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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  December 8, 2016 4:30am-4:57am CST

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good morning. i'sun
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brian gotter. despite some sunshine, yesterday struggled to get out of the 20s, and wind chills were in the teens with winds gusting to 30 mph. this morning is cloudy and cold with flurries, and lows ithe ? teens and wind chills in the single digits as the brisk wind gusts to 25 mph. today is cloudy with flurries, winds gusting to 30 mph, and highs only in the mid to upper 20s. wind chills will be in the single digits all day. remains mostly cloudy, breezy and cold with lows near 20 d wind chills in the single digits. we're following breaking news happening right now-- on milwaukee's northwest side. we just got off the phone with police and they tell us two people were found shot to death, inside a home near 107th and appleton just north of silver spring drive. .right
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people who did it. it's unclear how the victims are related. police also found two children found hiding in a bedroom. police say both are ok. we are making calls-- on this story and have a live report-- at 5 a-m. a burlington teen is accused of creating a hit list, for her boyfriend to complete. on that list were five students and th.the mother of the 15 year old girl tea resource officer at karcher middle school tuesday. just notified all parents at the hool. he believes this concerned mother did the right thing. any time you're aware of anything that doesn't seem right it doesn't sound right please inform some officials so that they can take immediate action 55both of these students were charged with conspiracy to commit second degree intentional homicide.. which would send them behind bars for 60 years. i saw everyone, i was pretty
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wow, everyone's here to support this.a group called "guardians of the children" organized a vigil last night for trevion winningham. the seven-year-old who was beaten and starved to death.the group wants to keep attention on the case and make sure justice is served. two women who lived with trevion are charged with in connection with his death. cudahy police are still on the lookout for a we told you yesterday, the man tried to proposition a 13 year old girl while she was walking home.neighbors police still haven't found the guy. ""well yeah it is pretty scary, it is scary, " a lot of people out here are going to keep their eyes open, they're going to be very alert,"the suspect is in his late twenties to early esndes a 4 do car. cudahy police are still hoping for some tips from the public. the pastor of 'christ reformed baptist church' in hales corners is accused of molesting children.tom chantry, seen here on the
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website, is accused of molesting or assaulting five children between 1995 and 2000 when he was a pastor at a church in prescott, arizona. the survivors network of those abused by priests, or snap, is asking church meers at 'christ reformed baptist' to take a stand. 18:15:08- this is a crisis of faith for them right now, the congregation. and we're concerned about how they're responding to it :15 in a statement, church leadership says, "mr. chantry is absence from our church. our church is strong, and our prayers and confidence are in christ." scam alert from the watertown police department. people have been making phone calls claiming to represent the national do not call registry. trying to trick people in giving out personal information. but the call is not coming from the registry or the federal trade commission. a trump associate landed in russia this morning, as concern mounts over the makeup of the president-elect's
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(nats of trump)president elect trump meets today with another candidate today for secretary of state - retired navy admiral james stavrides.("nbc/ today") super burned in(voice of: donald trump/ (r) president-elect :09-:12)"i think fairly close. i think next week will be the time that i announce it."there's concern his administration is stacked with former military leaders and millionaires like linda mcmahon, his choice to head the small business administration.rep. peter king/ (r) new york :22-:29) "yea at a certain point you don't want everybody to come from the same background. i don't think we've hit yet."president obama and bush actually appointed more generals.the latest for trump: retired general john kelly. sources tell nbc he'll be nominated to lead the department of homeland security.(washington d.c. :40-:46)trump's national security advisor, retired general mike flynn, met with his former obama counterpart susan rice wednesday.general michael flynn/ trump's national security advisor :47- :52)"she was unbelievably gracious. it was a superb meeting."meantime democrats are concerned trump may cut medicare and minority leader nancy pelosi/ (d) california :55-1:03)"we're going to mobilize, expose and
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damaging scheme to end medicare."senator bernie sanders/ (i) vermont 1:04-1:11) "mr. trump, we are going to hold you accountable!" {applaus}tracie potts, nbc news, washington. the recount in wisconsin is winding down... and the latest discrepency comes from the city of greenfield -- where 412 ballots were found wednesday afternoon. "the recount revealed that there were ballots that were not election night. they remained at greenfield city clerks office. recount discovered that. those ballots were retrieved and counted and matched up with election night results."a judge now ruled not force a recount in michigan. a court hearing is scheduled for friday to determine if one takes place in pennsylvania. frontier airlines is now
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cut the ribbon yesterday, to mark the new non-stop service... featuring four weekly flights. flights from milwaukee to phoenix are scheduled mondays... wednesdays.. fridays and up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- oakland warehouse fire: what officials are focusing on as the cause of that devastating blaze. and here it comes: where this snow is falling right now and when it could be in our neck of the woods.
