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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  February 4, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. a wild one in the bayou. it was the big brother coming out on top. the ravens managed to hold off a huge momentum shift in the second half to win the super bowl. >> fans celebrated into the wee hours. the city is getting ready to
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welcome the team home. fox 5 morning news continues right now. live look outside right now over washington, d.c. a very chilly start to your week. we've already got some snow flurries that have happened over the weekend. and in some school districts, they are already having some issues. we'll tell you about that in just a second. good morning. happy monday. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. it sure was a thriller last night and a long one at that. this year's big game last the four hours and 14 minutes. the longest super bowl ever. didn't realize. >> with the power outage. >> there you go. >> now it makes sense. >> thanks in part to a power outage that delayed the game over half an hour. there is your problem. >> we could have watched had it not been for that. as we look to the weather, we have one school closing to pass along. garrett county, maryland schools are closed today as people out there deal with some snow.
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>> all right. okay. >> we have tucker barnes sitting over here. you're not wasting any time. >> here is what is happening in garrett county. if you are traveling out to the west or watching well out to the west, they are look at a bigger snow event later this afternoon and tonight. no issues this morning. we will be dealing with this little clipper system. you can see it out toward chicago. it is just more of the same. this pattern remains intact here but there is this little piece of energy that comes down later this afternoon and during the evening hours, we'll see a band of snow showers break out. not looking at a lot of snow but perhaps enough to cover the ground again. some spots, we get an inch. maybe if you are watching well to the north and west, you could do a little better than that. not going to be a big system as it doesn't have a lot of moisture to tap into. cold temperatures to start your morning again. your morning commute nice and quiet. 26 right now in washington. it is chilly out there. 12 in binghamton. we've got cold temperatures. we are off tie chilly start to the month of february.
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and the cool temperatures will continue today. 37 your day time high. lots of clouds. clouds move in and eventually some snow showers tonight but i think the bulk of that will be after rush hour. >> the clipper system makes it sound like it is so cute but it is not. >> it is fast moving. >> yes. >> the faster the better. >> get it out of here. >> time now to check in with julie wright see how that morning commute is going. >> if it is fast, we should call it jacobi. >> what is that guy's last name? >> jones. >> even i had to sit on the end of the couch and i was like wow! southbound i-9 5, the crew in sky fox joining us this morning. chopper brad, i hope you are all bundled up up there. it is cold. no issues reported leaving bwi marshall continuing down towards the capital beltway. traffic rolling freely on 295 as well for those coming inbound leaving laurel. let's can't now with our next
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set of cameras. we'll show you what else is happening out here on the roads. southbound 270, a little bitter than expected here at 109. we do have reports that there is a crash southbound before you reach route 80 in urbana. no issues reported right now for those continuing their drive in virginia eastbound along 66. lanes are open leaving manassas headed inbound towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. ravens fans are reveling in the team's win over the 49ers in super bowl xlvii. thousands of people hit the streets of charm city once the win game official. the celebration has also just begun. there will be a citywide parade in the team's honor tomorrow starting at city hall and ending at the ravens stadium. we all know the ravens won. they won largely behind the arm of joe flacco. he was coming up for a contract too. he through for three touchdown passes in the first half and
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was named the mvp of the game. >> the win means john harbaugh beat his brother for a second time in their head to head match-up as head coaches. >> the way that game play oud, when it was 28-6 and the light went out and whatever happened, i just knew with jim harbaugh being on the other sideline and all those years we've been together that that game would be a dogfight right to the end. unbelievable. i don't think it has sunk in yet that we're here let alone won the thing. pretty cool. >> we want to here what you being about the ravens' success. michelle markham says the way flacco played, he definitely deserves mvp and perhaps a pay raise as well. >> oh, he's getting a raise.
