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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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decision and throughout the newscast you can vote yes or no in the next few minutes. tonight we are looking at the trump protests through the eyes of police and protesters. 10news reporter eric glasser is with officers as they use their tested tactics to keep everyone and everything calm, but first shannon valladolid spent the day with protesters. shannon, you learned each of them has a reason for being there? >> reporter: women, african-americans, and muslims, and you can just see the fear and the hurt in their eyes. they tell me that fear comes from the unknown. not knowing what a trump presidency is going to look like. protesters are now starting to trickle in here in downtown tampa. i did speak to some of them, and they tell me they are not here because they are sore losers. they are here because they feel that minorities, african- americans and the lbgt community has made such great
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taken away possibly by a trump presidency. donna davis with black lives matter have yet to get any sleep since the news that trump won the election for president of the united states. >> because the in-box was blowing up, and so i said, okay, i am not going to go to bed. i am going to organize through the night. >> reporter: davis says the messages were filled with fear, sadness, and frustration from minorities across tampa bay. >> and they wanted to come together. they wa who are of like minds. they wanted to know they weren't alone. >> reporter: that is the reason she spent her day doing this. making posters and banners for the people frightened over what's to come from a trump presidency. >> if we go forward, the possibilities are limitless. if we go back, we are going to hit a wall. not the wall that trump is talking about. it's going to hurt us all. >> reporter: among the protesters, a refugee says
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immigrants, women, minorities, won't be tolerated by her, and that's why she will walk tonight in solidarity with those hurting throughout the u.s. >> we are watching and whatever happens in a trump presidency, we will be here to fight back and to protect the disenfranchised, to protect women and their reproductive rights, to protect minority communities that have a lot of reason to feel worried about the >> reporter: these protests are expected to be peaceful. these women that i spoke to tell me that they hope by bringing all these people together, that somehow donald trump will see this so he can see that the fear for minorities is very much ream. we are live in downtown tampa. shannon valladolid, 10news wtsp. >> eric glasser is also at that protest getting the officers' perspective on all of this. eric. >> reporter: well, reggie,
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they are not far from here. in tampa, that would be tampa pd. they are ready to protect not only the people who are out here and protesting this evening, but more and increasingly these days cops have to be concerned about protecting themselves. how do they do that in tampa? by communicating with the very people you might think they would be most at odds with. [ crowd chanting ] imagine what it must be working emotionally-charged post-election protests. police protecting demonstrators. protecting free speech. protecting themselves. >> we teal with people -- deal with people that are volatile, people with their worst emotions and people that are vulnerable. >> reporter: people are upset preparing for another protest. >> as long as they don't break the law, we will help them achieve what they want to achieve. >> reporter: doing the job
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killed this year. two ambushed last week in iowa. two more this morning near pittsburgh. cops don't see themselves as adversaries here, but that can change if things escalate. >> we know we are in a dangerous profession. we are in it for the right reasons. it's a vocation. a calling more so than a job. and if you're scared about getting hurt or getting killed, then you're in the wrong profession. >> reporter: to minimize tension and risk, tampa police work with pr ahead of the demonstration. >> by engaging in that dialogue, treating the people the way they wanted to be treated, hopefully we avoid conflict. >> reporter: we are told that there is another protest likely to take place in about an hour, hour and a half from now. at the same time tampa pd's top brass is going to be meeting with community leaders, getting to know them better, learning each other's names so when
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chance of it spinning out of control. live tonight in tampa, eric glasser, 10news wtsp. >> earlier tonight we asked about your thoughts on the thousands of people protesting trump's presidential victory. you voted for the past hour or so, and here are the results on the bottom of your screen. almost 900 of you kept into this poll. a whopping 85% of you think it's dividing our country. our next live poll is just about ten minutes away. president obama welcomed his successor to the white house today for their first formal meeting ever. but before touching down in d.c., trump departed laguardia airport on board his private plane, receiving an elaborate water salute. president obama and president- elect trump spent 90 minutes talking today in the oval office. the president says he focused on a peaceful transition of
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do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. >> also today vice president joe biden met with his successor indiana governor mike pence. now, you can count on us to monitor protests here and around the country. it's all easy to find. right there on our 10news app and also on from the pasco sheriff's office. it shows deputies saving a man's life after he ran from a traffic stop, ended up in a canal, and struggled to stay afloat. last night two deputies jumped in that cancel after 40-year- old gerald bornstein pled for help. the deputies got him to shore. you see they are so up close. they are administering cpr. they were able to get the water out of his lungs and he began breathing on his own.
