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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. the investigation continues after an uber driver went on
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45-year-old jason appear in court say he killed six people and hurt two others over the weekend. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live in the satellite heinous crime have a criminal background? no, he didn't, ian. clean up until saturday...when opened fire on those six people...ranging in ages from 14 to 74. and what's even more disturbing about all of this? the suspect, jason dalton, was allegedly still picking people up and dropping them off in between his attacks. officials say the random shooting spree began at an apartment complex where he shot a woman four times. from there, authorities say he killed a father and son at a kia car dealership, and then went on to kill four people in a cracker barrel parking lot. a man who had gotten a ride from dalton before all the shootings took place said he warned police and uber itself about the man's erratic behavior.
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o'clock. you. just one of several recent mass a man who had gotten a ride from dalton before all the shootings took itself about the man's erratic behavior. uber responded, and ian, allison, back to just one of several shootings across it's the fifth in the last 21 months. graphic. on december 2nd, syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik people at a social services center in california. police killed both detectives say farook pledged his the moments before the attack. two months earlier, christopher harper-mercer killed 10 people at umpqua community he then exchanged before killing in june of last year, dylann roof black church bible study in south carolina. attack was racially and in may of 2014, community college student elliot rodger killed shooting and the university of
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police say he later shot and killed himself. right now, tampa police are searching suspect in an attempted robbery. called out to the 'cut just before 11 sunday night. walked in and back and forth with the store clerk. one of the suspects was shot the other suspect has not been seen since. the g-o-p candidates are heading west this week for the republican nevada caucus tomorrow. donald trump is on a roll after picking up 50 delegates in the south carolina primary over the weekend.. but he isn't underestimating his republican rivals. the candidate pool is a bit lighter this morning.. the candidate pool is a bit lighter this morning.. former florida governor jeb bush dropped out of the race on saturday. all lanes of i-75 in sarasota county in the north port area are back open after a fuel tanker crash. but the right shoulder is still
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it happened early the toledo blade boulevard exit. troopers say the driver lost control of his tractor trailer. correct the position of the truck causing it to jackknife. he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. it's a story that many of you may find horrible. two men are behind bars for baiting and fighting animals. deputies say the men basically incriminated themselves by recording the fight and posting it to social media. 25 year old damien haynes and 64 year-old leo perry were arrested for fighting and baiting animals. perry says he has never fought his dogs. pinellas county animal services took 10 pit bulls from perry's property. perry said it was to test them for rabies. the next time you head over to clearwater beach, you'll notice big changes. more than a half dozen resorts are being built right now on the island including one that opens today. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is
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sarah you found out this construction fever is spreading. sands is huge. 200 rooms and 39 and in a couple be the biggest on the island-- by 2017 a huge wyndham grand resort will be just down the street and nearly double this hotel's size. i dug deeper to find out it's not just here on clearwater beach but st pete beach seeing changes too. there are 3 big resorts under construction right now on st pete beach and one on treasure island. people who live there fought for years to keep away big buildings but now things are changing on the island. it's been a delicate struggle both on clearwater beach and st pete beach between people who grew up on the quiet gulf shores and those who want to continue ranking in millions in tourist tax dollars. ironically gulfview
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longer has a gulf ironically gulfview boulevard on clearwater no longer has a gulf view, but local leaders say we need all this new development to keep our beaches a top knotch destination for tourism. coming up-- parking on the island is another big obstacle. why city leaders say after they finish the one parking garage under construction now, their hands are tied. live on clearwater beach, sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp new this morning, bill cosby's wife will today to testify against her husband. camille cosby filed an emergency motion to postpone her depotisition, but a judge rejected it. bill cosby is facing defamation charges after several women say he called them liars for accusing the comedian of sexual assault.
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family needs your help this morning after a freak accident put their loved one in the hospital in columbia. they need donations to get her back to the states for treatment. schuyler arakawa's best friend says she's in peru as part of a fellowship but while visiting columbia for the weekend, she was hit by a boulder. she has a fractured skull, five fractured vertebra, both of her femurs are fractured and a punctured lung. many of you have already helped, donating more than 100-thousand dollars to a go fund me page.. you can find that link on w-t-s-p dot com. three people are safe this morning after they were rescued by the u-s coast guard. in this video you can see crews hoisting the victims from the water off the washington state coast. it's unknown why they needed to be rescued. but we know the victims victims were holding onto a surfboard before being taken up in the helicopter. seven people are recovering in the hospital this morning after being involved in an avalanche in british columbia, canada. according to the canadian press, 13
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avalanche was triggered. this happened not too far from where a 30-year-old man was killed on saturday after a nearby avalanche struck four snowmobile riders. if you're trying to lose weight, the bathroom scale can sometimes feel like your enemy. but new research shows you shouldn't be so afraid of it after all. a new study found that frequent weighing in, as much as once a day, can help weight-loss efforts for overweight adults. doctors say average weight adults can see their weight change as much as five to six pounds a day based on fluid retention or even the time of day they step on the scale. doctors do warn the number on the scale is just one piece of data and that things like waist measurements and how your clothes fit are just as important for creating an overall picture of health. with st. patrick's day around the corner, preparations will begin today to celebrate the holiday in downtown tampa.
