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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 23, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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for this, man? >> you have to be loose. >> i just did this an hour ago, tony. yeah. >> you'll be fine. >> i'll not sure. >> you'll have company don't worry. can you get hurt. rain showers in the forecast and tropical. feels like hawaii out there this morning with temperaturesures overnight falling back to the upper 60s to low 70s. light rain showers across the area. a few showers on the nest -- northwest side of d.c. and a lot more rain to the west with royal winchester. much of day cloudy. c we'll see more and more shower activity and potential for thunderstorms. we'll switch to the next map ass a cold front is moving in here and with us later today, tonigho and into the first part of tomorrow before we clear out. talking about a fantastic weekend. that's great news. n temperatures warm out there. 74 at reagan national.
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70 in dulles, 73 in bwi marshall. 80 this afternoon. a wet afternoon.noon lots more on the weather. we'll look at the weekend.e tony and allison back. >> anger and a search for answers. that's what the family of a alexandria man is facing. f >> the loved ones shot and killed by an off duty deputy. melanie is live with the latest on this investigation. melanie? >> good morning, allison there's still a dark blood stain on thee grass behind the gate here wherh family and friends have come and placed memorabilia here in memory of julian dawkins. the deputy has been identified of craig paterson, a 17 year veteran of arlington county sheriff's office. he was released yesterday and is on paid leave while the
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investigation continues. >> in the alexandria neighborhood all day to be together after learning of his death. still struggling to to understand more about his encounter with paterson, an offduty arlington county deputy. >> the detectives interviewed the deputy. they spent a few hours doing. that he has been allowed to go home at this time and no chargeo have been we're continuing the the investigation. >> that was my only child. it's heavy on my heart. >> alexandria investigators says there was some kind of a confrontation before the 1:00 a.m. shooting. >> i've lived in this neighborhood for 20 years and i've never seen that gentlemann before until last night. >> the former tc williams grad was a shuttle bus driver for the pbs newshour. they were celebrating his duzinz
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new contract with the washington mytics. his cousin is devastated that what was supposed to be a happy moment. >> she and julian with two pods in a pod. p they grew up together likeke brothers and sisters. >> police say dawkins was shot in the upper body. the results are not back yet. they want justis for their son. >> for me it's a murder case, he did it. there's no excuse for it and hee should be punished for it. i think justice needs to be served. >> the police haven't called me. they haven't told me anything. so i just -- i don't know. >> i was told yesterday that neighbors remember hearing some arguing dun the street.. there's a -- down the street. there's a neighborhood park onbr the corner and they heard
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arguing and heard julian saying something like don't come back here. that's where police have to sort out what happened here. what was the nature of confrontation. did this sheriff's deputy feel threatened or not feel threatened. we don't know the details of d what happened during that confrontation. police say paterson does live here in the community and characterized him as cooperative with the investigation.esti one other thing, i understand that the autopsy results may perhaps be released later todayt back to you. >> lotos of questions you bring up, and we'll look forward tod t the answers later. check out and the later shows today. >> >> thank you, mel. d.c. police on the hunt for a man who used a taser during a robber in georgetown. it happened on 34th street in northwest. police say the thief came from
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behind, taised the victim and ad took off. the use of taser businessusin private citizens is outlawed inn the district. >> president obama will head to thema national defense universit at fort mcnair to give a major speech on national security. >> he will lay out his policies on drone strikes.ikes the white house admitted for thf first time that the u.s. killed four americans in drone attacks overseas including the radical american muslim cleric and -- anwar al-alaqi. >> there was shock and horror h after a barbaric stabbing with meat cleavers in london. it's called a terror attack. two men were yelling god isod great when they brutally killedk a soldier who was not in uniform. this happened around the corner from an army barracks.
