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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 2, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am EST

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even better person. the feelings are raw when you get fired. it was a great moment for me and him to share together. >> gus: tears flowing in the room from both gentleman. third down and three at the 13. and coleman barreling ahead, close to the first down. eddie pleasant. we asked coach neuheisel what was in store for him after this game. he was honest. helfrich -- hell bent to continue to do what he loves. >> still a coach. the relationships you build up in coaching, that's what you look for. those guys coming back and seeing you later. those guys taking care of you
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right now. >> gus: over the middle. rosario with the reception. >> gus: neuheisel in a way, charles, sacrificial in a sense, because you know whoever ucla hires they will rollout the red carpet and making changes in facilities andal kids to get in school and things will be different. >> charles: a natural evolution. they make changes and they typically upgrade for the next coach. >> gus: prince firing. incomplete. the throw behind anthony barr. stuckey in there. >> charles: face guarding. where is the penalty? there's no such thing as face guarding. you do not have to turn and find the ball. you just cannot run into the receiver before the ball gets there.
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dewitt stuckey made a nice play by not seeing the ball. it's fortunate it hit him between the five and the two but you never interfere with the receiver going after the ball. >> we will shortly have the announcement of the first-ever mvp of the pac-12 championship. the incomplete pass. joseph fauria had it knocked out of his hands. >> charles: best friend and best friend. those two met in the eighth grade. you know where they met? at the movies. prince was at the movie sitting in front of fauria. fauria made a lot of noise and prince tapped him kindly to be quiet, but i don't think it was as kind as they said and that's how they became friends and remain that way today. third down and ten at the 34.
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prince over the middle. incomplete, fauria the intended receiver. a late flag thrown. >> charles: that was thrown to the middle of the field by the back judge who had a view from the inside-out of that play >> referee: pass interference on the defense, number 11. 15-yard penalty. first down. >> charles: coaches often get upset and say the side on the guy didn't call it, how does a guy that far away from the ball calling it. i talked to a bunch. officials and they told me he's riding him
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deflect ted line of scrimmage. >> coming in, all i kept thinking of myself i know ucla is the underdog. you see kevin prince's numbers for tonight. but throughout their history, they have been the team that's bring the upset. we talk about them beating number 4 illinois team in the rose bowl. neuheisel didn't even go to the
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game on the team bus. came in a private car so the team wouldn't see him getting sick before the game and was the mvp. they pulled off upsets before. doesn't look like it will happen tonight. >> gus: a hand-off to franklin. franklin picks up the first down. for chip kelly, he's four minutes away from three championships in three years. what an innovator. he talked about science over tradition and he means things like not drinking coffee after 3:00 and how it affects your body. changing your practices to early in the morning to get maximum effort as opposed to having them after school. practicing for only an hour. over the middle and incomplete. here's a man with so many innovations. but more than that, he has a great relationship with his players of coolness, of all maniness and a swagger about
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him. look at him on the sideline right now. >> charles: not just an offensive coach. we watched them practice. you often here about practice with specialties on one side of the ball and maybe not being as involved with the other side of the ball. watching him practice and watching him go through special teams where he knew everything was going on, moving the guys around. we saw in this game talking to the defensive players. he knows his whole team, not just one side. >> gus: second down and ten. prince. fauria tracks him down as he gets to the line of scrimmage. oregon with innovative style. a couple years as a coordinator and then given the job as the head coach. 43 points a game. three years as head coach. has a great relationship with
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john. you just wonder when the nfl is going to come knocking on his door. underneath, rosario with the catch. how do you think his style would translate to the national football team? >> we are watching resemblance what tim tebow is is doing and t gives them a fit. he would have to have an owner that would go all in to that innovative style and he would have to have not just one quarterback to do it, but multiple because of the hits you take at that level. >> gus: fourth down and 2 for ucla. a time-out called by the bruins. 2:25 to play in the championship. 49-24. back to eugene after this. hey ladies. enjoying the film?
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>> during the pregame show we mentioned the hash tag battle on twitter between the bruins and ducks fans. here are the results. looks like duck fans are showing more support for their team. you can still join the battle by using hash tag go bruins or go ducks. 83-17. 49-24. 2:25 to go. fourth down and two for ucla. straight ahead and a first down for derrick coleman.
