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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 7, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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menaces in tell is.s. 72 at gaithersburg and 72 atat frederick. r we'll see temperatures take arak bit of a dive as well but we're their a slight risk of severe weather today. toy anywhere from a half inch to two inches of rainfall is expectedtd across the region. re a lot of energy associated with it. some showers and in thed in the afternoon hours we're talking ak chance of some isolated storms.. keep your eyes to the skies. sks as i said some of those could be severe. severe. cooler air behind this front, f, however. that's going to dip us right rg down to seasonal conditions.onis the 90s head in the dusthe dust though. though. we're headed into the lower 70s. >> thank you very much. tnk y it's day seven of then ofthe government shutdown and itn andt brings mixed news. >> thousands of civilian defensf workers are going back to worktk after the pentagon said theyaidy legally will get paid. the house approves a bill to pay
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back all furloughed workers. w on the bad side major mo government contractors areactore beginning major layoffs.. lockheed martin says it will wil furlough 3,000 employeesem beginning today and more mor furloughs could come soon. soo. meanwhile united technologiesies corporation which makes black bk hawk helicopters say it will wll furlough 2000 workers starting i today and up to 5,000 more ifmof the shutdown continues.c >> as far as the shut down goes, republicans are criticizing thee president for not talking, not negotiating while the whitethe e house says the move could haveda been avoided.avoed >> these manufactured crisis over and over again is bad forb the economy.the ecomy. we're the world leader. leder. we have the strongest, deepestpt economy in the world. wor >> my goal here is having a a serious conversation about conva driving the deficit and drivings
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refusal to have a conversation about this is putting -- at risk of default.deult >> the other budget battle overr the debt ceiling is just a week and a half away and that crisisi would do a lot more damage toe o the american economy.ican nomy. if congress fails to increaseree the country's borrowing limit,m, we could face a possiblepose government default.nt defult. a new term begins today foro the supreme court. crt. the high court will considercosi several cases including campaign contribution limits, mortgage mg discrimination and prayer atd pt public meetings.public m this week the justice wills heaa two oral arguments a day through wednesday. w the oneida indian nation nan plans to make a case against the redskins name later thiser this morning. >> tribe leaders are hosting aoa conference in the same d. hotel that nfl owners are gathering at for their fallir fl meeting, this as president obamm adds his two cents to the skinss name debate.e.
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fell me alnwick is live. >> reporter: though owners haver been invited as well as membersm of the public. p it's supposed to begin at 11:000 this morning here in the main ballroom at the ritz carlton in georgetown.georget the united nations change the mascot campaign certainly got at bit of a boost this weekend whe president obama told the the associatedded press during anpr interview that if he were thethe team's owner, he would considerc making a name change. c this is something that is really propped up every year as a football season begins. begins. team polling of native americans found many don't consider thesie red skin name offensive butsiveu opinions could be changing.chann it wasn't too long ago commissioner roger goodell go talked about his position a bit saying more attention should beb paid to those who were offended. the oneida campaign hopes to t
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change opinions.opini a school in new york voted tooto stop using redskins for their t team names. na >> not just whatever the statusa is about the native americans,a, it's not just that. that. even if it was just that, thattt should be enough but there's not enough. enough. there's people like us who seese it's offensive, even if it's a a small group of people, it'sople' offensive and it should change.. >> no matter what it means or what the origins are, people dod find it offensive and it's not froapt. so i don't think it completelyoy matters sometimes what thes sott history is. i. >> and those two ladies joiningj us on fox 5 will also beo b speaking at the task force athea today. members of congress have alsoveo sent a letter to team owner dan snyder, all of the other nflherf team owners, commissioner rogere goodell and sponsor fedex to see if they would consider makingeri
