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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it moves east. it's intensifying a bit and might be getting stronger. expect a quarter of an inch out of that and some lightening and i do expect that possibly we're going see more activity as we go through our friday evening. and so we'll keep a close eye on radar and ahead of the storms. >> thank you, we'll so you in a few minutes. >> yeah. and. we learned it was a homeless man who shot two workers at a church in ellicott city. it happened yesterday at saint paul's episcopal church on rogers avenue. one of the women has died. the other remains in critical condition. fox 5s john henrehan joining us live from police headquarters with the latest. john, what do you know? >> reporter: laura, we shifted our venue from police headquarters to the church because there was more information released this afternoon. the shooting in the church office here was a culmination of a dispute between church
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workers and a homeless man who lived in the woods behind the church property in ellicott city. he had been coming here to the church for some time to get free food handouts. a pair of congregants chatted softly, read their bible and prayed. some time on thursday, a man entered the church office and shot and griefeously wounded one of the co-ministers, the 62- year-old mark right mary cohen, and shot and killed a church administrator, 59-year-old brenda brewington. the church hosted an informal food bank for the needy. howard county police believe that a 56-year-old homeless man was a regular visitor and, on thursday, he was the shooter. >> he recently apparently had become difficult, belligerent and argumentative with the staff. they asked him to leave. we believe that he came back with a gun and shot those two women who were both employees of the church and working in
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the office at the time. >> reporter: police the shooter was living outdoors in a wooded area close to the reof the episcopal church and is identified as douglas franklin jones, who used to live in this duplex which adjoins the church property. jones took his own life with the hand guptha police believe was used to shoot the women. family and friends of the shape church worker gathered to mourn. >> i have known brenda for over 20 years. she was an outstanding person and choosers a godly woman and prayed for people who were not nice to other people. >> reporter: police have actually very few details about the moment of the shooting here in ellicott city because the perpetrator is dead as is the church worker, and the reverend has been unable to speak to detectives, say police. she was brought to shock trauma
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in critical condition, and police say that late this afternoon, her condition has so far not improved. congregants will gather here around dinnertime for a prayer service for the dead and for the wounded minister. live in ellicott city, john henrehan, fox five news. >> have police said where the man got guns? >> reporter: no, they don't know. no. the guy was homeless, didn't have a home but had the resources for the gun. they said it was a handgun. >> thank you, john henrehan. following a developing story in the district tonight. the youry in the trial of the 2010 south capitol mass street shooting went home after failing to reach a verdict. after seven days, one juror sent the judge a note asking to be excused. paul wagner is live in northwest with the latest. paul what, happens now? >> reporter: shawn, experienced
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lawyers will tell you can't predict what juries are going to do, and that seems to be the case here with this jury that is deliberating the fate of five men. yesterday, as you recall, shawn, the one juror sent a note to the judge saying she was feeling intense pressure to change her mind and that there was speculation from the prosecution and defense as to what was going on in the jury room. there was some evidence they had reached verdicts on some of the charges against the men but never sent a note to say they were deadlocked. this morning, the judge support a note to the jury and said, look, you have to be civil to each other and respect each other's feels, and you have to keep deliberating. the judge said we don't excuse jurors just because there is disagreement. >> reporter: the jury has been working since february when they were chosen to listen to
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the government's case. prosecutors say the five were behind three separate assaults that left 14 people shot. five of them killed. a little over a week of violence in march of 2010. after listening to more than 100 witnesses, the jury is new trying to decide who did what, if anything. the government's star witness was a man who admitted writing in -- riding in the van that pulled up next to a crowd of young people, aiming an ak-47 out of the window and opening fire. and nathanial sims spent two days on the stand, sometimes in tears, pointing the finger at all five men and telling the jury what each did. sims told the court the ring leader was orlando carter, who was bent on revenge after being shot himself the day after prosecutors say he and his brother killed jordan howe over the missing bracelet. according to sims, orlando carter, the driver of the van that night, took off his mask
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and surveyed the carnage for a few seconds before finally driving off. that. that was paul quager in. a prince georges county woman faces decades in prison after a jury convicted her in an acid attack. tomorrow, jackson is accused of orchestrating an jeff tha on katrina watts. she had a friend throw a chemical on her and the three- year-old daughter as they arrived at home in oxen hill. watts will have scars the rest of her life and is clearly relieved after the verdict. >> overjoyed, i'm happy with all of the decisions made. >> jackson could get a maximum of 65 years in prison. the judge revoked her bond and she'll remain behind bars until her sentenceing in august. a former loudoun county school bus driver admitted her role in the murder-for-hire plot to kill a romantic rival.