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man they saved later thanked them for doing everything possible to save him. >> since changing hats sometimes, you know, we are chasing after him, trying to get him into custody. if it gets to a point where his life is in danger, we need to save him as well. we had him right there. he wasn't going anywhere. we needed to rescue him and bring him back. >> bornstein is recovering in the hospital tonight and will soon be heading to jail. he said he ran from deputies because he didn't have a driver's license. he is now facing felo well, all new at six don't let your guard down no matter where you live. it's that time of year once again why thieves are trying to steal your holiday spirit. there is one thing to do to stop them. the winter haven police department has a program to remind you to lock your car doors. of they are giving you a chance to win 25 bucks for doing just that and keeping your valuables out of sight. really doing the right thing not only can protect your gifts, but also give you some
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people who take advantage that have and they will come out and they will actually survey the parking lot looking for easy targets. >> now, the department says the last time they did this, car burglaries dropped 17% compared to the year before. there is much more to come on 10news. >> we want to keep hearing from you. get ready. the next live interactive question is coming up in a few minutes. plus. >> with all the division caused by this election, you might about the future. i went to ask for myself, and you will hear from them next. cooler air, drier air moving into the southeast, including us here in florida. i will let you know how long it lasts. we will take a look at the weekend forecast and peek into the future of next week and see
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visit to interact with 10news two minutes away. it's no doubt our country is on edge following this long and aggressive presidential campaign, but if you talk to someone who wasn't as fortunate to grow might view things differently. 10news reporter garin flowers spoke with new citizens to get their thoughts. >> ? oh say can you see ? >> [ crowd chanting ] >> ? what so proudly we hailed ? >> donald trump go away! >> ?. >> reporter: emotions are
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this divisive election season has many taking to the streets and protesting the results. but tears of joy flowed thursday as dozens became u.s. citizens. >> i am so proud to be an american. i want to support this country. >> reporter: if you ask someone becoming an american like this person from venezuela, you might take another perspective on the negative political climate. >> i want everybody in this country stay unit. i don't want to be divided together. >> reporter: her positive outlook far exceeds a polarizing president-elect. the same case for fernandez from cuba, waiting ten years to represent the stars and stripes. >> i am happy to be an american citizen. it's not a problem if trump is the president. >> reporter: julia also waited ten years and would have voted in this election had hurricane hermione not closed the immigration office. >> regardless who is president,
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positive way. i am happy to be a part of it. >> reporter: no matter where they are from or why they came, they feel welcome. >> now it's my country, and now our country. >> reporter: in total, 42 people from 15 different nations became new u.s. citizens. less worried about who is going to occupy the white house, but happy to call america home. in tampa, garin flowers, 10news wtsp. >> happy as can be. >> so emotional, thos ceremonies. >> it is. rightly so. well, to become a new citizen you have to pass a test. questions about american government, history, civics are all on there. >> this can be touch. we wanted to ask you, do you think you could pass? head to and have a go at it yourself. the question here, who is the chief justice of the united states right now?
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anthony kennedy? no cheating. we will bring you the correct answer in just about ten minutes. tracking storms. alerting you. protecting your family. it's time for 10weather. >> got to be up on your history and politics. >> yeah. i will tell you, a lot of people may not -- they might have a couple of questions. >> i think they are getting it ride. you are not allowed to use google. >> or your phone. >> you can't? >> i don't know. [ laughter ]. >> i you write the answers on your leg. >> or the bottom of the chair or something. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> i got techniques. i will talk to you, reg. all right. 82 degrees out there today. that was the daytime high. the average now is 79. so we're starting to cool off. we have been cooling, but we are now getting in the 70s for daytime highs. the average low is about 61. we were a little bit warmer than that. perhaps a little bit below in the next couple of days.
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the sky today. it's beautiful, and that's because that front came through. remember this time last night it was actually hung up here just southeast of tallahassee. but it pushed through north- northeast winds. a little northwest on the coast. you can see the waves coming in from the hotel camera at safety beach. look at that beautiful sunset. it's gorgeous. water temperature around 75 degrees. 73 in st. pete. 60s already for pasco, hernando, citrus counties. 72 73 in sarasota. we are down to about 75 in riverview. all of these numbers will come down through the 60s for the evening hours, and i think a bunch of upper 50s for tomorrow morning. safety harbor at 67 degrees. 64 in temple terrace. wauchula by tomorrow morning will be 54. 40s for most of the citrus county. even brooksville 50 degrees. some spots around town will be in the upper 40s. most areas in the mid-50s tonight.
