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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  July 10, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> it mirrors all aspects of life in every way. >> chess punishes greediness. the consequences of your actions, maintaining your position, initiative, evaluating what's most important at the moment. you can't wait to get on the board with someone who can play. >> there is a narcotic aspect to it. >> it's the safest drug there is but a drug for sure. ♪[ music ] >> it looks like they had fun. the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. starting with that developing story down in leesburg, a tense hostage situation that dragged on for hours is now over. both hostages are safe, the suspect in custody did i and we're learning how it went down. -- custody and we're learning how it went down. the suspect robbed a jewelry store on east market street this morning, then hold up in a home with two hostages. >> reporter: the suspect has been identified as 49-year-old william spencer of baltimore. he is in custody tonight. now around 9:00 is when he released the elderly woman who
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lived in that house who he held hostage for several hours. then at 9:50 he released her husband before surrendering himself to police. this all started the entire ordeal around 11:30 this morning in down town leesburg at the other kind of jewelry store. the suspect robbed them at gunpoint, then ran away on foot. police chased him into the donna manor neighborhood. the suspect then broke into a house, tied up the residents in that home, stole some of their items, threatened them, then stole their gold jeep cherokee. eventually he dumped that truck on king street, then forced his way into a secure room in the elderly couple's house on valley view. >> i can tell you that it was not only an tstanding law enforcent effort but our victims in this case were truly outstanding. they established a rapport with the suspect. they helped him realize the seriousness of his event and also realize that there was no escape in it.
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so it really was -- i've told about how this is a law enforcement team effort but i can honestly tell you that our victims in this case were really tremendous. >> reporter: so tonight a good ending to a story that went on for several hours, a suspect in custody facing several felony charges for his involvement in this ordeal today. brian. >> nice to hear everybody is safe d sound tonight. wisdom martin reporting for us in virginia. more fallout over marion barry's arrest here in d.c. the city council taking a big step in investigating the former mayor's government deal and the contract given to barry's then girl friend. fox 5's roz plater following that down in the newsroom. >> the d.c. city council is asking for outside help on this one just as it becomes increasingly clear some of the council members are simply fed up and tonight one is even calling on barry to apologize. >> mr. barry -- >> reporter: the end of a closed door session the d.c. city council chairman announced
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an independent investigator will look into a contract that council member marion barry awarded to his former girl friend donna watts-brighthaupt. >> we want the public to be as satisfied as they possibly can that this situation has been thoroughly investigated and we've gotten at what the facts are. >> reporter: barry took to the podium defending himself. >> nowhere has this been pointed out. >> reporter: listen carefully and you'll here a council member say i just can't take this. >> i just can't take this. >> can we hear from you? why are you walking out? >> reporter: but he and council member mary chay walk out. he later released a statement saying he didn't want to appear to be rallying behind barry and went on to say, "mr. barry owes the residents and taxpayers of the district of columbia a public apology. his refusal to do so continues a long standing pattern of council member barry refusing to take personal responsibility for his actions." high profile d.c. attorney bob
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bennett will head up the inquiry. >> we'll get the contracts. you look at the documents first and then you conduct interviews and it is very important that the council has given me subpoena power. >> reporter: for his part barry says don't expect a fight. >> mr. chairman, i welcome this. i'm going to cooperate fully with this because i know what's going to happen. when it's all said and done, there will be no question about the propriety of this contract. >> reporter: so far there's no timetable for this weather this investigation will be completed. bennett said he's already assembling a team and he's working pro bono on this not charging the city a dime for his services. if that name sounds family it's bebob bennett is a renowned attorney and former federal prosecutor. he represented president clinton in the paula jones case. reaction tonight to a crackdown at the new beginnings youth rehab center of laurel. mayor fenty blames staff
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members for the escapes at the new beginning center. five correction officers have been fired and the man in charged demoted. executor john leopold issued a statement saying in part i hope the mayor will also follow through with plans to add an alert system for nearby residents. again you're not looking at the right statement. the facility has long been a serious public safety threat he went on to say in that statement toour residents. from bankrupt to rehab in 40 days, general motor made a speedy exit from bankruptcy protection, a new leaner gm back in the driver's seat. the automaker says this is down the road, a 20% workforce reduction by year end, a new board in place in three weeks, plans to repay billions in government loans ahead of the 2015 deadline, but the ceo says business as usual is over. >> at the new gm we need to make the customer the center of everything. we'll be obsessed with this because if we don't get this
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right, nothing else is going to work. >> for now gm survival depends on an additional $50 billion coming from the u.s. government loans. a grave digging scheme at a cemetery in illinois, workers accused of disrespecting the dead for profit. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> the scandal got even worse today. another disturbing discovery. the historic black cemetery near chicago is the burial place of civil rights icon emmett till. his gravesite wasn't disturbed but investigators found his original iconic glass top casket resting in a shack filled with possums. a deadly end to the annual running of the bulls in spain. a 21-year-old spanish man died after being gored to death. a bull broke away from the park charging at people running away. nine were hurt including two americans in their 60s. it's the first death since 199 in the festival. a historic meeting in italy today president obama and pope benedict xvi met for the first
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time ever. despite differing opinions on abortion and stem cell research, the meeting was a search on common ground. they both agreed on helping the poor and reducing nuclear weapons. a bizarre attempted break- in at a local grocery store. the would be thief not human. this is a black bear. get the news edge on what happened next. plus pep co customers catch a break on next month's bill. we'll tell you y and how much in tonight's topfive but first it is friday night. we have finally made it. a couple stories we're working on the next 20 minutes or so. hang tight. we're back. 
