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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  December 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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now at noon -- cold windy-- after a snowy weekend. today is expected to be the warmest day temperatures expected to take a nose dive-- plus we could see more flurries. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look
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fees are being reduced for those who want to get a snow plowing license in milwaukee. starting tomorrow-- the fee to get a license will decrease from 50-dollars to 10-bucks. the city of milwaukee does not plow alleys within the city.
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companies licensed to offer plowing services in public city all across milwaukee... people are digging out from this weekend's winter storm. working to clear sidewalks and driveways... and in areas like the east side - get their cars out from under the snow. pete zervakis spent the morning with them. nick shoveling nick wilinski found his car buried under a blanket of snow this morning. i for one look forward to that again in july but he and his neighbors here near astor and lyon say... ice scraping this snowfall isn't so bad to cleanup. how's the snow so far? cold we've had some doozys over the last few years - this is nothing out of the ordinary for december pretty good! pretty light so actually an easy job rory waldera is just happy he found a place to park that didnt result in a
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(looks under snow on windshield) and we're good!in some neighborhoods like here on the es the city announced its 4 in parking rule is in effect meaning you can't park under these signs until the street is clear adam shoveling not everyone complied. adem arifi found this ticket while digging out his truck. tight shot adem shoveling he knew that might happen... but decided the ticket beats missing a parking spot altogether. it's kind of tough to move your vehicle on that short of time when everybody else is scrambling says the rule better allows its plows to clean up the snow. that's why some - like nick - are good with it. is it tough finding parking in the winter with all the restrictions? yes but i'm kind of glad they're there too because that means you're going to get smooth streets near astor and lyon...pz... tmj4 winter, alternate side parking at night remains in effect across milwaukee. and that applies tonight even on the "48 hour exception" streets...
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an update on the presidential recount-- the wisconsin elections commission said all 72 counties have finished recounting ballots. four counties are in process to certify recount results today- - they include dane, milwaukee, outagamie and rock counties. the state needs to certify all the recount results by wednesday.. to ensure that congress recognizes wisconsin's 10 electoral votes. na a stop in kenosha this afternoon for a recording of msnbc's "all in with chris hayes".he's delivering a speech at carthage college.. and is expected to talk about trade policy, automotive plant closings and the election. the event starts around 2 p-m and will include a panel discussion. then tomorrow.. president elect donald trump and vice president-elect "mike pence" will bring the "thank you" tour to state fair park in west allis.the two will speak at "the wisconsin state fair
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p-m. doors open at 4 p- we could find out this week who president elect donald trump will nominate as secretary of state..this as trump and congress react to the obama administration investigation of whether russia tried to influence the a new warning from china. tracie potts has the latest. new this morning: china warns of serious consequences if the u-s embraces taiwan and violates its "one china" policy after the c-i-a concluded russia tried to interfere in the presidential election. "i think it's ridiculous. i think it's another excuse. i don't believe it.""this is insane. in the same article, about those 17 agencies, that the report was inconclusive. you're forgetting the most important piece.democrats - and even some republicans - don't think so.congress is promising its own investigation."the goal is to find out how extensive this is, how deep it is, which countries are doing it, it won't be limited to just
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confirming reports that exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson is his choice for secretary of state. he tweeted: "stay tuned.""he does massive deals in russia, he does massive deals for the company, not for himself, for the company."tillerson oversees joint ventures with russia and was awarded the country's "order of friendship.""it's a matter of concern to me that he has such a close personal relationship with vladimir putin.""it's not like vladimir putin and rex tillerson are pounding down vodka at the local bar, and new this morning: president-elect trump announces general john kelly as his choice to head the department of homeland security.tracie potts, nbc news, happening today.... milwaukee common council members will hold a session to educate residents about milwaukee's water quality.the event is called "the science of lead in water & lessons learned". yanna lambrinidou is a nationally recognized expert on lead in water will address attendees and answer questions. the session starts
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commission buildling. you could soon be paying even more to visit wisconsin's state parks. the department of natural resources has released a number of recommendations for raising money. they include expanding electrical service to hundreds of campsites for recreational vehicle users, creating rental lodging and selling naming rights to park facilities. democrats say the recommendations would make the parks too expensive for families. you'll soon start seeing more law enforcement on the roads. "drive sober or get pulled over thursday. sheboygan county sheriff's office says on average-- someone is killed or injured in an alcohol-related crash in wisconsin every three hours. drivers are urged to follow common sense suggestions-- such as get a designated driver or take a cab, bus or call an uber. still still ahead... moving operations-- where ford plans to move its small car productions and the reason behind it. then... special signature-- where can go tonight if you want an
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and the non-profit that will benefit. and... need help with a consumer problem?our "call for action" volunteers are ready! call 414-967-5495... or request help online. just click on the icon... on the
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packers fans listen up-- you can get an autograpgh-- while helping people in need. packers quarterback aaron rodgers will be signing autographs in the lambeau field atrium. they're asking fans for a monetary donation
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army. the signing will be limited to 200 people. it starts at six p-m. the 2016 today's tmj4 sports auction for macc is coming up this friday..all proceeds go to the macc fund which supports research for childhood cancers and related blood disorders.this item is a robin's egg blue robin yount jersey.the former brewers shortstop signed the jersey and wrote "hall the jersey is framed and matted and measures 35 by 43's just one of 25 items that will be up for bid on friday. the sports auction is a live, two hour event from three to five p-m. join in the fight against childhood cancers. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at