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the judge sentenced her to six years in prison. she confessed in february to making a $100 down payment to a man who she thought would broker a deal with his man. instead, he contacted the fbi. simons offeredpo topay the hitman an additional $400 once the woman was dead. john edwards' trial continued today on campaign finance. a close friend took to the witness stand. the interior designer brian huffman testified his son felt used when asked for another $50 million even after edwards' presidential hopes were dashed. edwards is accused of using campaign contributions to cover up the affair with his mistress real hunter. the third day in a row, the battle for the white house landed in the battleground state of virginia. president obama headed to arlington to speak about college w. new job numbers out, his likely gop challenger, mitt romney, blasted the latest report on the economy, tom fitzgerald was with the
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president today. >> reporter: with the president's visit here, the aim was to lower the college loan rates. but showing slower-than- expected growth, president obama and governor romney were trying to put forward their versions of what those numbers mean. >> reporter: named for two legendary generals, washington lee high school welcomed the current commander in chief in arlington. the president called on congress to preserve low rates on stafford college loans without congressional action, the rates 8 double on july 1st. >> higher education can't be a luxury. it's an economic imperative that every american should be able to afford. >> reporter: the president's speech came as the jobs report showed unemployment rate dropping from 8.2% to 8.1% last month.
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>> if we're going recover all of the jobs lost and build a secure economy that strengthens the middle class, we're going to have to do more. >> reporter: for his part, mitt romney spent the last two days campaigning in virginia, telling a pittsburgh crowd the nobody jebs -- job numbers aren't good enough. >> it hasn't gotten better and that is in part because the obama policies didn't work. >> reporter: the latest poll finds the president leading mitt romney 51-44% in virginia and with six months to the election, both sides say it's critical. >> virginia might be the deciding state. if you lose virginia, it's going toker be difficult to win nationwide. >> this is the first and only time you will have me agree with congressman more an. >> reporter: inside the washington lead gymnasium, though, the students were not talking politics. instead, their moment in the presidential spotlight. >> it was an honor, and he took
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my hand. and that was amazing. >> reporter: they officially kick off the 2012 campaign. >> pretty awesome. doesn't happen all of the time. >> the president appears in arlington and marked the third time in three days the president was in the commonwealth and romney said wednesday and thursday campaigning in virginia, president obama will be back tomorrow for his first official campaign rally at commonwealth university in richmond, laura? >> thank you. five men accused of helping mastermind the 9/11 attacks will appear before a military tribunal on saturday. one is khalid sheik mohammad. president obama put the case on hold three years ago in a failed attempt to move the proceedings to a civilian court. the president wanted to close the prison at guantanamo. >> a sensitive diplomatic standoff might be over thanks
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to an offer for the university in the united states. the chinese dissident is blind but managed to escape from house arrest and to go to the u.s. embassy for refuge. he first agreed to a deal and then said he and his family feared their lives and wanted to leave. hillary clinton said she was offered a scholarship and will be offered a u.s. visa. >> we're also encouraged bow the official statement issued by the chinese government confirming that he is apply to travel abroad for this purpose. >> clinton is in china for two days. last night during our 11:00 p.m. newscast and this morning, we aired a report at a beating at a mcdonald's on i street in the district. we reported the suspect was 35- year-old barbara roberson and aired a picture of hear. of the woman in the picture, this picture was of the wrong
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barbara roberson, an upstanding citizens and not a suspect. the victim wrongly identified this picture as that of her attacker and this is not the picture of the suspect. the police apologized to miss roberson and this family and we regret this error and embarrassment it's caused her. we also posted an apology at coming up, the woman at the central of the scandal of the secret service is telling all. also, a sad day for beastie boys fans. a founding member of the hip- hop group died. and a popular fashion man zoo -- magazine taking a stand against models too thin and too young happy friday, laura. a little round of showers and storms are coming through. a live look outside. while we don't have anything in the district, a storm is south of franconia and across accutank and heading to mount vernon. we'll have a sneak look at the weekend forecast and check