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that name change. chg the nfl meetings themselves,thee they really get underway indei earnest tomorrow.tom today is sort of the day for arrivals here. here. we expect team owners to arrivee later in the day.ay. we don't know at this point kno whether any of the two groups gu will cross paths here. he back to you.. >> melanie, thank you.elanink yo we want to go to gwen for an update on our weather situations with some new watch that's havev been issued, gwen. gwen. >> let's take a look at radar aa right away.righ that system i mentioned isioneds pretty strong coming through tht area and they just issued aissu tornado warning and this remains in effect until 9:15. 9:15 it's for berkeley, jefferson and washington counties where we'vev got some severe storms capableae of producing tornados, a linea e that's extending fromom shepherdstown to six miles easte of shepherdstown moving to the e northeast 515 miles an hour.ile. if you're in the area now, moveo into an interior room to avoidod windows and make sure youe you definitely protect yourself. you go to the lowest level of a
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building you're in.lding you i once again it's until 9:15. 9:15 it's for berkeley, jefferson and washington counties.oues. looking at areas into parts ofp west virginia and through areass of northwestern maryland.maryla. once again that is in effect efe until 9:15, severe thunderstorms capable of producing a tornado n located on a line located from shepherdstown six miles mi northeast of shepherdstown.ephd. it's moving northeast.orthet. we talked about the fact thisacs frontal system is coming into a very hot air mass here andere ehat's what's producing all theh thunderstorms for this entirehie area. we have to be aware as iare as i mentioned that we are under a ua risk of some severe weather.the. once again until 9:15 and we'lll stay on top of this and give you updates as warranted. war back to you, tony. tny. >> gwen, thank you very much.u y we'll continue to watch it.watc. a three-car crash on then th final lap of the grand prix ofrf hoist leaves 14 people hurte r including a champion driver. drr
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>> a look at what went wrong iss what he's talking about. about >> reporter: roughly two years e ago suffered a tragedy with theh loss of dan wheldon and anotherr another accident on a race that threes ally-time indianapolis winner hospitalized and debris d falling down on the spectators.s >> very >> reporter: an horrificeper: ah accident takes place at thee at grand prix in houston.h >> cars spinning around, tires e flying off.g o >> reporter: it happened after r contact with contact of dario he lost control of his car anarn went flying over sato's, over aa fence and into pieces.pi >> it was a big hit. dario's okay. okay looked like he was moving arouna when i drove past him. im >> reporter: doctors laterorr: c confirmed he sustained a confusion, broke his vertebraeee
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and right ankle. anle 13 fans were injured, 11 werewee treated on the scene and to werr taken to the hospital forospit r treatment. >> there was a lady who wasas aa trapped underneath the fence. >> reporter: franchitti fromteri scotland was married to actressa ashley judd. judd tweeted she was on her wayr to houston and thanked fans forf their prayers. >> thanks, wisdom.wisom. a nine-year-old indianapolip boy did something many couldn'td pull off, he made it through the security and on the planethe p without a ticket.oua >> that is what this story iss causing everyone to ask is how o could this happen? happe it's crazy, right? right hopefully it won't happen againn but this nine-year-old boy wasa able to get through tsa agentsas and the gate and board on to the flight that was headed to lastoa
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vegas. it was a delta flight andght d reportedly he was a runaway. ru. >> that'sed sad. that's the sad part about it. >> flight attendants noticed heh doesn't have a seat assignment.s so perhaps he doesn't belong, ss let's check this out, so theyhey contacted police and police mett them at the airport and he wasds taken into child protectivee services. s. now what makes the situationsiuo even crazier is this boy tooky k the train by himself to theo the airport. he was seen at the airport onoro wednesday the day before justors sort of roaming the airport andt even eating at a restaurant, and the staff -- he told the staffhe that he had to go to thetoh restroom and didn't come back to pay the bill. bl. >> skipped out on the bill. in danger and distress righttr t now. that's what i thought as a mom.. >> does he look older than his years? >> i don't know but the biggerti question is how could this happen? something clearly fell throughyg the cracks.cracks. surveillance video show he showh
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doesn't even have a boardingoarg pass. pas >> right. and i heard wisdom say earlier,i i traveled with my three andre they are going to show theirwher boarding passes before they goo on. i don't get it. >> i don't know.n't now. we all show a boarding pass. ps. maybe he got mixed in with a wia group of people. peple >> either this child is someis e sort of strange genius child oro really in distress which i think is the case too because these behaviors, it's pretty phenomenal. >> not just running away downy d the street.the sreet he's going to >> i'm sure social service ds their whole thing, is this boyiy in trouble, why is he running,r, where is he learning how to dotd this, leave without paying thete bill. >> from the employees or staffrf stand point, you might thinkt tk he's a young boy. >> where are your parents,par that's what i'm asking if i'm aa staff person. >> but suspicion arises for me m if a nine-year-old boy comesoyc
