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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  March 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us today. donald trump picks up an endorsement from a former rival candidate. ben carson made his endorsement official this morning coming as everyone is reflecting on the kinder gentler republican debate from thursday night. >> dr. ben carson endorsed
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morning. >> ben has become a friend and it's an honor. i really appreciate the endorsement ben. thank you. the campaign because he's gotten to know the other donald trump. trumps. there's the one you see on the stage and there's the one who is very cerebrale. >> perhaps it was the more cerebrale trump which showed up last night to focus more on policy and left out the usual personal attacks. >> last night's debate was fun and different. there were a lot of good feelings in the room. >> the biggest policy difference during the night came when social security is fine as it stands. >> fraud is not enough. let's wipe out the fraud but it won't add up. >> the answer can't be wave a magic and and say problem go away.
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if you have to take on entitlement programs yes but doesn't mean you have to cut them. >> it remains to be seen if the good feelings will remain as the candidates hit the campaign trail. >> along with florida ohio north carolina illinois and missouri all vote next tuesday in a winner take all on the republic season side florida is the biggest prize because of the 99 delegates. the entire country is watching florida very closely. we have a brand new poll that shows where florida voters stand on who ten news reporter breaks down the numbers. >> our joint poll comes one bay and candidates made a final push right here in florida. the race is a lot tighter between the republicans than it
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new numbers show that trump is leading in the tampa bay area and rubio trailing not too far behind with 29%. ted cruz is strong nationally but here in florida john kasich trails at the bottom of the pack. on the democratic side the gap is much wider. florida democrats are really feeling hilary clinton and not so much feeling the bern. voter support at 23% chyle while clinton has 68%. there's a lot at steak stake in this election especially for rubio because it will likely set trump on an even clearer path towards the g.o.p. nomination. read a lot more about the poll results and who the biggest supporters are for each candidate in today's edition of the ledger. emerald marrow 10 news wtsp. final preparations are under way for nancy reagan's funeral in california.
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are expected to attend the private event. >> journalists from around the world are setting up outside the reagan presidential library where a long list of celebrities will attend the private funeral of nancy reagan. over the past two days 5500 people paid their respects at a public viewing for the former first lady. >> i had to come and pay my respects. >> people who knew her well say she would have loved to see this out pouring of admiration. >> she would be surprised but would smile because she loved being first lady. >> nancy reagan is best known for her support of ronald reagan and her just say no to drugs campaign. >> mrs. reagan reminded us of the importance of women's leadership at every level of our society. >> first lady michelle obama will attend the funeral along with every other former first lady including hilary clinton. nancy reagan personally created
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funeral and had a hand in other details like choosing the flowers. the music is the ballotel hymn america. james baker will deliver the main eulogy and her children will also speak. her final resting place will be right by her husband's side. california. >> also in attendance former president george w bush arnold schwartz neglecter journalist larry king and actress anti aging clinic leana. it's been a wild day in the court house with the hulk hogan sex tape trial. his team is expected to rest the case this afternoon. as hogan entered the courtroom he said he feels good. so far a website counter took the stand he's an expert on website views and his sex tape
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times on sites other than gawker. the expert replied yes if more than one person watched. in just a few minutes the first race of the fire stone grand prix will kick off in downtown st. pete. thousands of people are going to head down to the car races this weekend. we are taking you live from our sky tracker 10 from our network this morning. sarah found out although the city will rake in millions of dollars some businesses don't see any of that money. >> when you hear that sound you know it's race weekend in st. pete. 150,000 people will bring in $48 million to the city this weekend and new this year big electronic boards and maps that will direct drivers to the best place to park, shop, eat and get around all the detours this weekend. they also added shuttles and trolleys to help businesses after retail shop owners complained based on a drastic drop on race weekend. >> for years the message has