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. the woman at the center of the is essex scandal is breaking her silence, speak the first time about the international incident and the agent who she said sparked the embarrassing episode by refusing to pay her. molly hennenberg has more. [ speaking in native tongue ] >> reporter: donna suarez had choice words to describe the secret service agents involved in an embarrassing sex scandal in colombia, calling them
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idiots and fools for letting it happen. she discussed the incident the first time in an exclusive introduce saying the agents were drinking alcohol like water and describes the discussion she had with the agent before going to his hotel room. [ speaking spanish ] [ through translator ] >> you have to give me $800. that is the gift i want. he told me, ah, okay, baby. let's go. let's go to the hotel. >> reporter: suarez said the agent fell asleep when they got to the room, leaving his luggage and files out in the open. adding if she was a spy, she could have gotten to it easily. when it came time to collect the cash, the agent refused to pay and kicked her out of the room. as it escalated, she called the cops sparking a scandal. if she knew he was a secret service agent, she never would have called the local police and that she never wanted it to be public and it, quote, damaged her life. the young woman said her mother didn't know before the scandal she was a prostitute, which is
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legal in colombia, and now is on medication for depression. and she said she is done with prostitution now and would consider selling her story or posing nude for a magazine. at least eight agents have been fired or resigned during the secret service investigation of the scandal n. washington, molly hennyberg, fox news. >> a secret service agent in new york city hit a woman with his car killing her. the nypd is no investigating. the new york post quoted a law enforcement source saying the agent, who was on duty at the time, had a green light when he hit the woman. the 47-year-old maria tripp lived a few blocks from where she was killed. the faa support a scathing letter to a delta airlines passenger who photographed birds striking the airplane over the city. it went viral and the fa acclaims he shot the video illegally, since there are rules against using the portage device. his fail tour comply with the flight attend wants could have
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affected the safe outcome of the flight. the passenger spoke with neal cavuto. >> there is 29,000 flights above america every day. everyone in% have a mobile device, 19% of them have a tablet. if, if these electronics, puds are dangerous to me and to other passengers, the faa didn't need to send me a letter. what they should do is confiscate them or ban them from the airlines. >> and he went on to say he heard the announcement not to use electronics at the beginning of the flight but didn't think he was breaking laws. getting more humid out there today. >> yeah, a few raindrops. >> and did say some rain out there. and what are folks in store for? can we get by with outdoor dining plans? >> i think can you and you have to keep an eye to the sky and
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that is going with you wherever go. the all-clear won't happen. the first stop, radar. most of what we're seeing is south of d.c., along and east of interstate 95 and nothing is severe and i am happy about that. we can thank the earlier showers and storms for the fact that we're not seeing a lot of severe weather on this friday night. the storms are generally moving due east and have some lightning. i am not picking up on any signatures for hail just yet and there, they continuing not to produce big wind gusts and closer in on sentinel radar, can you see that storm getting stretched out. it has plenty of lightning with it and if you're hearing the thunder, you want to get inside. the last hour, we have seen that crossing, the potomac and that mean heading towards you in waldorf and perhaps even clinton. and getting brushed by a bit of that activity. the wider view here will show you that there is not much
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across maryland and this is that only cluster now. notice the bright spots and that could lead to some are sunshine and rounds. fifty/50 chance of showers and storms. to the north to pennsylvania and to that cleveland area, that is the cold front. i think we have to keep the chance of showers and storms going through most of our friday night. we're not off of the hook for severe storms that can produce mail and gusty winds. temperatures, 82; and not as hot as it could have been and with that 80 at 7:00, a couple of storms around and the same drill for 9:00 and by 11:00, that front is going to go through the area. the temperatures, 73 and after that, those showers and storms will shut off. more saturday and sunday's forecast and the supermoon where when i join you. >> can't wait to hear about that. thank you, sue. you can check the live
