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tv   Morning Blend  NBC  October 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am CDT

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? sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.? ? ooooh oooh.? ? every little thing. ? and good morning. today a project that's helping revitalize some of the city's most run-down parks. a great way to get a jump start on your holiday shopping. and she can type up to 400 words per minute. >> we meet the closed that's next. ? it's a great day to make it ? everything you want it to be ? yours and mine ? it's a great day to shine ? ? i'm resisting the temptatioi to do my raise the roof move.
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>> thank you. >> i got some coffee trivia yesterday when i was ordering a coffee. i was out at kohl's corporate, and i ordered just a regular coffee instead of the light roast. and they were out. they only had a really bold roast, right? >> okay. which fits your personalty. >> but i don't usually like a strong, bold coffee. i said to her, i said, maybe this has more caffeine, and what do you thinkhe >> the light has more caffeine. >> the light has more caffeine. did you know in a >> no way? >> used to work at starbucks. >> because light coffee because it's roasted for less amount of time has more caffeine. the longer you roast a bean the more it takes the caffeine out of the coffee. >> who would have ever guessed that? i bet the same is not true for tea. i like green tea, for example, and i think it has significantly
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tea. >> it does, you're right. >> that's interesting, the lighter roast has more caffeine. >> there's your trivia tip for the day. what's something you can da to help you live longer. i would guess exercise. >> it's much more simple than that. its been shown to at two to three years to your life. it's reading. people who read books. >> not magazines or newspapers. >> no, and it's based on adults who read three and a half hours a live longerhan those people who to not read that much. >> i can see it reducing your chance for alzheimer's or early on set dementia, but it helps you live longer >> maybe that's part of it. >> interesting. >> the overwhelming majority said this person makes the best roommate. >> is it between male or female? >> no.
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[ laughter ] >> that's fascinating. yes! [ laughter ] >> no, but the overwhelming majority, i love this, of college students said the person who would make the perfect roommate is mom. >> oh, that's -- >> their mom. >> that's weird. >> because she'd do everything. the laundry. >> get out of the house! leave mom at home. let her go! >> i love it. >> oh, boy. >> i would so go to college with my son and be his roommate. >> that's gross. >> >> is that all right? >> let go. >> i love my mom, and i could live with her forever, but i wouldn't. >> take her to college. >> no! >> that's funny. >>he wants her own life, sit and read and smoke her brains out. [ laughter ] >> if she's sitting and reading she's going to live longer. >> let's hope it's counter acng that. >> mama, you got to quit
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make the perfect roommate? is it your mom? [ laughter ] >> i love it. >> before we kick your holiday shopping season into full gear we want to share today's arts, camera plus picture of the day. >> viewer lisa from franklin shared this absolutely adorable photo of her eight month old granddaughter, ellie, who just got out of the bath. she lives in bay view with her parents kyle and michelle. that is the most beautiful picture. that's going to get my vote, i think, for picture >> i always say you love your kids the most when they're sleeping or they're clean and fresh out of the bath like that. >> those eyes. >> i like that. >> if you have someone special in your life make them our picture of the day. e-mail their photo and story to holiday shopping season is just truly around the corner. i forgot how many days until christmas. >> it's like 11 now or something. >> it's not many, and if you are
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perfect place. >> the perfect place is right. amy taylor is back to show us a little of what you'll find at the holiday shop benefiting students at university school of milwaukee. i'm sporting an outfit for you today for sale. >> it's amazing. incredible. >> it's a green. it's green, which is very of the moment by the way. "the" color of the season. you guys, need to be alone and want me to go? [ laughter ] >> this real and leather, suede, and that's caroline, a new york designer. just one of the many hundreds of items at holiday shops, which starts next thursday. >> so this is going to be for sale. justome toversniy school of milwaukee. it is the 40th anniversary, and one way to get in is bring a can of food, because we're partnering with feeding america, which is such a great thing. you can feel good about the holidays, kick off your holidays in the holiday spirit.
