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tv   Morning Blend  NBC  December 15, 2016 9:00am-10:00am CST

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good morning. today the local inventer was a super cute winter hat that went viral on pinterest. the top food items people order for the holidays you may be surprised. live music at its best. a live performance from willy on the morning blend. ? ? [ music ] ? ? ? ? good morning everybody. >> good morning. >> a wreath over our shoulder so holidayish. festive.
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i enjoy. >> i like it. >> holiday gift giving season. we oftentimes try to give people who serve us this time of year tips and presents as well those that we love and care about. it's illegal to give someone who serves you pretty much daily, a present over $20. can you guess who that would be? >> once you said serves you daily is it the mailman? >> yes it is. >> no way. >> it's the mailman. >> so they say want to leave a gift for their mailman, but it's illegal to leave them cash or a gift card over $20. can you give them anything else you have to limit the value to $20. >> you can't give them a cashmere scarf that is worth $100? >> no i don't think so. >> $20 or under interesting. >> they say you can't give your mail carrier cash or the equivalent such as a gift card
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at all and any gift you give have to be under $20. >> post office says they take the guess work out of the matter for you. >> good to know. there was a survey taken for what people prefer at businesses and stores between hearing happy holidays or merry christmas. which do you think won? this is for businesses and stores only? >> happy holidays. >> merry christmas. >> really? >> merry christmas. to hear merry christmas, 12% prefer a less religious greeting and 45% of americans don't really care. what is funny is if you add up the numbers there is 1% missing in there. i'm not sure what that 1% was. [laughter] >> however. >> they don't want you to greet them at all. >> that with from the pew research center. that was strictly for businesses. we asked you on facebook to sound off. we wanted to know do you say in general merry christmas or happy
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dr. yesterday and said to one of the nurses how is it going, i said happy holidays she said merry christmas. i was like oh. okay. >> like telling you don't say it -- >> i was trying to be very include everybody in the office regardless of their -- >> merry christmas you know, christmas has to do with christians and religion so i was trying to be pc i guess she didn't like it. >> i really don't way unless i think someone might be jewish i won't say merry christmas i will just say happy holidays or happy hanukkah. i don't overthink it too much. most of the times i say merry christmas. >> to my kids and family close friends i say merry christmas. i think that is true for a lot of us. >> soundoff it could get a little heated. >> a little political. >> i think so too. what percent of women return
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buy for them for the holidays. >> i don't know what the percentage is going to be i bet it will be pretty high. the question is whether they admit or tell them that. i think if they buy them clothes, unless they know it's what they want they are almost always going to return it. >> the most returned christmas gift is clothes. >> yup. >> 42% of women return their gifts from their husband. 70% plan to donate one of the gifts from their husband. 13% regift gifts they don't like from their husband. [laughter] >> i bet guys don't even notice that you are not wearing what you returned or threw away. >> then later on they are like hey where is that you are like oh, i think i wore it the other day didn't you see it? like really really ugly jewelry. >> take a picture of yourself in it. jewelry that's a tough one too.
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>> pony up daddy this cracks me up. if you want to humiliate your significant other and why wouldn'ta for the holidays pony up daddy is a cloth saddle that dads wear while their little ones ride them around the house. [laughter] >> it goes on their back. >> it goes on their back. giddy up, and here's the thing i love, it comes in a variety of colors. you can have sheriff blue, you can do raider red, you can even do princess pink. >> where do we find this g daddy it's a great gift from moms, grandparents, kids, maybe go in on it together. >> it's on pony up or something? >> it's pony up it's $24.95 so worth it and $5.95 for shipping and handling. [laughter] >> oh, that's great. >> that is the best gift of the season. >> you got to get that. >> got it. got it. so who is your favorite sports hero?
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yount. tomorrow you have a chance to to bid on some of the most unique sports memorabilia around. >> we're talking about the sports auction for macc. one of the items is this jordie nelson football paired with this photo that includes the beautiful frame as well. the macc fund goal is to find a cure for childhood cancer and related blood disorders by providing funding for research. they are doing a great job for statistics prove it. >> i absolutely love that. this year's live auction event is happening right here on today's tmj4 at 3:00 p.m. and runs for two hours tomorrow, commercial free. it is really exciting and compelling tv. you see the fun a auction items increase in value and you hear the heart warming stories of so many families dealing with childhood cancer. tune in tomorrow to today's tmj4 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.
