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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  December 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start off with a check on the
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we're following developing news out of waukesha county.. where a serious crash happened near highway 16 at sawyer road. in oconomowoc -- flight for life has been called to the scene of a really bad crash. we know a car has been pulled from a garage. we do not know how many people were hurt or the extent of their injuries. we'll keep you updated online at tmj4 dot com. deadly week in milwaukee as
4:32 am was a double shooting at 107th and appleton where a couple was killed. family says two children were found hiding in another room, just feet away. police report there have been 130 homicides this year -- compared to 140 at this time last more than two years after laylah petersen was shot and killed... a third and final person involved in her death has been sentenced24 year old arlis gordon will spend 30 years in prison killed back in 2014. another suspect was sentenced to 65 years last week. happening today.... milwaukee common council members will meet to discuss milwaukee's water quality.they'll talk about an ordinance relating to shutting off water for those who don't comply with rules. plus the distribution of water filters.more than 500 hundred people lined-up to get a free water filter last week but more than half of them walked away empty-handed.there just weren't enough to
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county -- the last ballot for the presidential recount has been tallied.the final ballots went through around seven p-m yesterday. officials say they have only seen variations in six-percent of the vote. waukesha is still working through its final municipalities -- the clerk's office says they expect to wrap up by this morning. busy day for president-elect trump. he's heading to louisiana to campaign for a senate candidate in a runoff election tomorrow. then he's back in michigan for a "thank you" tour rally tonight.but first: anothe interview this morning. this time, a democrat.tracie potts reports. (sot: donald trump/ (r) president-elect :00-:08)"they haven't played by the rules and i know it's time that they're going to start."(des moines, iowa :09-:15)president elect trump, on china at an evening rally in iowa. iowa's governor with close ties to china - is trump's choice for ambassador.(sot: donald trump/ (r) president-elect :16-:19) "better to like china if you're gonna be over there, do we agree?"mr. trump defended stacking his cabinet with millionaires and business executives.(sot: rep. jared huffman/ (d) california :23-:31)"the greatest
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cronies and misfits we have ever seen in a presidential administration."(sot: rep. jan schakowsky/ (d) illinois :32-37)"rather than draining the swamp he is now filling it with hungry crocodiles."(sot: donald trump/ (r) president- elect :38-:44)"i want people that made a fortune, because now they're negotiating with you. okay?"people like fast food executive andrew puzder, his choice for labor secretary. puzder's favored foreign workers and automation. (sot: senator chuck schumer/ (d) new york :52-:55)"the president-elect is heading in the direction of the bosses t conservative breitbart news is against him.(washington d.c. or :58-1:09)(nats of clinton, {do you think fake news cost you the election} "thank you guys."hillary clinton showed up for an event on capitol hill and told congress to do something about fake news. (sot: hillary clinton/ (d) fmr. nominee 1:10-1:14)"this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk."she spoke to the d-c pizzeria owner who received threats after his restaurant was targeted in a conspiracy theory tied to clinton's campaign. tracie potts, nbc
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president-elect donald trump's u-s-a thank you tour -- is headed to the badger state. both he and vice-president elect mike pence will stop through west allis at the wisconsin state fairgrounds next tuesday. the event starts at seven. doors open at four. more local news now - u-w system leaders have signed off on raising out-of-state and graduate tuition by hundreds of dollars. the schools say they need the extra tuition dollars to bring nonresident rates more in line with peer institutions and retain faculty. system continues to grapple with a freeze on in-state undergraduate tuition that's now in its fourth a local group of girl scouts has a lofty goal- trying to help foster kids.the girls found out foster kids often have to take the clothes they bring with them in garbage bags.these are the duffle bags two girl scout troops hope to buy for kids going into foster care.the girl scouts will decorate each duffle bag. they all come with a teddy bear, a
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they have to carry their stuff in trash bags and we thought that's just heartbreaking for them to have to do that."the girls hope to raise one thousand one hundred dollars to buy 40 duffle bags for kids in ozuakee and sheboygan counties.if you'd like to learn more about the duffle bags, or help the girls reach their goal, you can find a link at tmj4 dot com up next on up next on live at daybreak o earthquake aftermath: the surprising results after a big one shook parts of california and oregon. plus, thoughts of an american pioneer: our local astronaut reflects on the life of john glenn.. how james lovell says glenn should be remembered. and taking a live look