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when police arrived to the scene. the men walked up to them waving a gun and knives. officers opened fire. they are in the hospital under armed guards.uard the britt stish prime minister -- british prime minister said britain will nevee give in to terrorists but says y islam cannot be blamed. >> now to the latest twist in the boston bombing investigation the f.b.i. information florida questioning a chechen immigrantn about his ties to tamerlan tsarnaev when he turned violent. he reportedly implicated himself in a triple murder two years ago in a boston suburb that may have been connected to sarn yeah. the man -- sarn yef. the man -- tsarnaev.rnae the man pulled a knife and thehe police shot and killed that man. the first funerals for the oklahoma victims are scheduled for today. >> in the meantime president obama will visit moore, oklahoma
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on sunday to see firsthand the devastation left behind.n le the state insurance department says the damage from the storm t could be more thanhe $2 billion about. 13,000 homes were hit by the twister as well as several sev schools and a hospital.tal officials say all 24 victims have not been identified. the oldest building being 70 and the youngest scw -- oldest victim being 70 and the younger just four months old. >> the boy scouts of america will decide today whether too allow openly gay men into the program. >> wisdom joins us with what could be the final chapter of this debate. >> there's people on both side of the issue not happy. people on both sides are doing d last minute campaigning. >> it's a heated battle. >> my question to the boy scouts of america, what about my family values, why can't the focus be
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on families like me with gay people in it?peop >> we're upset the leadership are forcing this issue. the rank and file scouts do not want this change. >> boy scout leaders vote v whether to lift the ban on openly gay scouts. one who has earned all the badges but because he is gay he cannot set of highest honor. >> i've been working towards the eagle award and it's a huge part of my lie. he has two sonsed in the boy scouts. he -- sonses in the boy scouts. -- sons in the boy scouts. he started an online push. the scouts 1400 delegates are staying. they don't ban gays they ban gay activism. >> jennifer was told she could u no longer lead her son's cub scout pack because she's a
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lesbian. >> no one, young or old should ever be told they are not good enough because of who they are. i'm good our whole family is good enough. >> if the resolution passes it would allow gay scouts not gay leaders. the secret ballot is today and the outcome expected >> today virginia's indian tribes will take action to be recognized. this as we hear from some about whether they are bothered by the name of the home team the red skins. we hear it next. >> a gentleman's view on the the golf course turns ugly after a comment by garcia. he apologizes for a comment c considered racive but is it -- racist but if enough.
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>> a manager making a big difference for some of the most vulnerable riders. time now 9:10. we'll be right back. 
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>> that's my brother's high school, northwest washington. >> very nice. >> we know native americans have been in virginiaes for centurien but the federal government doesn't official say they exist still >> local leaders want to change that virginia's congressionalal delegation will introduce a bill to formally recognize six tribes that the state says exists but the feds do not. >> in the meantime we're hearing from some of those tribes about the redskins name controversy. the "richmond times dispatch"pat reached tout a retired leader. he said he doesn't offend him or
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his tribe, 98% who are skins fans themselves.s. still another says, quote, there are so many more issues that are important for the tribe than to waste time on what a team is called. we are worried about real things. i don't consider that a real thing. >> very interesting. all right. >> the skins, meanwhile kicked off organized team activities on monday but today is the first one that is open to the media. m our cameras will be there to get a first grim ps of the team. ota's are first nonsquad conferences and robert griffin iii is expected to speak after the practice. we'll have your news and developments tonight at 5:00.ig >> weht turn to golf now and sergio garcia is apologizing too tiger woods for saying he would have served fried chicken if the two had dined together at the u.s. open. >> he said meant to give a funnf answer to a playful question and
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it turned out to be stupid and out of place. >> most importantly i want to apologize to tiger and anybodyy that i could have offended by the comment i made and say that, you know, i feel sick about it. i feel sorry and, you know, we can calm things down and hopefully move on. >> well, tiger woods tweeted quote the comment that was madee wasn't silly, wrong, hurtful and clearly inappropriate. he went on to tweet i am confident that there is reall regret that the remark was made. not necessarily that ---- >> the golfers have been exchanging jabs since the third round of players championshipnsi when garcia said woods purposely
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stirred up the crowd when garcii was hitting. woods said it it wasn't intentional and there were jabs. >> we talked to dave that it was light hearted but now it's taken an ugly turn. >> 3-d printers are becoming more common. i have to admit i don't understand the technology. >> look at this picture. last year doctors in michigan printed 100 tiny tubes to complete a splint. that splint saved the life of a three-month old baby by keepinge his airwave open. that little baby is almost two years old. >> doctors at first didn't think he would leave the hospitalospi alive but his parents say thatht he runs around just like anyr t. >> and it's getting more interesting.
