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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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things are getting worse. you can see there is only one lane creeping by that ambulance and other crews on the scene. you can see fire rescue. they tell us five people were hurt. two treated on the ground. the other three were taken to the hospital. the good news none of those injuries are serious. more problems on the roadways. the cleanup from a motor home fire tying up traffic along u.s. 19 in clearwater. you can see the backups stretching several miles. this all started about 90 minutes ago. all is south of enterprise road. you can see the back of the rv sitting there. it is charred from what we can tell at this point. two people got out safely. only the northbound lanes are getting by. we'll let you know as soon as everything gets back opened. to our big story. the cell phone. it is your lifeline to emergency help. is it working against you?
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dials are clogging the system and you are paying for it. 10 news reporter darren flowers has what you need to know about an issue that could save your life. >> reporter: on any given day 9- 1-1 operators get a call like this. they hear something in the there is an emergency. >> first thing 9-1-1 operator does is stay on the line to ensure they can not hear background noise that would be struggle. >> reporter: that's one example of a butt dial or pocket call. immediately. don't answer. it is a number they don't know. once we don't get an answer we have to put in a call for it. >> they spend three times the amount of time on that call processing it as they do a call and they could communicate with them. >> reporter: brad with the hillsborough county sheriff's office says this problem is serious and could affect you. 9-1-1 got about 540,000 calls
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>> somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 per year are these types of calls. cell calls that are hanged up considered accidental dials. >> reporter: this is all the false alarm calls from wednesday. 105. this is all the calls from december. that is a lot. >> five or six of those answered back. >> reporter: kerry cooper's job is to follow up on the butt dials. >> we want to talk to the person and make sure there is not an emergency. >> there is a couple of things you can do to right now to prevent accidental calls on your smart phone. put a pass code on your screen. it makes its harder to accidentally open your address book. the other thing you can do now is download an app like call confirm for android. it brings up a warning asking you to confirm that you want to
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nobody likes to be stuck in traffic as we look live at i-75 through tampa. what if you cut your commute in half. fdot is proposing that with the tampa bay express lanes. the toll lanes would zip by traffic along i-4, i-75 and i- 275 from hillsborough to polk and pinellas county. today fdot laid out its plans to polk transportation planning organization. not everyone is pleased. people against the plan showed up saying the new lanes will destroy the homes. they say fdot should shift its focus to light rail. >> 50 years from now when these roads are at capacity, what are they going to do? what are their options? >> fdot said it hasn't ruled out light rail and is leaving room for that option in the future. express lanes are in the planning phase. plans to begin construction in 2020.
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showing all of the express lanes and what it means for your commute. governor rick scott is touring the area to assess the damage caused by a tornado that hit yesterday afternoon. 34 homes were damaged. 11 of those houses completely destroyed. a second tornado also hit that area causing damage to signs, a bank and trees. the cleanup is now underway. which language did you study in school? spanish? french? how about coding? 10 news reporter eric glasser shows you how learning the language used to create websites and computer games can earn high school kids the same credit you got. >> reporter: when you went to school you were probably offered or even required to take a foreign language. >> spanish. >> in high school i took french. >> i took four years of german in high school. >> reporter: how often has that verbal versatility really come in handy?