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that's totally not true. downtown is open for business. there is plenty of parking. so whether you are coming to the race or not there's all sorts of things to do. >> there are big security changes this year too. for the first time racers will have to walk through metal detectors. the race will be watched by one million people in two different countries. >> the biggest one on sunday be sure to check out all of the street closures and parking information that you need. reporting in downtown st. pete 10 news wtsp. flood warnings are raising alarms and prompting evacuations all across the south as heavy rains streamed over the banks. thousands have been forced from their homes in northern louisiana where more than 20- inches of rain fell this week. at least one levy is expected
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1600 homes. japan marks five years with one of the worst natural disasters in history today. a moment of silence was held this morning. walls of water 30 feet high or more hit towns or villages hundreds of miles along japan's coast. 16,000 people were killed and 2500 are still missing. it caused the meltdown at the power plant and 60,000 evacuees remain in temporary housing. good news for the zika virus a vaccine could be ready for testing by this fall. the mosquito born virus is hitting puerto rico very hard where thousands of pregnant women could be effected this year. it is linked to a birth defect with new borns abnormally small heads. the man known as the dog whisperer is under investigation for possible animal cruelty stemming from an
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911 showing a dog attacking and session. as of right now the investigators have questioned the t.v. star and his employees and plan to show the findings to the da. bay area. coming up a look at events you family. plus a mother's in hospice care. >> my favorite thing to do is just climb into bed and lay next to him and we lay nose to nose and i talk to him and tell him about heaven. >> you do not want to miss her incredible story coming up next on 10 news at noon. but first in health news a simple thing to do today to help reduce the risk of alheimer's. kate is joining us now. a lot going on this weekend but to start friday it's just beautiful. >> we are in good shape for the majority of the weekend. warm and breezy partly cloudy skies right now federal our wesley chapel toyota honda camera but there is rain in the forecast for sunday.
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up in just a few minutes. be sure to put 10 news sunday morning on your must watch list this weekend. mark rivera will have your top stories and ashley baity will leave you with the forecast. this week a man's memo on the abduction and murder of his brother in 1973. and bobby takes us on the road to making his mark in st. pete. four years ago he couldn't walk at all but now everyone in st. streets.
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if you have ever worried about getting alheimer's when you are older there may be a
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getting the disease. researchers at ucla and the university of pittsburgh say just about any physical walking gardening or dancing with improve brain volume or reduce alheimer's by up to 50%. they don't have to be alone a mother and former nurse in hawaii started comforting babies who's parents were too distraught to do it themselves. she is taking in the children to give them the love and care they need. april introduces us to this incredible woman and her adopted son. >> over the steady monitor the sound a mother's love still over powering. >> one of my favorite things to do is climb into bed and lay next to him and lay nose to nose and i talk to him and tell him about heaven. >> 20 month old charlie born with brain damage wasn't given
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months old his father decided it was just too much. >> it was not that charlie was unwanted or unloved. he was both, it just wasn't manageable so we were given him. >> adopted by foster parents who specialize in parents too sick to be adopted and who have already been down this road with another foster child. >> somebody needs to be there when he dies because the fact that he's going to die is sad and i can say i don't want to deal with this but that doesn't change the fact that he's going to die. and so we just made the decision that we'll stay. >> even busy here in the kitchen charlie is never far. she can see him right through this window. >> i still need to make cookies and supper and dishes and i have charlie. so it's a juggle. you live life to the fullest but that what means for him is
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>> knowing the love he's given the difference. >> he always reaches out his hands and wants you to kiss his palm or hold his hand and that's how he let's us know i know you are there. >> they also know his timing on earth is limited but corey says she looks him in the face because her face takes away her fear. >> but i do know that one of these times when his saturation drops out and his lungs are not vent lating the way they are supposed to i'm not going to be able to clear his airway and at that point in time i'm all done. and he'll fly away. and he'll be good. and we will eventually be good. >> now if you think that's incredible, corey is already the definition of supermom with eight of her own children. four years ago while finishing a near deadly battle with auto
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she still had more love to give. well there sure is a lot going on this weekend for you and your family to check out all kinds of things besides the grand prix taking place in st. petersburg. the music festival runs saturday and sunday in downtown tampa. there's going to be a lot of food and drinks. tickets are from 30 to $100 and kids under 12 get in for free. the gates open at 10:00 a.m. on saturday and sunday. and the strawberry festival closes on sunday night. adult tickets are $10. kids 6 to 12 are $5 and under five are free. park opens at 10:00 a.m. and lego land water park also opening in winter haven recently renovated and expanded. and rough rider st. patrick night parade is tomorrow night and runs from 7 to single mom and runs down 7th avenue and you can also check out florida