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another big story wore following, an american hero is dead. man would wrote the book american sniper was shot and killed and it happened at a shooting range. >> police in texas say they have a suspect in the shooting of former navy seal chris kyle. melanie alnwick is live with the latest on this story. >> reporter: chris kyle earned a rep station as a military's most lethal sniper. he served four tours in iraq, received 14 different awards and decorations including two silver stars and five bronze stars with valor. friends say he died doing what he loved, trying to help other vet ransz. kyle's murder has stunned the military community where he was vie veered for his skill and heroic service. kyle wrote the best selling autobiography american sniper which detailed his 150 plus kills of insurgents. kyle and his friend chad littlefield were both killed he at the rough creek lodge about 50 miles west of ft. worth, texas yesterday afternoon. at excused shooter is believed to be a troubled soldier that
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kyle was trying to help. they say eddy ray routh is believed to have turned and shot the men in the back and then fleed in kyle's pickup truck. truck. >> well, i don't think anybody knows why. they all went out there together in thehicle. it is my understanding that the suspect may have been suffering from some type of mental illness from being in the military himself. i understand he was a marine for four years and may have been suffering from some complications from that. i'm not sure. >> reporter: chris kyle left the navy in 2009. friends say he dealt with his own post-war struggles and established a charity to help other vets. thoik authorities believe routh's mother may have been the one to reach out for help for her son. -- texas authorities. still ahead, as a tense
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hostage situation in alabama enters its seventh day, more details emerge about the suspect and how he is treating the boy he is holding captive. >> more super bowl headlines. this is a live look in baltimore this morning. that is a reefens sweatshirt. oh, that's a jacket. -- is that a ravens sweatshirt? >> oh, that's a jacket. >> champions, purple and black. >> enjoying a cup of coffee. rvr a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today.
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a deadly tour bus crash in southern california last night has killed at least eight people and injured dozens more. officials say the bus driver reported having brake problems as it was coming down a mountain right before it rear- ended a sedan and then flipped and hit a pickup truck. the passengers on the bus were part of a group from mexico. a day earlier, a bus carrying high school students
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from pennsylvania smashed into an overpass in boston after a visit to harvard university. at least one person remains in critical condition this morning. state police said the bus driver was relying on a gps and didn't realize he was not supposed to be on a soldier's field road. the road has low clearance and several signs warning of height limits. the hostage stabbedoff in alabama enters yet another day. it has been almost a week now since jimmy lee dykes shot and killed a bus driver and took a 5-year-old boy back to an underground bunker on his property. the fbi continues to have an open line of communication with dykes. the little boy requested crackers and a red-hot wheels car, both of which were delivered to the bunker along with medicine and other comfort items as well. a first on capitol hill. in honor of black history month ark statue of a former slave who made a name for himself in the district is getting a new home. >> and what did you think of
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>> one, two, three, four! ur! >> history in the making. >> beyonce putting on i apowerhouse super bowl performance and putting skeptics to rest following her criticized inauguration performance. and the light show that was involved -- >> it was crazy with all those lights. >> i think that is what caused the power issue. the power went out like 10
6:17 am
minutes later. >> that was crazy. >> the only other thing i noticed about this show, it was a good show, half time show. i don't understand how people are able to dance around in heels and sing. >> just practice, wisdom. >> is that what it is? >> yeah. >> okay. all right. >> right here on set, go ahead. >> all right. >> we're cold around here to start your day back in the 20s. going to be another chilly day and yet another chipper system on the way. not going -- yet another clipper system on the way. not going to be a big deal but later this afternoon and tonight it could be enough to coat the ground and perhaps cause an issue or two tomorrow morning for the commute. 26 in washington. it is cold, no doubt about it. 28 in leonardtown. 26 in annapolis. temperatures expected to only be in the mid-30s later this afternoon. so once again, we are kicking off yet another day here in february with temperatures that are expected to be below normal temperaturewise. sunshine to start your day.
