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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  December 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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wausau, 18 around milwaukee and racine. bundle up if you're going out tonight. we have breaks. we are watching this low pressure starting to generate snow over the intermountain region which will affect us. 22 degrees at 8:00 if you're going out tonight, 21 at 10:00. i'll tell you how much snow we're goi to get saturday night and see even sunday night. i'll tell you all that in just a few minutes. >> thanks. as we head into the next few chilly days, we spoke with people about how they're dealing with winter's arrival. >> she is only partly frozen. >> reporter: this is my first actual wisconsin winter. i know it's going to get worse. you don't have to remind me.
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milwaukee river slowly start to freeze over tonight, with colder temperatures on the way. with a bitter chill and gusty winds, people are quickly adjusting to our first cold snap, and preparing for what's to come. >> a little cool, but it's going to get worse next week. >> reporter: warner says he's still holding off on wearing a hat. >> i would rather have two weeks ago when it was 50 degrees. next week i'll put a hat her neighbor's dog through a long walk through lake park. >> this one, i didn't have to bundle up. >> reporter: red elephant in the third ward will whip up their signature hot chocolate. >> made from 100 percent ground dark chocolate. >> reporter: this just your season? you like when it gets cold. >> this is wonderful, when it comes to the hot drinks. >> reporter: if you have any
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downtown, they need men's gloves especially, for people who don't have a warm place to go. >> this week, it's been heavy because of the bitter cold. >> reporter: if you have anything that you would like to donate to st. ben's, they accept donations every day except saturday at state and 9th streets downtown. >> hurry back to the station. three people are dead after three unrelated shootings overnight in the ci >> the first happened late wednesday night near 36th and thurston, while the other two happened early thursday morning at 32nd at green tree and 107th and appleton. lauren winfrey hashe latest on that one. >> reporter: two of the four overnight deaths involved double shootings. i spoke with residents across milwaukee who say they've had enough of all
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they're puzzled. >> shocked, it's unbelievable, it's a sad situation, especially when there's kids involved. >> reporter: there was a report of a double shooting. >> we went outside and investigated and found out that, actually, they were dead. they got executed in the bed. >> reporter: a man and woman who found dead in a home. two kids were also inside but were not hurt. this is the block captain. he says nothing like this in the area has ever happened fo ever happened. we haven't had any home invasions, any auto thefts, nothing like this occurs over here. >> reporter: residents in other neighbors can't say the same. >> i hear just pop, pop, pop! >> reporter: this neighbor doesn't want to give her name but says it makes her uneasy. >> i'm sorry that this owe city is so violent. i love it here, i was born
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makes you want to move. >> reporter: statistics have people pleading for change. >> please stop the gun violence! it really needs to stop the gun violence. i don't know how they're going to do it, but they need to. >> reporter: although all three separate shooting incidents are still under investigation, i spoke with a mother who says her son, reginald brown, was the man who was found shot dead in this home behind me on appleton avenue. live on milwaukee's winfrey. >> thanks. the man accused of killing his girlfriend's's son inside a brown deer apartment has been charged -- has been sentenced to 50 years. he says the child was being disrespectful. tina ewell will spend
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sister eve nance was found guilty in january of shooting and killing her husband timothy, whom she accused of cheating on her. he was found in a wooded area on the northwest side. one man responsible for the death of laylah petersen will spend time in prison. arlis gordon >> my life was almost destroyed that day. >> reporter: 5-year-old laylah petersen's father sat just feet from arlis gordon. >> my daughter meant more to me than anything in this world. she was the most wonderful little girl. >> reporter: speaking moments before gordon was sentenced to 30 yea in
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laylah petersen's death. gordon and another man targeted the wrong house in november of 2014. petersen, inside with her grandparents and younger sister died in the shoot. >> i would like to give my condolences to the family of laylah petersen. >> reporter: he is remorseful. >> . [ inaudible ] >> reporter: but his father doesn't believe >> they say he has remorse. he has remorse for being caught. >> reporter: the judge says gordon will have three decades to think about the lives impacted by petersen's death. >> just a little child. that family will never be accepting in their thoughts and dreams.
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supervision. >> the other shooter, carl barrett, was found guilty and sentenced to 65 years just last week. paul farr who drove the men to the home was previously sentenced to five month behind bar. the presidential recount in wisconsin is wrapping up ahead of schedule. ben jordan is live in milwaukee county where t final votes have just been recounted. ben? >> reporter: that's right, steve. the recount continues here in milwaukee county. it is and the final stack is going through the machines as we speak. the ballots on this cart were the last of more than 440,000 in milwaukee county. all put into this machine to wrap up west allis, the last municipality to be recounted here. >> it feels like a real achievement that we're able to conclude on such a high note. >> reporter: milwaukee county faced just a couple
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eight-day process. >> we were recounting greenfield's ballots. we discovered 400-something ballots were outstanding. >> reporter: they were found and recounted. >> a few minor adjustments. >> reporter: then another issue, this afternoon with seven absentee ballots from the city of milwaukee. those were reconstructed but did not match the original. >> they hadn't been filled out properly. >> reporte wednesday night, the elections commission reported more than 80 percent of the elections had been recounted, with hillary clinton gaining just 61 points. donald trump won by more than 22,000. >> the elections aren't rigged. if people cast a vote, that vote will be counted. >> reporter: they should be complete within the next 10 to 15 minutes here in milwaukee county.
