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tv   Today  NBC  December 8, 2016 10:00am-12:00pm CST

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this morning on "today's" take. madonna makes a surprise confession during car pool karaoke. sfwlmpblts crash course in motherhood. not one, but six kids. plus the sweet sound of baby james. five-time grammy winner james taylor, right now. from nbc news, this is "today's" take. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. this is thursday morning, december 8, 2016, and we are here and somebody is feeling a little grinchy right now. >> my christmas has been ruined. i'm just going -- >> not yet. it's only december 8th. >> i think you need to clarify
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home to help me pick out the color of my christmas tree i wanted. overwhelming choice was turquoise, i found that was like $600, that's not happening. so i found a gray, gray was a second choice. i immediately order my tree from here's a picture. i'm still waiting for my tree. it's been like ten days, and this is my super bowl. >> so did you -- >> it's have you seen it? >> you ordered it with an express card. >> fedex crown. >> have you put in the tracking number. >> no. >> where did it originate from? where's the tree coming from? >> but what part of the country? >> it's the artificial tree farms. >> santa claus land, i don't know. >> northwest, maybe there was some weather troubles trying to get it across the country.
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>> can you call? but do you have the order? >> i have the order. >> why don't you send it down to adam, and they can put -- >> walk outside in new york and grab a temporary tree. >> i'm using my job and position -- >> and you're absolutely right. >> here's the deal. dylan giving birth maybe as early as tonight. this is the most important thing in my life. >> dylan's going the distance. >> i have one more week -- >> is the tree going to baby hashtag tree, which one comes first? >> it'll be interesting. especially if your doctor's name was fedex. that would be great. dr. fedex. >> dr. fedex, we deliver. >> baby's here. >> absolutely, positive. >> here's what i don't understand. >> you can track yours, i can't track this. >> that's right. >> well the doctor did say something -- >> i know. >> you know exactly where it is. it's not missing. >> 12 is it warm in here?
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>> yeah, but i'm going to trust system with the world. >> no, that's -- trust to verify. that's why you have the tracking number. >> i just know that i have one week left to enjoy because i'm going to texas, thank god to visit family for a week. i have one week left -- >> that's what you should focus on. >> #tree, #babydylan. what did bosco do last night? she's been acting weird. and i think because the whole baby thing. i think dogs have -- >> they se >> her full name is long, but we call her that for sure. it rolls off theening to easier. so i've been taking the photos of her staring at me from weird parts of the house. there she is there. we have another one -- >> but she keeps her distance. >> she keeps her distance and stares at me. >> there she is, there's another one where she's kind of. >> reporter: oh. >> when i actually do sit down,
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>> and she just rests her head on the belly. >> when you wake up, is she there looking at you? >> look at this one. >> i'm sorry. >> she just peers around want corner. >> whoa. okay. now i'm starting to freak out. >> but this is what i've noticed over the past couple of weeks. it's this weirdness or she's real snugly. so i don't know what it means. >> dog psychic, i think you need to get snb there because listen, bosco looks like she's got something planne >> yeah. >> she's got a tracker. >> yeah. >> lock the door, bosco is not heading around. what did you do last night? >> well, the cleveland cavaliers, you know, nba champs came in to play the knicks last night. and my son and nick, is a knicks fan. he's a knicks fan. i had my new york knick with me
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or that much taller than you? >> no, he's not standing on anything. he's not standing on anything. >> what's so interesting, and your child is supposed to look like you because it's your child -- >> i hope so. >> that's so rude. he hasmorphed into you. >> well, that's my boy. >> the smile. >> it's the smile, but it's the sweetness in his face which is like you when you're not talking. >> i must tell you -- and that's very nice. and i'll stop right now if like. so it was a blowout. i mean, it was good for the first six minutes. and then -- >> and bored. >> no, we were enjoying it because we were sitting there, the basket -- but, then the knicks kind of -- the cavaliers pulled away. to the point where -- and in the fourth quarter, lebron james and his other cleveland cavalier teammates decide to try, during the game the bottle flip challenge.
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sportsmanship? poor sportsmanship. >> you have to be in the game. pay attention to the game. >> you can't treat them -- guess what, nba they trade all the time. you could end up with one of the knicks on your team, j.r. somebody -- >> yeah, in fairness, for those who are following this, phil jackson kind of talked some smack about lebron, and -- >> so this was. >> reporter: some would say this is -- he wasn't flipping a bottle, he was flipping off phil jackson. >> oh. >> he's f >> i don't care about that, what was your snack game like? >> we just did -- we did a carbonated beverage and a soft pretzel. >> well, i would expect more from you. like a pepsi or a beer? >> i did a diet coke and nick had a beer. no, no, no. >> like i am taller than you. >> no, nick had a gin and tonic. no, he had a sprite. >> but i would expect you guys to have like nachos.
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my uncle when they would take us to sporting events would say did you come here to watch a game or come here to eat? i came here to eat. >> eat too. >> anyway. >> oh any gosh. >> like a fenway frank. >> speaking of the bottle flip. we've got a great one. grandma -- >> granny. >> giving it a shot. here she does. >> boom, nails it. >> can we please replay that again. >> oh yeah. >> you've got the shoulder shimmy. >> sthez all. >> the swagger. >> let's bring that sound. >> the confidence. >> look at the shoulders. >> granny. >> yeah. >> all right. >> the shoulder. >> that's so great. >> fantastic. >> she wasn't even looking. >> just boom, just like that. >> living until you're 90s, like that's that. you don't -- >> and you're enjoying yourself. >> fantastic.
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that is fantastic. >> i didn't know which one. i could tell you were uncertain. >> she was hanging out with one of our favorites, james accordion, car pool karaoke, here's the moment. ?? ?? ?? ? >> put your leg up. here we go, vogue. >> is it tleel drive like that? >> james. >> she's very flexible. >> yoga and athletic, all of that. >> and credit for putting fish nets under the pants. >> very sweflt, i think he's getting in shape. >> his grammy game on. >> besides singing, madonna opened up about a fling with another major pop star.
