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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  December 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:22pm CST

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phone conversation in which he claims to have been threatened and verbally pummeled by sheriff david clarke. the county executive's office is calling this disturbin >> it's obviously very upsetting to hear any kind of allegati about this kind of behavior. >> petersen says clarke had three issues with the me's office starting with a tweet. the e-mail reads, clarkeccused him of political act very much for tweeting about an inmate death. petersen says the information was shared like that of any other case. clarke's second issue was about the same ie death, frustrated tt the me's offe did t tell him when the autopsy results were to be released. petersen says he followed protocol by informing the investigating agency in this case, the milwaukee police department.last, c rke was allegedly upthen early
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petersen says thelderly man had a well established medical history, noting he was in do not resuscitate status. clarke allegedly concluded the conversation by asking petersen who he was licensed through to have it revoked. >> it would definitely impact his ability to do his job as medical examiner for the county. >> clarke claims to have recorded the heated conversation. now the county executive is asking for a copy. >> absolutely want to get to the bottom of this clarke to hear his side. he responded, no thanks. live in downtown milwaukee, ben jordan, today's tmj4. >> shannon: i'm sure this is not the last we'll hear it. there have been a total of four deaths at the milwaukee county jail in the last six months. now a wisconsin lawmaker is calling for the feds to get involved. tonight at 10:00, an exclusive on the new request sent to the u.s. department of justice and sheriff clarke's response. also developing this afternoon,
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president-elect donald trump has chosen retired marine general john kelly for that job. clarke is reportedly being considered for other positions within the trump administration. >> we want to show you a live picture now from a neighborhood on milwaukee's south side. this is where a vigil is underway for a 7-year-old boy who was beaten and starved to death. a group called guardians of the children organized the vigil. they want to keep atton is served. the two women who lived with him are charged in connection with his death. a shocking case tonight from burlington where two teenagers are charged with conspiracy to commit homicide, both of them students at a middle school, one of them a 15-year-old girl. the other, her 14-year-old boyfriend. the girl reportedly sent the boyfriend a list of people she wanted him to kill. that list included five students, the school and the
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>> shannon: wauwatosa police dealing with several threats after the district attorney decided not to charge the officer who shot jay anderson. >> all police officers have to remain vigilant when they're out patrol and when they're not, when they're off duty, so our officers are aware of some of these threats that we've received. so they do remain vigilant and constantly aware of their surroundings. >> shannon: police say a man was arrested last night after calling the station, asking for the ofr shooting. he reportedly asked if he would get shot if he brought a gun there. charges are now pending. >> the man accused of a deadly drunk driving crash in racine county has been bound over for trial. 25-year-old levi waved a preliminary hearing. a man and his daughter died when he slammed into the back of their car. investigators allege he was drunk and speeding at the time.
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will spend two years in prison for having sex with one of her students. 29-year-old sarah domres pleaded guilty last august to the charges against her. she was sentenced today in waukesha county court. >> the sound of her being cuffed. she was then led away. shll have to r for sexot hiced -- offender upon her release. >> shannon: attorneys have filed a mio court urging judges to affirm the lower court ruling that overturned dassey's conviction. the fire in oakland, california, the warehouse that claimed the lives of 36, moved quickly, trapping people on the second floor. that word today from investigators who say people on the second floor didn't know there was a fire on the first floor until it was well
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recovery efforts at the site have now come to an end. the city of milwaukee had to shut down a similar building several years ago when it found fire hazards and blocked exits. >> that building was known as the milwaukee for the rest, it was a shoe company back in the day. rikki mitchell joins us live with what is next for the building. >> reporter: right now about 50% of the building is occupied by commercial space but the city says at one point they found dozens of people living here illegally. it's a historic building located in the popular brewers hill neighborhood. but four years ago the city of milwaukee found about 50 people using the space as live-in artistic units surrounded by dangerous conditions. >> some of the exits locked you into the center of the building so that was a concern to us, that we had to have adequate means of egress for people to get out of the building. you had fire escapes that take you to the center of the courtyard, which would basically not get you to a public right-of-way.
