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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  December 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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about to take over our corner of the world.. let's go over to john malan in the weather center. a cold front moves through the area tonight with westerly winds to 20 mph and lows near 20. wind chills will be near 10 by wednesday morning. with temperatures expected in the 20's in the coming days --
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they're prepared for the cold. north shore fire rescue keeps warmers that can heat up iv bags in its ambulances. instead of giving them room temp fluids we'll give them fluids right around body temp. - 98 to 100 degrees - just to slowly start that re-warming the most common medical calls during the winter... are slips or falls...back injuries - or heart attacks - during snow shoveling. remember -- for all things weather -- go to today's t-m-j four dot radar and interactive maps, and any other weather information you need. donald trump has added 146 votes to his victory as the state's presidential recount, ozaukee, sheboygan, walworth and washington counties wrapped up their recounts within the past 24 hours. ben jordan is live with a breakdown of the results from sheboygan. across the state - nearly half of all the ballots cast in the
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some are at the end of the process - others 43:54 "this is it here."in sheboygan county ballot boxes are going back on the shelves. "and there it will sit."after 6 days of counting 58,000 by hand.jon dolson - sheboygan co. clerk32:40 "it's a big relief."through the final day - more than 100 sheboygan county votes shifted between election day and the recount with a majority going to elect donald trump.sheboygan county clerk jon dolson says the variations were mainly caused by voter errors.33:33 "someone will take a ballot and either circle the candidates name and not connect the ends of the arrow." over in washington county - their handcount wrapped up almost at the exact same time. 2:50 "wonderful. it feels really good."meanwhile larger counties like waukesha and milwaukee are in the thick of the process -(nat machine)both counties are less than halfway complete with recounts - bringing in efficiency machines to nat machine.these count 5,000 ballots an milwaukee county has 5 of them working at the same time.nat boxesback in sheboygan, now that they're done, dolson is calling the process a succes and expects that to be the
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say it's going to be one tenth of one percent throughout the state of a change." jefferson and racine -- both more than half way along ..... in sheboygan ben jordan today's tmj4. president-elect donald trump and his former democratic rival hillary clinton face off for the second time this year -- both are finalists for time magazine's person of the year -- there are 11 finalist in all-the winner will be announced tomorrow morning. today president-elect trump was joined by a titan of japanese finance --they
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trump says will create fifty thousand american jobs.trump made the unplanned announcement with the softbank c-e-o in the lobby of trump tower this afternoon. masayoshi son: so we are going to invest $50 billion in the u.s. and commit to make, to create 50,000 new jobs.q: and how will you do that?we invest into the new startup companies in the united states. about the bank's investments. coverage of the trump transition continues at 5:30 on the n-b-c nightly news with new at five..a new program is putting books in the hands of young readers in milwaukee. aside from being a pure source of enjoyment and entertainment, studies show avid readers are more likely to stay in school longer and secure better jobs. as ann sterling reports, some students in milwaukee who have a passion for reading are now picking out their own books.
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to read. bernard calhoun 8th grade9.39.26 i like diary of a whimpy kid. the zombie. i like stuff with a lot of action. 9.39.32bernard and 5 thousand other sudents at m-p-s are about to get a bunch of books for free .it's all part of a literacy program -- which continues to grow.9. 33.07 so every kid in the 14 schools will get 10 books. 3 today, 3 in feb and 4 in may toward the end of the school year so they can start their own libraries. 14this program kicked off last year. since then -- my very own library distributed 34 thousand books to students in 14 mps schools: at the end of this school year -- all these students will have received 50 thousand free books for their home libraries. stephanie davern scholastic book fair9.33.46 every child deserves the opportunity to have a home library and the opportunikty to read books they choose and self select. 54.the program is a team effort between my very
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greater milwaukee.and today the students are getting more than just books, they're meeting a children's author. sundee frazier writer9.55.20 i want them to understand why its important for them to read books, but especially for me i want them to be excited about reading books that show kids that look like them. 2714 schools are invloved in this program now, but the goal is to add more classrooms.and that's good news. a report out of ''kids and family reading'' says.... 90 percent of kids are more likely to finish themselves.ann sterling today's tmj 4 to date -- my very own library has provided more than 1.2 million books to students across the camping out in a red kettle. how a man's unique approach to raising money is working in ... where a robber worked freaky fast to take cash from a local jimmy
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tomorrow marks a somber anniversary.just before eight a-m on 7th, 1941--- hundreds of japanese fighter pilots set their sights on pearl harbor. more than two thousand americans lost their lives, another thousand were injured, and nearly twenty naval ships and more than 300 airplanes were destroyed. it has been 75 years since a day franklin delano roosevelt famously said- - would live in infamy. more news more news details on that fatal warehouse fire in oakland california...we're now learning city and state officials fielded years of
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club where 36 partygoers died. the fire broke out over the weekend. as victims are identified, family members are asking, if the incident could have been prevented. an ivestigation is underway. a michigan man is taking the salvation army's red kettle campaign to a whole new level . . .greg bock is living inside this giant red kettle until the salvation army in his community raises 10- thousand dollars -- he says he's doing it to help all the people who don't have a home to go to. "when i leave i'm going home to a warm house and a wife and three kids and a family that's loving and cares for me, but there are some folks out there that are living in the woods, that are living in their car." bock has raised four-thousand dollars of his ten thousand dollar goal. a local school district looking to move up start times for high school students.. shannon sims is in the newsroom with a story new at six. thanks george and carole.its