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jackson. >> i was. >> what was like that like? with michael jackson. >> you want know kiss and tell then, don't you? >> did you kiss? >> of course. >> no. >> of course. >> you and michael jackson -- >> i mean, baby, i've been around. >> full french kissing. >> yeah, mouth kissing. >> i did not know that. i did not know that. >> well ichblt had the chance to talk about it. no one ever asks me. >> so hang on, so who makes jackson? who leans in? >> well, i did. if you want to know the truth. because he's a little bit shy. however, he was a willing accomplice. >> okay. which one's british? >> yeah. >> what's going on there? >> that's a good question. >> she's from uk, michigan. >> it's in and out. >> but you know what, in certain celebrities, there's a joke, you probably have some in your head that suddenly have these accents
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>> i know she lived in london for a while, but not long enough to pick that up. >> maybe she's impressionable. >> might have picked it up from james. >> we love your honesty. coming up it's the most wonderful time of the year. do you know why -- >> if you have a tree. >> because we get a brand new batch of santa photos. we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. they both smell good. i like b better. i prefer b. b. i would like to smell like this every day. but what was body wash a? i have this in my bathroom. and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh. this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
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for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. okay. all right. >> when we go on tamron's phone and hit the tracking number, it was ordered on november 28th. it was picked up november 20th from barington, new jersey, the wilds of barington, new jersey, tree farms and it was delivered on november 30th. >> i was me. >> 12:36. >> i was home. >> how were you home? >> this is over at noon -- >> in 36 minutes? >> you know don't realize fast i run from this place. >> wow. so your package -- so i think, i think treetopia did her job. you unfortunately -- fedex did their job. somebody ripped you off. >> the grinch stole my tree.
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>> that sounded so wrong. >> there you go. >> my expression, much like the children -- >> tree stolen, it turned into a sad story. >> like these kids when they met santa for the first time. >> that'll put a smile on your face. >> today holiday card which went viral. especially -- i don't know, that's the one i love. >> that's the classic. >> other holiday classics caught -- nothing like kids melting on santa's lap, melting down. he >> not yet. >> these are several. >> oh. >> that kid is, oh santa might -- >> and is that -- okay, that's a little girl not too happy. >> oh, now see that's history got stolen. >> shouting. >> he's like i'm in church. >> trying to get away so bad. >> it is terrifying. >> let's get to dylan's nephew. >> i love how beautiful the two girls are. >> those are my nephews.
10:15 am
>> they were not happy. >> santa put him in a head lock. >> how does that make santa feel? >> i think santa helper -- they're used to it by now. >> and if you're a little kid and suddenly he's real, he's there and looking at you. you don't -- you know. >> and you freeze up and you want to order a bb gun. >> it's a movie. >> really? >> good job. >> haven't seen it, but i've known for ten years. >> 24 hour loop. >> grilled cheese fan. >> me. >> all right. martha stewart live. she revealed the secret to a great grilled cheese which i've been doing for years. >> it's true. >> that's right. >> instead of butter, mayonnaise. >> really? >> what does that do? >> gives you a crunchier texture an the butter. >> put it on the bread or the pan? >> bread. smear it on the bread. here we go. >> white bread. >> only white bread. >> if you're going to do grilled cheese, do it right. >> which is is which.
10:16 am
this is the butter. >> this is butter. >> uh-huh. >> that's good cheese. >> wow. >> you think we hadn't eaten in a week. >> full slab of pork a minute ago. >> this one's better. >> which one do you like? >> i like butter. i'm traditional though. >> sometimes, i do a little of both. but this is the mayo. >> i like kraft american cheese, white bread -- >> amen. >> doesn't get better than that. >> bowl of better, a little bacon. >> that would be good too. >> oh yeah. >> i like the mayo. i like the mayo better. >> hold the mayo. that was from the movie "airplane." let's go, look at these temperatures. this is the temperature change. look at casper, wyoming. this is air temperature. it is 30 below. >> huh. >> denver right now. you are four below with the windchill it feels like 15
10:17 am
>> and this brutal air is coming in toward the end of the woke. for a lot of folks friday is going to be the coldest day. and it's going to echblg chully make it's way to the east. it will moderate a bit as it comes this way, but it's still going to be chillier than it's been. gets down to the south. this ain't nothing, next week, siberian express, baby, temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below normal.
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that is your latest weather. coming up next, will drinking more water help moisturize your skin during the winter or rubbing grilled cheesen to help? >> mayo. >> more cold weather skin solutions after this messages. question, are my teeth yellow? have you tried the tissue test? ugh yellow. what do you use? crest whitestrps. crest 3d whitestrips whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste i passed the tissue test. oh yeah.
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at airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet? as the mercury drops, so does the moisture in our skin. before you go slapping a bunch of oil, listen to this. >> myth versus fact to help keep your skin from drying out all winter long. >> here to help us, dr. natalie azar. >> good morning, guys. how are you? ready to go? okay. we're going to go right in.
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>> myth. >> dry skin. >> help with dry skin. >> fact. >> it's a myth. excellent, tamron. no, think of it this way, we're not like plants. drinking water it's important for you, it definitely is absorbed by the body, hydrates yourselves, but it won't do anything to combat dry skin. what you want to think about is using a moisturizer twice a day. we're going to talk about what kinds, and how to apply it in a little bit. question two, frigid air makes your >> peel? >> peel. >> i think myth. >> that's a myth. exactly. so basically it's not the cold air that makes your skin peel, but rather it the hot air from inside. and also people who have conditions like eczema and things like that, what to do about it, let the peeling skin fall away. don't pick. >> in the winter time, you know, it's dry air, hot air. should you add a humidifier. >> yes. and that's part of my answer for the next question.