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i know wear dark at the moment but we've got clear skies. clouds will roll in for much of the day so a little morning sunshine and clouds later today. eventually, yet, our latest in a series of clipper systems will dive down into the washington area and bring us the possibility of some very light snow around here this evening just like this weekend, saturday night and during the day yesterday when we had a couple more clipper systems come through. if you are watching well out to the west, our friends in western maryland, west virginia, you will get a little more particularly in the mountains out to the west where they could be getting a couple of inches or several inches in you are on the western slopes. high pressure keeping us dry. the clouds move in and that area of low pressure dives on down and gives us some light snow this evening into the early-morning hours tomorrow and we are looking ate potential for maybe an inch. snow north and west of town. becoming cloudy, cool afternoon, 37. winds out of the north and west
6:19 am
at five to 10. our average daytime high till in the mid-40s. evening snow showers, light accumulations possible and the worst case scenario would be about an inch. 30 your overnight low. there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast with a bit of a warm-up towards the end of the week. highs back into the upper 40s. a relatively quiet week after the crazy week we had last week with the 70s and snow and ice and this is a much quieter week. let's get the latest from julie wright who knows about how to dance in high heels, don't you, julie? >> what are you trying to say? >> i'm wearing my uggs right now. >> i know about your weekend. >> i'm he trying to keep my feet warm. outer loop of the beltway, here is where the crew in sky fox is at university boulevard. no issue reported now. volume increasing as you travel westbound around 495. southbound 270, we mentioned this crash last time around. just before you reach route 80
6:20 am
in urbana, the crash already pulled to the median causing some tie-ups. on the roads northbound i-95 is in good shape. no issues to report right now traveling north of quantico headed in towards woodbridge. you will fine delays eastbound on 66 now leaving man as as you travel between the two 234 interchanges and traffic slows again as you make your way east through centerville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. >> thank you. after years of trying to get a statue of frederick douglas in the u.s. capitol, the wait is finally over. the staff oust famous speaker, writer and abolitionist is move first thing d.c. government building and city leaders are celebrating. eleanor holmes norton will host an event tonight to call attention to the relocation of douglas' statue. former new york city mayor ed koch will be laid to rest this morning in manhattan's temple emmanuel. former president bill clinton
6:21 am
will speak at the service serving as i representative for barack obama. koch was admired has a tough lawmaker who hay fierce loyalty to israel. he died on friday of congestive heart failure at the age of 88. also today, state officials will announce a subway station in the big apple will be renamed in his hon oimple the east 77th street and lexington avenue stop is said to be his favorite and is also where he often campaigned. -- in his honor. why some super bowl advertiser might be knocking on cbs's door this morning. we'll go live to fox business network in new york next. a record-setting national anthem before the big game. alicia keys' rendition of the star spangled banner took her 156 seconds to belt out beating the previous record at the super bowl held by nat alie
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the potential backlash after last night's super bowl blackout and another milestone for facebook. lahr un?imenty is live with the business beat. let's talk about facebook and its birthday. >> yes. it is nine years old simonetti with the business beat. >> facebook is definitely blowing out the birthday candles. mark zuckerberg started facebook in his college dorm room nine years ago. the stock did terribly on friday, down 4% but it is hovering right near $30 and making its way back to its $38ipo price when it went public on the nasdaq may of last year.
6:26 am
>> not bad as you said for something that started in a college boarm room. not bad at all. did you stay up and watch the super bowl last night? >> i got through half time. that is when all the drama happened. >> -- college dorm room. >> if i paid $3.8 million and i look up and see we are in black for 30, 40 minutes, i'm he going to be upset. >> so this is what is good for cbs. the fact that the game became a nail biter in the end. when a game is close, people keep watching the game. they don't get up or leave the super bowl party like i did. because they typically don't wake up at 2:00 in the morning. your eyes are on the television screen and that is what advertisers want because they're paying $3-point # million for 30 seconds of television time -- paying $3.8 million for 30 second of television time. it was not close at all the first half. many fans started to get up
6:27 am
being check their phones, go to the bath rome being check more food. if they came back, it was a close game. that is what might have cbs breathing a sigh of relief. maybe some advertisers won't be demanding any money back but other advertisers were really clever. they understand that so many people watch the game and have a second screen experience on their mobile phones so they turned to twitter and made the best out of t tide wrote he we can't get your hash tag blackout but we can get your stains out. and oreo said you can dunk in the dark on twitter. so many advertisers realizing that you have that interaction with the game also on your phone and they tried to make the best out of it. >> all right. they did but i'm sure someone is going to be asking some questions this morning. >> i know. i know. >> when beyonce was done, i thought her performance was just so good. i didn't like the last couple of super bowl half time shows. so i was like this is too good to be true. it seems like too smooth. and then all of a sudden, the
6:28 am
blackout happened. >> and then the lights went out. good to see you. we'll see you tomorrow. >> you too. >> coming up next, a look at how the ravens fans are celebrating the day after. we'll check in with dave ross a little bit later. we'll be back. 