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into a restaurant, orders foodrd by himself, you're saying where are your parents?ares? >> right, right.>> right, rig i'm with you. it's a crazy story. okay. another crazy story that'sy hat' bugging out there is a is a disturbing trend, it's called aa thigh gap and it's seen as a beauty achievement in thement ie modeling world and experts arepe blaming, what else, social media, tumblr.tu >> a lot gets blamed on social l media but this is going on. >> it's when your feet areeet together and your thighs don't ' even touch so i guess it's almost a daytime, a diamonda din shape. it's just a dangerous, dangerouo weight goal and a lot of women,w young adults, teenagers areeenae trying to achieve this when they become so skinny that their in n inner thighs don't touch. but alison's right, this existed
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for quite some time. i remember when i was in highash school, this is something themeh young girls talked about. abou >> achieved or wanted to aspiree to? ? y> yeah. but with social media it's more accessible. there are sites that teach girls how to achieve this look. look >> i'm looking at it now, the "gq" cover and it was air brushed. rushe >> it's something young girlsyo may desire.may desi >> it's a growing trend, a scarr one. >> experts say it's not uncommoo for girls to focus in on oneone part of the body, right. rih so right now it's this thigh gaa that's they are aiming to do this. ths >> i think it's very powerful i when they show pictures that are not, if it's magazines ormaazin whatever, pictures that are noto air brushed, who does have thiss
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thing so you see it. it. >> right, because that's theaus thing that young ladies need to remember. it's retouched, they can put inn a gap where there's no g they can do anything and it'sans almost impossible for anybody to achieve that.e t >> i saw a picture once before f and after of kim kim kardashian is not a very --- she's a --- >> she's curvy.vy. >> she's a curvy woman and an embraces it and works it.t. the afterphoto basically cut hee leg in half. in it was a very thin leg. eg so just to add on to your pointi that everything is air brushed.h >> it's an old trend now hittinn the world with the social mediam explosion. >> all right.> thank you very veryuch. >> oh, boy. o it's 14 minutes after 9:00t0 now. we are going to update thee e severe weather warnings andningd watches that are coming out. ou. gwen will have the latest righth after the break. [ laughter ]
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an update on severe weather moving our our area. let's look at the maps. the area shaded in red is under a tornado watch until 5:00 this afternoon. we did have a tornado warning including jefferson, berkeley and washington county. >> those now have been dropped. that is no longer a in effect. this tornado watch is in effect until 5:00 this afternoonon including all the areas you see shaded anne arundel, charles, caroline, howard, washington, baltimore, carroll, kent, hazard, montgomery,ly to bettery as well t as the district of columbia. >> once again until 5:00 this afternoon. >> there are some strong stormst associated with the strong frontal system moving through. we want you to be aware of what you want to be to prepare yourself in the event we get aet tornado warning for the area
9:18 am
because we have had warnings toi the west of us. u make sure if we issue a warning go to the lowest level of your o home away from windows and alsod a closet, bathtub and cover yourself with padding if you can and mobile homes and cars are unsafe to number in this weather. if you are outside lie in a low, flat spot. >> let's go to radar. the storms are firing up as the strong cold front starts to move into the hot, humid air mass wea have and it has ingredients for strong storms. as i said earlier today we had a slight risk from the storm prediction center being under b the severe weather and the strong cold front created storms in parts of the upper midwest over the weekend. it is not over and continue toue move its way through in the afternoon. >> we will stay on top of thisf for you and bring you updates as warranted and tornado watches until 5:00 thisd an afternoon. tony and allison, back to you. o
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>> thank you, gwen. libya is calling the capture of the suspect an abduction.ctio secretary of state john kerry calls it unfounded. >> u.s. special operations caught anas al-liby in tripoli. his family says he was nabbed na pulling up to his house after at morning prayer. officials plan to prosecute him in the united states. meantime forces targeted members of al-shabaab. they claim responsibility for last month'sim r attack at a ken upscale mall. news,o americans in other were among the winners of the nobel prize for medicine. james rothman of yale university. randy scheckman from u- cal berkeley will share the prize with german researcher thomas suedhof.hof.