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you get half off admission. we'd love to see you there starting thursday. >> bring food, like, stack it up. you've got a lot of fun things here. we're showing off this vest. that's actually going for -- i
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we're back with the syndicated and locally-loved film critic, ryan jay. >> how are you? >> i'm doing great. how are you? >> movies this weekend. lots coming out. let's start with jack reacher, never go back, pg-13. >> this is a sequel this came out four years ago, but still avoids a complete sophomore slump. and we have tom cruise in an action movie, and he runs. what more do you >> yeah, comic sprint. >> does he still have it? >> he does. i find it disconcerting that tom cruise seems not to have aged at all. >> he copies people who live in a bubble. somehow age doesn't touch him. i think it's true for him. >> he looks like he's 30 years old. i'm waiting for a wrinkle to pop up or hair to gray. >> he looks exactly the same. do you have to have seen the first one and does it pick up from the first one?
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it's called never go back, but it's about political corruption and the government loopholes to kind of get him back into the fold. i like him with co-star colby shoulders. and the action scenes are the best thing about this movie. they're heart stopping and really, really fantastic. i wish there were more of them. >> caps on your fan? >> i like them very m didn't really like the young girl. an actress named danika. and she's a little miscasted. >> i don't know her name from hearing it. >> she's from tv. >> overall you liked the action. we're seeing some of these cars flying, things blowing up. >> two fantastic climaxes, and then right after that there's a very dramatic scene at the end that drags on forever that i was, like, why is this happening? but it's it a see it anyway.
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but see it, okay, "denial" this is something online? >> this whole review is exclusively online at my website. it opens today in milwaukee. it's based on the true story of a historian who's sued in london for liable by a holocaust deniering, and the real-life woman has connections to milwaukee, and this is the best courtroom drama that i've seen since "a few good men." >> really? >> outstanding. my website, but check out "denial." >> how do people find it online? >> it's playing in theaters locally. >> your review is online only. sorry. >> but the theater is playing right now. >> in the theater. >> yeah, okay. >> awesome and that movie is called "denial." >> we have "alice through the looking glass." we have the fancy and color of wonderland, and we get the back
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enter to register at my website. >> super cool, and you have a movie club coming up. >> it's difficult this time. it's on a saturday, one week from tomorrow. saturday, october 29th. it's going to be the new animated feature, "trolls" at 11:00 a.m. here's your chance. >> you can wear a costume because it's holiday weekend. there you go. dress up like a troll. >> colorful hair. >> people can like you on facebook and twitter for full "denial." visit ryan's website, >> thank you so much. still ahead a unique approach to helping the disabled, frail and underserved. and up next you're going to meet this very special lady. usually she's at home during the morning blend. she's our closed captioner. she types out everything that's said on the show so people who have hearing loss. after the break we're going to
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fan of the show.
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welcome back to the "morning blend." this past summer i went to an event at the wisconsin humane society. i told tiff all about it. i had a chance to meet with a lot of morning blend viewers. her n she has significant hearing loss. that night she shared a very special compliment about the show. she said, whoever does your closed captioning for the morning blend does a really good job. and i said, i got to meet this person. >> please welcome pam o'neal. her boss says she's one of the best captioner's she's ever known. we think pam is very special to keep up with all we do. she took the day off and drove in to talk with us.
