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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500 Sunday  NBC  December 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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right now at 5:00, 24 hours of snow, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. i'm katie crowther, thanks for joining us. all of southeast wisconsin is under a winter storm our area, jesse ritka is in the today's tmj4 storm chaser in east troy. casey geraldo is keeping an eye on milwaukee city streets, and veronica macias is with people digging out in racine. first, let's get right to meteorologist scott steele in the storm center. scott. >> i got to tell you, katie, it has been nasty all day long. this is now an extension of about 24 hours solid of snow falling across southeastern
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and the national weather service now dropping a lot of the advisories and warnings up to the north and west because the back edge is starting to move into our area. but, still, as you mentioned, a winter storm warning in effect for our entire viewing area, the times that it expires, a little different. up to the north, 6:00, for sheboygan, fond du lac, and dodge counties, but then the central part of our viewing area, expect to see the winter storm warning drop at 8:00. milwaukee, racine and kenosha ti storm warning extended until 10:00 tonight. before all is said and done. it's fairly safe to say they will see between a half a foot and nine to ten inches of snow across our entire viewing area. here's a look at "storm team 4" max radar, the back edge of precipitation now pushing into the northwestern part of our viewing area. that's why you folks will see that winter storm warning expire. there's still heavy snow, moderate to heavy snow extending all the way from the metro area
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walworth and racine and kenosha counties where they've picked up 7 inches of snow. here's a live look from our airport tower cam, south side of milwaukee county, seeing the snow continuing to pile up, road conditions there a little slow-going right now, your weather word is snow, but it's finally winding down. first big snow of the season outside right now. mild, 30? in milwaukee's mitchell, 27 in waukesha. good news is wind has not been much of a factor. if you're heading out on the town tonight, you may not want gradually diminish from the nest to the southeast, temperatures holding in the 20s. i'll let you know how much in just a few minutes, and viewic pictures. it's slow going for drivers. here's a live look from our data cam. plows have done a good job keeping highways pretty clear. but be sure to give yourself extra time to get wherever you're going. let's check in with jesse ritka riding shotgun in the today's tmj4 storm chaser.
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troy and generally on the interstates, people have been driving 45 to 50 miles per hour. i wanted to show you from a rooftop camera, the snow is still coming down pretty hard in east troy. we're going to -- look at those big flakes. the size of the flakes has really been changing, as the temperatures been a lot warmer compared to yesterday. we're going to head into town right now, we've been basically driving across much of southeastern wisconsin throughout the evening. yoca christmas tree out of front of our storm chaser vehicle. wanted to show you storm stats, it is 31 degrees, .7 in east troy. then, not a whole lot of wind to be talking about, which is great news for road conditions across the state. so visibility has generally been about a quarter, three quarters of a mile or higher. you can see some of those road conditions on our storm 4 max. basic snow-covered roads across much of the area.
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chaser, we started off at the tmj4 studios where we had 2.75 inches of snow. hails corner's area, 6 inches for you folks. last time in mcwon go around 7.5 inches of snow. east troy, we're going to hop out and took and how much snow is here. we'll be out there with the snow stick. for now, out in storm chaser, jesse ritka, today's tmj4. >> all right. thank you, jesse. and you can go online out, with this color-coded d.o.t. map. now, blue means the road is snow-covered. right now, most highways are pretty slippery. find a link to this map, at and a reminder, to give yourself and other drivers some extra space on the roads. a police squad car was involved in a crash this morning on i-41 near capitol. you can see the lights toward the top left of your screen. no word on injuries.