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yesterday was cloudy, windy and cold with highs in the 20, winds gusting to 30 mph, wind chills in the single digitsnd flurries. winter is here! the overnight, but with lows in the teens, wind chills remain in the single digits. we get to enjoy more sunshine today under a partly cloudy sky, but it will be breezy and cold with highs in the low 20s, and a brisk wind to 15 mph. tonight is mostly cloudy and cold with lows in the teens
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still no reports of injuries or damage after an earthquake shook california and oregon yesterday morning.the epicenter of the six- point- in the ocean some 100-miles off the coast of ferndale.the quake prompted san francisco's public transit system to slow down as a precautionary measure. astronauts are part of a very small fraternity. one member of that exclusive group is jim lovell. we caught up with the veteran of four space missions and favorite milwaukee son to get his thoughts about john glenn. george mallet has this story. 17:39:52 i knew john glenn from the very beginning. (:03) jim lovell doesn't act like
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his son's illinois restaurant, wearing a bright red christmas sweater, lovell spoke of john glenn as a clear- eyed standout among the original mercury astronauts.17:40:36 john was a real straight arrow. he was really kind of a natural leader to take the group, the first seven of course were all though pilots and they lived off the edge and they were sort of like cowboys, but john sort of lead the way to make sure that everything was done right. (:22)never mind that lovell is himself an figure--17:41:35 if you had to pick out sombebody to say what should we have for the american boy, that was john glenn. (:06) his admiration for his fellow astronaut-- turned statesman--- is unbridled.17:24:14 he contributed quite a bit more than any of the rest of us to the prestige and to the quality of life here in the united states. (:10)when asked how his friend should be remembered-- glenn's fellow straight shooter didn't get poetic.17:44:29- i think the world should remember him as a
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did some of the initial exploration of a new science (:09) up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- school evacuation: the surprising item that forced teachers to get everyone out of the building. plus: one mad goalie: what on earth prompted this fight at an nhl game in
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((good morning i'm elise menaker and this is your one minute drill.clay matthews may be ahead of schedule as he tries to get back to 100 percent since his shoulder injury.wednesday head coach mike mccarthy said matthews wouldn't practice until saturday well yesterday the linebacker was out there... officially listed as limited. you know we're just trying to
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have been a little early but this week i feel like as long as we're smart. i mean obviosuly you hope for the best this week as far as landing on it or anything else that could set it back. you have to be smart but at the same time take your shots. marquette and wisconsin have played every year except one since 19-58.last year the golden eagles won 57-55 at the kohl center.but this year the more experienced badgers a different team than when they played marquette last year. we've been playing together for over a year now so i think we got our identity down and now it'st going out there and doing it. that game saturday at the b-mo harris bradley center.tonight it's the bucks and hawks and the admirals are in grand rapids.that's your one minute drill.i'm elise menaker.)) when you're the world's best goalie with a history of knee problems.. you tend to get cranky when people crash into your legs.that's exactly what happened last night in montreal...the canadiens' carey price in net, when new jersey's kyle palmieri goes full force towards price and takes him out by the legs.the
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gets up unharmed but plenty mad...and starts raining fists on palmieri while he's still face-down on the ice.the canadiens had the last laugh, beating the devils, 5-2. yesterday was cloudy, windy and cold with highs in the 20, winds gusting to 30 mph, wind chills in the single
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here! the wind diminished overnight, but with lows in the teens, wind chills remain in the single digits. we get to enjoy more sunshine today under a partly cloudy it will be breezy and cold with highs in the low 20s, and a brisk wind to 15 mph. tonight is mostly cloudy and cold with lows in the teens
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mostly cloudy and quiet for most of the day with highs in the mid 20s and a light wind, but snow showers move in after 4pm saturday, and become heavier and widespread saturday 2-3" of snow by saturday morning, and the snow continues into sunday evening with an additional 2-4" of accumulation by 7pm. highs
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wind. light snow continues into monday morning, and total accumulations from this storm will be 5-8". more news now - three people were killed when up to 40 vehicles were involved in a crash along a michigan intersta crash was caused by a sheet of black ice. visibility was limited during snowfall. several semi's were involved. a house in green bay is condemned because of dangerous levels of mercury contamination. the house is about a block from lincoln elementary school, where a student brought a small vial of mercury to school ... prompted a brief evacuation tuesday and closed the school on wednesday. america's unemployement