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coming up on today's show. we'll chat with the inventor of these pony tail hats. and tiffany takes one popular holiday ingredient to the extreme. how to make the cranberry apple sangria yum. >> so good. >> i love it. there you go. and the top three most requested holiday food items too we'll tell you what those are. before we head to milwaukee's willy porter is well phknown for his guitar skills. he has teamed up with carmen nickerson to create an unforgettable sound. a little later we're going to ask willie what he thinks about pony up daddy. >> maybe they could do a song like that where carmen is riding the pony up saddle on his back. can you play the guitar in a pony up position? >> i'm so ready.
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their new album and release party which is tomorrow. first here they are performing a long we love earth quake. take it away guys.
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i love our stockings over there. >> isn't that cute?
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[laughter] >> come on santa. welcome back everyone. happens all the time when it is time to throw a party think about how many stores you have to go to to get everything you need. >> absolutely. think i go to at least three every time. >> liquor store, liquor store, liquor store. [laughter] >> oh, yeah. and then the grocery store. >> then you got to get food. >> tiffany takes us to a place to make holiday meal planning a whole lot more simple. >> when are you entertaining for the holidays there are soan things on the list. the butcher store, the liquor store, the bakery. simplify it go to one place, pick n save. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> dan the meat man good to see you. >> how are you? >> i'm doing great. i'm doing all of the holiday shopping it's great you have everything we need. what are some of the best selling items for the holiday season? >> we have a new member to the family simple truth cooked all natural shrimp. no antibiotics, no hormones added.
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possibly eat. >> i love that that's what you got to set out for when everybody arrives. what else you got? >> roundy's spiral ham. our staple every year for the ham holidays phenomenal item. two flavors, brown sugar and honey. can't mess it up. i see you brought beautiful sausages for me. there fresh made polish sausage. can't have christmas dinner without polish sausage. fresh made all natural, all fresh ingredients. must phenomenal for the dinner table. >> you're making my mouth water. most of the stuff can all be found here at the deli counter. but if somebody wants to like save a little more time on their dinner you guys have a really great option right? >> we do two holiday dinners we do a turkey dinner which is a 10 to 12-pound fully cooked butter ball turkey and a ham dinner ththe8 to 10-pound ham. there people can order this until tomorrow the 16th right? >> yes. >> great sides.
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>> everything is made in kenosha. it's as fresh as close as you can get. that product is to the stores and no more than 30 miles away. >> just like mom's cooking. >> you can play it off that way. >> i'm going to tell everyone i cooked it and my mom cooked it. you can get mashed potatoes. sweet mashed toe tateos. cranberry orange relish my favorite and spinach artichoke dip all of that included for how much? >> $65. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> cathy you're a brand ambassador here at pick n save. we got all of the basics down for the holidays now we have to fancy it up a little bit we like entertaining for festivities. >> around this time of the year everyone is looking for simple ways for delicious entertaining. >> yes. >> one of the f favorite thingss fresh cranberries. you can do anything with them
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to drinks. we're going to talk about a couple simple recipes. >> what you got? >> the first is a cranberry apple sangria. it's perfect for the holidays. >> i have never made a sangria you are going to have to teach me. >> you want to help me? >> yes. >> wine, brandy, simple truth cranberry juice. three quarters of a cup of roundy's unfiltered apple cider and quarter cup of simple syrup. >> fruit? >> one red apple, one green apple fresh cranberries and you're good to go. >> appetizers everybody has to have a napkin filled with food. >> these are chicken, cranberry and brie tart lets. they are bite sized. you can make them in advance and let's them. we use puff pastry, simple truth chicken breast. a simple cranberry sauce using fresh cranberries.
