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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  December 12, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm CST

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only at a sleep number store, no interest for 48 months on qualifying purchases! hurry, ends sunday. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. now at 4:30 - the snow is done and the cleanup following the weekend storm is almost it's time to prepare for frigid temperatures. the sun was out today, the sun goes down right now so will temperatures.prepare for the wind chill dropping us now to zero.meteorologist jesse ritka joins us with the forecast. snow is likely on saturday with another round of shovel- able snow expected to hit during the weekend. most of
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plunge into the teens behind the snow. when the snow falls... workers at the department of transportation are making sure the roads are free of trouble
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the dot's command center in downtown's the brain of the operations -- where dot employees monitor more than 400 traffic cameras across the state.there were 258 crashes across the state this weekend -- nearly half the amount of crashes reported after the state's last snow storm on march 2nd. cars in ditches, crashes, nothing major no full closures. probably because it was sunday ye was a monday into tuesday so lower volumes, less people out on the roads.they were able to stay home hunker down and let plows do there jobs.. in racine county where 7 to 8 inches of snow fell plows were out early this morning, clearing roads, side streets and parking lots. d-o-t workers are sending out this reminder... slow down and don't crowd the plows.
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customers to keep natural gas meters and vents clear of snow and makes the meter visible to snowplows and doesn't put stress on meter piping which can damage equipment and cause a gas leak. another important safety reminder .. keep furnace intake and exhaust vents clear of snow and ice to prevent build-up of carbon monoxide inside homes and buildings. get out your ice skates... the "slice of ice" at red arrow park will officially be open for the season starting can start skating on the ice rink at three mo to skate if you have your own pairt, but rentals are available. tonight milwaukee common council members are holding a session to educate residents about the city's water quality. "the science of lead in water & lessons learned" event will feature a nationally recognized expert on lead in water.they will talk to those in attendance and answer questions. the session starts at 5:30 p-m.. at the social development commission building. it could soon cost more to
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used to make improvements at state parks. the dnr released its list of expanding electrical service to hundreds of campsites for recreational vehicle users, creating rental lodging and selling naming rights to park facilities. a new cafe where you pay what you want opens up in sherman park this week."tricklebee cafe" is a nonprofit community cafe with an emphasizes on vegetarian and vegan meals, but will also serve meat dishes. the grand opening starts wednesday-- with live for children. it's located near 45th and north. packers fans could get ther hands on quarterback aaron rodgers autograph while helping people in need at the same time. he'll be signing autographs in the lambeau eld atrium.they're asking fans for a monetary donation that will help the salvation army. you've still got some time to get up there... the event starts at sixbut just a heads up... it's limited to the first 200 people. the today's tmj4 sports auction for macc is this
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related items up for bid. all proceeds go to the macc fund which supports research for childhood cancers and related blood of the items is this melvin gordon jersey. the former badger football player was drafted by the san diego charges in the first year of the 2015 n-f-l draft.this item includes a picture that shows gordon signing the jersey as well as a certificate of authenticity. it's just one of 25 items that will be up for bid on friday. the sports two hour event from three to five p-m. join in the fight against childhood cancers. milwaukee replenishing the salt supply after the big snow storm. coming up new on live at 6.. this is what twenty thousand tons of white gold looks like.. tonight.. where it comes from, where its going, and how much more salt we can expect to come.. that's new on live at 6.. still ahead on live at 4-30...
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stress on your body.also ahead...the benefits to children from receiving "kangaroo care" from their
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about one in six adults take psychiatric drugs in the u-s. a new study from the institute for safe medication practices
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reported taking anti- depressants; eight percent used sedatives and about one-and-half percent took anti- psychotic medication. although more women survive from breast cancer-- the treatments often cause lingering physical and mental effects. 92-percent of breast cancer survivors in a new university of pennsylvania study-- said they had at least three long-term symptoms -- like fatigue, pain, and insomnia. and 65-percent said they were not getting adequate treatment for at least one of their symptoms. few social networks are less likely to survive. scientists at kaiser followed more than nine-thousand women with breast cancer for ten years. socially isolated women had a 40-percent higher risk of recurrence and a 70-percent higher risk of death ... than those who kept active social lives. parents hate to hear their baby scream during her shots. but numbing cream may be the key to easing the pain. researchers in canada studied the effects of parent soothing, an oral sugar
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only the lidocaine cream -- when combined with soothing and oral sucrose -- had a significant impact on the infants' pain. the benefits of receiving kangaroo mother care as a newborn ... last into early adulthood. kangaroo mother care -- or continuous skin to skin contact between parent and child -- is often recommended for preemies to help with breastfeeding and bonding. but researchers found that 20 years later ... these mothers were more protective and nurturing ... and their children were less likely to have hyperactivity or behavior problems. shape you might want to try out a new exercise called "nordic walking.""nordic walking is just adding poles to a walk but it has a very specific method that adds to the aerobic part of it and also takes about 30% of the impact off of all the joints in the body." in general, walking comes with many can improve your circulation and sleep, strengthen muscles, put you in
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increase your life span according to the arthritis foundation.nordic walking is a good low impact option to help keep you moving. the films, tv shows and actors that are expected to win big at this year's golden globes. but first, here's a live look from the airport. meteorologist jesse ritka is back with the latest on our forecast, next. many sleep-aids have pain medicine but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep?
