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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> reporter: in port richey, just after being seated, the big question, what to drink. >> some prefer soda or water. >> it is healthier to drink water and cheaper. >> reporter: but ordering water is a problem right now thanks to a water main break. now, a sex of port richey is under a boil water order. 10 news canvassed the area impacted. some knew, others didn't including at least sick restaurants that we called or visited. the manager here at tombo hibachi didn't know until a customer insisting on bottled water told him. >> we depend on the media to get the word out. there are just too many people for to us notify with limited staff. >> reporter: digging deeper, i asked the city manager if the city considered using reverse 911 calls instead? >> no. we haven't gotten that far. >> reporter: tom o'neill says they repaired the water main
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line, chlorinated it and tested it. the test results aren't back yet. >> if you tested it on saturday and we are a having the conversation on monday, and i didn't boil t i could be at risk. >> it is unlikely. >> reporter: o'neill insists the water is safe. >> when we have a boil water notice, we've never experienced a problem where the test would come back and show that there was a bacteriological coliform bacteria in it. it's never happened. >> we'll let you know as soon as both city decide that water is safe to drink again. until then, anyone under notice should bring water to a boil for at least one minute and then allow it to cool before use. that is generally -- that will take about 30 minutes. we posted the exact area impacted by this boil water notice at it is the news you need when you need t.
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the pinellas county sheriff's office. seven recruits fired and another deputy has resigned. kendra, is there concern now that cheating maybe goes deeper than this? >> reporter: the sheriff tells me he is confident none of his current deputies got on the force here by cheating or lying on their exams. they say there was such a red flag last week that they've never seen before when several of the recruits got perfect scores on the test. the sheriff tells me come to find out deputy and field training officer eric biddle who has been with the department three years had worked with one of the recruits before in the pasco county sheriff's office. he e-mailed the test to his buddy, darryl cook, through his wife's e-mail so they wouldn't get caught. we are told cook handed it out to six other recruits. those trainees would have been out on the streets pat localing by themselves in a matter of just three months. now, they have lost their
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>> he acknowledged that it was wrong and he shouldn't have done it. it was bad judgement and all of those things. but that is wonderful. too little too late and he should have thought about it before he did it they need to be fired because they are unethical people who have done the wrong thing and they don't need to be here and working in law enforcement. >> reporter: the saiive said what happens to the deputies will be up to the florida criminal justice standards and training commission. will notify the state the deputies have been fired and they may have their licenses suspended or revoked. right now, a pasco county road is back open after a school bus crash. sky 10 flew over the bus at trinity boulevard and little road about an hour ago. pasco schools said students from seven springs middle and mitchell high school were on board the bus. no one was seriously hurt.
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the mayor is taking on gun control blasting open carry bills in tallahassee calling them a threat to public safety. the mayor joins a league of women voters, campus police chief and hillsborough's state attorney in opposition of people openly carrying guns. he ps open carry will make the jobs of police officers harder, potentially leading to more victims and life-threatening situations. >> this bill is an answer in search of a problem. responsible gun openers don't need to openly carry their weapons. there is no need for it. it only encourages bad things to happen. >> reporter: the supporters say it would make them feel safer. they say firearms in public could scare criminals off. what is the official state
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if you said orange juice, you're right. but a deadly diseases that been threatening the citrus industry for about a decade. garin flowers choses us a new tool that can save it. >> reporter: orange groves mean dollars for lots of growers and the state of florida but that is now in jeopardy. >> and we've got to reverse it. >> reporter: a deadly citrus disease has threatened the industry damaging millions of trees. >> this is a promising technology. >> reporter: u.s. senator bill nelson joined several research scientists to discuss a laser. it would cut an incision on leaves and allow growers to apply an antimicrobial. they say bacteria was greatly reduced because of it. >> the question is how can you get it on the trees economically. >> this tool with the materials we talked about offer the
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fall any further. >> reporter: but growers can't mover forward until the epa approves it for mass use. if it is approved, it could mean more access to the best jobs. because the industry has taken a major hit, the usda estimates this season will harvest 69 million boxes of oranges, the years. >> we need to give grower some hope here. >> it is become very difficult. the decisions that people are having to make with these lower productions is whether they can stay in business or not. >> you can learn about the science behind the process an see how citrus screening has already taken a toll on our crops. take a look county by county.