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doppler radar. the storms move through the area with the fox 5 weather app. download it to your droid and. >> i joy phone. coming up, a founding member of the beastie boys has died after a lengthy bout with cancer. we'll have details coming up. plus, the family of nfl great junior seau makes a difficult decision in the name of research. we'll tell but their choice. if you have a story idea, call 202-895-3,000 or send us an e-mail, 
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. the man who cofounded the beastie boys has died. adam youk, who went by mca, was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. he did not attend the beastie boys induction into the rock'n'roll hall of fame in april. in a stage, music mogul russell simons called him a sweet and
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sensitive artist. he had a wife is come 13-year- old daughter. he was 47 year oldsmobile. junior seau's family is donating his brain for research into football-related head injuries. he shot himself to death on wednesday in southern california. there is no medical confirmation that football injuries played a role in his mental state at the time of his death. the san diego chargers chaplain said that seau's family made the decision yesterday. the death of an infant in texas is helping raise awareness for an incurable genetic disease. she died monday of spinal muscular atrophy. when diagnosed last month, her dad started a blog called avery's bucket list and within a few weeks, it had received more than 4 million page views. >> avery impactd this disease in a way that many of us wanted for many years. she took sma and through it into the lime light. >> an organization called sophie's cure foundation is raising money for sma therapy.
5:26 pm
since her death, more than $120,000 is donated in her honor and there is no cure for sma. nih researchers remain hopeful a break high through might come soon. >> that little girl accomplished a lot in her life. >> she did. it has information on everything from soccer to sea turtles. coming up, a woman creates a free website to help parents navigate summer camp. and find out which supermodel is demanding $46,000 a month in a big money child support battle. and a fashion magazine telling models who are too thin and too young to take a hike. we'll have details. ♪
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♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds and puts down a barrier to stop new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months.
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. we're following breaking news over upper marlboro, maryland. there is a school bus accident on brown station road. you can sort of see the scene there.
5:30 pm
the school bus is to the right and appears that it got into an accident with a black suv and at this point, we're not sure if students were on board the bus or if it was headed somewhere or from somewhere. there were some minor injuries involved in this accident and appears the cars are getting by again. this is upper marlboro on brown station road. a school bus accident and we're waiting to get more information. as soon as we get that, we'll pass it on to you. for parents of school-age children, it's always the same question: what do we do with the kids all summer? figuring it out may have gotten easier. a virginia mom had frustration and turned them into a business to help all parents. he's more. >> this is going to be awesome today. >> reporter: an awesome summer can you bet that is what they hoping for. >> you can be headed down going into our first ance? >> we're going -- >> reporter: if they're looking
5:31 pm
for excitement, they might find it here. this non-profit runs outdoor camps. >> kid coming to kalev katherine egbert dirty, spend all day outdoors and learn something new, something they wouldn't do in their normal everyday routine. >> reporter: how do you find those? she wondered that, to. >> i had parents tell me they would rather go through -- have a root canal than a camp process. >> reporter: some cancelled at the last minute. with two working parents, she was last scrambling. >> why isn't there a platform where i can just say i need cans at this time for this place at this age kid and would fit my options. my husband happened to be in earshot of that and said that is a home run. >> and that is a game-wing home run. >> reporter: it's still in the -- game-winning home run. >> reporter: itty is still in the early innings but hope
5:32 pm
their website,, will be that. >> all this shows all of the options for the whole summer. >> reporter: the site has 20,000 day camps and sleepaways, soccers and sea turtles. >> and i can make the driving distance shorter from my house. >> reporter: the site is free from parents, camps can upload the session and buy higher levels of visibility, if they choose. shoo she works for taleva. >> if a mom is looking to fill the third week of june, she can look on there and see oh, well, kaleva has these few activities remaining. next summer, i want to start planning ahead. >> it will be fun like shopping. shopping for a summer of adventure. in virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> what a great idea. great way to make the whole family happy. to check out camp easy or taleva outdoor camp g to o