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don't use it at all. >> reporter: florida lawmakers are considering the bill that would make computer coding a language option for publish school kids. some might argue far more practical. >> technology skills would be great for most students no matter what career they go into. >> reporter: at middleton high school one of 12 hillsborough county schools already offering computer coding as an elective. kids say they love to program. >> i want to get into computer programming and scripting. to me it is a great way to learn it. >> i think a foreign language should be used to communicate with others instead of giving commands to a computer. >> reporter: a big concern among critics is how expensive it will get. >> you are talking about having computers for every student in the class. you are talking about software and the cost. you have to hire teachers certified to teach a coding class. >> reporter: the law may require students who decide to take computer coding as a language getting something
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acknowledging if they student decides to attend a university of college outside of the state of florida they may not recognize those credits as a foreign language. eric glasser for breaking news anytime, is always on. like us on facebook or follow us on twitter at @wtsp10news. wtsp. you have to pay to park in meters in most garages. some council members think they should not have to pay in city owned lots. it is an alert from hillsborough county. a cat test positive for rabies after biting someone in west chase. this is the second case of rabies in hillsborough this year. it is important to remember to make sure your pet's vaccinations are up-to-date. never feed wild animals or bring them in your home. if you have been bitten or
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report it to the florida department of health. park hours are changes in down on crime. starting monday lakeland skate park will be opened 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. staff members are being enforce those rules. new information to gun ranges. bill outlawing them. the debate sparked up last year when a st. pete man created a makeshift gun range in his backyard. the ban applies to homes within one acre of each other. building a home gun range is a first degree misdemeanor. another try for spacex and the rocket launch. problem with liquid oxygen temperatures postponed yesterday's attempt from cape canaveral. spacex will try to land on an ocean platform 500 miles offshore. if the weather stays calm the
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security changes in pasco. city of zephyrhills and pasco schools decided to remove school resource officers at zephyrhills high and raymond middle. the sheriff's office will take over the duties. zephyrhills police will respond to emergency calls. since 25-year-old lakeland police officer chrispin was shot and killed in the line of duty. today his family donated $10,000 to fallen heros memorial. even so, organizers still need $300,000 for the project. they need your help to get it finished by december. which marks five years since officer chrispin's death. >> definitely an honor to remember my brother. i feel like this is a way that i can always have him be part of me.
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>> she became a police officer after her brother was killed. out. it is called otters and their waters. the exhibit features three of the playful river otters. animal care experts will be on hand every day to work with otters and educate guests. how about this? quickly? there is a service that launched in tampa and is expanding to st. petersburg. it is a mobile app where you can order alcohol and have it delivered in an hour. app is available from i-phone and android stores. the product comes from abc fine wine. deliverly is noon to 8:00 p.m. a local woman says she survived years of being sold for sex opens up to help others.
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he had made threats to kill my sisters and my mom. >> how she committed her life to saving human trafficking survivors and what you can do to help. wind gusts today 30 to 35 miles per hour.
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human trafficking is a major problem destroying lives in the tampa bay area. >> it goes beyond our area. florida along with california, texas and new york are hot beds are human trafficking. a group working to fight the crime says each state has its own reason. at home our tourism industry seems to drive forced labor. >> we introduce you to a former victim who is on a mission to provide hope and healing. >> she needs your help to make it happen. >> hundreds. men, women. >> reporter: from the time eddi was ten years old her mother's boyfriend was selling the young girl to his friends and strangers for sex. >> at 12 years old i got pregnant. >> reporter: the sex trading
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her childhood turned into a lifetime of horrors. >> it was messed up. you really fear. you don't trust people. you have so much shame and guilt and pain. >> reporter: she says she was too afraid to refuse the abuse. >> he had made threats he would kill me, my sister, my mom. >> reporter: now at 46, ray is married with three kids of her own. she runs healing ministries. she delivers gift bags of hope to local adult dancers. >> that horrible part of my other women. >> reporter: realizing the tremendous need for transitional housing for women trying to get their lives back, she opened the gates. >> once we open they can go in and get restoration and hope and healing. >> reporter: in her mission to save human trafficking victims
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>> reporter: in lutz 10 news wtsp. >> there is a gala coming to raise money for the gates transitional housing facility. we posted that information at click seen on tv. i want to take a minute to say someone keeps turning air conditioning on in this building even though it is cold outside. >> you know what! is that you? tell the truth man. >> it is always the on going debate. the thermostat. >> it is beautiful weather today. the winds were whipping all afternoon long. 38 miles per hour is what we clocked for our wind gusts. as they settled back down we have a nice sunset going on at clearwater on the sky 10 network. you can see the flag poles
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a cold front that is on the way behind this one we saw yesterday still producing. look at the snow in pennsylvania, new york and ohio. this front is on the way. note that as you take a look from atlanta back to el paso there is no clouds and storms along that front like you see with this system. it will be a completely different set upcoming your way as this passes through on your friday. as we head into the evening though, the front will be up around the panhandle. we will see a very lovely, clear evening. temperatures 50s to low 60s. tampa 59 degrees. carrollwood land o'lakes 59. 60 sarasota. gorgeous twilight starting here as we look over the marina in downtown st. pete. we'll head through the 50s tonight. no major drop in temperatures expected. we'll ease through the 50s. the winds will fluctuate between 2 and 12 miles per hour.