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the splint they created expands as he grows. the plastic will dissolve as new healthy tissue grown on the air pipes. doctors describe it as a breakthrough in the "new england journal of medicine". the printer has been in the new for creating parts to make aa real gun. so we talked about it in that context but this is, you know -- i don't think -- dare i say no controversy on this one. it's all good. for some getting around the metro system is no easy task between the fare card machines, the trains and platforms. even the cicadas are complaininc about it.ab >> which i fought a stop to. >> imagine trying to navigate ie all as a young person with a disability.di we meet a metro station manager making it easier for them.m. >> yeah, you good. you good.
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>> over nearly 43 years with metro, oj riverson has helped ah lot of people. >> i am jumping out to help them whether they are asking or not.n >> none more than the students from st. coletta in southeast d.c. >> it's comforting to know that people like oj are around. >> they have a wide range of disabilities.di some have autism andsa others he physical challenges, too. >> a certainly place on that. they get to -- they come over. >> richardson keeps an eye out t for the students when they come through the stadium armory metro rail station. >> he was out working one day. >> riding metro is part of the curriculum at the school. teacher goes along showing students how to read maps and
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signs and richardson the station manager. >> he's right across the street from the metro station and what richardson helps to teach the students is more than just riding trains, it's about learning independence. >> i could get on the train byy myself without any help. >> by learning to ride metro to the library, grocery store or work 18-year-old ricky thomas biers is confident in his future, too. too >> always going on. >> richardson doesn't get paidid extra for this. >> my mother probably instill ii us the right way to go. g >> and is richly rewarded. r >> he's a cool dude. >> they know me real well.e they shake my hand and give me a hug. they talk about me right theree helping them every day i come here. >> giving them direction to navigate metro and life.
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>> in southeast, fox 5 news. >> good story. >> really is. thank you, sheri. >> some of us take our friends to florida. >> what we go for the theme parks are getting more expensive. we'll check in with the fox business next work next. -- network next. b thumbs.
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they help kids thrive indoors, but my husband and i were certain that they had a greater purpose than... this. so, we reintroduced them to their natural habitat, and the purpose of those thumbs became quite clear. ♪ it's truly awe-inspiring to watch them do what they were designed to do. ♪ we may live in houses. but we are born for busch gardens.
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♪ >> you know this song? >> makes me happy. h it's from the happiest place on earth. >> i mate be a small world after but it's getting more expensive. >> one of theme parks is raising prices. does it mean others will follow suit. we have more on this. a lot of folks heading southg
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going to the great theme parks. good morning. m >> certainly going to take a a little fun out the entire amusement park experience. universal studios is jacking up the adult one day passes from $88 to.91 a day and the -- $92 a day and the child passes are $86 a pass. once one does it the other two tend to follow. at disney and seaworld have notn yet jacked up prices but the last couple years show they move in a group. guys? >> so when will we know what is going to happen?? >> no announcements just yet but we know universal will jack up j their prices prices to $92. what they are trying to do. the general strategy here is they are saying we're jacking ug our prices but come for three
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days and buy the multiday pass p and it's cheaper on the second and third day but it's stilltil about $50 for the second and third days. day not to mention you are there, eating, drinking sodas, spending money on merchandise.chan definitely a pretty penny. >> it is. start bringing in multiple kids and you need to do a lot of saving. thank you for the heads up. might be a good idea to go righr now before they raise the rates rather. thank you so much. >> thanks.hank >> that's what people didn'teopl want to hear perhaps right around now.roun >> we should point out frequently the tickets are heavily discounts and you canco get them through various placesc >> $92 for an adult? >> crazy. >> interesting.nter from orlando get set to head to the deserts of africa. a >> just ahead movie sets sitting in the
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how they were discovered comingc up next. >> i bet it was strange to see them. like plafn et of the apes -- planet of the apes strange. a little bit of paradise hawaiii is here with us.e find outwi about a free event to celebrate what is happening --pi to help celebrate asian pacific heritage month and we'll try our hand at the hulla. 9:26. >> can we get john cicada?
