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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  February 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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d.c. cab driver. cab drivers are stay saying stay off the roads if you do not have to be out. stay home or go sledding. >> good advice. if you don't have to be outside, stay inside. >> the snow is coming down so hard, i'm hearing voices in my head. i just heard one now. >> you're hearing things, brian, because i didn't hear it. >> is the snow gremlins. that does it for us tonight at 10:00. but our coverage of the blizzard of 2010. the extended edition of the news edge at 11 starts right now. a monster storm over us right now. live pictures tonight in tysons corner, virginia. i'm sorry, this is old town alexandria right now. live pictures tonight. people still out there on the streets. the worst part of this storm still hitting in the next few hours. our live pictures now as we continue to show you just how bad things are getting out
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there and it is only going to get worse. i believe this is now live pictures of tysons corner, virginia where you can see the roads are now covered. thanks for staying up with us late this evening. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. above ground service for metro shutting down right now. a blizzard warning now in effect for several counties. the worst part of the storm is just right now starting. we've got another 12, 24 hours of it. want to get right to the storm force tracking the most powerful bands of this storm. sue? >> yeah, brian. we are definitely still many, many hours from seeing this finish up. it's really performing pretty much as we expected with some sleet mixing in down to our south. just a couple of remarks that we're getting in our chat room. ballston seeing the wind is really becoming quite a factor. king george reporting sleet. silver spring, how about this, 13 and a half inches. aspen hill 6 and a half. frederick, maryland also 13 and a half inches. we're going to see some totals starting to vary across the region. first stop will be radar. we want you to see the snow and also where the mix line is.
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in the mix that's down toward the fredricksburg to charlottesville area. you're getting a little sleet in there but most of the rest of us still seeing snow and that know is heavy at times. the red snow bands indicate our heavy snow still right over the district. and that in general is 1 to 2 inches an hour. we've got several more bands to go. let's help you plan what we are going to be getting through the next couple of days. 11:00 we're pretty much where we expected to be with 6 to 9 inches across the area. at 3:00 in the morning let's make it 10 to 13 inches. by 7:00 a.m. 14 to 16 but after 7:00 a.m. not as much accumulation. maybe another 4, 5, 6 inches but the bulk of the accumulation, the heavy stuff 1 to 2 inches will be over. we've got some blowing and drifting we're going to have to deal with as well. we have gary mcgrady standing by to talk about the blowing and drifting of the snow and also the temperatures too. >> reporter: earlier when i was out here it wasn't blowing too
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terribly much but it's noticeably more windy now. we're not talking gusts to 30, 35 but things are swirling. cars are going by. i don't know where they're going but the cars are going by. some of them are going by pretty quick. actually, it's a nice firm snow so when you're walking on t it's not all that hard to walk on and it's not all that slippery. as i mentioned earlier, it is a very nice packing snow too so the kids will enjoy snowballs. there are some snow ball fights planned for tomorrow. we'll get into take. temperatures not all together cold until you factor in the wind. temperatures have been holding steady for just about everybody, in the lower 30s to upper 20s. doesn't really get too cold with this storm till tomorrow when the winds start kicking up out of the northwest. winds are gusting out there. the magic number so to speak is 35 miles per hour sustained or generally speaking several gusts of 35 miles per hour.
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then you're starting to talk about blizzard conditions. it's not on us yet. but the winds are kicking up. and this storm is still getting going so i still think there is a possibility that overnight tonight these winds could pick up substantially. again we're talking 6 to 8 inches of snow here in northwest already. so far it appears and we've been looking at this all night, the heaviest of the snowfall totals have been well back out to the west of us along i-81 up interest western maryland, eastern sections of west virginia, mineral, grant, allegany, places like that we're getting the 20-inch reports already. but we have a long time to snow here. probably another 12 to 15 hours of really nice, steady, 1 to maybe even some 2-inch snowfall amounts. we're going to get there eventually with these totals of 16 to 24 inches of snow around here. and we're well on our way to doing that and another heavy snow band is starting to come up from the north as we speak.