5:33 pm
website, >> and that sounds like fun. facebook priced the ipo. the company set a price range of 28 to $35 for the initial public offering and that can value facebook around $79.3 million last night, we spoke with brookshire hathaway ceo warren buffet and asked if he would buy shares in the company. >> i ventured a ways out to buy ibm. facebook -- my doctor would require a checkup. >> facebook stock, by the way, is expected to price on may 17th and make a public debut on may 18th. supermodel linda evangelista is in court asking her former billionaire boyfriend to pay child support. she said she spends about $46,000 a month on child expenses, including armed bodyguards and around-the-clock
5:34 pm
nanny. pinot is married to salma hayek. models who look too skin will no longer grace the pages of the magazine. the 19 editors made a pact to look healthy -- use healthy- looking models and not to knowingly work with the models younger than the age of 16. thank you for being here. let me ask you, is this decision a victor for the fashion world? what do you think about this? >> i think so. i think vogue being the industry leader, it's great they came out and thumbd this, a misconception with the models that they need to be superskiny and to start at an extremely young age. it's not true. i found that they prefer to book models that are closer to what their customers can relate to. and so if you too scared and too young, it's realistic. >> you think we will start to see other magazines follow
5:35 pm
suit? and we know vogue is a industry leader. will other magazines use them as a jump-on wagon? >> i think so. they great at what they do. i hope and i think everyone hopes they jump on board. >> we hear so much from the parents of young girls who strife to get this perfect look that we see from models, whether it's the airbrushing or how thin they are. what sort of message is this going to send to them? >> i think this is going to send a positive message and i know that everyone looks at those pages and at how beautiful they are and how skinny. it's true young girls probably look -- and say this is what is pictured as beauty. i think new this changing and the different looking models provides more of a realistic ideal. it's healthy. you want to run that down. >> indeed, indeed. from now on, when you were
5:36 pm
booking folks for your clients, i mean you -- and what do you look for, first of all? are you looking for superskinny models? what are you looking for? >> and they have been around for 28 years. our message has been that your health is your wealth. we only provide healthy, you know, healthy model who work and we look for the runway. i do a lot of runway bookings and you need to be at least 5'9" to be in the event. >> and yes, we look for height and slender but toned. nothing too skinny. we see plenty of girls coming in who are too skinny, you know, and we, obviously, offer nutrition and fitness information as we do for all models and that drives all nutrition information. if we see warning signs that someone's getting too small, we will put them on a probation
5:37 pm
period and tell them, you know, you need to gain weight if you want us to work with you. >> it's wonderful you're goingta -- doing that and that vogue is doing this. >> yeah. >> hopefully others will follow. sandra on teg ash, the head booking agent for thc artistry, thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. >> thank you. julia bloom is a phone ager with a cause. she travelled from her home in maine to new york to deliver a petition. she collected 25,000 signatures and wants the magazine to stop photo shopping models of young girls. she said that the image that appear in "seventeen" put pressure on teens to live up to a impossible ideal. several animals set freebie the suicidal owner are on the move. and a violent pit bull attack caught on camera. who came to the woman's rescue. next. next. 
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. five of the exotic animals set freebie a suicidal man in ohio are going back home. they're leaving the columbus zoo to be given to the man's widow, marianne thompson. two leopards, two primates and a bear were held at the zoo since october. the state lifted the order this week, allowing thompson to get the animals back. the husband released 56 animals before committing suicide. the authorities killed 48 of them fearing for the public safety. a new york woman attacked by two pit bulls in the bronx is no trying to prevent anyone else from being attacked. the whole thing was caught on camera and won't to warn you may find the video disturbing. the surveillance pictures show the dogs mauling carmen cabrerra monday night. and the caretaker elsewheres the dogs off of her. capriora was treated at the hospital for bruises and bite marks on her arm.