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♪ >> yeah, yeah we hate to break it to you but the planet from f star wars is closer than you think? >> that's right the desert home to anican skywalker is not in a
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galaxy far, far away but cross the big pond in tunisia. tun an artist traveled to africa too track down abandoned movie sets. these pictures show what the t look like. >> the yaifort found them to be poetic and so do we. they show ruins of something that used to be only in their imaginations. the exhibit ruins on reverse. rv we know what season stonehenge . >> shouldn't a movie that makes $1 billion clean up after >> you would think so. >> it is weird, yeah. >> what injure point, tony? >> i forget. >> who know half his points. [laughter][l rain showers moving in today. a wet day. d rain and maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon. getting to the radar. not right inside the beltway att
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the moment but the rain showersr are move together west. psych that parts of area here -- you can see that pars of area,a, many parts of area are getting rain showers. winchester working down 81 towards front royal. r again the rain is moving in andi a better chance of later this afternoon. mild temperatures in the 70s.. 73 at reagan national. it's warm and muggy out there. leonardtown 73. highs upper 70 to 80. rain moving in to the west. potential for thunderstorms along the cold front. it's a slow moving cold front. we'll be talking about it tonight. the possibility of shower and thunderstorms as it moves to the east. potentially we could talking about rain and thunderstorms. we'll show you a map in a minute. rain showers at 2:00, maybe thunderstorms later tonight. showers around here. h early tomorrow morning lingering showers and the cooler air workw in from the west and we should
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be look at a great weekend. saturday, sunday and monday look great. slight risk of severe weather.r. washington, parts of pennsylvania and new york, could mean severe thunderstorms this afternoon. not a great chance by a possibility. remember that as we get to the afternoon hours.. 81 this afternoon.noon we'll get late day sun tomorrow and saturday, sunday and mondaya highs with 75 with lots of sunshine. should be a gorgeous weekend here. outdoor plans? barbeques, heading to the nats park for games, should be greate weather for it. >> i'll take that because i love it so much. thank you. y >> there's always a lot going on. [ laughter ]er i was mesmerized there. >> at the smithsonian. you are right. they are celebrating
9:33 am
asian-pacific heritage month. the cafe in the museum of the american indian.ica >> that's right. >> welcome. >> thank you very much. thank you for having me today. >> yes, it's a big part of this what are you doing? >> we have the hawaiian festival going on. we're doing food demo, hula dancing demonstrations. there's a lot of stuff going on. >> 10:30 to 4:30 p.m., right? rg >> right a lot of stuff going on throughout the day.ho people can come and enjoy. you can taste the hawaiian food. we'll do a quick one for you? >> what is it?t? >> it's the hawaiian version of is a d -- ceviche. c when they finished they choppedh it up, a little bit of lime l juice and hawaiian sea salt andd eat it like that.
9:34 am
this is fish we brought in fromf hawaii. this is from honolulu fishh company, a little bit of flyingg fish roux. >> do we know that as caviar?avi >> similar but it comes in that color from the fish. what we've done is we have sticky rice and nori sheets. the same thing you make sushi with. >> got you. >> citrus mayo, macadamia nuts t and top our rice with that. real quick because i know we're running out of time. deal with garnish for the flyiny fish oil and cherry juice, apple
9:35 am
sider vinar and with this being hawaii you can use ahi l fish from here. >> tell us about your >> i'm going mosey on over. >> okay. >> we represent south america, e central america and north america.a. and we have festivals where we have featured foods from across the world we don't feature on a daily basis. >> allison will be over here. i'll taste this and be right here food and the culture is what we love, the beautiful tansing. good morning to all of you. did morning. aloha. can you please introduce therodu name of the -- i don't want to o stand in front of you, dear, can you introduce the name of group and how significant it is. >> we'reit a d.c. based hawaiian school based on the foundation
9:36 am
of perpetuating the hawaiian culture. hula was a form of communication. because we didn't have a written language. that was our form of communication and it's a way to preserve our history. >> it's beautiful. the aloha spirit. tell us about that as we move over this way. tell us how importanttht that s and the feeling because it's really beautiful. bea >> absolutely. the aloha spirit is the nature we're brought up with whatever we have to give, we need to share. it's a concept of being kind to others and sharing our aloha and making sure the world is great. >> and great because they are sharing the floor with thesehe characters in the back here. i'll let you take it away. >> mahola. mah >> what do i say to you? >> aloha. a >> what does that mean?