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>> that sage too sends it through the roof. >> savory, sweet and so delicious. >> i love that you have all of these fresh ingredients right here at roundy's and pick n save. you're going make me and everybody else a hostess hero. thanks. >> cheers. that sangria was so good. all right don't forget you still have time to order your holiday dinner you can call pick n save through tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. call the toll free num orders must be placed at least 72 hours prior to pick up. for coupons, recipes and cooking demonstrations visit pick n >> that's where you can find the sangria recipe. >> that looks awesome. >> it really really was. i'm going to make it for the holidays. >> delicious i like it. those two recipes you feature the chicken cranberry and the brie tart lets along
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will be posted on our website also i just want to make sure you know that >> super easy to find. still ahead we're going to hear another song from porter knickerson. and our producer calls this the best hat ever. we'll chat with the maker of this internet sensation. i was wearing it as the
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all right so our next guest designed one of the most comfortable, stylish and functional things i have ever seen. it is simple, but brilliant. they are called peekaboos. hats for all of us girl who is like to wear our hair in a pony tail. >> or just hats all winter long. [laughter] >> danica lause is the owner and designer of peekaboos pony tail hats. sheak scarfs and gloves and we're huge, huge fan of the peekaboos. we're glad you are here again. >> great to see you. they are so warm, so stylish. comfortable. >> time saving that's what i like about them. they make my days faster and easier i don't have to do my hair. >> that's great. let's talk about what is so unique about these. do you think most people now have heard about the pony tail hat. i feel like people have heard about it more.
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out more now. i think the internet took it by storm and the world is waking up to the idea of women wearing their hair through their hats finally. [laughter] >> let's talk about how it went viral. this is fascinating. just one picture was all it took right? >> yeah so i didn't know what was going on, but my website was kind of going crazy and i couldn't quite determine why. but, customers started to tell me they were seeing it online pinterest and facebook it was going nuts. it has continued into every d since then it seems more people find out every day about it. and it's been a surreal couple of weeks. >> what was the color that you had on that picture do you remember that went viral or that pinterest picked up? >> a few different versions. 115 colors this season the mosti ever had. the variety of colors and i have a picture that shows all colors all 15. >> and each one has a hole in different spots. you could wear a high or low pony tail.
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can you wear a high pony tail, or low or no pony tail and just your hair down like tiffany has. >> there is the color. what is the color you're wearing and swee right there? >> the color is called forever its purple one. that's on tv right now. that's been a good one. >> this is the back of the hat too. >> that is the back of the hat. >> you can't even see the hole unless you choose to use them. >> that's the best selling point. can you just have a regular tail kind of day. >> leave this up for a second. you don't have to remember every name, but just share because the names of the colors are really fun what are some of your favorites? >> energy is the bright pink, impulse a funky red. snow cap is white. vitality is the green. i could name them all off, but aspen the one you have on molly is my favorite. it's kind of a heatherred gray i
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hides fuzz or dirt you can throw it in your bag and it looks good all the time. >> i have a pony tail i don't know if you can see it the way, but it's the higher hole right? >> yeah. >> that's where mine is too. >> it's so fantastic. a lot of times you have your hair up you don't want to smoosh it and it's uncomfortable. there we got a better shot of it. a lot of them are lined with fleece underneath here which is so warm i love the way it feels it's not itchy or anything. >> yeah no they are hypo allergenic and no itch. i weekend to wear my hair low when i'm exercising and out for fun high. >> they are washable and you have matching gloves and scarfs. >> yes for some of the colors. >> that's great. >> these are fantastic. they will be everybody's favorite new hat. i wear mine all the time. >> thanks. >> it's fantastic. here's a special you have right now free shipping you don't have to have a maximum amount. no minimum order at all.
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only when you take advantage of your pony tail get yourself one of your favorite new peekaboos. i love them. thanks for being here again. >> thanks for having me. good to see you. >> now i'm wearing a hat the rest of the show. >> so cozy warm. after the break we're going to chatt chat with willy porterd carmen nickerson about their new album together and what it my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis
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so i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask about humira, the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists.
