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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  November 24, 2016 2:05am-2:25am CST

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>> wom: this has been a id presentation for the nuwave
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>> at 10k tonight, the -- 10 journey begins. while some of our roads are wet, others are driving but waves. >> we'll go to get a first look at your travel weather with john. >> some areas now, we're just starting to get reports. here are some snowfall totals we're looking at. essentially, about 4.4 in three lake
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snow. wausau, 2.7 inches of snow a, all? t w tack o'claire and the twin cities. you can see the line?pee bay to wausau all day, rain showers pushing in.we h e drizzle left over. the temperatures very mild. 44 in milwaukee. 40 as far to the west as white hours, not bad forthanksgiing. a l of cloud for your holiday. then i will have your shopping day friday and saturday maps are coming up in just a few march madness. >> traffic is not nearly as busy as it was for the work day. this i the view through the incidentally, pice are out in s. force tonight, the day before thanksgiving. it's a night of revel tri-.
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safe wa sens to the man >> police are th man who pulled the trigger. >> rebecca is out at city center n htheople ringround seth s o him,hen ahotook ew has lgh shaking but standing together?? >> sarahush and her bfriend live jus where a ma was shot lt night. around 7:45, steve?shusteras ta t.
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there' a lot3- stuff gogon. pi s shuster did not have involvement. >> he's a part of our community and lives. it's extremely tragic what happened. >> he volunteered at the local co-op. now the same place he's helped ar t t takensorrecovery. >>e haveht t nit tight-knit &co weeust showing our love for our frids >> shuster is recovering. police urge anyone we kno anything to call them. for eporting live iniver
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arou a chardith fivear evencediionawyers sayths mahane forrecount,coe?4 te trt whether anffer will be pthe sing deathfo? andeon. >> this brick wall they got up. they have to take this bck
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out. sconsin n toseehis >> tonight, theyk?@ir?a directl uwatajustic no peace. >> whatreki ooso trelease the d we're alere to serve notice that it isot going8c to stop.>> boycottingoliday spending protest police brutality. >> a mom says she has much to be thankful for this year, even though her child has cancer a snding t time in the hospital.
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makingest the b of thissi>> thel be settg up tndershow thanksgiving dinne at the table nner a tspitho.heir tnksgiving >> her daughter is in intensive care reng fcoverim her second bone transplant, a procede toe h cancer. ?roblastos cartnhe glandsnd a t have the ad doctors and nurses he become their family away from home. >> we're verynkf tha t forpport. >> they're very strong. th're very positive. and they are ju fighting ugh. room will be full tomorrow >> my husband and h older daughter will be hend some extended family wl be coming
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whe the sable is.her, n m ouve we're not at home and doing tct things we itionally do, we're still in a good ple. we still to be thankf for. >> alia has a big aet tomorrow, she's aowedo ea anythinghe >>er touchingsty. >> we caughe??? antsy parents excited to pick up their re chdn. >> how papty who have theamily >> ryenapp -- very happe gets tome and hel - we c uaugh reunitgouples also >>ow dyou fe bing home great.
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eing a busy day at the airport, delays were faen at mitchelteairport. >> wisconsin will be well represented tomorrow during the cy parade. dancers were invited along with the matching band. the parade starts at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow morning. you can only see it her on tmj4. >> well, green bay packers. aykers for the end of the ll lo season. >> field. >> runningback eddie lacy and sam shields are officially done for the season. head coachike mccarthy said they wou rn o injured reserved for th rest of the season we know theyone for the rest of t reason.
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going forward? how do you adjust to that? >> well, they haven't been part ofhings r a while. they're two big contributors, but we haven't had them in the building a long time ede, it's go to have him around. the head injury is just shaou h with. i obvusly feel bad for him. he's a good friend and are g competor and fre for us. so w i on the ir for five games a long time go. it's tough to beepated from the am. we think about those guys a lot. they're still part of what we've accomplished here. >> runningck christianhaelic who recollects the packers picked up last week from the seahawks, say he's ready to go monday ainst the eagles. >> meanti, on packers fan is
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he's vowed not to win pants until his team wins a game. >> i'moing to not wear pants until they win. >> i would love to see him all winter just to show how much of a dedicated fan he is. >> their next game against the eagles. carson wentz and company are not bad. >> that's a statement. >> a local the holidays. >> doe, a deer, a female deer. okay. she's got antlers. impressive antlers. we'll explain this wisconsin
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>> okay. let's face it. every hunter has a story about that favorite shot or sharing
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about a prized buck. >> this doe fell and the hunter realized something wasn't right when s started field dressing his deer. >> this is the trophy of a lifetime. i'm going to have a full body mount done on it. i hope myife will let meut it in the living room,houg that's a long shot. >> she's g to love. that >> dn 1 of every thousand of deers with antler are does. >> donald trump is providing fuel for late night comedians. seth myers was in town recently. >> three years into hosting late night, myers told me he'sg a sho
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e it. >>i went to chicago to see him this time, but seth mrs is no stranger to milwaukee, calling it a great comedy down. >> i did stand op at the pap that -- stand up at the pap theater. >> isn't that an i incredible. >> seth'sight n venue is at 30 rockefeller center. >> do you feel more >> i feel like it's my show every night, which it took a while to get to that place. i don't feel like the brass i going to knock on the door and tell me to clear out. >>? you have room now. >> i have room now. >> he's using it to rip the are the president-elect nightly. >>'s nt worried about defending donald trump's voters. >> it's true. i kind of am like a stallion.
