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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  May 24, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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it 4:25 on this friday morning. it's may 24th, a lot of you perhaps get going early today t get to your memorial dayday destination if you haven't leftt already. we will check with julie wright on the traffic in just a bit. good morning, i'm sarah simmons. i'm wisdom martin. let's get a check of thek oe weather and this upcoming upco weekend with tucker barnes. bare happy friday.>> most of the fireworks are donede with, although we will be be dealing with cloud cover, get ready for a cooler day. you might need a jacket if you u are susceptible to cooler temperatures as i know someow people are.ople we had a thunderstorm here in in washington at 11:00 last night. you slept sarah and wisdom, butu that switched off to the east. left over showers and sprinkles notice off to the east, we are e still dealing with a back end o the cold front. we will have more clouds today.o
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winds will pick up from therom north and west, but we're stilll set up for a fantastic weekend. the weekend still looking greata temperatures right now are in the 60s. 60s. let's see at reagan national, it is 65 degrees, 65, so we're we'e cooling down, 63 dulles, 64bw 64 marshall and cooler than yesterday. back to you at the desk. desk. tucker, thank you very much in the news while you were sleeping a powerful earthquake shook northern california. >> fofortunately there was no no serious damage and no report of injuries. there's been several afterafter shocks, too. and a scary scene on a major interstate in washington statei after a bridge collapses into a river sending cars and people into the water. wate it happened at northern seattle last night. amazingly no one was killed, kil three people were taken to thete hospital but they are expected c
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to recover. re authorities are looking at the e cause of the collapse includinge whether an oversized truck may y have hit that bridge inside andd here what caused a parkingparkig garage in bethesda mall caused d it to collapse. not workers were on the second floor of the three story garagea when a concrete slap weighing wi 25 tons fell on top of them. em. it took rescuers hours to free e the men. men. this morning, the slow roadd to recovery continues at moore,r oklahoma after a deadly tornadod hit thle the first victim of thee tragedy has been laid to rest now. fox's nicole collins has the latest from >>es reporter: for the first fi time since the tornado hit on monday, students from a demolished elementary school saw their teacher. a bittersweet reunion for plaza tower survivors, teachers,
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parents gathered to remember those who were lost and startd t the healing process. >> it's a good thing because bea they get to see all of their friends, make sure, you know, that they are okay. >> reporter: seven children: n were killed a t plaza towers, tr among them 8-year-old kyle davis. >> the closer i got to the to e school, the harder it got rnlings because i could see the houses were gone or leveled. by the time i got to the school my cousin had met up with me and i pretty much collapsed in his s >> he was kind, and he meant everything to >> reporter: another victim,vi, 9-year-old
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classes will start as planned in august.. nicole, collins. fox news inside here at home hundreds of people with ties to oklahoma did their help and mana packed into the union pub to raise money for the friends andd family recovering from the frome storm. and we will be taken there in 15 meanwhile we still have ha plenty ahead, your fox top stories and weather. fox 5 morning news starts now. good morning to you, liveve look outside over the washington d.c. region and it is friday, ia regardless of the weather that t we had overnight, things arenigg going to get better heading inti the weekend, we're going to progress into a weather modehere just in time for the holiday weekend. >> it's going be to great n it' going to be great.
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>> excellent. >> just in in perfect timing. >> i'm sarah simmons. mmon i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's bring in tucker barnes too talk about the transition. >> depending on your perspective it's already possibility of a few scattereded showers, and we're not going too get the heavy downpours we had e last night with the nighwith t thunderstorms, but a few scattered showers today. the winds are going to pick up from the north and west, andwesd we're going to be on the cool cl side, only in the 60s, back up p
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near 70s tomorrow, so we willill have sunshine in the forecaste for the day tomorrow.rrow. cool temperatures, and 65 at at reagan national.natinal. 63 at dulles, and bwi marshall a 64, and daytime highs, near tonr the 60s, and on track for fo beautiful sunshine this weekend. >> thank you, tucker. tu time to check in with julie wright for a first look at the h morning traffic.affic. hi, julie., >> reporter: i'm telling you guys, now is the time to leave,o you don't want to wait around au and wait until this afternoon tn head out the front door. it continues to look good as you continue on annapolis. annap at the delphi road, authorities are out with a crash.crash. you will find that traffic isff able to feet through under un police direction. rec headed southbound from the beltway back toward the d.c. line.