9:20 am
he teaches at stanford and discovered how molecules move h around inside cells. >> tiny, tiny work. >> shut out again. yep. >> you have to go to medical school. i keep telling you this. good news for metro riders. which projects are finished andd open for business today.bu plus? >> we are spending the morning r with studio 4 in old town with the art monkies.t art is big. b the paint party and fun even bigger coming up.comi live later why you might want t get in on this creative fun now before it explodes. live later on fox5 morning news. stay with us. so what can i get you?
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welcome. service is back up and runningua on metro's red line after a deadly construction accidenty over the weekend. this happened as crews were welding a portion of the rail. 41-year-old harold ingram, an
9:24 am
employee of holland company was killed. three other workers were hurt. this morning an investigation team led by metro's chief safety officer is working to figure out what happened here. very sad news this weekend. three people have now been charged in connection to the violent road rage incident in new york city.nt accused of triggering the incident is arraigned on saul charges. reginald chance is held on $75,000 bail. e was among the dozens of bikers who stopped an s.u.v. on the highway. h >> he sped off with his wife and daughter in the vehicle. some others chased the family down and beat leeanne. >> they have tips on how to sta safe on the roads. >> you have some, what we call old hints around for a long time and new generations coming up. and they ride the faster bikes
9:25 am
and they like to have fun. they also -- i just think they e bikers. >> one of the things you don't y want toou do is engage a motorcycle in a high-speedto pursuit if you can avoidrc it. there's obviously the danger to the public and also the danger to the rider. he may be!cv" violating the lawe >> back in the new york incident chance's lawyer admits he brokem the window of the vehicle but did not participate in thee i peteing. >> the biker run over has two broken legs and may be paralyzee for life. sandy hook elementary schoo in connecticut will soon have ah new home.e. nearly a year after the shooting massacre killed 20 children andl 6 adults. >> a grant has been approved tov build a new school built at the site of the existing school and will make room for a memorial t the victims.tims the grant is considered a giftir from the state. >> officials hope to have the new school finished by early
9:26 am
2016. stillarly ahead, a golden gl gets whacked. >> bet yi white is getting the madam to show treatment with a t fluffy twist. >> we will be back to explain. and gwen shared it with us. severe weather is helded our way. >> we have had a tornado warning come and go but we will have tht forecast as fox5 morning news rolls on. it is 75 degrees. yeah, oh. no, i gotta go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minute clinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys wanna go to the park? yeah! yeah! minute clinic. the walk-in medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy. now offering a medically based weight loss program. find a clinic near you at
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 "i'm'm terry mcauliffe, candidae for governor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of american women use them at some point in their lives but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made common forms of birth control illegal, including the pill. cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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9:30 am
the entire region shaded in rain is in effect until 5:00 this afternoon including about all of our viewing area. >> and we've got the storms that will continue to push their wayr to the east in the course of the afternoon. >> things are expected to deteriorate as the afternoon progresses with the fact of severe storms and he heavye rainfall. aware in there event we have a tornado warningt we hador one earlier which has i been dropped for washington county, jefferson and berkeley, west virginia. that's now in the event we to get a warnint coming up we want you to be aware of what to do. go to the lowest level of your home, stay away from windows, dangerous to be close to themto and try to get yourself in a closet or a bathroom and cover yourself. obviously mobile homes and cars are not the place to be. if you are outside make sure you get to a low spot. let's go to radar and show
9:31 am
you what's happening. the storms are firing up a mile a minute along the frontal system and will continue to do so throughout the course of the day. the strong cold front will movei through and talking isolated storms. brief periods of heavy rainfalli and we could see localized flooding as a result of that. >> we want you to be aware of that. these could get more energy as the morning does progressoes because of the hot, humid airhui mass. >> here is an area we will key in on. society south of harrisburg and south of i-81 corridor a lot ofo heavy rainfall and more towardsr the north we are seeing the frontal system. it quite hasn't reached yet. it is firing up ahead of the of system and seeing potential for more severe weather before it is said and done. wen colonel to you go to go for updates and download the weather app on your iphone or mobile devicesr and go to the apple app store
