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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  December 1, 2016 2:07am-2:37am CST

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presentation for keranique --
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>> right now are milwaukee, this is today's tmjfor you live at 10 -- tmj 4 live at 10. >> new tonight at 10, a woman who served time in prison for watching a family beat her baby to death is arrested again for abusing another child. the woman was arrested in connection with a death of a seven-year-old milwaukee boy. >> police say he suffered multiple injuries before dying at the hospital. coreen zell is live with the latest. korean? >> reporter: -- coreen? >> reporter: george and carol we don't know specifics about the child's injuries. police are awaiting on the autopsy to determine what exactly caused his death. police are investigating the death of a seven-year-old child on the south side as a homicide. they've arrested two women in their 40's in connection to the
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act to prevent bodily harm. neighbors say the seven-year-old boy lived here with his mother. >> it's terrible. it's terrible. >> reporter: police say the boy was taken from a home near south 19th and national tuesday and brought to the hospital with numerous injuries. the seven-year-old died a few hours later. >> you know, it's kind of hard explaining this to my children when they see these kids. >> reporter: a woman arrested today is booked on preliminary charges of physical abuse of a child. that could change as that same woman was convicted in 2003 for involvement in the death of one-year-old brian -- bryan alston. woman stood by as two of her family members beat the baby using him as a punch bag. as for the seven-year-old, police are trying to learn more about the injuries leading up to his death. the woman was charged to 18 months in prison for the 2003 crime. she and the other three people have not been charged for the latest case.
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district 1, coreen zell, today's tmj 4. >> thank you, coreen. a wintery mix blowing in from points west. john shows us when it may zip across lake michigan. >> starting to do a lot of that right now. this is mostly sprinkles and rain showers rolling around the area. you'll see as the radar goes through and the snow finder mask as you call it is trying to snow in some spots but again this is very, very light stuff rolling through the area and you can see the scattered showers fromrt dodge county and in through washington and sheboygan and fond du lac county with isolated showers everywhere else all still around that low that brought us the inch of rain a couple of days ago and the warm air yesterday. still come -- still some scattered snow and rain showers working their way around that storm system. the temperatures are very mild. if you're right by the lake, 38 in milwaukee. 35 watertown and fond du lac.
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wake up and still could see a flurry around. 35 degrees. don't see a lot of problems as far as any accumulation with these flurries and snow showers. and then there's colder air to talk about. i'll talk about that coming up in just a few minutes. >> ok, we'll see you in a bit. thank you, john. the much-discussed presidential recount begins tomorrow. >> more than 3 million votes cast in the presidential election in wisconsin will be tabulated for a second time. some by hand, others by machine. 444,000 county were taken by the truckload today to the warehouse where 130 workers will get to work tomorrow morning. >> they have voting machines stored there. staff is recommending to the election commission that this be a machine recount. >> milwaukee county is one of 20 counties planning to use machines for the recount. the deadline is december 12th. county clerk joe czarnecki doesn't expect the recount to change the results of the
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you can see the recount for yourself. recount sites are open to the public. here in milwaukee county, the election warehouse located 1901 south kk. bring a photo i.d. find the site near you on city of milwaukee is bringing -- is give gg -- is giving away free water filters for those at risk of lead in the water. katie crowther is live in the park where demand wasov a row. katie? >> reporter: carole more than 500 families waited in line here tonight. only half of them got water filters. the demand wasust far-reaching the supply. the line went far outside building and inside, it was body to body. >> obviously, lots of people are worried. >> reporter: worried about lead in their water and how it could be affecting them and their families. >> i have a grandson who is four
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so i think it's very important they're doing this. i think it's a very good thing. >> my kids are going -- are growing. i don't know what lead in the water is doing to their brains. it's important that we should all have clean drinking water no matter where we live. >> reporter: concerns that are justified according to local health workers helping distribute the water filters showing people how to properly use them. >> we see a lot of it in the lead levels with the babies we see in the clinic. >> reporter: while everyone agrees this is a great first step in educating people on what they could do to protect themselves, they hope much more is done. >> i think there's a big problem that hasn't been addressed yet. this is just the beginning of addressing the problem. >> i would like to hear more options. those pipes can't stay there forever. >> i'd like to know that there's a plan to replace those pipes to our houses and not something that homeowners are going to have to pay for because it's not our fault. we didn't build these houses. i think these things should be