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according to the u-s labor department, jobless claims fell 10-thousand last week to a seasonally adjusted 258- thousand.a sign that employers are holding onto their staff... and most american workers are enjoying job early planning! when summerfest 2018 kicks off -- big country acts will have a brand new home--the u-s cellular connection addition to a state of the art stage and a 25-foot l-e-d screen -- there will be ?charging? stations for your phone. construction starts as soon as summerfest 20 up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- more snow on the way: which local hills will be ready to go for skiers this weekend. plus, santa goes high tech: how to take your family to the north pole without leaving home. and let's take a look at tonight's prime time lineup.. "the now: milwaukee" starts at 6:30.. followed by "caught on
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"dateline" starts at 8... then
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check it out - the slopes are active at alpine valley. we caught skiiers and snowboarders in action ... braving the t and this afternoon.. two more popular ski destinations are set to open. little switzerland in slinger, and nordic mountain in wild rose have been making snow all week. little switzerland opens their doors at 4.. and nordic at 4-30. a reminder from police : don't leave your car idling this winter. thieves target unattended cars left to warm up.the city of milwaukee actually has an ordinance
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unattended during cold weather. santa claus is getting a tech upgrade this holiday season!a new kind of experience can transport your family from your local mall to santa's doorstep.mark barger explains. santa claus is nothing if not hip.....especially when it comes to gadgetry.along with his usual christmas magic...saint nick's using the latest technology to help make the holiday season special. doug cooper, dreamworks"on this experience just making a stop at the mall youre actually getting on a ride that takes you all the way to the north pole to visit santa where he lives" dreamworks provided a holiday assist by developing "adventure to santa"...for 14 locations worldwide.(sot: doug cooper, "so there's a bunch of technology in the house including digital skins all around the outside"falling snow and light shows make the house merry and bright.and long lines are history... families can pre-register for a certain time so santa knows ?who?'s visiting when.(nats:
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hosted by the friendly faces from kung fu panda...(nats) kids train on devices to prepare for boarding the ?rocket sleigh?(sot: doug cooper, dreamworks)"and then theres an immersive panaramic ride theater where you actually take a journey to fly to the north pole"it's a bumpy ride... but kids are excited to get to visit the big man (sot: doug cooper, dreamworks) "he will great them personally by name and will welcome them into his study to visit with him"after teleporting back to the mall... parents can check out photos... was the best part"... and leave with precious holiday memories.(nats)"what does santa say?""ho ho ho!"mark barger, nbc news. christmas greetings have a special way of warming our hearts this time of year.. but it's especially true for a young patient in north carolina.hayden drake has been battling leukemia and the effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments since earlier this year.and to make his christmas extra special.. he has one simple wish.. to
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with his name on them.this week he received five cards.. his mom says he does a little happy dance when he's ready them. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--deputy involved crash.we just got the intense video into our newsroom.. what happened ahead. plus.. impeached: the first female president of south korea left powerless. the scandal that prompted the impeachment.
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at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps... to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet ...and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products. no antibiotics ever. now at 5:00 - rollover crash: new video-- just into our newsroom-- of a deputy accident-- where it happened-- and what investigators think happened this plus: hatchimal madness! where you ?could find this year's hottest toy-- making you a hero this christmas! plus: bust out the shovel-- and get ready for the snow. right now-- winter weather is out west-- storm team 4 meteorologist brian gotter lets you know when it gets in
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welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm vince vitrano.and i'm susan kim. let's get a check of your weather and traffic together... yesterday was cloudy, windy and cold with highs in the 20, winds gusting to 30 mph, wind chills in the single digitsnd flurries. winter is here! the wind diminished overnight, the teens, wind chills remain in the single digits. we get to enjoy more sunshine today under a partly cloudy sky, but it will be breezy and cold with highs in the low 20s, and a brisk wind to 15 mph. tonight is mostly cloudy and cold with lows in the teens


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