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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  October 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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he's accused of raping a victim in his home. shannon: re is outside with what city leaders are saying. the man the milwaukee police department stood behind after the anotherring death of seville smith is sexual assault and two counts of prostitution. >> these are grave charges that go to the heart of our code of conduct wive our oath to protect and serve. according to court records brown raped a man the day after he shot and killed seville smith. he drove the semi-conscious man to the hospital.
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police said during an interview the man exhibited signs of trauma whenever he discussed being raped. the victim told police he went to a bar with brown to talk about music. they were drinking and watching coverage of the sherman park violence oh the victim says he bragged about being able to do whatever the defendant wanted without repercussions. theic up to being sexually assaulted. >> the fact of the matter is this individual revealed his character. >> reporter: detectives searched his cell phone leading to three additional victims from the past year. >> we had them investigated and referred to the district attorney. i think people should feel good about the fact that there is no
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this city who works for the city who is above the law. >> he's suspended with pay. there is an internal investigation into the charges to see whether he violated the make police department's code of conduct which could result in his firing. >> thank you for that update. a black police organization issued a s part, we adhere to the principle that honesty and integrity are lifelong values. the league does not condone any type of illegal activity committed by law enforcement. who is officer dominique hagan haganbrown?
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same district he grew up in. >> reporter: let's look at the timeline of events. august 17 he shot and killed seville smith after police say smith ran from a traffic stop with a gun. that night protests turned out where there was violence and looting. he took the victim to a bar where they drank heavily and violence. hagan brown sent this text to his mentor sergeant and said he messed up and needed to handle it in the most secret and right way possible. the sexual assault investigation began immediately after it was
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shannon: family members attended the city, fire and commission meeting demanding the video be released. >> reporter: several people showed up here tonight to city hall to voice their concerns. the two points that kept coming up. the body cam video and justice. >> not releasing that video is and will always be another powder keg waiting to happen. between the action and when the results comes out that causes far more strain and mistrust in the community. >> community members reacting to the sexual assault charges against dominique hagan brown, the same officer who shot and killed seville smith.
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>> he's a monster. he's victimizing people he's supposed to be protecting. if he was held in custody, the same night of the killing, other people wouldn't have victimized. he says the evidence is there, it's action the grieving family is waiting on. in a new chief flynn stressed the sexual assault charges are in no way related to the smith investigation. reporting live at city hall. shannon: ways next? the officer is being held on a $100,000 bond. his next court date is a week from today. if he makes bail he cannot contact the victims. he must remain sober and cannot
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for complete coverage of the arrest head to our website george: it has been a rough day for the milwaukee police department. an officer was arrested and charged back in may with child enticement and soliciting a shield for prostitution. he pled not guilty but he's widely expected to take a ple deal in court next month. >> a homicide investigation is under way after a body was found in a trash can. the body was found in an alley around 6:30 this evening. if you saw anything suspicious in the area officers would like to hear from you. from 70 degrees to a frost advisory? george: some of us wish mother
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john: earlier today climate prediction sr. put out their official winter outlook. a la nina pattern generally brings warmer temperatures. they kind of put the dividing line south central wisconsin. generally we do have cooler winters but not brutally cool winters. it's mostly dry to the south about half of the winters have been snowier than normal. remember inland close to 32 degrees. overnight wee wake up at 38. make, partly cloudy. i'll give you have the details coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. hillary clinton and donald trump together again. >> the bitter rivals coming
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albert smith dinner in new york. it has been a tradition for the candidates to appear at the event and poke fun at themselves and each other. shannon: ivanka trump was in wisconsin today stumping for her father. she emphasizes her father's status as a outsider, reminds politician and isn't politically correct. the word political in there. he's not a politician. people have learned to navigate and say one thing and do another with what my father what you see is what you get. what you hear is what you get. >> reporter: ivanka made a
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you can log on to our website george: vietnam veterans who wear their colors are sometimes treated to a drink or dinner, but that wasn't always the case. >> it's been decades since they came together to see these three towering monoliths construct in their honor. it our vietnam vets vets weren't appreciated. >> james served from 1966-1967. he recalls a feeling of abandonment when he came home. >> it changed immensely and it had to do with the unfortunate
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being called to serve. we want to mike sure they will never ever be treated the way we were when we came home. >> that's one reason this understated memorial remains so important. >> it represents all that we did, all that we are and hopefully remember our brothers and sisters to maid the ultimate price in the future. >> those three granite columns stand 22, 24 and and represent those killed until action, pows, mias and those 0 who returned home. shannon: let there be light. how they are making downtown a little brighter.
