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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  September 27, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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mcmahon win the competition. >> when we come back, we'll@xo
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>> welcome back to the second annual "big shots titans at the tee." that crystal vase is going to the tandem of mcmahon and baldwin. our final four down on the course with bill blackmar. >> and what a great championship down to the final shot. allen, i thought you were going to pull it out of the hat. you got two in a row in there, but the last one slipped out. >> it did. but i gave it my best effort. jim rice and myself were trying to contend all day long. i was basically piggybacking him all day long. what a great competitor he is, what an outstanding guy. my hats off to john mumadas for having us out here. my man over here to the left, i mean, what an unbelievable competitor to hit that many golf balls in the grid like he did. i'll have to start taking lesso from this man. thank you very much. thanks for having me out. >> jim, he's right. it was a dominating peformance. maybe around the corner, we might see you in more events. you might have a new career on your hands. >> i don't know.
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got to bring another driver, other than this one. >> i thought you guys would pull it off. and our champion, jim mcmahon, no shoes. you tremendous effort. a lot of balls hit in the grid. you were very consistent. >> that was my main focus, get points early, let my partner swing away. he carried me. the first round, i hit four balls, then three, then two. thank god we didn't have another round. >> very well done. brooks, maybe disappoint nothing the individual competition, but you came back in the finals for the team, when you needed it you did it down the stretch. very well done. >> yeah. like i said, jim hit the ball solid all day. we got down to the last round. i knew it would be tight, these guys are great competitors, and jim hit the ball great all day, and i had to come through and get the last ball in. i enjoyed being here. i want to thank john mumadas, horsepower, "big shots titans at the tee," i'm flattered to be here with these great athletes.
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it's an honor to be here. >> john, if you would, please, mr. mumadas, the president, ceo and founder of big shots titans at the tee," present the trophy to our winners. >> there you go, 2009 champs right here. there you o. >> and congratulations to all of the competitors. checking out our stats for scott ionno, the smallest competitor at 195 pounds with the longest drive among the pros. and jim rice doing the damage among the celebs. what about our guest analyst, carl? >> that im mcmahon, he's a fella, ain't got no shoes on, and whatnot, and me and him took that competition down. >> thank you very much. >> you want to learn to do impressions, call frank cal indy doe, but want to swing the big
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shots, think about "big shots titans at the tee." we want to see you here next year. certainly hope you enjoyed this. there was plenty of power on display, some hall of fame swings out there. there were plenty of laughs as well. congratulations to all of the competitors, especially our champions in 2009, jim mcmahon and brooks baldwin. >> we're in the finals. >> our next step, victory. >> can you smell it? >> love the smell of napalm in the morning. ♪ ♪
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say it ain't so. the red skins suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of the worst team in the nfl. >> after 19 straight losses rs he detroit lions claim a win and skin fans are beyond frustrated to say the least. thanks for joining us. >> the loss today, the last thing anybody in washington wanted to see. most of us certainly didn't expect it. the lions now celebrating a victory. it means the redskins return home with another loss at a hands of a team that hasn't won since '07. go to sports director dave
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feldman. a young season but it's a game that could go down as the worst moment so far. >> absolutely. people knew going in that this year lion's team was a lot better than last year's team. 19 straight losses but only two this year. they weren't going to go 0-16 this year. having said all that, the redskins didn't want to be that team. you know, that team where the streak ends? the lions would strike first. 99 yards on 12 plays, capped off by a beautiful pass from stafford. lions up 13-7, airs it out, looking for johnson. horton runs into him, pass interference. they score again. they march all the way down the field, campbell to cartwright. four yards for the touchdown, skins within five. last chance, eight seconds left, need a touchdown, this play, no touchdown. the redskins fall 19-14 to the
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lions. the lions win since the first time of december of '07. >> there are not many words to say yet. we talked about going into this week, we did not treat this team lightly. we knew that they were good, and they came out and got ahead. we certainly weren't out of the game, even though we had a poor first half. >> the redskins fall to 1-2. they did win last week even though, thanks to three field goals it was treated as a loss. want to see how this one is treated? tampa bay comes to town on sunday. how do the fans feel about it? bobby is live in union jacks. they can't be happy, either? >> reporter: it was a tough loss for even the die hard redskins fans. the confidence further shattered by the loss today. forget about the monday morning quarterbacng the second guessing of this team has
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already started. for redskins fans it wasn't just a bad day, it was a disaster. >> that's kind of upsetting. our team, you know, we're going to fight harder. disapinting for sure. >> reporter: when the troubled team handed detroit the first victory since december of 2007 it snapped a 19-game losing streak, losing what was supposed to be an easy win was bad. >> disappointed but i'm not surprised. this team hasn't really been able to do anything productive on offense all season, and i'm wondering about the play calling, especially on the final play of the game. he didn't go for the end zone. >> many fans feel when the team comes home the team about be booed. >> it's not great do that but it's the fans sending a message like come on we can't keep doing the same things year after year. >> reporter: a lot of long faces leaving union jacks today. many not expecting a win next week. tampa bay will be if you have.
