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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  December 15, 2016 2:07am-2:37am CST

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the preceding paid presentation for copper chef was brought to
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now at ten...shivering and shoveling.a blast of biting cold... as another snow storm sets its sights on southeast wisconsin. our entire area is a wind chill advisory right now.. and e an approaching winter storm. old man winter hasn't just arrived, he is here with a vengeance!chief meteorologist >> reporter: old man winter is >> reporter: shiverring. >> reporter: old man winter is here with a vengeance. >> reporter: the wind chill advisory in effect until 10:00 in the morning thursday. we can see withs from 20-30
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waukesha, watertown, beef dam. 6 in milwaukee. we'll see below zero everywhere overnight. the winds are strong. we are watching another developing winter storm out over utah right now. that will be moving in the plains. the national weather service put out a winter storm watch for 2:00 friday to 6:00 saturday. another weekend snow from milwaukee to the north. you wake up in the morning hours and we are below freezing. plenty sunshine. i'll tell you how much snow we
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few minutes. >> reporter: the city of milwaukee doing its part to keep warming centers open. if you are in need of shelter. the outreach team is looking for the homeless. there are 1,400 homeless in milwaukee at any given time. >> reporter: some spotsre facing wind chill well below zero. but some people must still be outside. >> reporter: careen was along them. >> reporter: we were in and out of the cold tonight and that's how most people are experiencing these temperatures. running to the store, filling up their gas tanks. but there are others who spend hours outside no matter how cold
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nine hours, that's how long edward ross stood outside here. >> the kettle needs a body to ring the bell. he doesn't have a problem staying warm. >> the colder it gets, the more i put out. when i first started november 3 it was one pair of socks, the last two weeks, two pair of socks. the last two days, 3 pair of you just get more on a cold day because they want to give more because they see you struggling for it. >> reporter: matt tries to stay positive. >> he's spreading christmas cheer. >> reporter: working in a christmas tree lot has taught him to wear layers. >> make sure to wear a lot of pairs of socks and underwear. >> reporter: kayla'size don't
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been in this cold. >> the parking attendant says accept the weather. >> it's cold. it's how you make the paycheck. >> if you do have to be outside, health experts encourage to you cover as much of your body as you can. the less skin you expose, the better. >> it's good time to download our storm shield app. mobile device. there is a personalized forecast and interactive radar. storm team 4 meteorologist came up with an experiment to show you the impact. there is a link right there on the home page. >> reporter: new information on the crash that killed a city sanitation work. it happened this morning.
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he was flown to the hospital where he later died. he's been identified as mark gates. he was also a pastor in racine. all activities were canceled there tonight as the congregation mourns. >> reporter: a missing lakeland university student has been found dead on campus. o'neill played on the football team. >> reporter: kaylan had been missing since sunday. search effort ended today with the dive team checking a small campus pond. a tragedy in the midst of finals week. >> it's hard that he's gone. for me, lakeland football, lakeland university, it's hard. we are a big family, there is only 900 kids here. >> reporter: he was the backup quarterback. according to police he had last
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dorm. his teammates got worried when he didn't so up later that night or the next morning. >> we looked he where for him. it was nerve-racking that he hadn't been back. >> reporter: he was quite but well liked. >> he was a great kid. he has a lot of energy. he always tried to be a leader. >> reporter: o'neill was from north carolina. he came to lakeland to pursue his football >> that's what he cared about and that's what he loved. >> reporter: police don't believe there was anything criminal about his death. >> the pond is 15 feet from the football field. he's so close to what he loved the most. >> reporter: counseling services are available for the student. aautopsy needs to be done to determine how o'neill died.
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sheriff clark to be removed from office or resign because of recent deaths at the jail. they say the deaths are tied to quote his lack of supervision for his department. a spokesperson re-ride this response. he said he's bored with this democratic party fake news because he helped donald trump get elected. heard shim speak at donald trump's thank you rally and hashtag make america great again. >> reporter: the sheriff's -- sheriff clark is invited to testify before the county board
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committee to talk about lawsuits. right now state law required outside investigation for deaths involving law enforcement officers, but not jail officers it's important to note if the resolution pass it would apply to the house of corrections but the board does not have power to require action from the sheriff's office involving inmate death investigations there at the jail. hosted a bridge the gap discussion. the end game is the better relationship, understanding the issues that the youth have. a lot of times the youth will keep things bottled up. when we are trying to get them
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and issues, and the only way to start work on solutions, we have to hear from them -- >> he says the issues will be put together in a report and presented to milwaukee police. >> it's not complicated. neighborhood children were given a $100 walmart gift card and their shopper in blue to make the holiday bright. >> this evening's exercise isn't about the mia it isn't about the cold cash needed for the experience it's about good hearted cops willing to share the lesson of giving with the children they serve in district five. we couldn't help but think this night would long been remembered. >> i got to go around and look at different things. they are shopping for their families. that part makes sense to this
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watch her family open their gifts. >> it's a surprise they never had before. i got some stuff they never had before. some stuff they have got from knee. >> reporter: but watch the quopts kids, smiling and wrapping the gifts it's clear they are loving this, too. >> it's an awesome feeling. if you ask some of these officers, they wanted to give their time and participate in this. that's why they are all showing >> what a heartbreaking tale calling attention to an important charity. >> reporter: grieving parents share the tale of losing a son to cancer. >> reporter: why some families are blowing up holiday budgets,
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>> reporter: a trucking company has come forward identifying a driver involved in this close call with a sheriff's deputy. a semi cut between the car and
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the driver could ultimately be cite. the feds raised interest rates for the first time in 2016. >> reporter: youngsters learn an important lesson about saving cash in milwaukee. they were gifting with savings accounts while enjoying fun activities. the money kids saved will be matched. >> the organization raising me annual community fundraising campaign. our susan kim hosted the announcement this evening. a west bend family lost their teenaged son to bone cancer. shannon i ams reports. pictures of jose rivera show a healthy smiling young man.