10:23 am
>> okay. >> that's exactly right. number three, cozying up in front of a fireplace can dry out your skin, fact or myth. >> i think fact. >> that's -- no, it's a fact. sitting in front of a fireplace, using also a space heater, a wood burning stove, all of those things can cause dryness of the skin. >> i try to not turn on the neat my house a lot. make you wear a coat in my house. it dries out your skin. >> absolutely. the two things you can do is add a humidifier, definitely, and number two, don't turn the heat occupy so high. get to the lowest point to be comfortable. >> humidifier that's a cold air. it blows out cold steam instead of warm steam. >> what does that do. >> i'm not a humidifier expert. >> it doesn't work that well. >> no idea. >> follow the manufacturer's instructions. number four, during winter months, oily skin does not need
10:24 am
that's true. yeah, oily skin, doesn't matter, you still have to use a moisturizer. perhaps you use a lighter one. okay. number five, taking long, steamy showers helps prevent dry skin. >> i'm going be fact. >> i think it's a myth, but i love long hot showers. >> actually, we recommend taking short path baths for showers which defeats the purpose. five to ten minutes. and also lukewarm water, not hot. when you get out, rub dry. and apply moisturizer right away. >> got time for one more. >> number one. >> number six, you should have, you should shave your legs less often when it's cold outside. >> myth. >> fact. >> it's a fact. >> shaving your -- >> i do that all the time. >> how do you shave your legs. >> it is very, very irritating. you want to do it right after you get out of the shower, moisturize, use a clean blade. all of those things. >> our winner.
10:25 am
per. >> interesting. >> the moisture contest. >> there you go. >> i see what you did there. >> dr. azar taking winter solutions live on facebook. dylan goats see what motherhood is like with five can't see it. can't taste it. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber? works. inside each of us are trillions of good microflora ebiotic fiber in benefiber? nourishes them so they can thrive. and what helps them, helps you and me every day. clear, taste-free, all natural benefiber?. nourish the goodness inside. also try benefiber? healthy shape. it's proven to keep you feeling fuller longer. ? harry's meeting clients from far away.? ? but they only see his wrinkles. ?
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check of the weather..
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wisconsin recount is finding some discrepencies... but barring the unforseen... it's not nearly enough to change the outcome of any elections. they just found a whole bunch of ballots in greenfield. 412 ballots discovered... and now turned over to election officials doing the recount. they say they were not returned to milwaukee county on election night. nonetheless... with 70 percent of the recount finished... hillary clinton has gained fewer than 100 vote t margin against donald trump. the air national guard's truax field in madison is one of five finalists for deployment of new fighter jets. the air force will ultimately select ?two? sites. it means madison would get the newer f-35 fighters... replacing aging
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i... i... i wanted those... you'll thank me later. oh...
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it says here dylan is just days away from having her baby, but maybe a day. so we thought why not give her a taste of thingings to come. >> so we sent her to hang out and they're the kids of adam and danielle busby. outdaughtered. >> that's right, i did catch up with them recently to see how they're handling the wild ride. and to find out just how ready i am to become a mom. >> quintuplets, that's one, two, three, four, five, all under the age of two. and all girls. just an average day for the busy busby family.
10:31 am
number of children that you have? >> it's a nonstop movement from the time they wake up in the morning to they go bed at 7:00 p.m. >> and let's not forget, they also have a sit daughter, five-year-old blake. >> she talks about like other people like one baby, that's weird. >> i'm having contractions. >> they catapulted to fame last april after danielle give first to the first ever set of all girl quintuplets in the u.s. found a few minutes to joan us on the show after welcoming their newborns. >> you look wonderful. i mean it's hard to believe that you just had the babies. the babies last week. are you feeling okay? >> i am. surprisingly. i feel pretty good. it's kind a shock. >> and as if life wasn't wild enough, adam and danielle quickly signed on to star in a reality tv series on tlc. "outdaughtered" follows the family through feedings, diaper
10:32 am
what's it like to jug al supersized family and a grueling tv schedule? >> it makes it that much more fun. >> so what can we expect in season two? >> their own little personalities. they started walking. so that means they're climbing. they just want to do whatever they want, go wherever they want, just destroy whatever. >> to want go shopping. it's time to put me to the test. i don't know what i'm getting myself into, but i'm going to give danielle and adam a nice break. and i'm let the mayhem enshoe. one, two, three, slide. oh, what's wrong? i don't know what to do with crying babies. this is so overwhelming. i don't know where they all are at once. two, three -- i've lost a baby. hello. hello.
10:33 am
so one, two, three, four, five. we've gained a kid. oh no. okay, it's time to call in reinforcements. blake, you got everything under criminal? she's good. i'm going to have a baby soon. do you have any advice for me about how to make babies laugh? >> tickle them. >> tickle them. i might be getting the hang of this. ready? i kind of made it through an i think i can handle one. i think. we're good. >> oh, you're good now. >> yeah. it was overwhelming to say the least. yes. >> five. >> and an extra five-year-old to tack on to that too. sop you could see more of the busbyes every tuesday night on tlc. >> by the way, your one will seem like five at times. >> oh gosh. >> so not that easy? i heard this is easy. smooth sailing, lots of sleep. >> oh yeah.
10:34 am
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this morning on "today" style, it's that time of the year when your calendar is booked with seasonal soirees. >> if you still don't know what to wear, we have you covered with fun looks from britany levine, host of the facebook live stream show the fix, good morning, looking lovely yourself this morning. >> i've got my holiday fashion going. >> we are talking about the holidays and first up is the office holiday party. >> yeah. the office holiday parties are co they might be awkward, don't be afraid to take your fashion up a notch. we have rocking some of the green and red colors, but in the patterns from ellen tracy. this printed chic dress here and bobble accessories. those are really inexpensive, 70, 80, and $34 for her earrings. and then benny's suit, i'm sorry, it's from jack threads. and the whole suit is $167. it's an amazing men's site.
10:39 am
of the guys i know are flocking to this one. >> i love this. >> and his tie and his pocket square, that's where you want to amp it up a notch for the holiday parties. they have tons of fabulous patterns, tons of fabulous colors. so they're really looking great for your office party. >> going as a couple to coordinate. like they're coordinated. >> they look amazing. >> they look adorable. >> but you don't have to, no. i just suggest really kind of playing up the ties, the pocket squares, you don't need to do office holiday party. >> you look beautiful. let's go to the neighborhood holiday party. how is that dimpb from the office party? >> well this is where you can really let your hair down. you can have more fun. this is the weekend where you want to have fun with your friends and your neighbors. we have here thomas in nick graham, and nick graham knows thousand play up the regular collared shirt. if you see on his basically his sleeves right here, they have those contrasted designs. they're very slim.