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the bruins refusing to give up. 2:18 to go in the fourth quarter. the 14th play of the drive that started at the ucla 6-yard line. coleman has done a really nice job tonight running the ball. 81 yards rushing. prince. over the middle. broken up at the last moment. shaq evans, the intended receiver. a lot of changes going on in the pac-12. new coach at washington state, new coach at arizona. there will be a new coach at ucla. >> charles: and arizona state still has an opening. how about the coaches coming in. rich rodriguez coming to arizona and chip kelly spent time missing with him in clemson when
11:42 pm
he was there which helped form this great offense we see now. and mike leach, you know he will do it at washington state. >> gus: prince. oh, what a catch by rosario! one-handed! 19 yards. >> charles: this is flat out gorgeous. this is what they were talking about. you want more out of me, coach? i guess i will give it to you. one hand. pulls it in. look it, he never even pulled it into his body. oftentimes you make that catch you have to cradle it and bring it to your body to control it. that was one big paw and it stuck. he takes his finger and rolls it over the goalpost after that catch. what a beautiful job. >> gus: 101 yards, two touchdowns for rosario.
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extra point good. 49-31. nelson rosario in motion!
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>> gus: 49-31, oregon. 1:51 away from the pac-12
11:45 pm
conference championship. ucla continuing to fight. a feel-good touchdown for the bruins and neuheisel. 1:51 to go. the play of the game tonight, and it was early on. got it going with lamichael james. >> charles: beautifully blocked at the line of scrimmage. ucla, no one deep to try to make a play on lamichael james. once he pierced the line of scrimmage, there was a wall and that's kamalani, the running back coach right next to him. he spent thanksgiving day at the campbell home enjoying the meal and he rewarded his coach for feeding him with a big game tonight. >> gus: he comes in and takes
11:46 pm
the snap with 1:43 remaining. stay tuned for the at&t postgame show and the first-ever announcement of the mvp for the championship game. >> charles: do we have much doubt about that? >> gus: i don't think there's much doubt about it. one mr. lamichael james. james tonight rush being the football 25 times for 221 yards. averaging close to 9 yards per carry. don't forget tomorrow night, folks, even more fun. october 22nd the michigan state playing in not just one of the pest games of the season, but ended with the play of the year as curt cousins 44-yard pass which wasn't called a touchdown originally, was overturned and giving the spartans the victory over
11:47 pm
wisconsin. tomorrow night it's the rematch only on fox! >> charles: what a play that was. now they have the rematch. >> gus: that should do it. 49-31, the final. chip kelly and oregon with win e inaugural pac-12 championship game in eugene. the two coaches meeting. one will be going to the rose bowl in chip kelly. and the other, rick neuheisel, his future uncertain.
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>> charles: heckuva football coach right there. chip kelly, heckuva ballplayer. lamichael james hugging de'anthony thomas. the oregon ducks improve to 11-2 on the season. three titles for chip kelly in three years. the third straight bcs bowl, his second rose bowl. rose bowl against ohio state, bcs national championship game against auburn and now another rose bowl against the winner we will see tomorrow night. wisconsin and michigan state. >> gus: as rick neuheisel walks off the field as the head coach of the ucla bruins for the final
11:49 pm
time. let's go downstairs where our coach brewster is standing with the winning quarterback. >> i'm standing here with a young man leading the oregon ducks into pasadena as the pac-12 championships. talk about that, darren. >> very excited. very happy for the team and all the players on the team. >> i thought you did a great job sod. you showed poise, and when we asked you yesterday who is the leader of this duck football team, what was your answer? >> it was me all the way. i come out each week, get these guys ready to prepare and we come out each week to do a good job. >> congratulations. now go to pasadena and win! >> thank you, man. thank you. >> all right. thank you very much. derron thomas, 20 of 36, 219 yards, three touchdowns, one
11:50 pm
interception for oregon. this program is just such a beaming program in college football. >> charles: it's phenomenal with so many things they do and how they are getting things done. many people will want to study this program and finds out if science over tradition may start working for their program. remember, everything is a copycat and people want to follow people who are winning games. oregon will be one. those leading teams. >> gus: david paulson, big game this evening for oregon, a touchdown. he's on the field with our john lynch. >> thank you. you had the big 42-yard touchdown. heckuva way to go out in your last game at autzen stadium. your feelings about being the inaugural pac-12 champions? >> no better feeling. you go out and win the first pac-12 championship game, heading to the rose bowl now, all these fans, just crazy.