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brian and shawn, back into you guys. it's really kind of nice out here if you're not out for very long. >> i think you said it the right way, gary. as long as you're inside looking out, it looks nice. thank you very much. i think that's important to point out. it is beautiful but we should point out it can be very dangerous. let's check in with roz plater. she's live in tysons corner. you're getting reports from virginia state police they responded to more than a thousand accidents since midnight. >> reporter: they have. they're asking people again to please stay off the road if you do not have to go out. they've also told us that just in the northern virginia -- that thousand number by the way is statewide. one of those accidents was fatal down in the southern part of the state. most of them have been fender benders. that's the good news in all of that. we're also told that just in northern virginia alone on i -95, 395 and 495, there are dozens of vehicles stranded on the side of the road now. i have been saying that the traffic here as lessened a
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little bit. you can see a few cars going. some of them are still having trouble. even the four-wheel drive are having trouble getting around. i give people credit for getting off the roads and staying home. then about ten minutes ago we saw a guy on a snow mobile come barreling down route 7 here. really, really, really not a good idea. things are still very slick, ve treacherous. the wind is blowing fiercely. it's blowing snow up and it's coming down very, very heavy. so heavy in fact, sometimes cars are pulling over to the side, getting out, cleaning off the windows and the tops of the car, the hood of the car so they can continue. it's continuing to come down. again from virginia state police, please stay in. don't go out on the roads unless you have to and because they really are -- it's deceptive. it looks like a snow globe at some points. it's very pretty but it's very treacherous out here. >> thank you very much. meantime the fox 5 team is covering every angle of this storm. back outside we go. where are we going?
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>> maureen umeh. >> maureen umeh. >> there she is. >> reporter: hey, guys. i'm in the thick of n. the wind has been whipping around. it's really picking up in e last couple of hours. we've been in the same spot and we've seen the snow progress. let me just show you how deep this is right here. we're talking maybe 8, 9 inches. as gary mcgrady mentioned, it's the beautiful snow that is really great for packing. the good news, though, is that people have been heeding the warning to stay off roads. if you look behind me here, the roads are pretty clear of cars. believe it or not, snowplows have been going through here quite frequently but as soon as they leer it, the snow cos right back out. you can tell right here, look who i found. this young lady, she's got a sled in hand. i think her famy doesn't want to be on camera but bare with me. she's -- how has the sledding been this evening? >> good, good. >> reporter: you're not worried about all of this, the snow and the warnings to stay off the
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roads? >> no, it just makes the sledding better. >> reporter: all right. you've had a good night. >> yes. >> reporter: you heard it from her, she had a good night sledding. i'm falling. all right. so we're braving the elements here, watching it come down. i have to tell you even though people are slding and having a good time, the big thing is stay off the roads if you can so the road crews can go through and clean up and stay safe out there, too. let's kick it out to my colleague bob barnard who has the latest from where he is i believe in bethesda. >> reporter: that's right. we're in bethesda. whoever is having fun out here is nuts. we're on the edge here. let's put it that way. the know is coming down and from different directions. over here it's coming this way. back up here it's coming left to right. so i'll tell you what, i'm standing out in this. we've been out here all night. let's officially declare a blizzard warning for montgomery county, maryland. what else is this? fewer cars on the road. another issue up here you see the power lines. there's only maybe an inch of snow on there but it's a very
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wet and frozen snow. there's about 6, 7, 8 inches on the ground here. as it goes to the trees, you'll have people losing power and in the dark and miserable inside. they'll join our misery outside. fewer cars out here right now. here's one coming right through here. you hear his engine but you don't hear their tires. it's very soft. it has been plowed a few times. but it's just -- the visibility is horrible. the wind is for the good. we have seen som people walking just in the last little bit. snob with umbrellas anymore. just out blocking the snow with their hand. it's a blizzard, folks. stay home. enjoy our coverage. don't watch rented movies. enjoy our coverage. you can hardly see out here. it's dangerous to be out with the naked eye and the rubber tire on the road, that's not good either. >> bob barnard, only you can
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declare your -- [ inaudible ] our viewers are telling us they're enjoying the coverage you're providing us. >> reporter: that's very nice. thank you. the fox 5 team is covering every corner of our area tonight. fitz? >> reporter: well, the blizzard is well in effect but the people if old town, alexandria are struggling to hold on to their friday night. ey're still out and about in the face of this storm. we're going to have an update on the conditions here in northern virginia as fox 5 news connues. you have seen our live reports from reporters throughout our region. tonight we are inviting you to join in our coverage. become one of the fox 5 reporters for the night and into tomorrow as we continue to cover the blizzard of 2010. you can join us online and on the air by sharing your pictures, by sharing your video. we're going to show you the many ways you can get involved, tell you about them and show you the pictures coming into us right now. will? >> reporter: we hope you got one of these because boy, by morning time you're going to need it. the snow is really piling up.