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slow down and move over for any emergency or maintenance vehicle. in milwaukee, make sure to check signs before you park anywhere. the four-inch rule is in effect on applicable streets. and if you're on a 48-hour exception street, you must move your car to the odd side of the street by 11:00 tonight. and then to the even side tomorrow by 11:00. casey geraldo has the city's snow clearing >> the city has almost 300 snow equipment machines out here on the streets. and in the last hour we've seen that the snow is starting to accumulate a little bit more and sticking a little bit more to the roads. but the city says they've been out here already all day, and they will continue to be out here. they tell us salt trucks hit the roads yesterday before the first snowflakes fell. dpw said they had drivers in at 6:00 this morning to clear the first five inches of snow, which
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we are going to keep moving through the residential areas, and stay on the mains, to make sure everything is clear. we're going to be working all day and into the evening, as well as overnight. >> reporter: dpw stresses the importance of what you were saying before, katie, those parking regulations, and we do have a link on, to make sure that you don't get ticketed, or towed. live in milwaukee, casey geraldo, today's >> all right. get warm, casey. the near constant snowfall has been a big job for all of us. clearing our driveways, and sidewalks. veronica macias with families digging out. veronica. >> reporter: katie, here along washington avenue, and racine, people are shovelling snow from their driveways, wiping that snow dust off of their cars, all in preparation for tomorrow, monday morning. though,vy to be honest -- i have
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those getting ready for tomorrow, buying groceries, clearing out their driveways, and sidewalks, residential areas right now are pretty quiet since a lot of people are hunkered down watching that packers game. some people are worried about clearing the snow before it freezes, one man i spotted was kind enough to clear the sidewalk for nearly his entire block. >> it makes it easier for everybody to get through. and, second time out here today, so, the more times out here, easier it is. >> reporter: within the few hours that we've been out here, we've seen a couple of damaged cars being towed away. so, it looks like we're going to get a break from the snow in a couple of hours here, but if you still have plans to head out, you definitely want to be safe behind the wheel. reporting live in racine, i'm veronica macias, today's tmj4. >> thanks, veronica. and here's a way to make shovelling fun. david sent us this video from
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his hoverboard. pretty clever. but got to be careful. we've talked about the issues on the road. what about in the air? the snow is causing some major headaches for travellers.
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. welcome back.
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mitchell international airport. luckily the winter weather has not created too many problems. crews doing a great job keeping runways clear. the only flight cancellations we've seen have been to nearby chicago due to some issues there. more than 1,300 flights were cancelled today at both o'hare and midway affecting both arrivals and departures. needless to say, a lot of frustrated travellers tonight in the windy city. dozens of churches and cancelled activities tonight. you can check the latest closings and weather alerts at, and download our mobile app for your phone and tablet for updates on the go. another live look outside from the "storm team 4" storm chaser, in east troy right now. scott steele is up next to time out whet snow will end -- when the snow will end and when the
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?? no, at bradford beach, had one guy saying, surf's up. we caught this guy bundled up in a full body suit ready to catch some winter waves. that is a brave soul.
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winter pass times, families took advantage of great sledding conditions. this is daniela's first snowstorm. her family recently moved to milwaukee from florida. >> we're just running, rushing to put on our new clothes and get out here and enjoy the snow. >> nothing like that first snow. and it wasn't just little ones racing down that hill. we found some marquette students blowing off some steam before finals on their sleds. well, this is great snow for skiing, too. have been busy today. speaking of busy, though, meteorologist scott steele has been working very hard to track this storm. he joins us now with the forecast, scott? >> katie, it's the kind of busy meteorologists like me love. it's been great watching this storm approach. and hopefully everybody's had a chance to enjoy it, since it fell on a weekend for the most part. roads have been pretty good. there have been a lot of spinouts we've been reporting on. the national weather service has dropped all the advisories and warnings up to our north and
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southern and southeastern wisconsin dealing with the winter storm warning still, until 6:00, so for about another 45 minutes, for three of our counties, sheboygan, fond du lac, and dodge counties, you're already seeing the back edge of the snow moving into your neighborhood. meantime, ozaukee, washington, waukesha, jefferson, and walworth counties, have you that winter storm warning until 8:00 tonight because the snow line will continue moving through your neighborhoods, and finally, milwaukee, winter extended to 10:00. we will be the last ones to see the final flakes flying through our neighborhoods. as of now, we've picked up significant snow totals. looks like we'll get between six and nine inches, would not be the least bit surprised to see a few isolated ten inch or more. here's a live look at "storm team 4" radar, across southeastern wisconsin, the back edge of precipitation starting to move into northern counties, already approaching west bend,
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to the east southeast in ozaukee and southeastern washington counties, farther to the south, in the milwaukee metro area, extending from milwaukee west to either side of 94 in waukesha county. moderate to heavy snow still falling. that's also the case down 43, into walworth county, where you can see either side of "yes" or "no," elk horn. in east central moderate to heavy know either side of 94. widen out the view, snow coming down as significantly as it is, reducing visibility. winds aren't that strong to lead to whiteout conditions, but the snow falling straight down still reducing visibilities from milwaukee down through racine, into kenosha counties, anywhere between a quarter and a half mile, if you have to be out and about, please exercise extreme caution and go slowly on the roads. here's a live look from our airport tower cam, there, you can see the snow still coming
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the light there, and slow-going out on the roads near the airport on the south side of the county. here is snow totals into the weather center. these updated just within the last 60 minutes, beaver dam, the big winner so far, if you like snow, 8.4 inches there, in dodge county. some reports of more than 7 inches in fond du lac. menomonee falls, 7, mequon, 7. and also 6-and-a-half in butler. and racine. let's take a look at some of th have been sending in to the weather center. the snow piling up on the snow on the deck, and ginger in hartford, a similar scene, you're going to want to clear off the chairs if you want to sit outside. matt won't be grilling until he clears off the barbecue in west bend. there's a theme going on. weather headlines, the snow comes to an end tonight, bitter blast to follow with wicked winds. frigid temperatures on the way.