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we're live in bethesda. back to you. >> turning now to a developing story in maryland. it could have gotten ugly fast. the pen mar shopping center engulfed in explosion caused by a natural gas leak. today it nearly happened again. this time at the other end of the shopping center. we're live with the latest details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: fire officials tell me that they came very close to having to investigate another major disaster here. it happened at 1:00. 125 people inside this section in the mall behind me when someone smelled natural gas. authorities arrived on the scene and evacuated everyone out. they say it was just in the nick of time because there could have been a terrible explosion here. we're talking about 13 businesses. they were ordered immediately to shut off the power. the power company called us here
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and shut down everything. many of the employees remember that explosion that you were talking about, maureen. it didn't take much to get them out of the store when fire officials came and told them to leave because they had been concerned about another explosion here. the one that caused that explosion earlier this year, everyone seemed to remember that around here. and fire officials say that this is very similar to that one. they believe that some of the natural gas actually leaked up through the ground, through electrical piping, and that is what they believe caused this incident today. >> it sounds like the same exact set of circumstances is occurring now as it did back in may. why is this occurring again? it's something that we're going to have to be involved in and looking at to make sure it's fixed and doesn't happen again. >> reporter: all right. so how close was this to causing another explosion? uthorities say they really don't know for sure, but just to give you an idea, when they
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walked in they took readings of the natural gas, it was 3.5% of the air inside. it only takes 4% to spark off an explosion. we'll definitely have more on this coming up tonight at 10, maureen, including talking to some of the people who were inside. that's a little bit later. now back to you. >> thank you. we move now to a frightening story in maryland. three men wearing masks stormed a home in the middle of the night and killed a father of four. as fox 5's tisha thompson reports, police believe the killing may have been a hit. >> reporter: even though the police department says the crime happened between 2 and 3:00 in the morning, neighbors say they didn't see or hear anything until they we up sunday morning and found police tape all over their neighbor's house. neighbors say the victim, tyron richardson, lived inside this home with his wife and four young children. >> there were three masked gunmans, two with guns, one without.
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>> reporter: the men only went after richardson who died of trauma to his upper body and left the rest of his family unharmed. they escaped by stealing a black mercedes from the home. >> we also have another vehicle that followed the mercedes and it was either a chrysler 30 or a black cadillac that followed the mercedes out of the area. >> reporter: public records show richardson had filed for bankruptcy less than two weeks ago and went to court in 2002 for weapons charges. that case was later dropped. >> it doesn't get any worse than a man being murdered in his own house in front of his children and his wife. >> the community has been ringing my phone off the hook since 4:00 this morning and this is something that has shocked the community. >> reporter: as president of the local home owners association, mark polk says neighbors wants extra police patrols in the area because there's been a rush of break-ins here over the last few weeks. we're watching and making sure that we receive the response
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that we believe we reive because they've been slow with regards to addressing our breaking and entering. so we want to make sure that this is taken care of because the community is not going to just allow this to go away. >> reporter: the homeowners association president says he doesn't necessarily believe that the previous break-ins are in any way connected with this new murder. but he says it does give the police plenty of reasons to ce out and step up patrols in the neighborhood. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. officers are coming out. police patrols are being set up with marked and unmarked cars. investigators are searching for the stolen black mercedes and want you to ben the look out, too. ia 88982 maryland tags, 2000 s 430 model. closer home in dc, police are looking into an apparent miscommunication in a washington
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hospital, unidentified, peggy nickels, her family reported her missing back on may 19th. they september pictures and exchanged e-mails with the police but it was a court appointed guardian who sent out videos last week. they say they are relieved nickels is alive but angry that police did not find her. seven horses are dead after a fire in chesapeake city. one firefighter was hurt trying to put out the fire but the fire eventually grew to three alarms. investigators say it is too soon to say what started the fire. years after the terrorist bombing in oklahoma city a new look at what happened. we're going to show you video that was just released of how terrified people reacted just after the explosion. plus the man at a center of a terror investigation now back in the city that may have been the prime target. find out what we've learned about the alleged plot.
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we had plenty of rain over the course of this weekend but we did salvage part of the day before a few more showers moved through. we'll have your weekday forecast coming up. >> stick with us, we are back in 90 seconds. 