10:40 am
very affordable for guys. black slacks and shoes on the bottom. >> easy. >> then jackie is playing into my gold book here. she's wearing one of my favorite over the pond brands. and they're very affordable party dresses. under 100. and they have those bows and that gold designs. she looks absolutely amazing. >> so chic. >> and a fun bag and finally, jennifer, she is wearing what all the teens are wearing from justice, and that's like the hot store right now. $39.90. he's looking absolutely beautiful. that's where all the teens are going. and then she has these gems own her hand. the teens love stacking these bracelets up their arm. >> yes. >> well this is it right now. choose their gem color. that's really fun. and those bracelets are $15 each. they look beautiful for their neighborhood party. >> that family shows up to your party. oh gosh, thank you, guy us. you look amazing. >> you look great. >> last up we have the holiday party at home with your family.
10:41 am
more comfortable. with my family, comfort is key because we're eating, we're yelling, we're just having fun. definitely, and this whole look on benny, i'm sorry, this whole look on benny is basically under $75. jcpenney. st. john's, we have our stafford shirt underneath, arizona flex jeans. so affordable. and guys love it wear those zip-ups, but coordinate a checkered top underneath. and thenha here. she is doing our look. it's one of my favorites because they have stylish designs. so affordable. which is amaze pg. amazing. >> and it's so comfortable. >> it's what it's about. she has the slipper sleeves, over the knee boots are what's up. nose are only $39 and everyone's asking know where find them for less than 50. people decent believe me, $39 from unbelievable.
10:42 am
who's rocking our h & m kids look. >> jake's got the best hair on tv. >> he really does. i know. he looks so buttoned up, but these waistbands are expand sobl he can grow into them which is nice. and then his tie. and his tie is also elastic. he can put it on. the sneaks are amazing. also h & m. jake is looking great. >> al roker, looking at al roker envying jake's hair. >> i'm pants. plan on getting those in time for christmas. anyway. for our weekend outlook, frigid air-conditions. that was a refrigeraor my grandma had. coming out from the plains, a lot of snow. the pacific northwest. rain along the coast this. pen saturday, we're looking at more snow. big swath of know across the plains into the upper midwest. we're looking at heavy rain in central and northern california. lots of mountain snows in the pacific northwest.
10:43 am
southeast. sunday, sunday, hu looking at more snow, lake effect snow for the great lakes all the way into the plains. more snow in the cascades, saw tooth and look for showers and thunderstorms down through the lower mississippi that's your latest weather. coming up next, we've got a friend. five. time grammy winner, sweet baby time grammy winner, sweet baby at olive garden,
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10:48 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> james taylor has sold over 100 million albums, been making sweet music for the better part of the five decades. he's here with a song from his latest album called "before this world." ladies and gentlemen -- >> james taylor. ? you and i again, these days go by and i wish i could slow the whole thing down ? ? have it all back again, just one more time ? ? then again maybe we can't
10:49 am
feeling that we feel this way together you and i ? ? there you are again i climb so high ? ? high enough to finally see your sign shining in the distance ? ? you were tending your own fire ? we were both waiting for the moment when our bats drawn together ? ? you and i ? ? see how fierce you are, never this world will drag us down ?
10:50 am
on holy ground ? ? so although i know we're only small in the time we have here ? ? surely we have it all ? ? see how fierce you are, never this world would drag us down ? ?? ?? ? see how fierce you are, never
10:51 am
? how serious you are, standing on holy ground ? ? so although i know we're only small in the time we have here ? ? this time we have it all ?? ?? >> james taylor, thanks so much. we're back in a moment, but first, this is "today."
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
everyone is getting into the spirit of giving for our 23rd annual toy driver this morning. taraji. henson collected toys from generous visitors on the plaza. here to tell us about the donation, steve and sally from one of our long time distributors. good morning to both of you. you're a staple of my life. i evolve to the more sophisticated style. tell us about your donation. >> this is ourin participating and we're happy to help you out. we're giving over $150,000 of beautiful poodles bags and trunk cases. >> it is amazing to be able to give this holiday season. why is it special for you? >> you know, as a woman growing up with mine it's special to be able to give them this holiday season to so many deserving young girls. >> and you're involved in other activities over the yeefr. >> that's right. we're active with polish girls. which is a group that gets into hospitals to make patients feel
10:55 am
them. and also a sponsor with american heart association sweetheart group. >> we're grateful for this donation and girls will really enjoy it. thank you so much. by the way, don't forget if you're coming to the plaza, bring a toy far child up to the age of 18. and you can donate online at check out our website for all the details. and thank you again, love these. >> staple of life, seriously. >> kit and a caboodle. >> tomorrow of course we'll update you on we'll find out whether dylan's had the baby.
10:56 am
10:57 am
i'm... julia fello alongside brian lets get a check of the milwaukee county sheriff david clarke... already facing a call for his resignation after 4... unexplained deaths at the county jail... now accused by a high ranking county official of bullying. the medical examiner emailed milwaukee county executive chris abele to brian peterson says david clarke called him on the phone and, "verbally pummeled" him. the email said the sheriff was unhappy over the release of
10:58 am
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10:59 am
including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists.
11:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, it's thirsty thursday. it's december 8th. have a terrific show today. hoda goes undercover. i hope you get a chance to see this. as a meter maid. she's handing out tickets in new jersey. you can imagine how that went over. >> yeah. >> but you did so well. >> it was a little scary, i got to say. >> you were really not even
11:01 am
>> not one person recognized you. you changed your voice, your look. >> they kept saying i was, like, you're too close to the curb. my producer was like, what are you, from guys and dolls? move over from the curb. i was panicking. guys and dolls. >> very cute. >> plus ambush makeover for a birthday. two ladies celebrating their birthday on the plaza got picked, they're going to be glam and gorgeous. we're going to reveal them in a little bit. >> to your manfredini, quick fixes around the house without breaking your back or your budget which is good. >> no dinner tonight? we've got one of the easiest recipes. one minute pork chop. >> are we setting a world record? >> i bet it's delicious because everything you cook is delicious. yesterday was pearl harbor day. we didn't talk about the party that we'd been to the night
11:02 am
bella magazine. they're very nice to choose two old ladies like us to do it. >> why did they do it? >> courtney hall and her publisher, think it's her husband, daniel hall, they're sweethearts, there they are, they gave us a party, didn't they, hoda woman? >> it was packed. >> it was like you were a rock star. >> party on. we were drinking and it was sweaty in there, wasn't it? >> you were, you were sweating. >> exactly. >> a lot of people in sweg hairspray live aired last night on nbc. >> i was waiting for it, they had the pregame 30 minutes. i was watching the countdown. this young girl right here, this newcomer from texas, maddy balagio, she played tracy. i got to tell you, there was something about -- i was picturing her on that stage, first time in front of people like this. she's been in, like, high school musicals. there she was with ariana grande, kristin chenoweth, derek hough.
11:03 am
this was her first professional audition ever. >> i don't know if we have any preliminary overnights? i think it probably did very, very well. >> let's take a lack at her number in the finale, "can't stop the beat." ?? ? you can't stop ? ? you can try ? you can'op ? you can't stop the beat ? >> come on, she did it. she went from texas to the big stage. she was seen by millions of people. >> what a cinderella experience, good for them. >> some of the past tracies made an appearance too. ricki lake. i was like, is that ricki lake? i tweeted it and people thought i was an idiot. >> doesn't exactly look like her so --
11:04 am
>> harvey. harvey was funny. >> harvey, stop it. >> it was really fun. guess what's next? j. lo in "bye-bye birdie." >> that should be great. that's another fun one. oldie but goody. we have some friends here from my mom's town in alexandra, virginia. did you see hairspray? oh, who care, just wave. >> they were out doing something in new york, i'm sure. >> now, there's some news with united airlines. >> if you think that airline prices are astronomical and through the roof. >> and they are. >> we have some good news. there is a new ticket that they're adding called basic economy. there's always a reason that's something less expensive than it used to be. >> you're going to give up something to get something else. >> here's why. you do not get a seat assignment. when you walk up to the ticket counter, they will give you your seat assignment. if you are middle seat in the back by the bathroom, you say thank you and you go all the way back. if your family is separated, you say thank you and you go all the way -- >> you might want to be
11:05 am
saying is they won't give you any overhead space. you come in with one item. has to be under the seat in front of you and that's it. it's a cheaper ticket but you do not get those perks. if you do bring a bag, because sometimes people try, like, please, they're not going to stop me, they're going to charge you 25 bucks. >> would knows how much you sayed on the ticket to begin with so -- >> who knows. >> okay. >> nobody knows. >> we'll see how that goes over. now, john cena is of ours. he'll be hosting "snl" this weekend. >> yeah, the promos look really good. it looks like he's afraid, though, of one of cast members, so take a look. >> you can't see me. >> ladies and gentlemen, your host, john cena! >> i'm going to destroy the "saturday night live" cast. except for lesley.
11:06 am
>> of course he's talking about our pal lesley jones. >> the musical guest is a country -- she's like a new phenom, her names meran. >> grammy nominated, on the rise. dolly parton. we talk about her a lot. dolly is doing work. first she announced her foundation was going to donate to those affected by the tennessee wildfires that have destroyed more than 1,700 homes. now she's organized a musical performances by reba mcentire, allison krauss. it's going to wear on great american country station. >> it's going to be great. i have an i-hoda for you. here it is. meghan trainor is going to be honored tomorrow at the bill board -- >> she's going to be getting the chart topper award. >> guess who's presenting it? me. >> brittany's getting honored too. >> and the main honorary is madonna.
11:07 am
it's going to be a lot of people. here, i had to pick this song. watch me do it. it's meghan trainor. >> they air on lifetime on december 12th. ? singing hey hey hey ? >> watch me do. ? watch me do ? >> watch me. ? watch me ? ? watch me do ? ? watch me ? >> her songs are so catchy. >> they are. congrats to her. all right, by the y, find her i-hoda music, if you want to, although that was a good one, on apple music. you can find us on sirius xm 108. we're there every day and hoda's there every monday and wednesday at 2:00, she has a great show. >> is it okay or not okay to wear high heels while pregnant? jessica simpson has, kim kardashian, they've all been photographed wearing heels. here's what we had to say about it. >> of course it's okay.
11:08 am
incapacitated. >> i say yes, it's okay. just ask savannah guthrie. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. >> she looks good. >> yeah. >> she hasn't had her baby yet by the way. we're waiting patiently. hoda goes undercover as a meter maid handing out tickets to unsuspecting drivers. >> they're not the kind of tickets they expect. wait until you see what happens coming up right after this. and at progressive, we let you compare our progressive direct rate... great deals for reals! ...and our competitors' rates side-by-side, saving the moolah. [ chuckles ] as you can see, sometimes progressive isn't the lowest. not always the lowest! jamie. what are you doing? -i'm being your hype man. not right now. you said i was gonna be the hype man. no, we said we wouldn't do it. i'm sorry, we were talking about savings. i liked his way. cha-ching! talking about getting that moneeeey! talking about getting that moneeeey! savings worth the hype. now that's progressive. savings worth the hype. ?? our craftsmen begin each day...
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11:11 am
?? ?? ?? ?? ? i was born a dreamer... ?
11:12 am
all month, we've been doing our part to share kindness during the holiday season and would better to spread a little christmas cheer than our own hoda woman. >> turned out to be cheering the end but in the beginning i was a little naughty elf. i was handing out fake parking tickets as an undercover meter maid in new jersey. those tickets turned out to be a big surprise. to pull it off, i joined forces with ticket master and live nation. south orange, new jersey. a quaint is about to get hit with a dose of undercover kindness. let's start this thing. >> lengthens the tip a little bit. >> it changes the look. i'm opting for the unibrow. my new look is so convincing no one will recognize me all day. get up, get up e p is'm impersoting a meter maid. handingut tickets for ridiculous parking violations.
