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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  December 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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to what time school should start. >> chaotic already in the morning. >> sometimes i'm not even on time. >> i think the older kids have to sleep in the morning to get their brains going. >> the school district proposed changing high school start times from 7:15 a.m. to 7:00, an idea that has raised a lot of concerns. >> the proposal is generally moving us in the wrong direction. >> the president of the racine education association says when the district approached her with this change, she received a lot of concerned res teachers. >> the major concern from teachers is that it's developmentally inappropriate to start high school students at that early a time. >> according to the cdc, high school students should be sleeping between eight and a half to nine and a half hours every night. if they don't, it can lead to weight gain, drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, using drugs, and poor academic performance. >> generally speaking, high school kids are not the most alert at that early in the morning, so teaching and
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kids that aren't fully awake. >> that's why the american academy of pediatrics issued a policy statement in 2014, urging schools to start no earlier than 8:30. something ninth grader says she would definitely support. >> yeah. give me more time to sleep. >> and the district says the original reason behind the change was so they could provide mo district to bus more students. a spokeswoman says, if anything, this plan would go into effect for the 2018-2019 school year. just to compare, mts has high schools that start anywhere between 8:30 and 8:45 in the morning. reporting live in racine, rikki mitchell, today's tmj4. >> a hazmat team from milwaukee called to an elementary school in green bay, after an incident which has some fifth graders
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students and staff at lincoln elementary were evacuated and then were moved to a safe area of the building. a child may have brought it from home. emotions running high in wauwatosa, one day after the d.a. decided not to charge the officer who killed jay anderson. >> live at the police department tonight. brandon, you talked with the family's attorney today. what did he have to say? >> reporter: i did, and he says that the family wants justice charged. the attorney tells me that jay anderson's family is highly upset. they didn't like that no charges are being brought against wauwatosa police officer. >> accountability is very important. >> reporter: since the announcement was made, the family has decided to pursue federal charges. >> they feel very strongly from everything they've read and seen, that the officer should be
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hours for the family but it's been a wild 24 hours for wauwatosa police. when talking with a spokesperson over the phone he tells me since yesterday's decision, the department has received multiple threats involving violence towards police. he says those threats were over the phone and in writing. he added, we are investigating these incidents thoroughly and will seek prosecution against anyone who makes these types of threats. the mayor of wauwatosa says she grieves for the anderson family and she also has empathy for the second decision. she wants unity for the community. >> she added, they are committed to keeping wauwatosa a safe community and to serve and protect all citizens and visitors. wauwatosa police could not tell me when the officer would be returning to duty, back to patrolling, but they do say that it will be sooner rather than later. in wauwatosa, brandon rook with
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last night at the jimmy johns at tin and wells at the marquette university campus. the man demanding money, implying he had a weapon. he's believed to have tried the real clily i restaurant a little earlier in the night. if you recognize him or have information, call milwaukee police. the presidential recount near as the halfway mark. several counties are turning in their final numbers. >> shannon: live in sheboygan where cre ballots ended a few hours ago. >> reporter: this is one of 23 counties that have crossed the finish line, all showing few changes. for the second time within the past month, ballots in sheboygan county are going back on the shelves. all 58,000 were recounted over the past six day by hand, but not without more than 100 votes shifting to their intended candidates. >> someone will take a ballot
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>> voter error was to blame and variations in newly completed washington county. >> things were improperly done on the day, so we had to draw out several ballots. >> these five southeastern counties have completed their recounts with relatively few changes. >> some human error, but the tabulating machines worked fairly consistently. >> the scene is much different in larger milwaukee and waukesha county. both changing gears at the bringing in high efficiency machines, each one counts 5,000 ballots per hour. >> and waukesha and milwaukee counties are both at the halfway point through their ballots. they say neither of them have any concerns of making the december 12th deadline. live in sheboygan, been jordan, today's tmj4. >> shannon: the state election commission says it is confident that voting machines in st. croix county are accurately
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the commission issued a statement that included an affidavit from a technician saying he broke warranty seals on the machine to service modems on the scanners. >> donald trump's transition team not providing proof but a spokesman says trump has sold all of his stock. trump tweeted today, saying with the government should cancel its multibillion dollar order with boeing for new air force one presidential planes, calling the more than $4 billion price tag, out of control. asked whether trump had investme miller said he had sold all of his stock in june. still ahead, live at 6:00, a milwaukee lawyer getting a firsthand look at the volatile conflict in syria. >> shannon: why last weekend's big ten championship game left a bad taste in the badgers mouth in more ways than one. >> we should be around 36 degrees this time of the year. we are getting into the winter season with a bang. look what we had today. 41 degrees with a low of 33.
