraded. the 27-acre property is expected to be fully restored early next year. >> sandy paid a visit to our area one year ago today and the department of housing and urban development gave a boost to parts of maryland still trying to recover. $19million in grants will help fix some of the houses and
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infrastructure badly damaged by that storm. >> we were actually expecting a huge hit from sandy. it dodged us a bit. >> i wouldn't say we expected a huge hit, but we did get some hurricane level wind gusts, tree dang but not nearly as bad as it could have been. if it had moved further south it, would have been a disaster for our area. we are very fortunate. let's get a look at the michael and son weather cam now and just how different a scene it is than this time last year. just a few clouds out there and a temperature of 61 degrees. the dew point is 36, so it's a nice dry atmosphere way light wind out of the north, northwest at 6 miles per hour. an area of high pressure to our north is going to actually bring some clouds into our are on tuesday. usually high pressure brings sunshine, but it's bringing east winds off the shore. that will bring some cooler ocean flow. the coolest day of the workweek will be tomorrow. a shower is possible tuesday
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night as a big storm system makes its way toward us and before it arrives temperatures near 70 degrees and that trend will continue into thursday as well. 59 right now in leesburg and manassas, 56 in martinsburg, 55 in frederick. most of us are still on the milder side. it's 60 now at andrews, 61 in fredericksburg. on satellite and radar you can see the cloud cover to our south. the showers are to our south. that is going to remain to the south of the d.c. metro. you can see that here on 9 futurecast, everything just missing us to the south, but the bulk of the cloud cover will arrive tuesday. this is tuesday morning. we're still dry. heading into wednesday morning, though, a few shower possible for that morning commute, but not a lot of rain. so we're keeping that 9 weather alert green. it looks like the bulk of rain will hold off till friday. so a mostly dry workweek for us. overnight tonight partly cloudy. it will be a bit milder than last night, 38 to 46 with northeast winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. tuesday morning temperatures in
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the 40s and 50s, some limited peeks of sun, same deal in the afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy with highs in the low 60s and east winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. so the weather alerts remain green despite the chance for an overnight into early morning shower wednesday with a high of 68 and all the way up to 72 on halloween thursday, a slight chance for a shower as this big storm system makes its way toward us. in the first alert seven-day forecast 70 degrees on friday. this is the day where we'll see the bulk of the rainfall, maybe even a thunderstorm friday, before that front sweeps through, a lingering shower saturday with a high of 63 and then the day where daylight savings time will end on sunday, partly sunny skies, 60 degrees. looks like it's a mostly dry
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and i sponsored this ad. candidate for attorney general, if you think ken cuccinelli would take virginia in the wrong direction, wait til you meet his attorney general candidate senator obenshain. like cuccinelli, obenshain believes politicians should dictate our most personal decisions they cosponsored a bill together to ban the birth control pill; and outlaw abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. cuccinelli and obenshain: together - a dangerously wrong turn for virginia
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breaking news out of the d.c. courthouse now where a hearing just ended for sing are chris brown. >> hour -- singer chris brown. >> our bruce leshan joins us from outside the courtroom. >> reporter: just walked out of the courtroom where chris brown was. he is still inside. he has to check in with pretrial services. then we expect him to walk out the backdoor at any moment of this courthouse to his waiting entourage and a huge mob of cameras back there. just about everybody seems to want to know what happened with this. you can also see cameras up
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here. what did happen is the judge decided to release both chris brown and his bodyguard on their own recognizance. chris brown needs to check in with his parole officer in california in person within 48 hours. that parole officer, of course, responsible for making sure that chris brown fulfills the terms of his release after his savage beating of rehannah. chris brown -- rihanna. chris brown came into the courtroom seemingly calm. his bodyguard was next to him. there was a huge number of family members of chris brown, crazy scene down in the courtroom. the marshals told people they couldn't come in. chris brown's mom was told she couldn't come in. there was some negotiation. she finally came in, did not see them interacting at all, but you can bet that just in a few minutes chris brown will walk out the back, big hug for
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his mom. so that's the scene down here at the courthouse at this point. the story remains a little conflicted. apparently some kind of fight saturday morning outside the w hotel according to the alleged victim. chris brown said i'm not into that gay -- i won't use the word stuff. i'm into boxing and he punched this guy in the face. he said it was all about him simply jumping into a picture that some women were taking with chris brown. according to chris brown's entourage and what he allegedly told the police, the guy was trying to get onto his tour bus. so that's what we have here. let's take it back to you guys. >> you said the judge releaseed them on their own recognizance. do we know why the charge was dropped from a felony to a misdemeanor? >> reporter: assault has a lot
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of different areas. he had a broken nose and had to go to the hospital and according to him he has to go in for surgery, but apparently after looking at this the prosecutors decided this was much more a simple assault than a more intense felony assaulted, but it's not clear to me exactly what the implications will be with that difference in terms of his parole situation in california over that rihanna thing, but it took them a while to work this out. i may be able to get you the information on the charging documents here. well, here's the police report. the charging documents are in the back, but i tell you they took hours and hours, the prosecutors, to put this paperwork together and finally send it back up here to the courthouse. we were expecting this hearing to actually take place at about 1:00 and here it is what, 6:27?
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it finally just happened. >> it's certainly a media circus outside. you can see all the trove of cameras there. what was chris' demeanor like when you saw him? >> reporter: here's his lawyer and he's just coming up to the mic. he hasn't started speaking yet. this is danny onerato and we're expecting him to give us some information. >> what was chris' demeanor like? >> reporter: we'll have that coming up at 7:00 i'm told by the producer. back to you. >> thank you, bruce. we got to go. our time has run out. >> we'll have more on this at 7:00. thank you so much for watching and, of course, stay with wusa9 for the cbs evening news next.
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>> pelley: tonight, the penn state scandal is much worse than we knew. the number of children sexually
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abused has more than doubled. armen keteyian reports the university reached an agreement with 26 victims today. texas passed one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation. today a federal judge had his say. anna werner reports. one year after hurricane sandy some. >> rodriguezresidents are only w facing the loss of their homes. jim axelrod on the unintended consequences of a new law. and the boy with the bionic hand. new technology lets most anyone create the most amaze magazines. >> making your kids happy is like the most rewarding thing you can have as a dad. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, in one of the biggest scandals ever in college sports penn state


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