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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  December 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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good morning. i'm susan kim. five and a half hours we are in a wind chill advisory. meaning.. dangerously cold temps. let's start off with a check on the weather... with
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the city of milwaukee is working to keep warming centers open during this
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information about elters in the milwaukee-area you can call 2-1-1.the milwaukee police department's homeless outreach team is out looking for the homeless to direct them to shelters and services. there are 14-hundred homeless in milwaukee any given night... 200 to 250... are staying in parks, cars or other unsheltered spaces. as the big chill takes over... for some, being outside is unavoidable because it's a job requirement. how do they handle rough days like today? understanding the dangers of the low temperatures... are key. it's not the most pleasant, but when you spread christmas cheer it's always a good time you just give more on a cold day because they want to give more because they see you out here struggling for it for those who have to be outside, health experts encourage them to cover as much of their body as possible. the less skin exposed the better. now's a good time to download our storm shield app-- get the latest weather alerts for your
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there's also a personalized forecast and interactive radar-- we're waiting to learn the charges a driver faces for crashing into a garbage truck.. and killing city happened wednesday morning... mark gates was pinned between the truck and the car.he was flown to the hospital... where he died. gates was also a pastor at christ chapel missionary baptist church in racine. racine mayor john dickert released this statement reminding drivers to be mindful of all city workers whose jobs take streets. "we all need to slow down and be aware of those with whom we share the road." today is the last day for people to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act.if you have any questons-- a special enrollment event is taking place from nine to four, at "independence first" in milwaukee. milwaukee was the community with the largest jump in health coverage for 2016, winning president obama's "healthy communities" competition. a state republican wants to
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students participating in extracurricular activities to be subject to random drug testing.the proposal from representative joel kleefisch is one of several coming from a task force he convened looking at ways to combat heroin use. the proposal would also require random testing for students who park vehicles on school grounds.some school district have implemented similar policies. we've got an exclusive story this morning on who was pulling the strings behind hacked emails during the presidential election.sos evidence pointing directly at russian president vladmir putin.tracie potts reports. (nats)intelligence sources tell nbc there's evidence - including from spies of u-s allies - that russian president vladimir putin was personally involved in directing the use of hacked material.michael mcfaul/ fmr. ambassador to russia"he has had a vendetta against hillary has been known for a long time. he wants to discredit
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weaker."us authorities disagree weather russian hacking was aimed at getting donald trump elected.leaders in both parties of congress want answers, especially now with exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson nominated as secretary of state.tillerson has had a close business relationship with putin for nearly 15 years.sen. dianne feinstein/ (d) california"its very hard to see the ceo or a big oil conglomerate as secretary of state but we'll see. he may surprise us all." separately, there are questions about president elect trump's conflicts of interest once he takes office. as president, government rules prevent him from owning the hotel he just opened blocks from the white house, in a building least from the federal government.(sot: tba) "everyone of those dollars that hits the hotel come january 20th will be in violation of the united states constitution."mr. trump postponed a news conference till january, explaining how he plans to separate himself from his business.tracie
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up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- charleston church shooting: how close the jury is to deliberating the case against shooter dylan roof and the emotional testimony they are hearing. plus: peanut butter penalty: the surprising length of time it took to settle a case that made hundreds of people sick.
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teens around noon yesterday, the cold front moved through and dropped temps into the single digits along with a 30 mph wind, and wind chills -5 to -10 all day. actual temps have dropped to 0 along the lake, to -8 inland this morning with wind chills to -25. a wind chill advisory is in effect for all of se wisconsin until 10am. despite a lot of sun, today only warms up to 8 degrees with gusty winds and wind chills staying around -10 all day. tonight is mostly cloudy with flurries and isolated lighow less than a half inch of snow by morning check out this out -
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york. you can see clouds rolling in and then white-out conditions quickly envelope the city. much like here, temps in new york won't climb out of the teens.. with a sub- zero wind chill. ten years later.. and food giant 'conagra' is finally paying for a salmonella outbreak that sent hundreds of people to the hospital. the company's president just pleaded guilty this week, to federal charges of shipping adulterated food... conagra will pay 11-point-2-million dollars in fines. closing arguments will begin this morning in the trial of accused church shooter dylann roof. the 22-year-old is facing federal charges for the killings of nine people at a historic black church in charleston last summer.sarah rosario reports. after days of tearful testimony, gruesome pictures, and even a confession from accused church shooter dylann roof, the government rests its case in his federal death penalty triawednesday, the "final testimony came from the
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old polly sheppardin an interview earlier this year she said at times she feels guilty being alive.polly sheppard / church shooting survivor :24-:31"all these people are gone and i'm still here. but i know god has me here for a reason."she cried on the stand wednesday recounting moments after the shootingshe like the others hid under tables as the shots rang out. sheppard says roof told her to shut up as she prayed out loud."did i shoot you?" he saidno she responds... and then sheppard says roof told her he'd spare her life to tell the story. 911 call played in court. "please come right away" she tells the operatorthen seconds later, "he's reloading, oh god please help me, there's so many people dead."roof an avowed white supremacist has remained emotionless during trial but is heard laughing in his confession.prosecutors say he planned the rampage, even staking out the church several times.the evidence nearly too much for victims' families. malcolm graham/victim's brother1:10-1:23"it was chilling, and it was heartbreaking//15:11:56but it
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think we have a moral obligation to put racism, discrimination and hatred on trial."evidence jurors must use in determining his fate. sarah rosario nbc news. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- the popular packers player looking forward to fatherhood. the cute way he announced the baby's gender. plus: drone delivery: it actually happened and it was quick. how long it took for