9:32 am
and droid market and select d.c. weather and keep you up to datet on severe weather as the mornins progresses and how the stormss are doing and potentiallyally affecting your neighborhood. tony inspect. >> all right, gwen. thank you very much. >> a new parking garage openedpa atrk the twin brook metro statis on the red line. the garage replaces the previous parking area used for retail offices and apartments. the new garage is accessible from chapman avenue.f metro is unveiling a new unv entrance to the rosslyn station three elevators, station manager kiosk, pay stations and additional mezzanine. alice? annie is in the shot with me. >> anyway. >> d.c. is unveiling the wax figure of a beloved actress this week. >> none other than the betty white. >> how cute is she. she is a lifelong animal
9:33 am
supporter and partnered withrt local shelters for the big unveiling. we are with joanna from mad touseau's. always good to see you. i like it with her hair down. >> she always looks great. >> her accent is killer. >> and someone who always looksa great as well is matt williams. >> i like your hair as well. >> thank you. >> matt is with the washingtongo animal rescue league where the lovely betty white will visit thursday. in all talk about that minute. >> okay.>> >> joanna let's first talk about betty white.ty you mentioned before we went one the air. they travel. i was under the impression theye were stationary and stay in the d.c. museum. but this figure is actually from the hollywood location. >> that's right.hoht. >> she is from madam touseau's in l.a. we have certain figures each year we unveil and they stay in the attraction. we swap figures between the u.s. to keep it b different and get
9:34 am
different markets. >> i know. my family is waiting for the boys from one direction to come across the pond. >> now has betty white herselfbe seen the figure? >> and betty did a sit-in for the figure in 2011 and did over 200 measurements to create her wax like instance this dress isn fromst where? >> from her 90th birthday. this is a complete ensemble. >> you know what i love, annie and joanne, and matt, the handsd often it is little things people look for. with a woman who is of betty white's age is the reason why wy love her, too. she is lovely. she embraces her age. her her hands, you can see the wisdom of time, really, in them and the way she is holding it and her jewelry. she is so cute. >> joanne, how long did it take on this figure. >> betsy took four months from measurements to being ready to
9:35 am
unveil. >> our figures can take 3 to 6 months to create just like all the figures she was created in london and sent here to the u.s >> and of course betty white like allison and i love animalsa who are you holding this whole time. >> this is rose morgan. she is precious. >> and i don't know if ifs youif notice she is a tripod. three legs here. >> she doesn't let that stop her from playing over there with koobooky. morgan is five -years-old, hound mix and in rose morgan was born with nerve damage in her leg. that's why the leg was removed e and she doesn't even know the difference. >> she is 100% all the time. >> how long have nen at the h facility or shelter? >> both have been there several
9:36 am
weeks. >> and they are both available for adoption now. we would love for people to como out and put an application in. they are both great dogs and terrific and would welcome a home. tell us about the event on thursday. >> thursday betty is coming co over, thursday, to have herave picture made with a number ofer our animals. >> it should be a great event. we are doing it at our shelter. >> that's awesome. >> real quickly, people ask how big will these guys get. >> i don't think either one of t them will be really big. >> rose morgan will probably be around 40-pound range. that's just a guess. she is a hound-mix. and he could be 50 pounds. it depends.ds. >> do not big. >> no. >> tomorrow the unveil big aow different animal agency. can you tell us about that? >> tomorrow morning we will woro with the washington humane society and they will help us
9:37 am
unveil betty and we want to make note that betty white actually approved all the activities. we approached her and asked would she help support two wonderful charities and gave us full permission.erm >> i just love betty white. she system awesome. go on the web site for the pets. >> yes. >> and we really appreciate madam touseau's helping us out.g it u is a nice event for us. >> this is great. what a perfect pet project monday. >> tony, over to you.o >> all right. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. it is 9:38. coming up, miley gets political. a sketch from her snl take overr that has everyone talking. >> out of jail and singing again. >> many you are listening to lon hill's new single.s ne we will tell you about it after the break on 9:39.