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shannon: people will be able to see it throughout wisconsin
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george: the milwaukee va denied a veteran hospice care. eric is here with what the investigation found. >> robert's family wanted him to die in peace at the va palliative care unit. instead of getting treatment the va sent him home. the staff admits this situation should differently. liz ryan believed an inpatient hospice care would have helped her brother robert live comfortably during this final days. but the staff never bothered to reef him for a palliative care consultation.
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disruptive behavior. >> they made it sound like he was a horrible disruptive person. but that wasn't it. it was the disease making him so agitated. >> after we started asking questions about would roberts c. the va launches an investigation investigation. >> how done if i dent are you that something like this will not happen again? >> i'm confident we have the right decision makers in place. >> reporter: two things he says didn't happen the day robert showed up at the va. >> we try to learn from everything we do every day. we like to have perfect outcomes for he veteran.
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our best to provide the best quality of care. no one deserves this more than our veterans. >> reporter: the doctor said they will make sure the problem is addressed and this won't happen again. advisory tonight. look at monday's high temperature. by sunday we are back up to 65 degrees.
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even though we have clouds in much of the area. 46 right along rake shore warmer. your overnight low temperatures with light northerly winds. watertown and whitewater. look at the clouds, they continue to push down from the north. they are starting to fill the skies up. we'll see good opportunities of seeing sunshine the next couple days. our computer model shows the high pressure system just keeping us clear and partly cloudy overnight. by morning we should see clearing in the area. we are calling it sunny to partly cloudy. for friday night into saturday we'll see partly cloudy skies. as the high moves by we get southerly wind and that starts a
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for tonight very chilly. even though it's partly to mostly cloudy. then tomorrow the coolest day. we start out with 8 oh and drop to 52 by friday. we are looking pretty good, mostly sunny. better still into sunday with plenty sunshine. sunny to partly cloudy, 56 monday with partly cloudy skies. our next chance for rain rolls in tuesday night into wednesday. you can see the temperatures stay basically in the mid-50s. the cool tear is here. but not near the lake. we haven't hit freezing at the airport yet. >> la nina and el nino.
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me. >> we had warm pacific water. and this year it's cold in the same spot. cooling down in the same spot which change the patterns differently than what we have with el nino. although not all that cold. shannon: you showed we'll have a below temperature for winter? >> but george: not polar vortex. lance allan updates the packers
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lance: peace, and bears. in past years that would be blowout for the bears. instead settling for field goals. they found themselves behind early in the second half. we can't show you because games in progress. 4 1/2 minutes left. the packers lead the bears 26-then the fourth quarter. early in the third quarter 10-6. the packers with a couple of rogers. adoes 13 catches. 132 touchdowns. 1 catch short of the record for
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the packers lead 26-10. looking like they will win in the fourth quarter. lacy placed on injured reserve. it's unknown if lacey will return. packers trade for nile davis and activated don jackson. coming up. the bucks bugged
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. you know, seven hundred thousand dollars in the scheme of things... is a pretty reasonable compensation level. ron johnson paid himself seven hundred thousand dollars a year. all told, he took a ten million dollar corporate payout then moved to washington.
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millions for him. not even $7.25 an hour for us. senator ron johnson. for big corporate interests, not wisconsin. lance: when the bucks drafted llanes, he couldn't drive. >> i grew up here. it was wonderful man. the first three years i been here it's great. everybody spent a lot of time and took care of me since i was
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college, too. so they took care of me. i learn everything. >> reporter: now's got a $100 million deal. marquette media day. you will need to find a go-to score. but maybe a more bce attack. and off to the nba with the detroit pistons. >> he's obviously such a great player. but you know, there are a bunch of other guys to open up and fill them in. we'll see who can step up and who can take on that role. the packers lead the bears
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john: frost advisories away from the lake. but we only get up to 51 by 6:00 with off and on clouds and shannon: i don't know what to say. lance: the packers leading 26-10. trying to run out the clock, then they have 10 days off before they play the falcons in atlantic city. go packers.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ben affleck.


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