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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-4:29pm CST

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release.another judge ruled on monday that he should be released while waiting on the outcome of his appeal.this was the same judge that ruled dassey's conviction for his role in the 2007 murder of teresa halbach should be thrown out.the state appealed that the appeal is currently in the process of being briefed by both parties. tis the season for stealing - we are already seeing thieves trying to take advantage of those drop off deliveries. as ann sterling shows us --- it just happened to a city's east side but the theif was caught on camera - and the video is remarkablely clear. it's happened again.a criminal watching a doorstep looking for any type of package to be delivered -- then snatching it up.10.40.15-18 when i first saw the video i was angry. i was like who is this guy. 18 kenny butler just installed this survelliance camera 4 days ago. he was shocked when he discovered a crook swiping packages from his unlocked front porch on the city's east side.kenny butler10.37.33 - 45
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i think criminals are following delivery trucks and then they see the packages delivered because they were stolen a minute after they were dropped off at the front can see the guy walking in -- the video is stunningly clear.he's wearing a black hat -- black hoodie and red pants and you see him nervously looking around. 10.38.07 police have the video and they are working on the investigation apparently this is not an isolated incident 38.10in fact -- police say it happ to insurance more than 20 million people had packages stolen from their homes in 2015.10.38.33 when things like this happen your sense of security is shattered a little bit . 10.38.36 (?/viz fs?)there are steps you can take to avoid being an easy target.request a signatureset up email and phone alerts... to let you know when the package has been dropped off. or have your package dropped off at work.10.39.08 what we're going to do is put a note on the door that says knock on door and deliver
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infact -- he's chuckling about what the crook got away. shrimp and steak. 10.39.37 it's on facebook. its on instagram its everywehre it's been shared retweeted everyone laughing. in the video you can see the guy looking around and dosn't notice the one thing taking the video of him. 10.39.48 ann sterling todays tmj 4 amazon is offering a new service called "amazon locker". where your packages are those locations are all over the milwaukee metro area. remember report card day - today wisconsin's public schools got their report cards for education and the results aren't exactly straight a's. according to the report... five school districts and 99 schools in the state were given failing grades.those districts include: racine, bayfield, cambria-friesland, cassville and menominee indian. some good news... 82-percent of schools and 91-percent of districts scored three or more
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exceeded expectations. there was good news when it comes to milwaukee public schools.nearly one third of m-p-s schools moved up a category on the latest state report card. 55 mps schools meet, exceeded or significantly exceed expectations. as a district-- m-p-s is no longer in the fails to meet expectations category but in the meets few expectations. the kenosha dream playground is once again open for children. flooring caused the playground to be shutdown back in march. repairs were completed last month. wednesday night, the kenosah common council voted to have it reopened.the playground designed for kids with special storm team 4 now....record breaking temps today.we went over 70 degrees and it's novembver 17th.meteorologist jesse ritka joins us with the
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afternoon, breaking the old record high temp of 69 degrees set back in 1953, this is also the 4th 70 degree day in november, which is the most 70s recorded in the month of november. we are tied for the most amount of november days with temperatures above 60 degrees as well with nine days recorded as of today, we will likely break that record from 2015 tomorrow when we reach a high of 64 degrees in
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it will certainly begin to look a lot more like christmas tonight when the tree at milwaukee's city hall lights up.the 103r tree lighting ceremony will begin at 5 tonight.the tree's design will be a celebration of our city - decorated in ornaments that represent each neighborhood. the actual lighting of the tree takes place at 5:29 tonight. the tree lighting could create a bit of a headache for drivers.all north and southbound lanes of water street will be closed from wells to kilbourn until 7 p-m. wells street from water to broadway will be closed until 9 p-m.if you're heading down for the tree lighting plan
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about a half an hour later and a few blocks to the east... pere marquette park will switch on their holiday lights display.bands will psych up the crowds ahead of the lighting.along with the park and the city christmas tree more than 500-thousand lights will be displayed throughout the downtown.the celebration gets started at 5-30 tonight. its going to be one of the
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storm team 4 now....winter has arrived in parts of utah.this is video from stewart stadium at weber state university in ogden, utah.the area is under a winter storm warning as
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it will still be chilly on sunday with a high of 37 degrees in milwaukee and it will be sunny with a lighter northwest breeze at 10-15mph, though that will still give us wind chills in the 20s at times.40s return for monday and tuesday with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies but it looks like more typical november weather will be here for the rest of the month. coming up next...the shocking incident caught on camera that has landed an arizona police
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morgan fined.the reason they got slapped with millions of
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massive drug raids are underway across indianapolis and beyond.this morning officers and fbi agents went across central indiana to fight the trafficking of cocaine, meth and heroin. drug busts are also expected in other parts of the country like the western u-s, all tied to mexico. an arizona police officer is under investigation after video surfaced of him punching a woman in the face.the of arrest the woman in flagstaff. she told the officer there was no warrant for her arrest and strugged with him as he tried to handcuff her.that's when he punched her in the face. a secret service agent was hit by a car today while on his bicycle near the white house. police say the bike agent was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. however, they are not considered life threatening.a second person was also taken to the hospital with a minor
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prosecutors in dallas, texas have tentatively dropped domestic assault charges against former cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel.manziel was charged with a misdemeanor after allegedly hitting and threatening his then girlfriend during an altercation in january.further details of the deal have not been released. j-p morgan has agreed to pay more than 260 million dollars in fines to settle charges that the firm hired individuals in exchange for business contracts.the settlement ends a nearly three whether the company violated u-s anti-bribery laws.j-p morgan executives earned lucrative business deals from firms in asia in exchange for hiring the children and friends of government officials and client executives thanks for joining us today at four.there's more news ahead on live at 4:30... including the one elusive problem car seat manufacturers have
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now at 4:30 -the reassuring new report for parents when it comes to booster seats for their kids. there's big news about child booster seats this afternoon. as chris clackum reports... it comes as a surprise to highway safety experts and booster seat manufacturers. every parent who buckles a child into a booster seat will likely love hearing what the insurance institute for highway safety has to say today about boosters."when we first began our ratings in 2008, only about a quarter got the top rating of 'best bet', and this year, 48 out of 53 got the top rating."let's say that again... 48 out of 53 booster seats... received the highest ratings... in the institute's latest series of


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