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traffic. tr julie, thank you.ju one of ourli big storieses today. the boy scouts of america isicas opening its ranks to allow openinglopenly gay children, bun on gay leaders continues in place. it's a policy that has been in effect throughoutic the organization's 103 year history. now the boy scouts of america is changing its ways. ways. >> today approved a resolution removing the restriction denyini membership to the youth on theoh basis of sexual orientation. >> reporter: leaders made the e
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move following the most comprehensive listening exercise in history. >> in reality the aims of the program, the goals and its it mission have not changed one bit. >> reporter: 61% of the the members supported the proposal,s but the organization's decisiont is sparking mixed reactions. >> this is truly a sad day for boy scouts of america. >> it's a victory for scouting and a victory for gay youth. they won't have to hide in the closet. >> reporter: boy scoutt leaders say not everyone is inin favor of the inclusion of openly gay youth, but it's a step inin the right direction. >> i have to go through all of f this to put kids first. i believe this resolution is truly in the best interest ofof scouting and it allows us to serve you . you >> reporter: while gay youth will be permitted into the
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scout, gay leadership will not. the policy takes effect on june first. the death of a man is beingg called a homicide. homic julian dawkins was killed afterr leaving a family party.y the deputy is a 17-year-old 17-e veteran with the force. he is on administer leave durinn the investigation. patterson has not been charged e in connection with the deadly shooting. a montgomery county judge sentenced rick curl to 17 yearse in prison after he admitted to inappropriate encounters with wh kelly kurrin. kurr he looked her in the eye and apologized. currin was just 13 when the th abuse began in the 1930s. 19 curl was 34 at the time. time. he will be eligible for parole
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in 3.5 years.years. he has trained several swimmers who went on to have olympic careers. coming up it will be a few weeks before jodi arias will wi learn her fate and why the judge has ordered a new jury to take e over this part of the her punishment. before we head to break, wea want to show you this scene at arlington cemetery where fallen soldiers are being honored this weekend. yesterday the soldiers of the regimen replaced small americanc flags at over 200,000 graves. it's a tradition dating back t to 2048. and it took two hours to place the flags and they will be removed after memorial day. pla 
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the penalty phase, an and ae jury will be seat when thethe process begins depend i again i they will decide if arias will get the death penalty or life in prison. president obama is redefining the america's war onn terror during the speech at the national defense at washington d.c. yesterday.yesterday. the president needs to put more focus on the threat of smallerr networks and home grown extremists. mr. obama defended the controversial drone program tooo take out terrorists but has assigned stricter regulationsres which should limit the strikes at terror zones. he also plans to shutdown the guantanamo bay prison in cuba. the irs is cleaning house. the new acting commissioner is replacing the supervisor who oversaw the agents.
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lois lerner is on administrativi leave after she refused to resign. lerner has denied any wrongdoing. now to a spectacular sight in the sky this weekend. it will be your only chance forc a few decades. we will tell you how to spot it. >> don't miss the inspiring insi story of this teen's song that t hit number one on the charts today. it's going to be a coolcool friday, no doubt about it, but t still a gorgeous, gorgeous go weekend, i will have details oni the weekend.nd julie has details on your traffic after the break. pla hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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♪ ♪ drop jupiter for 42 on thiss friday morning.morn live look outside right now. a little damp out there.. >> up un. >> it's starting to look things a little bit. we will check in with tucker. in the meantime look into io the sky, an incredible sight is unfolding. jupiter and venus are looking to form a triangle. triangle. triple conjunctions of planets are fairly rare and the closest alignment will be on sunday.sund the best view will be 30 to 45 4 minutes after sunset. stay tuned. nasa ambassador is going to join us live in the studio in the
