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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  December 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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tonight, anywhere between 20 to 30? below zero. winds have been strong all day, they will continue to be strong all night. temperatures around 12?. port washington, milwaukee, and racine, kenosha dropped to 9, 7 in fond du lac, waukesha, also sheboygan, 6 in watertown, 5 in beaver dam. and it's not just the temperature, it is the winds. the winds have been strong out of the west most of the day. 23 miles per hour right now in milwaukee. 25 mile-per-hour wind port washington. 21 in waukesha. that factors in to a feels-like or windchill temperature of 7 below zero in milwaukee. 12 below in port washington. 13 below zero waukesha, burlington 15 below, out in whitewater. we look at our computer models, put in the windchill projections, around 9:30, you'll see windchills could drop to 25 below zero already across the area. overnight, into the 30 below zero range through the morning
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the criteria, and that will continue on through the night. and now, clear skies, allows the heat to move out. another low pressure system will be bringing us snow. a winter storm watch posted starting 2:00 friday afternoon through 6:00 saturday. for more snow, everybody except for walworth, racine and kenosha counties, i'll be back to tell you how much more snow we're going to get coming up in just a few minutes. >> we're that, john. you've heard it before, the cold is so dangerous that milwaukee city officials are now warning everyone to bundle up and be careful. >> keep an eye out for others, preston has this special plea for mayor barrett. >> it's a warm 72? inside the washington park senior center, a far cry from the dangerously cold temps outside. wednesday, the bright sun didn't do much to warm up the frozen
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nasty wind blew ice from rooftop to rooftop. this is not the winter wonderland you want to be in. so frosty, so harsh, milwaukee mayor tom barrett warning everyone about frostbite and hypothermia. >> causing shivering, drowsiness, and confusion. >> the mayor took time to encourage everyone to check on family and friends. >> make sure you are watching out for the people that live near you, the people you >> i wouldn't even know it was cold. >> this funky 83-year-old spent her day at washington park senior center where a few warmed up...with a workout. but we're told this exercise class is missing a lot of people. >> what kept them away? >> i think the cold weather.
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center. the mayor also warning if you're driving to keep your tank at least half full so you won't be stuck outside or in a home that isn't heating up. >> they could be at the house and need help. >> with the dangerous cold sticking around, this city will continue to keep warming centers hope. in milwaukee, today's tmj4. a windchill advisory kicks in later tonight. make sure you bundle up before you head outside. cover any exposed skin, that includes your keep, basically. minimize the time you spend outside. if you're traveling, make sure your car as extra blankets, clothes, and high energy food squirrelled away just in case. you can keep track of the weather wherever you are to the web site, and our live radar, and everything else on the app interactive maps, any other weather information you need, including the locations of warming centers, where they are, and when they are open.
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from racine, a city worker struck by a car and pinched up against a truck. witnesses who ran outside to try and help say it was a horrific scene. >> apparently he was screaming, and a lot of people went outside and tried to help him. the guy who is driving the car, he got a problem. >> racine police are still investigating the cause of that accide student last scene sunday morning was discovered dead this morning. the sheboygan county sheriff's department said 18-year-old kaelin o'neal was found in a pond on campus. investigators are looking into the circumstances. the milwaukee fire department got a call to the pfister this morning. that's where a small fire had broken out on the roof, someone across the street noticed flames. they called 911. that fire started in some
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start school next august instead of september. >> the school board will discuss a proposal tomorrow. casey geraldo joins us live from the newsroom with what the superintendent hopes to do. >> steve and shannon, the district hopes to have all schools begin in august. but after getting feedback from families, teachers, and community members, they decided the first wave of early starts will be the high schoolers, if all goes as they hope, the other schools would follow in the 2018 to 2019 school year, mps could help with the district 58% four-year graduation rate, with schools starting in august, the plan is to make the month of june what they're calling a j-term, an extra month where students can take additional classes, and make up course work.?? combined with summer school superintendent says the shift in the school year gives students more opportunities to catch up, and even get ahead.