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here's something you don't see every day. the black bear was spotted peering into a giant's in stafford county virginia. witnesses say the bear confidently walked to the front door fairly unfazed it was in the middle of suburbia. twitter is suspending accounts to fight off a virus attack. shawn yancy is back now with your fox 5 top five. there's a warning for twitter users. before you send out your next tweet the website is warning about the coupe based worm that
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sends out bogus messages when you log on. if your account is affected twitter will suspend it and notify you by e-mail. no. 4, help make history this weekend by joining the world's largest skinny dip. virginia's only nudist camp is inviting people to the resort trying to make the guinness book of world records at 3 p.m. saturday. no. 3, pack your patience if you're riding metro this weekend. the agency is expecting delays on all five lines. the elton john billy joel concert and nats game saturday night will clog up the green line and maintenance work will cause up to 30 minutes delays on the other line. no. 2 , maryland's pep co customers can look for a $30 break on your august bill part of a legal settlement the company has to pay out. you have to use at least 1,000- kilowatt hours a month photo qualify for the month. no. 1 tonight, d.c. will say good- bye to o of the area's most popular watering hole there's weekend. after 40 years of calling georgetown home nathan's bar is
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closing for good this sunday. the reason? well, the recession. owner is hoping for a big weekend to help pay for a hefty tax bill. >> you can check out tonight's top five on our website. head to and click on web links. most people work for years before they can afford to start their own company. this girl did it before her 11th birthday. how she turned an old school bus into a booming business. >> hey, weekend is here and everybody wants to know when are we going to get the rain? we'll get some. we'll talk about when it's iming to move through and more portantly when it's going to get out in yourfull forecast. bu t first next time you complain about how expensive the d.c. area is consider this. on a new list of the world's most expensive cities to live in we didn't even crack the top 50. international consulting firm mercer ranked 143 major cities >> their cost of living putting housing, food, transportation. tokyo topped the list. d.c. came in no. 66. 
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the political bombshell that has stunned just about everyone apparently explained by sarah palin's would be son- in-law. levi johnston says he knows why the governor is quitting her day job, for the cash. johnston says when he lived with the palins he heard the governor say it would be nice to take advantage of lucrative offers for book deals. plain's people say he's making it up. dancer, entrepreneur, teacher, not even a teenager yet. a girl with a big vision turned
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this bus into a booming business and to y this 5th grader is wise beyond her years is an understatement. we have the story. >> reporter: the brains of this bus? 10-year-old amaya alexander, not behind the wheel but behind the entire business that has become a mobile dance academy, the fur of i kind. the first of its kind. it was an idea that came to her in the middle of the night. >> i sketched it out on a piece of paper and i came to her and she's like why? why? i'm like mom, i have a plan. >> reporter: it was to get a bus, paint it pink, take the seats out, decorate it, hire instructors and turn it into a dance studio on wheels. now remember she's 10. >> she said my classes are going to be reasonable. they won't be expensive because have i to help those children who can't -- because i have to
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help those children who can't afford the expense of dance classes. >> reporter: while bringing the bus to teach kids as young as 2 the finer points of ballet, tap and hip-hop amaya carefully considered the legal side of the business while presenting her grand plan to mom. >> and said that everything she needed for my bus, alarm system, she had her insurance on there, she needed an attorney, she needed a marketing and business. so it listed everything. >> reporter: when you see the big pink bus cruising the streets, no doubt you'd think it was a major enterprise but it's amaya running the company. >> it's just me and it's not a big corporation. no. it's just me. >> reporter: but don't be fooled. she knows her stuff. >> i am a little entrepreneur. >> reporter: and since the business of dancing is like second nature to amaya the bus is the perfect way to showcase her talent. but it's not all play for
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amaya. she's as serious about her schoolwork as she is about her footwork. >> her passion is dance, but i also influence her that education is first. that's her priority. >> reporter: she's an excellent student and has higher aspirations that not only include dancing but a career in medicine. >> i love anatomy. that's my favorite subject in school. >> reporter: so much so ultimately amaya set her sights on harvard medical school. >> i really want to be an obstetrician and a dancer. so a dancing doc. >> reporter: and until then amaya is just happy surrounding herself with children she can teach and share her love of dance with and it's kind of hard to remember she's still just a little girl. >> i see her being mature for her age and i want her to know i don't want her to grow up too fast. i don't want that for her. i do want her to enjoy her childhood as much as possible. >> reporter: for this inspiring little 10-year-old it's not so much the destinations as it is