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here, crews will dye a small portion of the hillsborough river green in a couple of hours as a test for the annual mayor's "river-o- green." the environmentally safe color will be used between the cass street and kennedy bridge. if you're a beatles fan...this next story is for you... the strange item of john lennon's that was sold for thousands of dollars at an auction over the weekend. coming up...a sports story that will be talked about for years to come. the historic finish at the daytona 500! coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s primetime.. supergirl kicks things off at 8:00.. followed by scorpion at 9:00 and n-c-i-s: los angeles. then catch 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests casey affleck and richard dreyfuss. live from thailand where they are
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a michigan man is
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arraigned today on multiple murder charges following a deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo. jason dalton, an
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killed at least six people, at three separate locations saturday. police arrested the 45-year-old, married father of two, early sunday morning. they have yet to figure out a motive. major changes are coming to the clearwater coastline including a large hotel that opens today. opal sands will start hosting overnight guests today. construction is underway for another five hotels expected to open by 2017. this is all thanks to zoning changes seven years ago that allowed more buildings along the coast in clearwater. today, camille cosby, the wife of bill cosby, will testify in a massachusetts courtroom. she will be forced to testify against her husband in a defamation lawsuit. over the weekend, camille filed a motion to postpone her deposition, but a judge rejected it. attorneys say her testimony serves no purpose but to "harass and embarrass her." the defamation lawsuit has been brought up by several women who accuse the comic of sexually assaulting them decades ago. a lock of john lennon's hair sold for $35,000 over the weekend. --it was purchased by
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based memorabilia collector. --here's the backstory: a german hairdresser kept it after giving lennon a hairbut before the beatles started filming "how i won the war" in 1967. --the movie follows the world war ii misadventures of british troops led by an inept commander. --it was one of several beatles- related items on auction. -- a photograph of the iconic band signed by all four members went for $42,500. -- and a sealed copy of the band's cover for the "yesterday and today" album went for $125,000. in case you missed it, the daytona 500 finish was the closest in race history. it was denny hamlin who defeated by one, one hundreth
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it was a special win for hamlin and his boss joe gibbs racing. hamlin said he thought he messed it up a couple of times during the race, but came out on top. and listen to this. when he was in the second grade, hamlin said he wrote himself a letter wishing for a daytona 500 victory.
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tampa bay times and the ledger facebook is venture that will family like never before. live from
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new this morning, i-r-s audit rates of in the u-s hit a 10 audit rates of organizations also fell to their lowest rate in more than ten years. the i-r-s believes collection decline will continue, affecting the overall federal agency staffing is low. facebook is working on new feature. the social
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formed a team to create social interactions in virtual reality. facebook will work along with oculus and others to explore the possibilities. ceo mark zuckerberg says he believes virtual reality is the next major computing platform after mobile devices to connect people. another big weekend at the box office for marvel's "deadpool" the foul-mouthed mercenary played by ryan reynolds topped the box office again after pulling in more than 152 millions dollars president's day weekend. it's already grossed more than 235 million domestically...getti ng it closer to becoming one of the most successful r- rated movies ever. the film was made for just 58 million dollars. coming up on 10 news this morning.. a plan to put rattlensnakes on an island in massachusetts, is making some people nervous. why wild life officials say it's necessary. and we're live in clearwater beach as a massive new resort gets ready to open. what it means for traffic and parking
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5 at. headed back to work and school this morning, getting out the door it is in the mid 50s. it is dry outside. we will stay that way for morning commute and warming up quickly. 70 by 10:00, upper 70s for afternoon highs today. isolated shower today, one or
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you see back in texas, louisiana and arkansas, that's headed it way for wednesday. i will have details in less than ten minutes. it is relatively quiet right now. a couple of hot spot, you are just getting ready to head out the door in sarasota county, there's construction around university parkway. in fact it is a three mile stretch you will want to use caution heading in that direction. right now speeds are looking good. no delays at this point in morning. speeds in tampa fantastic from 55 to 70 miles per hour and going ahead to look at the live look at i-275 right around the area of ashley drive. we are seeing more headlights and coming up in less than ten minutes we will look at the bridges to see what your drive times are like. from the station putting the news back in the morning this is 10 news this morning.


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