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baseball. >> reporter: when he began having leg pains his parents knew something wasn't right. doctors first thought he had a disease that caused the knee pain. his mom requested an mri and no one expect wad they saw. >> when i heard cancer, i thought it can't be my baby. >> the next few months were filled with fevers, and trips to and chemotherapy treatment. >> the way that his family and his friends and their parents and the community and the schools came together for him, it was unbelievable. >> reporter: to raise money for his medical expenses they held basketball tournaments and
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said, mom, i love, an gave her a kiss, and he wrote her a note, he wrote i love you and they put his mask on him, and that was it. >> reporter: he died july 15, 5 months and 12 days after learning he had cancer. since his death his mom and dad have struggled to find a new normal. >> i fight to get, i fight to put on this about my day. >> but as they try to heal they take comfort in his message and his 8th grade graduation. >> reporter: over the course of this treatment jose used 28 units of blood. the community is holding a blood drive in his honor.
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if you would like more information we have a link at you can support research for childhood cancer during today's tmj4. >> reporter: you can bid on a milwaukee brewers package signed by coach craig counsel. and enjoy batting practice on club-level seats for >> reporter: this is one of 25 items up for bid friday. it's a two-hour event from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: a chilly night tore window shopping on mill street. did i say chilly? i meant some to say the landscape. it was covered with a brittle silence. john malan, now what? more snow?
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weekend is coming up, so it has to be a weekend snow. but let's start with that chill. the bone chilling chill. it already started. the wind chill advisory at 9:00. it returns to 10:00 thursday. we can see wind chills to 2 below zero. 7:00 in milwaukee. the wind speeds are still up there 2 miles an hour. 18ke west bend, 17 miles an hour. up in fond lake. 17 below zero is what it feels like with the wind chill temperature. waukesha 14 below zero. we'll be at the morning hours 32 below zero in some locations, so bundle the kid up in the morning
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by later in the day the withs diminish somewhat. 2 below in milwaukee. this will be the first below zero temperature this year so far. skies are clear, that helps the heat to escape, what is around with all the snow on the ground. as we pull out for you. watch what's going on out to the west. a large low developing over the intermountain region. that one rolls out and start to affect us friday into saturday. winter storm watches have been posted from 2:00 friday to 6:00 saturday afternoon. know advisoryies. good chance we'll see a winter weather advisory. general-9 ins. this one has been a little bit of fine-tuning.
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then cold again. check out the forecast for the packer game in chicago. that is your noontime temperature. so chilly air settles in, high pressure settles in. lots of sunshine rolling in late in the day. we could see bawrs of light snow then this area of snow start to develop across the central and southern part of the state for friday night and into saturday. 2 below descree with 8 below, wind chills 30 below. tomorrow we'll see sunshine with increasing clouds in the afternoon. withs to 25 blow. -- 25 below. friday 24 degrees with a burst of snow which will be a dusting or less. accumulating snow hits later in the afternoon. the 7-day forecast including
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all the way up to 26. sunday back down to 3. that's the coldest day. but the good news into next week. by tuesday we are 26 with sunshine. a flurry or snow shower, and 30 degrees wednesday. that pattern should continue into the end of next week. zachary all bundled up, scarves, everything, throw everything on the kids in the morning. the morning.
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>> reporter: aaron rodgers is the nfc offensive player of the week, all while battling injuries and missing practice today. but he won't skip and showdown in chicago. >> reporter: he did note practice with the team instead doing rehab with bothersome sham string. >> you learn about pain management and how to get your yourself in the best shape to play with the pain. i had to, you know, gut it out through some difficult pain. and obviously it's slowing me down with some of the stuff i'm good at.
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but it will be about pain management sunday. but the good thing is you'll be throughout and ready to go. >> reporter: rogers is earning a lot of respect in the locker room as he's playing through pain. >> hurt, whatever it may be for his case, he will go out there and clinch it. and he will play better than any other quarterback in the league. so i >> rogers says he will be ready to goaf sunday against the bears. the question is how much of his mobility will be affected because of the injuries. normally the soldier field follies are about the poor playing condition of the playing surface. sunday it might be 1 below at
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but it takes tough-minded people to deal with it. but we'll practice with it tomorrow. then it will be as close to game time conditions tomorrow as it will be sunday. >> the badgers come on firing
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>> reporter: fresh off a win against marquette. bearnlings trailed early but the ethan unselfish to walter. he hit 4-3. he had 14 points, 10 rebounds and nigel good passion inside to bryce for -- good passing inside for bryce.
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>> reporter: here are your super cash numbers. no doubler.
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getting up into the single digits. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. it's wines day wednesday. it's hump day. it's -- >> all of those things. >> december 14th. "perfect illusion" by lady gaga. i think her mom is with us later. >> cynthia, here with us. doing so much to spread kindness.


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