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yankee candle is recalling about 31-thousand of its luminous collection fragrance candles. the square can crack when the candle is lit. yankee candle has receive 16 reports of the jars cracking, but no reports of injuries. the candles were sold exclusively at yankee candle stores and at yankee candle dot com-- from september through ford is going ahead with its plans to move small car production to mexico-- despite president-elect donald trump's threats to impose tariffs on companies that move operations overseas. in an interview with the associated press, ford c-
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demand for lower-priced cars-- as part of the reason for the move. fields also emphasized that no u-s jobs will be lost as a result of the move. u-s plane maker boeing reaching a nearly 17 billion dollar deal with iran. boeing will deliver 80 jetliners to iran starting in 2018-- if the sale is approved by u-s- lawmakers . this will be the first major deal between a u-s company and the islamic republic since the election of donald trump-- who has criticized close ties between the two coming up... concerns about the future-- why many people are wondering whether signing up for the affordable car act is worth it.and -- memory lane-- the unique way a wisconsin assisted living center is fighting against
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this is the last week to enroll for the affordable care act for 2017. but with so many questions about the future of obamacare, some people wonder whether signing up is worth it. president elect trump has promised to repeal obamacare but he's also said he's willing to keep parts of it-- including protections for people with pre-existing changes could take at least a year. will be programs dismantled" there's more worry about january 2018 or january 2019 uh when there's a greater chance that there will be programs dismantledmore than twenty million people rely on the affordable care act for health insurance. premiums are set to rise 25 percent on average next year-- though some of that will be offset by more subsidies. an assisted living center in
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against alzheimer's disease. they're looking to win that fight by taking a walk down memory lane. jesse horne explains. "six days on the road and i'm gonna get home tonight."otis dahl likes to sing."he knows when you've been good or bad." ... and even has his friend maureen fohrman ..."... so be good for goodness sake."... join in on occasion."he knows a lot of the songs that i remember that i really so, when maureen was asked to be part of a 2017 calendar aimed at raising money to fight alzheimer's disease ... "i said 'if otis does it, i'll do it. didn't i?" "yeah."the calendar showcases dove healthcare residents reenacting famous movie scenes - from the sound of music ... to forrest gump. for its chief photographer, this project was a personal one."i have family who's had alzheimer's and
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currently. it's just been one of those things that i wanted to be an impact and make an impact with my talent.""now, while each picture in the calendar comes from a different movie, each picture has its own unique storyline to go with it."this includes the last one - which shows two patients dressed as the lead bonnie and clyde."it was really hard to get the two residents not to smile. they kept smiling because they were having such a good time doing it - but we didn't want them to smile for the picture."as for the stars of this calendar, at least one ... balboa two thumbs up."good. good-looking guy. it was a nice day that day. it was fun." fun is filled within each month - including april, which has maureen and otis "singing in the rain.""... and we can sing even if we haven't been drinking." the calendars are selling for 15 bucks... and help a great coming up... place to eat-- the new cafe that's set to
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this restaurant. and -- a heroes welcome-- the annual event that's working to bring holiday cheer to military
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(announcer) here's a dose of reality; driving under the influence of prescription painkillers
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wisconsin have increased nearly 200 percent over the past ten years. help prevent drugged driving and let's achieve zero preventable deaths on wisconsin roadways. driving on pills...kills. a shared message from the wisconsin department of justice and the wisconsin department of transportation. a new cafe will open up this week in sherman park. "tricklebee cafe" is a pay-what-you- community cafe and emphasizes on vegetarian and vegan meals, but will also serve meat dishes. the grand opening starts wednesday-- with live music, raffles and activities for children. the cafe is located near 45th and today's tmj4 is also proud to partner with the hunger task force and raymond james investments on "home 4 the holidays." its a virtual food drive that provides all the
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look for the "home 4 the holidays" for most, the holiday season is a cheerful time.but for military families who have lost someone to war, it can be just the opposite.snowball express, an annual event in north texas, aims to fix that. as dan haggerty reports-- it's a hero's welcome for the ones-- heroes have left behind. the reception is as big as texas -- when the families step off the all of them -- the children and windows and parents of men and women who died fighting in our military.: "nobody should forget that these families are out there."buck kern puts on the snowball express for american airlines every year. and says this 4 day party has become more like a family when the busy crowd drifted into our interview. "i'm so sorry. oh that's alright. come on
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families have been coming for 10 years -- while for others -- it's their first. "it's just incredible. you get to connect with families that are experiencing the same exact thing that you've gone through." "never forget that there are these thousands of families around the united states whose heroes made the ultimate sacrifice so that the rest of us can live our and live in freedom in the greatest country in the world." the four-day experience is filled with fun activities for the familes-- they include sporting events, dances, amusement parks and more. live at 12:30 is up next-- stores in trouble-- the stores in is up next-- stores in trouble-- the four major retailers facing a lawsuit and what they're accused of doing. also... investigation finished-- when the a-t-f is expected to announce it's
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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your today. the presidential recois about 95-percent complete in wisconsin. every county must finish by tomorrow. the state needs to certify the recount results by wednesday.. to ensure that congress recognizes wisconsin's 10 electoral votes. tomorrow.. president elect donald trump and vice president-elect "mike pence" will bring the "thank you" tour to state fair park in west allis.the two will speak at "the wisconsin state fair expo center" starting at 7 p-m. doors open at 4 p- milwaukee common council members will hold a session today to educate residents


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