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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  November 25, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm CST

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now at 4:30 - black friday free-for-allwhether they headed to stores, went phones, black friday shoppers have already spent billions this holiday season shoppers flocked to malls around the country for black friday.many are looking for the best deals on holiday gifts.. others come for the social aspect of it all.edward lawrence reports ((natsot-people rushing in)) to avoid fights as people rush to get the best deals stores handled black friday differently this year..some opened yesterda others
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people waiting in line. 137 million are expected to shop this weeken like these two who call themselves the black friday boss. ((sot: tara schrieber and alisa cravey / shoppers:22 - :31))year after year. doing 27 hours last year. 16 to 17 hours we are on this year. keep going. we have not even eaten yet.and she found amazing deals before sunrise today.while some love marathon shopping, others know exactly what they want.((sot: christina mojica / :46))kate spade has a great sale 70% off. we also bought some stuf and then j-crew 60% off cannot go owners believe election fatigue has kept buyers homeup to now.the retail federation says the average shopper this year will spend $900, up from last year. still, today was not without its drama..((natsot)) hey. hey. ho. ho. black friday must go.protesters took to some malls around the country wanting an end to black friday because it adversely affects workers. ((sot: janica reyes / protester1:11 - 1:18)) a lot
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in on thanksgiving night to open for black friday in the morning.. early shoppers.. you know. we don't have our job. for most of the people out today its about finding that holiday deal.edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. experts say the holiday shopping season which runs from thanksgiving through christmas can account for 40% of store's annual sales. mild temperaturs making a return to our areamight be a good weekend to hang your christmas lights brian niznansky joins us with the weather.... it was quite a gloomy black friday with cloudy skies, temperatures hovering around 40 degrees, and a sprinkle or flurry here and there. we should start seeing a few breaks in the clouds later tonight, setting up more sunshine this weekend. lows tonight will be in the lower
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beyond wisconsin-authorities in michigan have charged a man with the murder of a university police officer.they believe deangelo davis shot and killed wayne state university police officer
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stopped davis who was on riding a bicycle in detroit tuesday.police say davis shot rose in the head while he was trying to take davis into custody.. authorities in new jersey are investigating an overnight shooting outside a shopping mall that left one person dead. police say the initial call reported two people person was killed, his brother was shot in the leg. the mall reopened at 6 a.m. for black friday shopping. 'hurricane otto' is projected to keep moving westward away from central ama. meanwhile, officials in costa rica ordered the evacuation of four-thousand people from its caribbean coast and called off school nationwide for the rest of the week.otto reached nicaragua's coast yesterday as a dangerous category two storm but it faded to tropical storm later in the day people in israel assessing the damage - after wildfires destroy several homes meanwhile, firefighters say the fires are mostly under control.officials report more than 12-hundred fires since
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are considered major.police say some of the fires are arson, and some are negligence. the investigation continues into who might be behind the arson president-elect donald trump recently spoke with five more foreign leadershis transition team says trump spent the holiday week speaking with world leaders from greece, hungary, panama and sweden.he also spoke with the prime minister of slovenia... where his wife melania trump was born.the transition team says trump has now least 40 foreign leaders since the election. protesters standing against the dakota access pipeline got a surprise visit from academy award winning actress and pipeline opponent jane fonda. the hollywood star traveled from los angeles to help serve a meal to a mixed crowd of mostly water protectors.she says she believes many of the actions throughout the past seven months were peaceful. just in time for christmas ... a "miracle" in new york.coming
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- to save an elderly man trapped inside a burning
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it's being called the miracle on 93rd york city firefighters try a risky maneuver--- using a rope to rescue an 81-year-old man from the fifth floor of the burning
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reports : the rescue was one the group will never forget nats: urgent, urgent, urgent. command to all units. we want everybody out of the fire building.joseph moore, fdny / ladder 13: this is the type of job you see, you know, once in a 20 year careeras a manhattan apartment building ignited in flamesabout 250 members of the fdny raced toward it these five men among them. james lee, fdny / rescue 1: the roof was on fire. there was fire coming out of the shaft. there was fire all around us.the firefighters never met day.. an 81-year-old man trapped in his hom brought them together.james lee, fdny / rescue 1: frank called me and told me that we had a guy at the window.francis rush, fdny / rescue 1: my thought was possibly a fire escape to get to him, but there was no rear fire escape in this old tenement.james lee, fdny / rescue 1: i just grabbed the rope, dumped the rope on the roof and that's when andy and steve came up and joe and we went to work.a rope rescue is a dangerous technique which hasn't been attempted by this
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resort by firemen's standards, but one they knew they had to do.within seconds.. jim lee was being lowered down- scaling the burning building. nats: go to your right, jimmy, go to your right.james lee, fdny / rescue 1: he was burning at one point and you could hear him yell, i'm burning. i just remember sort of seeing him, looking up at me with the hood up and i just said to him, lets go.with the rope holding them, beginning to burn..nats: nice and easy.. lower him down.the team of firefighters successfully lowered the two men to safety.. nats: he's down.seconds before the rope snapped.james lee, fdny / rescue back up and seeing the fire out the windows, the roof was on fire and the reality really set in that wow, we really just, we saved a guy's life. legitimately, a group of guys worked together in seamless fashion and saved this guys life. what a feeling.that feeling came again..nats: well you look familiarwhen