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? ? [ music ] ? ? welcome back this is the new album from porter knickerson called bonfire to ash. it compiles the c candid snapsht of the human journey. >> we're super thrilled to welcome back w carmen nickerson to the yellow couch. great to see you guys. thanksfor singing for us today we appreciate it. i always feel bad for musicians to have to get up early and sing. you are used to singing at night. >> you just get a little grittiness in your voice in the morning. >> when people sound good on a morning show they are really good. [laughter] >> talk a little bit about your new album and what is going on a
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new sounds. >> new sounds we're playing tomorrow night at turner hall a whole album of cowrites. it's a culmination of the last five years of working together and so, it's um, kind of an organic process and great to have it. >> that's cool. what do you really like about the way your music has evolved and maybe your style too? >> i think carmen brings a certain simplicity and different approach i'm a guitar player first, i have a tendency to overright the guitar parts and sometimes lose the melody. through the process of working together with her, the straight communication of it, that's been great. >> uh-huh. >> i like that. what song is your favorite on the album? >> um it changes from day-to-day there is one i love called plant a garden it's different from the
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it's not about really relationships. except our relationship to the earth. so that's one of my favorite ones. it's fun. there is an amazing cello section that -- >> oh, cool. >> it just getting really gritty. >> i always wonder if asking musicses especially if they write their music to choose a song is like picking your favorite kid a little bit? >> yeah. [laughter] >> i think your favorite song should be the pony up one you d which i will have to post online. >> are you hoping santa will bring that for you? >> the kids are all big. 13 and # not sure they are going to want to hop on dad's back. >> you never know. >> didn't you say everybody needs to be ridden at least once? [laughter] >> i didn't say that. >> i thought that was the missing part. >> you kind of did a little improve like, with that song. >> we could change it up. >> we might have to release that. i think the people who created
9:32 am
want to get their hands on it. >> we need royalties for that you're in for half. >> [laughter] >> one of the things i love talking to you about is the music scene in milwaukee. just getting your thoughts about it. i know you are always really positive about it, but how do you feel about it right now at this time? >> i feel great about it. i think there are a lot of great musicians that are sort of just starting to hit the radar. there are some veterans who are coming back and getting to play a lot. i think there are more and i think there is just some great opportunities. we also have great writers in town who are writing about local music. and really supporting the scene as well. so that's, that's really changed it i say in the last 5 or 6 years. so that's kind of an interesting thing and the town is more of a destination because we have venues of all sizes. a lot of nationals that may have skipped it in the past are coming here.
9:33 am
this woman said you guys are from milwaukee? that's so cool i heard that's such a great place for music. >> really? >> somebody from another part of the country. >> that is so cool. one of the things i love it feels like everybody sort of knows each other and you kind of mix and match once in a while. i know you have mike coming to join you for your show coming up and just finding all of these different sounds and personalities to mix and match and play with each other it just seems like a very cohesive community. >> it is collaborative i agree collaboration is based on that same feeling in the town that you know we've joined forces for now to make a record and it has been a great journey. but we both have our own careers as well you know. it's kind of a neat organic thing to be part of that community and see what you can find music caly and artistically in terms of the human element. >> i love it. you have a show tonight. cd release show. >> oh, tomorrow.
9:34 am
mangoni december 16. doors open at 7:00, show at 8:0y is the website for a little more. that's where you can find more about porter nickerson. bonfire to ash you are going to do another song of that living proof. >> we're going to let you take away in just a second. don't miss the cd release party turner hall opportunity to see live music. now they are going to perform this great song off of their new album living proof. all right whenever you guys are ready take it away.
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? ?
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? ? la vie est belle. la vie est belle. the eau de parfum, lanc?me.
