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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  December 7, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm CST

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roof... and the community. the fire was reported just before one this morning at the all saints fellowship church on the city's north side. i spoke to the pastor here and he says for the 125 plus members this building is more than just a church, the sweat and tears that went into building this place of worship, i'm at a loss of words. just looking, i'm at a loss of words. from the inside of the church, you much damage the fire caused. part of the roof is gone. the choir's musical instruments are destroyed. i'm the youngest of 11. i have to tell my siblings the place our dad built our place of worship i hope not a total loss. brenda hardy has called this church on 12th and brown home for more than 30 years. her dad,
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70's. yesterday was my dads birthday and i'm at a loss for words. my dad would have probably been here preparing a sermon. brenda's dad retired years ago, the current minister at all saints -- pastor odell johnson says he was at the church yesterday evening --- along with the choir. right now -- he's trying to find another building so the congregatin can meet this sunday. 7.48.55-04 this was home. this was a community. family. the entire community, we all came together here to jericho.the cause of the fire is still under investigation. damage is estimated at 100 thousand dollars.ann sterling today's tmj 4 pastor johnson says they will be updating parishioners about where to meet on their facebook page a former new berlin west high school teacher will spend two years in prison for having sex
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pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault of a student. she was fired last january after an internal investigation discovered the inappropriate relationship. domres was also sentenced to three years of supervision and three years probation. the man accused of killing a father and daughter in a drunken-driving crash last month will stand trial. levi ruohonen appeared in racine county court this morning. was there. now out of custody, levi ruohonen appeared in street clothes and in court ruohonen waived a preliminary hearing this morning.... before entering three "not guilty" pleas. he's charged with two counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle... and one of o-w-i causing injury. in a criminal complaint... investigators allege ruohonen was drunk - and speeding - when he smashed into 39-year old kevin dalley's sedan on four mile road in caledonia. dalley was
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daughter emily. a second daughter - just six - was injured but survived. ruohonen's attorney didn't speak on camera following the hearing. saying only this is a tragic case. ruohonen is due back in court on january 27. in racine county pz tmj4 the wisconsin transportation and justice departments are launching new public service announcements warning about the dangers of driving while on prescription drugs. d-o-t reports 149 people were killed in drug-related crashes last year.that's a nearly 200- precent increase from the previous decade.the new t-v and radio messages look to combat the deadly crisis. storm team 4 definitely feels more like winter now... and going to feel even more like it tonight. meteorologist scott steele joins us with the weather.... high pressure has worked its
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season with temperatures expected to get even colder over the next couple of days. by friday, the mercury will have a tough time even cracking the 20 degree mark. meantime, blustery breezes will continue sending wind chills today and tonight into the single digits and teens. a wiggle in the atmosphere could bring more clouds and a few stable air allowing us to see more sunshine than we've had in almost a week on friday. the slightly brighter skies won't last though as the next storm system approaches from the west and southwest in time for the weekend. low pressure will track toward us, likely bringing a broad area of accumulating saturday into sunday. temperatures during the remain below average this
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chick-fil-a lovers will have their chance tomorrow morning to win free meals for a year. it's part of a promotion to celebrate the fast food chain's newest location in west allis.the first 100 people in line will win free chick-fil-a for a year.but don't expect to just waltz into the store... many people have been camping out for more than a day to get to the front of the shopping local in the department store.that's the idea behind e "close to home" shops where locally-sourced products and gifts will be sold.those products are available at five milwaukee area boston stores. including: the shops of grand avenue, bayshore town center, southridge mall, brookfield square and mayfair mall. the search is on in cudahy, for a man who tried to lure a young girl for sex.. george mallet is in the newsroom with a story new on live at 5... steve, shannon.. here's what we know about this alarming incident. all told, a thirteen year old girl says a man drove
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van. we have disturbing details about the eerie remarks he reportedly made to the teen, as she was walking home.that's coming up on live at still ahead on live at four... the wisconsin connections to the pearl harbor attack and the look back 75-years later. also ahead...the hatch-i-mal is one of this season most popular much you can expect to pay if you're trying
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4 your money this afternoon.... here's a look now at the markets at the close of today.... remember the patch kids? this year's hard to find toy is called a hatchimal.but consumer reorter john matarese shows why some families who got one are already complaining about you don't waste your money. so is it worth your time and money to track down a hatchimal, this season's hottest toy? by now every parent of a young child knows they are impossible to find. but does your child really need one?"tap on the egg and they will tap right back." seems every 7 year old girl in