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for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. when you throw nearly as many touchdowns, three, as incompletions, five, this sort of thing tends to happen.aaron rodgers is the nfc offensive player of the
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bears.((mike mccarthy says it means a lot to our fans. it means a lot to us in the locker room i know because this game always has a different edge to it.and frankly to have all three of your division opponents the last three games of the year. i mean, you talk about december football. the importance, we all understand where everybody is in their season but you're talking about the teams that know each other best. the coaching staffs spend so much time on each other in the offseason, so there's so much more the details of not only what they're going to do, but you know what we've done against the intensity burns so high.))wisconsin beats another in-state rival, 73-59 over green bay. while uwm falls at ohio 71-69.and the border battle week continues with the bucks hosting jimmy butler, d wade and the chicago bulls tonight at the bmo bradley center.for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. packer wide receiver jeff janis and his wife are expected. and they came out
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gender. janis, whose an avid hunter, posted this video to his facebook page.. they filled a target with color powder.. he aims.. shoots.. and.... it's a boy! after highs got into the mid teens around noon yesterday, the cold front moved through and dropped temps into the single digits along with a 30
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to -10 all day. actual temps have dropped to 0 along the lake, to -8 inland this morning with wind chills to -25. a wind chill advisory is in effect for all of se wisconsin until 10am. despite a lot of sun, today only warms up to 8 degrees with gusty winds and wind chills staying around -10 all day. tonight is mostly cloudy with flurries and isolated light snow as less than a half inch of snow by morningafter the cold morning, we warm up to 23 friday afternoon with clouds and snow showers by afternoon and evening. there is a winter storm watch for most of se wisconsin friday afternoon until saturday evening. friday night is snowy and warmer with lows near 20, and the snow
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by saturday evening, we should see 6-11" of fluffy snow. another cold front brings sunny, breezy and cold conditions for sunday with a high near 3 and wind chills to -20 all day. if you're done with your holiday
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if you're done with your holiday shopping... financial experts say it's time to get a jump start on filing your taxes.the 20-17 tax filing season will begin january 23rd. the i-r-s will begin accepting electronic tax returns and processing paper returns that day.the filing deadline will be tuesday, april 18th...
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emancipation day - a legal holiday in d-c. amazon says it's made its first-ever prime air drone delivery... with the launch of a private customer trial in the u-k.the first delivery seen here was made december seventh to a customer near cambridge, u-k who ordered a fire t-v and a bag of popcorn. the service promises to get packages up to five pounds to consumers in 30 minutes or less using drones. if you're planning on if you're planning on shipping christmas gifts.. here's what you need to know.for standard ground delivery... get your packages to the post office by ? has a friday deadline for the standard ground service.with u-p-s, you have until monday for it's 3 day select.
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shipping day is ?tomorrow. currently there are more than one-thousand retailers participating this year... promising christmas eve delivery and no minimum purchase.if you would like to see which stores are involved, we've posted a like at tmj4-dot-com walmart is offering ?free two day shipping on more than 15 hundred toys... your last chance to place an order for rush delivery will be the ?22nd.. that's next thursday... at noon local time. the store is also offering for orders placed online by six p-m local time on december 23rd. a warning for a warning for all of you last-minute shoppers... scammers ?love? christmas ... because there's more opportunity to rip you off. meredyth censullo has more on the season's top three financial scams. scam number one: gift card grinches. delete any email
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free gift card -- ?if you pay a small delivery fee.kaleb mccarty, financial advisor "never fall for an email that you're getting something for free, because they want to collect your information and do whatever with it."instead, only buy gift cards online from reputable companies. picking up gift cards at the store? buy cards that are ?behind the counter.kaleb mccarty, financial advisor "thieves will steal gift cards off the rack, if they're sitting there, and replace them with ones that are already used."scam number two: giving mood this time of year, and we also want to make donations for tax purposes. but make sure the charity you're giving to actually exists. and don't pay with cash - write a check or use a credit card.kaleb mccarty, financial visor"number 1 for proof and number 2 so you can write it off for tax purposes." there are a number of websites that verify a charity is real. scam number three: bad santa.
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verify using your credit or debit card -- shut the door. kaleb mccarty, financial advisor"they're scanning with a scanner that looks like a fedex guy would do, and they're collecting your information again." up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--mini the young man playing santa.. and the reason he's been giving away his toys for six
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taking a live look
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his heart and wallet to children so sick they cannot be home for christmas. it started six years ago, when alexander fultz little brother was hospitalized. he didn't want him or the other kids to feel alone.. so he began donating toys to the hospital. fast forward to today, his parents estimate he's donated more than six-thousand dollars in toys, clothing and gifts to kids at the hospital. "it's fun, and i know that i'm making a difference in my community. and that's kept me going." santa is way more fun than getting a visit from the big guy himself. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--warning to uber users. how a customer was scammed.. and their bank account, drained. then... massive and stunning security under fire after waiting three years to notify
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(beep, camera shutter click) did you just see that? that was awesome. we have to try it. okay. okay, mine's not working. maybe you have to bump it. oh, yeah. do the bump it thing. right. okay, yeah. (muffled) you can take money out using the bmo harris app! you want to buy a hairless cat? there's a pet store down the street. cool... i think she said "bmo harris app". yeah, that makes more sense. when your phone is your debit card.
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scam. how clever crooks are preying on people just trying to catch a ride... and what ?you need to look out for, to avoid becoming a victim plus: holiday hazard: the festive decoration-- that ?could cause a fire in your home and what you can do to protect your family this morning. and taking a live look outside-- it's painfully cold this nature's got more in store. storm team 4 meteorologist brian gotter is tracking more ?snow-- for your weekend... next. welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm vince vitrano.and i'm susan kim. we have a serious weather situation this morning. as life-threatening cold temperatures and fierce winds spread across much of the midwest.and if that's not enough.. the second round of snowstorms are heading our way. let's get a check of your


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