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>> reporter: and those who waited here in line and didn't get a water filter were told to write their name and contact info and hopefully they will get one very soon. we're also told you can pick up a water filter at the social development commission on north avenue. reporting live from kosciuszco, park, katie crowther, tmj4. heran up this year. 217 are recorded this year. another 55 deaths are pending toxicology. milwaukee council will take up a proposal tomorrow to create a county city heroin opioid task force to study that problem. milwaukee man is convicted in the overdose death of a concordian -- concordia university student. >> prosecutors say that he gave
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hours later, one was found dead. he'll be sentenced in january. police say a bomb threat was written inside lincoln intermediate school. nothing was found during a search of the building. more problems for ufc fighter anthony "showtime" pettis. pettis is offering a reward on information for two people caught on this surveillance video going through his cars in his driveway. you can still see burn marks from when his vehicle was set on fire a few weeks ago don't leave them idling to warm up. wauwatosa police got the first idling car theft reported this season. the metro park domes task force met tonight to craft a long-term plan on the aging landmark. the group considering how to pay for major repairs or for a new facility. restoring the domes could cost more than $70 million.
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county -- now a survey by the county says most people want to actually rebuild, 49% compared to 44% who want to fix them. >> earlier this year, the domes were closed because of crumbling concrete. the county paid $500,000 to install protective netting. all three of the domes have since reopened. admission is free tomorrow. there'll be a ceremony at 10:00 in the morning to celebrate the reopening. well, check this out a group of cub scouts creating care packages to send to troops overseas. letters and personal messages of thanks. >> what will you write in your letter do you think? >> thank you for your service. my dad is in the military. >> i'm writing thank you for helping us get this land and i'm going to thank them for a lot of stuff. >> the second graders collected all the candy on halloween. how nice.
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moscow ballet will perform the great russian nutcracker at the milwaukee theater. >> critically-acclaimed dancers will be joined by dozens of young milwaukee area perform meares -- performers, some of whom are fresh off an appearance in the thanksgiving macy's parade. the snapshots are timeless. >> it was breathtaking. all of those people there and they're all cheering for you and they don't know you. >> reporter: but jordan, three of terry's standout ballerinas in the next step dance studio aren't stopping there. the three ballet dancers practicing tonight looking like one of the rough pencil sketches will take the next step forward in their art this weekend when they perform with the moscow ballet. >> when our dance teacher told us about this, i was -- it was crazy, um, thinking of professionals coming to our studio and being able to audition for a professional
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was great and getting a part was even better. >> reporter: they've been practicing their upcoming contribution for six weeks which isn't much time in the world of high-end ballet. >> usually we have about few months. >> reporter: all tolled, 40 milwaukee area dancers will take the stage with the world renowned moscow ballet saturday. these young primas allow there will be some butterflies. >> they're such professionals. we strive for the excellence here but compared t mean, it's just going to be a world of difference. >> the moscow ballet's great russian nutcracker will be performed saturday at the milwaukee theater. tickets, by the way, are still available. >> congratulations. what an honor. >> indeed. back in the day, some of us waited by the mailbox for word we've been accepted to uw madison or lakeland university. >> the brave new way college-bound students are getting good news in a snap. >> ipads and laptops for students in milwaukee stolen,
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calling for tougher penalties after a hunter shot one rare woodland createter. >> "tonight show" is next. here is jimmie fallon with a look ahead. >> hey, guys, felicity jones is
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people in one wisconsin community calling for tougher penalties for hunters after a rare albino deer was shot and killed. the deer who residents nicknamed whitey was recently killed in salk county. it's illegal to shoot a white deer in wisconsin. despite the fines hunters face, locals say more needs to be done. >> to shoot this monarch and pay $3 00 fine and it's over. $300 people don't bring the enjoyment that 100 people around here had when they saw the deer all the time. one wisconsin school has a snappy new way to let students know they were accepted. uw's admissions team sends the news through snapchat. university could see when the student has read the message. most of the students send back selfies showing their happiness and excitement. more than 100,000 dollars in
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local school district. >> the i-team discovered themes thieves are repeatedly targeting milwaukee public schools but rarely get caught. >> investigative reporter eric ross breaks down where the thefts are happening. >> reporter: good evening, over a two-year time period, we found 17 cases where expensive electronics were taken. in a few cases, the schools were hit up more than once. on august 16th, 2014, police responded to a burglary call at morris high school on the city's 60 computers were taken worth more than $45,000. police noted the school's surveillance system was broken. >> you might be break in and spill and make a little money off of it. ultimately the people that are going to suffer the most are the kids. >> reporter: michael owens' daughter attends congress year-round school where thieves broke in twice within one week back in may. 21 chrome books, eight ipads and 22 laptops were taken.