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>> emily ortega. >> my favorite word is anti-disestablishmentism. [ laughter ] >> supercalifragilisticexpialidocio us [ laughter ] >> oh, does that just make you angry? >> our producer just said, you guys are mean. [ laughter ] >> that is a little mean. >> a minute to catch up with it's so great to see you, and we're kind of joking a little bit about these long words and having to type them in, but what you do is really important for people who have significant hearing loss. i think what you do is fascinating. >> thank you. >> how did you kind of get inspired to do what you do? do you refer to yourself as a closed captioner? >> yeah, uh-huh. >> that's the right word. inspired? >> well, my grandmother was hearing impaired and so that was
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where a lot of stations had to do the captioning and she would spend all day long looking out the window because she couldn't hear the tv, and so i always thought when i heard the advertisements of them needing captioners i thought that would be a way to help people where i wouldn't see people hurting. it was a job that i could do to help people. >> that's really neat. >> talk a little bit about the training and also -- a lot of also become court reporters, right? different jobs like that. so explaining a little bit about how do it and what what's involved in the training? >> you start out in if court reporting school in steno machine. >> and it's called what again? >> stenograph. >> and this is a picture of this? >> that's what i use at home. there's no letters on the keys. and the way we type there's not
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or sounds, instead of typing single letters we do it by sound sow it would be tiff-ny. >> quickly then because a lot of times people have the closed captioning on and they're not hearing impaired, there's mistakes. court reporters can go back and change that for the record. you guys can't because you're going so fast. is it because the word is actually misspelled or is it kind of a problem of >> it's because when you're going so fast your finger can actually slightly touch another key, and then it will totally throw off and put out another word or if it's garbled then that's usually something wrong with the phone line or the modem or enwounder. >> do we have video of you doing your job at home? >> i think you do. >> tell us a little bit about how it works. how long might you be -- so you do the "morning blend." what time does your day start
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>> yeah. and i start my first news show at 4:30, and then i'm usually for the most part done by 1:00 in the afternoon, so i have a really good schedule and i have a lot of my hours before my kids are up and at it. >> yeah. >> to get to the level of captioning for tv, i know it takes, like, three to five years to get to that level and speed of being able to do this, which is more time than it takes to be a court reporter because you have to be so good at how hard is it? >> when i was training to be a captioner i was probably practicing six to eight hours a day. and when we would go on a trip i would practice in the car. >> i think shorthand and all those things are fascinating. i just want to share i was the fastest typier in my high school class. i actually took typing as a class, which i think more kids should take typing because i see so many people pecking at the keyboard.
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part of what you do. i mean, if you space out for a second you could miss -- >> right. >> a couple sentences, a chunk of what you're watching. i'm sure focus is really important. is it true you are a fan of the morning blend? >> yes, definitely. >> i love it! >> ryan jay, of course. jake and tanner. i think it's hilarious when they're on. i really like it all. there's a psychologist that comes on, yeah, i think he's really interesting when he c the first time i did i called my boss and i'm, like, thank you for putting me on the show. it's like i'm getting paid to be entertained. >> and you're lobing -- local. >> you're in melton. >> this is my only, like, local show i do, yeah, so it's nice to do something where i actually know where things are and stuff when you mention it. >> and is it true that you at the beginning of the show where we chitchat about, like, you know -- >> that's my favorite part.
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because we make you laugh so hard? >> i try not to, but sometimes i'm laughing with you. >> i love that you brought that up. i seriously wonder about this. when you're laughing do you somehow note that so people know? >> we have parentheticals and we put laughter up. >> sometimes you keep writing laughter, laughter, more laughing. >> and so you do other shows, national shows. what do you think is the hardest part about what you talk really fast. >> that is really hard if you can't differentiate what's being said we put overlapping speakers, like "the view," they talk over each other so much. i have a friend that does that show and she says it's a nightmare. most of hers is overlapped speaking. >> are there guests on the show that talk really fast that make the "morning blend" difficult?
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plexaderm. [ laughter ] >> yes, yes, because i think they're selling something so they're trying to get it in all in. those two are very fast, but and ryan jay is a little fast. we discussed that. he's going to slow down a little bit. [ laughter ] >> i love it. i love it. >> it depends on how much caffeine we have. you know which mornings we have too much coffee. >> well, i am so excited to have finally met in person. now i'm going to think about you when you're doing this show. >> hey, pam. >> i turned into thumbs when you talked about me. oh, jeez. >> that's so cute. i'm so glad you made the trip here. thank you for taking the day off, sharing what you'll do. >> we're going to get you a mug. >> oh, cool. >> get her a mug. >> big, yellow mugs we've got to have for you, and we want a picture of you on your closed captioning area with the mug. >> oh, okay. >> i'll do that. >> so nice to meet you. >> you too.