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residents of california's sierra nevada mountains.snow has been falling since yesterday afternoon.a winter weather advisory is in effect for the region until this morning.this is the scene in the community of blue canyon. forecasters say between six and 10 inches of snow could fall on those living in high elevations. the official death toll in friday night's deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california is 36.that word today, from emergency
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efforts at the scene. meanwhile, investigators continue to work on determining what caused the fire at the so-called ghost ship warehouse, illegally converted into a residence. officials believe a refrigerator or other appliance could have sparked the blaze. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--the vs and knicks battled it out last night.but it's what happened off the court that has people talking this morning. then... in the market for a robot? we've got the hot holiday
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for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. in the last decade, it always seems like there's something on the line, or a storyline.and once again the seahawks stand in the packers way. and now they'll have to do it without
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mccarthy says nick perry has a significant hand injury and he will not be available this week. we're gonna reassess on monday and see where we are for chicago. feel terrible for nick, he's having a great season, clearly his best season and he's had a setback. how we play and how we move forward is frankly the same way we do each and every week. it's based on the health of your team and our job is to put the players in position to be successful and i feel good about our plan and we plan on being successful sunday. ))one day after his 22nd giannis messes around and gets a triple double. assist to jabari parker.then antetokounmpo on the drive. 15 points, 12 rebounds. 11 assists.bucks beat portland the way, in the bucks shootaround kevin garnett spent a lot of time teaching thon maker some new moves and dropping knowledge on him. for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. looks like it gets boring on the bench. lebron james and
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caught playing bottle flip. the past-time was made famous by a viral video earlier this year... as you can see.. harder to master than the three pointer. despite some sunshine, yesterday struggled to get out of the 20s, and wind chills
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gusting to 30 mph. this morning is cloudy and cold with flurries, and lows in the teens and wind chills in the single digits as the brisk wind gusts to 25 cloudy with flurries, winds gusting to 30 mph, and highs only in the mid to upper 20s. wind chills will be in the single digits all day. tonight remains mostly cloudy, breezy and cold with lows near 20 and wind chills in the single digits.friday is partly
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morning lows in the teens, highs in the low 20s, and a brisk wind to 15 mph. the next chance for snow is late afternoon saturday with highs in the mid 20s, and the snow continues into sunday morning with highs near freezing, and some sunshine by afternoon. as of right now, 3-4" is expected
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more local news now:it's a milwaukee county landmark and also a big money maker... that's according to a new report out on the milwaukee county zoo.a recent regional economic impact study for the zoo, estimates it has a more than 155- million- dollar impact on milwaukee, ozaukee, washington counties.that's 24 percent more than a similar study found 10-years ago. university of wisconsin system employees could soon start making the board of regents will consider two years of two-percent raises. the increases are an effort to reduce the faculty turnover rate.the system-wide raises would not be fundedy tuition dollars,instead by the state. former applicants to the university of wisconsin law school could be at risk for
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notified applicants of a database hack. the university says social security numbers from 2005 to 2006 applicants were compromised. the law school has taken down the affected server as a result and added a firewall to better protect that data. harley-davidson is looking to hire.the milwaukee motorcycle maker needs to fill both part-time and full-time positions for 20-17.they're holding a hiring event this morning at nine at the wiscon partnership building, near 38th and wisconsin. the air national guard's truax field in madison is one of five finalists for deployment of new fighter jets. the air force will ultimately select ?two? sites. the newer f-35 aircraft would replace aging f-16's at the base... which employs 445 men and women full-time, as well as 700 guard members who participate in drills. some kids... and kids at heart... will be hoping for a