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welcome back. if your teeth are yellowing from coffee, tea or smoking we may ve lifestyle consultant tia leslie is here with a easy way to whiten your teeth and take years off your appearance. >> good to have you back. >> thank you for having me. >> let's talk about yellow teeth to start. a lot of us have yellow teeth. it's lifestyle, blueberries, coffee, tea whatever it is we eat or drink. oftentimes you say that makes us look older. >> absolutely. you have to remember your smile is the first thing people see. so if you have yellow or stained teeth, you know, you really need
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and that's what somebody sees right off the bat. power swabs can whiten and brighten. it is a new product clinically shown to whiten your teeth on average two shades in five minutes, six shades in seven days which is unheard of. >> love that. it really does make you look younger. there the more you use it the whiter it gets. on average 2 shades in five minutes, six shades in 7 days. it's a 7 day kit it will last you about six >> absolutely i love that. when you look at this picture it is damage tally altered for the digitally altered for the after, but she does look so much younger. >> she does. clinical studies have shown that whiter teeth can make you look up to 13 years younger and healthier i might add. she looks more vibrant, more youthful and years younger with the whiter teeth. >> i think she looks about 20 years she looks about 60 in one and 40 in the other.
9:43 am
>> here's the deal i can't go in the morning without my coffee. i try to swap in with tea, but both really hurt the color of my teeth. >> youster to remember are you eating and drinking every day. i had my coffee this morning so i get it. so it's a two step system. it's a two swab system. this is what you're going to do. the first swab is called stainout. swab it on and what this does two things it helps lift the stain first, which changing. lifts it before you whiten and helps to rehydrate that enamel. it helps with teeth sensitivity. really sensitive, leave that on for two minutes then you are going to follow-up with a whitener and you just swab it on, and you can really get into the nooks and crannies. >> you are not covering anything up just leaving it exposed. >> just leaving it exposed let it follow them up and do its job
9:44 am
get we have something called the stainout. it's the quick stick like tide for your mouth. >> i love it. >> instead of getting a stain on your shirt you get a stain on your teeth. and you know where that is. >> pop it in your purse in your briefcase. i used it this morning when i had coffee before the show. >> i love it you do have such beautiful white teeth. >> thank you it's an amazing kit. >> i always veneer. i have a fake tooth. everything gets white except for that tooth when i use trays. >> power swabs can help whiten and brighten your teeth. also if you have somebody that has caps, crowns or veneers 2 will help restore them for their natural color. it's an amazing revolutionary new teeth whitening kit i swear by it. >> i told you during the commercial break our cameraman he has used it he used it twice and he noticed a difference just after two uses do you see
9:45 am
on average two shades in five minutes, six shades in seven days it's a seven day kit and it really should last you about six months. so it's amazing you're not running to the dentist to get the fitted trays or time-consuming strips amazing way for five minutes a day for seven days if you want to whiten and brighten your teeth an amazing deal. >> i love you don't have to use it every single day because peoples routines are so busy you just use it for that one period of time. >> five minutes use it a morning you will get used to it and really going to see a major difference. i love that it is five minutes. >> is it a lot different than the strips and trays that so many people can buy? >> it is here are the game changing effects. you're going to lift the stain first. not a lost teeth whitening kits do that they just cover the stain. lift the stain first. rehydrate the enamel so it really helps with that teeth sensitivity and again works in
9:46 am
in the morning or evening. works for men and women you are really going to see a whiter smile within minutes. >> looking at that chart i feel like everybody can identify where their tooth is on that chart. you know you're a 2 or 4 or a 3 or 1. >> you know it absolutely. >> everybody wants to be that six. i really do think it changes the look of your appearance. people judge you on your smile. >> and you know, it makes you look younger so why not put your best foot forward if you have something like this, beauty arsenal use it. it's amazing way for five minutes to really whiten, brighten your smile put your best foot forward. >> dave i think you look younger. [laughter] >> you have a huge special as well we want to share with morning blend viewers. power swabs, (800)663-6401 to take advantage of the morning blend. mention the morning blend, buy two get one free, plus three free quick sticks and free shipping.