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promoted to the 10th grade by taking two credits in summer school. this number would climb to 83%, going into the 10th grade, earning a total of four credits with the j-term and the summer school combined. >> the school board meets tomorrow, and will consider this proposed change, if the board approves the plan, the state would need to approve waivers for the high schools, state superintendent said he is jazzed about this plan, but ultimately, the state legislatur to change state law to slaw all of milwaukee public schools to begin early. live in the news room, casey geraldo, today's tmj4. packers extra now, it is bears week. but, by the looks of the forecast, the pack will be battling the elements, as well. >> rod burks reports from green bay as these two teams write another chapter in their storied rivalry. >> the nfl's oldest rivalry continues sunday when the packers travel to chicago to
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here's head coach mike mccarthy on the rivalry. >> it means a lot to our fans, a lot to us in the locker room. this game always has a different edge to it. and, frankly, to have all three division opponents in the last three games of the about the teams that know each other best, coaching staff spend so much time in the off-season. there's so much more that goes into the speci a going to do but what we've done against them. the high from every angle...obviously we take a lot of pride in history of the green bay packers, and we understand the history that we have of the chicago bears. >> reporter: sunday's game will be the 194th time these two teams have played each other, the bears have the edge 94-93. a packers win will tie up the
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with the packers, in green bay, i'm rod burks for today's tmj4. >> rod is back in the office defrosting as we speak. want your child randomly checked for drugs, it could
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you're watching today's tmj4, with charles benson, shannon chief meteorologist john malan, and lance allan, sports. a state lawmaker is calling for all high school students taking part in extracurricular activities be subject to random drug testing. the proposal comes from republican representative joel kleefisch. some school districts have already implemented similar policies. the milwaukee bucks spreading holiday cheer.
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patients at children's hospital. >> one, two, three...go bucks go! >> on tv they appear larger than life. milwaukee sports heroes came to see their youngest and most appreciative fans. the looks on their young faces tells the story, but the bucks' players get a whole lot out of it, as well. michael beasley is here for the first time. >> it's overwhelming to be part of an amazing many kids, put smiles on their faces for the holidays, spread holiday joy, let you know your family is bigger than what you think it is. >> the bucks' visit is a huge help to the parents of these children. for them, trying to help their child enjoy the holidays can be very stressful. >> this time of the year means a lot, because, a lot of children have, and a lot of parents don't have. and to bring it to them like
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>> this is monroe's second visit. >> the kids excited, to spend time with them, even though they're excited and going through the struggles and for that moment, at least they're happy, and feeling a little better, it means the world. >> today's annual visit, one of the cornerstones of the buck's 40-year commitment to the macc fund, which reports research for cancer and blood related disorders, which leads us today's tmj4 sports auction for macc. this friday. >> 25 items up for bid. here's one, a football signed by former packers cornerback and safety charles woodson. and you can be on hand when he is inducted into the wisconsin hall of fame's class of 2017. because, this also includes tickets to the awards event. this package will be available to win on friday during our sports auction for macc.
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join the fight against childhood cancer. >> bid early, bid often. >> dangerous cold is settled in, and chief meteorologist john malan is on that, as well as more snow moving in. >> plus, a woman drives off of i-94 onto a frozen pond.
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?? look at this, driver pulls to the side of i-94 in bloomington, minnesota, to help a woman who drove her car into a frozen pond. the woman was trapped and the car started sinking. d.o.t. cameras captured the scene as the good samaritan pulled the driver to safety, luckily she is doing fine
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cheer nearly went up in flames. this, when a postal truck caught fire. this happened in north carolina. a heroic postal carrier went to work trying to save christmas. somebody came along and gave him some help, they got all the packages out of harm's way, many saved, most, as you can see, with the smiles and the blue tape, those are amazon deliveries, you do not want to have those go up in flames. that's a lot of people's christmas. awful busy time in the weather >> let's head over straight to chief meteorologist john malan where he's talking about cold temperatures and snow. >> john: after a very lazy couple months in autumn where everything was absolutely beautiful, the cold and snow has returned. now, today's high, 20?. normally we should be around 32, 33?. but we're going to see below zero temperatures tonight. and the last time we had a below zero temperature was 1 below zero, that was all the way back on january 19, so it's been a while, bundle up, folks, it's
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my -- minot, north dakota. tomorrow, windchills could get down to 30 below zero, our temperatures will get down to below zero. 12 is what our current temperature is now, milwaukee, and also in racine, everybody else in the single-digits already, and, it already feels like 7 below waukesha, and also in burlington. 15 below in whitewater, 12 below port washington, sheboygan, and also in fond du lac. so we'll put our computer model to work, and see what the windchills are projected to be at 9:00 this evening, 25 below zero, that fits the windchill criteria, in waukesha, port washington, also in milwaukee, then all night, we can see windchills as low as 30 below zero. by the afternoon tomorrow, they
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late in the day, well above that criteria. however, still, very cold. you see lake-effect snow across the lake from us, clear skies here as we pull way out, there's a storm system a-brewing. from 2:00 friday to 6:00 saturday evening, milwaukee, waukesha, all the way out towards madison, and north. we might see winter weather advisories, racine, kenosha, and also in walworth county also. but it looks like the heavier band will be from milwaukee north, 6 to 9 inches by the time it is all over on saturday afternoon, and into saturday evening. high pressure just keeps us cold for the next 24 hours. late in the day tomorrow, clouds start to move in from that storm system. watch this little initial band of snow roll through around rush hour on friday morning, and then as this front approaches, snow develops right along and north of the front.