11:51 pm
best experience. >> talk about that rose bowl, the opportunity to get there and play in the big one. >> yeah. you know, playing in the pac-12, it's the big one you shoot for and now we have a chance to go back there. played there a couple years ago and a chance to go back there. real excited. >> david balls has been a great player for the oregon ducks and gets to finish it off at the rose bowl, does david paulson. >> gus: chip kelly, guiding oregon to 43-6 in three years. 49-31, the final here in eugene. >> charles: the only thing he hasn't done now is win the bcs bowl game. they got beatly ohio state in the rose bowl two years ago. last year, national championship game they got beat at the field goal at the buzzer. you know eventually they are going to get it done. but how about just getting there three straight times. a phenomenal achievement.
11:52 pm
oregon's chip kelly, they are doing a program. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> gus: 49 - 31, the final. oregon wins the inaugural pac-12 championship. the ducks, they love their coach. chip kelly with the gatorade shower. his players love him, and the fans here in eugene, they love their qb, derron thomas because he's a winner. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focuseon his future
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>> welcome back to eugene. this is the at&t postgame show. the final score 49-31. oregon wins the pac-12 conference championship game.
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the celebration continues here at autzen stadium. now let's go downstairs to our kevin fraser. >> gus, thanks a lot. it has been a fantastic season in the pac-12, it is now time to crown the champions. here, to present the inaugural pac-12 championship trophy, the commissioner of the pac-12, mr. larry scott. >> this is a historic evening for the pac-12 conference, and i want to thank all the fans here in eugene for this electric, amazing atmosphere. congratulations to chip kelly, to the coaches, staff and all the players. three times in a row pac-12 champions, and it's my pleasure to present the first-ever pac-12 championship trophy to coach chip kelly! [cheers and applause]
11:58 pm
>> it is quite a moment, isn't it, coach? >> it is. and i would like -- i would like to present this trophy to the true leader of this university, our president. richard. >> all right. now the mvp of the inaugural pac-12 championship game. >> it is my pleasure to presence the mvp trophy to one of the most timic and electric players in college football today, his fourth 200-yard game tonight, lamichael james! [cheers and applause]
11:59 pm
>> lamichael, let me ask you, what does it mean to do this here tonight, in what could be your final game at autzen stadium? >> it means a lot. all you have guys here, man, all you guys and the fans, i want to say thank you for supporting me and my family and everybody. i love my teammates! let's go! >> coach, the season isn't over yet. you still have one more stop. your thoughts on heading to pasadena? >> you know, for this group, we're just so excited that we get to represent this university in the rose bowl, and we're going to go drink some dr. pepper and mail our
12:00 am
christmas presents with ups! >> right now here to extend the official invitation to the rose bowl, the tournament of roses president, mr. rick jackson. >> thank you. coach kelly, president -- >> coach kelly, we will bring you over. >> i want to officially invite you to the 2012 rose bowl. >> thank you. >> coach, what does this say about the culture of this program and what you have instituted here at oregon? >> the culture of this program was set a long, long time ago by some of the great coaches in the past. we are just continuing the tradition that those guys set at this university. >> would you like to have lamichael back here next year? >> i want lamichael to do whatever is best for lamichael's interest. i love the kid. he's a great representative, he's a true student athlete,
12:01 am
he's everything you want in a football program. >> congratulations to chip kelly and the university of oregon. your inaugural pac-12 championship game champions. let's go back upstairs to gus johnson. >> kevin, thank you very much. a happy bunch of ducks. they deserve it. 49-31. with my partner charles davis, charles, oregon won the way oregon wins, up-tempo, speed at running backs, pressure team, and a lot of enthusiasm. >> charles: they did it their way. going to their third bcs game. i'm looking forward to seeing the match-up. tomorrow night we see michigan state and wisconsin. the winner of that game plays oregon in the rose bowl. no matter who wins that game, we have a contrast of style in the rose bowl. with oregon's slash and dash,
12:02 am
and whether it's michigan state or wisconsin, big opposing teams, big offensive line. i can't wait to see that match-up made. >> no doubt about it, charles. now we will hear from rick neuheisel a little later on. tim brewster is trying to track him down. but tonight it was all about lamichael james. doing it early with a 30-yard touchdown. racked up another 200-yard game. lamichael james, oregon, pac-12 champs. ube videos of your baby acting adorable. baby. on it. matt, ignore me and keep updating your fantasy team. huh? jeff, play a game. turbo-boosting now, sir. dennis, check in everywhere you go on foursquare. that's mayor dennis... of the water cooler. you're the best. liz, rock out to pandora.