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after tornadoes tore apart homes there. the tornadoes sent roofs and debris flying. some pieces made it into the bay and are still sitting there. that could hurt our environment. >> it can definitely impact the marine life especially when it is altering habitats and so forth. >> thirty staffers from various county agencies are pitching in to help with the clean-up work and helping it move along. in polk county, a 10-mile toll road is coming together very quickly. first leg of the poinciana parkway is set to open soon. parkway connects an area filled with subdivisions to other major cities. as soon as the world found out that the bronx hes and panthers would meet in the super bowl, the t-shirt crew went to work.
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bright and early at 5:00 a.m. to start a new hype of shirts. the majestic company will print half a million t-shirts for the event. they will be shipped all over the country. a big boost for tampa and beer workers everywhere. the chain's sixth location is being built in west shores avian park. the world of beers is based in tampa and runs 08 location as cross the country. the bosses are especially excite about this location. >> i think this location provides a unique exceptional opportunity to capture the hotels that the group is developing right across the street from international plaza, of course, and the best airport in the world, tampa international airport. >> world of beer just opened up another outpost outside the usf tampa campus. that location also serves food. >> good stuff there. just saying.
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revamped tampa international airport is awrpd way. >> the new jobs and new restaurants you can soon enjoy at tia. >> plus be a warning for anyone using online dating. how criminals are using apps to get more than just romance. >> hope you've had a good monday. it is a great sunset out there. you can see people enjoying it. a lot of changes are coming your way. not as cold but wave also got some things to talk about. i don't want to catch you off guard in the days ahead. 6:15. >> all this week, we are giving out the word of the day for a chance to win two tickets to the february 21st dayton a# hundred race.
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tonight on cbs and 10 news at 8:00. supergirl. >> i got to hear that. >> i hear it is really, really good. a 10 news crime alert out of bartow. this could happen just about any. where a man was taxed after he met a woman that he met at a popular web site. now, bartow police is reporting four more attacks in just one month. >> and marcus grayson explains that growing online, that can be very dangerous.
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using plenty of to lure relationship seekers. experts say the reason, these victims tend to be easy prey. >> online, very vulnerable. most everyone is ledge its matily single being looking for relationshipsment they are failing sad, depressed. >> reporter: but they don't find love. they find bad guys. bartow police say attackers meet their victims online at plenty of the couple agrees to meet the a park on the east side of the city and they are ambushed and robbed. >> anyone and everyone could be online and protess for be wants. >> reporter: bartow police say the four attacks happened all in a seemingly public place. experts say if you agree to meet someone some person that you've met online, go for a public place. what they mean is go to a public place where there are plenty of people around. >> and you do take a big risk because people who are not
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be on there even if they are not really looking for a relationship. >> the raisk factor for danger goes up when it comes to online dating. very the risk factor. investigator this matchmaker thinks the number after attacks could be higher. >> tape advantage of financially. there are people physically being attacked. we want to you stay safe so can you find important dating safety advice whenever you want way free app. just search and download wtsp from your device's app store. tampa international is growing and today, the airport held a job fair looking to fill moran 100 positions. 10 news is fining out what shops and restaurants you can soon enjoy. the rum fish grill, ducky's, auntie annie's and many others are looking for new employees.
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like four groan fields, buddy brew coffee. once construction is complete, 65 new shops and restaurants will be open for passengers. >> can we go eat there even if we're in the flying out? >> oh, yeah. >> where you going? nowhere, back home after this. teeth chattering a little bit. >> kind of getting used to it. >> well, don't. i'm going to change opportunity on you. >> in a good way? >> it depends on what -- >> yeah, really. >> we were actually warmer than the last cold snap that had us in the upper 20s. that is the official temperature i know a lot of you were e-mailing pictures that were in the upper 20s. much better start to our evening tonight.