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man he and the others saved, jim duffy.jim duffy:i said, thank god, it was a miracle. or as i called it, a miracle on 93rd street.james lee: alright, well that's a good catch phrase, i like it.joseph moore:no one will take from you (everyone laughs)francis rush, fdny / rescue 1: we deal with a lot of tragedy in this job and through the course of the career, more tragedy than you'd like to ever see and this was definitely a win for everybody.brynn gingras, cnn, new york. fire officials sa t electrical cord.the firefighters have set up a fundraising site to help mr. duffy find a new home once his rehab is complete. coming up - disney's "moana" set to take the number one spot at the box office.why the film was a dream come true for its star dwayne "the rock" johnson.but first, here's a live look from west bend. meteorologist brian niznansky is back with the latest on our
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it was quite a gloomy black friday with cloudy skies, temperatures hovering around
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flurry here and there. we should start seeing a few breaks in the clouds later tonight, setting up more sunshine this weekend. lows tonight will be in the lower of clouds and sunshine on saturday and our temperatures should bump up a few degrees and eventually top out around
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sunday with lots of sunshine then clouds again in the afternoon. if the sun hangs on long enough, we'll climb near 50 degrees. overall, for late november standards, the weekend is looking great.the next significant storm system arrives suay monday. we'll stay on the warm side of the storm, meaning periods of rain for us starting sunday night, monday,
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disney hired an unknown musician to write the songs for it's latest animated feature "mo-ah- na". he turned out to be "hamilton's" lin manuel miranda. mike wilber
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the film was a dream come true for it's star dwayne johnson. (sot: dwayne johnson, actor) "a disney animated movie with music was the bucket list" (nats: clip)and being part of "moana" had special meaning for dwayne johnson. (sot: dwayne johnson, actor) "the opportunity to showcase polynesian culture, i'm half black and half samoine to showcase it to the world in this way. with masterful storytellers. disney does it very well. it was an amazing thing he didn't know when he signed on - was the man behind music was about to launch one of the most successful broadway shows in history. (sot: dwayne johnson, actor) "when they said we have lin manuel miranda who is going to write the music i swear to god i said who? they said he's got this thing it's brand new hamilton, you got to go see it it's really good. and then here we are. (sot: lin manuel miranda, musician)"our
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doing his play he'll be back in a couple of months. it's a rap musical about the founders." (reporter: mike wilber)"and you thought wow i landed this big gig and lots of things have happened to you around the same time." (sot: lin manuel miranda, musician) "yeah moana has been this ocean of calm while the success has skyrocket and there's fans outside the theater, i've got songs to write so it was sort of my little happy place to go to." (nats: clip) mike wilber nbc news. tempted by thanksgiving leftovers?coming up ... advice on how to eat, without overdoing it. taking a look at tonight's prime time lineup on today's tmj4 at 6:30, its the now; milwaukeefollowed by a holiday classic : dr. suess' how the grinch stole christmasthen "how murray saved christmas"
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first it was gift certificates. then gift cards... now, it's wisconsin lottery's $15 holiday scratch game, unwrap the cash. ironically elf-themed, this festively-fun gift put a bunch of us into early retirement.
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i moved on to greener pastures! see you on the green! okay!
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at five. did your vote really ?count?? why the party that finished fourth in the presidential election wants to pay for a ?recount? in wisconsin. live at five starts right now. right now at five: a request
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"i want to be clear, there is no smoking gun. there is not something we can point at and say this is wrong in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. what we are saying is there's enough peripheral evidence for us to say this should be investigated." president-elect donald trump won wisconsin by 27-thousand votes... a margin of about 1 percent. in michigan and pennsylvania. if recounts switch electoral votes in those three states to hillary clinton, it would change the outcome of the election we have team coverage on this story.ben jordan spoke with voters about the recount request. he has their reaction in just a moment.but we'll begin with the recount itself. casey geraldo begins our coverage. the green party and third party candidate rocky de la fuenty have filed for recounts in wisconsin.the green party
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the results of the election- they tell us it's about protecting the integrity of the system. the green party's concerns aren't ballots, but the technology used to cast them. george martin, us green party embassador of peace not be hacked from the outside, but they can be manipulated from the inside 12.37.2712.30.43 as we look at this graphic here... the green party believes these numbers may show suspicious activity from election day. 12.31.12 that that slim a variation can be expected to occur only once in 850 elections. that's what raises take a look at this and a good look at this. 12.31.37but the elections commission says as far as they know, there's nothing to find.mike haas, wisconsin commission administrator 15.21.49 we have not seen any evidence at all of tampering of voting equipment or election results. 15.21.54still, martin feels election discrepancies tell a different story....12.25.47 we're not saying that did happen, but we're saying we've got to take a look to make
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party responded to the filing saying "jill stein's decision to pursue a recount is absurd and nothing more than an expensive political stunt that undermines wisconsin's election process." de la fuente says he believes both parties have manipulated elections.we did reach out to wisconsin's democratic party as well- they did not respond, at swe comes next after this filing. live in milwaukee, casey geraldo, today's tmj4. attorney mike maistleman explained on live at four what we should expect in the recount process.the candidates and the campaigns are going to be looking at really at the voting machines to see if someone, somehow has been able to log in, rig in or put some kind of a software malware on


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