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>> gus: 49-31. oregon wins the pac-12 championship, as they defeat ucla. this was the final game for rick neuheisel as the head coach of the bruins, his alma mater, and
12:06 am
moments ago our tim brewster had a chance to catch up with the ucla head coach. >> coach, i thought your team played with tremendous heart, tremendous character. talk a little bit about this football team and tonight's game. >> well, we weren't good enough, but it wasn't because we didn't have a hot -- lot of heart and a lot of character, just as you mentioned. we squandered some chances in the first half with the turnovers and you can't do that against an explosive team like oregon. but i'll tell you what, tim, it's been an honor to coach these kids because they keep fighting, they keep battling. they can take my job but they can't take those kids away from me. >> those kids love you, and they showed you by how they played tonight. and we haven't heard the last from rick neuheisel, that i know. >> well, we will figure out what the next step is, but i was honored and privileged to work
12:07 am
at my alma mater. i'm thankful for the opportunity. i hope like heck they can get it back to the glory days. it would be a neat thing to see. as a former bruin, i pull for that. but i'm really, really attached to those kids and i'm proud of the way they fought tonight. >> coach, you are one class-act, thank you. >> i don't know if i'm classy or not. i'm married to a classy girl. but football is a great game, and as you and i know, the relationships you forge in that locker room are worth everything. >> thank you, coach. >> thank you for everything. >> thank you coach brewster, as we continue to watch the celebration here in eugene. the ducks win it, 49-31. this oregon program, just one of the premiere programs in the country. i guess it is very fitting to see that the inaugural championship game won at autzen
12:08 am
stadium by oregon. >> in the preseason many picked them to be right here in this spot and win this inaugural championship, and they got it done. hard to be the hunted all year long, burr that's what oregon is each and every year now. you mentioned the word program. they aren't a football team anymore. they are a program, they are a brand. kids know who they are. they know their style and they know that they win football games. that's pretty phenomenal and they got it done against a gutty team from ucla tonight. >> so what do you think the ducks will be doing sometime tomorrow night? >> they will be kicking back, wearing their pac-12 championship gear, and watching tomorrow night's game between michigan state and wisconsin to find out who their opponent will be. a contrast in style no matter who comes out of it. curt cousins, quarterback for michigan state, and russell wilkins, quarterback for wisconsin. monte ball running the football for wisconsin. michigan state's defense, they get after people. it will be a lot of fun. >> where can you watch that game? >> you can watch it on fox!
12:09 am
>> now let's go to kevin fraser when the guys on the set. >> gus and charles, great job, as always. you know, as we wrap up this pac-12 championship game, you hear the comments of rick neuheisel, and coach brewster was right, a class-act to the end. >> absolutely. i thought it was a classy and a gutty effort on behalf of the ucla bruins. they ran into a very good and explosive football team in the oregon ducks. but you saw those kids fight for coach neuheisel today. they gave it everything they had. it wasn't enough, marcus. >> i commend him as well. outstanding job and great effort to the very end. but the oregon team is fantastic. darron thomas about a great job. lamichael james mvp and they did it without a huge performance from de'anthony thomas. >> yeah, and they did it without
12:10 am
the super freshman. that's a great point. we will take a quick break. on the other side we will talk about the big ten championship game. we will be back with more in just a moment. and the end of a journey that began here... ...when the swipe of a visa card... ...gave one man the chance to bring happiness to ten friends, including the knuckleheads at the car wash. those are super bowl tickets? yes dude! you're going to the super bowl! [ morgan ] use your visa card for a chance to win. to see more of the story, visit our facebook page. someone would always have to settle. but now that all of our favorite pizzas from pizza hut are just ten dollars each, everyone can get exactly what they want. any pizza, any size, any crust, any toppings. pepperoni lover's. veggie lovers. ten bucks! for the first time in my life, i don't have to settle.
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>> welcome back to the at&t postgame show. the oregon ducks punch their ticket to pasadena. there are a lot of happy fans at the autzen stadium field here in
12:13 am
huge, oregon. saturday night is the big ten championship game. a rematch of what some would call the best game of the season or at least the best finish of the season. it's wisconsin and michigan state. coverage begins at 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific. marcus, we finish on a hail mary on one of the great games of the year. what are your expectations? >> wisconsin will get a chance to answer back. they have russell as quarterback and monte ball, another great quarterback and running back combinations. i expect them to play well. >> and i think you got two evenly matched games. all i know tonight, we learn tonight whoever wins has a heckuva match-up in pasadena with the oregon ducks. and you better believe the badgers are looking forward to this rematch, and meanwhile michigan state playing fabulous football. john, it's been a pleasure hanging out with you. it's much better to meet you here than on the football field. >> san diego boys. >> marcus and i are hopping on a
12:14 am
bench and heading to infante to get ready for the big ten championship game. meanwhile, that's it from eugene, oregon. final score 49-31. the oregon ducks are the pac-12 champions. tomorrow night 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific, it's the inaugural big ten championship games. now your late local news is next, except on the west coast. for our entire fox sports crew, i'm kevin fraser. you have been watching the pac-12 championship game on fox at the party in eugene, oregon.