11:13 am
the hotst event arou . okayhehayth firstcar. >> weddutfing a strategic button cam. >> i'm sorry about that. excuse me. >> this will transmit to your ear. >> 6 inches from the curb. i'm sorry, you get a ticket. >> are you going to talk in your regular voice? >> no. >> i'll do the judge. >> hey, ya'll, talk to the judge. with that settled, a officially >> they are expired, by the way. >> i soon forget. >> this guy's got one minute left on the meter. >> this is not my day job. >> got some time, put some money in there. >> yes, i'm helping citizens left and right. that's nothing compared to the joy i'm about to spread. >> i'm sorry, you guys. sorry. >> we're leaving. >> i just -- >> you're too far from the curb and your meter's not -- >> are you serious? i just parked the car.
11:14 am
>> and we're off. >> there's 22 minutes in there. >> you got to open your ticket. >> what? >> you got to open your ticket. >> is this a joke? why are you doing this? you're giving me tickets? you. >> it's okay, have a good day. >> wow, thanks. >> you're welcome, bye-bye. >> got to give you a ticket. you're too close to the curb. it has to be more than that. >> away from or -- what does she mean? >> just take it to the judge, okay? >> too close from the curb. >> too close. >> too close to the curb? >> too close to the curb. oh, god, this is turning into a nightmare.
11:15 am
>> did you open it? >> yes, what is this? it's a random act of kindness. enjoy yourself. enjoy yourself, bye-bye. >> i was really going, like, how are you supposed to be too close to the curb? thank you! >> oh, god, i'm exhausted. i think people might want to kill me. that's a ticket for you. this lucky lady scores orchestra seats to the radio city christmas spectacular. she seems pretty cool luckily, after they figure it out, all is forgiven. >> you're going to see hamilton. >> oh, my god, thank you. >> thank you, whoever this is from. >> hello. why are you ticketing me? >> the best exchange is with a guy who was already having a really bad day. >> hello! i'm talking to you! >> please read the ticket, sir. >> can i have your badge number?
11:16 am
>> open this. oh, my god. oh, my god. i'm so sorry, i apologize. oh, my god. >> it's all right. >> i'm going to give them to somebody. i am. >>mischievous, maybe, but in the end, i hope it's a reminder that it pays to be kind >> that was the sweetest thing done in a long time. >> you got it. >> thank you. >> that is really wonderful. >> how sweet. >> that man had just come from a funeral and he was having a horrible, horrible day. sometimes you don't know what people are going through. in defense of all the meter maids when you're out there and everyone's yelling at you, i understand why they glaze over and don't look you in the eye. it's a little scary being on that end of it.
11:17 am
to new jersey. >> we've got some jersey girls, okay. thanks again to our friends at ticket master and live nation. they provided all -- most of those tickets. had a good time. >> that was awesome. you are a natural actress, you really are. too close to the curb. all right, have the holidays got you crazed? >> bobbie's got the perfect gift to help you relax when you get home. >> wait until their husbands see their >> one husband has no idea. first, your local news. ?? what if an insurance company wasn't only there when things went wrong? because for every tornado... there's a twister. for every crash... an even bigger collision. and for every tailspin... well, tailspins. state farm understands that getting the most out of life doesn't just mean being there when things go wrong. it's about being here... in all of life's moments.
11:18 am
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11:19 am
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11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
pretty much. >> she was my favorite. >> when you don't want to hear things like that, you can use the tassel inspired ear plugs. so great for the plane, hoda. >> and people know that you're -- >> you have ear plugs. but these are adorable. >> adorable. >> more eye masks. faux fur eye masks from target, $7. so great. fantastic find. >> these are fantastic.
11:23 am
collection. just feel the inside. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> you literally want to live in these. they're lined with the softest butter soft faux fur. and they have different lengths. different colors. the best part is they have a sole that you want slip. it's really great if you have to go outside. they're slipper socks. >> perfect. >> just darling. >> they start at $28. it's such a great gift. >> great stocking stuffer. >> next, we have wearing a star wars robe. this is our chewbacca. >> he looks like a bear, i'm sorry. >> well, if you have guys at home, you can pick up darth vader, rt 2 d, yoda. and princess leia is sold out by the way. $99 for the star wars fantasy life. if alex takes a seat, the next
11:24 am
these are weighted cup holders you can put over the arm of a coach. >> didn't keep him from knocking stuff over. >> this is great for the lazy binge watching days. because when you do want to pin j watch, like you told me about "the crown" which i watched nonstop. this is a binge watching survival kit. so it doesn't come with the potato chips but it has coasters that say yes, i'm still watching. there's a chip somebody can put down that says go to bed. yourself. socks and more. >> because you're not leaving the couch. >> you're molding. >> you can figure out how to put a toilet in there or something. >> bobbie, thanks. you'll see lou fix those squeaks beneath your feet. >> and our ambush makeover. so don't go anywhere. >> thank you, bobbie thomas. heels can be a woman's fashion secret, but it's no secret that they hurt.
11:25 am
new gel activ insoles are made of ultra-thin, concentrated gel. they even fit into slender shoes to keep you looking great and feeling good. new gel activ. get one for every shoe in your closet. from amope. love every step. now you can save up to $5.00 on amope gelactiv,
11:26 am
11:27 am
lets get a check of the
11:28 am
two teenagers accused of assembling a hit list... with students from their school... ...and planning to y burlington... and go to karcher middle school. one of them is a 15 year old girl. she's accused of putting together a list of people she wanted dead... five students at the school... and her own father. her 14-year-old boyfriend was expected to actually do the killing. the threat... serious enough for both to face charges of conspiracy to commit homicide. the girl's mother is the one who alerted authorities to the plot. the wisconsin recount is finding some discrepencies... but barring the unforseen...