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florida state fair grounds on saturday and sunday. tickets are $7 for adults kids 12 and under get in free. besides seeing the fossils there's plenty for kids to do including excavate their own fossil. this weekend is jam packed. >> it would be impossible to think this weekend there's nothing to do because you can't do it all. that's the reality of it. >> a good weekend to be outside as well. >> weather wise the first two thirds of the weekend. >> pretty good. >> we are talking about clouds out there. there is the big grand prix race and that is going to be super exciting this weekend. let's go ahead and talk temperatures. it is warm outside. these temperatures running year. currently 83 in care o wood, 81 land of lakes and in clearwater 76. our winds today out of the south and southeast 16 miles
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breezy there and seeing wind gusts up to 21 miles per hour for the folks in brooksville so seeing those mid to high level clouds streaming across the sunshine state and the big weather maker right now to our north and northwest heavy rain pumping in from the gulf moving over louisiana and yes a serious flooding situation there. this is the reason we are seeing all of this moisture an area of low pressure just off the coast of texas there counterclockwise flow pumping in the moisture from the gulf combining with the warm moist air and cooler air and all of that rain filtering into portions of mississippi and louisiana moving north into georgia and tennessee. eventually some of the moisture will get to our region but not until sunday. here's the set-up. high pressure keeping us nice and dry. clockwise flow around the area of high pressure giving us a wind out of the south and southeast but low pressure we have a counterclockwise flow giving us a pressure gradient
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high level clouds across the region. today not beautiful bright blue skies but still a lovely afternoon. high temperatures today in the mid 80s for just about everybody. slightly cooler right there by the coast where we do expect a little sea breeze circulation to develop giving us an on shore flow at the beaches and see the winds out of the south and south west painting a few isolated showers. i don't think we are going to see any rain today. as we head into saturday about a 10% chance but most of us won't see any rain at all. for this evening nice and mild for your plans if you are headed out for dinner going see a movie you won't even need a jacket or sweater. overnight 69 degrees. midnight your boating forecast seas two to four feet bay waters a moderate chop today and another great event. the music festival temperatures in the low 80s partly cloudy skies warm and dry in downtown tampa. i'll actually be out there
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are out and about come say hello. i'd love to meet you. the weekend forecast a few isolated showers possible saturday basically dry, mainly dry as we head into saturday night and sunday morning but then sunday afternoon we are showers. looks like most of the rain will hold off until after 2 or 3: 00. so again two thirds of the weekend looking just great. here's your seven day forecast. remember spring forward set those clocks ahead and lose that hour of sleep but it's nice to have a later sunset. after sunday's range a 20% chance of lingering showers on monday and dry out for tuesday. when you are on the go this weekend and you want the power of 10 weather right there in the palm of your hand all you have to do is download the 10 news app free in the app store and have access to live storm tracker 10 plus our sky 10 allison? >> coming up next the unhappiest place on earth?
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okay check this out a pretty unhappy face at the happiest place on earth this photo shows a very angry woman world. she delivered a death stare to the camera as all of the other passengers are having fun. turns out she was mad because her husband seen here bailed right before getting on the ride. he doesn't like rollercoasters and did the whole thing as a joke so her husband would have a picture to show how mad she was and it's the secret to her relationship. she practiced that look the whole ride so when they came up to the camera she would have the best face for it. >> now it makes sense because i'm thinking that's not a look you might look scared but she's just angry.
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tell him how upset she was. >> pretty funny. >> thanks for joining us here
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>> billy: the roll-out for and it' s gonna come a little bit that' it' ll give it a sense of urgency, as in the public needs this web security program today, so give us your money before it' s gone. us? >> billy: why? ' cause victor was stupid enough to fire natalie and cancel the t mean she' s free to come work for us. look, even if he doesn' t have a legitimate claim to this intellectual property, it doesn' t mean they can' t sue us >> billy: there' s not gonna be a lawsuit, jack. trust me. newman enterprises doesn' t want anything to do with pass key. i already offered part of the profits to victoria. >> billy: don'


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