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the most popular toy robots on the market right now. sophisticated robot technology now comes in a fun-sized package... with new toy robots to fit every of last year's star wars sequel can "awaken the force" at home with a replica b-b-8 droid. chris raymond, consumer reports "the thing that makes this a delightful toy is the fact that the body rolls along that's how it moves little head floats on top thanks to the wonder of magnets"bb-8 can react to your voice and learn as you play. the dash robot has an educational component... apps that teach the fundamentals of coding.chris raymond, consumer reports"you need to put together little mini programs in order to get dash to kind of move forward and backwards" (nats)if a puppy is on someone's wishlist this year... avoid the mess by getting a ?robot dog like the wowee chip.chris raymond, consumer reports"you can roll the smartball to him and he can move side side and catch
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you"chip can bark, whimper, nuzzle, he charges himself on a "smart bed" nd he even learns!(nats)chris raymond, consumer reports"if you find one of those responses that you particularly like you can hit a like button on the wristband and over time he will gradually repeat that behavior"?meet? the anki cozmo...chris raymond, consumer "using facial recognition software he's actually able to recognize you" he has a charming personality and a knack for games.(nats) all these robots are appropriate for kids 8 and up and sell for under 200 bucks. ...but keep in mind that most rely on apps... consumer reports"if your child doesn't have a cell phone or tablet you're going to be lending your cell phone and tablet out in the time that they're playing with them" maybe an play with the robot..., nbc news. some automakers are getting an early christmas gift this morning... as are millions of drivers.the insurance institute for highway safety has awarded 82 new vehicles as the top safety picks for 2017. toyota led the automakers with nine of its 2017 models making
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can find the complete list of this year's winners at the insurance institute for highway safety's website at i- i-h-s dot org. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--a life changed. they call him "speedy" but now this janitor has an extra hop in his step after winning millions. his new life plans..
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taking a live look outside.. a real man versus beast dilemma. but this time.. beast is the winner. meet "ditka" a 300-pound black bear that's found his own "man cave" underneath a home in bakersfield, california. the
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hadn't figured... is a chicago bears fan. wildlife workers have tried coaxing ditka out but he barely now, the man renting the home is moving o til the be ??off on the ding room ta i thit out i looked at it ain and it said dedicated high school janitor, dave winner thanks to a s f et he t a gation yban email, s e rt scolteican ??hools xaminer.twlw fared
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(einstein) hey! what's going on here? (becky) i've seen such a change in einstein since he started eating the new beneful recipe. e number one ingredient in it is beef. (einstein) the beef is fantastic! (becky) he's a very active dog. he never stops moving. he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough to catch a bird. it has real beef, grains, vegetables, and he loves it. well, we were coming for an interview... so he wanted to wear his tie. o) try new beneful originals with beef. now with real beef as the number one ingredient, healthful. flavorful. beneful. happening now at 5:00--
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plus: call it a holiday headache! your "travel forecast" is in this morning-- we'll tell you the ?worst days? to leave-- if you're heading out to visit family or friends later this month. parental perks! the company giving new parents a little extra ?paid time off to spend with their new born before going back to work. and taking a live look outside-- welcome to tmj4. i'm vince vitrano.and i'm susan let's get a check of your weather and traffic together... despite some sunshine, yesterday struggled to get out of the 20s, and wind chills were ithe teens with winds gusting to 30 mph. this morning is cloudy and cold with flurries, and lows in the teens and wind chills in the single digits as the brisk


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