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and within a month, everyone had moved out. now a developer plans to completely renovate the building, turning it into luxury apartments and office space. >> there will be plenty we'll have to do, including some dohi aorver thet le i s we cotry. the building will be brought upd will meet code and will have to hait annual fire inspect ionsilng like t milwaukee fort rest and says oftentimes begin living in the building without the owner's knowledge. >> is something that is hard to police becse we can't go th into every building every day of the week to find out if people are living there. we usually find o by referral or a complaint basis or by just doing our inspections. >> rorter: that s that hazardous space where people were living illegally is now
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construction on the new spring.nts will start next reporting live in brewers hill, rikki mitl, today's tmj >> pacrs extraowan old th he -- nesis comg to lambeau field, no stranger to>>o rourks repor from green bay. otr bi game coming up onith sunday when seattle seas her mngl ing rust well wson. >> he's a dynamic player. he's coming off of some tgh gas earlier. youan see where he was hurt. but he looks like he's -- he's always looked -- he's going to make plays. quarterbacks, c theylay in we tt the pocket, in and o of the pocket, and russell has obviously showed he hasha
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so he's obviously a focal point for us. >> the packers defense will want to be on their toes facing wion and they'll b wute of thein nick perry who will not play this suny cause of a hd injury. >> that tundra looks good and frozen. still ahead, claims that hundreds of thousands of people were turned away at the polls here in wisconsin. >> and the recount of ballots in the presidential election goes on. will wisconsin cnt approaching deadline? >> john: if the tundra isn't frozen now, it will be by the end of next week. today's high, in the 20s. 29 in milwaukee. 29 in racine. waukesha. 25 in watertown. and also in beaver dam. but theinds are staying up the, so wind chills are down to 11 in mukee. everybody else in the single digits this evening. it's going to be a chilly, chilly patternignto on the weekend. and colder next wee
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>> shannon: welcome back.scon rouorha comete.nt the wisconsinlectays allck c tse state imposed deadline of 8:00 p.m. tuesday. so far hillary clinton has gained president-elect trump, who won wisconsin by more than 22,000 votes. more than halfway through the recount, a claim about the number of people turned away because of the state's voter i.d. law continues to be shared across social media. >> politifact's team at the sentinel put that to the truth test. >> tens of tdshousanf times twitter users have repeat the atemt, in wisconsin, 300,000
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ame to the polls and were turned away. there's no evidence ofny nuer that large. >> for thatac rated t claim false. the tweet agreed.the author of >> we track him down and went through some writing about him on the web and he acknowledged thatroe s nbc's today se' personident-elect donald of the year. the
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rica.hillary clinton was time's runner-up. >> shannon: tracking a snowstorm heed our way? the forecast when we come back. >> steve: a ceremony marking 75 years since the attack on
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>> the international guard truex field in madison is one of five finalists for deployment of new fighter jets. the air force will ultimately select two sites to base employees full-time as well as 700 guard members who participate in drills. >> thousands of people today, including many veterans in their nineties, gathered at pearl harbor, marking 75 years since
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into world war two. more than 1,000 sailors and marines were killed. that ceremony held on a pier across the harbor from where the uss arizona sank. there were ceremonies across the country marking 75 years since the attack on pearl harbor. >> shannon: among those playing a key role, a 101-year-old army veteran. >> on a frigid december morning, dozens gathered to remember the day saidou llde in. one of many in the cwd had only been in the army a short mehen t japanese bombed pearl harbor. >> i'm proud i was able to serve. >> he went st shores of hawaii shortly after the attack that killed more tha2400 americans and wounded more than a thousan with theelp of two servicemen, the 101-year-old vet laid a ea at the pearl harbor memorial in kenosha.
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>> it was 75 years ago that the tack wld send america into world war two. he hopes americansever forget ths that were made. >>s amazing to see how many of tse vets are sti ave toy, and truehat never forget. eeed to hear their stories before we losehem. mo.emperatures, they keepdroppi winter is coming ouray. it ihat time of year, though. >> but i r chiefeorologi malan. >> john: i have to prove it to you, shannon. we will be proving it to you. firs cold air settled in already and it's starting to gl. this is arcc air. he weendthere wille little storm sneaking in before the polar air comes in. and that comes in late monday andnto tuesday in the middle of next week.