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there is, the baltimore ravens, spoiive champions. they roared out of the gateway 22-point lead but the nines are roared back but fell just short. this is the niners' first loss in the super bowl. >> really? >> first time they've lost the super bowl. >> that ways good team. they'll be back. >> the ravens are 2-0 in the super bowl. >> it was a great game. >> lots of side things that made it -- >> between the blackout and beyonce. >> that is the way super bowl should be. all right. for those of you getting up who didn't get enough sleep, we are off day cold start to your day.
6:32 am
temperatures in the mid-20s. clouds will move back in. later tonight arab few more snow showers in the forecast as yet another clipper comes rolling through. not expecting any major accumulations but we could get some light snow around here i think after the evening rush hour locally. maybe 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 tonight. 26 in washington right now. dulles, 26. and bwi marshall, 24 degrees. very chilly start to your day. mentioned high temperatures in the mid 0s and a lot of sunshine to start your day. there you can see a live look at your satellite-radar. we do have clouds out to the west and as this clipper system approaches from north and west during the day, we'll cloud up so morning sunshine, afternoon clouds an one more time, we have some snow showers in the forecast later tonight. we'll go mid- to upper 30s, 37 in washington and quantico. a little cooler there north and west. you will be flirt with the freezing mark out towards dulles and as you get up into hagerstown, maybe only upper 20s for daytime highs. >> this will be cold out there. that's for sure. >> let's check in with julie
6:33 am
wright. she has our on-time traffic. >> the crew in sky fox has made their way over to southbound 270 as you continue to work your way out to the split. you will find your lanes here are open. traffic is slow as you continue your exit out of rockville headed out to the lane divide with no issues to report right now. on the top side of 270, that is a different story. southbound on 27 0rbg the crash occurred before you commit to 109. -- southbound on 27 0rbg the crash occurred before you commit to -- southbound on 270, the crash occurred before you commit to 109. if you are traveling eastbound on 66, you are not alone. heavy volume traveling between the two 234 interchanges with traffic slowing again in centreville and now from fair oaks headed eastbound towards 123. northbound 395 on the brakes headed north of duke street headed out towards shirlington. lanes are open on the beltway. looking good right now leaving annandale to merrifield and now inbound new york avenue. traffic flows getting through
6:34 am
the light leaving northeast to northwest. inbound 50 slows as you approach kenilworth avenue from 202. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. time now for the morning line and it is all about super bowl xlvii. >> jerk it is. they are celebrating in charm city. and it is not expected to stop any time soon. dave ross live in baltimore for us this morning. >> i got to imagine you got some pretty excited fans around you. >> absolutely, sarah and wisdom. we do. at 6:30 in the morning, i don't know that many of the people have slept here. why would you go to bed after an absolutely scintillating super bowl last night, spoiive. we had the first time ever brother versus brother, john versus item. what a game it was. -- super bowl xlvii. we'll show you how the ravens got it down with a couple of those highlights. we knew the story line coming in was all about the brothers. it quickly shifted to joe flacco.