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our readings mild for this time of year. 30 in milwaukee, racine, 27 in waukesha, 28 west bend, winds not much of a factor now. as we widen out the view to the northwest, 7 below zero now, in minot. low pressure pulling to the east. this departs tonight. high pressure tomorrow, providing some sun across southeastern wisconsin now, even when the snow departs, a lot of clouds le forecast indicates we'll see a partly cloudy sky tomorrow, i think tomorrow night, another disturbance reinforcing blast of cold air produce flurries, clearing out by tuesday, your storm team 4cast tonight, the snow diminishing from northwest to southeast, mostly cloudy, a bid breezy, later on, and temperatures down to near 18. for tomorrow, expect to see partly cloudy skies, a bit breezy and much colder with highs near 21. here comes your "storm team 4" 7-day forecast, first the snow, then the cold.
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look at this bitter blast, wends, into thursday, we could see high temperatures not getting out of the single-digits. and thursday morning's low, 5 below zero. similar story on friday. when it's possible, we could see another round of snow coming our way, that's just a storm system we have to keep an eye on.
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the green bay packers hosting the seattle seahawks at lambeau field. that game is going on. we can't show you the game, but we can show you the score. the packers are beating the seahawks 21-3 in the third quarter. the packers would score on their first possession. a 66-yard touchdowns. that put the packers up 7-0. burnett with an interception, leading to a tie. nelson with a td, wilson with three interceptions. the packers are up on the seahawks 21-3 in the third quarter. the packers are hoping to get some help from the bears, who were in motown today taking on the lions. the game tied up at 3, the second quarter, matthew stafford hooks up for a 16-yard touchdown. that put the lions up 10-3. third quarter with the lions up 13-3.
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lions on top, 13-10. fourth quarter, chicago up 17-13. stafford back, no one open, scores for seven. beating the bears at home 20-17. the lions are 9 and 4, the bears are 3 and 10. the vikings in sunny jacksonville taking on the jaguars. check out the fans at the stadium. both kicking field jaguars up in the game 16-126789 the vikings would go ahead and score on the short touchdown, they're up 18-16. they would add another touchdown, bradford finds rudolph for a touchdown, the vikings beat the jaguars 25-16. minnesota 7-6 on the season. the titans taking on the broncos, first quarter, murray a short touchdown run, putting the titans up 7-0.
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the titans up 13-0. denver finally gets on the board with this touchdown catch by sanders, which makes it a 13-7 ballgame. the titans knock off the broncos with a 13-10 win. there were problems with the field in buffalo, they had to lay the game in the third quarter, issues with snow removal, pulled up rubber pellets that provided cushioning for the artificial be cleared by leaf blowers, shovels and plows, that's a lot of work. jim kelley on the side line had a little fun. steelers would get on the board first in the snow in the first quarter. bell with a touchdown, steelers up 7-0. let's take you to the second quarter, bell would score another touchdown in the snow, a big day, folks. how about 236 rushing yards on the ground and three touchdowns.
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former badger runningback, gordon hurt, in a chargers game against the panthers, gordon got hurt diving for a fumble when his whole body got bent back when he dived for the football in the opening quarter. carted off the field and did not return. the panthers beat the chargers 28-16. you don't like to see that. i'll have full packers highlights for you tonight after
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you're estimated jackpot for the badger 5 lottery is $17,000. here are last night's winning powerball numbers. 12, 21, 32, 44, 66, the powerball is 15. and the power play is times 2. a power play in terms of snow. >> tell you what, big blast of winter coming our way, finally, a winter storm warning remains
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area, from milwaukee, racine, kenosha, till 10:00. here's live storm max radar, the back edge slowly approaching, moderate from the metro to walworth, racine and kenosha counties, heading around the clock, expect the snow to end at
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on this sunday night, winter blast. the snow and ice in a big part of the country causing thousands of canceled flights and some scary moments with a deep freeze still on the way. pushing back. president-elect trump called cia findings that russia interfered with the election ridiculous, blaming the reports on embarrassed democrats. deadly church bombings, dozens dead, many more wounded on the biggest christian attack in years. gentle giants. they roam majestically through it all. why they're near extinction.


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