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6:00 hour the so-called sky guyu as we know him the professor of physics examin and astronomy ine mason university.univ >> that's going to be fun. fun. are we going to be able tole see it this weekend. >> we should be able to see it,, yeah it should be beautiful all weekend. we are going to be clear atat night so we should be fine. find out more about what it means. >> you have to phone a friend tood. >> oh, yeah, way out of my areaa >> it's almost every day. >> let's get to the forecast. fo we got some changes, of course,, heavy rain last night and and previous thunderstorms and thest current temperatures -- coolerer temperatures are moving in overnight. a little less in the way of cooler temperatures and less inp the way ofe humidity as thee frontal system continues to woro on through. it's not completely through thee area yet, and that is why we'rew going to have a lot of the the clouds through friday and thesee cooler temperatures are going to remain. 65 in the city, so it's much cooler than 24 hours ago. we were in the 70s 24 hours hous
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ago. we are cooling off, leonardtown, 61 degrees, and 51 in annapolis and we have 51 in win tes winch, and 51 in cumberland. it's going to be a cool friday,d winds are going to pick up outp of the north and west and the a high temperatures are going to be ina the mid-to upper 50s, that is going to be about it, and with that cloud cover it's s not going to warm up a whole lot today as the showers remain inrn the forecast, and the clouds remain in the forecast as well. the main part of the frontaltal system, the cold front you can c see it coming your way, but it's sliding off of the coast and we're left with a few left overr showers and sprinkles. we have the back end of the col front out toward pittsburgh. we still have to deal with and d upper level low, sort of theof e back end of the energy here. the winds are going to pick up, it will be a breezy afternoon, and you might see a little litt sunshine from time to time but on the cool side. still shaping up for a greata gt weekend. we will clear it out, it will be breezy on saturday, but highs on
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70 degrees. 67, plenty of cloud, cool ford,o this time of year, a few showers, winds picking up 10-15. and gradual clearing much cooler overnight, notice the winds are still upth a at 10-15. 79 overnight, and memorial day looks beautiful with temperatures in the mid-70s. mi lots of sunshine and we're goine to warm it back up. i think near 90 by the end of next week. if you want the summertimeertime temperatures, they're here, too let's do weather and traffic and julie wright who is enjoying her friday. >> reporter: t a kickoff forkif a three day for some andand unofficial kickoff for summer. new hampshire road, out of delphi road.oad the accident activity has traffic squeezing to the right.h a lot of equipment, definitely i something to watch out for. southbound the lanes are open. p no issues to report on the toptp stretch of the beltway, we had a
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fender bender at colesville road and that is over to the shoulder. downtown here is what we know yesterday afternoon, shortly before 5:00 they were able toto open two suspect lanes, 14th street, but this sink hole hole repair that is ongoing is still with us. this morning's drive will be be impacted again.agai northbound traffic will be die verted, and there's diverted gi. and light volume on the event et line. and 14 street bridge in good od shape coming across the potomac headed across the southeast sout freeway of the that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. thank you very much. gone but not forgotten. a minnesota teen continues toto touch thousands of lives after he passed away earlier thiser ts week. >> take a look at this. ♪ ♪ >> a little higher ♪ hig
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♪ depo yo go up in the clouds ♪u ♪ because of you ♪ it won't be long now >> zack turned to writing music when he learned that he washe le dying of bone cancer. he recorded this song that songt you're hearing right now "cloudo to say goodbye to his friends fe and family.d it shot up to the number one onn the itunes on wednesday twoesda days after he died. the proceeds to the song "clouds" will go to a fund fu bearing his name. >> amazing t shot up to number one. on he endeared himself to the e world for his candid speer views. >> and now the man being hailed as a hero in the rescue of three women rescued in ohio will neve be hungry again. more than one dozen restaurants in cleveland have offered charles ramsey a card giving him
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free burgers for life. life the restaurant where he works as a dishwasher has created the ramsey burger. bu he says he was eating a mcdonald's hamburger when he rescued the three women. >> his 15 minutes of fame keeps on going. >> grateful to him for what he did.d >> definitely. coming up a superstar lendsr her support to the victims in oklahoma. her big donation is straight ahead. it's not your average happyy hour, how hundreds of people pel with ties to oklahoma areare pitching in to help the tornado ravished region.   february 22nd. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration in the virginia legislature. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell, tea party republicans refuse to support the plan.