5:42 pm
she said she has filed a police report. coming up, his career is in jeopardy. why baseball's best closer may never take the mound again. lindsay. shawn, that is the bad news in baseball. there is some good news. the nationals played the phillies tonight and the nats are the better team. can their fans be better and take back the part? get your natitude ready, laura. and sue's back to tell us about the chance for severe storms. stay with us. -dad, why are you getting g th? -that's my cereal.
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. it's only may but today begins an important series for the nationals, off and on the diamond. lindsay murphy has more on a fan-based initiative months in the making. lindsay? >> reporter: d.c. sports fans are sick of teams invading their stadium. the eagles fans packed fed ex field filling the stadium with green and black jerseys.
5:46 pm
the nats decided to find a way to take back the park, making it easier for fans to get tickets to home games while limiting tickets for phillies fans. and they going with the natitude campaign and the take back the park campaign launched in february. tonight will be the first big test to so if it works and crushing both teams have similar colors, the chairs in the boths from fans will be a deciding factor. it's still early. davie johnson, what are your thoughts on the fans? >> and this goes with the territory. i mean you a competitor and it, better the team, the more you better have that attitude. or an attitude. -- natitude. >> got it. >> i got it. >> i'm working on it. i will work on it. >> reporter: even the skipper is starting to buy into the
5:47 pm
whole natitude thing. it helps that they're tops in the nl east and straussberg happens to be pitching and bryce harper will hit third tonight. we'll hear more at 6. >> i know that is controversial. lindsay, thank you very much. and controversial as far as phillies are concerned. it could be the end of an illustrious baseball career. the yankees closer and stage leader mariano rivera blow out the right knee before yesterday's game against the kansas city royals. he will miss the rest of the baseball season. he was shagging flyballs when the knee cave out and suffered a torn acl and meniscus. today, he sent out a tweet saying he will be back. we wish him the best and that is a budget. >> such a tough injury. >> and that is at the beginning of the season, too. >> yeah. and you know what else is in season? >> what? >> the greek festival. >> and this is at the saint
5:48 pm
george church in bethesda, maryland, at the corner of bradley and don't cook. you want to get to there friday, saturday, and sunday from 91-10, rain to shine and there is plenty of indoor seating. >> the food is excellent. >> nice t-shirt. >> and if you order, can you go out and click on order, call them in or whatever. >> that is wonderful. >> and there you go. >> what does opah stand for? >> the greeks say opa. >> oh, there you go. >> i don't know. >> have a great festival and, you know, so far so good, the weather's cooperating for the nats. >> good. >> we need that and let's fill that stadium. and one round passed south of the stadium. if you're going out there, folks, i would take rain gear because there could be something a bit later tonight and not sure we get the whole
5:49 pm
thing in dry and we're going to hope for the best. so far so good. the atmosphere is more stable than it could have been because of the earlier shower and thunderstorm activity this morning. what we have s the best at what we have and that is over waldorf here and that is continuing to move east, we're happy about that and we can get it in closer here. while this storm continues moving due east, waldorf is going to so that and is going to head over toward probably around to annapolis. it's been holding together, not seeing as much lightning but in those bright spots here, can you get a quarter of an inch of rain out of this thing, east about 15 miles an hour. and so, bigger picture, not much being seen to the north. this cluster is going to go on by. i can not say that we're going to sound the all-clear because we have the activity through pennsylvania that is sinking south and all along a warmth, a cold front coming through later tonight and we can still so this around the region later tonight, 9, 10, 11, and we'll
5:50 pm
be watching that closely and that storm prediction center said we're not going to eliminate that and yesterday, near arden and berkeley county, west virginia, 20 minutes of hail and that is almost an inch point 5. 84 degrees at reagan and dulles, bwi, 85; not as sunny or hot as it could have been and that would have cooked up more evening severe storms. d.c. down to 79 degrees and gaithersburg, 81. the temperatures only recently changeed and now some scattered storms in the humid air mass that we have and that will be around later tonight. part two, here comes the front. that could trigger a few more and that is singeing to the south by -- sinks to the south by the morning. week so a couple of showers on saturday afternoon as well and that is going to be a partly sunny day. may be not thunder here but to the south. check out the future cast and that is doing a great job of
5:51 pm