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we're live in cleveland park tonight. here you go. the snowplows out on the snow emergency route of connecticut avenue. clearing the way for cars that are still out here. yes, cars are still out on the roads despite these blizzard- like conditions. the special extended edition of the news edge at 11:00 continues right after this. stay with us. 
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our coverage of the blizzard of 2010 continues, taking a couple of looks at live traffic cams that we have. this in bethesda at arlington street there. old georgetown road. you can see one lonely car driving down the road. this franconia springfield parkway. quite a few more cars making their way down south. down i-95. obviously despite the fact that -- i wonder if this is going to be something they tell their grandchildren. i drove in the blizzard of
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2010. or someone is saying i can't believe we're driving in the blizzard of 2010 right now. >> that's more of my reaction. six hours from now i'm going to guess they won't be able to drive out there. >> the shirts not worth it. you don't need the i survived the blizzard of 2010 on franconia springfield parkway shirt. let's check in with sue palka and find out what's going on. >> the snow totals are something else. i got centreville 10 and a half inches. oakton in fairfax 1 1eu6r7b8gs. some really big totals coming out of there. martinsburg in west virginia 16 inches. bunker hill about 12. these are really something else. and we've got several hours to go. the snow totals continue to come into our live web chat. gwen is giving me a whole bunch. mechanic lean 13 inches. annandale 9. we're seeing some flickers around here ourselves as we've been hearing from our viewers that the lights go in and out as the winds continue to pummel the region.
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we're calling this a historic storm. our confidence grows that we'll probably crack 16 inches in d.c. with this. that would land us in the top 10. we had 16.4 in our december storm. snow rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour overnight. the winds will be increasing. we'll see that even as we go through the next several hours. the visibility is dropping and will continue to drop as the winds pick up. the heaviest consume layings will be around by daughter-in- law. another look at these big winds. we're getting wind gusts of 31 here in the district. 33 quantico. 24 annapolis and 32 in baltimore. if this keeps up a few more hours, maybe blizzard warnings do get expanded. right now they're in effect for d.c. and five maryland counties. prince george's county, anne arundel, calvert, charles and st. marys. we're watching this closely on radar. we have several more snow bands to deal with before the night is over. >> trueview is showing -- we're looking at just a satellite picture. you can see some nice
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enhancement with the clouds. most of this enhancement has moved on off to the east of us. there's upper level energy coming across. that will pass by and then we'll get a little bit more in the morning coming by as well. down here in the eastern sections of north carolina, a lot of dynamics in the atmosphere. there's a lot of lift in the atmosphere down there. believe it or not there's a tornado watch that's been issued for extreme eastern sections of north carolina. we're still in the snow. we've been watching the warm air try to make it a change all the way up to the met toe area but it hasn't made it yet. here's the thunderstorm activity for eastern north carolina that's popted that -- that's prompted that tornado watch out there. you can see it here briefly. it's rare but it happens when these real, real strong storms and it's beginning to transfer its energy off shore now. once that happens we'l probably get more snow getting cooked up. a lot of moisture coming off the gulf of mexico back in here. now, we're just looking at what we call refrequentivity here.