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but terry mcauliffe thinks this is too important a time for partisan politics. mcauliffe reaches out to democrats and urges them to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for
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to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. ♪ ♪ all right, time is now no 4:51 on this friday morning.nin. welcome back to fox 5 morning fn news. in the news this morning, hundreds of local people with wh ties to oklahoma went to union n
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northeast last night to raisetoe money for friends and family recovering from monday'sy's tornado. >> in the crowd, a moore city manager and a college grad what wanted to help out. audrey barnes has more on this effort for us.ort >> reporter: the university has active alumni organization and they get together to do funn events and other thingshings together. when the tornado hit moore, they instantly mobilized and got together this fundraiser foraiso friends and family back home. he when they got an e-mail about ot the fo tornado at moore, oklaho first thought was her dad, who w is the city the manager. >> reporter: eddie's dad survived and has been leadingg the clean up and recovery efforv in the town she grew up ever since. it's hard not being there.
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>> i want to be with my friendsh and family. i want to see them. i want to go out and survey thee damage and just see who is is affected and how i can help, bu, again this is a small way for us to help from d.c. >> reporter: joshua gibsongibsn who grew up in moore was helping out at the fundraiser, too, andd hundreds turned out. all the proceeds will depo to the red cross. oklahoma state graduate garberbr who came to n nigeria. >> i came to oklahoma, and iandi picked oklahoma out of a hat. ha that is my second home. >> reporter: it's tougher for r people like elizabeth who flew w in from oklahoma with an event here with her husband. husb reality is setting in for this elementary school teacher whoy h was a nearby norman, oklahoman,
4:53 am
when the tornado hit moore. >> i cried every day for itr it being a teacher and i teach 4th frayed seeing thoseseeing th little babies lost in the school. >> reporter: roden has been in oklahoma just a year. she said the tornado was far worth than she ever managed. imagined. >> we had four people with 80 kids in our bathroom, grant it we were town in norman, we hear the sirens and that is what we e go do. it's another part of the livingg if oklahoma but this time it set a lot of souls. >> reporter: this crowd of of oklahoma a lums is doing what ii can to try and soothe the wearyy sowldz souls back isouls back i. >> anything that shows love, we're thinking of them, andhem, praying for them, we're wishingi them the best.
4:54 am
>> this fundraiser won't be thee last d.c. connection to people e back in oklahoma.lahoma. an even bigger event is plannedn for later this summer. >> thank you, audrey. carrie under wood is helpin as well. yesterday she announced she is giving $1 million. the proceeds come from the recent concert tour. concer >> a lot of people stepping upep to help. lp >> they need a lost help in the recovery effort. when we come back, as lilo recovers, another actress findss herself in the spotlight. the trouble amanda bynes finds s herself in. former american idol return for the judge's table. who produces may be considering on the other side of the break.
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♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back to fox 5 fox 5 morning news. some of those people that you are watching right now they maya be getting ready to head out of town. >> they're the lucky ones. on >> and we also had severese weather in this area, tree limbs down in some areas. areas. we're going to talk about thetat weather coming up in just a fewe minutes to get an update on what is coming up weather wise. meanwhile, let's talk about this, sarah's favorite leonardo de caprio and one of his healthy fans may be headed into space ae side by side. the fan would not $1.5 millionn$ to sit next to de caprio ono on board the virgin galactic. galac they are planning to launch tours into space beginning next year, a portion of the proceedsd
4:58 am
will depo toward an aids charity. a second pair of seats was auctioned off.f. >> i wonder if leonardo gets to meet the person and say, inn, or not, because that's a long place to travel. >> you can't get off when the person starts getting on your nerves. >> since we're in on the subject of hollywood, actress amanda ama bynes can't seem to keep herselr out of the headlines. he >> she was arrested last night t in new york city. police were called to her to he apartment building just before 8:00 about someone smoking marijuana. they say the actress threw arew bong out of the window when they arrived was taken to the hospital for a psyc psychiatricc evaluation, and she is charged e with possession, and he dangerment, and the perhaps thee big tip off was the bong out of window.
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>> it's hard to get the smell t off ofth you. some familiar idol faces.fa. they could return to the show, w but this time as judges.judges >> that should be interesting. there are reports t hat producer for american idol are considering former americanormer idols for the job, such as kelly clark son, jennifer hudson, and clay akin. a lot think that these stars th have a lot on their platesplates already, and are too busy for fr the show schedule. >> a lot of them are knee deep.e >> they would get off of their r own career and dep go do it. it it's an interesting concept. >> we got the weather andand traffic and the top stories. fox 5 morning news continuen right now. good morning, it is straight up 5:00 right now. now. taking a live look at the u.s. . capitol dome. dome. it's been a pizzi


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