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caption solutions if people want to find out more you can go online and look at caption solutions. thank you. still ahead a program that's helping improve milwaukee's city parks. and a unique approach in helping people with disabilities and low-income wisconsin
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson voting to make medicare a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, and letting insurance companies deny coverage to cancer patients.
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well people with disabilities or special needs often have limited needs and require assistance from healthcare services and community resources. >> our next guest offers a unique approach to care management that cs medical, dental, behavioral health, vision as well as social services. dr. thomas is here with independent healthcare plan with more on how all this works. great to meet you. >> nice to be here. >> let's talk a little bit about eye care. what makes it unique?
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we begin here in wisconsin. eye care was formed by the milwaukee center for independence in cooperation with humna health plan. it's been around for 80 years in this part of the country working with people with special needs, and this was an effort to build an insurance plan for those people. >> uh-huh. >> it was funded by the federal government actually as a demonstration program 25 years ago, and to this day it continues thatis so we're quite pleased pleased . just last week u.s. news and world report listed eye care as one of the best plans in wisconsin. >> oh, wow. >> huge accolades. >> congratulations. >> is it open to everyone or specifically to someone who has a disability or special needs? >> anyone who is eligible for medicaid and medicare. you can be eligible for medicaid or there are many people who are part of our plan that are
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the care coordination model works. >> care coordination starts with an assessment of need, and that is not just medical need. it's also social service need, and then a plan of care is built to try and solve those problems. an example that i frequently refer to, one of our members is a vietnam vet, disabled in a wheel chair. we noticed that this person was visiting emergency rooms quite so we went to his residents and found that he lived above a bar and there were 20 steps from his resident kens -- residence down to the street and he had a problem navigating and injured himself frequently. so what we did is asked him if he would like to move to a -- something safer. he said, yes, he'd like to live on the east side. so we managed to find a place on
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his means, and, again, if we hadn't solved that problem which was basically a social problem we couldn't have gotten to his medical needs, so frequently we have to deal with social issues before we can start. >> almost like a lifestyle issue. >> yes, it's frequently -- >> and what's so wonderful about the example you just gave. i think it's a wonderful example of talking about improving the quality of someone's life. >> yes, and frequently, we view ourselves as our friend. they get calls from people wanting to -- wanting a contribution to a campaign or sell magazines or for a rent check or possibly something else, maybe a relative wants to borrow money. when they get a call from us it has nothing to do with that. it's, like, how are you doing? how do you feel? is it time to see your doctor? do we need to do something with a mammogram or something of that sort. so we get involved pretty closely with our members. >> that's really great.