6:35 am
what a first half he had. three touchdown passes en route to being the game's most valuable player. how about this? 11 touchdowns, zero interceptions in the playoffs. that is pretty darn heady stuff right there. a crazy thing where the lights went out for about 35 minutes to begin the second half. ravens firmly in command at that point and the nines are seems to get energized and it all came down to a goal line stand. the ravens defense would step up and be counted for when it needed to be most. colin kaepernick, a blitz and the pass is incomplete and the ravens get their second world championship. >> he played 20 games this year and i think i've thrown 10 picks. it just thaps that way. the team came together and got healthy and we hit our stride right at the right point and
6:36 am
that is why we're standing where we are today. >> what better way to go out. i think more importantly is my teammates, things wave been through all year, through this journey, the up and down roller coaster, the injuries, the passion of people and we stayed together and now i get to ride off into the sunset with my second ring. >> reporter: here at jimmy's restaurant, this place has been open since 1946. you have some hearty patrons that come in each and every day. you have been a long time baltimore fan back to the colts days and the ravens days. tell me what this win means getting that second world championship. >> it means a lot to me, number one, and to baltimore. i am a raven fan and also a baltimore colt fan all the way back in those days, the 1950s. and we're going to celebrate
6:37 am
along with baltimore and we're going it have a parade. simple as that. >> tell me about the influence of ray lewis. you and i were talking about when he announced to the team that he was going to retire, you think it energized this whole group. >> from my opinion, he has a lot to do and he energized the players and the whole team and i would say 50% he energized the team. he has a lot to do, we get super bowl. >> a little bit of controversy. joe flacco is the mvp. do you think that was the right call? >> well, i'm only going to tell an opinion. >> okay. >> on the second half, he came out flat like the old joe flacco. but jacobi jones, they should consider because on the third quarter, encame out with the kickoff return. and you know what in with you
6:38 am
come down the way he came down, that is the save points that we won the super bowl. that is my opinion. >> i understand what you're saying. >> -- that is the seven points that he won the super bowl. >> but he is here to stay. he is here for god. >> i'm sure he does. >> we'll have a fun morning here at jimmy's. wisdom, i believe you picked the 49 ores, that is not correct? >> you picked the ravens to lose every single game in the playoffs this year. >> i picked the ravens to win the super bowl before the season started. take that, wisdom martin. >> i don't recall that but i do recall you picking broncos, picking the patriots and picking the 49ers. all right . we'll see a the bit later. stella johnson said i thought
6:39 am
it was wonderful. it got a little shaky but they proved their point in the end. so proud of the rav understand and going on miss ray lewis. congratulations, ravens. we'll be sharing your comments. >> i thought dave actually picked the 49ers last week. >> he picked against the ravens every single game in the playoffs. he went with peyton manning, tom brady and he picked the 49ers. he was wrong all year. >> let's check our other top stories. the search is for a killer in district. d.c. police say a relative of 68-year-old howard venable, jr. found him stabbed to death in his fuller street apartment on saturday. residents in the complex are surprised of his death saying the building is secure with cameras an guests have to be buzzed n. the deadliest sniper in the u.s. military has died
6:40 am
allegedly at the hands of one hives own. former navy seal chris kyle who became famous for his autobiography, america's deadliest sniper, was killed at at shooting range over the weekend. he apparently took fellow soldiers to the shooting range as a therapy to help them deal with war. authorities arrested eddy ray routh. >> he left and drove to midlothian where he went to his sister's home and told his sister and his brother-in-law what he had just done. >> the suspect is currently listed on reserve duty. he is being held on $3 million bond and is on suicide watch. president barack obama is heading to minnesota today to cam pine for more gun control laws. he is hoping to rally support from the public and will visit the minneapolis police department's special operations center. the president is expected to call for a more comprehensive
6:41 am