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dollars lost and who is going to make up for it? >> we do use a number of different methods to safeguard the equipment that's in our facility. >> reporter: one of those security measures includes the use of surveillance cameras but after learning they weren't working in at least one school, parents like michael have concerns. >> someone needs to come up with a better method of security to make sure that equipment isn't being taken randomly or whenever someone decides they want t to break into the school. >> reporter: ssw calloway wouldn't talk on camera about the school's surveillance system fearing that information could make their schools a repeated target, however, she did say the district is installing special software on their new computers as a deterrent. >> what we have in place now is that the computers that are coming in and the ipads that are coming in, none of them work outside of the mps environment. >> reporter: meaning even if someone were to steal another computer, they'll need an mps
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it. >> i think that's a strong deterrent as people begin to understand that and the word gets out, if you have a piece of equipment that you can't use, it's pretty much useless to you. >> reporter: the district logged a total of 106,000 dollars of equipment losses in just two years. the district's policy requires schools to report any loss to the milwaukee police department. we confirmed 14 out of 17 cases involved theft, yet only 11 police case reports were filed. calloway is looking into why proper procedures were not followed. any equipment that certainly is a concern. and we take that concern seriously. >> reporter: also out of the 11 cases where police reports were filed, only two arrests were made. eric ross, today's tmj4. cooler today but we still surpassed our normal daily high temperature. >> still been pretty decent. no jackets needed for some hardy people today on mail waukee's east side.
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>> we're coming up to the end of the month, carole, only an hour or so away. so far, we're giving out silver for milwaukee, starting with november, 47.3, possibly eeking out 47.4 degrees, average temperature for the month, that's the second warmest november on record behind 2001 at the 47.5. and autumn is also second warmest on record. the warmest was back in in our year right now, it's running the second warmest on record behind just a few years ago, 2012, which was the warmest year on record. that got the gold medal, of course. our average has already dropped to 39 degrees for the high temperature. 26 for our low. look at our temperature today, 44. shortly after midnight, 34. that's our lowest so far. 38 degrees in milwaukee.
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waukesha reporting lower at 32 degrees. our winds have picked up. they'll continue all night brisk in the 10-20 mile-per-hour r range. that'll continue through tomorrow diminishing later in the afternoon and into the evening hours. storm x radar shows mostly rain. this is very, very light rain. milwaukee county was getting mostly clisle and very light rain showers through -- drizzle and very light rain showers through the evening hours. it was trying to mix in a little bit of snow. much. you can see snow showers here. maybe mixing with snow in washington county and sheboygan county. everything is wrapping around this slow-moving storm system. look at the wraparound right here continuing on it's also wrapping some warmer temperatures as it moves through. but the cold air will eventually settle in for the next few days. notice in the morning hours, a flurry or sprinkle left over. then mostly cloudy skies. stays cold for thursday night into friday.