9:37 am
>> it's a way of ho is it goingn how are you doing?g? >> don't try to stall for hym -- time this is the hula. >> curly shell. ♪ curly shell from the ocean ♪ ♪ from the ocean ♪ shining in the sun powdering the shore ♪or ♪ ♪ my heart tells me i love uh-oh those little pearly shells ♪ >> you are not even trying,
9:38 am
wisdom. [ laughter ]er not even trying. [ laughter ] ♪ covering the shore when i see them, when i see them ♪ ♪ my heart tells me i love you ♪ more than all those little pearly shells ♪ >> beautiful! almost perfect. ♪ all those pretty pearly shells >> okay. that's enough.. the hawaiian festival is this weekend may 25 and 2610:30 to 4:30 p.m. thank you. mahalo.maha >> aloha and i love you in sign language. stay with us. we'll be right back. [laughter] very nice. very nice. ♪
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>> welcome back.e ah -- >> i don't know what you justus said. i don't think it was thathat though. [laughter] >> okay. >> i'm hoping. >> it's very good. in the buzz bin this morning. mr janet jackson joins thee exclusive billionaires club.illi >> yes. >> according to "variety" she has raked in a total of $260 in album sales and another $81 $8 million in music and publishingi fees. >> the sold out world tours hava earn her a cool $458 million. she's cashing in on the big b screen roles, too and married he will -- extremely well thank is her lifetime earnings it doesn't come tout a billion. they married a billionaire in
9:43 am
due buy -- dubai. that brings it to a billion, not taking anything away from her. >> anyone looking to party at justin bieber's mansion have to keep their shah man in gas -- shenanigans under wraps.igan >> talking is going to cost you. anyone who talks or using social networking to say what went inside the mansion will be slapped with a $5 million lawsuit. there might be risky activities potentially hazardous. >> reel it in, beeves, you don'y have to be that boy. >> charlie sheen is coming for you. >> winning. >> our spring has been a cool one with just a few hot daysay here and there. >> is that helping or hurting your veggie garden. derek thomas is here with tips on making sure your vegetables survive this spring.s time now 9:44.
9:44 am
we'll be right back with derek. 
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>> welcome back, everybody. eve we've had cool days annen seasonably chill -- and unseasonably chilly this spring. many of us wonder what is going on with our vegetable gardens. derek, full disclosure i don'tei have a vegetable garden. >> i lover how you continuously throw yourself under the bus. >> i love to see you. >> and you, allison. >> what about the veggie gardens? >> it's been a tough year with the vegetables. and what happened was a lot of f people bought tow -- tomatoes bought them early and we had that really, really cool -- a warm shot and -- and
9:48 am
>> you told us about.b this we talked about this. >> and people went ahead and bought them anyway. people say the tomatoes look horrible. >> vegetables have specificpeci growing seasons. things like cilantro which has started. the flowers are going to turn into core idea ander -- corriander seeds. what you can do in the garden, the leaves are done. what you can do is pop them out of the pot, put them into a larger pot. i wouldn't plant it today but to show the viewers you can put night a larger pot. it's going to force the flowers to set seed. you have buy now because theyey
9:49 am
wouldn't be available in september. lettuces they are done. the minute it gets to the 80s, lettuces want to bolt. it changes.nges that means it's going to send uu a flower.. what you want to do if it's a a leaf lettuce and you see it at t the garden center, don't bother. okay? plants like this head lettuce,c, even though it's a mini iceberg it will still make the lettuce in your garden.. and romaine. go ahead and get it. a lot of times you get it at a discount this time of season. get it at the discount. plant it out but we ready too harvest it in a week or two. >> watch it. >> squash, the one thing that everybody does with squash. they think it gets big and out of control. if you don't have space, don't plate plant because you have to plant in a grouping.g. they cross pollen.