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you help hatch out of its shell. it's this year's furby. and moms everywhere are going crazy trying to find one.i've looked in different stores.... heather waugh told me a couple of weeks ago she was stunned by asking prices."on ebay it was anywhere from 178 dollars to a high of 600 dollars." but some moms are blogging theyve decided santa will not be bringing saying "my kids not getting a hatchimal and she'll survive." they say most children will understand explain it. and from the doesnt that stink coming in from some parents who already bought one! one british mom's facebook review has gone viral...after she said..."not worth the money: it has a few games that are boring, that kids don't want to play again." just like with any toy that wears out its welcome, you'll say doesnt that stink? expecailly if it ends up on the closet floor next to tickle me elmo. bottom line....if you really want prepared to call and visit stores early every
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could try giving your child a rain check ....and looking again in you dont money. i'm john matarese today's tmj4. storm team 4 weather now.... blustery winds are making it feel even colder out there. meteorologist scott steele joins us with how long we can expect the winds to continue. high pressure has worked its way into our region bringing the coldest air mass of the season with temperatures expected to get even colder over the next up have a tough time even cracking the 20 degree mark. meantime, blustery breezes will continue sending wind chills today and tonight into the single digits and teens. a wiggle in the atmosphere could bring more clouds and a few flurries tomorrow with dry, stable air allowing us to see more sunshine than we've had in almost a week on friday. the slightly brighter skies
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the west and southwest in time for the weekend. low pressure will track toward us, likely bringing a broad area of accumulating snow by late saturday into sunday. temperatures during the period will remain below the mid 30s average reading for this time
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"a date which will live in infamy."that is how president described the attack on pearl harbor -- 75-years ago today. the attack killed more than 24- hundred people and wounded more than one-thousand others. and also led to the u-s joining world war two.the infamous day is being rememered across the country with numerous ceremonies and events. joining us this afternoon is milwaukee journal sentinel reporter meg jones.she recently did a special feature on pearl harbor's 75th anniversary and the wisconsin
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a young beloit boy watches in horror as his dog nearly drowns in the rock river. coming up at 4:30.. how the quick thinking by a stranger saved the young dog, despite
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for your money-- paying for holiday gifts on credit? you may want you may want to find out all the perks your credit card offers.many credit cards offer extended warranties that lengthen the original manufacturer's warranty.some even offer purchase security that repairs or reimburses cardholders for personal property that is lost, stolen or attention to customer service. the c-e-o said half of the more than 21-hundred restaurants have less-than- excellent customer service.he says cleanliness and speed of service have suffered. the company is now training employees to clean tables, make sure the soda fountain is organized and keep the glass on the front doors free of fingerprints. a chance for shoppers to visualize furniture and decor in their homes before they
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in room."it allows users to place 2-d product images in any room through the camera of a cell phone.shoppers can visualize the more than six million products from wayfair's online selection of home furnishings and decor. coming up next...the virus outbreak that's the worst health officials have seen in more than a decade.also up next...the inexpensive moisturizer that can help
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affects up to 20-percent of children and some families spend thousands of dollars a year to treat the skin disorder.but a new study from northwestern university found inexpensive moisturizers -- including petroleum jelly -- helped prevent eczema in high-risk babies.researchers argue that these over- the-counter moisturizers should be covered by health insurance plans. u-s health officials are dealing with an outbreak of mumps.the c-d-c says the country has been hit with the
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mumps is a contagious disease caused by a virus spread through saliva and of november 5th...there are more than 28-hundred cases.several university campuses have also been implicated in these outbreaks. school cafeterias have a reputation for serving foods high in fat, sugar and sodium. but many schools are successfully meeting the latest nutrition standards.a new report reveals 90-percent of cafteria directors had adopted at least one practice to increase the amount of fruind -- like adding salad bars. having a postitive attitude could help you live longer. researchers at harvard university tracked the health of 70-thousand women.those who were considered to be the most optimistic ... had a 30- percent lower risk of early death than the least optimistic fact, optimism protected women from dying of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and infection. thanks for joining us today at four.there's more news
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including the change to one of milwaukee's most iconic
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now at 4:30 -75-years later and the attack on the hawaii is still rememered as one of the most infamous days in american thousands gathered at pearl harbor today to remember and honor some of our nation's greatest heroes.jay gray was at pearl harbor with what unfolded there. the toll of a single bell..the grace.. and power that comes.. with a moment of silence.. followed by..a "missing man"


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