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so we could see a little bit of sunshine through the day on friday. but temperatures are going to remain seasonably cool right through the weekend. 35 overnight tonight. 32 and 33 inland and the little very, very light wintry mix continues on, maybe dodge county jefferson county could see something on grassy areas but that would be about it. then the roads are pretty warm. 42 for tomorrow with morning flurries. cool and breezy. mostly cloudy skies. we'll see breaks of sunshine into friday but cloudy and the high of only 38 degrees. here is your storm team 4 seven-day forecast. 37, a chilly start to the weekend. but at least we'll see a little sunshine there. chance for a little light, wintry mix late on sunday and then on monday, back up to 42. these are mild temperatures for december. and we could see rain tuesday and into wednesday. in the morning hours, check out jaxton hannah, three years old, very handsome.
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stocking cap in the other because it's a sprinkle flurry day. we had to make sure he worked tat. >> either/or. >> yeah. >> thank you, john. coming up in packers extra, choice words from clay, why the
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packers might be moving onto the texan this has week but clay matthews is stuck on philly for good reason it all stems from this hit in the first quarter.
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back and blindsided clay declaeting him in the process. you may remember the two were teammates in green bay in 2009. matthews separated the ac joint in his left shoulder and he's less than thrilled about it. >> you know, i got a lot more to say about it but, i'm going to say it behind closed doors. i mean, that was a cheap shot but it is what it is. i hate it. unfortunately, i landed on my shoulder. that's what i've been dealing with since. >> well, the pack herz a rare wednesday off from -- packers had a practice. it was scheduled in spring to ease the bumps and bruises of this part of the season. rob burks is in green bay. >> reporter: packers' secondary has been dealing with injuries all season long. they got a big boost with cornerback demaryius randall back in the lineup against the eagles. >> i'm going to go back in and evaluate the film later in the day. i'll take it day-by-day. and just whatever i can do to keep on getting better, um, i'm just going to -- that's just what i'm going to do and, um,
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happy to be back out there. i'm happy we can get a win. >> how much does it help you to get someone like demaryius randall back who was battling with the groin injury and getting the secondary back to where it needs to be? >> it's good. it's a confidence-booster. no one everyone is coming back and ready to go. i think that's huge. >> anytime you can get some guys back, that's definitely going to be beneficial for us, the unit as a whole and like i said, we're just -- i'm trying to continue to work and trying to ups and downs, whatever may come our way, but, yes, definitely whenever you can get some guys back, that's always beneficial. >> reporter: next up for the secondary and the green bay packers, houston texans here in lambeau field. with the pack, i'm rod burks for today's tmj4. >> in our next segment, how the golden eagles run wild in the
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welcome back. wearing teal to celebrate native american heritage month, marquet golden eagles soared at b.c. tonight, total domination over their opponents. dujuan johnson with the breakaway and flush. he had 13. johnson finds cheatham on the break. he can't finish. luke fisher has his back.
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impressive freshman, marcus howard, with four threes for 17 points. marquette cruises 90-44. across the street, panthers had to fight to beat the dolphins of jacksonville. dan working hard inside eight of his 10 in the first half. uwm bench comes off big. panthers are perfect 2-0 at home.
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>> here are tonight's winning powerball numbers. they are 3, 14, 18, 25, 45 and the powerball is 7. power play times two. >> don? >> my numbers are a little colder than that. 35 degrees. maybe a flurry in the morning hours. 45 -- 40 by noon. we'll be in the low 40's in the afternoon, dropping to 38 at 6:00. >> they're still winners to me. >> not bad. >> thank you for joining us on live at 10. >> jimmy fallon is next.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. wow, everybody! it's our favorite day. it's wines day wednesday and hump day, november 30th. >> yes, it is. >> look at our three hunks. >> every day's wednesday. >> piece of chicken, right? >> come on. >> it's really going to be fun. just -- ours until the lighting of the rockefeller tree, which you know -- >> christmas special, hoda is a part of tonight.


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