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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  September 13, 2009 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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a pivotal play tonight comes from the 2nd quarter. jason campbell back to pass. say hi to a healthy umenyiora. sadly for redskins fans he was healthy today. he scampers 37 yards for the touchdown to put the giants up 17-0. they win 23-17. jim zorn wants an explanation. dave ross has one from jersey. >> another year, another loss and another case of history repeating in the meadowlands. last year the redskins fell behind 16-0. this year 17-0. in
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both cases, the deficit was too big to dig out of. >> it's very tough, especially playing against a team like the giants. you know, 17-0 in the hole it's tough to come back. 16-0 in the hole it's tough to come back. but we found a way to get back into the game so we've got to some way, somehow keep those leads early in the game at a minimum. >> i like more victories, you know what i'm saying. i take it for what it is. we got beat. we wasn't the better team. we have to show ourselves something on film what we can be. >> the good thing like the giants, you don't want to give them anything. we knew it would be tough coming in playing the opening game of the season. when you dig a hole and spot them 17 points, but we felt good about ourselves at the halftime being we got back in the game. sort of like we were one play out of it. our offense was getting the ball back. unfortunately, we scored a little too late. >> today everybody probably turned the tv off early and it came down to the end of the
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game. if we recover that onside kick and the way jason moved the ball the two minute drill, we're in position. >> the bad news is this is the seventh time in the last eight games the redskins have lost in the meadowlands. the good news, they never have to play here again. the g men will move to a new facility next year. dave ross, fox 5 sports. of course win or lose, especially with losing, frustration sometimes takes over and that seemed to be the case tonight with wideout santana moss in the 2nd quarter. moss got into it with the giants cornerback corey webster. this was a clear case of face mask to face mask crime. both received unsportsmanlike penalties that offset each other. afterwards moss offered this explanation. >> my helmet came off because we was going at each other. once my helmet came off and he said going, i was goinand i got head butted so you know what i'm saying, i didn't have
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a hell mutt no more so i've got to do what i've got to do, you know what i'm saying. but it wasn't nothing -- you be in that situation before and you and that guy already pissed off at each other. we were both surprised that it happened with him because we were pretty cool. when we return, what happened to donovan mcnabb? hip hurt? is this eagle grounded? geico sports extra continues. 
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welcome back to dike owe sports extra. david feldman joined pie fox 5's lindsay murphy. the only thing redskins fans could hope for today is maybe a bad day for the rest of the nfc east. did they get any help? >> unfortunately, the cowboys didn't have much of a test. the eagles, they just passed their test. so we'll start with the cowboys. joe owens, who needs him. that's what tony romo and the dallas cowboys are saying after their season opener today. romo had a career passing day
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throwing three long touchdowns that t.o. would have loved to have had his hands on. wade phillips in his third year with the cowboys andra home morris in his first. cowboys down 7-6, tony romo throws to the sideline for miles austin. he has a nice move there. 42 yards for the score. cowboys up 13-7. 4th quarter dallas up 20-14. romo with time. he looks downfield, fires away to a wide open creighton. romo throws a career best 352 yards. the cowboys beat the bucs 34- 21. the eagles in charlotte taking on the panthers who did not lose a regular season home game last year. desean jackson takes the punt at his 15. gets past the first group of defenders and has an open field. he has one move on the punter and then he's free. the eagles go up 17-7. 3rd quarter, the eagles are soaring, 31-10. donovan mcnabb third and goal
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decides to go for it. he gets hit by richard marshall. he scores and then gets piled on. he would suffer a fractured rib. it is unknown how long he will sidelined. coach andy reid said there is a chance he would play next week. his injury will be examined tomorrow. elsewhere, the ravens and chiefs. 4th quarter, chiefs down by a score. brodie croyle over the middle and he stretches in for the 10- yard touchdown. nearly loses possession. this me tied at 24. the ravens' next possession, game still tied. joe flacco airs it out, over the shoulder catch to put the ravens ahead. they go on to beat the chiefs 38-24. vikings quarterback brett favre, career touchdown number 464 felt just as good as number 1. favre reemerged from retirement for the second time this season and showed everyone he's still got it. there is favre, you'll see him in the jersey donning the purple and gold vikings uniform. one minute left in the third quarter. vikings up 4. favre the short pass to percy hard vin.
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he stretches in for the touchdown. favre from out of nowhere tackles him in celebration. the vikes up 24-17. vikings still leading when peterson gets some good blocks. nobody can take him down, 64 yards for the touchdown. peterson's third score of the game. the vikings beat the browns 34- 20. brett favre, tell us about that touchdn pass. >> i don't know how many i've thrown, buthey have all been a blast to throw. yeah, some had maybe more meaning than others, but i was pretty excited. >> you could tell. he seems really excited, doesn't he? >> do you think it's good to tackle your own teammate? what about injuring the guy? >> i don't know. 464 is just as fun as 1. that's what he said. maybe he was having a good time. >> maybe the brett favre drama we can be done with for a while. >> that was a boring press conference. >> thank you, lindsay.
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tonight's geico 15 minutes of fame takes us to cincinnati for the head coaching debut of denver's josh mcdaniels. final seconds, broncos trail the bengals 7-6. kyle orton will throw up the ball on the left side for brandon marshall. it deflect off the bengals leon hall. brandon stokley makes the catch in stride and goes 87 yards for the touchdown. broncos beat the bengals 12-7. denver's miracle finish earns our geico 15 minutes of fame. you know jason campbell did have some quick-thinking moments today like this play that resulted in a 23-yard gain. stop it, pick it up, flick it over. why didn't the skins do more of this? a final thought from jim zorn when we come back. eat claims s% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise where i fall backwards and you catch me.
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welcome back to geco sports extra. i'm dave feldman. the redskins do find the end zone twice, but one did come on a hunter smith special teams finale that danny smith helped on that's not getting in the end zone enough and afterwards the point was made painfully clear by jim zorn. >> well, settling for -- settling for a field goal, i can just answer right away, is
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not good. it's not good. we're not -- you know, this offense is not designed to settle for field goal. >> this offense averages only 16.6 points per game last year, 28th worst in the league. good news, the next week the st. louis rams come to town. they lost at seattle today 28-0 but they did beat the redskins last year. the rams at fedex field, 19-17. my thanks to lindsay murphy, dave ross and rich dunn. we'll see you tomorrow. have a great night.


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