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61 in clearwater, bradenton and sarasota. on the east eyedside of hillsborough county, 67 to riverview. in the metro, most of us are still mid-60s from odessa to pinellas park. already finding around 5234 largo. seminole, 63. a wonderful sunset taking place tonight. a few clouds passing by but otherwise mainly clear. this is wesley chapel and the sky 10 network. we do see a few clouds streaming by in the last couple of hours. we'll see that off and on through the night tonight as we eventually build towards increasing cloud cover headed for the next storm system. it is not this we're worried about. it is what we're watching right here and what will develop in the gulf in the days ahead. your short-term forecast tonight and tomorrow early, warmer, very quiet, really nice weather. let's get you those numbers first. 06 for the dipper time hours. we'll see upper 50s for mid evening.
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you might still want a jacket or light sweater t won't be near as cold as this morning. we'll start around low 50s in hillsborough and pinellas county. upper 40s will are more common for us over the nature coast, citrus, hernando and pasco counties. we end up in the low to mid-70s tomorrowment and keep the winds light the entire day from the southeast and east under 10 miles per hour for the most part. by the end of the day, we might see an isolated shower. this low will come right across the gulf and looks to regeneral rate across the gulf, intensifying as it does so. tuesday is fine although we'll see more cloud cover around. you really don't have much to worry about in the way of storms although an isolated shower is possible. the front will start to move
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a couple of rounds of storms possible for our wednesday. right now, it looks mid-morning to mid, maybe even late afternoon for our showers and thunderstorms. pretty high coverage around 80%ment we are hocking at a -- looking at a couple of things in the atmosphere. these are small storms with a chance that we could see severe storms. a secondary front develops in the gulf an comes across the state on thursday. some models are having a hard time handling that second one on thursday. we'll talk more about that tonight at 11:00 as we get new models in. we are at a slight risk for severe weather for wednesday. i will not be surprised if the storm predirection center does up that tonight or tomorrow going into wednesday. light chop on the way. seas one to two feet. great day boating. wind less than 10 to 12 knots southeast.
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stormy weather for us on wednesday. want you to stay weather aware this as well as the first part of thursday. but the timing is really nice. friday and both days this
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happy monday, sports fans. two of the bucs are headed to the pro bowl as injury replacement.
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seventh probowl. no player has as many solo tackles as la mont david. this is his first pro bowl. and how do you bet against cam newton in the super bowl. carolina a four-point favorite against the bronx owes. newton accounted for four touchdowns in the game. >> we are not done yet. we're going to live in the moment right now. wave been doubted. we've been slated. all of the above but yet, when you have a turnout like this day, it make it all worthwhile. >> no comment about the story out cav about the supposed contract offer from the lightning. it does seem relatively low dcialtion 68 million. # .5 per year. if malkin makes 9.5, andy copen
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all of this time since last summer and this is as far as the two sides have gotten. negotiations take time. and jameis winston's accuser has agreed to a settlement in her title 9 lawsuit against florida state. ericakins man will receive $250,000. her attorney's cut will be $700,000. your chance to win a watch party for eight for the big game at a tampa bay hooter's location. just watch 10 news at 5:30 in the evening for the secret word of the day and enter that word through our facebook page. good luck. >> finally tonight, pasco deputies make a remarkable rescue saving a pregnant cow. she was on the verge of drowning when deputies pulled
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at first t didn't look like she was going to make it. after they realized she was in shock, they were able to stabilize her legs. her owner says she is due to give birth to her calf next week. >> that is it for 10 news at 6:00. we'll see you right back here tonight at 11:00. >> always here, always on. don't forget can you always take 10 news with you. just download the free 10 news app. it is the best one out there.
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here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. x evening, sir.
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