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. newly released surveillance video shows chaotic moments following the oklahoma city bombing. it captured the panic and
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confusion after the blast. as surviving victims navigated around debris inside corridors and hallways. the video was used to convict timothy mcveigh. now to a foiled terror plot. najibullah zazi is back in new york city and officially under indictment. last week bulletins were sent to cities all across the country. keep a close eye out on transit systems, sports venues, entertainment complexes, and hotels. they say he was plotting to bomb hotels close to the anniversary of 9/11. >> reporter: he arrived by chopper last night and city officials say he was planning to bomb. najibullah zazi was handcuffed and taken to the metropolitan detention centre in brooklyn
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where he's been held without bail. >> the fact that this plot was discovered by working with the fbi and the nypd and who knows who else has been part of that gives you some comfort. >> reporter: zazi who grew up in queens is accused of plotting to new york trains on the anniversary of 9/11. surveillance video from a suburban denver store shows him buying large quantities of hydrogen peroxide and nail polish remover. investigators believe he was trying to make a bomb similar to those used in london, and experimenting on a motel stove. they confiscated a scale used for weighing chemicals with his fingerprints on it. backpacks, and his laptop with handwritten bomb making instructions. there is a strong case against him. >> there's no question that this is a direct relation to
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al-qaeda. there's no question that zazi had trained in those camps and come here and planned on doing a terrible bombing. >> reporter: the plot was foiled when this queens imam allegedly tipped zazi off that investigators were asking for him. explosives were never found. officials say others could be involved in the plot. that's why the arrest of him highlights a troubling question. >> how many others like him are out there? not only the co-conspirators who might be related to zazi but other independent home grown terrorists like him some place across the country. >> reporter: he will answer to charges of plotting to use weapons of mass destruction in court here on tuesday. if convicted he could face a life sentence. iran under the international microscope for its nuclear ambitions. the revolutionary guard conducted missile tests this
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weekend and they have a second uranium enrichment plant. secretary of state hillary clinton calls the talk in geneva a test for iran. she says the u.s. will not accept at face value their insistence it's for peaceful purposes. >> what this meeting on october 1st is to test, is fine, prove it, don't assert it, prove it. and we are looking to see what they have to say. >> secretary of defense robert gates also speaking outbout iran's nuclear program. he believes iran is one to three years away from developing a nuclear weapon. there is still time to negotiate. it's news almost no student will want to hear. >> president obama might want to make your tuesday a little longer and your summer a bit
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shorter. we'll explain why. plus, a whale of a tale off the coast of australia. that's when we come back.
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moved in. they freed the whale. president obama continues his battle for health care reform and now the president is finding an alli in a former president. they say this will change the face of medicine forever and not fort good of our country, say the g.o.p.. this morning the president's plan got a shot in the arm from former president bill clinton. he says president obama is the victim of a vast right wing conspiracy. a phrase his wife made famous. >> sure it is. it's not as strong as it was because america has changed dem graphically but it's as virulent as it was. >> on tuesday the senate finance committee gets back to work on the health care bill. students, the summer vacation you just wrapped up could be cut short just a bit if president obama gets his way. he thinks he spend too little time in school putting you at a disadvantage with students all across the globe.
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he is considering a change for longer classes, later dismissals, and shortersummer breaks. american students spent about 1100 hours in school per year. that sounds like a lot when you see it all at once, it's during the course of 180 days. that is more hours than students in asian countries who out score us in math and science but they have longer school years so it's a give and take. >> parents are saying keep those kids in school longer. less time for me to have to deal with it, right? >> that's the overall benefit for them at least. >> well, the benefit today was it was not bad to be outside. >> not at all. >> we ended up with a few showers and fog and we got that break where i said it wasn't going to be a washout. you know, at least some people did something till 5. and then a line of showers that rushed through toward the early evening part. other than that, late
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afternoon -- i should say, until early evening. now, take a look outside now, plenty of sunshine out there and a few clouds. we've dried out nicely. let's begin with a look at rar for you because you'll see where the remnants of that wed weather is now over del-marva. some of you might have seen a sprinkle or two or even heavier rainfall but that's now moved its way out and we are finally getting into the clear as we move through into tonight. let's go to our weather map because let's talk about the rainfall we did get. take a look at some of these numbers. more than an inch and a half at national airport officially, and at dulles. an inch. we got close to 2 inches for charlotteville and woodbridge, annapolis got two inches.
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about an inch and a half at columbia. the average was from about an inch and a half to about two inches. and we might even get some more official readings before we get to our 10:00 show so i'll update those. a wet day, as far as our headlines are concerned, where are we heading? skies are clearing for the overnight hours. monday is going to be unsettled. start out with sunshine and things will change. the early week, gusty winds to talk about for you but then pleasant days coming ahead so we'll see that in the five-day forecast. in the meantime, highs today into the upper 70s for national and delles. it's 74 degrees right now at national, 74 at dulls. baltimore at 72 degrees, along the mid-atlantic, 72 degrees, new york, 69 degrees. and always cooler in boston. but overall, we're going to see cooler air heading our way


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