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nothing as strong as what we saw earlier today. right as a front comes through at day break we'll see cool temperatures. 42 crystal river. 48 land o'lakes and plant city. we'll start in the low 50s around tampa. that's where we should be this time of year. couple of clouds at day break are possible. that's all the front produces as far as anything you'll see with your eyes. the winds will gust 5 to 15 miles per hour. sometimes 20 and might even see a 25 but not likely to be as strong as the gusts today. 49 to start in tampa. 62 for a high temperature. future cast we'll show you what we are talking about. i'm tracking at day break a couple clouds coming through 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. offshore, coast guard, fishing captains might squeeze out an isolated shower. not really expecting much. we will not see anything over the bay area or as you drive to work or head off in the morning
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most of the day will be nice and clear and mostly sunny. we'll find another cool day. high temperatures at best. upper 50s and low 60s tampa and st. pete. mid 60s in the heart land. on the water the winds will another day. moderate chop expected. it is better than what we had today. low tide 9:46. high tide 4:00 p.m. probably seeing yellow film on your cars now. it is the oak trees. they are getting really bad now. grasses and juniper in the mix. that will not change through friday or the upcoming weekend. allergy medicine, you'll need to stock up. pay off is some of the prettiest weather we have. low humidity. saturday one of the coldest mornings at 43. 64 for a high on saturday. 70s return for sunday fun day. a warm up is on the way from there. 80 degrees tuesday and
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forecast. next system bringing any chance for rain not until a week from now. enjoy it. again, cool mornings will be around for a couple days. a nice warm up is headed your way. we are following breaking news from tampa. a truck has hit an apartment. you are looking live. it is all happening on north boulevard near blake high school. tampa fire rescue says the truck jumped a curb, hit the corner of the apartment and ran into a gas meter. no one was hurt.
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easy day for the rays today or maybe difficult. it was photo day. annual event before the full squad workout tomorrow. we should all know kevin by now. pitchers and catchers went through a one hour work out this morning. the kid is not nervous. >> we have the choice of calling me up. it is more of an exciting time for me to be part of this.
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>> two area teams for the boy's high school semifinals in lakeland today. they both lost. earlier in the day jesuit brought most of the school against bishop kenny. it was a one-possession game. kenny was back up in front by five points. 22 seconds left green hits a clutch triple. jesuit has life. tigers down by two. eight seconds to play. bishop kenny escaped with a win over jesuit. new york giants jason peter paul filed suit today against espn accusing the network of posting his personal medical records last summer. he lost a finger in a fireworks accident. again. you can watch 10 news for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the new york yankees spring
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tampa. if you want to take part wake up with 10 news this morning. we want to get everybody clearwater. all lanes back open after the ago. >> good luck on the way home for the folks trying to get there. that's it for "10 news at 6:00".
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it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> pelley: tonight's republican debate takes on new urgency. it could be the last chance to catch trump before next week's super tuesday. also tonight, elizabeth palmer takes us inside syria at a turning point in the civil war. >> reporter: there is certainly no cease-fire here at the moment, and there's not going to be any time soon. >> pelley: daylight reveals the destruction done by a night of violent storms. and will this idea take off? plans for a widebody aircraft for wide bodies. >> at the end of the day, it's all about making money.


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