set of common sense ideas to reduce gun violence. he has called for a ban on assault weapons and wants universal back browned check in anyone who wants to buy a gun. secretary of state john kerry will introduce himself to his new colleagues today after spending the weekend introducing himself to leaders around the world. sunday, john kerry spoke by phone with israeli and palestinian leaders ensuring the president's administration will continue towards peace in the middle east. >> if you watched the super bowl, you know it was hard to miss all the commercials. we want to know if you have a favorite. >> we've been talking about this this morning as well. we are going to share which ones we think made the cut. we'll be right back. turkey-chen in the afternoon, or a tuna salad when the job is done, sandwich on your terms with any of dunkin's freshly made bakery sandwiches for just $2.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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this is the best. we're back on fox 5 morning news. this is one of the best commercials. this guy recruiting his team after the other guys bullied him. he went and got his team. now he is back. that was a great commercial. >> and the kid with the bear. >> one was rescuing somebody fry fire. look at this kid lifting weights. that was a great commercial. >> that one was pretty good. >> my favorite was the one from oreo in the library. >> i saw that one. >> can we roll it in do we have it here. >> the cream part of an oreo. that is crazy. >> the cookie is the best part,. >> cream,. >> the cookie,. >> cream. >> and chaos. still in a whisper. in a whispe
6:46 am
>> and at the end, it was the best part. >> the fight over which is better, the cookie or the cream. but never rises above a whisper. they were in the library after all. that one made me laugh. >> how about that go daddy ad? >> that was the worst thing i've seen ever. >> as soon as i saw da ni. ca patrick and i saw the -- danica patrick and i saw the model. i knew there would be trouble. they went to the line and went over it. >> please tell me we don't have that video. >> we've got to see it again. i was shock ted time. i'm like what is going on? >> it was bad. >> cold start to your day. temperatures falling back into the 20s, all of us below freezing. going to the bus stop, walking to school, walking to work,
6:47 am
still celebrating. you are outside. it is cold. 26degrees at reagan national. going to be a chilly day. highs will top out in the mid- to upper 30s. just like this weekend, wave been kind of stuck in the same pat were here. we get little clipper systems dropping on in. we'll get another one late this afternoon and tonight that can give us another round of light snow around here not talking about major accumulations. we've gotten used to it at this point. satellite-radar, nice and quiet to start your day. you can see the clear skies out there. that is part of the reason we are so cold this morning. we should see abund apt sunshine here, plenty of sunshine to start your day. but as we get into the afternoon hours, the clouds will roll in. we'll be mostly cloudy late today. then i think towards the end of the evening rush hour and during the evening hours, we'll see light snow working in here. -- we should see abundant sunshine here. this time around, maybe an inch will be washington and points north and north and west.
6:48 am
headed out to the moisture trains, they will see more appreciable snow. there we are with futurecast. not loving the yt idea -- the idea of a lot of snow. could there be a couple of travel issues early tomorrow morning? certainly with temperatures falling below freezing again and a little moisture around. 37 today, becoming cloudy. another cool afternoon. winds north and west here at five to 10. cloudy tonight, 30 degrees. evening snow showers a good possibility. light accumulations again a possibility. maybe a covering around here covering of snow. we did that on saturday and parts of the area got some yesterday. there is your accu-weather forecast. we'll keep the temperatures in the 40s. maybe some upper 40s by next weekend. so temperatures moderating as we get a little further into the week. so there you go. been kind after cold start to february. >> all right. thank you.
6:49 am
>> guess who is here. >> good morning. before we get to the question, the ad, the go daddy ad you were talking about, saw an interview with the nerdy, tbeeky guy, when they cast him they said you will be kissing a supermodel. they said are you comfortable with that? -- the geeky guy. >> am i comfortable with that? here we go. boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, it is time for ask tony and tucker, the most popular segment in morning television. today's question comes from jeffrey oliver in virginia. he wants to know, who picks who is going to be the half time show performers at the super bowl? good question. we have a lot of information about this but i could not find anything that definitively says who picks it. i believe it is the nfl and i believe it is now in con junk
6:50 am
with the network that is carrying the super bowl. that is what i believe. >> i don't know if it's committee or one person. we couldn't find that information. >> but we do know it is the nf element and probably i think you're right in conjunction with the networks. >> and then what they do is they hire a specific producer and in past years, they have been big time hollywood producers, producers, people who produce like the grammys and stuff like that will do it. so it is a whole bunch. different people every year depending on what network is carrying it. >> what did you think of last night's? >> i thought it was great. thought beyonce day very good job. the stage was impressive. >> it was. it was a great show. >> she is great. it made me want to go see her in concert. >> do you have a pair of boots like that? >> i don't wear them to work.