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colder yes. all because of the jet stream that has jumped way to the south, as you can see in our projons, khi jet? stream south fridayight on into weekend. night into early sundayurd thru morng, then airoldees sticks around through the mdl bor warri by very late in the week. we're watching some blasts of winter weather. look at the high in minot, north dakota. 21 at the twin cities. 20 -- our high of 29. temperatures still in the low to mid 20s rht along the lakeshore with 24 in milwaukee. waesha down to 1 watertown. 20 i.itewater. it feels like 11 in milwaukee. single digits everywhere else because the winds are s bskheest ergh l hour. be in the teens, away from the lakeshore. right around 20 at the lakeshore. look at tse west winds, 12 to
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will still be in the zero to 10-degree range overnight tonight because the winds will stay up. through the morning hours, about 17 miles per hour. milwaukee, 14 miles per hour. out in watertown through the tomorrow, we stay in the mid teens to arod miles per hour. are going to see those wind chills very, very low. and we have some breaks in the clouds going on right now. that just allows temperatures to drop very quickly. but there's still a lot of cloudiness out there. our mper models showing west wind staying because the strong blizzard-liklow pressure system well tour northea'll seet overnigh we'll see clouds with a few breaks. this little trough on thursday keeps a lot of cloudiness around but also a few fluies possib. nothing to really talk abouts far as accumulation. cold a settles inor friday. and this will be the coldestir he week. an morning, the coldest morning of the week. so for tonight, 17 degrees is your average temperature. close to 20 right at the
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strong at 12 to 18 miles per hour. wind chills between zero and 10 above. for tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. a few flurries are possible. windy, cold, strong westerly winds once again. 25 your high. wind chills about zero to 10 above. and 21 on friday. partly to mostly sunny skies. so that's the coldest day of the week. storm team 4 seven-day forecast, on saturday, we're watching clouds roll in, still 24, b we get sw developing late the day. on saturday night into that's when most of the snow will fall, and you will be elin it by sunday morning. drees on sunday. and watchhe cold hit monday, tuesday, and wednesday. our high on wednesday, only 13 degrees. lance lan is back wit
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>> welcome back. the seahawks defense is -- the packers offense think they can lower the boom sunday afternoon.
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>> the offense will have a big test coming up sunday when they face the star-studded seattle seahawks defense. here's mike mccarthy on why they're playing so well. >> they got playmakers at all threeevels. that's what i see. i know they're ranked 27th in third down, but they're number one in the league as far as keeping out of the end zone. and t statistically speaks to their red zone production. they got guys that can make plays. look at number of players they have there, lineb andackers secondaries. so this is a b us. >> but seattle's defense will be without one of their stars in safety earl tomorrow a's who has been to five pro bowls. the offense will want to exploit them with him not in the line-up. in green bay, i'm rod burks for today's tmj4. >> before tonight's bucks/blazers game, kevin garnet
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making comparisons t the nba legend. >> at this point i just have to put aside the fact that i'm -- i'm a fan and just have to stay focused and get into his mind, ask him a lot of questions. >> two things coming out of the baseball winter meetings for the brewers. today manager craig counsell says ryan braun is our left fielder. i don't see anything change. we'll see if it chang. with the trade of tyler thornburg, council asked if he's nervous about his bullpen. >> if there was a game today, i'll be worried, yeah >> no, there's not. >> it's december 7t. lot of time. the badgers and idaho state this
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>> coming up on "the now milwaukee", the arizona, attack on pearl harbor. hear from a wisconsin veteran who was aboard that ship on that infamous day. "the now milwaukee" comes your way streaming live through facebook and on >> if you're going out this evening, bundle up. wind chills already in the single digits. temperatures in the low 20s.
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with the straight scoop on he packers from the man who knows them best, it's the mike mccarthy show with larry mccarren and the coach of the green bay packers, mike mccarthy. >> hello, everyone, andwe to mike ccarthy sh where the packers are getting ready for a humongous game against the seattle seahawks on sunday and, mike you've played the seahawks thrimes ithe last two seasons. do they qualify as a familiar opponent? >> oh, definitely. we've played some big football games against the seahawks so there's definitely a lot of familiarity with this football team, you know, they have a very strong veteran group that's


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