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tuesday will not warm up despite clearing skies, temperatures only hit 13 degrees in milwaukee and with a wnw wind at 5-15mph wind chills will be in the single digits below zero long. the mercury falls to zero away from lake michigan at night and single digits are expected even along the shoreline.even colder air sinks in on wednesday and the wind is going to be even stronger, making a high temp
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-5 to -18 when you add in the west wind at 10-20mph, gusting to 30mph. it will still be breezy on thursday with the coldest day of the season so far as temperatures will be stuck in the single digits and subzero wind chills are again forecast despite blue skies.a warm front moves in on friday to boost us back to 20 degrees but that will increase the clouds and bring snow showers
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along with it being the holiday season... it's also the awards season in hollywood. the golden globes announced its nominations for the top work in movies and tv this mornin reaction to a few of the major races. nats "very tough choice. here we go, la la land" just hours after its best picture win at the critic's choice awards..... the musical "la la land" led the way at the golden globe nominations with 7...including best musical or comedy....and acting bids for emma stone and ryan gosling.(sot dave karger / correspondent, imdb :16-22) "when a movie musical is done well, it has so much that's appealing to awards voters." imdb's dave karger sees it as a shoo-in winner over a globe field that also includes the
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bohemian comedy "20th century women".....the irish romance "sing street" and the meryl streep comedy "florence foster jenkins".nats the coming of age tale "moonlight" earned best drama among its six globe nominations..........."manches ter by the sea" was right behind with five. the other best dramacontenders are "lion", the war epic "hacksaw ridge" and the modern day western "hell or high water". (sot dave karger / correspondent, imdb :52-:58)is the toughest to call. this is going to be very close between manchester by moonlight."karger also sees a tight race between "manchester"s casey affleck....and "fences"denzel washington for best actor in a drama.....but he has little doubt natalie portman will win best actress for "jackie".(sot dave karger / correspondent, imdb 1:10-1:17 on 1:13) "there's so much in that performance that feels familiar and feels like the jackie kennedy we've seen on tv,but there's so much in the performance that feels new."in the television ranks....nbc's new hit, "this is us" scored a nomination as best drama.(sot dave karger / correspondent, imdb 1:24-1:30)"it is impressive that this is us got nominated in its first season,
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season shows up against it." those other rookies are netflix' "the crown" and "stranger things" well as hbo's "westworld"...they're all up against "game of thrones"...which is still seeking its first globe as best drama.mark barger, nbc news. let's take a look at what's on tmj4 tonight.. at 6-30 "the now: milwaukee."then it's "the voice" at seven."timeless" at nine and then it's "live at ten." coming up 4-30...investigation complete. when the a-t-f is expected to release its results into that deadly warehouse fire in
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beyond wisconsin...jurors have found a man guilty for the murder of ex-new orlean saints football star will smith. cardell hayes could be sentenced to 60-years in
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district attorney said today he'll seek the maximum sentences. ..which is 40 years for manslaughter in smith's death, with an additional 20 years for attempted manslaughter in the wounding of smith's wife. family and friends say goodbye to another former n-f-l player killed in an apparent road rage incident. joe mcknight was shot and killed near new orleans earlier this month, after investigators say he was involved in an argument with another man, apparently stemming from road rage. 54- year-old charged with manslaughter. a-t-f officials are finished with the investigation of the site of the warehouse fire in oakland, california. the december 2nd fire at the so called "ghostship" warehouse killed 36 people. the cause is still not known. a-t-f officials are expected to announce the findings tomorrow. the pulse nightclub in orlando, florida hosted victims, survivors, family members and staff members for a moment of's been six months since the shooting that killed 49 people. some
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for the vigil. the group gathered behind closed doors to pay respect to the lives lost. ( toss to weather ) a warm front moves in on friday to boost us back to 20 degrees but that will increase the clouds and bring snow showers by the afternoon hours. snow is likely on saturday with another round of shovel-able snow hit during most of the exit by sunday but temperatures will again plunge
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at five. next at 5.. a year round beer garden on brady street? why neighbors in the area are pushing back against the
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now at 5... a one-two winter punch.a blast of bitter cold air moves in as southeast wisconsin digs out from our first winter storm of the season. and it's not just cold. the arctic plunge is creating a layer of ice on sidewalks.. and driveways.and we might not be done with the snow just yet. let's get right to chief meteorologist john malan... to tell us when we might see some flakes tonight. the sun is out as if the weekend snowstorm didn't even happen. temperatures are cool in the 20s but a cold front swings through tonight to bring a bit more snow but mainly the cold. the light snow moves in mainly after 10pm tonight and most of it will be done by 2am with a dusting to a half an inch of fresh power possible mainly south of milwaukee. chilly air settles in behind this front with lows dropping to 12
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wind chills hovering on either side of zero. more than six inches of snow over the weekend... meant a lot of shoveling to start the work week. the first major storm of the season brings a reminder to take it easy when clearing your driveway or sidewalk.the medical examiner is investigating a possible shoveling-related death... after a 55-year-old man was found collapsed on the ground on the milwaukee's north side. lauren winfrey talked to busy shovelers today about avoiding health hazards when clearing snow.
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here and so are the winter weather hazards that come along with it --i spoke with a few people who say no matter your level of expertise when it comes to shoveling, safety should be your first priority. it may not be the easiest winter weather task, but there are some people out there who simply love it.20:23 - 20:29 "hardest thing? it's fun actually, it's enjoyable if you're prepared and ready for it. track - but despite his enjoyment of it, homeowner dan schaub says shoveling can be taxing on the body, and he understands . 19:38 - 19:47up, number one. as you get older little easier, take a break." track - and experts agree, according to the north shore health department, anyone attempting to remove snow should do it early and often, keeping up with the snow as it falls. dress appropriately, wearing warm socks, boots, and gloves... and check with a doctor if shoveling will exert more physically activity than you're used to. 11:40 - 11:43 "for me, it's not bad at all..."track - but unfortunately everyone can't say the same. that's why michael roberson says the kind of shovel you something to keep in mind. 12:20 - 12:21"a good shovel. 12:40 -12:45the snow rather than having to lift it. it's what a prefer


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