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be paperwork tomorrow, the tabulators will be gone through. in waukesha county, they might have to finish up tomorrow. >> done on time. ben, thanks. still ahead on live at 6:00, not backing down, a wisconsin lawmaker asked to apologize for what he said.
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wisconsin congressman sean duffy is not backing down from comments he
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community." mark pocan askeded for an apology. duffy tweeted, "the pc crowd is humorless" and added he would send a therapy dog to anyone he offended. caught on camera, a heated exchange between the mayor and an alderman during last night's city council meeting. z convicted for shopping bratwurst and ground chuck at a downtown grocery store, the other man alleged. >> i made a mistake.
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in an interview. coming up, now hiring.
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taste is not. at subway, this authentic classic is stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. only at subway. the bucks not only want to create a world class venue, they want local workers to build it. veronica macias tells us about it. >> reporter: it's a rough day to be working outside, conditions are far from ideal, yet here at the bucks arena, there are plenty of job opportunities.
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hands are required, every single trade is needed here, you name it -- welders, plumbers, and crane operators. today the bucks announced a new online platform to create a pipeline of workers from milwaukee. they want to exceed the requirement of hiring 40 percent of milwaukee residents, also known as rpp. >> the development is not only going to be be great because it's going to create a new living milwaukee, but it's going to put people to work. we want people who haven't quite seen the construction or trades as a viable path for job security. >> introduce like low-cost affordable energy to low-income neighborhoods. >> reporter: people like deloni rucker is an example. by going to bucks arena jobs, not only can he search for work, but this site will guide him, making people
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skills they need for certain jobs. >> i helped do the bucks arena. let's go. >> reporter: she says the commitment to find local workers can help eliminate unemployment rates in the city that is at the root of so many other problems. >> i believe it will bring crime way down, because no one is out trying to rob someone of what they worked so hard for, because working themselves. >> reporter: she is hoping to see more people of color. >> they're saying, hey, i care about you, so let's work! >> reporter: veronica macias, today's tmj4. >> if you would like to search for a job on the work site, go to it is cold, but at least we're not dealing with snow. we soon will be, though.
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malan is here to warn us. >> great comment. not yet, not yet! there's the cold. we're plotting the jet stream for you tonight, folks, and it is south of milwaukee. that allows the colder air from northern canada to move in here. sunday, this brings the storm in from the west. that brings in the snow also, that snow will stick around sunday and monday. then that cold comes right back at us, and this will be even colder than what we had for today and the next couple of days. look at these high temperatures across the northern part of canada, 15 below zero. for a high temperature, 9 below zero in prince edward. you can see it's hit
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6, denver, 19. we'll see temperatures in the lower 20s over the next couple of days. 24 in racine. 21 waukesha, 22 out in beaver dam. winds still brisk, 20 miles per hour in port washington, 18 miles per hour in kenosha. thatans our feels-like temperature, our wind chill, 10 for washington, now lake geneva. starting to see breaks in the overcast. flurries over southern wisconsin. there's the low that's going to start to spread across the inter-mountain region. we will get sunday late saturday into saturday night. a little more to our southwest, a little more, a
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here comes the low pressure system out to the west. clouds increase saturday. snow by late afternoon or early evening. a few flurries left over for tonight. 20 at the lakeshore, 17 early, between 0 and 10 above for tomorrow. breezy, cold, partly cloudy skies, windchills still in the teens, 24, your high. right into saturday, increasing clouds throughout the day. 24, your high. that could rise through the nighttim develops late. here is the forecast. on sunday, some light snow turns into more snow by saturday night. 30 degrees on sunday. on monday, a little light snow, especially in the morning hours, 27 degrees. and then we start a cooldown. once again, tuesday, 20, with a flurry or two, and low temperatures on wednesday and thursday, only in the teens.
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the rivalry that dates back to 1917 is a headed one, especially when marquette walked into wisconsin's house and walked out with a win. >> the guys know it's a big deal, so you don't worry as in some game like are guys going to be ready to play. i think our guys ar then it becomes how you play. we're playing a really good team, and being ready to play, being enthusiastic, having intensity, that's not enough. it comes down to execution of a game plan. you have to use all those positive emotions that come with playing in a rivalry game to enhance your ability to execute a game plan. >> yesterday head coach mike mccarthy said clay matthews would not practice until
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matthews was on the practice field. he says his shoulder is better than it was this time last week. >> we're just trying to be smart. last week i wanted to be out there, but it might have been early. this week, i feel like as long as we're smart, you hope for the best, but could set it back, but you have to be smart but at the same time take a shot. just hope for the best, but it's moving the right direction, so that's good news. and the bucks's parker shared some of his favorite mem growing up. >> when i was younger, maybe like 8 or 6 or 7, we were living in an apartment at this time, and i just remember how it was together as a family, we really gravitated toward each other, and we didn't have much, but we had each other, and that's one thing that st [holiday music] it's time to deck the halls in here
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coming up next on the now in milwaukee, upgrading cellular service, and the upgrade that puts the other innovations to shame. john? >> i'm going to take the conversation from carolling to going out tonight. low 20s tonight, a few flurries, and windchills in the single digits.
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>> it's getting chilly.
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nbc sports, home of the olympic games, the nhl, premi league, the chase for the r sprint cup and primetime's number one sho >> it is a frigid thursday t in kansascity. the nfc west, taking center stage. derek carr, in top form, dur the raiders' six-game winning streak. now, they face alex smith and the division-rival chiefs, who can take top spot in the division with a victory toni. >> do what we do. we're not letting up.


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