9:50 am
the pollen will make the squash on this.on if you only plant one you'llou'l never have it. >> lonely squash.uash >> yes. the one thing i don't want to do tomatoes. everyone has sent me tomatoes. if it looks like this, guys,uys, here is what do you. they are pretty good. g break it up. you want to actually take off o these lower growing tips here.e. we want it potted up nice and high. tomatoes are one of plants you can do that take off the leaves. >> the dead ones. >> remove the dead leaves and la what is going on to happen is is the tomato plant is going to flush back out and be good as new. the other tip i have now is that if you buy pepper plants right
9:51 am
now you can let them flower out. take them off. here is the reason why. you want the plant to flush out. so all of these little peppers that are will to set. s any flowers that you see for the first month, remove them. let the plant get nice and big and you'll have a bumper crop of sweet peppers later in thehe season. >> that's derek thomas. he has everything you need to know. i suspect an ask the garden guy is coming up. >> it's coming up send them in n and follow me on twitter @thomas,gardenguy. >> holly over to you, good >> good morning to you. i love good ideas but i'm sayins this say brilliant idea. id we're talking about the best bash cue in -- barbecue in the
9:52 am
city doing one at the national t building museum. it's going on throughout the summer and good for dogs, too. t before charlie leaves, i wantedw him to get a spotlight. it's pet and people friendly. summer friendly. in the 7:00 hour we showed you the delicious food and now we'll wet your whistle. all right so no summer party is complete without signature drinks. >> what do we have? >> we have the drink for the backyard barbecue, the porch swing, gin, fresh lemon juice and a little bit of home made strawberry spearupth -- syrup. >> this looks delicious. as you put it together i know there are a lot of people thinking, okay that place is pla going to be jam packed. it is true but you limit the number of people to everyone has
9:53 am
a great experience. >> we don't want to pack in as many as possible. we want to hold the doors, make sure everyone gets what they need as soon as they need it and have a great experience. we hold the door sometimes if it gets a little busy.usy >> come early. here early, brinr blanket on the line. >> hay bails. >> bring the kids. >> the kids can't drink the porch swing. >> exactly. we have lemonade. this is my favorite. >> big red soda. >> every time we go i have to t have one, my husband is from i'll take a porch swing. as if it couldn't get better, but it does friday and saturdayr
9:54 am
nights they have free music and we have a band ready for us this morning good morning to you. >> good morning. >> justin jones tell me about your sound. >> we're a rock 'n' roll band from washington, d.c.ashi >> what do you think about the venue?? >> it's pretty great. it reminds me about someone's house party. >> like a house party, pretty cool. when is the last time you rocked it out at six minutes before bef 10:00 in the morning. >> never! >> all right. then here is to your first time. let's hand the stage over. take it away. ♪
9:55 am
♪ >> backyard barbecue going on all summer long wednesday w through sundays. the doors open at noon.oon. they do serve lunch and dinnerie and then on fridays and saturdays is when they have the free live music concert. con it's all happening on the west s lawn of the national building museum and the mini golf at the national building museum going on. don't forget that. it opens on monday. people israel day and runs through september. here is to summer fun in the nation's capital. we'll have more fox 5 when wehe comen back. stay with us. 
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>> clouds and showers moving to the west. you see that quickly on the radar and maybe thunderstorms out there, tnd too. be ready for it. we'll get it out of here by tomorrow afternoon and we're in for a great weekend. temperatures this weekend in the 70s with lots of sunshine. s breezy on >> what azy big show we had todt >> love it. >> amazing and an exclusive with john cicada. c please go to the web site and look at it. >> as always we thank you and we'll see you tomorrow.  >> announcer: it's time for "the wendy williams show."


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