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-- reflectivity. we have a little bit of sleet in fredericksburg. as this comes up intothe cold air, eight changing over to very heavy snow. there's yet another band that's moving up from the south too. then there's more down farther to the south here. so it's band, a little break, get another band of heavy snow and we'll probably have four or five of those overnight tonight. now we're basically looking back here at live mode. there is yellow along 07 and the other band coming up 70 from fredricksburg. it's pretty much been the situation for the lax five or six hours and that's why these snowfall totals have accumulated and will continue to do so overnight tonight. back down you to, sue. >> we're getting new information in. just found out that folks in southeast d.c. have lost power at 15th and pennsylvania. gwen tells me that our folks in the chat room are saying that dale city and lorton also having some power outages. very much wind related. now the bulk of that heavy snow
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starting to cause some problems. what are we looking at tomorrow morning? when you wake up 8:00 a.m. i still think it's going to be heavy snow around the region. by noon down to moderate snow. from noon on it starts getting lighter. we think this will be wrapping up between 5:00 and 6:00, 7:00 with lighter snow then and the bulk of that accumulation in the morning hours. there is an end in sight, folks, but we have a number. very difficult hours to get through. continue to play it safer as you have been doing. >> we're just picking up on the theme with the power outages getting a tweet here from somebody in the city who just lost power. germantown the power is still on the restton still on. herndon blickering a bit. flickering in a lot of places. that right there we believe -- it's an awful steady shot. but matt ackland is out there roaming the streets as we get a couple of still pictures here. >> reporter: brian, can you hear me? >> i k. how is it going? >> reporter: i'm sorry, we're just -- we're doing okay.
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you might be able to see in front of us. you know what that is? we're at 4th and constitution. you can't see it i don't think through that phone but that's the capitol dome. we are just three blocks away from the capitol dome and it's snowing so hard here that we can't really even ee it with the naked eye. you have ever seen constitution avenue look like this? there's not a car in sight. i see one but that's about it. brian, in the last i'd say 30 minutes, the snow has really, really come down. in fact, we're driving in annual area where it doesn't look like i can see any tracks whatsoever. people i guess are now getting off the streets, at least in this area and heading home. we had seen a number of plows out. it seems like as soon as they come by and plow the streets, ten minutes later it's just as bad. i'm going to take a turn right here on to 3rd street right in front of the capitol.
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there's one person out on the roadway but don't see anybody else. i will tell you the wind is really, really blowing the snow, brian. at times it's almost horizontal it's blowing so fast. we opened the window a few minutes go and got a real blast of the cold. but the roads are not doing so well. stay with me for just a second because you might be able to see right ahead of this. this is what the mayor was talking about yesterday when i was at a press conference. people walking in the middle of the road. they're really, really concerned about folks doing what these two people are doing right in front of us, just walking right out in the middle of the road. as we approach it doesn't appear like they're getting out of our way. and the big concern a lot of officials have is that someone is going to end up getting hurt, hit by a vehicle and i guess now they're partying a little bit. we see this way too often, brian, when it snows like this. a police officer just passing us by.