12:15 am
♪ ♪
12:16 am
this is fox 5 news at 10:00. d.c. council member harry thomas under federal investigation, his home raided by the fbi and tonight we are one on one with his attorney. thanks for staying up late with us tonight, everyone. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. two vehicles and several bags of evidence taken from the thomas home today, but what investigators are looking into remains a mystery. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the latest. >> reporter: councilman harry thomas' house here off montana avenue northeast remained darkened most of friday night, but friday morning this neighborhood was rocked by the appearance of fbi agents executing a raid. the fbi scoured the home of embattled d.c. councilman harry top jr. bringing up a new chapter into the ongoing
12:17 am
investigation into his conduct. karl racine is thomas' attorney. >> mr. thomas has cooperated fully to date. we publically the public's interest in this matter but we also ask you respect mr. thomas and his family. >> reporter: the fbi took documents from the home as well as an suv and motorcycle. thomas was not arrested but stayed out of sight. >> wanted to commend you on the work. >> reporter: last summer councilman thomas agreed to pay back $300,000 from his children's charity after being accused of using its money on luxury cars, meals and trips, but the agreement did not end the investigation. >> i don't know what they're going to do, but we'll find out. >> reporter: the d.c. council scheduled a late afternoon personnel hearing on the matter before council president kwame brown quickly postponed it. >> what i want to do is reschedule this till monday so we can have every single men around and so we'll look at -- member around and so we'll look
12:18 am
at it really monday. >> reporter: other council members expressed concern for thomas' family. >> i hope they're doing well under these trying circumstances. >> reporter: have you spoken to them today? >> no, i have not. >> reporter: but community activists in guard 5 are talking tonight and say councilman thomas should step down. >> hopefully this will force the city council to force him to resign. >> this is totally embarrassing. this has got to stop. you would think the city council would do something about this. >> reporter: the question now is who will make the next move, the fbi, the d.c. council or councilman harry thomas jr. himself? now for its part the fbi would not comment on what they were looking for in councilman thomas' house. a spokesperson is saying the fbi was simply engaged in law enforcement activities. in northeast d.c. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> as you well know, thomas not the only elected d.c. official under investigation this year.
12:19 am
mayor vincent gray faced questions over trading jobs for election year attacks on former mayor adrian fenty. council member kwame brown faced questions over an suv paid by the district. neither gray, brown more harry thomas jr. have faced charges. -- nor harry thomas jr. have faced charges. >> some d.c. residents are now calling for thomas to resign. fox 5's bob barnard has reaction. >> i think he's entitled to be innocent until he's proven guilty. >> i'm shocked to have heard about it. i don't know anything more. >> reporter: we caught up with a number of harry thomas' fellow d.c. council members in the hallways of the wilson building. are you still calling for his resignation? >> base on the previous -- what happened with the 300,000 -- based on the previous -- what happened with the 300,000 on the attorney general, yes, but in terms of this i don't have any new information and i have no comment at this time. >> clearly a serious situation. i think there's been a lot of
12:20 am
angst in this building that the u.s. attorney proceed with investigation. i'm hopeful that we will get to a closure quickly. >> and there is sternly a time where his effectiveness, you know -- certainly a time where his effectiveness, you know, under this type of barrage becomes questionable, but that's a decision for him to make. >> reporter: thomas' office was open but quiet today. he was briefly at the wilson building yesterday clearly under fire from more than a few in the community. >> i think harry thomas should resign immediately. >> reporter: frederick butler is a spokesman for a recall movement claiming to have at least 1,500 supporters. >> the citizens of d.c. need to take the government into their own hands and if he doesn't step down, we're going to recall him. >> reporter: how about among council member thomas' constituents here in brooklyn, the heart of ward 5? >> i think there's a need for change and change is going to come really quick for him. >> reporter: does he still have your confidence? >> i don't think he had my confidence in the beginning,
12:21 am
but anyway no, no. >> so my support kind of lost it. >> reporter: organizers of that recall movement say by law they cannot officially start their campaign until january 2nd, but promise to go full speed ahead if thomas isn't already gone by then. in the newsroom bob barnard, fox 5 news. now to a developing story, former democratic presidential candidate george mcgovern is in a hospital in south dakota tonight. he tripped, fell and hit his head on the pavement outside the library named after him while he was preparing for a live tv interview. witnesses say he was bleeding from his head but conscious when he was taken away in an ambulance no, word on his condition. it may be the largest prescription drug bust in fairfax county's history. earlier today police raided 13 businesses at falls church, springfield and the alexandria section of the county. investigators say each of the businesses was selling smuggled or counterfeit drugs to poor people or members of the latino