9:35 am
benefits that you offer to members? >> this year some of the benefits that we're introducing are weight watchers. you mentioned the free-style phone. we're excited about that. silver sneakers, which is an exercise program. we have also introduced a lot of remote monitoring devices. these are wifi enabled devices. as people age sometimes they lose their memory and even staying on medications can be a challenge, so one of the tools we have is a wifi-enabled medication dispenser. >> nice. so you know when it's time -- >> oh, yes. >> the dispenser portions out the medication that needs to be taken that day, and we can tell remotely whether an individual's actually taken their meds or not. so if they skip a couple of days we can visit the home and find out what's happening >> and you work with providers
9:36 am
coordination model as sort of an extension of the doctor beyond the office. very often we're concerned. we know when a prescription's been issued to our members and the important thing is they adhere to the medication regimen. that's one of the things we're concerned about. this year we will do 2500 home visits where we actually send a nurse nurse practitioner into the home and do medical workup and share that with the doctor. >> so great. >> we are very -- we value our providers. they're extremely important in trying to extended their effect. >> congratulations on an maizing maizing -- an amazing model. members who qualify for medicaid receive a free refurbished smartphone. and people should get in touch
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benefits that are available at i care. thank you so much. >> appreciate it. up next, our fashionista is in the house to tell you the one thing that never goes out of
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welcome back to "morning blend." where it's a phase fashion friday. the answer to the burning question, what is the one thing that never goes out of style? here with the answer, fey. she's also the director of the woman's club of wisconsin foundation. also joining her we have joe culltonburg with the mke project and michael murphy. >> we never have politicians on
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first time we've ever had a politician on the show. >> dispensation. >> this is the fashionable thing ever. >> that's probably why you have high ratings. >> exactly. today especially. the one thing that never goes out of style is? >> really easy. giving back. >> i like that answer. never goes out of style. explain a little bit of your connection to that project. >> i'll go really fast. >> closed captioner. >> so the o to wear when i'm not wearing founder of phase is the director of the woman's club of wisconsin foundation, okay. and so the women's club of wisconsin is 140 years old this year. >> wow. >> oldest women's club in the country, oldest private club in the city.-ek"pr' honor of that s foundation donated $100,000 to the mke project which looks to rehab deteriorating playgrounds in at-risk neighborhoods in the city.
9:41 am
>> how fashionable is that? >> that is super fashionable. >> i love this concept. what is this initiative? fey mentioned it's transforming deteriorated playgrounds? >> about 60 playgrounds we control, and many have fallen in disrepair. i made it a goal i wanted to see these playgrounds have the same opportunities to the children in the community that i grew up with andul by their zip code. working with the private and public sector. working with neighborhood residents to make these public places very special. and we are so grateful for the woman's fund. we've been able in the last 10 months to raise 1 .4 million dollars. we're going to be completing two playgrounds this weekend. one is the dorothy and the
9:42 am
why it's innamed after him, but playing is very important, right, joe? >> absolutely. my background is in physical education. i jumped at it. i was frustrated with the way that a lot of people viewed physical activity in general and the lack of priority that we placed on it. so this was a great inspiration to me and i'm really happy to be a part of it and promote the value of play. >> that's so neat. growing up on the playground, so you really have a connection to this project. >> well, i do. people forget you learn so much on those playgrounds, social interaction. i think kids have lost a little bit with all the electronic devices, picking your own team, making friends, dealing with conflict. and this playground is special to me because of a number reasons. we had a terrible tragedy on that playground where a young
9:43 am
hn dedication tomorrow. and it brings back around, and she wanted to give back to the community. her son did, of course the women's fund has given back tremendously. >> he was nine years old. marcus deback is the boy you were talking about. it's the playground at 55th and bright street playground. he was killed by a stray bullet. >> he was, and it was shocking and unfortunately, terribly tragedy and we've seen too many of those occasions, but we want to change that dynamic. we want the playgrounds to be a place where people feel safe and secure. we've had no incidents at that playground in the last 20 years
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and welcome back. well, when you think about your skin care routine, well, it's a little routine, right? here to shake things up with a revolutionary regimen is mckina. it's a self-adjusting foundation. so excited to show it to you. i've already tried it on my hand as well. thanks for being on the "morning blend." i this. >> this is a brand new product called decl aderm. >> it uses little beads, it's going todjust to your skin tone so it matches perfectly. >> we actually have an application video so people can see exactly how it works. i think this is fascinating. as she puts it on you're noticing that it's white. >> the minute you put it on those beads start to disperse,