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that's going to change. check out tomorrow's high temperatures across the state. everybody in the 20s for highs, 26 madison and green bay, and we're barely at 30 degrees and it's going to get colder than that. i'll tell you when all that cold air
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>> announcer: you're watching today's tmj4. with charles benson, shannon sims, storm team 4 chief meteorologist john malan, and lance allan for sports. up around milwaukee to make people more aware of the dangers of opiate and heroin abuse, more specifically to encourage parents to speak with their children about the dangers of the substances him the billboards will be up for two months. you'll soon see aurora healthcare clinics in walgreen's stores in southeastern wisconsin. the joint venture announced today there will be a total of eight locations, five of them here in our area, including neck wouldn't, south milwaukee, wauwatosa and brookfield.
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opened in other area walgreen stores later in the spring. >> steve: a bizarre story now out of lacrosse county where a man has been arrested for the death of his wife. that happened back in september. barbara was found with fatal injuries at the scene of a car crash. her husband told authorities a pipe fell from a truck, went through the windshield, and struck her. she died the next day. authorities now not buying it, after an extensive investigation, he's been arrested and the sheriff calls a case of deadly domestic violence. >> shannon: three people charged in connection with the death of a 27-year-old woman in the dodge county community of fox lake. reported missing on saturday night. she was found dead on sunday inside a pickup truck. none of the three, though, is being charged with murder. dozens of university of wisconsin madison band members are recovering after being struck with food poisoning.
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as the game progressed, more and more band members were getting sick. several students were treated with intravenous fluids and 12 had to be sent to the hospital. the outbreak may have stemmed from their boxed sandwich meals at the stadium. >> steve: no frozen toes at blair elementary in waukesha this winter season. in the spirit of st. nicholas, meyer donated close to 400 pair of boots. santa fills their shoes with candy in the story. each boot had a a candy cane and a holiday card. >> shannon: pretty sweet. especially the candy cane. chief meteorologist john malan on how long temperatures will be heading down. >> john: this is out west. coming here?
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>> shannon: heavily armed sheriff's deputies are standing watch at a looting area subway station. that's after the fbi got word that the station was a target of a terrorist attack planned for today. the is still being investigated, but authorities are taking no chances. >> steve: federal investigators say a refrigerator is being looked at as a possible source of that deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. 36 bodies have been recovered from the fire, as crews continue to search for more. 85% of the building has been cleared. one corner, though, remains unstable, it is still inaccessible to search teams. >> shannon: there's a severe pollution problem in paris, france.
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on city streets. it's also offering free public transportation. authorities say the pollution is due to weather conditions and a heavy dependence on diesel fuel. >> a milwaukee attorney is getting a firsthand look at the crisis in syria. part of a group visiting the border between israel and syria. that is where injured people are flowing over the border in need of medical care. he visited a hospital today where he said christian, jews and muslim staff are working together to save lives. >> theoc hospital staff, a third of them are arab, a third of them are christian, a third of them jews, all working together to to prove medical care to the victims. >> he's traveling with the jewish council for public affairs, which has a branch in milwaukee. >> take i-94 two states west, and this is what you'll find,
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because of a blizzard. schools, businesses and government offices closed today. folks are being told to stay off the roads, stay at home. >> steve: i was driving on the tri-state tollway as the snow was coming down on sunday, and it proved to me that people are not yet ready for the snow and cold. >> shannon: it's always the first one, they get kind of like, i don't know how to drive in this. >> steve: we're not ready for it. >> john: but you're both right. inch, two inches, three inches, on the first snowfall we get the most accidents in that first snowfall. statistically speaking, though, we're looking at very chilly air coming out of canada. the first time arctic air has been unblocked and allowed to move south. you can see the jet stream tonight is poised out to the west, dropping that cold air into the northern plains. as we go forward into about thursday evening, you see the cold starts to break offer and move into the midwest.
