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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  February 4, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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shots finally start to fall. the back door pass for the land. the hoyas up by 20. they are up by 20 now. auto porter forces the turnover. drops it off for the dunk. his extra chinup at the end would get him a technical foul, but everybody was loving loving it. despite only eight first half baskets. >> i thought we were getting open shots. the balls didn't go in. there was no major changes that we made at halftime. keep doing what you're doing. >> i say we are fine. it all felt we weren't scoring the ball. we were playing good defense, but we had to keep playing defense and we knew our shots were going to fall. >> george mason hosting old dominion. they roared back, ryan pearson back door to vaughn gray for
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the nice jam. the patriots were up by 4 points. under 4 to go. the lead down to 3. corey edwards with the shot clock winding down. mason defeats 54-50. they are 11-2 in conference play. other local scores, american edge 59-58. over gw, 86-75 and howard falls to maryland. eastern shore 78-65. >> tony bennett and 16th ranked virginia on the road. won florida state. second half, cavaliers were down, but they went on a 14-0 run. the steal and the wide open lay in. virginia takes a 45-44 lead. michael, a long three pointer. it is good. the seminole bench getting excited. to joe harris, a good look to tie the game, but the three is not going to fall. virginia, they fall to florida
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state. 58-55. the seminoles seventh straight acc win. >> >> set greenberg and virginia tech hosting clemson. watch marquis, soaring one handed putback. he also fouled. that's a three-point play. the hokies hold on to defeat clemson. they improve to 2-6 in acc play. >> it's time for a quick break. coming up, the great eight make their way to the lineup. stay with us. 
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welcome back. the odds were stacked against the odds. they hosted the number one team in the pacific division. the l.a. clippers. a team that has gotten the best of them the last five times they met. of course, blake griffin was in town, right? first quarter, mo williams to griffin for the one hander. l.a. was up early, 21-12. let's stay in the first quarter. wanting to get involved in this jam session. he drives in for one of his two baskets. final seconds of the first half, remember this guy? the former wiz sadr, butler dialing long distance, his three falls at the buzzer. he is 13 points. at the break. second half we go. how about more from mo williams and more from griffin. the dunk, he has a game high 21
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points. the wizards get crushed. a six straight loss to the clippers, dropping to 4-20. >> i have to give them credit. clips came out font and i think we played on a back to back. sitting here waiting on us and they jumped on right from the start. but you know, that's a good team over there. you know, really impressed me, seeing them for the first time in person. >> looked like a fun game to be at, too. this is a big weekend for the capitols. not only do they have back to back games, and tomorrow against boston. but they also got alex ovechkin back from a three-game suspension. get back in playoff positioning. in the east, three points behind florida in the southeast division. >> and we'll show you the great eight. back on the ice for the first time in 12 long days. and guess what? he didn't change his aggressive style. he had one shot on goal in 19
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minutes and 57 seconds. second period, caps leading 1- 0. troy on a penalty shot against peter. tries to go five, but he is denied. let's go to the third period, alexander from his seat, centers to brooks. the rebound squirting out. he buries his third goal. it's 2-0 caps. another penalty shot. from point-blank range, scores his 13th. 3-0. tomorrow, they host the brewens. >> off the wall is coming up next and we're talking super bowl. >> we are. where is your tie, by the way? we are talking giants and patriots. we'll tell you our picks when we come back. off the wall is next. ♪
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but your banking is so last season! your fashion is so right now, but your banking is so last season. your checking could be earning five times the national average. and free atms anywhere. five times the interest? that's hot. oooooo! let's catwalk! you want more interest? open an account at a capital one bank. what's in your wallet? does this make my tuches look big? welcome back to the washington area nissan dealer's sports xtra. >> off the wall, wisdom, we have finally arrived at the big one. the super bowl. we have been talking football all year. we'll talk about it for one more week. what do you think? four years ago, the giants and the patriots, and it was an upset.
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the patriots were going for an undefeated season. spoiled by the gmen. obviously it wouldn't be the same kind of upset. >> i like the giants chances. eli manning is a good quarterback. he is able to get the job done. and the defense the giants have is fee no phenomenal. for as much criticism as tom coof min coughlin takes, he is a tough guy. >> they would run through a wall for this guy. >> giants should be able to pull this off. i think the patriots are soft. >> i think the patriots, we talked about this most of the year. but we know bill belichick is a genius. >> and they got caught cheating. that whole thing that everybody wants to sweep under the rug. when they win another super
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bowl. >> do you think they are cheating yet? >> not yet. all i'm saying to you, well, we don't know. they haven't been caught yet. all i'm saying is they haven't won a super bowl since they got caught cheating. those are the facts. those are the facts. they were undefeated. they went up against the giants last time and they were supposedly not cheating and they lost. they haven't won the super bowl. that's fine, but they weren't cheating. the other super bowls they won three points each one of them with the cheating. >> i don't know that i can say the reason why they won the super bowl is because they were cheating. >> bottom line is this, i hate to agree with you. but i do agree with you. i think the giants because they can rush forward without having the blitz and the receivers compliment is better. so i'm going to take the giants and i tell you this, eli, he is not tom brady. but he is very, very close to
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tom brady. and i'll say one thing. oh yeah, if he wins the super bowl and he beats your boy, tom brady, put him on mt. rushmore of quarterbacks, because brady is going to the hall of fame. lie beats him and beats him twice, where does he go? >> he's going into the hall of fame. >> you know where else he's going? ahead of peyton manning. because he will have two. enough said. >> i agree. we are both taking giants, which means the house on the patriots. we'll see you next week. thank you to super bowl xlvi. giants over patriots 24-21. and jim harbaugh has been named the coach of the year. in his first season, he led the niners to a 14-3 record.
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aaron rogers is the mvp. that's all for us. good night, everybody. thank you for watching sports xtra. brought to you by your washington area nissan dealers. 


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