9:38 am
"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for gogovernor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of american women use them at some point in their lives but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made common forms of birth control illegal, including the pill. cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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welcome. well, did you see it? in today's buzz miley cyrus hosted "saturday night live" this n weekend. did you see it.u se >> some of it. >> i saw some of it. i >> she did okay. >> the show is uneven. they lost a lot of cast members. >> and she rocked everything from hannah montana to the government shutdown. the singer and actress sanga long a to a parody of her own sg "we can't stop." cast member killam played house speaker john boehner and miley represented michelleep bachman. >> take a look. ♪ this is our house ♪ this is our rules. government shut that down. >> on morning tv. >> oh.
9:42 am
all right. they werel funny. >> yes. >> might have been the bestee thing on the show. >> okay. >> that's what i saw. >> in other news actress charlize they are on is cash they're on she was injured onseu and broke a bra years ago and the injury was bothering her ahr lot and decided to get it fix. doctors went through her neck to make the fix. at her recent event she sported a neck scarf to cover up the bandage and said to be doing well. >> singer and actress laurenly hill out of prison and ready toa sing >> the five-time grammy singerms served three months in a minimum security prison in connecticut for failing to pay federal income taxes and released a song called "consumerism." the 38-year-old mother of six rose to worldwide fame and wentd
9:43 am
onwi to have a successful solo career. >> she did. her first album. >> 9:44 now.44 still to come they believety art and artful things belong int every home. morris is live with art monkies this morning. find out how to make art with a group of friends next. (crowd cheering) never be far from the game. download nfl mobile and watch live nfl games exclusively from verizon. every thursday, sunday and monday night. never being with out football. that's powerful. verizon.
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welcome. this morning a local art studioo opens its doors for holly morris. >> it's been a painting party in olde town, alexandria. holly, good morning. >> a painting party of two. >> angie. we have had a whole lot of fun f this morning. they are the art monkies and m they have their new studio space. studio old town and we want to take people back to where wehere first met, right.
9:47 am
>> well, yeah. it was a moment. >> let's go back to that moment. about a year ago and we were ate the women in arts museum. it was women who rock exhibit. the pieces weo created specifically pods, raw artists d.c. and we went ahead and asked to create art work that goesoes with this exhibit.t so we painted. >> i thought we had the video. there it is. >> oh, gosh. we look even better now. >> my gosh, we are so sexy. what was fun that morning it got your name out there and both pieces sold. >> both pieces sold. i was excited. >> since then you won an award. >> we won d.c. raw art of the year and this year nominated for the "washington post" best express 2016. see the sticker and hopefully will you see it. >> you have only been here six s months. >> come out live. you do big pieces of art.
9:48 am
>> this is my work. not art monkies, this is lincoln and the capitol.he i was telling it somebody i painted this last time there was a looming shutdown.n. i went positive pastel andpo bright colors for being optimistic. >> and maybe welcome back. >> that's fantastic. >> this painting is -- we did for fashion week d.c. fashionfah week, we were commissioned and runway backdrop.ay this is an art monky piece. and the piece back there on thee wall is an art monky piece. mo >> very cool. i want to make sure we get it in. >> you do cause work. >> i do stuff with wounded warrior. gina did stuff on the spectrum. john did a pride show. >> everything is community season trick. the last hour in the current exhibition going on. >> black and white show and it
9:49 am
had be up for the month of october and can you come to the opening reoption on theg re 26th. >> something that caught my eye when i was reading how much youd have been doing since i last saw you, you got picked up by the catalog uncommon good.t that's what i love. >> me, too. it is my favorite.y >> i submitted. >> i submit everything.ryt rejection is your favorite and keep sending stuff out there. i will be in that category. >> i do my pet portraits. they are really -- this is one for a common good. they send me a picture and i paint them up. you can go through my site. if you like the facebook page $20 off anything that i painted. >> another thing she does that's cool are chalk over newspaper which is what we will do right now. >> that's correct. >> explain to me this. >> basically, i have prepped a piece of paper and mounted it to a board we will work -- that's
9:50 am
matt harper by the way. w >> that's $124. >> what we will do, i work fromk photographs a lot of times. >> i have given you a photograpy ofou the monument. i do a lot of d.c. pieces and i is central to what's on the page speaking with paper. it being a washington monumenton it is on the "washington post."" >> the only thing i couldn't dot is put the monument in then middle. >> do i use the black to do theo outline of the whole thing. >> i usually lay it in here. >> this is your morning and your baby. you can do what you like. >> explain the paint party concept. >> the paint party is just a thing we can -- it is like $40 a person. you come and get a canvas and a you paint and have some food over what we do. depends on what your package is. >> paint with us solo and you can paint with us.. you can just paint with us. we are here. >> you can come to philosophy.