12:22 am
community. >> what we found was most of this medication was coming from central america, not manufactured here in the united states, not with tv da approval. certainly -- not with fda approval, certainly with no oversight of a physician. >> police also recovered tens of thousands of dollars in cash and counterfeit money. police are continuing their investigation no. one has been arrested. today's drug was the result of a nearly year long undercover operation. we're following two fox 5 news alerts. a massive search is underway for a missing worker with the washington sanitary commission. the worker went mission at the tri-delphia watershed this afternoon. they are using night boats and helicopters to search for the worker and looking very closely in the heavily wooded area as well. tonight a second pedestrian died as a result of injuries suffered in an accident thanksgiving day. jose sanchez rosa of falls church was standing with a group of people near the entrance to a home depot
12:23 am
parking lot in hyattsville when he was hit by a car. the driver was elderly who suffered a medical condition while driving, no charges filed so far. a 19-month-old girl is alive thanks to a montgomery county police officer. fire officials say the toddler accidentally ingested a prescription drug and the officer's quick action helped save her. fox 5's maureen umeh has the story. >> reporter: montgomery county police officer marvin walker isn't used to a lot of attention. , but when you're being hailed as a hero -- >> i've heard it plenty of times today. >> reporter: -- it's no surprise when lots of calls come pouring in. >> i'm a humble person. >> reporter: it was a call that led to walker's heroism. it came after 2 p.m. friday afternoon from a frantic mother at a silver spring home. >> a lady said she went to wake up her 19-month-old daughter from a nap and she was unresponsive, not breathing, not moving and was blue around
12:24 am
the face. >> reporter: when officer walker arrived, he said the mother led him to a back bedroom where he found the baby girl lying on her back. he knew right away had he to act fast to save her life. >> tried to saying this her a little, no response. immediately i just went to life saving mode, started cpr on the child, made sure she wasn't choking and compressions and rescue breathing. >> reporter: the life saving cpr measures went on for what might have been five minutes but he says it felt like forever. he said had he to stay call and focused -- he said he had to stay calm and focused. >> have to help this child. no emotions. center to stay calm. the training paid off. officer walker said he soon felt the little girl's heartbeat just as fire rescue units arrived. the toddler is recovering at children's hospital in d.c. officer walker said he is just doing his job but he's glad there is a happy ending. >> as a parent i am extremely pleased that her mother will be
12:25 am
able to spend this holiday with her daughter. >> reporter: maureen umeh, fox 5 news. 5 news. if you're taking metro this weekend, prepare for delays. the transit agency is closing six red line stations for track work, the brookland, tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont shut down from now until monday morning. three shuttle buses will run between glenmont and rhode island avenue stations. heads up if you're heading to the skins game this weekend. starting sunday security teams will be using metal detecting wands to screen all fans coming into the game. it may take longer to get to your seat. the redskins and jets kick off this sunday at 1:00. herman cain's campaign could be hours from the end. find out more about his big announcement coming up. also ahead tonight postal workers on alert, police issuing a warning during one of the busiest times of the year.  [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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12:29 am
preschool this morning. according to investigators, this guy walked into the all saints preschool in chevy chase, told the receptionist he was interested in getting information about the school. while the staff was busy with the children outside he walk into several classrooms and stole cash and metro fare cards from two persons. police think this man tried the same thing at three other schools in the area. the bold robbery of a postal worker outside a downtown d.c. post office may be the tip of the iceberg. the same two men may be responsible for the robberies of nine other post office employees. >> reporter: a fairly sizable post office truck had pulled up to the curb in front of the t street post office on 14th street thursday around dinner time. the driver just finished loading and securing all the outgoing packages. he also had with him the daily cash from the t street post office. an intruder stepped on the rear lift gate of the truck. >> he glanced around and at that point he saw the suspect with a hood over his head an


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