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last night. and then we are going to continue that trend over the next couple of days. it will be cool on saturday morning and slightly warmer by sunday morning. not by much. and dry all the way through. this is the forecast model that takes you through saturday afternoon. notice a couple of clouds and a shower towards debate. nothing like that for us. i do think sunday we will see a little bit of extra cloud cover out there. we are looking at the clouds coming in on breeze. partly cloudy. outdoor plans through the weekend look fantastic. 80 tomorrow for a high briefly. sun up at 6:49. down at 5:39 allergy forecast ragweed, elm and grass. dew points really dropped. mid-50s now. they are going to stay that way. in fact, should get down into the 40s for dew points, which means really dry air, and that will happen over the weekend
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and that will give us a few extra clouds. there is our look at a rain chance really monday into tuesday. now, some models are saying monday more so than tuesday. in the gfs. it's showing a little bit more on tuesday than monday, but that's wednesday morning. whatever we get at this point looks like it will be out of here early wednesday morning. it will be a dry day. so i am not looking for a lot of rain for monday or tuesday at this point. 20 to 30% chance. so hopefully we can get a little bit more than that. if you have outdoor plans this weekend, upper 70s to near 80 degrees. tomorrow's veterans day. what a gorgeous day to honor our veterans. thank you, thank you, thank you for your service, and happy birthday to the marine corps. >> hoorah! >> that's right. 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida.
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program and much more tomorrow on "10news this morning" live from the campus.
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now live from the suncoast hyundai dealer sports desk it's time for 10sports. >> call them sheep if you want.
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owners don't spend money frivolously. they are at a competitive disadvantage, that term irks the ace chris archer. >> i get it. we might not be capable of spending, you know, with the yankees and red sox, but if we keep harping on it, it permeates the minds of the players. we have a different advantage, i believe, and i think that comes from the scouting department and the creativeness that we have been able to develop over the years. i ju- to get tired of hearing the words disadvantaged when it comes to the rays because that's just the wrong mentality to start with. i think, you know, a couple added pieces, yeah, we will have to spend a little bit of money. but a couple added pieces with the starting pitching that we have can change everything. we can get back to the winning franchise that we were because, you know, frankly, playing for 90 loss teams is not fun. >> not fun to watch either.
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payroll among baseball at $57 million. but if they do spend like arthur is asking, three affordable free agents, franklin gutierrez a lefty with solid power. rays need help at catcher. wilson ramos would do that. he makes sense economically since he is coming off an acl tear. he was an all-star a season ago. and in the rotation, derek holland is a reliable arm. we will see if the rays start to open up that checkbook. earlier we would be able to pass a u.s. citizenship test. >> it's not easy as you may think. we showed you one of the questions and asked you to take part live. the question was, who is the chief justice of the united states now? you see the options, and there you go. the middle john roberts, that correct answer in the middle of your screen. by the way, president george w. bush nominated john g. roberts jr. as chief justice of the
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september 29, 2005. congratulations, by the way, to the viewer who answered correctly in the fastest time. check it out at >> what did they win? >> i definite know there was a prize. is there a prize? [ laughter ]. >> reggie will show up at your door and deliver a prize. thank a veteran when you see one tomorrow. it's officially veterans day. every year thousands of veterans go on honor flights taking them to washington, d.c. to see the memorials built in th the trip, there is a new option out there. virtual reality. it's a movement or a moment that a veteran's son says will last with him forever. >> to see the expression on his face just, i know it meant the world to him. >> you know, it's a way that they can feel like they were there. >> tomorrow the group behind this technology, honor everywhere, will add a virtual
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wall, to their program. and taking a last live look outside. already dark of course. downtown tampa lit up tonight. bobby deskins has the forecast on that's it for "10news at 6" everybody. we will see you right back here tonight at 11. >> breaking news 24/7, live radar always here, always on. you can always take 10news with you.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the transition begins. >> we now are going to... want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> mr. president, it was a forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> pelley: the 44th president welcomes the 45th to his new office. the incoming first lady gets a tour of their new home. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> pelley: also tonight, protests against the election results. >> definitely enough to bring me to tears. >> pelley: great expectations. can the new president keep the


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