9:51 am
philosophy is your background. >> that's correct. that's correct. >> and yeah, it is about engaging with the community and making art accessible. >> i need a blue. >> okay. >> this is my favorite blue. >> i love darks. >> there you go. see how much fun they are. >> it is buttery fun.n. >> for people intimidated by art. what would you say. >> i would say it is not intimidating. >> it is accessible.e. >> it is our biggest mission ari isn't just for the other. it is for everybody. it is in your gut.o youru don't need a degree to loe it. you respond to it. the best thing to do is suspect local business. can you help your community. we are invested in you. >> that's that. >> let me say this before i go. >> i have never had anyone go to great lengths to have me spend m the morning with them. i am sad john is not here or gina but i appreciate yourur efforts and this is not an advertisement for everyone else
9:52 am
to stockme me with videos. >> no. n >> she will think we are a little but but wele are. so that's okay. >> a little bit nuts works. it makes the world go around. >> back to you in the god bless america. two minutes. >> i like it. >> art is the beauty in the eyee of the beholder. >> to our pet of the day. it is lester. >> lester is a two and a half-month-old american eskimoth dog. his-o owners dick and marie say they don't let that cute little face fool you. he loves to cause trouble. like my three dogs who escaped the house this weekend. thanks to my neighbors in thers middle of the night doing this. >> anyway, yeah. >> share your pet photos send them to: >> what a good boy. >> very cute. all right. your dogs are all okay. >> yeah, they are fine. all right. we are following severe weather this morning including a tornado
9:53 am
watch. gwen have another check of your forecast next. first don't forget toget accepted me questions for ask allison. not how i get my dogs to obey. clearly, i don't have a handle d on that. >> i answer a question on friday at the 9:00 hour. go to and find a link on the morning tab. do what it says, get the question to me and we'll talk about it. we'll be right back. 
9:54 am
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9:56 am
well, strong storms moving s through the let's take a look at maps and show you what's happening. >> the storms are severe ahead of a cold front headed through. here is a look at the area under a tornado watch most of our viewing area in effect until 5:00 this afternoon. we have a very strong cold fronr moving into a very warm, humid air mass starting to fire up storms across our entire area.
9:57 am
we had a couple of warnings earlier and they have now beenen canceled. but we still have this tornado watch in effect. here is a look at our currentur temperatures in the low to mid-70s. this is only adding fuel to thet fire. e temperature is being veryein warm at this time in this air mass but take a look at the dewpoints in upper 60s and 70s. this is making the air mass very, very unstable.tabl as the cold front comes through, the likelihood of storms to be severe is very much on the upside in terms of the course of this afternoon and this is what we will be dealing with. winds picked up as well. they were originally up to 24 miles per hour wind gusts and 28 miles per hour wind gust witg the h storms. be careful if you venture out. >> there's a chance at some point we could see more warnings popping up.. >> we we see more tornado warnings here are a few tips fos you. go to the lowest level of yourf house away from windows if you u hear there's a tornado warning.
9:58 am
as well, you can go in a closetl or bathtub and make sure you cover yourself over. in a mobile home or car it is unsafe to be there. if you are outside go to a flat, low-lying area.g >> let's look at radar for you. this is where can you see thethe strong storms coming through ant we will keep you up to date as warranted. >> let's check in with allison and tony. not good looking radar. thank you. we want to remind you of some tools to help track severe weather. our fox5 weather app iseath available in the app store and droid market search d.c.d weather. check out our homepage you can use our interactive radar on the homepage to zoom into your be careful. see you tomorrow. stay tuned. y
9:59 am
wendy williams. today, miley gets the last laugh on "saturday night live." and we've got all it will highlights. then, the real housewives of new jersey reunion. tempers flared and lines were drawn. plus, let's talk about sex. dr. mike dow is here for a special "ask wendy." and the talented anthony mackie stops by, he stars in the new thriller "runner runner" with ben affleck and justin timberlake. and now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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