9:50 am
tone so you no longer have to go to the store and figure out hour shade. you want it to look natural. i spend a lot of time to get my skin to match up the right way. >> you've got -- there's a light and there's a medium, and like i saw in the video it starts out white, which is a little weird. >> it's a little weird at first. the great thing about it is you take a little bit of it. you take a little bit of it. i'm going to put it on my hand just to show you. it starts out white. see how it's white like this. m see it start to turn. see how it's turning already. those are those tiny color beads. and then look what its done. so now it's blending into my hands. i'm going to put my hand side by side to see the distinction here. it's pretty crazy, and the fact it has a moisture in it, it has spf50. huge, huge. you no longer have to put that on before you put on your makeup or worry about your skin being greasy which is another issue
9:51 am
natural. it took them a while to come up with decladerm. >> i love i act put i on my hands too because my skin is really blotchy colored. so on the top you can see how much nicer it matches my skin tone and covers up that blotchy, white color of this bottom. >> and how does it feel? >> it's so soft. it's not thick and greasy. >> how many of us are really beauty experts anyway? the great thingrzj5? they do the work for you. you don't have to w worry about your spf. remember, you're going to look like you only better because it's blending into your natural skin tone. sometimes in the winter i have a ten dency to put more makeup on and i worry about it and you get little marks and it's weird. the great thing about it is because it has the natural look and blends your skin. you just want to look good. remember its got that moisture
9:52 am
a lot of people don't want a lot of sunshine. -- a lot of shine. >> you look vibrant and beautiful, which is really important. the other thing is they're offering two shades, right? there's a light and there's a medium. those are the only is chos you through to -- choses you have to make. if you have porcelain go with the light. and other thing is they also offer a primer which is really great. if you've never used a primer first and helps it blend, but this primer that they -- including the decladerm has antiaging properties in it. i wear makeup all the time, but i'm tired of overdoing it. this lets you do it in a natural way. >> i love that because i think the more natural and more skin you can show the better you do look. this is one thing i wonder. how does it work with other
9:53 am
use? >> i love that question too. the great thing is they make it so it can work with other products because remember with the foundation it already has the spf and moisture in it so you don't need those other things, but it does work well in conjunction if you have a regimen you like to stick to. >> it's so important to see the makeup, and here she is, seeing how it transforms her look with all the makeup she uses, right? >> and here's the thi she looks like her self but just better. we want you to look vibrant and fresh. how many of us aren't skilled with makeup. we have a tendency to underdo or overdo. all you do is put a small amount on and start blending it in many. we've got the moisture and the spf50 and the antiaging that you .nt's ather gre youwhev skin toe wa talk about that too. it's going to formulate to what
9:54 am
we tell people, remember, yes, the light isor more porcelain. the medium is for everybody else from average to the olive tones on. >> i used the medium on my hand too. i like a little warmth added to my skin. >> sure, absolutely. i think it's great. you have this special offer for "morning blend" viewers, 50% off the flawless foundation kit. that includes the foundation and the primer. you >> i got so excited about it, but the lash enhancer is very exciting. along with that nice look this is a nice, natural. fuller, thicker, longer lashes. >> call 665-0821 or >> thanks. >> thank you. tiff, thanks a lot. we're going to give you all the details you need to know to sail
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welcome back to "morning blend." did you know that october is national plan a cruise month? >> this time of the year there are plenty of great deals that appeal to every travel style. >> just about anyone can find something they like, and you milwaukee to get to a port. baltimore, new jersey and new york have great ports. >> by using a cruise line international association certified travel agent, otherwise known as clia. the clia launched a cruise smile sweepstakes to win a cruise from
9:58 am or use twitter and instagram and include hashtags, cruise smile and sweepstakes. >> today's featured cruise is a 7-day caribbean cruise honor -- on norwigian cruise line. you can choose from 25 different dining options, bars and lounges, and broadway entertainment. >> thanks for joining us today. monday, thatsy
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this morning on "today's take," christian slater is back to kick off your friday fun as our celebrity co-host. then, wait until you see what happens when his co-star james franco stops by. plus, it's "freebie friday" and you can win coming up next. >> announcer: fro nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. yes! okay, christian. welcome to "today." yes, we are on air. this is "freebie friday" morning, october 21st. 2016. al is off.


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