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or that toll free number on the screen to take advantage of the special. thanks for being here tia. >> thank you so much. love to be here so glad to bring this to you. >> absolutely we appreciate it. now let's head to molly. thanks a lot. after the break this morning
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blend. sometimes men seem so simple so why are they so hard to buy for? that's what we need to know? tech expert scott steinberg is here with great ideas for the guys. good morning scott. >> reporter: hey how you doing? happy holidays things great on that end? >> things are good here. i got to know, why are you guys so complicated what makes you so difficult to shop for? [laughter] >> well i think i have had those answers i would probably be a dating columnist. alas i think i have an idea on the shopp we tend to think by interests. sometimes, if we're into history or into sports cars, we figure everybody else can figure that out, but sometimes you need a little prompting and you maybe want to get gifts guys can use in their every day life that can make it easier. that's usually a safe bet. a good example would be the two in one windows 10 laptop pc and tablet pc hybrid. you can transform it, you just take off the keyboard and suddenly it becomes super
9:51 am
any carry on. great processer, beautiful screen. 12 inches. what is nice about it you get these accessories, if you don't just want to have it for entertainment and fun you can turn it into a workstation so you can stay super productive. giving the gift of peace of mind might be a nice one for dads this holiday season as well or any guy. the ability to back up their or family's data from multiple devices. check this is a neat piece of software. you can set it to automatically backup all of the computers and the mobile devices inside your home or grandma an and grandpa's home if you like. can you monitor the data. you can back up photos, documents just about any kind of file, and you can retrieve it as needed so if your computer crashes for example, because you can back up your entire pc you could actually be back up and running in as little as one hour. just a couple options here that
9:52 am
>> i think that is awesome. a lot men love a man cave or they dream about having a man cave. do you have anything for those guys? >> indeed i do. the man cave always a classic and even if you don't have one, but you got a home theater entaintman system going on you have to keep in mind we're getting more and more smart devices like smart lights and talking speakers trying to control them all or keep track of them, that can be kind of tricky. so maybe get one remote control that can it's the harmony elite remote. this sucker here is compatible with over 270,000 different high-tech devices if you would believe. use it with tv systems, video game systems. even alexia voice control. you take total control over your home theater with hundred. you can also use it to string together a number of functions like you could actually lower the blinds, dim the lights and turn on the tv right when time
9:53 am
thinking about one. >> craft beer i think a lot of guys love their craft beers it's becoming really popular even for people to make it in america. so what do you have for the guys who love craft beers? >> that's right. the craft beer phenomenon is exploding and you can actually now enjoy home brewing without all of the hassle. this is from pico brew. it is revolutionizing. it's a beer brewing a what is nice you don't have to go to the basement spent weeks on end dealing with cumbersome equipment. you put it on the kitchen counter top. they partnered with over 150 different award winning breweries from all around the world so you can sample fresh tasting craft beer, from just about anyplace you can imagine and it's really kind of a gift that keeps giving a great way to entertain friends and neighbors. >> that's making me thirsty scott. where can we go for more information about the great
9:54 am
keynote for gift ideas and holiday travel tips. >> i hope your holiday is wonderful. >> it's going to be. i can tell you can see from the gifts around me not looking too bad already. >> happy holidays. >> after the break this morning we've got our picture of the day also going to share your responses to our soundoff question we asked do you say
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welcome back. this is a great art's cameras plus picture of the day. check it out. >> it this is an awesome photo. her husband took this of their favorite squirrel. >> no way. >> almost likes albino. it's just the snow. >> it looks like, look up close he still looks a little -- >> he looks like he is ready for hibernating. he looks chunky. >> cute. >> that's a good squirrel. and i don't usually like squirrels. do you say merry christmas or happy holidays? we asked you this question. a lot of people we got responses from said merry christmas. especially on christmas.
9:58 am
times. sheila also says it. dan, sheryl, renee in fact sheryl says i hope you have a blessed christmas. >> i love it. this one is interesting linda responded especially about the business part she used to own a store. she always would say merry christmas and if a customer celebrated a different holiday she would correct her hand she would say well that too. no one ever seemed to mind even with a business. so thanks for spending your morning with us. >> nice way either way.
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this morning on "today's take," hollywood mega star will smith getting personal, opening up about his new movie, "collateral beauty." and co-host and last-minute christmas gifts that will arrive just in time. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. it is thursday, december 15th, 2016. we've got -- we're so thrilled. our co-host is golden globe and emmy winning star, jane lynch. let's play a little music. >> oh.


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