11:29 am
election. the city of greenfield just found a whole bunch of ballots. officials discovered 412 ballots that had not been returned to milwaukee county on election
11:30 am
it's thirsty thursday. it's synonymous for ambush makeovers. while the rest of us are getting ready to celebrate the holidays, the two women plucked off the plaza this morning are both celebrating their birthdays. they came for is stylist to the stars from the licari cutler salon louis licari, fa, la, la, la. >> that was the christmas version. >> to make sure they stay in step and in style, today contributor and author jill martin. >> hey, kids. >> hello. >> she looks great today. >> she does. in her winter white. tell us about the jets. >> birthday time. >> today was a birthday
11:31 am
should say that have birthdays like either today or very recently. and they are both excited about just having complete new looks. >> pamela is our first lovely lady, 50 years old, from jamaica plain, massachusetts, i think. 50th birthday goal was to get an ambush makeover. she loves to travel and cook. she spends very little time on makeup and fashion. her most recent haircut she did herself. >> oh, de story. >> it's her birthday. we actually have two birthdays today. so tell me why you want this so badly. >> my mom died when i was 9 years old and it is so interesting aging without that person in your life to see where you're going and what you should do and so it just was really -- you foe, means a lot to me. >> we're going to take good care of you. you trust us with her, right?
11:32 am
her boyfriend david. please keep your blindfold on for just a sec. here is pamela yellen before. all right, pamela, let's see the new you. wow. wow. >> she looks gorge. >> oh, my gosh. >> all right, david, it's time for the unveiling. take off your blindfold. >> oh, wow. >> just gorgeous. >> are you ready? take a spin. take a look. >> wow! >> you look beautiful. >> absolutely gorgeous. >> oh, my god! >> it's really you. >> you, all you. tell us about the hair. >> david, you scored. because she was beautiful before. she's even more beautiful now. >> look right into that camera please, sweetie. >> i made her hair a little bit more auburn. it was in between color and it wasn't really doing as much for her as it could. although she still looked beautiful.
11:33 am
bangs. she said, we're going to do bold. he gave her those bold bangs. >> love that. sweeping. >> just gorgeous. >> i mean, she's -- >> i loved even the makeup too. >> that dress -- >> always beautiful makeup. >> the dress is by perfect. >> ready for holiday. i love the lace combined with the sheer up top. it doesn't have the underlay there. >> whose dress is that, sweetie? >> maggie london. >> david, what do we think? >> well, she's stunning every morning anyway, but this like -- >> aw. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, honey. i can't believe you're 50. i'm shocked. big round of applause. come join your cute boyfriend. our second lady is marie cramer. she's 61 from aptos, california. it's her first ever sibling reunion trip. her husband has no idea she came in to get an ambush makeover and is probably still asleep in california right now. marie hasn't cut her -- more than a few inches off her hair in years.
11:34 am
>> another birthday! well, we saw the sign, "pick my sister," so you tell me you really want this. >> i really need a makeover. and i'm so excited. i watch the show all the time. always dreamed of being on it. so this is awesome. >> well, i love that this is a siblings trip. we're going to take good care of her. >> yes, thank you. >> and her siblings are delores, barbara and john. okay. >> yeah, guys. >> let's take one last look at marie before and bring out birthday girl, marie cramer. >> wow. wow. >> how pretty. >> wow. >> all right, siblings, it's your time. yep, yep. oh. wow. you look beautiful. >> you do, you do. why don't you turn around and look at yourself? wow. you look gorgeous. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> oh, wow.
11:35 am
room today. >> i would say so. this is, like, barely red. what we did here -- of course the most obvious change ison took several inches off her hair which she is donating. such a nice thing to do. i made her hair, again, just a little bit of warmth. it was one of those neutral colors that wasn't doing too much for her. but of course it's all brought together with the soft lipstick and soft colors. >> i think we recognize that top, don't we, jill? >> the best. at the event the other night. >> she was with us. >> you talked about the cold shoulder and how shoulders are always the sexiest part of a woman. we love this. just giving her a little something for the holiday in red. >> absolutely beautiful. happy birthday. louis has got your color and your -- >> let's bring pamela out. >> big round of applause for both of our ladies. >> big thank you to louis and jill. >> and arsen and everybody.
11:36 am
i think it's lou man fed dinny. will show you how to make your front surface more secure. >> oh, your ?? ?? ? and off you go, ? ?? ? and off you go, ? ?? begin rong with the lag energy
11:37 am
?music? hey boss. we got you this. uh... we...we got you this. gift baskets from edible arrangements. order online or in store. i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i tookarfarifor over 15 years until i learned more about once-daily xarelto... a latest generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto? significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin. warfarin interferes with vitamin k and at least six blood clotting factors. xarelto? is selective targeting one critical factor
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ons. get out of the way or get rolled over. give now to the american cancer society. just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass.