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we just write about the news every day. someone fay creates news that's comedy friely,on't think there's been a case like donald? trp. >> is that w youad in nd,?> votealum preeendt as blic surprising since i justjoke.
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gr what you said b funny? >> ihinknt an dision that this eleion be rea to be the truth. countryfgh at os >> f in our neck of th john?baldwin ] >> most of the area has been even it's been showering get10 oid
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ra , littleex.ccum vend snow showers around michigan. upper 30s friday, again, we might have a slight little rain chance. light snow toward the morning hours on friday. everybody else is looking pretty good travel wise. not much to talk about and nothing to talk about on saturday and actually into sunday. there will be rain pushing in from the west on sunday. all in all, pretty travel conditions. temperatures still at 44 degrees in milwaukee.
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at 42 degrees. we see showers. as we pull up, we look at the clouds all the way back through minnesota. that's why we have mostly cloudy skies in the forecast for tomorrow. so one low pressure system moves out, leaving clouds for thanksgiving day. overnight, thanksgiving night, more clouds. notice showers behind this front and cloudy skies for the remainder. this is actually behind. 41 for tomorrow's mostly cloudy skies and thanksgiving day. light westerly winds on shopping day on friday. maybe a light mix at times, but, again, not amounting to much. 42 degrees.
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partly cloudy on saturday. saturday night, rain pushes in. look at monday. 50 degrees with rain likely. we stay above normal temperatures.
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>> packers experience a loss on each side, offense and defense. lacy and shields ruled out for the year. the team remains confident at lambeau field. >> reporter: sure the packers have lost four in a row, five of their last six, but what they haven't lost is their confidence. >> i feel like we can run the table. i really do. i think the offense is starting to click a little bit more. we have to put together a game where we're more assistant from the first i think we've been getting close to that. it just takes one. if we get one under our belt, things may start going well for us, and we can run the table. >> what we did today was good. another opportunity. you have to make the most of it. >> here's the catch. the eagles are unbeaten on their home field. they have only allowed three
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>> welcome back.
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for the holiday. the triathlon champ remembers her roots by going back to david hobbs honda. >> they were my first spaonsor. they believed in me from the beginning. it's allowed me to be successful. >> to me, you still seem like glen. are you has that been affixed to your name? >> i think if i go to sporting events, i'm more recognizable. now she has inspired another generation. >> she's a big inspiration for me. i really like running. when i saw her in the olympics, i went out that day and started running. that day i signed up for a 5k. she's an inspiration.
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so it's like, really cool. she's just amazing. 's crazy how i actually got to meet my idol. >> i love hearing those stories. check out this woman whose jaw hit the ground when she realized who was taking her donation. ryan braun, he is future is in >> obviously as far as not knowing 100% where we'll be playing, it complicates things. my priority in life is them, making sure they're comfortable. >> it's a for the of the business and the profession. if something happened, we would figure it out when we got there. >> the badgers and the championship game, not a lot of offense.
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thanksgiving treat, beating grand rapids. the final tonight, 3-1. have a happy thanksgiving,
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>> get your tickets out, america, your winning powerball numbers are 7, 42, 47, 61 -- the power play is 2. >> the showers will pretty much be over, but we'll have drizzle and fog left over. then, for thanksgiving day, you're traveling around the area, nice travel conditions. mostly cloudy skies. they play a lot of that turkey bowl. perfect weather for that. >> i've had calls for people who have been played games for years around the areas. so they will like that forecast. it's actually pretty nice.
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we don't want any injuries. >> good advice. thanks for joining us. >> >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. oh, hi, everybody! we're so happy you're with us today. what day is it again, hoda? >> wines day, wednesday. >> i forgot. november 23rd. >> yes. >> a lot of people hitting the roads and skies for the thanksgiving holiday. please, be safe, everybody, and that is "sleep without you" by


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