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stream to our south through the wind and the early part of the next week. it's going to be cold for the next few days. and that is a big change in that jet stream. snowfall for us, we've picked up 1.8 inches on sunday. that is our seasonal snowfall. and that is about, oh, well below the average of 4.5 inches of snow. the high temperatures today, 37 lacrosse. 41 here cities. the coldest air is still hanging out here in minot, rapid city, at 20 degrees. 23 in sioux falls. that air will get here by thursday and friday. although tomorrow we -- 33 in milwaukee now. 33 port washington. 27 in waukesha, watertown, and whitewater. temperatures dropped a little because we had a little clearing going on, and tonight's low temperatures will really drop, into the teens, away from lake michigan. these are not wind chills, these
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add the wind chills and we'll see single digits out there. 18 in fond du lac and beaver dam. overnight 21. waukesha, west bend, 22. milwaukee, kenosha at 24 degrees. our winds will stay up. now they're in the 15 miles per hour category. port washington by the morning at 22 miles per hour. 14 in waukesha. that continues through the day tomorrow and that will continue tomorrow night and right on into thursday. there's that break in the from the west. that will stop the drop of those temperatures once you get clear skies around here. the blizzard is rolling up into canada but we're getting the cold front from the storm system. it rolls through overnight tonight. tomorrow we wake up, maybe a little sunshine, sunny to partly cloudy both days wednesday and thursday, just cold air pouring in. and since we're still close to the low pressure system, the
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wind chills will be rather chilly over the next couple of days. 22 overnight tonight. 18 inland. partly cloudy skies. look at those winds, west/southwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. wind chills in the single digits. and then for tomorrow, partly cloudy, windy and cold. just up to around 30 degrees, a west wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. wind chills around 18 to 20 degrees. on thursday, partly cloudy, still windy, still cold. a few flurries possible. west winds stay strong and a high of your storm team 4 seven-day forecast, friday, colder still. partly to mostly cloudy and 24. some snow develops late on saturday, too far away to call any measurement now, but we'll be watching that carefully for you. it runs right on into sunday. 32 degrees, though, on sunday, if you're going up towards the packer game, and then we drop again monday and tuesday, back into the low 20s by tuesday.
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but nothing major. we're still watching saturday evening into sunday morning. models are all over the place. thursday we'll be able to tell you what will happen. >> we'll be patient. coming up next in sports, the brewers making some noise at the winter meetings. rod burks tells us who is coming and who is going. >> this is what's on tv tonight. primetime starts at 6:30, with packers live with larry mccarren, followed by the voice, this is us at
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>> the rebuilding process continues for the milwaukee brewers. today they traded away reliever tyler thornburg for travis shaw and two minor league prospects. thornburg took over the brewers closer during the last two months of last season when the team traded away jeremy. an 8-5 record.
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innings for the crew. he'll be the setup man in boston. travis shaw of the brers picked up in the deal, is expected to play third base for the crew next season. packers live with a big superstar on the show with linebacker clay matthews getting a call. here is matthews talking about some of the injuries he's been dealing with this season. >> injuries have popped up, you were inactive for four games with a hamstring. you come back and get med to inside linebacker, back to inside linebacker, and t more games, you're playing with one arm. how have you dealt with that kind of adversity? >> well, it's difficult, you know. you just kind of have to see the big picture and know that, you know, you have to take it one game at a time. it's been a frustrating season at times with injuries and not being able to do what i'd like to do but you can see how things are coming together now and how we're back at 500 and we have a realistic opportunity to take this thing with four games left, so it's really about staying the
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an entire team. i feel like we have that. >> i like the at trued. you can watch the show at 6:30, which follows this news cast. it's a good one. for the second time, mike pinnell has been suspended for violating the substance abuse policy. he'll sit out the final four games. if the packers can punch a ticket to the playoff, he will be able to play.
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>> coming up next on "the now milwaukee", the weather -- 21st century. the high-tech upgrades come to a milwaukee icon and do not forget "the now milwaukee" comes to you, facebook live,, coming up in about three minutes. >> john: going out tonight, not too bad. this is warmer than you'll see over the next few days. 32 degrees at 8:00. dropping a little break in the overcast but clouds will roll right back in, and here comes the cold. we're going to see highs in the 20s for the next few days. >> shannon: it is all relative. >> john: it's relatively cold out there. >> find a relative and cuddle up with them and watch "the now milwaukee".
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live from the lambeau field atrium inside the legends club, it's packers live. this week's packers special guest, clay matthews. ladies and gentlemen, the rock himself, larry mccarren. ( cheering ). >> thank you very much. hello, everyone, and welcome to packers live. we are officially into what mike mccarthy calls december football.


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