11:40 am
talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ? we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ? you know that creeky sound that happens when you go down the stairs to get a snack in the middle of the night? >> worry about your floors no more because it's time lou. >> he's host of "house smarts," lou manfredini, he's got a name that rhymes with belini. >> thank you. >> are you ready? >> i am. >> archie from memphis wants to improve the security of his wooden front door. he asked, if we install a full frame, safety plate glass storm door, will it give us the security? >> sure, any kind of barrier you put on the outside of your door will make a difference. there are some things you can do
11:41 am
called the doorjamber. which is a portable item that you can actually take when you travel. >> oh. >> so what you can do, if i can get behind you. this item down at the base of this door slideses in and adjusts. and you just stick it in there like that. now, if somebody goes to open this door. >> right. >> imagine you're in a hotel room, worried about security, or at home. it locks in and the door won't open. god forbid there's a fire, you kick it out of the way. that's one. >> easy. >> this is get the names right. this is the door guardian. gets mounted on the door itself. inside frame. have your regular dead bolts here. this just locks in place. >> oh, boy. >> it's like an additional lock that now if they go to open, if you had to get out, you click it and it's open. >> easy to get in and out, okay. >> this item is called the strike master. this gets mounted on the jam. because with the door like this, when you have a knob and a dead bolt, a guy like me could kick
11:42 am
i problem. because the latches that are in here and the wood and the screws that hold it in place are tiny. with this strike master, this just gets mounded on the jam itself. you don't even see it. now i have this heavy steel arm that a guy like me can't kick the the door down. all affordable. very easy to install. >> if you put that in, the door will shut, like it's not -- >> it's super thin. >> okay, good stuff. >> nancy from vegas, nevada, has a tile floor and she ask i need a good but simplero what should i use? >> two products i really like. one is called rejuvenate and the other is quick shine. multisurface polishes that go on to hardwood floor, tile, vinyl, you name it. i've got a little before and after. i'm not sure if the lighting shows this. you can see here, this is an untreated tile floor. over here we put the treatment on. it's as simple as this. with a microfiber sponge or pad,
11:43 am
>> that's it? >> it goes over the top. it will dry in two hours. it will give you this very durable shine over the floor. hardwood, tile, you name it. depending on the amount of traffic, you could probably only have to do this once a year. >> oh, wow. >> totally affordable. water born. both products made in the usa. >> excellent. >> sweetie from saratoga, new york, writes this, our house is carpeted in the bedrooms and living room, has been for years. the floors under it squeak so >> wall to wall carpeting so you know is attached on the perimeter of the room. in the center, you literally could lift it up. when you go to the sides, you can peel the carpeting back. i just have this so i can show you. this is a setup of like a floor. underneath, you'll see this is how the joists are. the squeak is happening right here. between here and here. you'll see the spots where the nails are. take a pencil or something to mark where it's at. and then take some screws and a screw gun -- you're never going to do this. >> no, i love to watch you do
11:44 am
screws in and you're going to drive these in to tighten the floor. >> ah. >> once you do that and you go stand over here like this, put the carpeting back on, you're done. >> hardwood floors. if you have a hardwood floor and it squeaks. remember, a hard woor flood has a tongue and groove. this movement is where the squeak can come. 50/50 chance of this working. baby powder over the top of the floor. a block of wood with a rag like this. cover it over the and a mallet. >> you're literally pounding powder in there? >> you're doing two things. resetting the nails to bring the floor closer to the subfloor. the baby powder ends up filling in the gaps. and then act like a lubricant. >> and smelling better too. >> it smells baby fresh. >> i love it. >> thank you, lou manfredini. if you have a question, go to klg & and click the connect button. >> got one minute, then you've got dinner. >> isaac shows us a quick meal
11:45 am
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my goal was to finally get in shape. not to be focusing on my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask about humira, the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists.
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with all the commitments you probably have this time of year, there's no time to cook an elaborate dinner. >> our "today" food team wants you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family and friends. here is the executive chef and owner of toups eatery in new orleans, favorite city. isaac toups. welcome back. >> thank you for having me. >> of course. >> is it really going to be o >> it's going to be a minute on each side. >> oh! >> i told you a little bit of a fib. that's okay, no one's going to care. >> nobody's timing you. >> we're going to take our pork chops right here. we're going to add a little balsamic and dark soy sauce. this will add some acid and some ename. it's a very cool buzzword we use now a days to describe savory. we'll add a little kosher salt. a little black pepper.
11:51 am
we toss it over there. >> now, those are thin pork chops. >> they're called minute chops. >> that's how you like them, thin like this? >> get them real crispy. >> salt and pepper both sidings? >> add them to our butter. >> sizzle, baby. >> sizzle, baby. >> we're liking this. you time this. you really only need about a minute. this is so thin. it cooks so quick. they're really fast. really delicious. they have a really good crispy edge. after we sear them flip them, let that go a little longer. after those are seared, you have your bacon already done. your bacon and your vegetables. diced. buttermilk squash, ham and brussel sprouts halved. have your bacon getting crispy, all right. >> now what are we doing? >> after our brussel sprouts and our squash are roasted, we take our bacon we've already chopped up, add it in here. >> bacon works with everything. >> and last time i checked,
11:52 am
in her grilled cheese sandwich. >> how do you say it? >> mayonnaise. >> that means your from new orleans. >> how do you say it? >> may nans. >> a little cherry vinegar to add some acid. toss this together. >> is this just a little side dish for the pork chops? >> just underneath your pork chops. >> all right, let's go eat. >> let's go eat, isaac, come on. >> you tell me if this is good or bad. >> okay. >> if it's bad, lie to me and tell me it's good. how could it be? >> i'll take the first bite just to make sure. >> hold on. mm. >> the chop's delicious. >> chop is outstanding. >> this thing is -- >> delicious too. >> savory and creamy everything. >> can be done in 20 minutes, 20 minutes. >> makes your brussel sprouts taste good. head to for
11:53 am
deserving kids.
11:54 am
i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
11:55 am
11:56 am
how about we spread some more holiday cheer with another big donation to our annual toy drive. >> today's generous contributor is, drum roll. >> please, the ceo of snap it up, sara douglas. hi, sara. >> what kind of gifts have you come bearing? >> we're giving away $2.5 million worth of paper crafting supplies. >> what did you say? >> wait what did you say? hold on. i don't think our thing goes that high. >> so over $2 million, there you go. >> that's fantastic. >> oh, wow. tell us what some of the items are. >> some of the items are just paper crafting kits to make creating simple and easy.
11:57 am
>> a lot of people give so generously. >> it's so important for us at stamping up to share creativity, especially with children. have you ever received a gift from a child? a hand made one? those are the ones you treasure the most. that's what we want to share. >> you rock, sara. be sure to stop by the plaza or donate online only at for details go >> and tomorrow, little yawn that goes all victor yawn on us. >> plus, we're celebrating the weekend with a big dance party. >> have an awesome thirsty thursday, everybody. >> we'll see you try day friday. nice talking to you. >> thank you so much.
11:58 am
at noon-- preventing sexual assaults-- what the university of wisconsin system is offering to all employees and students. then - decades behind bars-- the sentenced a milwaukee county judged handed down today to one of laylah petersen's shooters. and meteorologist brian gotter has your storm team fore. i'm vince at noon
11:59 am
12:00 pm
now at noon -- headed to prison-- one of three men responsible for the death of five year old laylah petersen will spend 3 decades a judge handed down that sentence to 24-year old arlis gordon this morning. he previously pleaded guilty in connection with petersen's death.pete zervakis was in the court room. more than two years after laylah petersen was shot and killed... the third and final man involved her death was sentenced to 30 years in prison. my life was almost destroyed that day emotional words from the father of five year old laylah petersen... my daughter meant more to me than


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