pick up on the waldorf storm andha is farther east than future cast is showing it. by 11:00, it shows a few more showers around. the future cast with the thunderstorms to the north and east and on to is the morning, dry. saturday afternoon, popping up and sunday, looks like the better day of the weekend days and that is your future cast. overnight scattered showers and storms will end late, 62 degrees. tomorrow, partly sunny, a spotty pm shower here and there in the afternoon; 82 degrees. again, not a washout for us and on that five-day forecast, we have a cooling trend and tomorrow is 80 degrees, and monday looks great, too and on to monday night wounsettled and i promise to make that a first thing on the lineup at the news edge at 6. >> and thank you, sue. and let's see what is
5:52 pm
coming up on the news edge at 6. a new way to shop inside. a clothing and accessory store on whole error errors ahead on the news edge. new details on the john edwards trial. which key player felt she was being used. and rape allegations in a well-known d.c. hotel. why the man behind them has been accused before. and first another that's my take. the key ethics bill and deadline that has come and gone. gone. . late last year, the d.c. city council passed much-needed comprehensive legislation that overhauled the city's ethics laws. while the final form of the legislation had its share of critics, it was generally applauded as the proper respond to -- response to address the string of ethical lapses that have plagued the city's elected officials. at the time of passage, many realize that there was still much work to be done before the new board of ethics and government accountability could actually start policing the
5:53 pm
conduct of elected officials. one of the first tasks at hand is assigned to mayor greg, who was to provide the names of qualified candidates for the three-member board within 45 days after an emergency version of the legislation went into effect. that deadline has come and go and still, very no -- there are no names of qualified candidates passed on to the city council. you would think that the mayor, whose 2010 campaign is under federal investigation, would jump at the chance to play his part in the council's efforts in addressing ethics reforms. the foot dragging here is a real head-scratcher. here is something you probably don't know: the new ethics legislation put an end to the office of campaign finance responsibility for policing conflict-of-interest laws. so, currently, with a new ethics board yet to be formed, no d.c. government entity has the authority to investigate violations of conflicts of interest. the hen house is unguarded.
5:54 pm
i urge the mayor and the city council to get the process back on track and to take steps, in the meantime, to plug the holes in oversight that may lead to more ethical lapses by our elected officials. that is my take. let me know what you think. go to and click on that's my take or an e-mail at ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds and puts down a barrier to stop new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months.
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. it's expected to rake in big bucks this weekend. the highly anticipated movie "the avengers" is off to a slow start. the midnight showing collected nearly $19 million that sounds like a lot of money but that is less than what half of the harry potty finale brought in but not far behind "the hunger games." and meantime, one of the stars of the avengers, samuel
5:58 pm
jackson, didn't take too kindly to the movie critics review. a.l. scott wrote that the avengers is a -- jackson took to twitter and said scott needs a new job and urged fans to help him find one. they are brand-new millionaires, 48 transit workers from philadelphia will split a $172 million powerball jackpot. and that sounds nice, huh? the winning ticket was drawn april 25th and each will receive $2 million. some say even though they're now rich, the money will not change them. >> we're excited, humbled, and we're grateful to be give then gift and opportunity. we share the same priorities: family, friends, customers and one another. >> and for a young person like me, this is great. i can start my life and this has been a tough economy the past few years, graduating college and that is going to be nice. >> the $172 million jackpot is
5:59 pm
the third largest prize in pennsylvania's history. and if you're in a relationship, here's something you might want to discuss with your significant other. many are more locally to keep a secret bank account from their partner and men with secret accounts spend money on items their partner wouldn't approve of. the australian survey said that women have secret accounts and they likely to use it for personal savings. >> i was surprised when i heard that and thought it would be women with the secret accounts. >> not our men. >> no. and thanks for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. we begin with a sensational allegation of rape at a swanky d.c. hotel. what fingers pointed at dominique strauss-kahn, the man who might have been elected president of france this weekend


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