6:51 am
>> well, this second-degreement just took a turn. >> lets he get to the question. this is a very long history and it is only in recent times that the shows have been the spectacles that they are now. >> that is the amazing thing. >> i didn't realize this. i guess i was so little when the first super bowls were being held i didn't notice. but for the first decade or so, the super bowl half times were performed by college marching bands. >> that was exciting. >> remember, the super bowl has grown. the first two super bowls weren't even called super bowl. the third one, it was kind of as a lark. someone came one the name and then it stuck. but for the first 47 years, the first 22 years or whatever it was, not so great entertainment. you know who has been the most frequent super bowl performer? >> this is amazing. >> the group up with people. do you even know up with
6:52 am
people? i'm hold enough to remember up with people. they were one of these homogenized, hey, everybody! but they haven't perform since the early '80s. >> for those of you out there, do you remember the half time show back in 1992? >> with the redskins. >> i do not. >> maybe you don't because of his gloria estefan with olympic skaters. >> it is a maul sworld after all day half time show. you know who you can thank for the big time half time shows? fox. in the early '90s fox in living color was a big hit show and they decided we'll put on a special he had ights of in living color while you are watching the super bowl on cbs or whatever it was and people turned from the super bowl to fox to watch their special
6:53 am
episode of in living color and it knocked down the ratings for the super bowl which was on another network. so the next year, the network that was carrying the super bowl, said we'll get you and they hired michael jackson to do the super bowl. and since then, it has been pretty much big time. not exclusive. they still got a couple of those theme shows in there, but now -- >> one other fast fact. they do not pay the half time show an appearance fee. >> they pay for the expenses. >> acts are thrilled to do it. it is huge he can exposure. they tend to get an uptick in ticket sales, album seams. >> it made you want to go see her. >> and you said that there is an announcement that she is going on tour. >> it just came out today. >> very smart. >> so there you go. jeffrey, hope we answered that for you. maybe next year, it will be up with people again. >> we can only hope. >> if you have a question you
6:54 am
want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. >> julie is dancing. >> that can be a half time show. >> i'm not like sarah. i'm not wearing my high heels today. why did you turn red, sarah? >> i didn't. things are just carefully placed in the closet for special times. >> well! >> and good morning, sean mcgarvey. >> that would be her husband. >> we have some serious things to talk about. this is the crash that occurred along connecticut avenue. we do have at least the right lane blocked and on the east- west highway, traffic is able to squeeze by to the right. this is definitely impacting our commute almost in all directions with delays building off of 410, the east-west highway and off of connecticut avenue as well. let's pull up the cameras.
6:55 am
we'll show you what else is happening out here on the roads. 359 across the 14th street bridge, you slow from the beltway to duke street and crossing over the potomac. we'll be back in just a moment with more of fox 5 morning news right after this.   we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here.
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she would only get a splash of coffee in her cup and then fill the rest up with cream and it -- mommy, what's going on? what are you doing? so when we did the blonde roast, she finally went from a splash of coffee to only a splash of cream. and i thought that was so cool, i said "well she's enjoying this." ♪ ♪
6:58 am
2/4/13 good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. now that the superbowl is over, you can focus on valentine's day. which is what we are doing at one of the most beautiful houses. we are live at hillwood estate museum. a former marjorie marry weather. she loved russian art. gearing up for prayed of zars that celebrates the 400 anniversary of the roman dynasty. we're going to talk about that but she loved orchids and we're going to head on over to the conservatory.
6:59 am
they still put them in her breakfast room. we're going to talk about a valentine's day benefit. called from russia from love. >> thank you, holly. that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> let's send it over to allison and tony. good morning to you both. >> good morning to both of you. coming up. a blowout , turned blackout turned baltimore victory. what a night. >> what the ravens have won it. >> after the longest superbowl in nfl history, ray lewis and the baltimore ravens return to charm city, nfl champions. reaction from players, coaches and fans. >> plus, the good, the bad and the ugly. we're talking about walter. that was uncomfortable. wouldn't be superbowl sunday without all the commercials.


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