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snow comes in friday afternoon, and into friday evening. so, clear skies tonight, very chilly, 2 below zero in the city, 8 below inland, windchills on strong westerly winds to 30 degrees below zero. 8 is your high temperature tomorrow, windchills in the morning hours could hit 25 below zero. northwest winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. sunshine early, clouds in the afternoon. and then friday, a little bursts of snow shouldn't amount to much in the morning, snow returns late in the afternoon, high 24? evening, and through the day on saturday. again, 26?, at least we're warming up with the snow. and then it really gets cold. sunday, a big burst of more bitterly cold air, 3? is your high, on sunday. and then monday, we start a warm-up, 14 monday. if you can call that warm. 26 and sunshine on tuesday, and the middle of the week, 30?, it looks like --
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>> looks like it will warm up even further at the end of next week. >> merry christmas. next in sports, he's hurt, but he's playing. you got to like aaron rodgers'
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?? packers and bears, the nfl's oldest rivalry is always about the tough stuff, and aaron rodgers might be the toughest of them rod burks is at lambeau field. >> star quarterback aaron rodgers will be taking it lightly today during practice. he'll be in the rehab group. here's coach on his toughness as a packer. >> i go back to 08, when he separated his shoulder in tampa, playing the falcons in lambeau,
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he could throw...we were trying all different kind of harness on, he was able to throw the ball about 20 yards...just wait and make sure and see if he can throw, in case we need. he said, yeah, let's do that. we were in the first quarter, and we were in the perfect spot, the third one, and i just called it, and as soon as i called it, his head looked at like...he comes back and just rips it, and then... >> the packers are hoping that rodgers can do more in practice at the end of the week. let's see how things shake out. bears and packers sunday in chicago. here in green bay, i'm rod burks for today's tmj4. >> we caught up with eddie lacy part of the campbell's chunky
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he's uncomfortable on camera even though he appears quite natural. >> really, that's not how i feel on the inside at all. cameras make me feel nervous, and i always wonder how is it going to come out? i feel like kind of weird, because it's not really my thing. but, people say, like it comes like it looks good. so it's kind of weird to me. >> it seems natural to you, if that's a compliment... >> i'll take it as a compliment, because i don't feel natural at all. >> i think he does just
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coming up on the now: milwaukee, next at 6:30, he's been banned from twitter for life for offensive comments, but he was a guest speaker at uwm. why was this controversial figure allowed on campus? a reminder, the now: milwaukee comes to you streaming live on facebook, and through >> john: if you're goin bundle up windchills below 30. air temperatures in the single-digits. we should see our first below zeros also overnight tonight. >> those would be good for pick three numbers. let's play that tonight.
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?? with the straight scoop on the packers from the man who knows them best, it's the "the mike mccarthy show" with larry mccarren and the coaches of green bay packers, mike mccarthy. ?? hello, everyone, and welcome to where the packers are coming off a huge win over the seattle seahawks and getting ready for a huge game against the chicago bears. and, mike, first of all let's talk about that victory over the seahawks. 38-10. beating a contending team like that the way you guys did it. do you take some things away from that team? are there some residual benefits from it? >> absolutely.


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