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well with many parents in the school district.. tonight. why they are concerned with earlier start times.. that's coming up new on the gift of wine this holiday season could leave a bad taste in your mouth. coming up. the scam spreading on social media
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take a good look at this thief... who held up a jimmy john's on the campus of marquette university... it happened just after 10-30 last night -- near the corner of 15th and wells...surveillance cameras caught the suspect in the act. police say he also robbed the real chili down the road a few minutes before. -- if you recognize him -- police want to hear from you. cheersti holiday toasts... but also for getting scammed. lauren winfrey takes a look at a new holiday gift exchange that's not all it's cracked up to be. new at carole and george, before you share, be aware. this gift exchange targets wine lovers encouraging them to give a little to get a lot this holiday season, the only problem is there's a high chance they could end up empty handed. it's called a holiday wine bottle exchange, and it's
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social media "she immediately showed me her account and said what do you think about this?" andy glende is referring to his wife who was tagged in a facebook post encouraging her to join a wine gift exchange, but glende says he isn'y buying it. "i've seen that before, and i was just surprised that it was out there on a facebook message from one of her friends." according to the post that's making it's way pretty simple, you buy one bottle valued at 15 dollars or more and send it to another wine lover with the expectation of getting much more in return. "it's a typical pyramid scheme. you're never going to get what they say you're going to get. you don't buy one bottle of wine and get 36 for free." and it's also a crime. according to the better business bureau, taking part in a pyramid scheme like this one in the state of wisconsin is "no one, but the people that start it or those at the very top are going to
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rely connections to make these happen." another thing to keep in mind is sharing personal information in an exchange like this could leave you vulnerable to identity theft. if you come across a scam like this one you can always report it to the b-b-b scam tracker at b-b-b dot org. storm team four coverage now... bicycle season may have ended meteorologist john malan is in the weather center. john? wednesday is partly cloudy windy, but highs will only be near 30 with wind chills in the teens as winds gust over 20 mph. thursday is mostly cloudy with flurries, winds gusting to 30 mph, and highs only in the mid 20s. wind chills will be in the single
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sunny, breezy and cold with morning lows in the teens, highs in the low 20s, and a brisk wind to 20 mph. the next an afternoon saturday with highs in the mid 20s, and the snow continues on sunday with highs
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coming up in sports. the brewers pull off a trade today. who's coming and who's
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brewers pull of a trade today.. that sends releiver tyler thornburg to the boston red sox for travis shaw.and two minor league thornburgh, took over as the brewerscloser during the last two months of last season when the team tradedaway jeremy "jeff-ris" to texashe appeared in "67" games last season posting an 8 and 5 record, along with 90 strikeouts in 67 innnings for the crew, he'll be the set up man in boston.. travisw, picked up in the deal, is expected to playthird base for crew next season the green bay packers need to win out with four games left in their season and get some help if they want to make it to the .up next, is the seattle seahawks at lambeau field on's head coach mike mccarthy ((mike says)) we need to win win at home coldweather possible snow that part of the correctionstoday what did our young players learn playing
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apart of the corrections its all apart of the correction you can apply forward i looks like it will be simliar to the game that we just played in make sure that we are prepared for for not only our opponent by the environment that were playing in the bucks had their four game winning streak snapped last night, .when the spurs got out of town with a 97 to 96 win at the b-m-o harrisbradley center. jabarri parker led way for the buckswith 23 by yanniswho had 22 in the loss .the bucks had a shot for the win at the buzzer but mer-za tell-ah-vich's three point shot rimmed out.milwuakee will host portlandon wednesday night and the golden state warriors got a huge game from clay thompson who scored 60 points in just 29 minutes in the warriors win over the pacers last night..thompson, was on fire scoring40 points in the first half, and 20 in the third quarter, and he didn't
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.golden state thumped the pacers last night.142 to 106 and packers defensive lineman mike pennel has been suspened by the nfl for the final four games of the season..for
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the estimated winning jackpot for tonight's badger five drawing is ten-thousand dollars. coming up on "packers live with larry mccarren" at 6:30: a big man with superstar
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matthews. maybe we'll get some insight on that shoulder injury.... and a quick look at tonight's primetime line up...coming up at seven... nbc's the voice. this is us -- follows at eight... chicago fire comes on at nine -- followed by today's tmj4 news live at the n-b-c nightly news is
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tonight, nbc news exclusive, could a tragic inferno have been stopped? new video showing authorities inside the warehouse weeks before dozens perished. what we've learned about potential missed opportunities. lash arrest in the apparent road rage death of a foer nfl star, a sheriff unloads in a tirade filled with profanity and racial slurs. trump's billion dollar threat over the price of the new air force one, the president-elect using the bully pulpit against another big american company. l.a. terror threat. stepped up security, passengers being


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