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the journey. >> good story. let's get to the weekend forecast, all everybody is talking about. >> we've had a lot of good stories today, too. can i postpone this any longer? here's what's happening don't tonight? it's been nice and we've talked about this all week. we've had such a nice run of weather and not that it's going to end for the weekend by any means. if you have outdoor plans, you'll be in pretty good shape unless you're going to have outdoor plans tomorrow during the overnight because i think that's when the rain comes in. today's high temperatur, 81 for reagan national, dulles 81 and dwi83. say good-bye to temperatures like this because we don't see this coming back for quite a while. not that it's going to get oppressively hot but it's certainly going to be up closer normal the next several days, that's mid- to upper 80s. 72 in town now, already down to 70 for baltimore, winchester 66 degrees and you can see there down to the south in
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fredericksburg they're falling off to 70 degrees. a little cooler here in town. we'll be down to about 66. 65 to 66 but outside the beltway as has been the case all week long out in the suburbs it will be down around 60, okay, for a low temperature overnight tonight. tomorrow high temperature of 87 degrees, the same for sunday, but tomorrow especially in the afternoon and evening we will be getting a little bit more humid and have a chance for some showers and some thunderstorms all developing along this front and out ahead of it. so by tomorrow evening and certainly tomorrow night we'll have these scattered thunderstorms moving through. it does look like they will hold off for most of the day tomorrow. so i don't think you have any concerns out there for tomorrow. 66 tonight in the city, 64 for bowie, cooler in frederick. now how you get outside the beltway into our suv bashes and the temperatures drastically -- suburbs and these temperatures
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drastically drop off. we've had 50s in the suburbs, too. i don't see that tonight but it's still going to be cool. 8 a.m. 69 degrees, mostly sunny, partly cloudy at noon. i'll say a thunderstorm possible around the area by 5:00 tomorrow evening just because of the heat and the humidity but it looks like the majority of those storms as they come through ahead of the front will be late tomorrow evening into early, early sunday morning and then we're going to dry out quite nicely on sunday. both days up around 87. tomorrow will feel warmer because we'll have a little bit more humidity. humidity gets pushed to the south on sunday. scattered thunderstorms around on monday. it's looking tonight like maybe some of these monday thunderstorms will stay suppressed to the south. warm again tuesday and wednesday we'll have a couple more scattered thunderstorms in here. so there you go. that's a look at your fox five- day forecast, not a bad weekend. we'll be back. dave ross is coming in to fill you in on all the sports for the nats tonight. stay with us.
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good evening, everybody. dave ross with your sports edge and the nats have not yet won in this seven game road swing or have they? they did win in houston last night in a seven minute game which was the completion of a suspended game from may 5th that gap in d.c. does that now -- game in d.c. does that now count as a road win? i have no idea but we do know
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this. this game would end tonight in houston for the nats and that is a hop run and right there on console -- home run and right there on scott olsen. bases juiced for the 7th. cristian guzman backed up to the box. here comes alberto gonzales, right behind him wlie harris and the nats have a 5-4 lead. now tied at five in the 9th. this is nyjer morgan. thas a base hit. here comes willie harris. can he score? michael bourne out at the dish of the we go to the bottom of 9th and here comes geoff blum. oh, no, not again. miguel take laid a scores. the -- miguel tejada scores. the nats still winless on the road. o's without manager dave trembley suspended for this outburst earlier in the week. top of the 5th blue jays up and here comes alex rios.
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jays blank the birds 2 -0. from baseball to biking, tour de france, second stage. lance armstrong dropped a spot to third place. his teammate alberto contador breaking away the final sprint of mountain. the caps big time move in free agency signing center brendan morrison for a one year deal for the 12 year veteran. morrison has scored 20 goals or more four times in his career. how about golf. phil mickelson will not play in the bishop next week and stay at home with his -- at the british open next week and stay at home with his wife amy who is recuperating from a surgery for breast cancer. mickelson has not set a timetable when he will return to action. a star studded cast for the 19th annual bobby mitchell hall of fame classic where some of the greatest athletes in the
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history for sports gather for fun on the links but to help raise -- gather together for fun on the links but to help raise money for fighting listen open a and leukemia. billy norris is an eagle fan diagnosed with lieu keep a and while the brave young -- leukemia and while the brave youngster battles his disease he figured out his eagles. >> i love football and my parents actually made a deal. we get to be on the other person's team unless they're playing each other. then all bets are off. >> each year our patient hero -- i shouldn't say every year, but i'd say half of the time they are fans of other teams. but then that is why i wanted to do ballplayers from all over the couny. >> bobby has raised over $6 million in s 19 years hosting that event. very, very impressive. brian bolter back to wrap
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taking the edge out tonight with a three-peat. a florida couple heads home from the hospital with two bundles of joy after delivering their third set of twins. do the m


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