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maybe he's going to talk to them. but that's the situation here. some thick snow, brian. if you don't have a four-wheel drive, you don't need to be out here because it's really, really a bad situation. >> matt ackland reporting live driving around downtown by the capitol. just got a tweet here, his buddy is driving through reston. it's a complete whiteout doing 35 miles per hour on the fairfax county parkway. those are two pieces of evidence of why the roads are dangerous tonight and will be throughout tomorrow. >> stay inside. you saw matt there. he was actually ustreaming video as he was driving down the street right there. you can do something similar to that. let's check in with laura evans in our web center to explain how you can be a part of our coverage tonight. >> reporter: we have several ways you can join our blizzard coverage. brian was just tweeting, communicating on twitter with a lot of viewers who are following him and you can see
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us on facebook. you can also upload your photos and videos as well. we want to show you a couple of photos that just came into our website. this is from frederick, maryland, a beautiful shot of the snow piling up on the branches there. sendour otos to to the my weather photo pain. we have of showing you, very cute, mayday and yosef out of clifton, virginia. one ever the latest and greatest ways to get involved is to send your own report by joining our fox 5 news team showing us what's happening where you are. want to show you some video that's over here. let's turn it over to this shot here because this is a live picture being sent to us via ustream from eric who is down at 18th and r in dupont circle. he has his laptop set up inside his apartment getting a great shot of the snow there. you can see people walking around. nobody thank goodness on the streets there as far as the
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cars go. he is bringing us his lie report there. we invite you to do the same. we also want to show you this quick time lapse. very, very cool video that just came in from robert courtney in herndon. it shows the snow piling up. as it reaches the bottom of this bird cage, this tells you it's 12 feet. this again out of the herndon area. we'll continue to be on the air tonight till midnight and throughout the day tomorrow. join us by sending us your coverage. you can send ustream video to just set up an account with ustream. it's very, very easy to do. e-mail us your ul and we'll put you on the air. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, laura. conditions of course deteriorating as we speak. let's go out to wisdom martin now. wisdom >> reporter: brian, i'm live at 301 and 197 and just like the rest of the area, bowie is getting buried in the snow. we've got a live report coming up when our team coverage of the snowstorm continues. 
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welcome back to our coverage of the blizzards of 2010. the snow patrol is all over the d.c. region covering this storm. let's check in now with wisdom martin live in bowie, maryland. wisdom, it is coming down there. >> reporter: yes, the situation has changed really dramatically, shawn, since five hours ago when i talked to you guys. that's when i was at the grocery store and all those people were in the grocery store rushing around trying to get all their essentials before the snowstorm got really bad. now things are really bad and you can see right here at 301 and 197, not many people out right now. actually you can see if you can see through all of this snow, the sign that says 301, the 1 is completely covered. we've seen several snowplows go through this area in the last couple of hours but they're not
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making much headway. as soon as they clear the roads, the snow continues to fall so what you have is a situation where they will come through and clear the road and they would find themselves dealing with more of this. you see how deep it is right there. that's all the way to the ground. you see how deep that snow is. that's what they're deing with on the road. there's not much they can do i actually had a chance to talk to a tow truck driver who has been out working tonight. he says he's been on 495 and 95. he says the situation is really bad there. there are cars everywhere. he's had to come and tow a bunch of cars because they keep sliding off the road. his advice to people tonight, a lot of the same things we've been saying. if you don't have to be out here in the snow, in this ice, stay off the road. he says every time he has to come get a car, it costs about $150, 175. so not a good idea to be out and about unless you have to be. now, again the snow initially when it was coming down out here in bowie wasn't that bad. it was really slowly coming down.
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the roads weren't that bad. but now you can see how it's going sideways and it's really cold, really slushy, really messy out here. again if you are at home, stay at home. don't get out in this. brian? >> wisdom martin, i'm just cure qows, you are there where the safeway grocery store is at bowie town center. is that 24 hours and if so, are people still out there at this hour? >> reporter: shawn, there are a couple of cars here and there but there are not a lot of people out here at this point. most of the people have done all their shopping and they've heeded the warning. most of them have simply gone home. they've got all they had to get and now they're at home hopefully watching our coverage. >> indeed. wisdom martin, thank you very much. a new development we're hearing lately on twitter is the weight of the snow on the trees right now. some people are sending some pictures. very wet snow. 10 inches on the ground. weighing down tree limbs badly. lorton holding up fine for now. heavy trees bending low all over. another one from mr. sg, 214.
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i peeked out the window and saw a tree branch about to fall on my car. mt. ranier 10 inches. the trees are starting to bend real bad. >> big, heavy flakes. let's take itout side so we can see exactly what we're talking about. here is some of the snow, the thick, heavy wet snow clinging to the branches. this is arlington at old georgetown road where you can see the road is covered. no cars out there tonight. so that's probably the best thing. our coverage will continue right after this.


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